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A/N: Greetings, readers! After a long break from this section of the site, I've returned for another fic.  This one's intended to be more lighthearted than my usual fare, as well as more PWP (as noted on the archive page).  It still won't go full PWP, though, b/c that's not my style.  It'll also refer to events occurring in various episodes of X-Men Evolution, so careful rewatching of the show might be in order.

This fic will update as I complete each chapter.  Feedback is more than welcome, in the form of reviews or PMs on the site forums.  If there's sufficient interest, I'll also create a discussion thread on the forums.


Chapter 1: Study Buddies

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No one would ever argue that Kurt Wagner had been born lucky. Not only had he been born a mutant – in a world that had no idea mutants even existed, he couldn’t remotely pass for human. Blue fur covered most of his body; his hands bore three fingers instead of five; his feet bore two toes rather than five; and he had a prehensile tail culminating in a spaded tip.

Moving to 1407 Greymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York, signaled a turn for the better for the young German mutant. Kurt certainly missed his adoptive parents, who loved him despite his bizarre appearance, and his home country. Nonetheless, the community of fellow mutant teenagers helped him feel truly accepted for the first time in his life; and Professor Xavier’s gift of a holographic projection watch allowed Kurt to interact with non-mutants.

Among the myriad new struggles that Kurt faced, one of the toughest was the American high school, with its strange social environment, foreign-language barrier, and noticeably different curriculum. U.S. History posed one of the greatest challenges, since all but the most basic information was new to the young immigrant. Fortunately for him, Jean Grey, a fellow mutant at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and straight-A student, had offered to tutor him in exchange for practicing German with her. Born unlucky but not a fool, he accepted.

Kurt found in Jean a top-notch, if exceedingly distracting, study partner. Upon first laying eyes on her, he’d called her an angel; seemingly flattered, she’d flirted back. The stunning redhead had continued flirting throughout their study sessions, making it tough for Kurt to focus on anything other than her brilliant green eyes or carnation lips. During their sessions, Kurt fought – often a losing battle – not to think inappropriate thoughts about his partner, especially since this young woman might “overhear” such thoughts. The smiles Jean gave him when he had such fantasies, however brief, seemed intent on reassuring him she wasn’t offended, at least.

One evening, Kurt had a particularly tough time focusing, since his study partner had chosen to wear a rather low-cut black shirt. The dark fabric accentuated the redhead’s fair skin, particularly in conjunction with the dark valley between the swells of her breasts. Kurt felt his eyes drawn like magnets to the area over and over, despite his best efforts. Jean never called him on it, though, even if her cheeks glowed bright red.

As they wrapped up for the evening, Kurt made a point to apologize. “I hope I didn’t make you… uncomfortable tonight, Jean. I didn’t mean to stare.”

Jean shrugged and tucked a lock of crimson hair behind her ear. Her tongue peeked between her lips for a brief moment. “It’s sweet of you to apologize,” she replied. With a playful smirk and mischievous glint in her eyes, she added, “Don’t worry, though – if I didn’t want you to look, I wouldn’t have worn this shirt.”

Kurt’s jaw worked wordlessly, for he hadn’t expected that response. He remained frozen in place as the lovely redhead leaned in close to deliver a peck on the cheek. Since she’d tacitly invited him to do so, he took a long, close look at the fulsome cleavage on display. When their eyes met, a shiver climbed his spine at the proximity of their faces. The young man wondered if Jean was about to kiss him.

After a long moment holding the gaze, Jean backed away. “I really appreciate all your help with German. Consider that my way of thanking you.” With a wink, she turned and headed out of the room. Whether or not she intentionally added an extra wiggle to her hips as she left, Kurt couldn’t tell.

Rather than walk back to his room with an obvious erection, Kurt teleported. He put his books away and brushed his teeth, intent on preparing for bed. However, his thoughts lingered on the Mansion’s resident redhead.

She seems to like me, he mused. She even kissed my cheek! The way Jean looked at me afterward… Did she want me to respond somehow? I wanted to kiss her, but I just froze. Our study sessions have become so comfortable; I don’t want to ruin that, he realized.

