The New Red Queen

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The New Red Queen
Chapter 1: Old Colleague

AN: This story is a sequel to my previous story, Spider-Man and the Prostitute. Just as in that story, this takes place in the same AU where Peter Parker and Mary Jane didn’t know each other in high school or college for that matter. Mary Jane’s life took a major turn as a result and she eventually became a high-end prostitute. She eventually crossed paths with Peter in the first story, but in this one I’ll explore a few other parts of this AU. So if at times she seems out of character, it’s only because this is an AU and Mary Jane is simply a different character here.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Disclaimer: I don’t own Spider-Man, Mary Jane, or Marvel and I am making no money off this. They are the property of Stan Lee, Marvel, and Disney. Please don’t sue.

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Mary Jane Watson’s Condo

“Tell me again how it feels, Tiger. Tell me what it’s like to make a difference,” said Mary Jane Watson, once again utilizing her most seductive tone.

“Again? Damn, MJ, do you ever get tired of my day-to-day life?” replied a humored yet winded Peter Parker over her phone, which was on speaker.

“That depends. Do you ever get tired of seeing me naked?”

“Touché, Mary Jane. Touché.”

The young redhead laughed at she steadied her breathing and prepared herself for another relaxing evening, albeit through a novel means. Everything was set up. The ambience was perfect. Hearing Peter’s voice through her phone just provided the final catalyst.

The setup was simple, but effective. Mary Jane had placed no fewer than two dozen scented candles all around her bathroom, creating a dimly lit, yet distinctly sensual atmosphere. In addition to the lighting and the scent, she drew a hot bath with her best oils and bubbles. Moments ago, she removed her red silk robe, tied her hair up into a bun, and immersed her naked body within the warm water. It was a relaxing, intimate environment she usually reserved for high-paying clients. Tonight, however, this was all for her.

As she sat in this intimate environment, Peter Parker was off being Spider-Man, the masked hero that this city badly needed, but rarely appreciated. Mary Jane was among the precious few who knew of his identity. Granted, she learned about it by accident, but that accident laid the foundation for a powerful connection. It began with one night of intimate, non-prostitution style sex. It then evolved into a much stronger connection, one that manifested in exceedingly unique ways.

“Where are you now? Describe it in graphic detail,” urged Mary Jane, already very comfortable within the bubbling water.

“Well I just swang over the west side wharf near the old fishing hub,” replied Peter over the phone. “It smells like expired anchovies, rusted boats, and gang turf.”

“Yeah baby. Tell me more,” said Mary Jane playfully as she washed some of the bubbles over her breasts.

“More? Well it’s also raining out, I haven’t showered in two days because my water heater broke, and I’m sweaty as hell in this suit. I feel like a cross between a wet dog and a garner.”

“Sweaty, dirty, and dingy,” she said in a low, sensual tone. “Tiger, you get any more graphic and I swear I’ll fuck you through this phone.”

There was a strange commotion on the other end. Mary Jane suspected Peter nearly dropped his phone. That happened a lot when he got an earful of her devious dirty talk. It made her clients putty in her hands. Apparently, it made superheroes as clumsy as mere mortals like her.

She laughed to herself as she waited for the commotion to settle. For a man with superhuman reflexes and agility, it was remarkable how clumsy Peter could be at times. Mary Jane didn’t hold that against him though. It was just one of his many charming traits. Having encountered more than her share of unscrupulous men during her time as a prostitute, it made Peter Parker a very important person in her life – a person she often thought about in her intimate moments.

“Uh…sorry about that. Think we had a bad connection for a moment,” said Peter as the commotion settled. “I swear I just heard you say something obscenely sexy.”

“Oh what a perverted mind you have, Mr. Parker,” said Mary Jane, pretending to be offended. “Whatever would make you think I’m that kind of woman?”

“Don’t know. That depends on what you’re wearing right now.”

“And if I’m not wearing anything?” she teased.

“Then I rest my case.”

They both laughed and Mary Jane settled deeper into her bubble bath. She continued rubbing bubbly suds over her large, round breasts. As warm feelings of contentment flowed through her, she let out deep moans. She made sure those moans were loud enough for Peter to hear through the phone. She wanted him to hear the effect he had on her.

As she let out these sensual moans, a different commotion echoed through the phone. This time it sounded like gunshots and yelling. The sounds of Peter running around a roof or what might be large shipping equipment added to the commotion. It hinted that Peter was closing in on his destination. That meant Spider-Man was about to make the news again.

“That what I think it is, Tiger?” asked Mary Jane casually.

“Yep. That traffic I told you about – it’s worse than I thought,” said Peter curtly.

“You going to be okay?” she asked.

“Meh. I’ve handled worse. So long as nobody’s wearing a goblin mask, this should be fairly routine.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go get em, Tiger!”

Those might be the most empowering words ever said to a superhero. Those were Peter’s words, not Mary Jane’s. In the brief time that they had known each other, she had become Spider-Man’s hidden superpower. Her encouragement – which often took the form of overtly sexual comments – helped embolden him in new ways. It showed in New York’s recent decline in crime. The traffic, as they called it when they spoke over the phone, didn’t stand a chance against a man who had Mary Jane Watson in his corner.

Armed with this special motivation, Spider-Man swang into action and attacked the gangs that had been running illegal guns through the wharfs. Peter told her that a criminal named Hammerhead was back in town trying to muscle in on the Kingpin’s turf, which had severely weakened in recent months. These were the kinds of people who didn’t respond to an inspiring speech from Captain America. They needed a much sterner message.

That message got loud very quickly. Over the line, Mary Jane heard glass breaking, followed by gunshots. She could picture in her mind the image of Spider-Man swinging through the old glass of a fishing depot, catching a couple dozen thugs completely by surprise. Such a mental image was enough to excite her in some very special ways.

“Shit! It’s the web head!” exclaimed an unfriendly voice over the phone.

“Boss said he might show up,” said another before cocking a gun. “Also said there’s a big fucking reward to whoever kills him!”

“And I intend to collect!” yelled another.

A deafening wave of gunshots rang out, causing Mary Jane’s phone to shake violently on the table next to her tub. However, she wasn’t worried. She knew Peter was using that spider-like agility of his to dodge every bullet. The image of him pulling off these inhuman acrobatics in a skin-tight suit just excited her even more.

“Hold on, babe. I need to take care of this,” said Peter in the middle of his acrobatics. “I’ll keep you on the line.”

“You better,” said Mary Jane firmly. “I want to hear everything. I want to be able to picture every moment.”

“I’ll do what I can.”

“And you always end up doing so much more, Tiger.”

Her tone added even more motivation to the mix. She heard him breathing harder and moving faster as more gunshots rang out. She imagined jumping atop crates, boats, and various debris to avoid the onslaught. If the sound of the gunfire was any indication, dozens more thugs joined the fight, trying to take down Spider-Man and collect Hammerhead’s reward. They were about to learn the hard way that no reward could stop Spider-Man. Not when he had a beautiful woman cheering him on.

“Damn it! Hold still!” shouted one of the thugs in frustration.

“Too damn fast! Stop hitting the fucking lights already!” shouted another.

“I lost him! Where is he?” exclaimed one who was clearly already panicking.

