Going Public

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"I'm not gonna fight you," Lincoln said.


With all the other main SHIELD operatives out on mission in Taiwan, the two Inhumans had the place to themselves. Rather then spend the time together in a more intimate setting or binge watching a show, Skye wanted to spar. They were both dressed in athletic gear, Lincoln in a grey shirt with no sleeves with shorts while Skye, or Daisy as she was calling herself now, donned all black tee-shirt and super-tight yoga pants.


"We aren't fighting, we're training," Skye corrected him. Besides, we have a deal."


"That's right. A few rounds with no powers in exchange for you wearing that red lingerie we bought for you," the lightning-wielding man remembered.


Lincoln pulled on his sparring gloves, something Daisy was already in, as she stretched and limbered up. She was in his exact situation 2 years ago, drafted into this mysterious organization and being brought through as a field agent. Though he had awesome blasting powers 


"Exactly. Besides, I need to blow off some steam and you need to prepare for your agent assessment," she added.


"I would prefer to blow off steam another way," he said under his breath.


After a final reminder about no powers, Skye went on the offensive. Though her sneaky jab landed on his face, it lacked power and he was able to parry or avoid her next round of blows. He had improved after 6 months, which was clear for the more field-tested Skye to see.


After an unsuccessful high kick and blocked knee to the stomach, Skye realized she was too in tight to the much stronger man. With a quick shift of his hips, no doubt taught by her same teacher Mae, Lincoln threw her over his shoulder. However, Skye wasn't the same hacker as three years ago as she performed a perfect mid-air cartwheel to land on her feet.


"What," he said in amazement.


Quick like a pit snake, Skye dropped to her knees in front of him, but rather than to give him a blowjob like usual, she flipped him over her back. Lincoln tumbled to the padded floor but quickly got to his feet where Daisy was waiting for him. The pair squared off again with Lincoln getting the advantage, blocking a series of blows and ending up with his sweaty chest pressed against her back.


"See why I like spending time in the field," she said with her biggest 'fuck me' eyes. "The rush of adrenalin..."


Her words were cut off as she used them as a distraction, hell, she could feel his cock hardening against her spandex-covered ass. Side-stepping away from him, Skye pulled off a simple slew-foot that landed Lincoln flat on his back with Skye on top, pinning him to the mat.


"Not so sure the field is my thing," he said, looking up into her big brown eyes, her hips pressing against his rapidly growing erection.


"What's your thing then," she asked, looking down at him, more aroused then ever.


"Anal, but also sex in public where we can be caught at any second," Lincoln explained.


For the first time since he had known her, Lincoln had rendered Skye speechless. The pair had been hooking up regularly for the past half-a-year, but this was the first time he had made any peep about any type of fetish. Skye wasn't a prude by any stretch, but she was a lot less experienced than the Inhuman, including being an anal virgin.


"I need to fuck you, right now," Skye said, the adrenalin converting to lust.


Skye released her grip on his shoulders and rolled off the horny man. They both acted quickly, Lincoln pulling his shorts completely from his body so his 8 inch dick was freed while the former hacker only pulled her down over her ass. The two were like a well-oiled machine as Skye got onto hands and knees with Lincoln ready behind her.


"God I love this ass," the Inhuman male said, rubbing her surprisingly thick ass.


"Thanks," she said, looking back over her shoulder with her same 'fuck me' eyes as earlier. "Now please get that lovely cock in me."


Normally the pair liked to take their time when they made love, but today was going to be a quick and dirty fucking. Nothing romantic about it, Lincoln grabbed his dick and rubbed his tip through her folds, finding the half-Asian agent to be wet and ready to go. Without further delay, the lightning shooter lined up with her opening and pushed forward.


"God you feel good," Lincoln groaned.


"Ugh...right back at you stud," Skye answered, hanging her head low.