At least Jean appreciates my help. A thought occurred to him. I forgot to tell her I aced my last history test! Maybe if I go tell her now, I’ll have the courage to make a move. With that, Kurt vanished from his room and appeared in the corridor outside Jean’s.

His first knock went unanswered, much to his confusion. With his second knock, Kurt strained to listen closer; he was about to announce his presence when he heard, just barely, his name uttered in a plaintive voice. At first, he felt unsure how to respond, but his curiosity ultimately won out, and he teleported inside.

As long as he’d live, Kurt would never forget what he saw when he materialized: Jean Grey, naked and spread-eagle, eyes squeezed shut, red hair splayed over her pillow, plastic object pumping back and forth between her thighs of its own accord. The stunned teenage boy couldn’t quite figure out which part of the tableau to focus on: Jean’s curled toes; her long, lean legs in a wide V; the well-trimmed crimson curls crowning her crotch; her ample breasts, tipped with deep-pink nipples, jiggling in time with the thrusts of her toy; her mouth hanging open between gasps of pleasure. Jean’s moans filled the room, punctuated by the rhythmic wet sound of the toy inside her soaked sex. 

Kurt’s jaw hung open, and his pants began to feel incredibly tight. To the young man’s continued surprise, his name escaped the young woman’s lips in a needy, almost desperate tone. The object between her thighs sped up, and her back arched. Jean gripped the sheets and squeezed her thighs together, and Kurt wondered if he’d just witnessed her reaching climax.

After a few full-body spasms, the nude redhead relaxed onto her bed, her legs stretching to their full length and her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. From between her legs, the cylindrical object withdrew itself and floated into Jean’s left hand. Kurt noted with a degree of shock that the plastic phallus perfectly matched the shade of blue of his fur – so shocked, in fact, that he nearly missed Jean bringing the toy to her lips to begin licking it clean. The young man stared, a shiver climbing his spine at the thought of those lips on his length, which then transitioned to thoughts of his member entering where the toy had just vacated.

Jean’s eyes shot open in horror and locked onto Kurt’s eyes. A long beat paused as both teens recognized the reality of their situation. Belatedly, Kurt squeezed his eyes shut.

With a muffled yelp around the toy in her mouth, Jean first curled into a ball to cover herself. Next, she spat the toy out and yanked one of her sheets up for better coverage. “Kurt! What’re you doing in my room?” she cried.

“I’m sorry!” Kurt squeaked. “I came by to tell you… something… and I knocked and you answered, I thought…” His tail lashed behind him as his explanation sputtered.

Jean sighed. “You can open your eyes, Kurt. After all, you already saw… everything.”

Kurt opened his eyes to see Jean regarding him with her glorious green eyes and tried to battle the mental images of what he’d just seen. “… Ja, I did. I’m really, really sorry, Jean. It vas an honest mistake, I promise.”

“I know. That’s why I’m not mad, just… a little embarrassed,” Jean relied with a reassuring smile. Her face fell, though, as she added softly, “Especially since I was, erm, thinking about you, obviously.”

Kurt swallowed and nodded. “I’m… surprised, honestly.”

Jean licked her lips – just the tip of her tongue peeking between her pink lips in a way Kurt found utterly mesmerizing. “Calling me an angel the first time you saw me made a great first impression. Ever since then, the way you look at me and the way you think about me really turn me on,” she explained. The embarrassed young woman blushed and chewed her lip. “After watching me… do that… do you still think I’m an angel?”

The young man grinned. “Ja, of course! I never really thought about girls doing zat sort of thing, but it doesn’t make you any less… angelic, to me.”

Jean pursed her lips in thought. “You know, you saw everything already, so… it’s kinda silly to keep covering up, huh?” she asked with a giggle. She tossed her sheet aside and stretched herself to her full length once more, clearly displaying herself for Kurt’s viewing pleasure.

Kurt’s eyes traveled down her smooth, sculpted legs before returning to her eyes via the remainder of her hourglass figure. “Ja… I guess you’re right,” he murmured, barely able to speak from the sight.

