Date Night

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Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Notes: a little depressing to say, this one was inspired by me reading some old Spider-Man issues from the 80s and 90s (some for the first time) and realizing "oh yeah, I used to really care about Spider-Man."  I still read the books, but going through some older issues really made me realize how much I feel that the post One More Day Peter Parker is just a ghost of the character I cared about.  In the time I was writing this, Renew Your Vows was announced as an ongoing, so I guess I'll  switch to that book, but... that might be the last hurrah for me and Spider-Man books for a while.


This is also likely to be my last story on this site... at least for the foreseeable future.  I have two chapters of existing stories about half finished that I might come back to and I've been sitting on about 40 percent of a Green Lantern story for two or three years, but... I wrote this one to be a sure a sweet note to go out on.


Sorry, if that's kind of a downer.  On with the show!


Date Night


After the day he'd just had, Peter Parker alias the Spectacular Spider-Man felt like he'd run over by three trucks.  


Like, the kind that they used to carry cars to the dealership.


Taking down the Rhino would have been enough by itself, but after that he had to deal with a particularly trigger-happy battle with the Shocker... and cap that off with a solid three and half hours of getting slammed against brick walls throughout the five boroughs by the Lizard's tail.  That fight was especially brutal, but he finally managed to pacify the beast and restore Doctor Connors to his waiting wife and son.  


The family was grateful to be reunited, and it made Peter doubly pleased to be heading home to his own wife.  With aching arms, he was swinging home at double speed.


It was his weekly date night with MJ and even with all the action he'd seen, he was actually making it home on time for once.  He was sure she was planning on having dinner out, but he hoped he could he could convince her to spend a night at home.  He was just too beat to think about going out again.


"Maybe a pizza," he thought as he stealthily opened the window to his high-rise apartment.


He was hungry enough to eat a whole pizza by himself.  He was hungry enough to eat ten whole pizzas by himself.  He just hoped Mary Jane would understand not going out for dinner.


He shut the window behind himself, pulled off his mask and saw his wife.  And suddenly he felt himself getting a second wind.


Mary Jane looked absolutely perfect.  She was wearing a striped mini dress that hugged her generous curves so perfectly that Peter could easily see the lack of bra.  Her massive tits hung wonderfully, the dress was cut just low enough to give her a hint of cleavage and was tight enough to cling to her fabulous ass and curvaceous hips, but short enough to nearly expose her panties to his lustful eyes.  "Welcome home, Tiger," she said seductively.  "Are you ready for our date?"


In the blink of an eye, Peter had pulled off the top half of his costume and was kissing her deeply, his bulge evident as it pressed against her.


"Wow..." Mary Jane sighed when she came up for air.  "I was thinking a nice dinner out, but... this is good, too."


"I love you," he gasped hornily as he kissed her luxurious red hair.  This woman was the reason he could still fight, the one person in the world that could make all the struggle worthwhile.  His blood rushed in his ardent cock, he had to have her.  "I have to have you tonight!"


"Mmmm... I'm yours, Mr. Parker," she said reaching down to cup his bulge.  "And you're mine!"


She struggled to remove his belt and web-shooters while he groped her big, round breasts through her dress.  MJ gasped as she finally let the hardware fall to the floor with a clatter and he played with the top of dress.  He stretched the material to let him slip his hands down the front, squeezing those succulent orbs, finding her nipples.


"Ahhhh!" she cried.  Peter's fingers were circling her nipples inside her dress, his agile and calloused fingers eliciting little mews of pleasure as her impossibly perfect body trembled with his actions.  "Peter! Peter!  I love you..."


"Mmmnn!!" Spider-Man grunted in response.  Her tits never failed to mesmerize him: large, but not too large, high and well-shaped, but 100 percent natural.  He pulled the top of her dress down to expose her small pink nipples, removing it slowly at first... then finally giving into his desires and just ripping it roughly to expose her naked breasts fully.


"Ohhh... You really are a tiger," she gasped.  "You've got to be more careful about this stuff..."


Peter didn't care, he lowered his lips to her neck, her collarbone, before finally coming to rest on her bountiful boobs.  He kissed all around those luscious orbs of hers, his talented tongue lapping gratefully at those mighty jugs, circling carefully her areole before finally latching onto her nipple.


"Ohhh, Tiger!" Mary Jane cooed.  "That's it, suck me baby!  Suck my tits!"


Peter's hungry lips suckled those gloriously big orbs like they were his only sustenance in weeks.  With his hands, he clutched those big round boobs, cherishing the feel of those firm, supple mammaries while not letting them slip away from his mouth for even a moment.  Her tits.  Her Tits!  HER TITS!  Those big, beautiful boobs were enough to enslave him forever by by themselves... but they were just one aspect of the most desirable woman he seen on Earth or even on his infrequent trips to space.


"Oh, Peter..." Mary Jane gasped.  "That feels so fucking hot..."


Spider-Man continued to avidly make out with the topless actress and model's ample bosoms, the smooching, sucking noises deliciously echoing through their apartment.  Mary Jane's big boobs bobbed wonderfully with her heroic husband's erotic actions.  Her pussy was so hot and wet... his mouth and saliva on her large breasts arousing her beyond measure.


"Mmmm... you love my tits," Mary Jane purred.  "They love you, too!  UHH!  They missed you!"


