Don't Cross the Boss

BY : DarkWater
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Disclaimer: Do not own Harry, Oscorp, or any piece of Marvel, or Marvel Comics related properties. Also, I obviously do not condone rape or sexual assault in any way, shape, or form in real life. This is just a story.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I in no way, shape, or form condone, or support sexual assault or rape in any way, shape, or form in real life. This is simply a story. If you are uncomfortable with that, please move on and keep your judgemental comments to yourself. Otherwise, I'm happy for any reviews and constructive criticism, as this is my first time posting a fanfiction anywhere. Thanks in advance!

Hanna’s heels clicked on the floor as she walked down the hallway. She arrived in front of a big door, a bit nervous to see the man behind it. She had been warned to leave Harry Osborn alone when he was stressed out. But she had been instructed to make a delivery to him. She would just get in, and get out. No need to bother the man. With a push, the door opened and she walked inside to greet him. “Hey. I have the files that you requested.”

To say that Harry was a bit agitated was something of an understatement. Mounting pressure and stress had begun to take their role on the young man. All he'd ever wanted was to be bigger than his father was. Be better. Prove that he was his own man. But with the competition from rival companies like Stark Industries and AIM; Harry almost felt like he was being pulled and pushed in every direction at once. He was at his wit's end. And with few outlets to relieve his stress, he was a veritable ticking time bomb. When his young assistant entered the room, he quickly shot her a hard glare, obviously displeased. "I was supposed to have these twenty minutes ago."

Hanna bit her lower lip softly in nervousness when he sent a glare her way. She knew she had been late but she had been busy. "I-I'm sorry, I was just a bit busy. You have them now though, right?" She began to play with her hair, staring down at the ground and not maintaining eye contact with this aggressive man.

Allowing his anger to get the better of him, Harry moved out from behind her desk, marching toward her. Without warning, he immediately struck her across the jaw with the back of his hand, sending papers flying across the room. "Busy? On my time?" He immediately grabbed a fistful of her dirty blonde hair and struck her again. "Do you see the mess you've made now?"

Her mouth formed into an ‘o’ shape when he struck her across the jaw, making her tear up. She didn’t think he would ever hit her so hard. The papers in her hands went flying across the room, she had no control over it. She was shocked. She winced when he grabbed her hair and slapped her once again, making tears roll down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make such a mess. I’ll pick it up...”

The sight of young woman, the red hand print across her face and her perfect hair all messed up, was something of a turn on for Harry. He felt as though he had regained some of the power and control he'd lost as of late. And he wanted more. Dragging her by the back of her head toward his desk, he roughly grasped her chin causing her lips to pucker a bit. "You want to run around here, coming in late and making a mess of my office? Maybe I'll make a mess out of you then." His hand still firmly grabbing her face, he planted an angry, forceful kiss on her lips, practically shoving his tongue down her throat.

She had never been this terrified before, nor had she ever seen him like this. She could see his bulge sticking out, making her wonder how this was even turning him on. He was sick. Her heart beat fast, widening her eyes when he grasped her chin. “Please, I’m-“ Her sentence was cut off short when he began to kiss her forcefully. She tried to pull away but he was too strong and she was too weak, letting him shove his tongue down her throat. She had no other choice.

He continued the violent assault on her mouth for as long as he could without drawing breath. When she spoke up, he finally broke the embrace, only to give her a third hard slap to the face. "I'm only doing what I need to in order to teach you a lesson." A lightbulb suddenly went off above his head, and he quickly forced her down onto her knees, the back of her head touching the back of the desk. "Maybe this will shut you up." His belt was quickly disposed of, and his pants forced down to his knees, allowing his throbbing, desperate-for-attention cock to spring free. "Open." He commended.

She winced when he slapped her again, leaving so many red marks on her face. She dropped onto her knees and was nearly slapped across the face again with his shaft. She was extremely scared and really didn’t want to do this but she had to. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide for his cock.

The second she opened up, he drove his fat cock down her throat, letting out something close to a roar. He pulled back for a moment, and quickly thrust back in, making her head smack into the desk. He then grabbed both sides of her head and began bucking his hips forward, giving her a relentless skull fucking.

She sat there, incredibly helpless and letting her boss fuck her mouth like a toy. She had never felt so vulnerable and worthless. Tears ran down her cheeks, her mascara rubbing off. Her head continiously hit his desk over and over again as he used her mouth, not stopping at all.

Every time he thrust forward, he let out an animalistic grunt, each one louder that the last. Harry wasn't typically so oafish, generally a bit more refined during love making. But there was no love making here. Just pure, insatiable lust. Driving the entire length of his manhood into her mouth and leaving it there, he quickly reached down and pinched her nose, depriving her of air.

She could tell he was enjoying this from his loud grunts and groans, but she wasn’t. She gagged when he shoved his entire length into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She watched as he pinched her nose and suddenly, she had no air. She was panicking. 

He was suffocating her, depriving her of oxygen. The way she struggled and panicked as he sucked the life out of her was mesmerizing. And then, right before he suspected she would have lost consciousness, he let go of her nose and pulled his cock out of her throat, giving her a moment of reprieve. 

