Until we meet again

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A/N: Hi all. This is my first time on this particular site and I wanted to write an X-Men Evolution fic to see if anyone'd be interested in reading it

Please treat me kindly :3

The wind blew loudly through the trees in Bayville, carrying along with it the deafening silence that now echoed throughout the streets in the late of night. The closest thing there was to any form of audible sound at this time was the slow hum of the air blowing through any and all forms of nature that the breeze was able to kiss, each time moving with it the fresh leaves of spring in all directions. They rustled and swayed in the now empty park that would soon be bustling with people, through the various neighborhoods, either softly settling on the grass or continuing on with their journey…and like so many other places, the leaves blew past the now silent Xavier institute for gifted mutants, where every teacher and student was sound asleep, already accumulating energy for their day that would start within the next few hours. Outside, the wind picked up, sending a flurry of leaves flying towards the mansion windows. Most of them settled on the lower windows, while a very select few managed to make their way over the roof and on the other side of the large estate. They danced in the air for another moment until the wind that elevated them finally died down, leaving them to rest on a small windowsill on the second floor. On the outside, it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, however through that very thick wall was a passageway that led to a wing of the mansion which was nearly separate from the rest of the home, made to be concealed from any outsider who may enter. To the residents of the home, it was known to be the most important area on the property, not only because it contained part of the central station for the security system, but because it was also home to an artificial but still incredibly advanced intelligence that had the ability to locate other mutant signatures. Cerebro.

Much like everything else, it too was dark…sleeping, not having any need to function at this hour. Only momentary small beeps softly sounded in the dark, the machine doing its work even in rest, the helmet that went with it sitting on the large desk in front. It only took a second for this to change. Gradually the beeps grew louder, its programming indicating that it had picked up on something that was more than mutated…something important. The pace of the beeps also picked up before the black screen flickered in the dark room, turning on. Thousands of names and addresses began to be scrolled up on the screen, searching for something concrete but only harshly beeping in defeat after a few minutes. Nonetheless, the beeps soon vanished and were immediately replaced by an almost warning blare, which had been turned down in volume sometime earlier to a soft murmur. The red lights flashed continuously, casting an eerie dark flashing light throughout the room. A moment later, a mechanical voice spoke an alert that no one at this time of night was listening to.

"Discovery. Mutant signature. Identity: Not able to be confirmed. Name: Unknown. Residence: Not listed. Current location: Upstate New York. X gene matched to archive file. Adamantium skeleton detected."

The voice repeated the phrase two more times before becoming quiet again. The red alert signal and message continued to flash red relentlessly for the rest of the night, waiting to be calmed by someone who would heed its warning.

The bright streams of sunlight stretched across the clear skies in midmorning. The sidewalks and streets were now beginning to come to life with a myriad of people, just beginning or continuing their day. It was Friday, only a little over a week before summer vacation would come to an end and schools of all grades would be in session. On the walkways, in the streets, anywhere where one would be able to land a foot, blurs of people quickly hurried to various destinations. Every one of them seemed to have someplace important to get to, someone to meet, or were simply enjoying the pleasantly cool weather. Everyday life, something that that many would take for granted often, but not today. Again, the day was much too perfect, too good to let go to waste. If there was any day that was meant for beginning a new life, today would definitely be that day.

Likewise, the roads in the city were also quickly becoming more crowded and congested with all kinds of drivers. The air gradually grew louder with the loud sound of humming engines and the revving of gas acceleration as more and more cars made their way onto the roads, a large white van among them. Along with the long lines of other cars on either side, the van slowly came to stop at a yellow light, which then turned red a moment later to allow other vehicles and the growing number of pedestrians to cross the street. Since a few miles back, the roads were now beginning to make their way more and more into residential areas, not quite in the neighborhoods, but getting closer. Where they were right now was just crowded with people and tall buildings so it had to be more of a shopping and business area. A large number of people briskly walked to the other side of the street as they waited for the light to change, which seeing that this was a busy area, would probably be in about thirty to forty-five seconds. The driver of the white van, a woman, leaned back into the seat, taking the moment to quickly stretch. The seats would have been comfortable if she hadn't been driving for well over several hours straight to get into the town. She let out a small sigh, already beginning to feel impatient as she noticed that the light had been red for a bit longer than she had thought it would. The woman blinked a few times and squeezed the bridge of her nose before pulling off her shades and letting them drop onto the passenger seat. The sun had risen enough in the sky so that it wasn't as blaring. Her eyes quickly grew accustomed to the light and she pushed a button on the console, cracking the window just a bit. She let out a silent satisfied sigh, feeling the cool breeze blow in her face. The woman quietly tapped her fingers on the armrest, intently watching at the red light. She was already so close to her destination…plus her butt had fallen asleep to the point where she was beginning to feel pins and needles. She couldn't move into the new place fast enough.