“In fact,” Jean purred with a saucy note to her voice, “it’s a little unfair how much you’ve seen compared to how much I’ve seen. Would you, erm, take off your clothes too?”

Kurt blinked, and his tail flicked in agitation. “You’re pulling my leg, right?”

Jean tucked a crimson tress behind her ear. “Please, Kurt? I wouldn’t have asked if I weren’t serious.” She regarded him thoughtfully, as if pondering the reason for his hesitation. “I won’t make fun of you, I swear. I want to see you.”

The blue-furred mutant took a steadying breath and shut his eyes again, so he wouldn’t see Jean watching him. Peeling his tee-shirt off proved easy enough, but removing the shorts started to ratchet up Kurt’s internal tension. He knew he was pitching quite a tent in his boxers. Rather than drag things out, he pulled down his underwear in one swift move, like yanking off a bandage. The delighted gasp he heard from Jean set his fears about her reaction to rest.

The sound of soft footfalls on carpet alerted Kurt to Jean’s approach. He opened his eyes to find the stunning redhead in close proximity once again, like earlier when they were downstairs in the study. This time, though, they were in Jean’s room, both stark naked, inching closer than ever before. Kurt could feel Jean’s breath on his lips as he tilted his head up towards the taller girl.

Their lips met, sending a jolt of joy and desire through Kurt’s body and mind. Feeling proof of Jean’s acceptance and attraction after a lifetime of isolation and fear of rejection broke through the shell he’d inhabited for most of his life. The young man kissed with a passion neither of them knew he had, to the degree that he wrapped his arms around the young woman’s waist and pulled her flush against him.

Jean moaned against Kurt’s mouth, and he responded in kind. The young man’s head swam with the sensations of soft breasts against him and his achingly-stiff member against the warm skin of the young woman’s thigh. He gasped in surprise when Jean raked her fingers along his chest.

Neither teen knew whose hands started wandering first, but both soon explored each other’s body with eager curiosity. Kurt shuddered when Jean trailed a fingertip along the pointed tip of his ear before tangling in his hair. He shuddered again when her other hand brushed the base of his tail.

Despite these distractions and his own aching arousal, Kurt wouldn’t neglect this angel in his arms: he grasped Jean’s sculpted rear and stroked her hips and waist and upper thighs. His oddly-shaped hand caressed her flat stomach, drawing an anticipatory tightening of her abs when the thumb dipped low towards the uppermost edge of her nether curls.

Jean kissed Kurt more fervently, her tongue tangling with his; Kurt kissed her back the same way. She grasped his wrists and guided his hands to her breasts. Kurt inhaled sharply at the feeling of such soft, warm, yielding flesh in his hands. On instinct, he squeezed and kneaded, exploring the wondrous texture. To his delight, Jean broke the kiss to moan his name and grip his arms.

Kurt grinned at the sounds he coaxed from this lovely young woman by pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Jean’s emerald eyes fluttered open and fixed him with a gaze he could only call “lustful.” With a blushing bit-lip expression, she ran a hand down his stomach until her fingers encountered the tip of Kurt’s member. The German teen whimpered at her warm hand’s tentative exploration of his length, which shortly transitioned into languid stroking. Despite Jean’s clear inexperience regarding her grip and stroking speed, just having someone – a drop-dead gorgeous someone, no less – touch him like this felt incredible, yet completely surreal, to the blue-furred mutant.

“Oh, wow, Kurt,” breathed the redhead. “It feels so different from my toy. Did watching me get you this hard?”

“Vatching you, kissing you, touching you,” Kurt murmured back, lost in a daze of pleasure from her ministrations.

Nuzzling his fuzzy cheek, she teased, “You haven’t actually, erm, ‘touched me’ yet. I’d really like it if you did, though.”

The young man felt his member twitch at the invitation. One of his hands left the breast it had been fondling to trail down Jean’s stomach. Her ragged breaths filled his ear, and he felt the momentary pause of her abs’ rhythmic expansion and contraction when his hand dipped below her navel.

