Spoils of War

BY : RoweName
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Kind of a sequel to Thor Ragnarok, basically if Hela won. I had to write something for this movie. 

All things considered, a strange woman being sat on Jane’s sofa when she got home was not the weirdest thing that could have happened to her.

She wore tight-fitting black and green, accentuating what would be seen of her pale skin. Despite that her eyes were dark, and much of her head was concealed behind what looked like a crown. What looked like branches of black reached out from its sides, filling up an impressive amount of the room.

“Um, hi?” Jane Foster said.

“Who are you?” the woman said.

“…Shouldn’t I be saying that?” Jane said. “This is my house, and you’re… uh…”

“I am Hela. Goddess of Death, Queen of Asgard.”

“You’re… friends with Thor?” Jane said, slowly.

“Hardly,” Hela said.

She paused, before lifting her hands and running them over the sides of her head. As she did they seemed almost to rub out the crown she wore, exposing long black hair.

“The Bifrost opened to this world, near this area, often,” Hela said. “Far more than I would expect for such an irrelevant world. I would know why. The energies converge around this home. If Thor is the one you know, were you his concubine?”

“Girlfriend,” Jane said awkwardly. “And was. I broke up with him. And- why do you care?”

“Indeed?” Hela said. “Asgard has changed much I see. I care because Asgard is mine now, I have bested its defenders and taken its throne once more for my own. I should know why this world was visited so often. And everything that belonged to those I conquered is now mine.”

“Excuse me?” Jane said.

She took a nervous step back. Hela seemed unconcerned.

“The old ways,” Hela said. “You are the spoils of war.” She paused. “I see you are unprepared. Very well, my curiosity is sated nonetheless. Soon I will return to this world to reinforce Asgardian control, we will meet again then, but this place is not my first priority.”

Jane fidgeted.

She didn’t know what to make of Hela. Yes, there was something unnerving about her, but there was more. The confidence in her gaze and actions, her apparently older form promising experience and power…

It wasn’t like she had any reason to hate Hela. True she was odd, but so were many Asgardians. And-

“I will give you this choice only once,” Hela said. “Stay on this world and fight with the rest of your people when I return, or come back as my prize.”

“…Prize how?” Jane said.

“Mine to use however I wish, whenever I wish,” Hela said. “My servant in all matters of the flesh. You would have chambers that put this… house to shame, and you would want for nothing for so long as you obeyed me.”

“You’d let a human live in Asgard?” Jane said. She hesitated. “Not just drop in once every couple of months and make excuses?”

“Why would I leave you here rather than have you close at hand?” Hela said.

“Don’t ask me,” Jane muttered to herself, annoyed. She swallowed and looked back up. “So, servant in all matters of the flesh. That… sounds like sex slave.”

“Midgardians have such crude ways of putting things,” Hela said.

She paused. Then Hela twitched one hand, and Jane just about caught a glimpse of five small shards of darkness, not unlike the substance that had composed Hela’s crown, form.

The five specks moved at lightning speed. Two ran up Jane’s arms and over her shoulder, moving at such a blistering rate she felt then cut into and through her top. Despite that Hela was proficient enough with their use to ensure they left no mark on Jane’s skin. She couldn’t feel them as any more than a ghost.

Another two ran up her legs, slicing the outer side of her pants, while the fifth was only felt for a moment in the middle of her back.

All five moved in unison, taking less than a second before they returned to Hela’s hand and vanished.

Jane’s jeans split in two, half crumpling behind her and half in front. It took her a moment to realise her panties had gone with them. And at the same time her top and bra were falling, with the top and back cut there was nothing keeping it up.

“Don’t move,” Hela said, an instant before Jane tried to cover herself.

What are-”

“Examining my spoils,” Hela said.

“I haven’t agreed-”

“I am seeing if it is a choice worth giving you,” Hela said. “My brother’s tastes are not my own. Turn.”

“I-” Jane began, half-squeaking, before she saw Hela’s eyes.

Suddenly bright red, and completely exposed, Jane turned until her back was to Hela, and Hela ordered her to stop.

This was not how she’d expected this day to go. One moment she was walking home to just collapse and watch Netflix, the next she was naked in front of some Asgardian Goddess who wanted to make her a-

It was hard to disobey Hela. Jane didn’t know what to make of that. It didn’t feel like any kind of compulsion, more something primal.

People had worshipped the Asgardians once upon a time, thought of them as gods. Hela, more than any other Jane had seen, seemed able to tap into that.

Or maybe she’d developed an Asgardian kink somewhere along the way. Jane rolled her eyes. That would be typical.

“Turn,” Hela said again.

Jane faced the Goddess once more. Hela didn’t look away from her, barely even blinking, examining every inch of her body.

Slowly the heat in Jane’s cheeks drifted elsewhere.

This shouldn’t have been enjoyable. She was being ogled, appraised, by a borderline stranger with some seriously old-fashioned values.

Hela stood, moving closer. She tilted her head, her gaze feeling tangible enough that Jane swore she felt it like a caress over her body. Jane bit her lip-

And suddenly there was a hand between her legs. Jane jumped, stiffening as Hela met her eyes.

Hela’s hand was just there for a second. A long, cold finger ran down her lower lips without going inside, and without a care to the shivers it caused.

“Wet,” Hela said. “Interesting.”

