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Hi guys,

This is my first Avengers fic... Well actually, it’s my very first fanfic to begin with! My first work which I would love to share on this marvelous invention called the world wide web. I’ve been reading a lot of fanfic the last couple of months and it inspired me to do some writing myself. I hope you guys like it! 

I would like to apologize in advance for any OOC content! Please leave reviews, I’d love to know what you think about this fic. Also, please let me know if I made any mistakes in spelling or syntax! I’m Dutch, so English is not my native language. Hope you enjoy, I’ll be posting the second chapter soon.

Story takes place after the battle in new york and Loki has joined the Avengers. I'll be writing a second story (prequel) on how that happened if anyone would be interested.


He could not feel anything. Not the cold of the stone floor on which he lay. Not the deep wounds on his cuffed wrists, ankles and neck, caused by violently pulling and ripping on the chains. Not his back, with skin shredded, burning from the countless whips he had to endure. Not the constant feeling of hunger, cramping his stomach till he could hardly breathe. Not the open fracture in his left leg, showing what’s left of his muscle tissue. Not the drops of water, slowly leaking from the roof, hitting his temple again and again and again.

He could not see anything. Not the sun nor moon, for there were no windows in his cell. Not the pool of blood he was bathing in. Not the urine drenching his skin. Not his naked body, covered in the leftovers of his torn off iconic red white and blue uniform. Not the dried-up semen covering his legs, back, face and abdomen.

He could not hear the heavy sounds of fighting taking place outside his prison cell. The pounding noise of a hammer, crushing skulls. The screeching of the creatures who had kept him here as their flesh got penetrated by daggers.

The first thing he could hear was a heavy door opening. Letting in the loud booming sounds of an alarm. The fluorescent light shining brightly in his face, making him shut his eyes tightly. Footsteps, someone came running in. One person in front of him, one at his side.






All he could hear were vague, distant callings.

‘Come on cap, wake up.’

‘Is he even conscious?’


Am I…?


‘We need to move as quickly as possible.’

‘I’ve got a pulse!’


So i’m still alive...



All he could see were dancing shadows. Shapeless colors blending in. Red, gold, black and grey.

‘Captain, look at me.’

Steve tried to focus his vision as his eyes adjusted to the bright lights. The red and black blur in front of him slowly started to take form. A woman?

‘We’re gonna get you out of here, you’ll be okay.’

Red curly locks and soft pink lips. Emerald eyes staring right into his.


Who are you…?


He tried to lift his head but the collar on his neck was too heavy. He tilted his head just a little, a soft hiss leaving his lips as the cold metal cut deeper into his flesh. His limbs hardly reacting to his will, as if his mind and body were separated. He felt like a ragdoll, lying on his stomach on the cold, stone floor of his cell.

‘Leave this to me.’

All Steve could see were bright yellow and white sparks. It soon stopped with a loud noise. The shackles which connected the captain to the stone floor were harshly thrown against the opposite wall.

‘Let’s play high school sweethearts Steve, I want you to hold my hand.’

He looked at his hands as they were swiftly but carefully grabbed by a cold red metal. Silver bracelets were placed on his wrists.

‘Hawk, open the doors… copy that.’

‘Okay J, you know what to do. Deploy, take him out of here.’

‘Now deploying Stars & Stripes, sir. Approximate time of arrival is thirty seconds.’ A British voice, coming from the bracelets, echoed through the damp chamber.

‘You’ll be going for a ride cap. It might get a little bumpy so hold on tight.’

A face, made from shining reds and golds with eyes as bright and cold as a full moon stared at him. They felt so familiar and yet, so indefinite. Steve tried to raise his hand, stretching his shaking fingers to touch the blurry face at his side.

A loud noise stopped him as a flying metal object burst through the concrete wall. It hovered over him for a few seconds, red lasers searching for the bracelets. The red lights turned green and the metal deployed, embracing Steve’s body in a white iron suit, decorated with a red star and blue stripe on its chest.

‘Deploying complete, sir.’

‘Good job buddy, now take him to Hawk and Banner.’

It was the last thing the captain could hear. His vision slowly turning dark again. His mind too far gone to even question what was happening to him.

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?


Tony took a step back as the suit lighted up. Their mission was a success. After months of searching they had finally located their captain. The white suit, controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S., took off, blasting through walls and ceilings. Taking the unconscious man inside to the safety of his team waiting outside.

‘Hawk, Banner, he’s coming your way. Get ready to move.’ Natasha walked out of the prison cell, down the dark corridor. Tony not far behind.

‘Okay guys, you heard her, time to pack up. Party’s over.’ They continued to walk, catching up with Loki and Thor who were both covered in dirt and sweat. Mjölnir and Loki’s daggers dripping with the blood of the countless bodies lying still at their feet.

‘Seems like you had quite the party.’ Tony said while placing his hand on Thor’s shoulder. ‘Is this what brotherly bonding is like?’

Loki stared at the holes in the wall the Stars & Stripes left behind while taking the captain out of this underground layer. ‘Are you absolutely positive Steven is safe in that mechanical body?’

‘Don’t worry Lokes, I trust J with my life.’

‘Yes, well it is not your life that is at stake now, is it?’ Loki answered with a snare.

‘Guys, leave the fighting for later, we’ve got to get out of here, fast. It’s approximately a 10 minute run to get back to the surface. We’re at least a hundred feet underground now. This place will self-destruct any minute now.’

‘Who said anything about running?’ Thor asked while spinning Mjölnir. A devious smirk on his face. ‘Man of Iron, hold Natasha and follow my lead.’ He looked at Loki. ‘Brother-’

‘Ow no! No, for Norns sake, no! I will not let a buffoon such as yourself d-’ Unfortunately for Loki, Thor’s mind was already made up. He grabbed his younger brother by his waist before he could even finish his sentence. Pulling him close at his side and holding him tightly. Way too close and way too tight for Loki’s liking.

Thor made one last large swing aiming at the ceiling. The rotating strength blasted them through the many floors of the hide out, only to stop just in front of the entrance.

‘There, 10 seconds.’ Thor grinned as he let go of Loki who was clinging on to him for dear life. ‘I despise you, brother…’ He said while letting go as soon as he felt solid ground underneath his feet. He opened his mouth to let out another snare but was shushed as an arrow flew lightning fast between the two brothers. They snapped their necks, their gaze following the flying object as it pierced through the chest of a badly injured Hydra assassin who was aiming a gun at the gods. He stood for a good 5 seconds, before collapsing to the ground.
‘Bout god damn time you got up here. Come on, get in de plane.’ Barton hissed through his Bluetooth earphone, watching them from the escape vehicle.

‘Ohw! Since cap’s not here to say it, I will! Language!’ Tony replied, flying towards the black plane.

‘Does he ever take anything serious?’ Loki asked himself, not really expecting an answer.

‘He does, he just doesn’t let it show.’ Natasha gave him a pat on the shoulder, running towards the plane, the two brothers at her side.

Barton took off as soon as he could, not even waiting for the door to be closed. The ground started to shake violently as the plane was taking off. The entire field was collapsing in on itself, destroying Hydra’s layer, burying every Hydra agent along with it.

‘How is he?’ Banner asked, impatiently pacing back and forth. His eyes never straying from the iron suit, carefully strapped on a small table in the middle of the plane.

Natasha and Tony stared at each other before turning their gaze back at the team who were all eagerly waiting their answer.

‘Been better.’ Tony answered with a sigh, a bitter expression on his face.

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