Spider-Man already had the upper hand. He got the thugs to fire wildly into the air, wasting ammo and causing confusion throughout Hammerhead’s ranks. It was one of Spider-Man’s common tactics, relying on his agility to dodge bullets and the inability of typical thugs to counter it.

Their frustration was Spider-Man’s gain. Spider-Man’s gain was Mary Jane’s excitement. As she heard him breathing heavily over the phone as he effortlessly dodged every bullet, she rubbed her breasts with greater intensity, pinching her nipples and intensifying the sensations coursing through her body. It transformed her simmering excitement to full-blown arousal.

“That’s it, Tiger. Frustrate them. Tease them,” said Mary Jane, gasping as she pinched her nipples. “Show them the kind of man you are!”

She might as well have awoken a sleeping Hulk. Over the line, Peter’s heavy breathing turned into focused grunts. Mary Jane pictured him setting his sights on the thugs below, focusing that Spider Sense of his so he could prepare his attack. Then, with the powerful words of a beautiful woman to inspire him, he unleashed his attack.

“Today is your unlucky day, boys!” she heard Peter announce over the line. “You’re not getting a reward, your boss’ profits are taking a huge hit, and I’m feeling extra frisky! Wait. That came out wrong.”

“Not to me, it didn’t,” said Mary Jane subtly.

“Actually? Scratch that! I’ll make it feel right.”

Peter addressed that to her more than the thugs. They were probably too confused and too scared to pick up on it, but Mary Jane sensed it. This was Peter’s way of playing his part in this little game of theirs and once again, he played it well.

More gunfire followed, this time louder and more chaotic than before. However, that gunfire ended abruptly when punching and kicking took over. The sound of Spider-Man’s fists making contact with the faces echoed through the phone, followed by a few of the distinct “thwisp” sounds that came with his web-shooters. Before long, the gunfire settled and different commotion reverberated through the phone.

“Shit! I’m out of ammo! Somebody-AHHH!”

“Hold still you son-of-a-AAAGHH!”

“Damn it! Run! Hammerhead can’t kill us if we-WHOA FUCK!”

“Don’t run!” taunted Spider-Man. “We still need to swap recipes for tuna casserole! You see, I have a hot date who loves fresh seafood and I’m really hoping to surprise her!”

“Go to Hell you wall-crawling-AHHHH!”

“So that’s a no on the recipe?” said Spider-Man. “Damn. Guess I’ll have to satisfy my date in other ways.”

Once again, he directed some of that banter towards her. She knew it and the thugs didn’t. It made Mary Jane laugh, splashing the water as she continued touching herself. That touching, however, soon escalated along with Spider-Man’s latest battle.

One by one, the thugs fell. Spider-Man, armed with his superhuman abilities and the good sense to use them responsibility, took them out with ease. More punches and kicks landed. More men let out pained groans as they fell. It was just another day at the office for Spider-Man.

It painted a vivid picture for Mary Jane. Spider-Man was beating up these thugs, disarming them, and webbing them up for the police. It was a responsible, ethical, heroic use of his abilities. It was also making Mary Jane horny as hell.

“Oh yeah! Kick their ass, Tiger!” she said intently. “Do what you do best! I love it!”

Mary Jane was already breathing hard, feeling a heat building up inside her as she imagined the scene with Spider-Man fighting criminals in that skin-tight outfit of his. That heat quickly spread from her core and down to her lower body. One hand that had been on her breast followed this heat, reaching under the bubbly water and finding it between her legs.

The heat quickly morphed into full-blown arousal. Mary Jane felt her thighs instinctively spread as her hand made contact with the outer folds of her womanhood. She could feel the outer lips of her pussy becoming engorged. Familiar instincts and a growing desire took it from there. She slipped two fingers into her folds while rubbing her thumb against her clitoris. The arousal escalated even faster.

Before she knew it, Mary Jane was masturbating. She was touching herself to the thought of Spider-Man being a hero – a thought that was quickly becoming her favorite fantasy.

“Yes! Mmm…yes! Peter…my hero!” moaned Mary Jane as her touching became more vigorous.

The battle over the phone escalated. She sensed that Peter was more encouraged than ever, hitting harder and moving faster as the thugs tried to corner him. They didn’t stand a chance. Peter knew he had a beautiful woman on the line, depending on him for a special kind of ecstasy. It would be downright irresponsible to deny her.

“Sorry fellas, but we’re going to have to step up our game here. You understand, right?” teased Spider-Man, a distinct undertone hinting that he heard Mary Jane.

“GET HIM!” yelled one of the remaining thugs.

“Guess not,” he said with a mock sigh. “Guess we’ll have to settle for being the second best show in New York tonight.”

“Second?” questioned one of the thugs. “What do you-UNGH!”

That thug didn’t get a chance to contemplate that other show he mentioned. Spider-Man silenced him with a punch to the jaw that made the distinct sound of jaw-bones breaking and blood spilling. It got Mary Jane’s heart racing even faster. Criminals were being punished. Spider-Man was making a difference. Together, they fueled her desire to mix heroism with ecstasy.

As she listened to this chorus of clashes, Mary Jane pumped her fingers into her vagina faster and harder. She probed deep, hitting all those sensitive areas she knew so well. She also added more pressure to her clit, rubbing her thumb against it to amplify every sensation. Along with her skilled fingering, she continued fondling one of her breasts. It flooded her body with so many sensations, causing it to twist and contort within the bubbly water, causing some of it to splash out over the side.

She could care less about the mess. Her only focus was visualizing the scene of Spider-Man being a hero while pleasuring herself every step of the way. The real sounds coming through the phone allowed Mary Jane to create a vivid scene in her mind. Watching that scene and imagining Spider-Man’s heroics within that skin-tight outfit of his – it drove her wild in a way few things could. For a very sexual woman and an experienced prostitute, that was saying something.

“Peter…take them down! Bring them to justice!” Mary Jane urged him as her self-pleasuring escalated. “I’m so…so close!”

A few more gunshots and yells echoed through the phone. She could imagine Peter fumbling somewhat due to her tone and words, but he regained his composure quickly. He had more than just heroism riding on this battle.

“Almost done here,” said Spider-Man, both to the thugs and to Mary Jane over the phone. “Just sit tight, fellas! We’ll all get off in time!”

He laughed under his mask. She imagined the thugs – those still conscious anyways – looked at him strangely. She doubted that bothered him in the slightest.

“Yeah, I know that’s a poor choice of words. I’m not taking them back!” he said.

“You better not!” said Mary Jane intently.

One last round of fighting followed. A few more gunshots went off. A few more thugs let out pained groans as Spider-Man took them out. Some stopped fighting and tried to run. Spider-Man made sure they didn’t get far and webbed them up, ensuring none escaped.

“Ahhh damn it! Let me go you fucking freak!” spat one of the thugs.

“Well since you asked nicely…” said Spider-Man playfully.

The sound of a fist hitting a face echoed through the phone. It was enough to send Mary Jane to the brink. She could feel it coming. The heat in her core was ready to erupt. Her inner muscles tensed in preparation for her coming release. Her face tensed as her grip on her breast tightened as she braced for the coming ecstasy.

