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Disclaimer: I do not own X-men or their related characters and this story is not bringing me any income. It is only for others to enjoy and me to improve my writing. ENJOY!

So this is just a bit of fun for me something I started a few years ago then decided to finish today. I am still working on the vocabulary aspect of this type of sceen so please bare with me through this. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I made this as a one-time story but if there are any thoughts I might be inclined to do more for this one. Thanks!



She slept in her bed and he sat there watching her. He had this overwhelming urge to fuck her brains out but he didn’t want to wake her. She had had a long day and had come home and just fell asleep. He growled to himself. So many days he snuck up here to watch her. She had no idea the feelings he had for her but as he looked at her sleeping form he noticed something new she had something hanging off the edge of the bed. He walked over quiet not to wake her and then he smelt it. Alcohol she had been drinking and when he pulled at the black cord he realized that it was for tying someone up. There were probably four more.  He smelled something else, she was turned on. He looked down at her and saw that she was dreaming and his animal was suddenly loose. He found all four straps and then carefully strapped her hands and pulled the sheet away. He held his breath looking at her beautiful body. Tan and he resisted the urge to touch it. He had been drinking himself this night and he didn’t want to hurt her but he did not know how long he could hold back. She shifted in her sleep and a moan slipped past her lips. He growled softly and climbed above her and leaned over to her ear. 


“Ro” His voice was a whisper. “You need to wake up.” It was a statement. He was wearing only boxers and she had only been wearing the sheet but her eyes didn’t open. He looked above the bed and growled frustrated. Her hips moved against him and he looked down to see her eyes focused on him.



She had been sleeping after having too many drinks at the bar, his voice cut through her dream rough and husky. She could hear the need in his voice and she stretched believing the voice in her head, she felt him lying against her as she lifted her hips. Her eyes shot open and he was looking at her. A shudder traveled her body and she pulled at her hands and then her eyes widened even further. She had left the straps from when Jean had dared her to put them on, hoping that if she brought a man home that he would use them on her. There had been no interesting guys at the bar so again she had come home alone.


“Logan.” The word slipped over her lips and he focused on them trying to remember how he would normally answer her.


“Ro, I’m sorry.” She looked at him and the confusion was clear in her eyes.


“Logan, what is it?” She would have moved away from him but she couldn’t move her hands or her feet.


“The smell… of you… the way you sleep…” Ororo took a deep breath and her body shook. He was losing control of the animal that slept within him.


“You can gain control.” Logan looked at her and she could tell that he wasn’t going to be able to hold on. “Untie me.”


“No.” It was more a growl than a word and she knew he was gone. The control he had held onto slipped away and he leaned forward and captured her lips in a fierce kiss. Ororo held back trying to clear her mind but the alcohol was still in her blood preventing her from thinking so only moments passed before she started to kiss back. His growl made her shiver and it was all he needed. His lips moved to her neck and he bit down sucking. A whimper and a moan escaped her lips. His fingers ran down her her body resting on her stomach. 


“Logan please…” Logan silenced her pleads, kissed her again drawing in her bottom lip and the groan that passed through her drove him further. She could feel the evidence of his arousal against her thigh. Ororo struggled against the straps and that elicited a growl from Logan. Ororo stopped as his eyes refocused on her.


“Mine.” Ororo felt a shiver slip over her body. Many times she had seen the Wolverine what everyone thought was his animal side but no one really understood it. It was clear to her now that Logan had kept her safe from his animal side the side that desired her. Logan descended ripping off his boxers and even in the darkness, she could see his arousal. It pulsed and she had but a moment before he pushed it fully into her. Ororo gasped and shook had she not already been wet it would have caused much more pain. Logan reached up, roughly grabbing her breast and she groaned as he pinched her nipple. Again Ororo shifted and as she did Logan groaned and grabbed her ass. The glint in his eyes she recognized as he began to pump into her. His rhythm was hard and the longer it went on the quicker it began until Ororo couldn’t hold on any longer. The orgasm ripped through her drawing a scream and a rumble of thunder with it. A smile an animalistic smile slipped over Logan’s face as he paused allowing it to ripple through her. Once her shuddering stopped he descended on her neck with small nipples and sucks but he was still buried deep inside her. 


“Logan.” Words were whispered in the darkness and she waited in hopes that the animal was finally placated. The growl rippled over him and vibrated through her. No such luck.