“What?” Jane said, flushing again. “No, it’s not- I just-”

“Your species craves submission,” Hela said. “I was there when we first found your kind, do not be ashamed. This is who you are. I am glad not everything has changed.”

Hela turned her back on Jane to walk back to the sofa, and for a second Jane missed the feel of her gaze. Then- no, that was stupid. Don’t miss-

Hela sat back down, looking at Jane again, and the dominance in her gaze made Jane’s heart skip. Fuck.

“Kneel for your Goddess,” Hela said.

Instinctively Jane did so, slipping onto her knees in less than a second. She kept looking up at Hela, ignoring the torn clothes beneath her knees.

“You are acceptable,” Hela said. “What is your choice? Will you stay here, or will you be mine?”

Jane faltered.

Oh, no, this wasn’t fair. She couldn’t think straight with those eyes on her, with her slit still tingling from that moment of contact, with-

“I’ll be yours,” Jane said instantly.

Hela smiled.

“Good,” Hela said. “Crawl closer.”

It seemed Hela couldn’t get enough of humiliating Jane. The worrying thing was Jane wasn’t sure if she minded.

Still on her knees, Jane moved closer, making sure to not lower her head or look away from Hela. Soon she was as close to the sofa as she could be, Hela’s legs parting to allow her to kneel there.

Hela rested her hands on her own hips, and then ran them up her body. In the same way her crown had vanished to nothing, the armour-like outfit and cape she wore faded away.

Pale, pale skin and a pair of lips adorned by only a tiny patch of black were now in front of Jane’s eyes.

Hela didn’t tell her to do anything; it was easy to guess. It was easier still when Hela grabbed the back of Jane’s head with one hand and effortlessly pushed her closer.

Jane extended her tongue, tentatively feeling to see how human the Asgardian’s pussy was. It seemed… familiar at least.

Not that Jane had much experience with this. There was one night involving Darcy and way too much booze, and Sif’s post-break-up ‘comfort’ visit, and-

That damn Asgardian kink again. Ok, maybe there was more experience than she thought.

Jane lapped, quickly finding Hela’s clit and circling around it, gauging her reaction. Hela didn’t seem to be the type to moan but Jane heard her breath catch and quicken.

It was an undeniable thrill to hear the otherwise so powerful Goddess exhibit a clear reaction.

Jane pressed her tongue to Hela’s clit again, before darting downwards. She took a moment before decided to venture inside, tongue teasing and searching.

She tasted good. Better than-

No, don’t think about that.

“No hands,” Hela ordered as Jane moved her arms. “Both behind your back.”

Jane obeyed at once, despite herself. It made her kneeling posture a little more uncomfortable, but Hela’s one-handed grip on the back of her head ensured she could stay there.

Hela’s minimal reaction was somehow more of an incentive. Her legs stayed in place, feet on the floor and open to give Jane room, her measured grip on Jane’s head stayed firm and fixed.

But despite herself Jane wanted her to react, wanted to be pulled closer, wanted to hear Hela cry out.

Caught up in the taste, Jane kept going, lapping up all she could.

“Now you’re mine, you should get used to doing this,” Hela spoke as though Jane’s tongue wasn’t inside her. “When I’m sat on my throne I’ll have you right where you are now, on your knees… worshipping me. You will serve me every day, and you will learn as you do.”

Jane’s tongue brushed past her clit again, and for the first time Hela’s breath hitched. Jane was a little ashamed at the bolt of excitement that sent through her.

“You will become the best cunt-licker in all the realms,” Hela said, “And you will wear the title proudly, and I will be proud to own you. I will only accept the best. All manner of people will line up to beg me to feel your tongue, and some I might even let experience you. Yes, you will do whatever I say, even if it means debasing yourself like some common whore. You will do as you are bid.”

Jane whimpered, flushing as she did so. There was no reason for her to enjoy Hela’s, nothing she’d ever considered doing. She’d always been pretty vanilla, and now Hela was talking about-

But at that moment, with Hela’s taste flooding her mouth, she couldn’t think of anything hotter.

That only made her more ashamed, and that shame shifted to a distracting warmth as Hela inhaled sharply.

That was humiliating too. Hela’s words and made her make a louder sound than her most fervent licking had elicited from Hela.

“You will be fucked, by me at the very least, every day for the rest of your life,” Hela said. “And I promise you, Asgardian science will extend that. I expect you will have over a hundred years of being my toy to look forward to.”

Jane wasn’t sure if that was a promise or a threat, but either way it was dizzying and only added to her eagerness.

Then suddenly, with very little warning, Hela groaned. In the same moment a sweeter taste filled Jane’s mouth, and she eagerly licked up Hela’s cum, forgetting everything in those moments except how much she wanted it, it proud she was of making Hela make a sound, how-

Hela stood, and reluctantly Jane leant back, kneeling. She kept her hands where they were, knowing Hela would order it otherwise, meaning she couldn’t clean her face.

There were a few smears of wetness over and around her lips and chin, her hair was mussed and mad, her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were slightly parted to breathe quickly. Need filled her, emanated from her.

“A worthy first,” Hela said. She paced. “Face me.”

Jane stumbled, turning on her knees to face the nude Goddess. Hela looked down at her, expression as impassive as before.

It shouldn’t have been a turn-on to see Hela seem as dispassionate moments after Jane had made her cum. It really shouldn’t.