There couldn’t have been many thugs left. Mary Jane imagined Spider-Man landing in front of the remaining few. They tried in vain to stop him, using a knife or brass knuckles to attack. They never even land a finger on him. Spider-Man easily dodges them, takes them both down, and webs them to the pavement. It wasn’t until the last thug fell that Mary Jane crossed that final threshold.

“Oh no!” groaned one of the thugs when his gun ran out of ammo.

“Oh yes!” grinned Spider-Man.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” exclaimed Mary Jane.

It happened just as Spider-Man landed the final punch. As the thug hit the pavement, Mary Jane achieved a very special kind of orgasm – a kind that she had grown increasingly fond of lately.

An onslaught of all-too-familiar sensations followed. Her lower back arched, her inner muscles contracted, and every muscle from the waist down shuddered as waves of ecstasy shot through her. More water splashed over the edge of the tub. Some of the candles even got knocked over and put out. It was a chaotic, elaborate, and somewhat messy spectacle, but it felt so damn good in all the right ways.

As the orgasmic sensations coursed through her, the noises over the phone settled. She could still hear Peter breathing. She could hear the brisk New York City air. He definitely heard her cries. He definitely knew she climaxed. Moreover, she wanted him to know. She wanted him to know that Spider-Man brought a beautiful woman to orgasm just by being a hero.

“Uh…you still there, babe?” said Peter through the phone.

“Oh God yes,” purred Mary Jane as her body soaked in the blissful sensations.

“Just checking,” he said in a humored tone. “I’m still getting used to this – pleasuring a woman with my clothes on from a distance. I don’t know if that counts as another superpower, but I’ll take it!”

“Mmm…speak for yourself.”

“That or you’ve got the power to convince straight men that being a hero counts as foreplay,” he added.

“I think we’re a few steps beyond foreplay, Tiger,” she quipped coyly.

“Not to be unoriginal, but speak for yourself,” said Peter, mirroring her words and tone perfectly.

They both laughed as they each caught their breath. Over the line, Mary Jane heard police sirens in the distance. All the gunshots probably got the police’s attention. They would likely swarm the whole wharf within minutes and Spider-Man couldn’t be there. He still had a tenuous relationship with the NYPD, thanks largely to the bad press he got from J. Jonah Jameson. However, the bad press didn’t seem to bother him that much. Having a beautiful, obscenely sexy woman to lean on for support certainly helped.

“As much as I love unorthodox phone sex, I need to get moving,” said Peter. “New York’s finest are almost here and I’m pretty sure Jameson wants to put a nasty spin on this by sundown.”

“Do what you need to do. You’ve already done so much,” said Mary Jane.

“And then some,” he quipped. “I’ve got to finish up a few things at work, but I’ll swing by the first chance I get.”

“You better. Just don’t expect me to be wearing much when you arrive. When my favorite superhero come reeking of sweat, justice, and responsibility – well, let’s just say it puts me in a certain mood.”

As if she hadn’t motivated him enough tonight, she just gave Peter Parker a fresh sense of urgency. He laughed again over the phone, this time out of pure astonishment. She seemed to find new ways of amazing him every day. Since they had come into each other’s lives, they gained many new perspectives – some more astonishing than others.

“You are fucking crazy and fucking amazing, Mary Jane Watson,” said Peter.

“And don’t you forget it!” she said proudly.

“I’ll see you soon. I don’t care if the Hulk, Thanos, or Dr. Doom get in my way. I WILL see you,” he vowed.

“Looking forward to it, Tiger. I’ll be ready…in more ways than one.”

With those seductive words, the call finally ended. Peter hung up on his end so he could focus on swinging away, avoiding another awkward confrontation with the NYPD. It also allowed Mary Jane to collect herself after another heroism-induced orgasm. Since Peter Parker came into her life, she learned that they take longer to recover from than most.

Letting out a deep sigh of bliss, Mary Jane’s body settled into a state of post-orgasm contentment. She caught her breath, stretched her limbs, and relaxed within the bubbly waters of her bath. A steady warmth lingered in her core, the echoes of her ecstasy still reverberating from head to toe. It ensured that the blissful smile never left her face.

She should’ve been used to this feeling by now. In her line of work, she experienced every kind of orgasm and every kind of sensual pleasure. From the overly faked to the genuinely toe-curling, Mary Jane thought she knew everything there was to know about getting herself off. It was part of what made her such a successful prostitute. Then, Peter Parker – and Spider-Man, by default – entered her life and shook the foundations she thought were so stable.

He didn’t just reveal that male superheroes in skin-tight costumes made her horny as hell. He gave her an opportunity to do the right things for the right reasons. For most of her life, Mary Jane made choices based on whether they would get her away from her father or ensure she didn’t have to rely on anyone. Those choices led her into a life of prostitution and while she still didn’t regret those choices, they still cost her in ways that didn’t bother her until recently.

Without someone like Peter in her life, she never had anyone she could turn to for strength. She never had a stabilizing presence in her life who could get her to step back and see the bigger picture. She could’ve used such a presence during many difficult periods in her life. It might have helped her make a career out of modeling. It might have even helped her pursue her childhood dream of being an actress. She may never know for sure.

‘How do you do it, MJ? How do you keep putting yourself in these crazy situations? You know it’s not healthy, involving yourself with a costumed hero and getting off with him on a regular basis. Sure, it feels amazing! Sure, you’re connecting with someone in ways you’ve always needed, but never dared. And sure, it has enriched your life in ways you still don’t fully understand, but…’

Mary Jane stopped her train of thought. She then laughed at herself and shook her head. It was amazing how often she answered her own questions without realizing it. She found that had been happening a lot more often lately, thanks in no small part to Peter Parker.

‘Better quit while you’re ahead, girl. You’ll just make yourself look stupid. Face it. Crazy situations are kind of your thing. It’s what led you to a life of prostitution. It’s what got you away from your father and the Hellfire Club. Hell, you just gave yourself an orgasm because of it. That can’t be healthy, but that never stopped you before so why should it stop you now? Maybe you should start asking different questions. Maybe having Peter Parker in your life will help you realize better answers.’

It was an intriguing idea. Since Mary Jane began working as a prostitute, she avoided every possible risk or complication. She never gave much thought to what kind of life she was building or where it would take her. She only focused on building her clientele, accumulating a healthy reserve of funds, and creating a stable life for herself. That had been her focus since high school.

By and large, she succeeded in all of that. Mary Jane had a loyal customer base, plenty of money, and a life as stable as any high-end prostitute could make. She could stop working tomorrow and still live comfortably for years on end. The problem was she didn’t want to stop working. It wasn’t just because she was good at her job and enjoyed getting paid to have sex. The thought of not working just didn’t appeal to her. She had no idea what work she would do beyond sex work.

‘It’s probably something you should address sooner rather than later. Peter always talks about regretting the choices he didn’t make when he had the opportunity. The opportunities for a prostitute are more limited than most, but they’re still out there. I’m sure of it! I just need to be ready for them. More importantly, I need to make the right decision this time.’

