Because Death would not stop for me:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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A dimensional rift opened one unhallowed day. It was an ordinary day, no great mystical or otherwise significance around it, bar that a being from one multiverse had engaged for too long in a futile pursuit with too little reward. Thanos of Titan emerged from the portal, created by the wielding of the Space Stone. He remembered that the Stone could take him here but when he arrived it would not be able to bring him back. Not that he really cared. Countless sacrifices, from being God and able to outmatch all that was, even Eternity, unfathomable and remote as he is, himself, to humbling himself and accepting entry and the seeming of her love only to be thrown back.

The Mad Titan arrived on a world that was inhabitable but barely present.

One being stood before him, androgynous in perfection, neither male nor female fully, the embodiment of a thousandfold set of emotions and feelings made manifest.

Golden eyes gazed into his pure black ones, and Thanos snarled:

I am Thanos of Titan, servant of she who is everlasting. Or at least I was. I am not amused at some cheap parlor trick wizard trying to greet me here. Let me guess: casting me through a portal for a half hour that seems infinite?

A silky laugh followed, a cat's purring element that was dissonant and unnatural to the Titan.

No, Thanos. I am not that type. I am one of Seven, and I know I believe what the one you defied was and here our interests are the same.

For the first time Thanos noticed two shadows, and stood more straightly, eyes narrowing beneath his brow ridge. What manner of demon was this that sought to dissuade hi-

No demon, Titan. I am a being of Endless dimensions and power. And my foe in this case is an arrogant sibling who blames me for an action my brother freely took of his own will, and that all spiraled from something that one agreed.

The entity smiled.

Here. A word that will give you all you could wish. But beware, attaining desire is different from pursuit.

Thanos's eyes furrowed further and then widened.

He smiled, the craggy furrows of his violet chin becoming deeper and his eyes sparkling with a dread power. Desire faded slightly hoping that the actions would humble their arrogant sister, who dared to state that anyone but Dream was the author of Dream's death, and who blamed Desire for what she would have to do in the future at any event. For a moment Destiny flickered into existence with his book, and spoke to his brother-sister:

Fool. You have endangered life in all its varieties for pettiness. Yet such is it in the Book of Destiny that as Dream changed from his own errors, so then shall you. Now look upon and behold what you have wrought.

Thanos spoke a word of dreadful significance, the True Name of their sibling. Desire started. They'd been told it was a word of summoning by the smug blind wizard who'd handed it to them reminding them that even the Endless could be harmed if family blood was shed due to their actions.

Death appeared, wearing again a type of clothing that made Desire stop. A wedding dress with a veil, and a sense of genuine unease.

Thanos smiled far more cruelly.

By the power of your name I do command you to love, honor, and obey me. To be my endless love, who will forever give me all that I have ever sought. You are my bride by the power of your name, the name-and he spoke a terrible word and then Death screamed in pain, a sound that horrified Desire for a moment as she didn't realize that any but Delirium was capable of such a scream and only Desire had heard it, or so they knew (Destruction too had heard it and it had started his path of leaving). The scream was a fundamental one, the reflection of a change in Life as well as Death, for the fundamental parameters binding and holding all existence in an entire swathe of the multiverse were forever altered.

The Mad Titan laughed with a terrible booming sound and too late did Desire realize their folly, for Death had become the Bride of Thanos and looked at him at one level with a rapt adoration, falling to her knees before him and kissing the knuckles of the laughing monster's right hand. The wedding dress had changed to a choker adorned with spikes and a leash, and nothing else. But within that gaze for a moment Death looked at Desire, and for the first time in a very long time, since Del had threatened to leave their family Desire felt a great swell of an emotion that among all the countless ones animating them was not a usual one.

Shame. Guilt. Fear. Death resumed the kisses and then Thanos smiled and said:

Now to test how adoring you really are, fickle one.

He raised a fist and then slammed it into her face, knocking Death on her back as she clutched a cheek that was momentarily bruised and with a bone protruding from it. The bones of the Endless, unlike those of other lifeforms. Iridescent and so was her blood.

Thanos waited.

"Thank you, my love. If it makes you happy, all that is of mine is yours. My body is yours to punch and harm at will."

The monster laughed again with that terrifying sound, his eyes roving over Death's exposed bare frame, lips parting in a terrible grin.

He then picked Death up and ordered her:

To your home, and to your bed. It is time that we began.

With a smile from her healing face, the blood run down past her breasts and coating much of her face with a terrible Rorschach pattern, Death complied as she and Thanos vanished. Desire stood for a long time in the ashes of their success, wondering just what manner of monstrosity they had unleashed and called good.

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