The Superior Spider-Man

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The Superior Spider-Man

Part One: Black and Red

Miles wasn't angry.

He was more annoyed than pissed, to be perfectly honest.

Swinging through the streets of NYC was usually a good remedy for frustration. But today was different.

He had been left behind.

The black and red webslinger knew he was on the younger side compared to the other heroes. Stark was slowly but surely getting some silver in his precious goatee, Captain Rogers was edging closer to a hundredth birthday, and Thor was downright ancient.

But being younger wasn't the same as being young.

Eighteen years old. That was old enough to buy cigarettes. That was old enough to vote. That was old enough to join the military and fight wars. And sure as hell was old enough to fight crime. Miles had gotten started when he was fifteen. He had proven himself capable time and time again.

But Peter and the others had still gone on without him.

"What do you mean, "stay behind"?"

"It's too dangerous!"

"Everything we do is dangerous!"

"This isn't like fighting Shocker or Electro or even the Green Goblin! This is for keeps, Miles! You're my responsibility and I'm ordering you to wait here! We'll be back soon! Tell MJ to cancel our plans! And tell her I'm sorry for flaking! Got that?"

Yeah, Miles got it alright.

Left behind and made into an messenger boy. It was like a bad joke.

Miles was grateful for being taken under the OG Spider-Man's wing. He was grateful for the recognition. He was grateful for all of it.

But sometimes he wanted to sock Peter right in the mouth.

He found Peter's place quickly enough. Highrise apartment in uptown. Swanky place with a deck and everything. More than affordable on an actress's salary.

Miles made an easy landing, pulling off his mask. The Parker residence was familiar to him. The Morales and Parker families had similar issues, so they spent time together, knew each other. Spider had to watch each others backs, after all.

He would make this quick, deliver the message, make sure the fort was secure, and then leave. The young Spider-Man needed some time alone to work off his steam and he didn't want to take anything out on MJ. Peter's girl was too nice for that.

The fact that she was an absolute bombshell didn't hurt. Miles had seen the spreads from her modeling career, had a few saved on his computer. Maybe he just had a weakness for white women.

Miles slid the glass door open and moved into the apartment.

"Hello? Anyone home?" He called out, not too loudly. The last thing he wanted was a freaked out MJ. If she wasn't home, he would have to wait for her. He said he would deliver Pete's message so that's what he was going to do.

If nothing else, Miles kept his word.

"Hello? Anybody?" He called again, moving into the kitchen.

Then came the buzz, the tingling in the back of his head. The Spider-Sense.

Miles whirled around just in time to get an eyeful of Mary Jane Watson come through the kitchen doorway. And, by God, what an eyeful.

It was clear she had recently come out of the shower, with her fiery red hair done up in a messy bun, rogue streams of crimson falling across her rosy cheeks and forehead. She wore little, her buxom body wrapped tight in a tiny pink bathrobe. It may as well have been a mini-dress what with it barely reaching her thighs. Miles eyes roamed over her bare legs, starting from her feet and following them up, up, up, drinking in the delicious swell of her hips and waist as they disappeared beneath pink silk. Up higher was an even more enticing sight: cleavage. Large, milky breasts separated from the open air by an almost sheer sheen of fabric.

"Oh, hey Miles." She greeted casually, strolling past him. Every step brought forth bouncing. It was almost hypnotic.

"...Hey." He replied dumbly after a fashion. He faced away from her, cursing his tight suit.

"Where's Peter?" He heard her ask.

"Um... He went to go handle something. Told me to come apologize for him," Miles explained, looking over his shoulder at the redhead.

Mary Jane's expression grew hard. She crossed her arms, effectively closing the opening her robe had provided. Leaning against the kitchen counter, she leveled a cold gaze towards Miles. And miraculously, the younger man only grew stiffer.

"Apologize for what?" There was a bite to her voice.

"He said..." Miles winced. "He said that you would need to cancel tonight's plans."

Mary Jane made a noise of disgust, shaking her head as she pushed off from the counter and strutted out of the kitchen. Again with the bouncing, but this time giving Miles a clear view of her runway model walk, saying hips and all. His eyes were so glued to her backside that he almost forgot to follow her.

"Unbelievable..." She muttered, reaching up behind her head to pull the bun loose. Wild red hair fell down her back and shoulders. She whirled back around to face Miles, her plump lips pursed as she glared at him. Scary and sexy. The worst combination. "What. Happened."

Miles realized at that point that he could no longer hide his erection. They were facing each other in the living room and there was no way to block her view. Perhaps, he thought, it was a good thing that she was too pissed at Peter to notice.