Both teens gasped when Kurt’s exploratory digit made first contact with Jean’s most intimate flesh. Her thighs parted invitingly for his hand, so he glided one of his thick fingers along the slick folds. Her hips began to rock back and forth, grinding her slippery sex against his finger in time with the strokes of her hand on his member. She leaned heavily against him, kneading his shoulder, and murmured, “Knees’re turning to jelly, Kurt. I can’t… oh!... stay upright like this.”

Pulling his hand away, Kurt tried to guide her backward to her bed, but it ended up a joint effort. They landed on the bed in a bit of a tangle, arms and legs in uncomfortable positions. One of those positions, Jean’s hand on Kurt’s shaft, forced her to withdraw her hand.

Face to face once more, they resumed kissing. Further adjustments as they did included Jean wrapping a leg around the young man’s slim waist while tangling her fingers in his hair, while Kurt’s hands rested on her taut rump or stroked the back of her neck. In this new position, their groins ground together. Feeling Jean’s slick heat rub against him and smear that wetness along his rigid length drove Kurt to break their kiss and groan her name.

*Oh wow, Kurt, you sound just as horny as I am,* breathed Jean in flawless, unaccented German.

Upon realizing what had happened, the two teens stared at each other in shock. *Jean! You sound… fluent!* Kurt cried, reverting to his native tongue in surprise. *I know, because “horny” isn’t on the vocab lists in the textbook. How’d you do that?*

*Not sure,* answered the telepath, her eyes unfocusing as she withdrew into her own mind. *It looks like… I unconsciously linked to the language processing centers of your brain… copied your German-to-English translation matrix… and reversed it,* she explained, her voice distant as she sifted through the complex process she’d described. *I didn’t mean to do that kind of involved telepathy without your permission. I’m sorry,* Jean apologized as her voice and expression returned to the real world.

Kurt shrugged. *No harm done, I guess; and it’s nice to hear your tongue handling German so naturally.* He sighed. *You probably won’t need my help anymore, though. I’ll miss our study sessions.*

*Not so fast,* teased the redhead. *This fluency is “use it or lose it,” right? So we’ll need to keep in practice together.*

The prospect of having someone with whom to hold conversations in his native language certainly appealed to the young immigrant, so he couldn’t help but grin. Her smile in return carried enough mischief to remind him of their position lying naked together. *Um, Jean… we’re, um… I mean…* he sputtered.

The redhead blushed and bit her lip. *We are, aren’t we? I… I think I’m okay with… this.* She thrust her hips invitingly, triggering a soft moan from herself and a shudder of delight from him.

Unable to believe his ears, Kurt blurted, *Jean, are you sure?*

The young woman licked her lips and nodded. *You’re a sweet guy, Kurt, the kind who wouldn’t brag about bedding a girl, especially her first time,* she admitted.

Kurt’s tail flicked. *Really? You’re so beautiful, though.*

*So are you, Kurt,* whispered Jean in response, her tone indicating she thought the statement obvious. She stroked his cheek and favored him with a soft smile. *I know you’ll, erm, take good care of me – that is, you’ll try to make sure I enjoy myself too. That’s actually a huge turn-on for me.* She kissed the flabbergasted young man briefly before rolling onto her back, her legs parted invitingly.

Kurt accepted the invitation, moving into position atop his lovely bedmate, stippling kisses along her neck and shoulder. His hands trailed along her curves, and he heard her breathing quicken as his member nestled against her sex. *Wait,* he murmured, *what about protection?*

*I’m on the pill,* replied Jean. *It helps with the pain of my, erm, cramps. My powers and cramps don’t mix well, to say the least,* she explained with a sheepish laugh.

*So, if you’re on the pill, and it’s the first time for both of us, we’re, um, all clear, right?* he surmised.

Jean nodded with an eager smile. *Now… shall we?*

The teens resumed kissing gingerly, slowly maneuvering themselves into the proper alignment. Their hips rocked with their desire. The tip of Kurt’s member slipped just inside Jean, triggering a total pause as they processed the sensation.