As Mary Jane lingered in the tub, she let out another sigh as her thoughts drifted away from past oversights and onto more intriguing possibilities. She entertained any number of ideas about a life beyond prostitution. The only certainty she had at this point was Peter Parker. One way or another, she wanted him to be part of that life.

She smiled to herself again as she finally rose up from the tub and stretched her limbs again. A warm bath and a good orgasm, courtesy of Spider-Man, went a long way towards a relaxing evening. After grabbing a towel and wiping some of the bubbles off her wet body, she drained the tub and stepped out. She then stood in front of the mirror, dried herself off, and untied her hair to let it down.

“You’ve got way too much going for you,” Mary Jane told her reflection. “Whatever you decide to do moving forward, don’t be irresponsible. You’ve got no excuses anymore.”

She smiled back at her reflection as she casually wrapped the towel around her nude body. She had been reminding herself of past excuses a lot more lately. It was therapeutic, ensuring she didn’t slip into old habits. The full effect of her new outlook, as well as the influence of Peter Parker, remained to be seen. However, Mary Jane felt confident she was ready to face whatever came her way.

After fixing herself up a bit, she stepped out of her bathroom and into the living room of her upscale New York apartment. She set her sights on the kitchen where she planned to heat up some leftovers, get dressed, and spend the rest of the evening watching the Mets game. She didn’t have another client scheduled for a few days, which would give her and Peter some much-needed quality time. She already had a few lurid ideas on how to spend that time.

As Mary Jane mulled over those ideas, she opened her refrigerator to retrieve the leftovers she had stored away. She was so engrossed in the prospect of quality time with Peter that she didn’t realize that she was not alone in her apartment.

“Wow. You’re glowing more than usual, Mary Jane. Must have been a good day at the office,” said a female voice.

“The hell?!” exclaimed Mary Jane.

The towel-clad woman was so startled that she dropped her container of leftovers, causing it to spill all over the floor. She also instinctively clutched the towel covering her naked body, if only to prevent exposing herself to someone who hadn’t paid her.

However, much to her chagrin, the voice came from someone who had seen her naked many times before. It was a voice Mary Jane never thought she would hear again. Now here she was, sitting casually in her living room, casting her that penetrating glare that could make anyone feel exposed.

“Emma Frost? Is…is that you?” she gasped in disbelief.

“Do you know anyone else who can fill the White Queen’s attire this flawlessly?” replied the platinum blonde as she gestured down at her body.

The shock quickly wore off. That was definitely Emma Frost. Only she could answer a simple question so crassly.

“Okay. It’s you. I’m convinced of that,” said Mary Jane apprehensively. “What the hell are you doing in my apartment? How the hell did you even get in?”

“I’m a very rich, very attractive woman with a great many resources,” answered Emma, “and of those resources, my telepathy barely cracks the top ten. So use your imagination.”

“With you, I’d rather not. It’s often uncomfortably accurate.”

“I guess you would know better than most. Glad to see you haven’t forgotten.”

“No. I haven’t…although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try,” said Mary Jane. “I’m also still waiting for an answer to my first question. What the hell are you doing here and why shouldn’t I kick you out?”

Emma maintained her calm, coarse demeanor. She carried herself just like Mary Jane remembered during her time as a stripper at the Hellfire Club. Shock or not, Mary Jane remained defensive. She wasn’t big on unwelcome guests and Emma Frost had a nasty habit of making herself unwelcome wherever she went, albeit not without damn good reason.

Whatever her reason, Mary Jane had just as many reasons to stay away from this woman. While she didn’t consider Emma Frost an enemy or a threat, she did represent a part of her life that she tried to leave behind. She left the Hellfire Club with every intention of never looking back. There were just too many looming dangers. It had been a hard decision, but it was also one of the few decisions in her life she knew to be right.

“I know it’s been a while. I also know you’ve every reason to be hostile,” Emma continued. “You’re smart, tactful, and competent in addition to being high-class whore.”

“Speak for yourself…or both of us, I guess,” said Mary Jane, rolling her eyes.

“That should go without saying. And since I need you to trust what I have to say, allow me to set your concerns at ease.”

Still clinging to her towel, Mary Jane’s gaze narrowed on this woman. She also tried to steady her mind, knowing Emma could pick up on stray thoughts. Then, in another act that caught her off-guard, the attractive blonde’s body shifted form. In an instant, her skin turned to diamond or some strange version of it. This startled Mary Jane at first, but it was hardly the strangest act she had seen with this woman.

“Okay. I don’t remember that trick,” said Mary Jane, “and I’ve seen almost every trick of yours…on and off the pole.”

“That’s because this trick is new. It’s a secondary mutation. I can become a walking diamond, capable of withstanding bullets, bombs, and most other forces that might break a nail.” said Emma as she casually admired her diamond skin. “It also has one other important effect. It prevents me from using my telepathy.”

Mary Jane cast her a skeptical look. Emma Frost wasn’t known for being wholly honest with anybody. However, she did go out of her way to gain someone’s trust when necessary so Mary Jane wasn’t inclined to completely reject her.

“Okay. Assuming you’re not bullshitting me, why would you do that?” asked Mary Jane.

“So you’ll be confident that your thoughts are your own,” said Emma. “It’s in both our interests if you actually trust your thoughts when you hear my proposition.”

“Proposition? What kind of proposition?” she asked suspiciously.

“The kind you’re uniquely qualified to handle and not just because you’re a prostitute. You see, there’s been a recent development in the inner workings of the Hellfire Club. I assume you still remember how tense things were before you decided to leave. Well, I’m here to tell you that your decision might end up being the most important decision of your life.”

Hellfire Club – Years Ago

“Mmm…you like that, baby?” said Mary Jane Watson in a seductive tone capable of paralyzing any man.

“Yes! Ohhh yes! Oh God in Heaven, Hell, and everywhere else, yes!” affirmed an exceedingly content Richard Fisk.

This crude yet appropriate cry echoed from another satisfied customer at the Hellfire Club, the secretive strip club that catered to the lustful whims of the wealthy elite. The women who worked at this club were held to the highest of standards in terms of satisfying those lustful whims. Mary Jane Watson once again proved she met these standards and exceeded them. In fact, she raised the bar for strippers, prostitutes, and everyone in between.

At the moment, Mary Jane was on her knees, giving one of her famous blowjobs to one of the Hellfire Club’s newer patrons. Richard Fisk, the son of alleged Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, came here to celebrate a birthday party with his criminal friends. As soon as Mary Jane did her striptease, showing a crowd of cheering men her breasts, butt, and legs, Fisk immediately singled her out for a private dance.

After offering her enough money for a down payment on a small condo, Mary Jane gladly escorted him back to a private VIP area. She began by stripping for him again, taking off her top and rubbing her large breasts in his face. Then, she gave him a lap dance. She kept her G-string thong on, much to Fisk’s chagrin, but she more than made up for it by getting more physical than most strippers dared.

After just a couple songs, Mary Jane got his blood flowing in all the right directions – or wrong if he valued his mental faculties. A few seductive glances led to a few tactful whispers, which in turn led to a quick negotiation that led her to drop to her knees, pull out the young man’s dick, and go to work on him.

Being the privileged son of a crime lord, he expected a few extras that lesser clubs didn’t dare offer. Here at the Hellfire Club, however, these extras were standard and Mary Jane delivered them better than most.