Knowing her well enough sexually, Lincoln knew that she'd be relaxed and wet enough for him not to bother with any formalities, he could simply start slamming inside of Skye in one pass. Despite having a body as fit as she did and a face so adorable, Skye felt like a virgin, which wasn't too far from the truth. Only having sex on a dozen of occasions before constantly getting with Lincoln despite being 25 years old, the former hacker may as well have been. 


Luckily for her, Skye was so horny that she didn't feel any pain as her pussy was spread out by his massive penis, which was stroking completely in and out of her. Her inner walls clung to his condom-less member, making Lincoln grunt behind her with each thrust. Clutching onto her womanly hips for support, the doctor-turned-agent pushed himself back inside the half-Asian brunette to his hilt repeatedly, his balls slapping against her wet slit with an audible thud loud enough for any passerby to easily hear. 


"Fuck Skye! We're so tight," Lincoln groaned as he relentlessly hammered inside her.


Based on her own moans of pleasure, Lincoln knew that the girl capable of causing earthquakes with her hands was willing and able when it came to taking a hard plowing. The blonde-haired man kept up the brutal pace and continued slamming his entire length into her tightness over and over again.


"Keep going, just like that," Skye found herself saying, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.


Content to do just that, Lincoln brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into the brunette's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy woman, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.


Even in the dim lighting of the SHIELD gym, Lincoln could make out the glistening glow of Skye's skin from the light sheen of sweat that made her look even more beautiful. The adorable half-Asian was more sexy now then ever, still using her arms and strong legs to dig against the soft padded floor so that his pelvis could stab into her inviting hole with more force.


"God, you're superhuman," he grunted between thrusts.


Kicking himself for not doing it the entire time, Lincoln reached down with both hands and began squeezing and kneading each of Skye's swaying globes. They felt so weighty and perfect in his grasp with her pokey pink nipples rubbing against the center of his palms. He was able to get additional screams from the young field agent by gently taking each nipple between his thumb and pointer finger and rolling them around.


"Mmm...yess," she moaned her thanks before adding with a grin. "And I prefer Inhuman."


There fucking was getting faster and faster with their combined grunts seeming to blend together. Skye was moaning louder at this point though and her cries of pleasure were tipping Lincoln off that she was nearing her climax. This was excellent news for him to receive since the intense tryst had left him close to the verge of cumming as well.


Remembering back to all their previous encounters, Lincoln ran his hand down from her jiggling tits, with her nipples being oh so erect, and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and he began to furiously rub the little bean. This drew even more screams of delight from the horny SHIELD agent and all Lincoln had to do now was maintain fucking her hard and deep until she creamed herself. 


"Gonna cum for me," Lincoln asked the moaning superhero.


"Soon...so soon," she screamed in response.


Lincoln kept moving his hips forwards and backwards, watching as his meat pole pierced into Skye's twat time after time. The bird's-eye view alone was enough to make any man cum, but Lincoln had built up enough of a tolerance to last a little longer than that. To get over the edge, as he was wildly rubbing her clit, Lincoln released a tiny blast of electricity. It instantly did the trick, as illustrated by Skye's voice going a few decibels higher.


"OHHH GOOODD YESSS," Skye screamed as she came all over his dick. 


The result of the brunette cumming was that her pussy clamped down tighter than imaginable. Lincoln was still able to cram inside her, but at a cost; her wet velvety folds making the sensation on his cock growing to awesome heights. As he felt his orgasm approaching the handsome man thought about where he wanted to blow. The image of Skye's adorable face dripping with cum was always an arousing proposition but leaving the girl with a facial in the middle of a SHIELD base wasn't smart


"Getting close," Lincoln announced through gritted teeth. "Where?"


"Cum in me," Skye answered rapidly. "Fill me up."


With a last few hard spikes into his girlfriend, Lincoln felt his balls tighten up on him. Seconds later he was filling her womb with his seed, painting the walls of her pussy. With him buried in her cunt to the hilt, Skye could feel his dick pulsating as his warm load splashed inside her.


