The Beauty Asleep Tale

BY : RoseWineGoddess
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The Beauty Asleep Tale

Huge branches grew up and then curved back to create a small room. The way the room looked changed depending on the women inside it. As soon as his lover crossed the threshold the room would transform into what would please his lover the most. Loki smiled seeing a pair of the crystal champagne goblets still lying on the ground. He allowed himself a moment to relive the memory. Then he took in a deep lungful of the frosty air surrounding him. This was no time for him to be thinking of his last conquest.

As he moved toward the bower that was his current destination he smiled to see a trail of red rose petals awaiting him. The crimson petals appeared darker in the moonlight laying against the snow and they reminded him of garnets set in silver. So she had given him a trail of the rose petals she so loved to lead him to her. How very considerate of her, Loki thought, smirking. His anticipation fot the night was growing.

Loki stood still for a moment. His eyes, that had been cast down to follow the petals, now closed. He put his hand against the living branches that made up the walls of the bower and he smiled serenely. Oh, but this was unusual. It seemed his shy little Lillith with her dark hair and flashing green eyes had a love for the stories of Midgard, specifically the type of stories that he knew were referred to as fairy tales. His Lillith longed for a knight dressed in white to come and rescue her away from her normal, everyday life that she endured in the palace.

Loki could hardly blame her for that. In Asgard, woman were either wives or warriors, very few had what it took to break out of those molds. He had often wondered how the women that were not set on being married or hadn't the skill to be trained to fight as warriors kept from going crazy with the nonentity of life in the palace. Now he had part of his answer, at least for his little Lillith. She read her books about knights and heroes and she hoped one would come to take her away from the palace, that he would take her to a place that she felt she belonged.

He stood for a few moments longer trying to read Lillith's thoughts for something special. She had so many stories running through her mind but one kept returning over and over. In her thoughts, he saw a vision of a woman laid out upon the top of a glorious bed in a room that would have been beautiful if it had not been so dusty. It was obvious it was in disuse. The woman, whose hair shared the same dark curls of Lillith's own, was propped up on pillows and only the slight lifting of her breast as she breathed told Loki the girl was asleep and not dead. She held a vivid red rose clasped in her pale white hands. The luscious red of the rose was a contradiction to the creamy silk of her gown.

Sunlight poured in an open window and large vines with deadly looking thorns could be seen through its open casement. A discarded sword and shield, that practically glowed with magically imbued powers, lay thrown down near the window and there was a path of footprints in the dust that covered the floor of the room. Their path led from the window to the bed. A prince, going by the golden coronet that circled the dark hair on his head, was bent over the sleeping maiden. The tableau was frozen in the midst of his placing a kiss upon her lips.

Loki could not help but notice how much the prince in Lillith's fantasy resembled himself. She, his shy, quiet, Lillith dreamed of a handsome knight to wake her from her slumber. Loki smiled for this was definitely a role he could play for her, especially knowing how many times she had dreamed of this tale, with himself as her prince.

So Loki gathered a little of his magic up. With a small gesture and a thought, he changed the simple lace gown Lillith now wore to a creamy, white silk one with a bodice that laced up the front. This dress was a match to the dress in her dreams. With another simple gesture, similar to brushing lint off his clothes, his formal black tailcoat and trousers turned into softly gleaming white leather armor. Once he was satisfied with his appearance he went over and plucked one of the icy roses growing up the side of his bower. He tore off about three of rose's frozen petals and crushed them up in his palm.

The combination of the Svefnthorn spell and his own magic should make her wish easy to fulfill. Once the petals were crushed into glittering dust and mixed with his magical intent he blew the flecks into the bower's open doorway. He listened intently until he heard Lillith's breathing slow and the frantic, excited beat of her heart quieted. He had placed a very delicate spell on her that would keep her in a light trance that mimicked sleep although she would be able to feel and remember every touch and caress of her skin. It would give her fantasy a dreamlike quality to it as well.

