Black Widow

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: I do not own Black Widow or any other Marvel character or secret agency, and I make no money from this fan fiction.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Black Widow or any other Marvel character or secret agency, and I make no money from this fan fiction.


Black Widow






Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow of the superhero team, The Avengers, and an agent of the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D., shifts uncomfortably, as she sits to the left of Sheik Abdul Al Kharafi of Budai, Abaria in his luxurious, golden stretch limousine. She has been assigned to escort the renowned tribal chief to his private jet, after a successful negotiation regarding nuclear weapons disarmament at the White House. He, on the other hand, has done nothing but shamelessly ogle her during the entire ride, so far.


“Fascinating,” says the middle aged, slightly overweight man with the trimmed mustache and thick beard, his eyes once again, slowly moving up her slender thighs, to her well rounded hips, stopping at her perky breasts, before moving back down.


“Excuse me, sir?” she asks, wrinkling her brow.


“The men are not cowards in my country,” he explains. “They do not hide behind their women during times of war. So the women do not need to fight.”


“Over here, women don't need such protection,” she declares proudly.




“I, myself, am a gymnast, an expert martial artist, and weapons specialist,” she informs him, in an attempt to perhaps dissuade the lecher from making any unwanted sexual advances.


“I see. Perhaps that's why your uniform is so...figure-hugging,” he observes, touching her right knee with the fingertips of his right hand.


Natasha almost instinctively pulls her knee away, but she manages to stop herself, so as not to offend the diplomat. His fingers trace a slow line up her thigh, then back down to her knee, then up again to caress her inner thigh.


Natasha swallows hard. Her breathing becomes unsteady. The Sheik looks at her face, searching for a reaction. She forces a nervous smile. The Sheik's hand slowly moves higher up her inner thigh. Natasha shrinks back into her seat. He places his left arm around her shoulders, almost like a vise to keep her in place, while his other hand continues its travel upwards.


Finally, he touches and then presses down on her crotch, making her gasp. His fingers begin rubbing her down there.


“Mr. Kharafi,-” she begins to politely protest.


But her words are cut short when he roughly forces his mouth on her perfectly pouty lips! He pulls her body towards him, her ample breasts getting pressed between them, as his fingers continue to work her pussy, which has already started to dampen the fabric of her black, skin tight outfit.


She is embarrassingly aware that the Sheik can feel her moisten. And she tries to push him away as gently as she could, but the man refuses to release her! As a matter of fact, his tongue has started exploring the inside of her mouth. And his hand has mercifully left her wet nether regions, only to crawl up her navel, then to her midriff, finally settling on her left bosom, and giving it a squeeze! This causes Natasha to yelp into her violator's mouth.


As he continues to molest her, Natasha resentfully contemplates just surrendering herself to this man's lust. She is in no way attracted to him. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. His rough kisses disgust her. And his touch makes her skin crawl, even though it has solicited a response from her body.


However, as a spy, she had on occasion grudgingly used sex to accomplish a mission. How different is this from that?


Reluctantly, she ceases her struggles, and lowers her hands to her sides. Then she returns his kisses, meeting his tongue with hers. The Sheik senses her compliance, and releases her shoulder, to grope both her breasts. His kisses move down to her neck, to her collarbone, and then to the cleavage exposed by her low-cut uniform. Her nipples harden, and she begins to moan.


But then, suddenly a switch flips on from inside her head. She opens her eyes, and frowns.


This is NOT the same thing, she thinks to herself. I am not a Soviet spy trying to seduce a powerful man for information. And I am most certainly not his whore! I AM AN AVENGER!


“No,” she says, again trying to struggle from him as gently as she can. “Mr. Kharafi, don't-”


He ignores her, continuously squeezing her breasts, and licking the hollow between them. Natasha realizes that a small amount of force might be required to deter this man. But she has to do it subtly, so as not to upset him.


She takes hold of his right wrist, and applies pressure on a nerve. The Sheik's eyes instantly widen, and he tries to hide a squeak of pain. He looks up at his beautiful bodyguard. To avoid hurting his pride, she pretends not to notice his discomfort.


“Mr. Kharafi, please,” she softly says with an apologetic smile. “I would really rather we kept this professional.”


She releases his wrist, and the pain begins to quickly subside.


“O-Of course,” he agrees, sitting straight, and rubbing his wrist. “My apologies.”


“There's really no need to apologize, Sir.”


He moves over to the limo luxury mini bar to pour himself a drink. The Black Widow actually feels a little bad for him. He looks like a scolded child.


“Well, the least I could do is offer you a drink,” he says, holding out a stem glass of champagne for her.


She doesn't want to insult him further, so she gracefully accepts the drink, and takes a sip.


“Oh, this is good!” she tells him, taking another sip.


“It's made from rare grapes that grow only in my country,” he explains. “It helps to make our women more...amenable.”


“WHAT?” she asks, frowning.


“Oh, you shouldn't have to worry, I suppose. I read your file before accepting you as part of my security detail. I understand that your...biological enhancements immunize you to most known toxins.”


“Most toxins,” Black Widow repeats, already feeling a little woozy. “Not all.”


“Are you alright?” Abdul asks, leering at her, his confidence returning.


“I don't... I don't feel too good,” she answers anxiously. “Has it gotten warmer in here?”


“Perhaps you're stressed out. Try to relax a little. Loosen your belt.”