After a few beats staring into each other’s eyes with ragged breathing, Jean threw her arms around Kurt’s neck and kissed him hungrily. He kissed back in the same fashion, the young woman’s slick heat welcoming him to push deeper inside. The way she seemed to grip and clamp around him whited out practically all of his other sensory input. A primal need for more of this all-consuming feeling beckoned for the young man to pump his hips at a frenetic pace to reach fulfillment as quickly as possible; he resisted that urge, however, for the sake of pleasing his partner.

For her part, Jean bucked her hips beneath him to draw his member deeper inside her. Their kiss dissolved into a chorus of moans as the teens found a slow, steady rhythm for their conjoined bodies. Their fingers tangled in one another’s hair. Jean wrapped her long legs around Kurt’s waist, while his tail involuntarily coiled around her right thigh.

*Incredible,* groaned the young man, so lost in a world of pleasure he barely noticed the way his partner’s crimson tresses fanned around her on the pillow.

*So intense!* moaned the young woman in response, her eyes glazed over. *I never… never imagined... it could feel like this!*

*Feels so good… Oh, Jean! I won’t last… much longer,* Kurt warned her.

*Me neither,* admitted Jean. *Oh, wow, Kurt…!* She clung to the young man as if for dear life with her arms and legs, while her sex seemed to twitch and spasm around Kurt’s thrusting member with increased urgency.

Neither could say afterward who hurtled over the precipice first. Jean dug her fingers into Kurt’s back, though the fur mitigated the force of her grip; her legs also squeezed tighter around his waist, though not uncomfortably so. For his part, Kurt buried his face into Jean’s shoulder to stifle the groan heralding his release, a groan which intensified upon feeling her tighten around his pulsing member.

Both teens shuddered as their respective climaxes receded. Jean relaxed little by little, her arms and legs falling to the sides as she gasped for air. Kurt’s softening member slipped out, and the young man rolled off to the side in a daze. Once she caught her breath, Jean floated a box of tissues from her nightstand to clean the mess she and Kurt had made.

*Wow, Kurt,* breathed Jean. *You left quite a mess.*

The young man chuckled. *Sorry… I couldn’t help it.* He clasped her hand. *It all felt so wonderful.*

*Mmmhmmm, yeah,* hummed the redhead with a sated smile. *My toy doesn’t remotely compare to the real thing.* She sighed and stretched her arms and legs, a giggle escaping her. *Still think I’m an angel after this?*

The amused young man turned to face his bedmate with a broad smile. *More than before, if you can believe it,* he replied. *You gave me something very special tonight – my first time.*

Jean leaned onto her side and regarded Kurt with a curious expression. *For your first lover, I guess you always imagined a nice German girl, huh? I hope you didn’t mind a fast American girl who just speaks German.*

The blue-furred mutant shook his head and took a shaky breath before answering. *Not at all, Jean. Honestly, I thought maybe… nobody would ever want to… do this with me,* he explained, his eyes growing glassy with unshed tears. *So… thank you, Jean, for being my angel again.*

The redhead’s cheeks swiftly matched the shade of her hair. *I can’t help but wonder,* she mused, *what exactly brought you to my room in the first place.*

*Two reasons,* replied Kurt with a sheepish grin. *First, I wanted to thank you for all your help with history and tell you I aced the last test. Second, I thought you wanted me to make a move earlier, but I missed my cue; so I wanted to try again.*

Jean laughed warmly and snuggled up beside her erstwhile lover. *I did want you to make a move, but I guess you knew that when you caught me fantasizing about you,* she confessed. *As for the studying, I’m glad I could help you as much as you’ve helped me; but I’m glad we’re more than just “study buddies.”* She placed a playful peck on his chin.

Kurt yawned. *I should go before I nod off. Can you imagine what’d happen if Logan found me in here with you in the morning?*

The young woman sighed. *I don’t want to. Good night, Kurt, and thanks for a memorable evening.* She winked. *We’ll have to have another “applied anatomy” study session like this sometime soon.*

With a brief kiss goodnight, Kurt teleported back to his room, where he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, the grin never leaving his face.


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