Through the Rift of Time

BY : fareys_delight
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji or the Avengers, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Through the Rift of Time

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji/Avengers

For: CutsyCat

Part: 1

Characters: Clint, Tony, Phil

Word Count: 1,43

Warnings: Language. Lots of language

AN: So yes, I tend to try to keep the minimum chapters for stories like this at 16. This story is 15 chapters. But the word count is nearly 30K in length so just a bit to long for my tastes for a 'mini' story. Therefore, you guys get this beautiful story as a chapter story while I finish off “Breath Unto Me”. Which is a filler arc and is letting me finish off a couple of other longer chapter stories.


Which makes my life a whole lot easier.


I'm also working on a kind of a spin off for Our Truths where the end pairing, instead of Naruto/Kankuro, is Naruto/Ibiki.


I seemed to have sparked the love of Ibiki/Naruto again for the dear Cutsy. I'm not bitching though. Makes me happy to write such stories.


Anyways, I've babbled. A note though: Yes, this story is complete. And fully rewritten. I hope you all enjoy.




I swear that I’m going to find a fucking cliff, and toss Reed fucking Richards over it.” Clint blinked and looked over at Phil at the rather interesting fact that Tony was actually cursing over their commlinks, watching as his lover raised an eyebrow.


“You know that it’s bad when Tony is actually cursing, especially so heavily. And with death threats nonetheless,” Clint drawled, hearing several snorts come over their lines. Phil shook his head and maneuvered the van around a few cars, trying to get to where they had been sent.


Somehow, someway, one Reed Richards had pulled up several portals that lead to various times, worlds, and even planets, without knowing how to close them fast enough as they spawned. With more portals than what he and the Fantastic four could handle, he had called Phil to ask for help from the Avengers, Tony and Steve getting to the first portal soon after.


The cursing from Tony had started up soon after that as they worked on tossing back all of the little green aliens back through the portal before they made sure that no new ones got through. Once they had gathered all of the aliens up and sent them back, they had used the device that Richards had created rather quickly to close it down.


No one had stopped Tony from cursing though, Natasha actually joining him in Russian, while Bucky, who had partnered up with her, had mixed Russian, German, Japanese and some good old fashioned Brooklyn cursing over the devices.


Both Clint and Phil were highly amused when Thor had joined in with them, Loki joining his brother to help close the portals and keep them permanently closed. The Asgardian God of Mischief had said something about getting a headache from all of the chaos that had reached even Asgard because of the portal openings.


Tony wondered if it was because he was the only one that could close some more of the dangerous portals for good.


“I’m really not that happy about this myself, so I can understand where he’s coming from. Even Fury is saying ‘fuck’ every two words,” Phil admitted as he pulled into a spot and parked, looking at the portal. As it had been described, it didn’t just sit there, rather it sat at a diagonal and looked like a miniature sea that was rolling back and forth. “You have to admit that the portals are interesting to look at,” he drawled.


Clint just cocked an eyebrow at him before he snorting and pushing open the passenger side door. “I’ll go scope things out, see if there’s anything that needs to be tossed back,” he offered. Phil nodded his head opened the driver's side, the archer sliding out of the car before tugging on his quicker, extending his bow. He walked slowly towards the portal, looking around for anything or anyone that didn’t seem to match the area around them with a frown.


“I’m not seeing anything around from here,” Phil said as he pulled open the van’s side side door, stepping up into the van to finish putting the machine together that would be used to close the portal. Luckily, with the help of Jarvis and the rest of the bots, Tony had been able to create several more in a short time. But the final put together had to be on site as he had told them. Shaking his head, he looked at the machine and carefully started to put it together. “What about you?” he asked, switching to a secondary line as Clint moved in an ever growing circle around the portal.


“Nope, nothing yet,” Clint drawled as he came back to the van, hooking his bow to his quiver. “Hand me the tracker would ya?” he asked, looking into the van and watching as his lover put the last few pieces into place. Phil huffed and handed over the tablet like tracker, making sure that the stylus was still attached before making sure that the parts were locked in. Pulling the stylus free, he turned it on, smiling as it started to scan around them. “I’m going to get some readings.”


“Do be careful,” Phil stated, standing up and stepping down out of the van.


Pulling the machine closer to the edge so that he could continue to set it up, he smirked when it started to hum at him, warming up to suck all of the energy out of the portal. Placing the power storing crystal that Loki had brought with him, he picked the machine up and started to walk over to the opening. Placing the machine down on the ground near his lover, he looked at Clint, who was holding out the stylus, reading something on the tablet that was making him frown.


“Anything that we need to worry about?” he asked the other man.


“No, not really. It’s just that this portal is actually one that is supposed to be a part of our time line, but at the same time it’s not?” Clint asked, shaking his head.