Hela rested a hand over her pussy and drew it outwards. Jane frowned for a moment, until she saw more black. Apparently that was Hela’s gift, fashioning objects from that deep black material.

It was a cock. Jane blinked, especially when Hela’s hand returned to her sides.

Huh. Asgardians had invented strap-ons too, or at least some equivalent. That probably shouldn’t have been a surprise given all their tech.

Jane bit her lip, eyes never leaving the dark toy fashioned around Hela’s hips. It was wider than any Jane had seen, and decently long. Instinctively she had to compare it to Thor’s, on to realise there really was no comparison.

Jane felt suddenly, achingly empty.

Hela’s lip curled in amusement to see her desperation.

“Please,” Jane whimpered.

Hela sharply raised her eyebrows.

“You ask me to do what you want?” Hela said.

“N-no,” Jane said, realising her mistake. “I just- I’m sorry I just really want you to-”

“Fuck you?” Hela said. “Fill you? I will. You will never need to ask to be used, I promise you. And you will never again tell me what I should do.”

“Yes,” Jane said, quickly. “I’m sorry.”

She stared at Hela, hoping. As Hela paced, Jane shifted to follow her.

She couldn’t say for sure what had happened to her. Suddenly it seemed unthinkable to do without being used by Hela. Jane really hoped it was just her libido talking.

She could hardly blame it. It felt like the slightest brush of Hela’s fingertips would have her screaming. And instead Hela wanted to use that on her-

Hela gripped one arm of the sofa and pushed down, hard. For a moment there was a loud splintering before it fell away. Hela threw it the side with one arm, and used the other to create another of her black poles to cut away the jagged edges.

A second later and it was smooth, forming an edge that could be sat on comfortably. Hela looked sideways.

“You. Here,” Hela said. “Lay back, your legs over the side.”

Almost falling over herself, Jane obeyed. Part of her wanted to protest the damage to her furniture, but a far larger part of her was distracted by the prospect of what Hela was going to do.

With the arm ruined it was now possible for Jane to lay down on the sofa, her head hitting the cushion, while her legs dangled over the side. In another casual display of strength Hela gripped her hips and pulled Jane closer.

The head of the toy rested against Jane’s pussy. Hela took her time, looking down, agonisingly just watching.

Jane knew her wetness was visible at this point. She’d felt it go down her thighs.

Now is the time for you to beg,” Hela said, low.

“P-Please,” Jane said. “Please fuck me, please force that inside me. I- I don’t know if I can take all of that, but I want to. Please, I want you to make me your slave, fuck me until I can’t think of anything else except serving you.”

Hela ran one hand up Jane’s body, thumb brushing a nipple as she passed them, only to rest then hand by Jane’s throat.

“Why?” Hela said.

“B-because,” Jane began, and hesitated, brain not quite focusing on the question. “Because I want to worship you, every way I can. Because- I’d be so grateful if you’d fuck me I’d do anything, serve you on your throne, be made into your whole or be made into your fucktoy, anything you want. I want to worship you with my pussy, I want to show you how much I need you.”

Hela paused, lips curling at the Midgardian turns of phrase. Then, painfully slowly, she shifted her position to give her a better angle of entry.

“You are mine,” Hela said. “My prize, for me to use as I see fit.”

“Yes,” Jane whimpered.

The toy slid forwards.


It didn’t all fit inside in the first thrust, nor on the second, but Jane felt it fill her up. It glided inside her, aided by her wetness, and more than she’d thought she’d be able to take went in.

She arched, only for Hela’s hand at her neck to pin her now with more force, keeping her in place.

Hela was still standing, looking down over her, and Jane couldn’t look away. Those fierce eyes looked down at her, that face with the confidence of divinity filling her vision.

Hela thrust inside her, pulled back, then went back in. She was far from gentle, far from romantic, but Jane could tell she was holding back. This might well be slow by Asgardian standards.

She heard the slap of flesh hitting flesh, each thrust juddering through her body.

Use really was the best word; it felt like that, more than it did fucking. Hela pinned her there and used her until she was satisfied, seeing how much she could take and making her take it all. It was purely about what Hela wanted.

That much became apparently after mere seconds. It was degrading, more even than being made to display herself.

Jane came, screaming, faster than even Hela expected.

Hela kept Jane’s legs in place, kept them on the floor rather than wrapped around her, all but ignoring the way Jane shook. She kept going, kept moving, as Jane rode it out.

“You will be such a good toy,” Hela said, pleased.

She didn’t slow.

Darcy Lewis considered Jane a friend. She visited pretty regularly, dropping in by surprise just for the company. Usually it was fun.

Usually she didn’t get distracted by some rather loud cries only a little muffled by Jane’s front door.

Darcy’s hand was a few centimeters from knocking when she stopped herself. She wouldn’t want to… interrupt.

A little curious she ducked to the side. Whatever was happening, Jane was loud. Louder than she’d ever heard or have believed.

There was a much louder scream as Darcy rounded the side of the house. Dimly she remembered the layout of Jane’s place; she was near the lounge. Not even the bedroom.

Nice. Appreciatively Darcy crouched under the window, not sure if she wanted to sneak a peek. On one hand yeah, she was curious, and there was no harm in confirming she was right about the sound. It was almost definitely Jane’s voice.

But equally, it was kinda an invasion of privacy. Then again Jane was loud enough she apparently didn’t care about keeping it that private.

