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Skye wiped her sweaty palms against her skirt and tried to stop shaking. She allowed herself a few deep breaths as her eyes frantically darted around, looking for answers. She began slowly pacing back and forth along the length of her bed, limited by the tiny space that served as her bedroom. She was trying to talk herself out of following through with this horrible idea, but how could she? It’s not like she had much of a choice with Coulson in this bad of shape. She couldn’t just leave him like this, and the resident eggheads weren’t any closer to a cure than they had been yesterday. So much had happened recently and it was more important than ever for them to have their strong leader back. Skye had to do this.

Lorelei’s spell was tearing Coulson apart at the seams. He hadn’t had any food or water in 32 hours. He was noticeably agitated and violent, and none of their sedatives were strong enough to subdue him.  Even the I.C.E.R.s only managed to slow him down. He was filled with an intense and all-consuming desire to mate, and he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his duties until the enchantment was broken. It was miraculous that they’d even gotten him into quarantine to being with. Sif warned the crew they had three to four days before the spell starting doing permanent damage. Skye was convinced it would take even less time than that. Neither Fitz nor Simmons had gotten any sleep all day. For whatever reason, Skye didn’t believe they would be able to best this situation from the lab. They were both brilliant scientists, of course, but alien mind control was probably a bit much for their experience and resources to handle. She didn’t even want to imagine what May was telling S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters about Coulson’s condition, assuming she was telling them anything at all. Skye didn’t see any way out of the predicament, other than the sure-fire cure Sif told them about. Though it definitely wasn’t ideal…

After mentally preparing herself for the fallout of the choice she was about to make, Skye kicked her shoes off and headed down to the bay where Coulson was being held. She repeated the security code over and over to ensure she wouldn’t forget it, and also to distract her rational mind from trying to talk her out of this. It was a horrible idea for certain, but she just wanted the whole thing to be over with. She would have to deal with any disciplinary action later.

Skye rounded a corner and noticed a figure in her peripheral vision. It was May leaning against the opposite hallway, talking to someone. Upon seeing Skye’s odd behavior and clothes, May called after her with concern in her voice. “Skye, where are you going?” Skye didn’t look up or respond. She picked up the pace and kept repeating the security code under her breath. She wondered if May knew what she had planned. Or, worse still, if the same idea had already occurred to May but she simply hadn’t had the opportunity to follow through with it yet.


Skye heard the subtle swish of May following behind. By then she was already too close to the holding cell. Her bare feet thumped all the way down the staircase in Phil’s room, gaining his immediate and undivided attention. Skye sprinted towards the security consol. He instantly knew what her plan was, though there was nothing he could do to stop it. His pupils dilated and animal instinct took over his body. He pressed himself against the unbreakable glass and watched the horrible sight play out before him. The expression on his face was an equal mix of fear and anticipation. Skye’s fingers flew across the consol as she input the code, desperate to get the door open before May could catch up to stop her.

In the brief moment before Skye finalized the code, she allowed her eyes to meet Coulson’s through the glass. She could see the pain and confusion behind his intense stare, hiding underneath the lustfulness of the enchantment. She spoke directly to that part of him that was still fully himself. “I’m sorry,” was all she managed to say before the security door slid open and released him.

May made it to the bottom of the staircase before the telltale hisssss of the security door opening made her stop dead in her tracks. She sharply sighed and averted her gaze, unable to watch what happened next. Once Phil grabbed Skye’s wrist and pulled her into his cell there was nothing anyone could do but wait for it to be over. May headed back upstairs to inform the others of the situation. She did her best to ignore the sound of Skye gasping in horror at the realization of what she had just done.

Skye’s eyes shot back and forth with a look of pure terror as Coulson threw her onto the tiny bed. He quickly slithered on top of her like a predator pouncing on its prey. She was now at his mercy. Hands still shaking, she obediently hiked up her miniskirt and so he could enter her. Skye then made a mental note to forget how quickly Phil could get out of his own pants. She also made a second mental note to forget how hot his bedroom eyes were as he did so. This predicament was confusing enough without that particular image being burned into her memory. He was practically her adoptive father, but now everything was spiraling out of control.

The gravity of the situation hit her full force when Coulson clumsily forced his girth inside her, stretching her perhaps a little too taut. The instinctive sigh that escaped Skye’s mouth was muffled only by the satisfied Grunt that came from Coulson’s. The sensation of empty space suddenly being filled sent waves of warmth through every vein; every drop of blood in her body. She braced their bodies with both hands and actively reminded herself to breathe so she wouldn’t pass out. He was much bigger than she imagined and his stroking left her sore until her own fluids could keep up. Skye had always secretly thought Lola might be compensation for something….she now wondered if Phil would appreciate her realizing how wrong she was. As sick as this situation was on the surface, Skye was enjoying herself. She hated to admit it, but it was quite the turn on to see Phil lose all control over his actions. Her fearful wince gradually softened into an expression of heady desire. As soon as she felt that expression spreading across her face, she turned away from him in shame. She couldn’t bear to keep looking at his rapacious, animalistic glare anyhow.  