"Uh... me and Peter were doing our usual patrol when he noticed the Fantastic Four fighting some weird alien dudes. Peter thought we should help, so we did. It was tough, but we contained the situation. But then Mr. Fantastic comes up to us and tells us that they were going to travel to another dimension and stop some weird alien king from sending more of those dudes. Peter agreed to go. I thought I was going too, but he told me to stay because he thought it would be too dangerous for me. He told me to come here and tell you. He said he was sorry for flaking."

"Flaking," She repeated. She clicked her tongue before breaking into a humorless laugh. Her robe was opened just a tiny bit more than it had been back in the kitchen. Miles could swear her breasts were jiggling. "He's sorry for flaking. Of course he is."

Miles tore his eyes away from her, scratching the back of his head. "Uh... so, yeah... Sorry if this was a bad time for you two..."

"Bad time?" Mary Jane snorted, crossing her arms not over her boobs, but underneath them. They were almost spilling out of her robe now, great tidal waves of pale flesh threatening to come out and drown Miles' eyes. "No, not a bad time, Miles. It's just our anniversary. Son of a bitch."

Miles stood there awkwardly, attempting - and failing - to not ogle his mentor's girl as she stood there in glistening skin, all legs and tits and red hair.

Then she was looking at him. Miles felt his heart get caught in his throat. Her eyes were sharp, cutting, almost judging him. But in a good way. No girl had ever looked at him like that.

"Well..." Mary Jane spoke then, cocking her hips to the side. She tapped a manicured nail against her cheek, then against her lips. "Peter may not be celebrating our anniversary but I sure as hell am."

The redhead gave Miles a cruel smirk with a fire in her eyes that sent his stomach into series of flips. She reached down, undid the belt of her robe and shrugged her shoulders. The pink silk flowed off her body like water, pooling around her feet.

Legs for miles. Deliciously wide hips, teasing at the perfect ass hidden from view. Thin waist. Toned, yet soft belly. And the breasts. Large, milky tits swaying proudly with each little movement.

Mary Jane Watson was naked.

In front of him.

Peter Parker's girlfriend.


In front of Miles Morales.

Another man.

And as far as Miles could tell, she liked it.

It was a testament to his spider-endurance that Miles didn't spend right then and there. His cock throbbed in his pants, straining against the tight fabric. And Mary Jane saw. She saw and she smiled.

"Uh..." Miles managed to say. "I think... I think I should go."

It was the right thing to do. Bombshell or not, he knew he shouldn't get involved with relationship drama. This was their problem to deal with, not his-

"Oh, no." Mary Jane's silky voice purred. She moved closer to him, slowly, deliberately, like a cat stalking its prey. "You are not going anywhere, Miles."

"...Okay." Was his valiant reply. She was practically pressed up against him now, her small, delicate hands pressed against his chest. They trailed up to his shoulders, one hand moving to stroke his cheek.

"Tonight, I was supposed to have Spider-Man all to myself..." She leaned forward, her lips brushing against his ear. The hand not on his cheek began trailing back down his body. "And lo and behold, there's a Spider-Man standing in my living room. And he came prepared!"

Mary Jane cupped Miles through his suit, making the younger man's groan. She stroked him through the fabric, feeling him, how hard he was. All the while, she giggled. The redhead planted a wet kiss on Miles' cheek and stepped back, releasing him from her hold.

Smiling wickedly, she licked her red lips. "Dear Peter wanted to make sure I wasn't alone on our anniversary! How considerate of him! Don't you agree?" Her voice was low, seductive, and filled with venom.

Miles nodded obediently.

Mary Jane gave another cruel laugh, her fiery eyes promising Miles depravity.

Then she strode forward, passing Miles and disappearing into the hallway. She called out back to him, "Come join me in the bedroom, hero. I want to show some appreciate to my favorite wall-crawler!"

Miles clenched his fists. His cock was still hard and he felt like his heart was going to explode. He knew he should just websling his way back out the door and forget about it. He knew it would be the right thing to do.

But he remembered the pictures he had saved on his computer. He remembered the red hair, the big tits, the sashaying hips, the most perfect ass he had ever seen on a white girl. He sure as shit remembered Mary Jane grabbing his junk and giggling.

And he remembered Peter leaving him behind.

So he turned and followed Mary Jane Watson into the Parker Bedroom.

Maybe Miles was a little angry.

This was written in about a day with little to no proof-reading. I don't have a beta and I doubt I will ever get one.

This idea came to me a year ago and wouldn't go away. Eventually I decided I had to get it down on paper. So I sat down and got this done as a start. More will come later, I promise you. But for now, I'm glad I just have something tangible to post.

Check out my profile to see what I'm about and to see my other ideas. If you want you could send me a PM, too. I like discussing story ideas and sharing them. Who knows, maybe I could collaborate with some of you.

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