A pet's day

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 A pet's day

The bruises still hurt like hell, but at least they´re almost healed.
I deserve them, after all, I´ve been a bad pet.
One should think, that after all this time, I should know my owner´s temper better than doing something so stupid as to misbehave.
Running off to town, without asking for permission first. And without collar, too.
No wonder, I got punished.
I sigh and get up from my bed, gritting my teeth, as red hot, searing pain shoots from my rectum all the way up my spine, before slowly descending to my loin.
Yeah, I sure had it coming, but still, it was cruel to shove that oversized dildo up my ass, and without preperation, too.
Slowly padding over to my bathroom, I try to ignore the slight pricky feeling in the soles of my feet.
I moan, as the hard, sterile light above the sink blinds my sensitive eyes.
After spending the whole night and a good part of the day with a blindfold, even the dim rays of sunlight, seeping through the window shades, are painful bright.
And yesterday had began so well…

With careful movements, I stepped into the shower and turned on the water, lukewarm.
Ever since my owner hot-waxed my entire body, including my private parts, I don´t like hot water all that much.
I lathered up, carefully dripping foam on my clamped nipples. The chain is so short, I can´t even fully extend my arms, without causing
myself pain.
After showering, I dressed and styled myself, making sure I looked casual, yet comfortable and relaxed. Double-checking my reflection, I let a few well-placed, stray hairs drop onto my forehead, knowing, it would earn me a praise.
Checking again, I frowned. Too clean, and since everybody knows, I´m not a morning person, this would have raised suspicions or, even worse, questions.
Shaking my head wildly, I brought my perfect hairdo into a slight disarray.
Much better.
The few strands of hair pointing out from the general mass added to the carefree image, I tried to achieve.
Time for breakfast.

Mumbling a tired “Good morning”, I started gathering fruits, flakes, ham, bacon and pancakes, before filling my mug with coffee and returning to the table.
Just when I was about to stuff a loaded fork into my mouth, my owner entered.
Surprised at this unusual behavior(my owner also loves sleeping in), several forks and spoons, including mine, clattered on porcelain and wood.
Waving a tired greating, my owner´s eyes came to rest on me, as I picked up my fork and started eating with all the
mannerisms of a well-bred, British boarding school pupil.
The wave of approval, that washed over me, soothed my fears of rejection.
I bit the inside of my mouth, as not to break into loud cheers.

Noon saw as both in the gym, sweating and panting.
My owner likes to keep us both trim and healthy, especially me.
So, after an endless Dager Room session and a short nap, we were working out together, and I got to choose the pattern, as a reward for good behaviour.
All of a sudden, I heard a soft “click” I couldn´t place, and then two well-known arms closed around my waist.
I was pulled onto the floor, even as our clothes went flying everywhere, and then I got the probably wildest, fastest and hardest fuck ever.

Barely able to walk upright, I stumbled into my room, where I plopped onto my bed.
I was exhausted, but the gleam in my owner´s eyes told me, that that had merely been a foreplay.
The hunger was not yet stilled.

I was too late.
After dinner, I drove to town to get a new toy, but got stuck in the leather-shop and wasn´t in my spot next to my owner´s bed by eight as ordered.
And there´s nothing my owner hates more, than when I´m not punctual.
So now I was chained spread-eagle onto my bed, eyes blindfolded, while the whip cracked again and again over my chest, stomach, loin, thighs and arms.
Wailing around the ball in my mouth, I tried to ignore the stinging pain.
Finally, the beating stopped, and my owner´s voice reached my ears:
“Ya really know how to screw up, do ya? I was so proud of you all day, but no, ya had to go and ruin it for us. But this time
I´ll make sure, you´ll remember your duties.”
I felt my shackles being loosened, and I was ordered to lay on my stomach, even as the cuffs snapped close again.
Several moments, all was quiet, except for my owner´s soft steps and my own, harsh breathing.
And then a massive, slick dildo was rammed into my asshole, forcefully pushed deeper into my tight opening, seemingly
ripping me into half.
I screamed into the gag and trashed in my bonds, but the only thing I managed, was to bury the tool deeper into myself.
Finally, I slumped onto my bed, giving in to the inevitable.

It took several moments for my brain to register the new pain emitting from my feet, but once it did, I was almost grateful about my hurting ass.
Needle after needle bore through my skin, and when I thought, I couldn´t take it anymore, a slight flick of a hand brought me to
another level of hurting.
“You deliberately ignored my orders and broke the rules. You´re a bad pet. We´ll have to start all over again, training you.”
It was the first time I ever remember whining in terror, as I threw my head back, offered my throat and gave all signs of submission and complete surrender.
The fact, that the needles were immediately removed, should have warned me in the first place.
Just when I was about to sigh in relief, a cool, soothing wetness run over the multiple, tiny wounds-
and then my feet exploded into an universe of pain, as the salt touched the bare flesh.
The last thing I remember, was the satisfied purr of my owner, licking my soles, and then, I passed out.

No way, my owner is wether heartless nor cruel -ok, maybe a little mean, sometimes, but always for a reason.
Actually, I consider myself a very lucky pet.
I´m always well groomed and fed, and can do just about anything I like, as long as I ask for permission.
I also know, my owner would stand by me to the last, no matter what, because we´re both very fond of each other.
The others?
Well, they know that we date, but we can´t let them know about this...role-playing.
Believe me, we tried everything else, from ´Damsel in Distress´, to ´Hunter and Prey´ and even ´Virgin Sacrifice´.
They were fun, but they didn´t last.
So, we decided for bondage, an soon added D/s to it.
We started off in reversed roles, but soon found out, that I need the domination just as much as my owner needs the control.

The others claim, that we both calmed down considerably, since we began dating each other.
I don´t know, if that´s true, but-
Sorry, gotta go, my owner´s calling.

“You summoned me?” I ask demurely.
Black brows knit together over bright blue eyes, and I feel an all too common feeling rising in my groin, as my owner replies:
“That was nearly two minutes ago. What took you so long, Logan?”




And that's all she wrote. This story was written...even I can't remember it. I just found it while rummaging through my archive and figured you'd like a little J/L kinda smut. Enjoy, r&r and take care.^^



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