What the hell? Only mildly tainted curiosity won out, and Darcy stood for just a second to glimpse inside.

Holy shit.

She’d never have imagined seeing Jane like that. It was more than just regular sex. Jane was flushed, red all over, glistening with sweat and her chest heaving, panting with each moan. Her voice was audibly strained but it didn’t seem to stop her crying out.

And leaning over her was a woman who didn’t seem tired in the slightest, exquisite skin and breasts and body with a strap-on vanishing inside Jane every second.

Wide-eyed, it took Darcy a moment to remember to hide back beneath a window.

Wow. Ok then. Jane had game.

She snuck another peek, now seeing the woman lean down over Jane, not to kiss her but getting her face close enough she might have been able to, feeling Jane’s breath and filling her vision.

She said something, too quiet for Darcy to hear through the window. Jane’s answering scream was more than audible.

Darcy sat down, back to the wall, staring out. So this was a thing. Her colleague slash friend slash slight crush was having loud marathon sex with a seriously hot older woman.

She should go. She really should. She should just leave Jane to her fun and press her for details tomorrow.

With a quick glance around, Darcy unbuttoned her jeans and slipped one hand between her legs.

Darcy shifted until she was kneeling and facing the house, glancing back occasionally to make sure no one caught her. After a moment she peered up, watching the scene-

Then, for a moment, the woman’s head turned. She lifted her arm in an instant; Darcy ducked down, heart pounding.

A corner of the window shattered. She hesitated; she hadn’t thought the woman had thrown anything, her hand had seemed empty, but something had broken the window.

She glanced up. The hole was nowhere near where her head was. Apparently the woman hadn’t been trying to hit her.

“You don’t mind,” the stranger said, presumably referencing the window.

“No,” Jane said. “You are my Goddess you can do anything, I won’t care just so long as I can keep serving you and you can- ah! Keep using me, and I can wor- ah! Worship you.”

Kinky. Darcy raised her eyebrows, then blinked. She could hear them so much more clearly with a hole in the window.

Was that… intentional? Did the woman want her to overhear?

Darcy risked another glimpse up. The woman was looking right at her, giving what was apparently the closest thing to a smile she could. It wasn’t entirely happy, just… pleased.

A spark went right to Darcy’s pussy, her fingertips twitching. Ok. It seemed like visiting was a good plan after all.

“What is my name?” the woman said, to Jane. It seemed to be for Darcy’s benefit.

“Hela,” Jane gasped.

“Scream it,” Hela said. “Cum.”

“Helaaa!” Jane said. She yelled, by now apparently an order from Hela got the desired reaction.

Hela and Jane. Darcy bit her lip, whispering the names under her breath as her fingers went to work.

“And you will ride me on my throne,” Hela said, “There in front of my people, for all to see and to know that you belong to me. Their eyes will be on you and they will see you as you are now. You have nothing to hide because you are just my prize, for me to show to whoever I wish and for me to use.”

Jane cried out yet again.

Hela regularly span stories like that, some more outlandish than others, and each painted vividly. Somehow, even after the past few hours, her tone was remarkably level and her breathing still mostly controlled.

It was easy to tell when she came, she gave a long low groan and stiffened for brief seconds, but she seemed to maintain more control than Jane could.

Some stories were softer, waiting for Hela to return after a battle to relax her with her tongue. Others were more humiliating, being used to reward favoured warriors.

Jane knew Asgard did seem to be a warrior-oriented culture. Hela seemed more so than most, but regardless it was so easy to imagine.

It was hard to tell which were mere fantasies meant to get a reaction, and which were promises Jane could be expected to keep. If it meant she’d be fucked and used like this then, at that moment, Jane couldn’t think of anything she wouldn’t do.

She’d lost count of how many times she’d cum. Another orgasm roared through her, making her body arch and tremble. She only stayed in place thanks to Hela’s unyielding grip.

“My prize. My toy. My whore.”

Jane tried to shout her agreement but just moaned.

Hela’s hips slammed into hers and the toy filled her up to the hilt again and again. Once it had seemed so big, now Jane felt empty for the split-seconds it left her.

And then Hela stopped, the toy completely inside Jane, to close her eyes and let a low groan escape her lips. She moved, less roughly, more concerned with rubbing her hips against the other side of the toy than fucking Jane.

Abruptly Hela pulled back and stood up.

Jane lay where she was left, panting, her chest heaving. She ached, yet desperately wanted more.

“Get on the floor,” Hela said. “Kneel.”

Jane scrambled to obey. After everything, after being made to cum as she listened to such humiliating fantasies she’d once never have considered, it was hard to do anything but obey Hela.

“Your hands and knees,” Hela said.

Jane adopted the position. It felt like Hela wanted them to continue doggystyle, instead of having Jane be made to look up at her Goddess’s face.

Hela moved closer, pressing a hand on Jane’s shoulder to make Jane shift, reorienting herself. Now she more or less had her side to the window, though her head faced away.

Then Hela slapped her ass. Jane yelped.

“You will get used to that punishment,” Hela said. “When I tell you to do something you will do it immediately. You were far too slow. It does not matter how tired you are, I expect obedience from my toys.”

“Y-yes, I will,” Jane said, still panting.

One more spank, and then Jane heard Hela kneel behind her. The strap-on rested over Jane’s back, teasing her with the prospect.