Then Peter took as much of her boob as he could into his mouth, his free hand caressing her other breast and stimulating the hardened nipple.  Her breasts were simply spell-binding to him... so perfectly large and shapely... but even more appealing, he could hear the beating of her heart, letting him know that she loved him as much as he loved her.


He continued to suckle and grope her for a few more golden moments, making her nipples sore, but decidedly pleasantly so.  Finally, he needed to go further, to let the redheaded sexpot know it was time, he reached down and squeezed her creamy ass.


Mary Jane understood completely.  Silently, she broke away and bent over to expose her full ass to her horny husband, barely bound by tiny black bikini panties.  She propped her arms against the wall, gripping onto the wall fixtures for support.  "Mmmm... I can hardly wait..."


"Oh Christ, Mary Jane," he gasped.  "I need you so bad right now!". His cock was so hard, so big... the center of his entire being as he burned with lust.


"I'm ready when you are," she told him, every syllable dripping with lust.


At last, he could no longer restrain himself and he peeled her bikini panties off her luscious ass, tearing the thin string straps with his spider-strength in his eagerness to strip her lustable lower half.


"Ungh!!" she cried with animalistic passion as felt the garment ripped aside.  It was a little painful, but certainly not objectionable and she didn't even mind his destroying more of her underwear.


Peter bestially licked the inside the material then threw the ruined panties aside and pinched and squeezed that big, round ass of hers feverishly before at last stepping out of pants to expose his jutting penis.


"Ass or pussy this time, Tiger?" she asked, shaking her hips seductively to expose her anus and well-lubricated vagina.


Definitely a difficult decision, Mary Jane's asshole was positively tempting, but... "Pussy," he gasped.  "Definitely pussy."


MJ smiled.  "Mmmmm... Good choice."


Peter held her hips loosely as he angled his massive rod to take her from behind.  As he neared her warm, wet vulva, Peter reached down to finger her, though she was more wet enough for him to enter her.  Far more than enough.


"Oh... yeah..." Mary Jane sighed.  She felt him slowly slip through her folds, his fat head entering her slippery tunnel.  "Come on, Tiger..."


Peter's thick cock filled her completely, giving her a moment to adjust to the familiar intrusion.  A deep, guttural cry echoed from his beloved as his powerful beast filled her love tunnel.  She was by no means a virgin when they'd first made love, so many years ago in the wake of Gwen's death, but then and now she could hardly believe his enormous gift... so big it was almost more than she could take.


"Oh, Peter..." she sighed.  "You're so big..."


Soon, he was moving inside her, his big staff, engorged with the blood of love, utterly dominating the walls of her warm, wet sex.  Her snug channel hugged every inch of his passion-fueled penis as it thrust in and out of her.


"Fuck me!  Fuck me, fuck me!" she chanted.  "There could... Ugh!  ...never be... Agh!  ...anyone else but you!"


"I love you!  I love you so much!" Peter cried as he pounded into his his redheaded goddess's perfect pussy.  He reached a hand up to cradle one of those hypnotically wobbling boobs, trying to play with the nipple while they fucked.  They were moving together flawlessly, as only two people that knew each other's bodies perfectly could.


"That's it, baby!" she screamed.  "That's it!  Ohhh... my pussy is so hot!!"


Peter needed to see more of that fabulous body of hers and he reached down to the dress that was bunched up around her mid-section.  In one swift movement, he ripped the dress in half, casting it aside and letting in fall to the ground.  "Oh, fuck!!!" Mary Jane cried.  That dress was not cheap, but somehow she couldn't worry about that right now.


More and more of her honey coated his cock as he plunged in and out of her.  "Uhh!  Ohhh!  Fuck me, fuck me...  AHHHHH!!" she cried as at last she fell off balance and her now-scrapped up arms lost their grip, sending them both toppling to the ground.  Peter's agility softened the blow so that they avoided any injury, but they way they were moving it was unlikely they'd fall of rhythm even if he hadn't.


Mary Jane's beautiful tits were now flattened wonderfully against the floor, her ass raised to allow Spider-Man to continue to roughly take her.  His powerful penis dived in and out of her hot, slick love tunnel as the walls of her vagina clutched and clenched his cock for dear life.


"God!" she screamed.  "My pussy is so hot!!"


"Yeah!" he grunted.  Her walls were so hot, so moist... her pussy so flawless.


"Unnn... Smack my ass..." she whimpered.


Peter complied, giving her delightfully raised ass a few light spanks.


"Uhh!  Ohhh!  Uhh!" she cried in time.  "I'm close... I'm close..."


He spanked her harder than, making her ass as red as her hair while he fucked his wife even harder.  He needed this release so badly, but he needed to make her cum even more.  He held back, all of his focus bent on retaining his seed for a few precious seconds as he moved inside her.  Faster faster... Slower slower... Faster!  He thrusted his hips into her, his ass clenching and releasing as she smacked her big round bottom raw.


"Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me... FUUUUUUUCKKK!!!" she screamed, declaring her climax.


Peter pulled out an instant later, his seed spraying all over the smooth, lovely skin of her back.  They were both panting, gasping... in awe of how much they loved each other and how much pleasure they could bring each other.  


Once they finally caught their breath, Mary Jane asked.  "Are you hungry?"


"Starving," Peter replied honestly.


"I'm going to take a quick shower," she said, gathering the cum from her back on her fingers and licking it clean.  "Why don't you order us a pizza?"


"You don't want to go out?" Peter asked.


Mary Jane smiled.  "I think we might enjoy a long night at home more."




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