Changing Lives

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Title: Changing Lives

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Phil/Clint

Chapter: 1

Words: 1313

Warnings: not a lot

AN: Before you come for me about the last names, I will remind you that I am a writer of Avengers fandom. Reread the damn summary. I’m to tired to deal with that kind of bullshit.


But today I hope that you enjoy the start of this lovely story! I want to thank cutsycat for the interesting idea and letting me run with it.




Philip J. Barton’s life started as normal as any other life out there. He was born to two parents, but not into a happy home. The two parents hated having him and his older brother around, making everyone in the family miserable. His brother got away with hiding away at some low life friends' places, getting out of the house that they mockingly called ‘home’.


Phil though wasn’t so lucky. He parents often went after him in drug or alcohol fueled rants and attacks. By the time he reached the age of ten, he had learned to dodge when he had to and read what kind of moods his parents were in. His brother, however, dove head first into a number of nasty situations before he turned fifteen.


His tenth birthday brought some much-needed relief. His mother had dragged off their very high father to drive her to the store to get some needed essentials, such as microwaveable dinners so that she could eat with her drink.


He would later learn from the police files that his father had swerved into the oncoming lane before he careened out of control and wrapped the car around a pole. Phil hadn’t truly cared at that time and neither had his brother. Both brothers knew that their parents were fucked and had fucked up big time this time. They had admitted that they had a file with a CPS worker who hadn’t given a shit.


She had been reprimanded, her files gone over, and sent back to school after that.


After they had lost their parents, Phil and Barney had been sent to live with an uncle who worked for a circus as their accountant and Ticketmaster. The estate, from their parents, had left behind some money, surprisingly. It had been placed into a trust until they were eighteen or were going to college, whichever happened first.


Living with their uncle, the two had started to work on homeschooling for most of the year so that they could get their diplomas and have good enough futures. The circus moved around, much too often for them to stay in one spot to go to a normal school. Their uncle tried to make life as normal as he could, even if it meant schooling them with the other kids with parents in the circus.


In Phil’s mind though, homeschool had been the best thing to happen to him since he had absolutely no urge to deal with people who couldn’t understand him. Or what he had gone through with his parents. He had never been good at dealing with most people. At least not those of his own age group since they had all seemed so very childish to him.


He had often found himself alone in some way when their parents had still been alive. He would find a place to hide so he could eat his lunch or study for his next class. Even sometimes just to get away from the stares and sneers that came from children of his own age for the state of his clothes and the food he brought with him daily.


He took to the home studying under his uncle like a duck to water. He worked on his classwork whenever he and his brother weren't out helping with something to do with the circus. They both had chores to do, earning their keep and some pocket money. They learned how to keep the equipment in good shape before helping to haul it off to the people who were setting up. Or he would muck out the stalls of the animals; sometimes doing laundry with a couple of the women.


His brother on the other hand had started to make connections in every city that they happen to land in, growing his net outwards. It hardly made their uncle or Phil happy, but they couldn’t do a thing about it.


Phil found that he didn’t do very well as an entertainer when he turned sixteen, but he didn’t mind that and found that he liked being the gopher of the circus. Even as he ran around doing errands, he learned his uncle’s trade. He found, that just as with his various math classes, the numbers came easily to him, and so did the ins and outs of a traveling circus. His uncle had beamed happily when he had learned that he was thinking of going into something like accounting if he ever got the chance to.


The owner was even happier when the young Phil figured out a way to keep things high end, and under budget as long everything was kept perfect. It had included new contracts for new food providers and new ways to get more food locally from various farms or local markets if they were close enough to where they were.


Phil was happy as a clam right up until after his eighteenth birthday. The days of his traumatic childhood had been left far behind him. His brother had started to stay under the radar of the police and those who would hurt him for daring to get on their turf to run his business. That just made it easier for Phil to ignore the man. He was making good money working with his uncle as an accountant, but also forming some new contracts that would keep the circus going for a long time.


He had found his place, or so he had believed. Barney never found a place, though.


In or out of the circus.


He connected with those who came and went, but they never really caught his attention for much more than the occasional fuck.


Not that Phil really had much to say since he didn’t find anyone that he could connect with on a deep level. Sex was all well and good, male or female, he wasn’t picky, but they were still rare and far between. He didn’t let it bother him though. He had a plan for his life and he was going to live it.


He had started to build a nice little nest egg along with his trust fund that he had sent back into CDs to make him more money through interest, so it wasn’t as if he was hurting for money. But he still thought that something felt off from his life. He often wondered just what he could be missing as he stared at his few possessions, which for the most part consisted of his clothes, books, and the very collectible Captain America and The Howling Commandos trading cards.


He didn’t have much want for anything else, and he got to see new places running around the United States with the circus.


But it was still as if he wasn’t fulfilling his potential in life.


One day he sat down and talked with his uncle about what he wanted in life. The man suggested that he do some research into what kind of colleges he could get into after he got his diploma. See what sparked his attention and what called to him in the long run.


The next town they stopped at, he went to the local library and used their computers to do some research that he didn’t want his brother to find on his computer. An hour later, he walked out with a thick stack of paper in his backpack, several pamphlets from various colleges around the US, and a couple books on various degrees and what they were good for.


He spent the next week that they were settled reading over everything and going back to the library when he could get away to print out more papers filled with information. Barney watched him do all of it with a sneer, often disappearing late into the night and coming back smelling of pot and booze.


Phil doubled his efforts in ignoring his brother.


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