Now that all was in preparation Loki walked eagerly toward his lover. He was going to make her fondest wish and fantasy come true. The subdued scent of the icy garden was replaced with the sweet fragrance of wild roses that filled the bower. Loki watched as Lillith's chest rose and fell with each breath she took. Loki loved the way the creamy whiteness of her gown set off the rich, glowing, darkness of her hair. He could not help but let his hands wander and skim down her arms, her waist, her legs and her thighs. Lillth gave no outward sign that she could feel his gentle exploration except that her lips parted and her breath quickened.

Loki leaned over her sleeping form and began to kiss the sweet soft bow of her upturned lips, admiring her in this borrowed aspect of sleep. He ran his fingers through her hair and fingered the soft tumble of her curls. He just wanted to feel the silky texture of it. He kissed her again softly, gently. Then he kissed her until the rush and swell of his blood was like a symphony ringing in his ears. He loved that he could stir the heat of her passion to life. He loved the taste of her lips and the moist velvety flesh inside. He loved the flaming heat coming off her skin. He could hear her heartbeat pick up as it began to roar. He saw the fine trembling start in her body. Her breath became a little labored.

Loki could smell her excitement just as easily as he could feel the heat off her skin. He wished he could watch her eyes shining with wonder but that would give up the game. Loki's spirit soared. Lillith sighed sleepily in a sweet, husky voice. What a darling girl, he thought. He adored the trusting innocence and adoration in her face. Tonight would be such a delightful experience. His heart swelled with affection for her, and he began to kiss her mouth gently and tenderly once again. He whispered softly in her ear "I can show you such pleasure. Pleasure only I am able to give." He followed his words with light kisses from her ear all the way down her neck, to the opening of her gown.

Loki unlaced the bindings on the front of her gown and lovingly pushed back the folds. He ran his fingertips down the soft, exposed skin. His fingers continued to slowly peel her gown away and he revealed in each inch of pale flesh revealed. His fingertips traced circular patterns on the skin of her thighs. He slid his fingers down to the tangled thatch of curls between her legs and lower still until they reached the center of pleasure between her loosening thighs.

Her bodies warmth rose with the frantic beating of her heart and her breath quickened. Loki began to suckle her breasts until she moaned out loud for him. He felt her thighs tighten for the want of his fingers, which he pushed inside her gently until he felt her resistant pressure and heard her small cries of pleasure. Loki enjoyed hearing her little whimpers as he continued stroking her, caressing her, licking and suckling her breasts. Loki listened in rapture to each little cry of ecstasy. He worked until she lay limp and damp, utterly spent.

Loki joined Lillith down on the bed, his white armor tossed to the floor. He knew Lillith would remember him in it, the sleep spell would allow her to retain her memories. He slipped behind her, pulling her close. He stroked the wet tendrils of her hair that still clung to her face. He covered her face in butterfly kisses to tease open her eyes. Loki watched as the memory of what they had just done began to fill Lillith's eyes. He watched her cheeks grow flushed and her pupils grow wide. Her green eyes were big and sparkling like the tossing of green, spring branches in a high breeze. How he adored her at that moment. "Loki?" Lillith questioned and it was a marvelous thing to hear his name spoken aloud with such reverence. He was awed at just being in her presence for these stolen moments.

"I am here, darling. Here to worship you and make those hidden dreams come true." Loki told her as his soft lips planted moist kisses along the column of her neck, and Lillith tipped her head to grant him better access. His lips traced patterns across her skin. He murmured her name into her neck between kisses,  gently grazed her skin with his teeth until she shuddered and pressed herself back into his body until she was pressed into his growing erection.

Lillith watched as Loki's hands swept lower, down her sides, her stomach, not missing an inch of flesh with his long, dexterous, fingers. Loki held her writhing body down by placing his palm against her as he rocked his hips forward. Lillith pushed back, grinding against him and gasping when his fingers dipped into her curls, slipping slickly though the wetness gathered there. “Oh, Lillith,” Loki whispered, parting her folds to tease her entrance with light circles. “So wet for me.”