"That was too crazy," Skye said after a few seconds.


The pair quickly pulled up their pants, knowing that a public setting had no time to lay about and bask in their orgasms. And it was good that they did act quickly, as seconds after they had their clothing back to normal, a familiar face came into the room.


"So sorry to interrupt but I need a doctor who understands Inhuman physiology," Jemma said.


"Lucky for you, we have one right here," Skye said, looking over at the attractive scientist. "Go do your thing."


"We are gonna pick this up later," Lincoln said with a big, shit-eating grin.


As Lincoln left her alone in the gym as he walked off with Simmons, Skye felt her heart rate start to slow back to normal. Almost being walked in on by a member of SHIELD, especially one of her close friends, had nearly given the Inhuman a heart attack. Of course, it sent a wave of pleasure coursing through her body and she became aware of why Lincoln had a thing for sex in public.


* * *


Jemma Simmons and Lincoln walked back towards her laboratory in the secret SHIELD base. Luckily for the scientist, the Inhuman was still recovering his breath from his sparring session and wasn't in the mood to talk right then. That was perfect for Simmons as well, since she hadn't simple stepped into the gym when she said she did.


Rather, the British scientist had nearly seen the entirety of their quickie, and she couldn't get the replay out of her mind. Seeing Skye's sweaty, curvy form taking it from behind from the athletic Lincoln, his long cock repeatedly thrusting inside her friend. Jemma was horny beyond belief and just thinking about what she saw minutes earlier had her pussy gushing.


"So what's the problem you are having," Lincoln asked as they entered the laboratory.


"Um...well it's actually quite interesting," Jemma started to explain.


Lincoln was relaxed after emptying his load into Skye so listened with full attention as the two Brits explained the scenario. Apparently, Creel's blood could be a form of vaccination for humans who haven't been exposed to Terragenesis. He's been the only human to survive the process and either not die or not turn into an Inhuman.


"This is fascinating," the inner nerd in Lincoln coming to the surface. "Do you mind if I run some tests?"


"Can't see that being an issue, can you Jemma," Leo Fitz asked his partner.


"What? Oh no, not at all. Fitz, can I have a word with you," Simmons asked of her best friend and labmate.


"Of course," he replied, following her out. 


Thinking quickly, Jemma steered her friend down a few short hallways until entered the medical wing. Another turn and they were standing in front of the dark room where they developed x-rays. With a glance over both shoulders to make sure they weren't followed, Simmons took Fitz's hand in hers and went inside.


The room was pitch black but that would suit the English girl just fine. She wish she was the type to wear skirts or dresses, it would make a public sex session a lot easier, but she was wearing her usual attire. Donning tight fitting blue jeans that were practically painted on, a simple low-cut, yet tastefully so, grey sweater and of course her white lab jacket, she looked sophisticated but not overly practical for what she had in mind.


"Jemma, why did you bring me hear," Fitz asked, growing concerned.


He barely got his sentence out of his mouth before Jemma's lips were pressed against his. It took the startled man a few seconds to regain his composure enough to return the kiss, by which time his labmate had opened her mouth. This time Leo was ready and met her tongue as she crammed it into his mouth.


Though he couldn't see anything, he knew the feel of someone removing their lab coat, which was now pooled around Jemma's feet. Doing likewise, Fitz yanked his off his body before starting on his clothes, his tie being removed first followed by his belt.


"Follow my arm," Simmons told her boyfriend.


Fitz stopped his rushed removal of his clothes to do as he was told, finding her left arm and traced it downward. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Simmons had pulled her skinny jeans around her thighs to allow for her middle and ring finger to be buried in her wet pussy. Once she felt his fingers near hers, she pulled out so that he could use his same two fingers on her before she added hers back into the fray by rubbing through her folds.


"Mhmm...that feels good," Jemma groaned in response to the four fingers working in unison on her pink folds.