Her panic levels were rising with every passing second, she felt like she would pass out any time now. Suddenly, he let go of her nose and pulled out of her mouth. She held her throat and coughed endlessly, trying to gasp for air. Her throat felt so sore from all of the throat fucking he had done to her. She was shocked at how horrifying he was being, he didn’t give a single damn about her. She stared up at him with her tear filled eyes. “Why?”

It was clear that whatever anger had come over Harry wasn't dissipating. He quickly did away with is jacker and tie, and then got to work on unbuttoning his shirt. There was a hungry, almost predatorial look in his eyes. "Stand up." He commanded again, throwing his shirt into the growing cloths pile, then reaching forward abd swiping everything off of his desk.

Hanna obeyed him, not wanting to make him angrier. She quickly stood up, watching as he threw his shirt to the side and swiped everything off of his desk. She sat down on the desk, looking at him and wondering what was going through his mind at the moment. “N-Now what? What are you going to do to me?” Hanna had stopped crying by now, she tried to be a big girl and get through this.

When she stood up, and sat on his desk, Harry gave her yet another hard backhand. Reaching for his tie, he spun her around and pushed her face down into the hard wood desk. Using the tie, he bound her hands together behind her, almost like he had put her in handcuffs. Next, he pushed her pencil skirt up, making it bunch up around her hips, at which point, he pulled back and gave her ass a rough smack of its own.

She gasped, knowing that sitting on the desk had made him angrier. She began to cry again when he slapped her, he was so cruel. She felt her cheek hit the hard desk, how painful that was. When he started to bound her hands, she was panicking once again. She didn’t like feeling so helpless. She felt the cold air hit her bare ass, she was only wearing a thong. She groaned in pain when he smacked her ass. 

And then he struck her ass again. And again. And again He smacked and squeezed her bare, smooth ass relentlessly over and over, so that even the slightest touch would feel like it stung horribly. Using one hand to keep her face pushed down into the desk, he used the other to pull the thong aside. The head of his cock teased her pussy just a bit, lightly touching and rubbing against it, but not entering her. He wanted to keep her guessing. Would he? Wouldn't he?

She groaned with every smack and squeeze onto her bare ass, leaving her ass completely red from all the poking and prodding. She gulped when he pulled her thong to the side, beginning to rub his cock against her tight pussy. Her body was betraying her, and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every unskilled movement he made. “Stop it. I don’t want this....”

When she spoke to him again, he immediately thrust forward driving half of his shaft inside of her almost instantly. Despite how wet she already was, that was still quite a mission. Just as he had done with her mouth, he pulled back, and then gave a second mighty thrust forward. He reached forward to grab a fistful of her hair again as he began pounding away at her.

She bit her bottom lip as hard as she could so she wouldn’t scream, she didn’t want anyone to find out about this. It hurt so bad, he hadn’t given her any time to get adjusted to his length. She knew he didn’t care. She winced when he pulled back and then thrusted inside again, making it hurt even more. She breathed heavily, gasping when he grabbed her hair and causing her head to jerk backward. “P-Please stop, it really hurts...”

"That's...the...point." He said, when he leaned forward and practically growled it into her ear. Pulling her off of the desk, he turned her around and pushed her into a wall, driving his cock even deeper into her. But they didn't stay there for long, as he then threw her to the floor and mounted her again, continuing his wild, ferocious thrusting into the young woman. He was like a man possessed at this point, yanking her head to the side and practically devouring her throat with kisses and bites.

Hanna wanted to scream for help but it was already too late, he was already inside of her. She squeezed her hands together, balling them up into fists as he pushed her up against the wall and continued to fuck her. She groaned when she hit the floor, trying to get up and escape but he quickly had her pinned to the ground. She had tears rolling down her face as he drove his hard, throbbing cock into her tight hole. She hated the fact that he was loving this.

He could feel himself drawing closer and closer to an orgasm already. He had been fucking her with the speed and aggression of a jack hammer and not pacing himself. It had been a while. He gave her a few more powerful thrusts, before leaning back and reluctantly withdrawing himself, practically exploding all over her midsection and chest.

She laid on the floor while he drilled his cock in and out of her, she knew he needed to cum since she could feel him twitching wildly inside of her. She was basically his cum dumpster as he groaned and pulled out slowly, cumming all over her chest and stomach. She breathed heavily, trying to wipe her tears away.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead, taking a few minutes to compose himself and collect his breath. After standing up and redressing, he calmly sat back down behind his desk and poured himself a drink. "You may go home for the day."

She nodded her head, wiping some of his cum away from her stomach and chest. She got up slowly, her pussy feeling so sore. She got dressed and said nothing to him, walking out of his office and going home. She was still in shock when she got to her car, getting inside and shutting the car door. She started the car and began driving home. On the way home, she noticed that she couldn’t stop thinking about the way he used her like she was nothing but a toy. She could feel herself getting wet again at the mere thought of it, but disregarded it.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Depending on what kind of reception this gets, I may add a second chapter, along with a handful of other stories I've been sitting on. Thanks again!


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