“Yeah! That’s it! Suck it! Suck it good!” moaned Fisk as his body contorted to the content sensations. “I swear you are the greatest cocksucker in the world, Ms. Watson!”

“Mmm…I strive for greatness,” purred Mary Jane.

There wasn’t a shred of doubt or deception in her tone. Mary Jane was not the kind of stripper/prostitute who faked everything. A big part of what made her good at her job was her honest embracement of her special sexual proclivities.

Chief among those proclivities was her genuine love of sex. She really loved sucking dick. She really loved seducing men. She really loved sex, being sexy, and flaunting it however she pleased. She took pride in being good at what she did. She didn’t care if that made her a slut, a whore, or whatever else others wanted to label it. She embraced who and what she was and it showed in her efforts.

With one hand on the base of the shaft and the other cradling his balls, Mary Jane thoroughly sucked and slurped along the length of Richard Fisk’s cock. She utilized all the tricks of the trade she learned from her extensive blowjob experience, going all the way back to high school. She slid her tongue along the sensitive underside of the shaft, paying close attention to certain areas around the tip. She applied just the right amount of pressure, creating that special heat with her lips and tongue to stimulate all those sensitive areas.

Mary Jane felt his dick throb in her mouth, the veins bulging every time she worked her lips along its length. He was so hard and aroused, aching for that special release. He clenched the arms of the red velvet chair, breathing heavily as beads of sweat formed on his face. She kept looking up at him as she sucked his dick, casting him a seductive, sensual glance that few men could resist.

‘Go on. Let it out, handsome. Shoot your big load on my face. You know you want it. I want it too!’

Richard Fisk seemed to pick up on her lurid thoughts, as if to sense her lustful whims. Higher thoughts gave way to primal instincts as this powerful young man of a powerful crime lord succumbed to the most basic of desires. He was going cum, but Mary Jane Watson made the experience anything but basic.

“Ohhhh fuck! I’m cumming! I…I’m cumming!” grunted Fisk.

“Mmm…go on, stud. Let it out!” she told him.

With one final flick of a tongue and stroke of the shaft, Mary Jane sent the son of the Kingpin over the edge. She watched as he closed his eyes, threw his head back, and squeezed the arms of the chair with all his might. Then, just as she felt his balls tense up, she pulled back a little and squeezed his dick just as he released his load.

He let out a long, euphoric moan as his dick shot streams of seminal fluid out onto her face and into her mouth. It got pretty messy, streaks of cum now dripping down her face and chin. Mary Jane made it a point to get every drop on her, allowing her to lick up the salty fluid as if it were her favorite treat. If the look on his face was any indication, this was one of the biggest loads he ever released. She returned that look with one of her own, grinning playfully as she hungrily licked up his cum and savor end the salty taste.

“Yummy,” said Mary Jane playfully. “I love a warm shot of cum on a cold New York night.”

“Damn! You’re something else, Ms. Watson,” said Fisk breathlessly, his body still reeling from the pleasure.

“Not really,” she said with a casual shrug. “I’m just a pretty girl who loves to get naked, suck dick, and fuck. What’s so original about that?”

She made it sound like the most inane thing in the world and yet it still caught some by surprise, even those like Richard Fisk. Mary Jane learned early in life that she loved sex and her honesty about it triggered all sorts of reactions. This guy was no exception and for her, those reactions never got old.

She kept grinning as Fisk cast her that amazed look that so many men cast her when she spoke so openly about her sexuality. As he lingered in his post-orgasm daze, she got up, casually retrieved some wet wipes from a nearby dresser, and wiped her face clean. As she did this, Mary Jane casually bent over, giving Richard a clear view of her perfectly-shaped, thong-clad ass.

That was no accident either. This was just another trick of the trade that Mary Jane had learned to master since she entered the seedy world of sex work.

“Now I really want to fuck you,” said Richard Fisk, his dick still throbbing as it hung out of his pants. “I swear I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone more than I want to fuck you right now.”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, handsome,” said Mary Jane coyly. “Give your dick a rest before sending it out for another round.”

“I think my dick is willing to do a little overtime,” he said, his lecherous gaze narrowing at her heart-shaped ass.

“I don’t doubt the spirit, but I question the resolve,” she quipped.

“You think I can’t rise to the occasion?”

“Oh I think you can. I just don’t think I could give you the full Mary Jane Experience if you did. And trust me. That experience cannot be rushed.”

He shot her a frustrated gaze. Being the son of an infamous crime lord, Richard Fisk wasn’t used to being denied. Not by women. Not by men. Nobody was supposed to get away with denying him his desires. However, he made a rare exception for this woman. She was just that amazing.

Mary Jane knew she had him in the palm of her hand as she casually put her tight-fitting halter top back on, as well as her stiletto heels and matching gloves. She made sure Fisk had a clear view of her ass every step of the way. She could tell he was fantasizing about all the things he wanted to do with it.

She imagined him wanting to bend her over, rip off her thong, and fuck her senseless. He wouldn’t be the first man to think such vulgar thoughts about her and she doubted he would be the last. However, Mary Jane wasn’t the kind of stripper/prostitute who cruelly teased men with fantasies they could never indulge. She had every intention of delivering on those fantasies. She just needed to do it her way, which also happened to be the way that would bring them both the most pleasure.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Fisk. I’ve no intention of stringing you along,” said Mary Jane as she turned around to face him. “What I just gave you – that was an appetizer. A sample, if you will, of what I have to offer.”

“It was quite a sample,” said Fisk, “and not a cheap one at that.”

“That’s the premium you pay for the Mary Jane experience. There are dozens of women at the Hellfire Club that you could’ve paid to suck you dick. Hell, you could’ve paid half of what you paid me and still gotten off.”

“But I didn’t want them. I wanted you,” he said intently.

“And that’s because I’m not just another whore. I’m a fair and dedicated whore…one who puts time, effort, and passion into her craft. You just experienced what that kind of dedication can mean for a simple blowjob. Now imagine, for a second, that same dedication when applied to this pussy, this ass, or whatever else you want to do with me.”

Mary Jane added to the temptation and Richard Fisk’s lurid thoughts by gesturing towards her body. She casually stuck her pelvis out at him so that her pussy was just a few inches from his face. She then turned around again, giving him an even closer view of her ass. It left him breathless and dazed in all the right ways.

“Imagine it in as much detail as you can,” she said as she casually stepped away, “because I promise you, it’s not even close to the real thing.”

“I…don’t normally trust the promise of a beautiful woman,” said Fisk through his daze. “My father warned me it rarely pans out.”

“He’s not wrong, but on those rare occasions when it does…”

Mary Jane let her words trail off, allowing the young man to fill in the blanks with his dirty thoughts. She knew this man’s reputation. She knew how dangerous he was because of his father. However, she refused to be afraid of him. She stopped being afraid of powerful men a long time ago. She understood that just fucking powerful men wasn’t enough. Making promises to them and actually delivering on those promises went much farther.

Having made her promise to Richard Fisk, she could now say that she had another loyal customer. Mary Jane hadn’t been working at the Hellfire Club for very long, but she was already gaining quite the reputation. She was also gaining a lengthy list of loyal clients and in this line of work, that was as precious as any currency.