“Yea. You're probably right,” she agrees rather drunkenly, setting the glass down, nearly dropping it, spilling some of its contents. “Oh, I'm sorry.”


Abdul takes the glass from her and puts it away.


“Here, let me,” he offers.


He returns to her side, slithering his left arm behind her, wrapping it around her slender waist, and again pulling her body against his. This time, she offers much less resistance. With his other hand, he unbuckles her belt, and it slides off the seat onto the limousine's floor.


Their faces so close, he inhales her floral scent, before giving her another long French kiss. She tries to push him away, but there is no strength left in her arms.


Then his right hand moves up her sleek black jumpsuit, takes hold of the zipper's slider, and slowly pulls it all the way down to her navel, exposing even more of her smooth, fair skin.


“What are you doing?” she protests weakly.


“You said you were feeling warm.”


He pulls a lapel aside, and reveals her left breast. He momentarily gazes at the naked bosom, before taking it in his hand, and roughly squeezing it. The pain makes Natasha groan. Her reaction brings an evil smile to Abdul's lips, and he squeezes harder.


“Please stop,” she whimpers.


To her relief, he complies, and instead caresses the swell of her breast with the tips of his fingers. Her pink nipple once again hardens. He begins flicking this with his forefinger, and it hardens even more. Natasha's breathing has become erratic. Abdul pinches her nipple, then twists it, then pulls.


“Ow!” the hapless Avenger yelps.


“I do take much pleasure from those little sounds you make,” Abdul tells her, uncovering her other breast.


He lets go of her waist, and begins tweaking both of her nipples repeatedly.


“Please...don't do this,” Black Widow begs in between moans.


He silences her by once again forcing his mouth on her lips. She manages to turn her head away, breaking the unwanted kiss. Insulted, he takes hold of the sides of her head, makes her face him, and kisses her more roughly and deeply than he did before! He practically ravages her mouth!


She takes hold of his wrist to try the pressure technique she used earlier. She has no intention of being gentle this time, though. This time she will snap his tendons! But without any strength in her fingers, she is unable to execute the move. Tears flow down her cheeks as she realizes how helpless she is.


He pulls her uniform down her shoulders, as his kisses also move down to the side of her neck. He grabs hold of her shoulders, and starts placing hot, wet kisses all over her bare chest. He licks her erect nipple, then viciously sucks at it.


Natasha is now moaning shamelessly. Abdul suddenly throws her to the floor, and pulls her outfit down her legs. Now she's only in her gloves, boots, and panties. Her face reddens, and she covers her breasts with her arms.


The sight of her, naked, helpless, frightened, and humiliated, drives the Sheik crazy with lust! Taking the waistband of her panties in his hands, he yanks the underwear off her.


“No!” Natasha yells, reaching for the underwear, but she is too late, and the sheik smugly tosses it behind him. “Get away from me,” she warns him.


He just laughs at her empty threats. He grabs her ankles. She tries kicking him away, but he is much stronger than her, now. He spreads her legs, and positions himself between them. She starts throwing punches at his beer belly. He ignores them, and takes out his already ravenous member.


“Don't do it! Don't do it! Please-!” Natasha begs him again, in desperation.


When he does enter her, Black Widow couldn't help but tilt her head back, and scream! As he rapes her, she sees the chauffeur glance at them through the rear view mirror.


“H-help me! Please help me!” she pleads to him.


“I thought you said women didn't need protection in this country,” Abdul mocks her.


He starts fucking her deeper and harder. Black Widow's moans become faster and louder in response. The sight of her boobs swaying up and down further arouses the mad Sheik. And he reaches forward to ruthlessly squeeze her right breast. Natasha shrieks again.


The chauffeur turns his attention back on the street.


“No!” Natasha desperately pleads, reaching out to him with her hand, her body rocking back and forth from the intense sexual assault. “No! You have to help me! You have to-!”


The Sheik moans as he finally shoots his load inside her. Natasha feels the hot fluid enter her womb. She feels like she's about to lose consciousness. She wishes she would. Then this ordeal would be over.


“Why?” she rasps to her attacker, fresh tears flowing from her eyes. “Why did you do this to me?”


“Did?!” he asks mockingly. “What makes you think I'm done?”


She just closes her eyes, and silently cries in defeat, as he laughs. Then he rolls her on her stomach, and pulls her hips up, so that she's now on her knees.


“I am the Sheik of one of the richest countries on the planet,” he proudly announces, preparing to enter her anally. “We have one of the most powerful military forces in the world! I always get what I want!”




Moments later, the golden limousine parks near a hangar where the Sheik's private jet is waiting. The Sheik exits the car, zips up his fly, straightens his suit, and checks his hair on the wing mirror.


Natasha is still on the floor of the car, naked and exhausted.


“I'll tell them,” she threatens him. “I'll tell them what you did to me.”


“Go ahead,” he brazenly answers. “I'm not planning on honoring my agreement with this country's government, anyway.”


Black Widow's eyes widen in surprise!


“But... But back at the White House,...during the negotiations,...” she stammers. “You gave your word you would disarm!”


“And I was. Until they insult me and my country's culture by assigning a WOMAN to protect me! At first, I was grateful. I thought you were perhaps some kind of gift given under the table,...until you made it painfully clear that you most definitely were not! Well, I will not allow this affront to go unpunished!”


Black Widow could only stare back in shock, as the powerful man turns and walks away.



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