Emma Frost, the Naughty Queen of the Mutants

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CHAPTER 02 (The Party Begins)


Everyone inside that room began to ask themselves why they were doing that, but none of them were protesting it. It was just a curiosity of, why all of the sudden, they began to feel the hots for each other and kissing and stripping.


For Rogue, that feeling was the biggest intrigue of all. When she found herself kissing Domino in the lips, her eyes widen because Neena didn’t got depowered or dead by the touch of the mutant, which would happen in a normal situation. But that wasn’t a normal situation and she knew pretty well.


“What the hell! What am I doing? What is…”


Before she tried to find any explanation or even ask, Emma used her mind to explain the Xavier School attendant what was happening to her and why she was finally to enjoy a kiss (from a girl!)


“Well, think that it’s a gift for you, my dear Rogue. You can enjoy those pleasures as much as any of us, my dear. And we were all eager to enjoy you too”

She accepted that and continued to kiss the busty mercenary, them being friends for long time. By their side, Rogue’s usual boyfriend, Gambit, already took his cock off and began to touch himself seeing that wonderful view.


“Eez wonderful view, ladiez”, said the French-accented thief.


To not lose anything that was going on there, at the podium, Emma Frost continued to suck Cyclops’ dick, him trying to hide any embarrassment, but the action the White Queen did to every person inside the room quite killed any ‘shame’ him or anybody would have.


“Suck my cock… suck it, you bitch! I know you like it, Emma!”


‘Hmmm… ohh… make me your bitch, Scottie! I want to be your bitch!”


Language you might not get used from those mutants, but it was what lust brought to them during that moment. Scott enjoyed Emma’s experienced mouth giving all what she could to please the guy who brought those ‘shivers’ for her.


Jean Grey, his girlfriend, now had ‘forgotten’ him, being amused with a make-out session with her teammate storm. Ororo put the redhead against the wall, as already the two lady mutants were getting rid of their clothes and the white-haired weather sorceress trying to plunge her fingers inside the psychic’s pussy.


“If I ever told I never thought you were a hottie, Jean, I would be lying”


“Funny… I also had the hots for you, but never admitted it…”


Free of their fears, the two X-Ladies were ready to begin what they were to do, as much as Rogue, now sandwiched between her boyfriend Gambit and her lover Domino, with the two not wasting time to kiss and seduce the Southerner mutant.


“Hmmm… two… all for me? Gawd, what I did to get this?”


Meanwhile, there were plenty of scenes around and all must need to get described. Wolverine, always the silent and lone wolf of the team, got a kitten for himself. Actually, Kitty Pryde was that ‘feline’, with Shadowcat unzipping the rude Canadians pants and paying her dues with a very pleasurable blowjob.


“Uhhh… Kitty… Ahhhhhhhh!”


Nightcrawler just observed the scene before the blue-skinned mutant joined, unzipping his uniform and offering his schlong for the self-phasing girl to suck. And as if it wasn’t an ‘odd’ weather inside that meeting room, something quite unthinkable happens: him and Logan kissing each other! It wasn’t any dream or an odd fantasy: the Canadian was making out with the fellow male mutant and showing her was into men as well


“What is this going on? What am I doing this? And why I like it?”, Logan thought to himself as kissing Kurt and having Kitty sucking both manhoods at the same time, getting wet with the bisexuality exposure happing before her eyes. Odd, but…

In another corner of the room (which was quite bigger enough to seat them all), Magneto was also a target of early sexual delight. That one had also an oddity because the people ‘hounding’ him for that were the members of his family, his three children.


Scarlet Witch, Polaris and Quicksilver took turns on sucking their father’s dick and then kissed each other as well. You might wonder what was inside Erik Magnus Lensherr’s mind, a man whose sex drive was a mystery to everyone and was being shown for a large audience of fellow mutants. He didn’t wanted to ask, nor Wanda, Pietro or Lorna. Just to enjoy whatever was to happen.


If you are keeping the score of the commencing orgy, there were plenty of scenes. Colossus was getting his metallic dick sucked by Boom Boom at a closer corner than Grey/Munroe’s lesbian scene, which wasn’t too far from another girl-girl exhibition between Psylocke and Dazzler, making out and mashing their tits against each other.


Scanner and Blink stripped off Arclight and put him against the wall as they kissed and licked his body until finding to where they wanted to taste, his dick. Sebastian Shaw and Selene had a girl for themselves, her being Vertigo, with both Hellfire Club standouts licking the green-haired girl’s tits.


The guys also had fun for themselves, Iceman getting Pyro to suck his dick and Beast behind him and licking his neck, something that was exciting for any lover of the sexual activities between men. Forge and Angel went for Dust’s holes, licking her pussy and ass, with her even not making any remark about how that was different from what her culture taught her. Finishing it, Mister Sinister and Mystique were doing a 69.


Emma was getting what she wanted, but she wanted to find out if her new ‘subjects’ had anything enjoyable in their own pleasures. For that, she had to make them do it the longest she could to bring them closer in her own way. And to make it last, she had her own tricks…


“Come here, Emma… let me lick your pussy, you whore!”


The longhaired blonde was taken by the blind mutant to a table and had her legs open wide for Scott to smell and eat her cunt. As much pleasure she gave her lover in the minutes earlier, it was her turn to feel that delight for herself. As the redhead went to prove her sex, the White Queen turned to her ‘army’ of mutants taking clothes off and getting ready to fuck. Her victorious smile said everything about what was going on and what if she appreciated it or not.


“Don’t be shy, people… we are here to love each other and unite our people!”, Emma pleaded to the mutants.


The Hellfire Club leader began to moan loud while Scott went to put his tonguemarks into her slit. The situation was exactly what she wanted and the way she planned. Why complain about it?


“Ahh…. Scottie… Uhhh…”


“Ohhh… Emma… Ajhhh…”

The respective couples and moresomes were already steamy, but they were still restrained to kissing and performances of oral sex, such as Iceman, now having to suck Hank McCoy’s large blue manhood as himself getting a fellatio from Pyro, as well we had Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe fingering each other as they kissed and warmed up their lesbian act.


The things happening inside that room were too many to talk even in their foreplay form. Everybody there was ready to get it on and they only needed an ‘okay’ from their ‘queen’ to finally pursue the sexual goals they wished. And they knew when after Cyclops stopped to eat Emma (at least for a while) and brandished his cock towards her drenched pussy.


“Come, Scottie darling. Come and fuck me, my dear Scott!”


As soon as the X-Men member jumped on her and started to slowly hump his blonde lover, things went to the point Emma Frost wished them to be… That will be in the next chapter.


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