“As my toy, all of you is mine,” Hela said.

“Yes,” Jane said.

“You will let me do anything I want to any part of you,” Hela said.

“Always,” Jane said.

Hela shifted, and suddenly Jane felt the head of the strap-on pressing at a rather different hole.

“You will serve me with your mouth, I will use your cunt, and I will fuck you here too. Understand?”

“I-” Jane began.

She hesitated. Anal was new to her. She’d never really experimented with it, never been touched there, and now Hela was pressing the head of that cock, made of god-only-knows-what, there.

Then again, sometime during the last few hours apparently she’d stopped being able to say no to Hela.

“Yes,” Jane whimpered. “Every part of me is yours.”

“Will I be the first?” Hela said, sensing her uncertainty.


“Good. It is only fitting I be responsible for one of your firsts, if you weren’t we would have to do something more… unusual.”

Hela smiled, and pressed forwards far more slowly than she had before. Jane opened her mouth as if to cry out, but could just exhale. Lubricated with her own juices, the strap-on slowly stretched out Jane’s ass.

It felt like she couldn’t take more, that the toy couldn’t possibly be any longer, but still more slid inside her. It got to the point she wished Hela would just slam it in, a moment of pain to end the prolonged torment, but Hela maintained her slow pace.

She felt her virgin hole opening, stretching, and all she could cry out was Hela’s name.

Until at long last she felt Hela’s hips press against the cheeks of her ass, the toy completely buried.

“Thank you,” Jane said.

Hela said nothing for a moment. She rested one hand on Jane’s ass, spreading it open so she had a clearer view of where her toy was. She withdrew it a mere inch, then pressed forwards again, pleased at Jane’s reaction.

Then Hela began to move, slowly at first. She pulled out quickly enough to make Jane yelp, then moved forwards again, not as slowly as before but still slowly enough Jane whimpered.

It was an entirely different experience to the fast-and-hard fuck over the sofa. Now Hela was taking pleasure in tormenting her, making her fear and want all at once.

“You will be trained to take this better,” Hela said. “I shall spend two years using only your asshole. No one will touch your cunt, not even you, there are many enchantments at my disposal. I will use your ass every day for those two years until I no longer need to hold back, and until you would plead for me to fuck you there.”

Hela reached forward, winding a hand in Jane’s hair to pull her back, holding her upright. She ensured Jane didn’t face the window.

“Practise,” Hela said.

She thrust into Jane’s ass with sudden speed, eliciting a cry, then slowed. By then her speed was more even, no longer dragging the entry out, but it was still far less fast than how she’s used Jane’s cunt.

“How would you beg for me?” Hela said.

“Please fuck my ass!” Jane said, managing to get it out between gasps. “Please fill me, I need to show you how much I’ll worship and serve you. I want to show you that you can do anything to be, I want you to fill my asshole with your cock and use me until you’re satisfied. I’m only here to serve you.”

“Louder,” Hela said.

Her free hand slapped Jane’s rear, Jane cried out.

“Fuck my ass!” Jane shouted, cut off only when she yelped at another rapid intrusion.

She was listening to her best friend lose her anal virginity. Darcy bit her lip, pushing herself to look back up.

Jane was on her knees, and there was no doubt about where the woman’s strap-on was pointing.

Holy fuck.

Darcy had pushed her jeans and panties down until they were around her knees, needing the extra space. She gripped the ledge outside the window with one hand, and the other curled two fingers inside herself as she stared.

Whoever Hela was, Darcy liked her. Anyone that would not only let her watch this but help her hear it was good in her book, and she couldn’t help but be impressed at wat she and Jane were doing.

Gasping, Darcy rubbed herself harder. She’d been keeping herself on the brink since watching Jane be fucked over the sofa, and it was getting harder to hold back.

The sound of flesh smacking flesh carried, tempo slowly speeding up. Darcy pulled herself up to watch. Holy fuck Jane could take it so well.

She watches her best friend’s mouth open, contorted with bliss and more than a little surprise. Apparently Jane hadn’t expected to enjoy this quite so much.

“Are you going to cum, my toy?” Hela said. “Will you cum from having your last, virgin hole used?”

“Y-yes! Oh god yes!”

“Tell me when you’re almost there,” Hela said. She punctuated it with another slap, and thrust the toy in again.

Well, if she was going to finish any time-

Darcy resolved to take the risk, staying knelt up so she could see as well as hear what was happening to Jane.

The visibly exhausted yet loving it Jane, flushed and sweating and breathless. The older, controlling, disturbingly calm Hela. And the toy vanishing into Jane’s asshole with remarkable ease, each thrust earning a gasp.

Darcy bit her lip, rubbed harder, and fixed her eyes on the sight as she came.

Hela turned and met her eyes, sending an extra jolt through her and making her cry out more than she’d expected. Their eyes met for a few seconds before Darcy hastily collapsed.

She knelt lower, below the window, with her legs still shaking.

Wow. Easily worth how awkward the next chat she had with Jane would be. Darcy panted, leaning back against the wall and basking in the afterglow.

“I’m cumming!” Jane’s voice carried through the window. “Hela, I’m-”

The sound of flesh hitting flesh suddenly stopped.

And then there was a loud crash, the world around Darcy turning black for a moment. Splinters of wood and stone fell and Darcy scrambled, turning on the spot.

