The Perfect Fit

BY : JDLeiber
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It was night in Manhattan. Less than an hour after sundown. Cars moved through the streets, people bustled along the sidewalks, and the cacophony of city noise boomed loud. Anyone streetside would have had a tough time hearing their own thoughts let alone the voice of the person right next to them.

That was why Mary Jane Watson-Parker paid no mind to the open doors that led out onto the small balcony. The hotel room was thirty stories up, so high above the bustling crowds below that it didn't matter how loud she screamed or shrieked. There was not a soul who could hear her. Not a soul who could hear them.

Mary Jane could be as loud as she pleased. And she most definitely pleased.

"Oh! Oh my god! That's…" The redhead gasped as she grasped the bedframe with both hands, her fingers gripping the wood so tight that her knuckles were turning white. Strong, masculine hands held firmly to her waist, keeping her soft body nice and steady for a renewed assault of savage thrusting. Mary Jane hissed, wincing as much in pleasure as in pain, relishing - and enduring - the sensation of a big fat cock filling and stretching out her tight pink pussy. "That's it! Keep fucking me like that!"

To Mary Jane Watson-Parker's great pleasure, Miles Morales was nothing if not dedicated. When a pretty lady tells him to do something, the younger Spider-Man does it in earnest.

Her lover responded by slapping one of his palms down hard on her ass. It stung so deliciously, Mary Jane shuddering and choking back a happy sob as he did it again even harder.

"Fucking love your ass." She heard Miles muse breathlessly. He returned his hand to her waist, his iron hold keeping her perfectly in place to receive a violent barrage of thrusts, somehow even faster than before. His cock thundered into her, lighting her cunt on fire and sending her nerves into a wild blaze. She screamed, howling without a care. The bed was shaking, her asscheeks slapping loudly - lewdly - against his firm thighs. "You love me clapping these cheeks, MJ?"

"I fucking love it." She all but purred. Mary Jane was well past being shocked with herself. A married woman of her position acting like some streetwalking slut? Sneaking around behind her husband's back, having an affair with his young protege. Her husband's young, black protege. The protege who hadn't even graduated high school yet. God, I'm more than a decade older than him!

Cheating. Interracial. Age gap. Mary Jane was breaking all kinds of taboos, wasn't she? It was the modern day. Anybody was capable of anything. "Fuck, you're gonna split me in half…"

Miles had mercifully slowed himself, now sensually gliding his massive cock in and out of her well-abused cunt. The strong dark hands that had been at her waist now moved further up her curvaceous body, cupping and groping the pendulous breasts that swayed proudly upon her chest.

With his fingers playing at her nipples and his fat dick stretching her out, Mary Jane weakly thrust her hips back into Miles', moaning happily when she felt the teenager bottom out inside her cunt. Her ass was pressed flat against his body and he was as deep as he could go. Mary Jane had never felt so filled.

"You love my big black cock?" He asked, pulling back some before thrusting back in. He talked like he was in some porn vid, betraying his inexperience. Inexperience? He's a teenager and he's fucking me. How the fuck is he so good?

"Yesss…" Mary Jane moaned dreamily. He pulled back and thrust in again. Mary Jane's breath caught in her throat. Then he did it again, quicker this time.

The redhead let go of the bed frame, her arms having lost their strength. Instead she planted them weakly against the wall, bracing her body as her young lover began to pick up speed. Mary Jane voiced her approval with zeal.

"Oh shit. Oh fuck! Keep… Keep fucking me like that. Yes! Oh my god! Miles!"

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh resounded within the hotel room and carried out the open balcony doors where it would be drowned out in the noisy New York skyline. No one in the streets below would hear a thing...


...But the one in the room next door would see and hear it all. Watching the delicious betrayal unfold on the black and white surveillance screens, the figure savored the feeling of success. This project hadn't been easy to pull off. The results, however, spoke for themselves.

Eyes glued to the screen, watching Mary Jane Watson-Parker on all fours, taking her husband's sidekick's prodigious black cock, the figure thought back to where this all began. Phase one, where success was anything but guaranteed...

Small prologue/teaser for this dark and twisted story. Obviously not for everybody, but for those who are interested I hope you stick around for the real fun.

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