Skye suddenly noticed a red light blinking up in the ceiling corner. Then it faded to complete black. It was the security camera feed being turned off remotely. Skye wasn’t certain if someone on the crew simply couldn’t stand to watch this strange spectacle unfold, or if they were politely giving the two of them some privacy…though she didn’t want to think of either. The others probably wouldn’t understand this decision no matter how she explained herself afterwards. Dealing with Coulson pounding away was hard enough without remembering that all her closest friends were currently on the same plane. In the same space. Plus by now they had the knowledge of what was happening downstairs…..Oh, what a mess. The only comfort Skye had right now was realizing that this probably wouldn’t take long; Phil was thrusting so hard that she worried he might throw his back out. He was in wonderful shape for a man of his age, but he was still a man of his age nonetheless.

While Skye was doing her best to ignore what was happening, Coulson’s mind wasn’t registering any of the finer points whatsoever. He was only just barely aware of the fact that it was Skye he was inside of, and rest assured, the spell didn’t allow him to care. The only details he was currently aware of were caramel hair, salty skin, and tight walls. The raw instincts that were driving his actions kept telling him to thrust harder and to ignore Skye’s newfound disinterest. The sex had been far more enjoyable when her dark eyes were dreamily gazing up at him. Some part of him wished he had the time to figure out how to get that expression back onto her face. Oh, the things he would make Skye feel right now if he only had the free will….and the ability to forget it was indeed her, of course.

On the next thrust Phil hit just the right spot by accident. Skye’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hips shifted involuntarily. The pleasure response caused him to repeat the move exactly. She pressed her torso into the mattress and whimpered in ecstasy, convincing him to continue on at that precise angle.  She didn’t realize exactly how badly she’d always wanted him until that exact moment. Skye turned to face Coulson once again, with a soft and grateful warmth playing behind her eyes.  She emanated dainty, feminine gasps as her lower half lifted to return each frantic thrust. She wanted to memorize every angry, wanton feature on his face right now. It was such a rare treat to see Phil totally uninhibited like this, and she knew the opportunity would never present itself again. God, this felt so unbelievably amazing. She didn’t want it to have to end.

Coulson was such a complex and amazing man, she realized now. She’d been so busy seeing him as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a father figure that it hadn’t occurred to her he was also a hot-blooded male who was capable of making a woman burn from the inside out. Skye’s left leg curled up around his thrusting hips and a groan came from deep in her chest. The vaguely incestuous nature of this act was so hot she could barely stand it, and her forbidden pleasure was approaching an overflow. The conflicting emotions inside her finally escaped as a lone tear drop. A drop of sweat fell from Phil’s face and landed on Skye’s cheek, mingling with the tear before dripping away into nothing.




As she grew closer to an orgasm, Skye lost more and more control. She ground her hips upward against Phil’s thrusts and moaned like a cheap porn star. She knew she looked ridiculous but she didn’t have to care. The frantic pumping finally pushed her over the glorious edge. She climaxed with clenched teeth and quivering limbs. For a brief moment it almost felt like she was flying. All of her veins pumped fire at once. Her hypersensitive flesh had to endure Phil stroking for a minute longer, but he soon released warm bursts inside her. In that same instance Skye swore she saw an odd spark of light flash behind his eyes; maybe yellow or green in color. It was over.

Finally released from Lorelei’s spell, Phil collapsed beside his lovely partner. He was out cold. Skye reached out and gratefully stroked his face, smiling at how adorable he was when he was exhausted. She kissed his unmoving lips and scrunched the sheets up against them for warmth. She slid the lone pillow beneath his neck and laid her own head next to his, close enough that she could feel his breath on her face. Not knowing what to do next, she allowed herself to drift off to sleep with the smell of his skin and sweat still fresh in her nostrils.





Skye yawned and stretched after a long nap. Eyes still closed, her arm reached out to envelop Coulson. She found the bed beside her empty. “Just don’t mention it unless she brings it up,” Jemma whispered.  Skye opened her eyes and blinked. Fitzsimmons was in the room.

“Ok, but this is more than a little strange. Wouldn’t you say?” Leo responded quietly.  “I think eventually we might want to ask-“  

Jemma quickly interrupted when she noticed Skye was awake. “Oh, Skye! Hi! You’re up,” she said with exacerbated cheerfulness. “Feeling ok?”

Skye sat up and pulled the sheets around herself protectively. She wasn’t even going to bother asking who had put her clothing back in order. “Where’s Coulson?” She inquired weakly, unable to make eye contact with either of them.

