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Natasha Romanoff was a woman of many talents and even more issues. She was raised from a young age to be an assassin, a temptress, a killer who followed the orders of whoever owned her to the letter without hesitation. This of course lead to many… problems in her life even after she joined the good guys. She was incredibly sexual in body and in thought, desiring physical pleasure near constantly due to the programming instilled in her early in life, which in itself wouldn’t have been to big of an issue with her looks, her being full capable of removing emotional attachment from sex, and her inability to reproduce, unfortunately said programming also left her with a tendency to be submissive to authority even as she was fully independent when not in direct contact with said authority, and major trust issues.

To put it bluntly, Natasha was a nympho submissive who despite wanting to couldn’t make herself submit to another in bed for fear of them killing her when she was defenceless.

One would think that this would have been taken care of thanks to her trust of her team the Avengers, a group of physically active and attractive viral men who she trusted as much as someone like her could trust someone, but they would be wrong. Clint would have been her first choice, but he was married and she would never do anything to endanger the happiness he found in it. Next would have been Bruce, but his fear of the Hulk coming out in the midst of passion lead to him avoiding sexual situations as much as he could. Steve would have been okay, but even if he was okay with sex outside of marriage- and given the time period he came from that had been a bit of a surprise- he did believe that an emotional and romantic relationship should be present when two people got physical. Thor was into some scientist he had met on his first visit to Earth and probably would kill her by accident. Stark was right out as he had a weird thing with Pepper and she personally had her own issues with the billionaire. Vision didn’t have genitals as far as she was aware nor was she into sex bots. Wanda could have been fun, but she was hung up on her brother’s death, still harbored hatred for agents like Natasha, and may or may not be looking to start a thing with Vision. So yeah, none of her fellow Avengers would work.

At least, none of them did until Stark brought in his little pet project Spider-Man, AKA Peter Parker. He may have been young, only a teenager and not even legal, but Natasha wasn’t the type to really care about that. He was sixteen, the legal age to have sex, was well into puberty, was capable of consenting-even if not legally-, and due to his strict code of honor, physical capabilities, and hormones, he was not only fully willing to fuck her like a slut, but would treated her with respect outside of their liaisons, was guaranteed to never hurt or kill her, and was more than able to dominate her every step of the way. Just what she wanted.

It was because of this that the red headed bombshell of a super spy found herself bent over her bed in Avengers’ tower naked as could be with a superpowered sixteen year old’s seven inch incredibly wide dick pounding her from behind with her hands held firmly behind her back in one of his hands while the other mauled and spanked her impeccable ass.

“God you are such a fucking slut.” Peter groaned, punctuating his words with another light- for him anyway- slap on his sex partner’s ass.
Natasha only moaned at the younger man’s words, her pussy clenching tightly around him with her arousal. Even if she wanted to she couldn’t deny his words. She really was a slut. A cock hungry, submissive slut that liked to be treated like a sex toy by strong viral men.
Peter took the older woman’s wanton moans for the agreement they were and rewarded her with an extra hard thrust into her silky depths. Despite knowing the red haired beauty had seduced and slept with at least a dozen men before him, she was still incredibly tight, it was wonderful, the snug fit of a virgin and the experience and skill of a first class whore all wrapped up in the body of a model and the enthusiasm of a college dorm slut.
Peter gripped her ass harder, rolling the doughy flesh between his eager fingers with the roughness and lack of finesse expected of someone who had only just lost their virginity in that very encounter. Luckily what he lacked in skill he made up for in cock size, enthusiasm, and a learning curve as steep as could be, more than enough to bring an eager little slut like his partner to a roaring orgasm.

Natasha thrashed around unintentionally in the most erotic display of flesh most men could ever hope to see when her orgasm hit. It had been so long since she had felt anything like it. She hadn’t been given a seduction mission if almost two years, and self given orgasms never could do it for her. Good God was she happy that Stark had brought this stud into her life.

“Mooore~” She begged, “I want more!” She pleaded. More spanks, more gropes, more talk of how much of a depraved slut she was, more orgasms, everything! She needed this!

Peter, not wanting to deny her and having wanted to do so since the start of their session, yanked the assassin’s arms up, pulling her back flush against his chest so that his hand- which had previously been groping her rear, could instead get a firm grip on one of her famous breasts, molding and kneading them with all the vigor and joy he had her ass previously. Using the woman’s wanton moans and shudders as a guide the teenager learned that she liked the globes to be tugged and her nipples pinched and twisted in a near painful fashion. It looked like the Avenger was a masochist on top of everything else. Her love of the earlier spanking had tipped him off, but this confirmed it.

Overcome with an urge to kiss the woman- something he had yet to do despite spending the last ten minutes balls deep in her- he briefly allowed his hand to leave Natasha’s tit just long enough to force her head to turn, capturing her lips in a deep kiss and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. For a moment Natasha’s tongue wrestled with his own, but he quickly gained dominance over it just as he had over the rest of her body.

Before that day Peter had no idea he was into domination and submissive sex, but after this he doubted he would ever be able to truly enjoy the vanilla sex he had dreamed of before that day. Thing was, he wasn’t upset about that in the least.

Feeling his release approaching and unaware of the assassin’s inability to conceive, Peter quickly withdrew his cock from Natasha’s pussy, but he wasn’t planning to cum anywhere other than inside his slutty teammate. With the strength that belayed his size he pushed the Russian spy back down on the bed, grabbed her legs and flipped her ass over head so that her head hung upside down over the edge of the mattress facing her, her nipples pointed straight for the ceiling. Lightly grasping her throat in one hand and leading his cock with the other Peter pushed his throbbing erection into the beauty’s mouth and began thrusting his hips, fucking her throat as roughly as he had her pussy, his near inhumanly large balls slapping her nose and eyes with every thrust. He could feel the woman’s throat bulge beneath the hand he was all but choking her with, her eager tongue swirling and darting around and along his length, he watched as her breasts jiggled hypnotically with the impact of his thrusts. 

It was all too much, he was already on a hair trigger from fucking her pussy for a solid half an hour and now, with all these new and just as pleasurable sensations stimulating him across his body he could hold back any more. With one last deep thrust he planted his pelvis flush against her face, his cock as far down her throat as it could go from this angle, almost completely blocking off the redhead's windpipe, and he came.

Natasha had expected for the teen to let out three or four spurts of salty cum like all her previous sex partners had, but instead she learned that Peter had gotten a spider’s webs, just not in a typical way. A solid cup of hot jizz practically sprayed down her throat, forcing her to swallow or die by drowning in it. There was just so much she couldn’t believe it, so much was forced down her constricted throat that it had no choice but to bubble back up into and then out of her mouth, forcing her to hack up globs of cum that then dripped from her mouth to her nostrils and further down to cover her entire upper face and her partner’s balls. She would have to clean them up when his glorious cock was removed from her whore mouth. Not that she minded. This was the best sex she had had in years. The boy was a keeper, no doubt about that. Only thing left to do now was ask if he was ready for another round... or five.

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