It was Tony who gave them the answer to the question that was being asked. “There is a long time theory that sometime in our world’s time line, so to speak, two worlds were forced together to save the both of them,” he said, sounding thoughtful. “I’m thinking that what you’re seeing is a portal that leads to that second world before the two lines merged. If it is, than the theory has just been proven. Make sure that you save any readings for me. Jarvis is backing them up for me already.”


“Oh, but this sounds like such fun,” Clint drawled as they listened to Richards go off about that theory and how it couldn’t be real. Loki shot down all of his arguments with a sharp tongue and his brilliant mind. “I’m starting to really love it when Loki turns that brain of his onto torturing other people,” he snorted, saving the readings even as he took even more.


“It almost looks as if this portal is the most stable of them all,” Phil mused as he looked at the tablet in Clint’s hands. “There’s nothing about it that shows any kind of unbalancing, and so far no one has come through it. At least nothing that is trackable,” he said. Clint nodded his head, moving around the portal to get as many readings as he could from all possible angles.


“So, what are we going to do now?” he asked once he had the readings, tucking the stylus into it’s spot, saving the data before tucking the tablet into a case on his belt.


“We need to start to close it,” Phil replied as he moved to the machine again, kneeling down onto one knee. He pulled out his phone and opened the text that all of them had gotten from Tony, reading over the information contained by it. “When the machine starts to suck, we have to move away from it and the portal. We will not know how this thing will react, not truly. While the other portals sucked things in just a bit, this might suck a bit more powerfully since it’s so close to our line. So far though, these things don’t try to take the surrounding area, instead just people.”


“That actually would have been nice to know earlier,” Clint groaned softly, shaking his head and getting a smirk from Phil as he flipped a switch to turn it on. “Okay, time to move the fuck away.”


“Yep,” Phil agreed, walking far enough away from the machine that he doubted that they had anything to worry about. They watched as the machine did it’s job, starting to pull the energy out of the portal and into the crystal, getting only halfway done before things started to go very, very wrong on them. It started with a dog that ran through the zone that could be dangerous. It went even worse when a young girl ran after it, calling for the dog to heel.


“Well shit!” Clint cried out, running after the girl while Phil ran for the dog with a snarl. Grabbing the dog, Phil was able to run it to the safe zones before he felt something start to tug on his leg. Clint in the meantime had gotten the girl to her dog, but turned back when he heard his lover curse as his leg was pulled out from under him, the portal starting to pull him towards it. “Oh no you don’t!” he snarled, running towards Phil and grabbing onto his hand, trying to tug him free of the suction.


“I have a feeling that it’s not going to let me go,” Phil called out as the sounds of roaring came from the portal, the mass starting to shrink even faster as they were pulled towards it. “Clint…” he tried, the archer shaking his head with a scowl.


“No, fuck that shit,” Clint yelled, yelping as the portal gave one last hard tug, yanking the both of them into it before it dissipated in a shower of sparkles, sending the two through a colorfully psychedelic tunnel. Their journey through the tunnel came to a rather abrupt and painful end as they landed on a hard marble floor that was covered in a rather soft rug, making them both groan in pain.


Clint flopped over onto his back with a groan while Phil blinked up at the ceiling several times, his eyes coming to rest on the glimmering chandelier that was above them. They barely paid any attention to the soft footsteps that were coming up to them, both to dazed at the moment to care. It was two smooth, cultured voices that drew Clint out of his pained daze, his head rolling back to look at a young man who was standing next to a sharply dressed butler.


“Well, young master, it does seem as if the portal had connected to somewhere else,” the butler drawled, staring at them with eyes the color of dried blood as he smiled at the two men. Phil and Clint went on full alert at the sight of the butler, before looking to the other man. He looked young, both of them pegging him nineteen years of age if anything, and wore an eyepatch over one eye. His hair was so black that it was almost blue in shade as it fell over the patch just enough to cover it.


“So it would seem. I am going to have to guess that by their outfits they either live in another dimension or that they live in the future,” the young master drawled, smirking. “By the way the two of them feel, I would say the latter, but not quite.”


Clint just groaned as he sat up with a grunt, moving his quiver off of his back. “Just fuck my life,” he whined, head hanging while Phil huffed and slowly stood up, smoothing his suit out.


“Come on, Barton, stand up straight like a good boy. I think that we just got very lucky today and found some new allies during this impromptu trip,” he drawled, turning to face the two men.


“I’m so gonna nail Richards in the ass, just wait. With an actual arrow, not a Nerf on,” Clint complained as he stood up. He turned and nodded in greeting, seeing that they were both looking highly amused by his words. It was looking good.


So far.

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