Some odd black material had burst up out of the ground, somehow avoiding her vicinity but destroying the wall just behind her. And an instant later the black had retreated, leaving her with an unobstructed view of the scene.

“Darcy?!” Jane yelped.

In any other situation she’d have hurriedly tried to cover up. The intrusion in her ass, though, made it rather hard to change position. That, and Hela’s hand on the small of her back prevented her going anywhere.

Even after everything Hela had said she still flushed in embarrassment to have her best friend see her like this, naked and on her knees with a relative-stranger buried in her ass.

It was a few shameful moments before she realised Darcy’s jeans were almost at her ankles, and one of her hands was in a rather suspect position. Darcy stared, just as wide-eyed and shocked.

“You know our voyeur?” Hela said. She seemed far from angry.

“She’s a- friend,” Jane began. She hesitated.

“Um. Hi?” Darcy said.

“How long have you been there?” Jane said, panicking a little.

“Long enough to know what you are now,” Hela said. She rested a hand almost comfortingly on Jane’s ass. “It seems she enjoyed it.” She turned to Darcy. “Didn’t you?”

Darcy stumbled over her words. Was there any good way to answer that?

It was a moment before Darcy realised the other elephant in the room.

“Wait,” Darcy said, to Jane, gesturing to the absence of wall. “Did she just destroy your house?”

“She will have another,” Hela said. “A room larger than this whole building for so long as she is my prize.”

“That’s… huh?”

“Asgardian,” Jane mouthed.

Well. That explained far too much.

Jane fidgeted a little, uncomfortably aware Hela’s toy was still inside her. It was impossible to forget, and as such impossible to forget Darcy must have been there when she’d lost that virginity.

She flushed in a kind of shame, slowly becoming aware that after all of Hela’s stories the sensation of shame wasn’t exactly unpleasant.

“Remove your clothes,” Hela said suddenly.

Darcy blinked, Jane stiffened. Hela frowned, impatient.

“You’ve agreed to be my whore,” Hela said, to Jane. “To do whatever I want with whoever I want. You will obey me. And you,” she turned to Darcy, “You have taken joy from the two of us, would you deny us the same?”

Jane wasn’t sure what was happening to her. There were all kinds of reasons she should be uncomfortable right now, and every reason she should want to leave.

But she was still achingly close, still tingling from how much Hela had made her cum and longing for her next, and it just felt wrong to consider disobeying Hela.

She waited and hoped, staring unsure of what she wanted to see.

Darcy was a little self-conscious, sure, especially with those eyes on her. Hela had the kind of uncompromising gaze that made her feel as though she was naked anyway.

Then again, she was pretty sure a MILFy Asgardian was offering her a threesome with Jane, and she’d have to be an idiot to turn that down.

Trying to hide her eagerness, Darcy began pulling her top and jacket off. She got tangled in them for an instant, needing a few seconds more to extricate herself. As she did she stepped out of her jeans.

She was most of the way through undoing her bra before she remembered to look back. The conspicuous absence of a wall did make them rather visible-

“You watched us,” Hela said, catching Darcy’s movement. “If people see you now, it is only fair. Stand still.”

Darcy dropped her bra. She shivered slightly, the breeze from outside coming in. She did her best to obey Hela and not look back, despite not knowing whether anyone was gathering behind her.

Hela appraised her, apparently unconcerned about the flushed Jane still bent over in front of her.

“Exceptional tits,” Hela said. The vulgarity sounded odd with her otherwise refined intonation. “Turn around.”

“I’m not a piece of meat you kn-”

“Turn. Around.”

Darcy quickly obeyed, turning until her ass faced Hela. She was relieved to look outside to see no one there.

“Bend over,” Hela said. “Spread your cheeks.”

Darcy obeyed. She could feel Hela’s eyes on her and she reached back, grabbing her own ass as though presenting it. She couldn’t help but flush.

Hela’s brusque manner was rather effective at making her feel not quite like a person. It shouldn’t have been a good feeling.

“Acceptable,” Hela commented. “Turn around. Keep the same position.”

Still red, Darcy shifted on the spot. Now she was facing Hela, though her asshole and cunt were exposed to the world. She really hoped no one came by.

“You’re certainly not a virgin in either hole,” Hela said.

“No,” Darcy said. “I’ve, uh, done stuff.”

“Indeed,” Hela said. “Perhaps you should be given the same offer.”

“What offer?” Darcy said.

“To return to Asgard with me,” Hela said. “Serve as my spoils of war, to use as I see fit, as often as I want, for every day for the rest of your life.”

“Spoils of war?” Darcy echoed. “What, have you taken over the world?” She paused, then looked at Jane, eyes suddenly wide. Well given everything else that had happened lately… “Jane, has she taken over the world?”

“Not yet,” Hela said.

Darcy hesitated, not quite sure if she was joking.

“I am Queen of Asgard,” Hela said. “You are both my subjects regardless. It was not uncommon for the monarch of Asgard to have a harem, in the old times. Jane, would you be happy to be used alongside your friend?”

Jane stumbled. Apparently she found this situation as weird as Darcy did, even if Hela didn’t.

Hela shifted, moving back and then thrusting her strap-on inside Jane with sudden speed. It made Jane cry out, all the more so after her ass had begun to tighten again during the conversation.


“I-” Jane began, and gasped. “I’d… like to keep in contact with Darcy.”