"I'm probably being very stupid in asking, but what's this all about," Fitz asked.


Ever since the pair started hooking up a few months back, their sex life had been rather...vanilla. The kinkiest they had gotten was Fitz slapping her bubbly ass every now and then or when they switched it up and Jemma wore lingerie to bed. Never had they had sex outside of the bedroom, let alone in a SHIELD medical facility.


"You're right, you are being stupid," she grinned before kissing him as her hands went to his pants.


He was disappointed when she pulled his fingers from her but the next thing he felt was his denim pants gliding down his legs. Fitz's cock was already fully erect in anticipation and Simmons had no plans on letting it go to waste. In one smooth motion she was kneeling on the ground, her hand pumping his cock a few times before she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit.


"Bloody hell," Fitz groaned as the hot yet reserved brunette now licked all along his fleshy pole.


"You haven't felt anything yet," Simmons remarked.


Though the room was completely dark, Jemma didn't need sight to give a good blowjob. Having been with Simmons to know what he liked, and having given others enough oral sex to hone her skill, Jemma was confident on her knees. Using her outstretched tongue to lick the underbelly and both sides of his healthy-sized dick, Jemma opened wide and swelled the first three inches past his tip.


"Oh Jemma," Leo grunted, forgetting all about keeping his voice low.


With her hand in a fist butting up against her nice dick-sucking lips, Jemma used them as one unit as she bobbed up and down his pole. She knew that such an aggressive technique was meant to finish him off rather than used for foreplay, but she knew this had to be a fast fuck. Not able to deep-throat, the English lass was still able to inhale 5 inches of his cock until it poked the back of her mouth and she withdrew.


Grabbing her by the side of the head, Fitz used them to help guide Jemma towards then away from his member. He didn't know what had suddenly come over his gorgeous girlfriend, and he didn't care anymore. Gently thrusting his hips forwards as she rode her lips and fist down his impressive 7 inch cock, Jemma was easily handing most his length with her skilled mouth.


"Gllkk...kkllkkkk," Jemma sexily gagged each time his bulbous head hit the back of her mouth.


"Oh Jemma...how about we get to the good stuff," Fitz suggested, knowing he wouldn't last much longer under her oral assault.


"Smashing idea," the Brit replied.


With her back to her feet, she gave a little squeal of surprise as Fitz took control and spun her around. Knowing the layout of the room from hours spent in there, Fitz bent her forward until her chest was resting on the high countertop directly in front of her. This time it was Fitz going to his knees, his hands groping her plump ass as he craned his neck to find her snatch.


"Oh Fitz! You naughty boy," Jemma shrieked in surprise, a wide smile brimming across her classically beautiful face. 


It took Fitz a moment to realize that his tongue had missed his mark. Instead of tasting her sweet, wet pussy, his first stroke of his tongue had landed perfectly on her tightly puckered asshole. He proceeded to lick over the crinkled hole several times before realizing, correcting his angle so that now he was licking deep within her gash.


"Will have to remember that for next time," Leo thought as her reaction to the brief rimjob was very positive.


With that bit of knowledge now stored in the back of his mind, Fitz focused on the task at hand. With his tongue buried deep within her moist heat, the nerdy boy lapped inside her, licking her smooth walls while his nose pressed against her asshole. Jemma didn't know if it was the thrill of fucking in a public place or Fitz teasing her asshole, but the whole experience was making her hornier then ever before.


"Fitz...I want you to shag me now," Simmons all but demanded.


"Oh...I would like that very much," he said after removing his tongue from her.


Despite the darkness, Fitz met her large brown eyes as he got to his feet before snaking his arm around her, placing his hand on her back and pulling her towards him. Simmons had perky albeit not huge tits, which were now pressed against the slightly taller man's chest as his other hand was placed on her chin, turning it upwards. 