“Just check with the bouncers on your way out,” Mary Jane told him as she made her way to the door, leaving Fisk to gather himself. “He’ll tell you my schedule. Then, when you’re ready for the full experience…”

“I’ll be here!” said Richard Fisk intently as he stood up and fixed his pants. “I don’t care if I have to drive a tank down Time Square. I will be back. I will fuck you, Mary Jane Watson!”

“Looking forward to it, Mr. Fisk,” she said with a seductive glance.

Mary Jane left him with that special glance that was sure to enchant his every naughty dream from here on out. She had no doubt that he would be back, probably by the end of the week. They would probably end up in this same room. She’d give him a lap dance, this time stripping fully naked, and then give him the full Mary Jane Experience, as she called it.

This experience, as she called it, had been refined from years of sexual promiscuity. She never hid from her sexuality, but she was never reckless with it either. Mary Jane dared to wield her sexuality with a careful balance of honesty and passion. She would not end up as one of those whores who made excuses and ended up broken, in jail, or worse. She would be one of those women who thrived in an industry that was notorious for destroying weaker souls and Mary Jane Watson was anything but weak.

She exited the VIP room without a shred of remorse or doubt. There was no room for those things here in the Hellfire Club. If ever there was a place for a woman like her to succeed in an industry like this, it was the infamous yet secretive club that catered only to those with deep pockets and an appreciation for privacy.

There were all sorts of crazy rumors floating around about this club. Every now and then, someone would disappear or someone would undergo some special training of sorts. Some even claimed it was a front for some secret society of sorts. Mary Jane didn’t pay much attention to those rumors. She only knew the Hellfire Club as a well-connected strip club that paid off the right people, provided a safe environment for strippers and prostitutes, and ensured a steady stream of wealthy clients. That’s really all she wanted to know.

She hadn’t been working here for very long, but she already made more money in one week than she made through six months of modeling gigs. Mary Jane had every intention of making more money with every cent bringing her closer to the independence she never had.

‘Another night, another loyal customer. I’m pretty sure I can count on Richard Fisk to pay my Aunt Anna’s mortgage just to taste my pussy. Need to be careful how much I endear myself to the son of the Kingpin, but I’ve managed worse. Let’s see if I can create a few more loyal customers tonight…preferably those with deep pockets who don’t rely on shooting people to fill those pockets.’

Mary Jane made her way down the elaborately decorated halls back towards the central stage. She could hear the music from the main club, which was still going strong at this hour. She had a few more sets scheduled before her shift was up. That was plenty of time to give a few more private dances, suck a few more cocks, and expand her ever-growing customer base.

Then, just as Mary Jane turned the corner that led to the dressing area in the rear of the sage, she encountered a familiar face.

“Good evening, Ms. Watson,” said a crass and coy voice. “I take it you’ve satisfied another customer and raised the standards for blowjob enthusiasts everywhere.”

Mary Jane rolled her eyes before turning around to see the only person who could be so crude, yet so serious. There were only a handful of women that the young redhead dared to relate to at the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost was one of them, although she didn’t make it easy for her.

“Hello Emma. You haven’t smeared your lipstick so I take it you’re having an off-night,” said Mary Jane, matching her coyness with every word.

“No need to get defensive. It was a compliment,” she retorted.

“You have a very perverse way of complimenting people, Emma. How do you expect me to respond?”

“That’s just it. I’ve ceased setting expectations with you. Since you keep defying them, I intend to spare myself the frustration.”

“Was that another compliment?” asked Mary Jane with a raised eyebrow.

“It can be,” said the attractive blonde. “It’s also an observation…one I don’t make lightly, nor should you.”

The coyness in her voice disappeared. Emma then approached her, bearing that cold, penetrating gaze that could intimidate everyone from hardened crime lords to novice strippers who had never flashed their boobs on stage. Mary Jane learned to handle these kinds of looks, having had plenty of practice with her father and the people in her life who let her down. However, Emma Frost carried herself with a special kind of authority – a kind that she both respected and dreaded.

While Emma was the closest thing Mary Jane had to a friend at the Hellfire Club – which wasn’t saying much, given the nature of the business – she also didn’t know much about her. She knew that Emma had a pretty important position here. Emma had once been a stripper and prostitute, just like her. Then, she got promoted or something, gaining some higher role in some other part of the club. Mary Jane didn’t ask questions, but she sensed it involved the kind of activities she should avoid.

“I’m not the only one who has been observing you,” Emma continued.

“I’m a full-time stripper and part-time whore, Emma. If people aren’t observing me, I’m not doing my job,” said Mary Jane, maintaining a stronger poise than most dared with this woman.

“And you do that job better than most,” she conceded. “There’s no way around it. You’re not just a naturally skilled whore. You actually enjoy your work. You actually get off on it.”

“You almost sound shocked,” said Mary Jane with folded arms.

“I know I shouldn’t be. It’s just rare for people to like their job these days, whether it involves sitting in a cubicle or fucking strangers for money.”

“Guess that makes us both unique,” she shrugged. “I know your tits are fake, but you don’t fake more than you have to and neither do I.”

“That’s why I respect you more than most, Mary Jane.”

“You mean as one former whore to a current whore?”

“No. I don’t,” she said bluntly.

The other woman’s demeanor shifted. She went from being serious and intimidating to just being serious. She leaned in towards Mary Jane, as if to hide her expression and voice from others. There was nobody near them listening. There weren’t even any cameras back here – none that she knew of, anyways.

It was enough to make Mary Jane think twice about some of the rumors about the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost would know more about those rumors than most dared. She was a mutant and Mary Jane was one of the few who knew that. She didn’t share her mutant status with many, but she was more honest with Mary Jane than most. She thought it had been because of their mutual love of sex, but now she wondered if there was more to it than that.

“I tell you this because I hear Shanobi Shaw has taken a keen interest in you,” said Emma under her breath.

“Shanobi Shaw? That preppy rich guy whose dress sense is at least a century behind the times?” said Mary Jane.

“Don’t let his horrible fashion sense fool you. He’s not just some spoiled brat who is used to getting his way. Between him and his father – who’s a billion times worse, mind you – there’s a disturbing tendency for their interests to disappear.”

“Disappear?” questioned Mary Jane nervously.

“I really shouldn’t say, but I’ll say it anyways because the world needs whores like us,” Emma continued. “He’s trouble – the worst kind of trouble. I know you came here looking for money, security, and stability…on top of an unlimited supply of cock, of course.”

“Of course,” affirmed Mary Jane, “and I’d rather not jeopardize any of that.”

“I know. And I also know you’ll be tempted to play along with Shaw’s game, hoping to preserve this cozy little niche of yours. But at some point, you’ll see that this is not a man whose interest you want. When that time comes, you’ll want to make the hard choice. Otherwise, everything else in your life will get much harder.”

The way Emma said this, it sounded like she already knew from experience. Mary Jane couldn’t glean much from the attractive blonde’s hardened gaze, but she never knew Emma Frost to go out of her way for anyone like this, let alone a stripper who she didn’t work with anymore. It was enough to make Mary Jane wonder.