“And be fucked alongside her? To see her used, to have her see you used, and perhaps to fuck one another?”

“I…” Jane looked back to see Hela’s gaze still upon her, drawing the truth out. “…Yes. So much. I’ll teach her to worship you the same way I do.”

“She does have most exceptional tits,” Hela said.

“I’ve always liked them,” Jane said, embarrassed.

Smirking, Hela returned her gaze to Darcy. Darcy meanwhile bit her lip, trying to ignore the tingling that had started again between her legs.

Fuck. Ok. How was being talked about like she wasn’t even there a turn-on?

“Will you be my… fucktoy, as I believe it is called here on Midgard?”

This was a bad idea. This was such a bad idea.

Darcy shifted, uncomfortable at still holding her ass open. Part of her brain insisted she could stop any time, she could just walk away and forget about the scary-hot Goddess and-

“Yes please,” Darcy said eagerly.

“Good,” Hela nodded. “Stand up straight. Come closer. There, stop.”

Relieved to be upright again Darcy approached by just a couple of steps. She stopped as soon as Hela said.

The back of her neck prickled. So many people could have been staring at her ass just then, yet with Hela looking at her like that Darcy couldn’t quite care.

Hela reached out-

She seemed to be able to bring things into being with her hands. A black phallus, the material not unlike the one that had destroyed the wall, and almost identical to Hela’s own formed at Darcy’s waist. Darcy jumped.

It really did look so similar to Hela’s, the only difference being that it was a little smaller.

“Lay on your back,” Hela said. “Jane, my whore, let her fill your cunt.”

Darcy got down onto the floor, lying down, not quite sure what to expect. Given how exhausted and blissed-out Jane seemed she thought it’d be good.

And seeing Jane hurrying to straddle her was a little bit of a dream come true. It was weird to suddenly be so intimate, especially sober, yet Jane obeyed Hela at once.

Jane lowered herself, guiding Darcy’s new cock inside herself. Darcy’s eyes widened at the sight, and she couldn’t help but gasp to watch Jane whimpering so close to her, for her.


Hela neared, moving behind Jane. She lingered for a moment, watching the two friends, skin entwined with skin.

Then she pressed the head of her strap-on once again to Jane’s ass.

“This, too, you will need to practise,” Hela said. “Soon you will come to realise how this is all you need concern yourself with, how your body can be fucked again and again and never quite pushed past its limits. In every way, all at once, you are mine.”

And Jane, who had been an anal virgin less than an hour ago, Darcy’s toy already filling her cunt as Hela readied to use her ass, whimpered.

“Please!” Jane cried out.

Hela gave no warning that time. She moved quickly, slamming into Jane’s ass in one go. She seemed pleased by Jane’s moan.

Hela’s hand tugged on Jane’s hair, holding her in place just above Darcy. She kept thrusting, skin slapping against skin, making Jane shudder and send vibrations through Darcy’s toy too.

Three times over, Jane had never felt so full. Hela had been the biggest thing she’d ever had in her cunt, and then the first thing to her ass, and now she had both holes full.

It went beyond intense. Pleasure sparked across all her nerves, her whole body unable to feel anything else except the distinct, all-consuming sensation of being so thoroughly fucked.

She moaned with each thrust, shook each time Hela filled her, and shivered as Darcy’s toy rubbed against the perfect spots.

And Hela held her head in place, making her look directly into Darcy’s eyes.

Anal was humiliating; enjoying it as much as she was all the more so, but experiencing all that while her best friend saw, from so very close, made her ache with the delicious mortification.

Her chest was pressed to Darcy’s, the heat of her skin so undeniable. Darcy was flushed, clearly relishing every second despite the total insanity of the situation.

How had today gotten to this point?

“Get used to this,” Hela said, “Having both of your holes filled and being watched as you cum like only a whore would. How does it feel?”

“Good,” Jane said.


“Because I like it when you fuck my ass,” Jane said. “I love have my ass stretched open, I love it when you use me, and I love having my cunt and ass filled at once, ah! I love being your whore, I love worshipping you, I love being shown off by you, ah! Hela please!”

Darcy stared as the words tumbled from her lips. Jane couldn’t tear her eyes from her.

“Do you want to cum?” Hela said.

She thrust forwards again and again, flesh smacking flesh.


“Then cum for me, toy,” Hela said. “Cum with me using your ass and show her how much you belong to me.”

It barely took two thrusts for Jane to scream. Her back arches, and with Asgardian strength Hela held her head in place. Darcy watched every shudder, whimper, watched Jane’s mouth open in an ecstatic scream and her eyes flutter shut as bliss ran through her.

Jane slumped forwards, atop Darcy. Despite that Hela still thrust for just under a minute more, making Jane’s body jerk and shudder and sending rather pleasant friction through to Darcy.

And then Hela gave a low groan, closing her eyes for a few seconds. Somehow even that was the most emotion she’d shown since her arrival.

Hela pulled back, slowly removing her strap-on from Jane’s ass. With a wave of her hand Darcy’s strap-on vanished, and without a word Hela pushed Jane’s head down to Darcy’s cunt.

Exhausted, borderline broken, and undeniably content, Jane started to lick by instinct. Hela meanwhile was still above her, looking at a flushed, panting Darcy.

“You still wish to be my prize?” Hela said.