In her nervousness, Simmons laughed and stuttered incoherently instead of properly answering the question. After a moment Fitz rolled his eyes and said “Up in his room” over the awkwardness.




Skye smiled and nodded in thanks. When she got off the bed Jemma almost tried to stop her for a physical examination, but Leo sternly shook his head.  He could tell Skye had been through enough. Skye felt their eyes expectantly watching her as she left the room.  She couldn’t bring herself to explain the situation in a way they would understand. What happened was between her and Coulson, not the rest of the crew.

On her way to the showers, Skye passed Ward in the hallway. The expression on his face was much softer and sympathetic than she had ever seen before. It genuinely surprised her. “Hey kiddo,” he said carefully, not stopping. “Doing alright?”

It only took her an instant to come up with a response he would understand. “’Alright’ is a fairly relative term, Agent Ward.”

He smiled and kept walking the opposite direction. “Indeed it is,” he said evenly.

After showering and changing into clean clothes, Skye headed toward Coulson’s room. He hadn’t sent for her yet, so disciplinary action seemed unlikely. Still, whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol called for would have been a cake walk compared to how awkward the next few minutes were going to be. When she arrived May was leaning against Phil’s doorway, talking to him with a deadpan look on her face. She gave Skye the once over when she saw her. “Heard you were up,” she said with a slight nod. No nonsense, as usual. Turning back to Coulson May said, “We can finish this later. I’ll go make the call.” No doubt she was talking about an update call headquarters.  May’s disappearing footfalls informed Skye that the uncomfortable conversation was imminent.

Exhaling nervously, Skye turned the corner and entered Phil’s room. She abruptly froze at the sight of him wearing black sweatpants and nothing else. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, scowling in her general direction. Her face sank , along with her heart. This was going to be harder than she thought. She inhaled and opened her mouth to speak, but before any sound came out, Coulson angrily raised a finger to stop her. He had always had an authoritative air about him. But right now, he was acting differently. Skye didn’t like it.

“Why?” he enunciated slowly. His hand returned to his knee as he waited for the answer.

“I understand that what I did was wrong,” she started with a shaky voice. She waited a moment for Phil’s flared nostrils to go back down. “I violated the integrity of our interpersonal relationship, and-“

“NO,” he interrupted sternly. “I asked you WHY, Skye.”

Skye’s demeanor quickly changed to that of a scolded puppy. She let her knees settle down onto the floor in utter despair. She leaned forward on all fours, begging him to forgive her. “Please,” she almost cried. “I had to do something. What do you want me to say?”



Coulson stared Skye down, completely unfazed by her weakened emotional state. Her watering eyes looked deep into his, pleading with him to just say something-ANYTHING-no matter how terrible it was. When he finally did speak, it was the first completely honest moment he allowed himself to have with her since they’d met. “Right now,” he started calmly, “your cheeks are flush. There’s a color on your skin I don’t normally see. But now every time you’re upset, I’m going to have to remember what was happening the first time I saw you blushing that shade.”

“And what was happening?” Skye asked in a huskier voice than intended.

“This isn’t a game, Skye.” He let his body relax to let her know he wasn’t as angry as he had been letting on. “I’m not talking to you as a mentor or a guardian right now. I’m talking to you as a man. I mean, if you had the idea to go through with something like that, why didn’t you just ask May? Isn’t she the more obvious choice?”

Skye had been waiting for this particular point to come up. But now that it had, it was inexplicably hurtful. She stood and closed the door on the occasion that anyone else, namely May, might be listening in. “You and May have known each other for a long time,” she started, with a more accusing tone than she intended, “and assuming the two of you have never engaged in those types of activities before, I didn’t want you to jeopardize your work relationship with her. I saw a solution and I executed it; plain and simple.”

Phil sighed. “Next time, do you think you can execute a plan that doesn’t involve me having to live with the memory of what it feels like to be inside you?”

“I know. “ She swallowed hard. “But was it really so horrible?”


“I don’t remember you complaining at the time,” she shot back. It was almost as if her ego was bruised.

Phil squinted and shifted his head curiously. “You aren’t in love with me, are you?” He carefully studied her face and posture to gauge her response.

She raised an eyebrow at the accusation, but not quite convincingly enough. “I think you would know by now if I was.”

“You-” he almost stuttered in confusion, “-you didn’t answer my question.”

“Because you didn’t really answer mine. “

With that, Phil joined Skye on the floor. His knees bumped into hers, and his bare arms wrapped her up in a warm, reassuring hug. She froze in confusion for only a moment. Skye wasn’t entirely certain what prompted this display of affection, but she wasn’t going to argue with it. She returned the embrace warily, and waited for him to say something. “So,” he patted her back in a fatherly manner. “Did I make the tide rise?”

Skye smiled at the implication. “That’s classified.”

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