‘And here I was thinking Richard Fisk would be a challenge. I remember those looks Shanobi gave me. He certainly seemed to want more than a blowjob and a quickie. What more could he want from me? Do I really want to know?’

There were all sorts of disturbing possibilities. In an environment like this, it wasn’t hard to end up in a bad situation. Mary Jane had seen plenty of women – and even a few men – put themselves in these situations. She promised herself the day she entered the sex industry that she wouldn’t be one of them. It might mean the safety and security she enjoyed at the Hellfire Club was temporary at best.

Having given her ominous warning, Emma backed away and left Mary Jane to these distressing possibilities. She took on her crass and callous poise again, no longer trying to hide her domineering demeanor. It was her way of saying the serious part of this conversation was over.

“Consider this friendly advice, Ms. Watson,” she said. “Don’t expect much of it at the Hellfire Club moving forward.”

“Thanks. I’ll remember that,” said Mary Jane, being tactful with her words.

“You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Be smarter than most whores and keep it that way,” said Emma as she turned and walked away. “Trust me. It pays to be responsible…often in ways you don’t expect.”

Mary Jane Watson’s Condo – Present Time

Mary Jane Watson’s mind was going a mile a minute as she paced restlessly in her living room. She still wore only a towel, but her lack of clothing was the last thing on her mind at the moment. She just received some news that caught her completely off-guard, but in a good way.

“I’m sorry, Emma. But I need to hear that again,” she said intently. “I need to be sure my ears aren’t playing tricks on me.”

“I promise your ears are as functional as your tits, darling,” said Emma, grinning smugly in her diamond form. “I’ll say it again just because I love saying it too. Shanobi Shaw is in prison and his father is a wanted fugitive.”

“Shanobi Shaw – the same man who claimed he could force a United States Senator to lick melted chocolate off my ass – is in prison,” said Mary Jane, who couldn’t help but grin as well.

“Yep! That’s the one,” said Emma proudly.

It sounded too good to be true. If Emma Frost had presented her with a winning lottery ticket and the keys to a small country, she would’ve believed that before this. Shanobi Shaw, a man devious even by Hellfire Club standards, was in prison.

This was a huge deal to Mary Jane for reasons that only Emma Frost could appreciate. She still shuddered at nearly every memory involving him during her time at the Hellfire Club. The way he talked to her, the way he looked at her, and the way he tried to seduce her – it still made her sick to her stomach. The things he wanted to do to her – which he outright told her on multiple occasions – would make even the most decadent whore cringe.

Because of this man, she still looked over her shoulder when she walked down the street, worried that he might come after her. He was a big reason why Mary Jane had struck out on her own, taking major risks in the process. She probably could’ve made a lot more money with a lot less risk if she had stayed at the Hellfire Club. With the exception of her father, Shanobi Shaw made her life incredibly difficult. The idea that he was in prison now felt like a mix of overwhelming relief and overdue justice.

“I can’t believe it,” said Mary Jane, shaking her head in astonishment. “The same man who creeped me out so much that I left the comforts of a cozy, high-end strip club – that I had to rebuild my life as a full-timed prostitute – is in prison.”

“Not just any prison either,” added Emma. “He managed to get himself locked up in the deepest, darkest cell that SHIELD could reserve on such short notice.”

“SHIELD? He was that bad?” said Mary Jane with a snicker.

“And then some,” affirmed the attractive blonde. “He just made the omega-level mistake of being that bad to Maria Hill. While I don’t know the particulars, I do know he’s etched his name in adamantium on Ms. Hill’s shit list. As long as he’s still breathing, she’ll see to it that he remains destitute, imprisoned, and continuously screwed over…and not in the way he enjoys.”

Mary Jane burst out laughing. She didn’t usually take such pleasure in other peoples’ misfortunes, but she made an exception for Shanobi Shaw. Almost any human being with a basic understanding of human decency would.

She almost felt like dancing. She wanted to throw an impromptu party right here in her living room. A man she had been hiding from for way too long was where he belonged. It was, by far, the best news Mary Jane had received since Peter Parker came into her life. However, she didn’t get the sense that Emma came here just to spread good news.

“I get it. It’s hard to believe that any man could be that crude or stupid,” Emma continued.

“Mostly crude, but I don’t mind the stupidity in this case,” said Mary Jane, still laughing.

“But it’s true. Shanobi Shaw thought his balls were bigger than his brain and he paid for it,” she said. “You see, the Inner Circle – that secret society he told you about while trying to get you out of your panties – underwent a bit of upheaval.”

“And here I was thinking he just made it up to impress less competent whores.”

“It’s one of the few times Shanboi actually told the truth. The Inner Circle does indeed exist and it’s every bit as powerful as he claimed. At least it was. That changed very quickly when they crossed paths with the X-men.”

“The X-men? That mutant superhero team from upstate?” said Mary Jane. “Why would they do that?”

Emma paused, sighing and shaking her head as she recalled the ordeal. It must have been pretty messy. Peter had told her about the X-men. He teamed up with them a few times as Spider-Man. Other than the Avengers, they were probably the most well-known superhero team in the world. Anyone who clashed with them didn’t usually come out in one piece. Mary Jane could only imagine the kind of clusterfuck the Inner Circle created by getting involved with them.

“It’s a long story and one that did not end well for the Inner Circle,” said Emma, hinting that this story had a personal impact on her. “All you need to know is that most of the leadership was disbanded, discredited, or worse. The entire organization fell apart and I made it a point to leave before it got really bad. Shanobi, on the other hand, decided to exploit the situation as only he could.”

“That’s a disturbing though – him exploiting anything or anyone, for that matter.”

“Well this time, it backfired horribly…or gloriously, depending on your point of view,” said Emma, now sharing in some of Mary Jane’s laughter.

“I think we both know which one we both prefer,” joked Mary Jane.

“I’d say the results speak for themselves. Shanobi attempted to take his father’s position, crowning himself Black King and legally declaring his father dead so he could take his assets. If he hadn’t been so god-damn sloppy, he might have succeeded…albeit temporarily, at most.”

“Yeah. He never struck me as a skilled manager,” said Mary Jane.

“Well his lack of skill caught up with him fast. His father – who was not dead and absurdly hard to kill – found out and fought back. To say it got ugly would be like saying the shoes I imported from Milan last week were a tad pricy. He started a full-fledged war within the Inner Circle – one nobody could say they won, but there’s no doubt that Shanobi lost more than most.”

It was difficult, yet tempting to imagine. If what Shanobi told her about the Inner Circle was even remotely accurate, these people had plenty of resources to fight a war. It probably got bloody, violent, and disturbing on a level she couldn’t hope to contemplate. This didn’t stop Mary Jane from imagining how Shanobi failed. Whatever the nature of this conflict, it couldn’t have screwed over a more deserving man.

As Mary Jane contemplated all the intriguing scenarios, Emma casually reached into the matching handbag she had next to her and retrieved her cell phone. She then unlocked it, tapped the touch-screen a couple of times, and brought up a batch of pictures.

“If you want an idea of just how badly Shanobi lost, I had Maria Hill send me these pictures,” Emma explained. “Technically, it’s against SHIELD protocols, but she was all too happy to make an exception.”