He swept his fingertips over her clit and Lillith bit back a groan, losing herself to the sensation. From the way Lillith reacted to his every touch, Loki could tell how much she wanted his touch. It showed in the way he stroked her, pressing here, swirling there, until her legs trembled and every nerve in her body came alive. She clenched her inner muscles tightly, feeling the emptiness inside even while the act of drawing his fingers deeper drew teasing frissons of pleasure straight from her swollen clit.

Loki listened to her moans and watched the rapid rise and fall of her chest in time to her thundering heart. Lillith arched her back, spreading and lifting up her legs up, gasping as Loki’s cock finally slid between her slick folds. Without stopping the motion of his fingers on her clit, he slid deeper into her, moving in slow, deep thrusts that struck her at just the right spot. Lillith cried out at each fresh rush of heat and clenched harder around him, squeezing her muscles hard. A quivering in her core already fluttering in warning.

Her chest rose and fell in faster and faster trembling breaths. Lillith couldn’t move, held in place by the heat surging through her, curling her toes, shaking her knees, and coiling the muscles tighter and tighter in her stomach with every press of his cock, every stroke of his fingers. Loki thrust harder, his full length slamming into her, threatening to press her down into the bed if not for his steadying hand gripping her hips.

Lillith braced herself, wrists burning, legs shaking from the strain but it felt so good, she was so close, and Loki rocked into her with another of his deep thrust. He used his slick fingers to stroke to her clit faster and faster. Lillith's moan was rising out of the heat and leaving her chest in a ragged, desperate crescendo. The tension that had been coiling ever tighter and tighter broke and Lillith gasped, her entire body shaking as the waves of her second orgasm surged through her, shouting her pleasure over the whispers of Loki’s voice in her ear, urging her on.

Lillith's chest heaved, desperately trying to pull air into her lungs but hampered by the shuddering aftershocks and Loki’s cock gliding in faster, rolling thrusts into her still quivering body. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, needing to say it more than she needed to breathe. Loki tried to answer, but only managed to moan and shudder
His cock plunged again and again into her folds and Lillith sank down on him, her muscles squeezing tight the moment he was fully sheathed.

Loki moved inside her, filling her full, an exquisite stretch drawing shivers of rapture with each plunging thrust, building the heat inside them with each progressively tighter squeeze of muscles. Loki's body daring her to let go and just fall, deeper and deeper into him with every answering roll of her hips against his. Loki dipped his head and caught her lips in a kiss, and she felt him trembling against her mouth. Lips and tongues moved together, the pleasure blooming too bright, too intense. Loki groaned, slamming into her so hard it stole her breath. He dragged his mouth away from hers to her nuzzle her neck, licking, sucking, until Lillith shouted his name and ground herself hard against him.

Loki let out a raspy moan that sounded too tender, too intimate. Lillith’s inner muscles clenched, tighter, tighter. Loki thrust again and again. One final thrust and their pooled heat exploded. Lillith cried out and clung to Loki as her third orgasm crashed over her. Loki slammed into her one final time, roaring out his release into the dizzying, swirling vortex surrounding them.

They finally lay still, sleep dragging at Lillith’s mind while Loki breathed against her back. Lillith turned around in Loki’s arms. He drew them more tightly together, and she snuggled into his chest. Loki mumbled softly, Lillith felt rather than heard the rumbling in his chest. It vibrated along her spine, the sound and vibrations were a comfort to her as she drifted into the weightlessness of sleep.

She floated there at the edge. Warm, sated, and more relaxed than she could remember being in ages. Things weren’t perfect. The new memories they made would never erase the past hurt he had caused her. She had just begun to figure out who she was without him so she wouldn't think about what they could become, but maybe they had a chance, and maybe, just maybe, they could be something amazing for each other.

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