“More.” The word was barely a word as he began to move again inside her but this time he leaned back grabbing her hips and pushing further into her. A moan slipped from her lips. How was it possible that he could do this to her. She had always wanted to relinquish control to a man, but she had never expected it to be him. The man who had entered her dreams so many times. Logan leaned back pulling her from her thoughts as he slipped off the restraints on her legs and flipped her in one fluid movement. In doing so it caused her arms to cross and although they should have strained they did not but only because her legs weren’t restrained anymore. Logan’s hands on her waist lifted her ass up and before she could speak he entered her again from behind. Another gasp left her mouth as he began to push into her again holding her firm and roughly against his engorged cock. Ororo shivered and turned her head to the side trying to look at him but he grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head back. Another moan escaped her lips. She could feel that he was close to climaxing and as he sped up she felt him reach around to grab and pinch her clit. Ororo swallowed in hopes that he would finish soon suddenly she felt another orgasm rip through her and this one stronger than the last. As her scream ripped from her again covered by another roll of thunder she felt him reach his climax with her.  


He withdrew from her and the cool air sent shivers over her spin. Ororo tried not to move listening but she couldn’t tell where he was. Ororo swallowed and began to move, hands clasped her waist again and flipped her to her back Ororo inhaled deeply. Logan was onto of her again this time he unclasped the cuffs and pulled them together clipping them. Now they were like handcuffs and she looked up at him. Some of the man was there in his eyes but the beast still presided. 


“Logan, I know you're in there.” Another growl was her answer as he pushed her into a sitting position and he was standing. Swallowing she realized what he wanted and Ororo was not stupid enough to deny him. Slowly she opened her mouth and when she did that smile appeared on his face as he grabbed her face with both hands. Ororo took a deep breath and took his arousal in her cuffed hands and placed the tip in her mouth sucking on it. The growl and the tightening of his hands egged her on. Sucking harder she took more of him in. There was no way she could fit all of him in her mouth and a shudder passed over her. The hands in her hair shifted and pushed more of him inside her. Some part of the man inside must have still been there because a second later he stopped pulling his hands away. For that she was thankful but she continued to suck and then began to move her head at a faster pace along his hardened member. Ororo continued this pace and the groan that slipped from his mouth told her that she had to continue but a few moments later he threw her on the bed and was on her wet core before she even realized what happened. Ororo gasped and shivered beneath him. Logan licked her core back and forth than began to suck hard. A long winded moan escaped her lips and she shuttered beginning to squirm beneath him as her cuffed hands slipped in his hair lifting her hips. Without using words she tried to tell him she needed his tongue inside her. 


A moment later that's where it was and she cried out in surprise and delight. For a moment his tongue disappeared as he lifted her legs and placed her knees on his shoulder. Once he resumed her moans were even louder. His tongue knew how to slip inside her electing the perfect sound from her lips. 


“Logan…” He growled as she spoke which traveled up into her core and caused her to be even wetter. “Don’t… Don’t stop…” Another growl slipped from him as he redoubled his efforts but this time as he licked her clit he slipped one finger in and she shuddered beneath his administrations. Logan continued building her up until he could feel her walls tightening around his fingers. Just before her orgasm hit he stood up and pushed his full length inside her right up to the hilt. A scream covered by his lips and she shivered as his fingers ran the length of his body she could feel his climax a few moments later and they laid on the bed both breathless for a moment. 


Logan just stared at her and she could see that he was there again. Ororo just stared at him as he reached over and removed her cuffs. As much as Logan wanted to apologize he wasn’t sorry. 


“Did I hurt you?” Ororo shook her head at his question. Logan released a breath and smiled softly at her. “Do you want me to leave?” Ororo was torn she knew that she should make him go but something was telling her that if he left now she would regret it. Very slowly she shook her head and surprise flittered across Logan’s face. “Are you sure, Ro?” The use of the nickname made her tremble but Logan knew it wasn’t in fear he could smell her and there was no fear around her.


“Logan,” Ororo breathed deep and rushed on closing her eyes briefly. “I control my emotions every day that relinquishing control has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time.” Ororo opened her eyes to match with him. “I just never imagined that the person that was a part of that fantasy would actually see them through.” A broad and dark smile spread across Logan’s lips. 


"Anytime darlin’, anytime.”

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