Then as if on cue, the light finally turned green and then she quickly sat back upright in the seat, letting her foot off the break. She drove for another ten minutes, this time a bit slower as she saw the GPS on the dashboard was quietly saying that she was fairly close to their new home, 4.7 miles away to be exact. The tall building had slowly fallen away into the distance, now replaced by quaint homes and tall apartment buildings. She drove straight up the street for another five minutes before making a right turn onto another and smiled, seeing the large apartment building that would be her new place of residence. The woman quickly pulled the van along the curb of the building and parked the car. She raised her hands over her head stretched for a few moments, arching her aching back and repositioning her bottom from side to side for a few times. A smile crossed her face, feeling both hopeful and content, and let out a huge yawn. She let out a breath, still feeling happy. She was tired after driving for more than fifteen hours, and she did want to sleep, but it would have to wait. There was unpacking that needed to be done, and a lot of it too, which surprised her. The last place she had lived in was pretty small, barely six hundred feet. You really never know how much stuff you have until you try to move it. And lucky her would be moving all the stuff by herself. She had been on such a tight budget that she couldn't quite afford movers moving her so far away. Of course, she knew there was a lot of work that needed to be done but she couldn't help but feel a small twinge of excitement, as she unbuckled her seatbelt. She still couldn't believe that she had managed to get a good paying job in the area after working at her previous job for only a few months. She really had worked her ass for it too. All the more reason to get moved in more acquainted with the town as soon as possible. She had work bright and early on Monday next week. That time to catch up on sleep couldn't be lost. The woman eagerly looked at the building, leaning over the steering wheel. It was a nice building and was very well kept. She wouldn't have chosen to live in a crap shack….not if she could help it, at least. The well-maintained grass, clean environment, large windows, and large patios for each unit was a much-needed upgrade from her previous living situation. It was 1500 hundred square feet of exactly what she needed and could only hope that the new apartment and new location would be good for her. Anything had to be better than living in a straightjacket. The woman turned somber for a moment before quickly shaking her head to push any negative thoughts as far away from her mind as she could. This time would be different. What had happened to her was such a long time ago and it was far in her past. She was a changed person now and today would be a fresh start…a new life for her…for both of them.

The woman shifted in her seat to see over her shoulder. A gentle smile crossed her lips, seeing the figure of a boy with dark messy, wavy hair and an angelic sleeping face. She reached her hand gently over as if to touch him and stopped short, letting out a small giggle. He was sleeping so soundly, she really didn't want to wake him…but she couldn't leave him in her while she moved things either. She slowly reached out again and gently brushed the boy's curly bangs from his forehead. She softly caressed his cheek with her thumb, running it along his smooth skin. The boy stirred a bit and much to her surprise, his eyes popped open, as if he was waiting to be woken up. He smiled brightly up and her and playfully poked at her nose. A moment later, he threw the blanket off himself and sat up, eagerly peering out the window with wide-eyed excitement. The woman let out another laugh and pushed her own wavy light blonde hair away from her face.

"I take it you're up then", the woman said, raising a brow

"Yeah! Well…I was already kind of half up already….I can't believe we finally moved!", the boy said, looking over outside at the next window.

"Excited?", she asked, messily tousling his hair, making him laugh again.

"A little", he answered smiling.

"Well, I'm more than a little of that", the woman said, pulling her purse and apartment paperwork out of the glove compartment.

"Can I put up posters in my new room?", the boy asked.

"Of course. It's your room", she said, putting a few more things into her bag.

"Can I ride my bike around the neighborhood?", he asked.

"Once we take a look around and get more familiar with it, sure", the woman said.

"Ooooooh. Can we go swimming in the pool?", he asked, pressing his face against the glass.

"It's probably still open, so why not?", she said.

"Can we go out to eat tonight?", the boy asked, excited.

"How else are we going to celebrate?", the woman said with a giggle.

"Can we get pizza? Or Chinese? Or-?", the boy began but was cut off when the woman put a finger to his lip, laughing again.

"Whoa there, sport. Slow down a bit. How about we start with breakfast first?". the woman said.

"Unless you're not hungry", she added in a teasing tone. She smiled, seeing the young boy's cheeks pinken as his stomach grumbled.

"I can eat", his said with a shrug and smile.

"I thought so", the woman said.

"But first…let's go check in our new place first, make sure they know us", she said.

"Yeah! I wanna see my new room", the boy said, sticking his feet into his shoes.

"We'll grab a bite and then I can start moving stuff in", the woman said, pulling the keys out of the ignition. She immediately saw the boy perk up.

"I can help", he said, looking at her.

"Awe sweetie, you don't have to. You've been cooped up back there all night", she said.

"Yeah, but you've been driving all night. Aren't you tired?", he asked.

"Well…", she began, stretching her neck.

"If I help it'll go by a lot faster. I know it will. Plus, I can lift reeeeaaaally heavy stuff now", the young lad pressed. She placed a finger to her lips, thinking for a moment but already knew that she couldn't argue with that. Still…she was always worried. But maybe she was being too overprotective. She relented a moment later.

"I guess it couldn't hurt. Many hands make light work, after all", she said, pinching his cheek, making him squirm.

"Can we go see it now?", he asked, already pushing his door open. The woman smiled and got out herself, grabbing her things and closing the door. The kid was already outside, looking up at the tall building with curiosity. She walked and stood beside him, taking in again for herself. The cool breeze whipped against her skin, making her relax. A new home…a new beginning. There wouldn't be any more problems for them…not this time. Unconsciously, she gripped her left hand, running her finger along the silver ridged coil on her ring finger, as she always did when she needed some form of comfort or reassurance. This time…this time for sure…things would be different…they'd be alright. The woman blinked in surprise, feeling the boy take hold of her hand. Even if he was only a kid, it was a firm grasp, making her feel a bit better already.

"Come on, mom. Let's go!", he said, enthusiastically, pulling her towards the entrance.

The woman looked down at him and smiled, returning his grip.

"Yes. Let's go home", she said, as they walked hand and hand into the building.

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