His lips met hers with hunger once more, Simmons tasting her own pussy on his lips and his tongue as he invaded her mouth. From the kiss, she knew he was just as horny as she, in fact his hand was already back at work on her cunt, worming two digits inside her and repeatedly fingering her.


"Mmmm," Jemma purred after he broke the kiss. "Seriously, we need to shag."


Fitz heard her but continued fingering her neatly trimmed pussy as he moved his stroked cock lower, so it was practically lined up with where her pussy should be. He had moved his mouth down to her neck but was now kissing his way back up her neck before placing his lips on her mouth, prepared to catch the inevitable scream when he penetrated her.


He stepped on the center of her pants, which had been clinging around her knees, and forced them down the rest of her toned legs until Jemma could step out of them. As her one foot got clear of the fit denim, Fitz grabbed it and placed it on a shelf halfway up the counter so that her legs were wide open for him.


"Fuck me Fitz," she groaned after feeling his bulbous tip rub along her slit.


"Yes Jemma," he told her before kissing her again. "I need to shag you too."


Simmons suppressed a squeal of happiness as the man she longed for told her that he couldn't wait any longer to have sex with her. She kissed him back even harder to let him know that she was ready for him then she felt the head of his penis rummage through her slit before he lined up with her hole.


Now in position, Leo wasn't going to wait any longer. He started to push forwards by extending his hips out while beginning to stand up from his squat position. He savored in the feeling of his unsheathed cock head spread the lips of her pussy around himself. He wished he could watch as her bright eyes widened with the initial penetration but he had to have his mouth pressed tight to hers to catch the inevitable scream that could bring a pack of SHIELD operatives to their hideaway.


"Oh my God," her moan muffled into his mouth.


Fitz was instantly reminded just how insanely tight the Brit was so once his head was poked into her, he began making short shallow thrusts into Jemma. The hope was to get her as stimulated as possible without stretching her out too much by forcing more of his lengthy tool inside her. 


"You're so tight," he groaned before resuming kissing her.


Fitz allowed another half-minute of this before he heard Jemma's breath become shallower and moans more frequent. Feeling the muscles in his strong thighs begin to flex, the nerdy man pushed further inside her tight snatch and managed to get half his dick into her. Leo still couldn't see her face but he knew she was fully engrossed in their tryst as her gasps were now deeper moans of pleasure.


"So big," she moaned, kissing him back.


He may have been stretching her pussy wide, but Simmons couldn't get enough of it. She couldn't do a hell of a lot in her current position, with her legs pulled wide apart and her back resting against the rear wall, so she was effectively being Fitz's fuck toy. Not that she minded, in fact she was loving this more animalistic version of her normally shy partner so she was more than happy to balance on one leg as Leo stroked his entire length into her tight snatch. 


Needing to help somehow, Simmons took her foot off the shelf and wrapped it around his torso, Fitz instantly grabbing her slim leg and holding it in place. Now was Jemma able to dig her heel into his ass and encourage him to go faster, but the Brit with plump lips was enjoying the new angle that his cock was driving into her stretched cunt. 


"Mmhmmm...awhhh," she moaned into his mouth once again.


Fitz was loving whatever had come over Simmons, especially as she was now actually trying to make him fuck her harder. Of course, Leo was a people pleaser so he gave Jemma exactly what she wanted. He pulled back against her resistance, building up more potential energy then he drilled deeper into her than he or she could have expected.


When she woke this morning, Jemma didn't think a quickie in the x-ray dark room was going to happen, but she wasn't going to complain about it. Especially since the way it had gone so far, with Fitz fucking her tenderly yet firmly, was perfect. With each thrust up into her waiting twat, Fitz was bringing them both closer to their climax.


"You like it just like that," Fitz asked, though her body language spoke loud and clear.


"Uh...huh," Simmons quietly moaned.


In a move that almost caught him by surprise, Simmons lifted her other leg to settle around his thrusting hips. Fitz realized in time as he supported all of her modest weight as he felt her hands lock behind his neck. He knew that she wasn't very heavy and that they were both getting close to their orgasm, but he wanted to preserve energy so he leaned forward to use the wall to share the load.