“God yes,” Darcy said. She squirmed around Jane’s tongue. “Uh, Goddess yes?”

Hela was unamused.

“Jane gave me her ass,” Hela said. “Something no one else has had. What would you do to dedicate yourself to me?”

“Anything,” Darcy said.

Ok, maybe she wasn’t thinking entirely straight. She had her best friend and recurring fantasy licking away between her legs, she was looking up at a literal goddess, and Jane’s moans were still echoing in her ears.

Hela shifted, kneeling over Darcy’s chest. Her strap-on was still in place, jutting out proudly and coated in juices from each of Jane’s holes.

“Open your mouth,” Hela said.

Realising, Darcy obeyed, leaning up to give Hela better entry. Hela slowly leaned forwards, slipping the toy past Darcy’s lips.

“Have you humiliated yourself like this for anyone else?” Hela said.

Darcy shook her head, and gave a moan muffled by the toy.

“Do you enjoy the taste of your friend’s cunt and ass?” Hela said. “I expect you’ll become very familiar with them.”

Darcy nodded as best she could.

“Then lick up every smear,” Hela said. “Do that, and you will have the honour of joining Jane as mine.”

Darcy closed her eyes and went deeper, feeling the toy hit the back of her throat.

She wasn’t sure how she’d expected it to taste. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, just different. There was a distinct tang she recognised as from Jane’s pussy, but then something else.

Besides, it was hard to not enjoy anything with Jane’s tongue on her, working with remarkable energy.

“This can be your role,” Hela said, languidly moving her hips back and forth. “Every day you will be on your knees, and after I have used both of your holes, both of hers, along with anyone else that joins my harem, you will clean me off. You will taste everyone, every day. If we have guests, you will serve them similarly. Only when this is pristine will you be allowed to cum.”

It was Darcy’s first time experiencing Hela’s odd monologuing. She wasn’t sure whether it was fantasy or more, just that it sent shivers she was not expecting through her.

Her lips went all the way down to the base of the toy, then back to the head to lap and lick, until she couldn’t taste anything more than the coolness of the strap-on.

Hela moved back and regarded Darcy’s work. Pleased, she dissipated it, leaving her cunt bare. She rested one hand on Darcy’s head.

“You may cum,” Hela said.

Somehow the permission brought a new immediacy to Jane’s ministrations, and in just seconds Darcy was crying out.

She grabbed at the floor beneath her, trying desperately for purchase as she writhed, pushing up then falling back, breathless. After a few seconds Jane stopped licking and pulled back.

She looked up at Darcy, her expression unreadable.

It was the awkward few moments after sex. The rush had faded, the goals had been attained and there was nothing to focus on except for how they’d just done rather degrading things in front of one another, they’d just tasted each other, they’d just-

“Wow,” Jane said, softly.

“That was… something,” Darcy said.

“Are you-”

“Basking right now,” Darcy said. “Did you…”

“Yeah,” Jane said. Even after everything she was still flushed. “It was... intense.”

Relieved, Darcy fell back. She inhaled deeply, still trembling.

And then Hela was standing over them. She didn’t seem tired, didn’t seem flushed, the only change to her demeanour was a subtler, pleased calm.

Now she was dressed in the outfit she’d arrived in, the green and black armour tight over her body. She lifted her hands as though to push her hair back, and her thorny crown reformed.

Darcy blinked.

“Wow,” Darcy said. “That’s a thing.”

“You’ll be used to it,” Hela said. “This, and being with one another. It’s time to leave.”

Right. Leaving to go to join Hela’s spoils of war in Asgard. They hadn’t thought too much about that, too caught up in the moment.

Still, they were in the afterglow. If Jane were to list the people she’d miss on Earth, Darcy would be at the top of the list, so it was good she was coming. And by the sound of it Hela would be returning to Earth.

Jane remembered how Asgard looked. It would be amazing to see it again.

Jane shifted, standing. She moved for the wardrobe as Darcy reached for her pile of discarded clothes.

“What are you doing?” Hela said.

“Getting dressed,” Darcy said, “I-”

“You will not need clothes,” Hela said. “You are my spoils. I am not bringing you to Asgard for your sense of fashion.”

Darcy hesitated. Ok, yet another thing that shouldn’t be a turn-on.

“The Bifrost doesn’t come out too close to the palace,” Jane said, uncertain.

“No,” Hela said.

“We’d have to go through a lot of the city before…”

Hela paused.

“Come closer,” she said to both of them. “Kneel.”

They were both quick to obey, each still nude. Jane glanced at Darcy. Her reticence was more because it was how she felt she should act, but by this point when Hela asked her to do something it inherently felt right.

Hela touched her left hand to Darcy’s throat, and her right to Jane’s. There was a soft sound, and the matter she could created formed, the pole stretched out and curving until it formed a ring. Hela moved back, leaving collars around each of their necks.

“Now, when we walk through Asgard, everyone will know you belong to me,” Hela said. “You need never worry about wearing clothing again. Now stand, come with me.”

Hela walked out through the ruined wall. Side-by-side, clad in nothing but Hela’s collars, Jane and Darcy followed. Darcy particularly was a little more embarrassed to note a few sets of eyes had been attracted to the street outside.  

Hela, every inch the Queen, walked out and stretched her arms out to her side. There was a flash of light as the Bifrost streaked down, and seconds later she, Jane and Darcy were gone.

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