"I can't go much longer," Leo warned.


As much as he could have liked to spend all night in the tight confines of the darkroom with Simmons, his cock gliding in and out of her warm furnace, he knew that wasn't an option. They had to make this quick, hence why they fucked at such a blistering pace that left his legs starting to fatigue.


"Keep going," Jemma begged of him. 


Fitz gritted his teeth and put his tiring legs out of his mind as best he could. He pressed his lips tight against hers and felt her melt as she moaned as they kissed, knowing it would be muffled. His cock continued to pierce her twat, too much of their delight. There was nothing that would stop the normally mild-mannered lab tech from giving his girlfriend the orgasm she deserved.


Needing a distraction, Leo took the hand from in her silky hair and dragged it down her slim body. He went all the way down to under her sweater before migrating back up, over her taut stomach to the cup of her bra. He pushed underneath it and closed his hand on the parts of her bare flesh of her tit that he could grasp with his hand. Jemma's nipple poked the center of his palm, making him look forward to the next time they hooked up where he could see her naked.


"Fitz...I'm close," Jemma said, her voice getting a little loud.


Leo felt the gorgeous scientist press tighter against him, making him piston his cock up into her pussy even harder. He gently yet firmly squeezed the soft flesh of her tit again then rotated his free hand to find her clit from between her soft thighs. It put his wrist at a terrible angle, but he didn't think it would be needed for long. 


With pressure now on her clit and a stiff cock drilling her pussy, the combination was a perfect effect. Jemma's breathing became more ragged then it already was, Fitz even noting that her body was beginning to stiffen. He knew that she was probably undergoing her orgasm, given the shouting that she was doing in his mouth, but he continued diddled her clit to make absolutely certain.


"MMMHHHPPPHHH...FFFIITTTTZZZ," Jemma's screamed into his mouth as she came.


Once certain that she was done cumming, Leo pushed her up and off his throbbing cock and let her settle straddling back on her feet. Though he knew she was on the pill, there was no way he was taking any chances of potentially knocking her up, despite how hot she was.


His cock settled between her legs, naturally slipping in the crack of her ass. Fitz wasn't able to grab his cock but he was already in the process of cumming. With Simmons still shaking and trembling from her intense orgasm, her surprisingly bubbly booty engulfed around his tool and provided the only stimulation the nerdy man needed, with her great ass sliding along his shaft enough to maintain his own completion.


"Huh...yes," he groaned.


With another loud grunt and fingers now digging into the soft flesh of her perky tits, he cum. They could both feel his cock pulsing as jet after jet of cum erupted out of his tip and splashed against her booty, with the odd streak extending all the way up to land on her back between her shoulder blades.


Simmons still didn't trust her legs to stand on yet so she leaned back against the wall of the small x-ray room. She felt the cool glaze of his cum smear against her ass and back of her sweater, then realized she wore a lab coat so that the rest of SHIELD at the base wouldn't see the marks on her clothing.


"Was it good for you," Fitz asked after kissing her again, this time much softer.


"Amazing," Jemma replied, still in shock.


They smiled and chuckled lightly as they straightened out one another clothing and stealing the odd kiss. Simmons still felt jittery, a combination between her orgasm and finally pushing the boundaries of their sex life to extend beyond the stall routine. She felt so hyped up that she didn't know how she could have steady hands for future experiments, but she banished that from her mind.


"We better get back out there," Fitz said. "Won't be long until Lincoln starts looking for us."


"So thoughtful," Jemma said.


The pair with a combined IQ approaching 400 left the darkness of the x-ray room, squinting from the sudden bright lights. Luckily, there screams of pleasure didn't attract any attention so they were able to walk back to the lab, where Lincoln was still performing a series of experiments, oblivious that they had left or even returned.

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