Emma casually tossed Mary Jane her phone. As soon as she caught it, she looked down at the first picture on the screen. What she saw made her eyes widen with a mix of awe and perverse satisfaction.

“Oh my…Emma, please tell me these aren’t Photoshopped!” said Mary Jane as she gazed at the picture intently.

“They’re real. I even had one of the X-men scan it,” said Emma. “What you’re looking at is the real deal. That’s Shanobi Shaw in his prison cell, wearing a prison jumpsuit, having just eaten standard prison food.”

“Somehow hearing it out loud only makes it more beautiful,” said Mary Jane.

“I agree. I’m in the process of getting these pictures printed, framed, and hermetically sealed for all eternity. Some moments in time are just too precious to let fade.”

The two women shared another round of laughter as Mary Jane sifted through the pictures. Each one depicted in graphic detail Shanobi’s current state. He was now a far cry from neatly dressed, excessively groomed young man who did so much to creep her out during her time at the Hellfire Club. His hair was now a messy heap of frizz and grease. His face was covered in bruises and blemishes, a testament to just how badly he lost the conflict with the rest of the Inner Circle. His stature was slumped and the orange jumpsuit he wore probably cost less than the imported socks he wore. It was quite possibly the most pathetic state she had ever seen in a man fully clothed.

Mary Jane tried not to take too much pleasure in it, although her memories of Shanobi made that difficult. More than anything else, these pictures proved that Emma was telling the truth. Shanobi Shaw was no longer a threat to her, to Emma, or to anyone else that provoked his devious interests. The world was better off with him in prison under the vindictive eye of Maria Hill.

Beyond the overdue justice, the imprisonment of Shanobi Shaw other implications for Mary Jane. She had been more careful than most prostitutes, even those on the high-end level. A lot of that was out of fear that men like Shanobi Shaw would come after her or try to control her. She had already worked long and hard to make sure she didn’t have to rely on anyone in her life. She made it a point to avoid such a fate. Now, those concerns that had narrowed her choices were alleviated.

As Mary Jane continued to admire the photos and contemplate her choices, Emma Frost rose up from the couch. Still in her diamond form, she waited for her to sift through the photos one more time before retrieving her phone. Having done plenty to savor Shanobi Shaw’s downfall, she took on a more serious demeanor – one as serious as her diamond form would allow, anyways.

“I’ll be sure to send you copies of these photos the first chance I get,” said Emma, “but I didn’t just come here to share the good news of Shanobi Shaw’s misfortune.”

“You always have an agenda, Emma,” said Mary Jane with a half-grin. “What is it and how much is it going to dampen my good mood?”

“I assure you it won’t dampen anybody’s mood, assuming both of us are making wise, responsible choices,” said Emma, her gaze now narrowing on her, as if to put her on the spot. “The downfall of Shanobi Shaw and the disillusion of the Inner Circle is triumph for everyone, be they children, whores, or nuns. However, it also created an opportunity – one I’ve been in the process of realizing since the bodies stopped piling up.”

“You never were one to pass up opportunities,” said Mary Jane. “So how exactly do I fit into this?”

“That depends,” replied the platinum blonde as she cast her a critical gaze.

“On what?” asked Mary Jane.

“On how content you are with your current life as a successful New York City escort,” she replied. “I’ve known one too many whores who become too comfortable with this life, making a six-figure salary working part time. I don’t suspect you’re one of them, Mary Jane. For this opportunity to pan out, I need to be right about that.”

Now, Mary Jane began taking this more seriously. This felt like one of those moments where one fateful decision could have far-reaching impacts. She had overlooked many of those moments throughout her life. She refused to overlook this one.

As Emma set the tone for the moment, she took a step back and scrutinized her with her overly-critical eye. Mary Jane hadn’t forgotten she was still wearing just a towel and no makeup. While she was used to people gazing at her body, Emma Frost assessed her very differently. For once, her natural endowments might not be sufficient.

“As you probably suspected, I’ve taken full advantage of the Inner Circle’s untimely demise,” said Emma. “I managed to step away at just the right time. I even managed to convince the X-men to help me turn on my former associates. After what they put them through, they were all too happy to assist me.”

“I’m sure they had their reservations,” said Mary Jane.

“They certainly did, but I think I’ve done plenty to prove my worth. You see, after I stepped away from the Inner Circle, I pooled my resources – and some that I acquired from my associates – into a sizable trust. I made sure the value of those assets improved upon the Inner Circle’s collapse. As a result, I now control most of the resources they once wielded.”

“Well if your perfume is any indication, I imagine those resources are considerable.”

“Let’s just say the X-men don’t need to worry about running out of X-jets anytime soon,” she said curtly. “However, among those assets was the Hellfire Club itself. While the club was the primary front for the Inner Circle for years, it still functioned as a club, even after the Inner Circle’s demise. It’s still intact, fully staffed, and quite lucrative, as most sinful industries tend to be. The problem is – if you can call it that – I’ve neither the time nor the energy to manage it.”

Mary Jane saw where this was going. As she connected the dots in her mind, this moment felt even more fateful than before. Emma then stepped forth and placed her hand on her shoulder, as if to prevent her from escaping this moment. For once, she had no desire to escape.

“That’s where you come in, Mary Jane Watson,” said Emma Frost definitively.

“How so?” asked Mary Jane curiously. “Or maybe a better question is…to what extent?”

“The fact you’re asking the right questions convinces me that you’re the perfect woman for this job,” said Emma with an approving grin. “It’s simple, really. The Inner Circle left a significant vacuum in the hidden power structure of this city. Within that vacuum, the Hellfire Club needs a manager. Believe it or not, being the manager of a successful strip club/brothel comes with many other opportunities.”

“I don’t doubt that. I’m just not sure what these other opportunities entail.”

“Well seeing as how you haven’t outright rejected the idea, I’m glad to see you’re receptive to the idea.”

“I still haven’t accepted it though,” Mary Jane pointed out.

“Nor would I expect you to here on the spot,” said Emma. “Unlike others in our lurid industry, you manage your impulses well, Mary Jane. You don’t make rash decisions – minus those that that make your panties moist, of course.”

“Well my panties are pretty dry right now…if I were wearing any, I mean,” said Mary Jane sheepishly.

“Which is why I know you won’t commit to anything right here, right now,” she said. “I understand that few informed decisions are made while wearing a towel. I’m merely here to present the opportunity. Take some time to consider it, but not too much time. The Hellfire Club can only function for so long without a manager.”

“How much time do I have exactly?”

“More than I’d be willing to give most others,” she answered. “That alone should tell you plenty.”

For once, Emma Frost understated the situation. This was not at all like the other defining moments in Mary Jane’s life. So much of those moments had been built around desperation, necessity, and convenience. They all culminated in the decisions that led her to a career in prostitution. Now, here was a moment that offered something very different.

She could’ve easily rejected Emma’s offer outright. A part of her even wanted to, the idea of getting involved with the Hellfire Club again evoking plenty of concerns. She had a good thing going right now. She didn’t need to complicate her life more than it already was as a high-end prostitute. It would’ve been much easier to just stick to what she was doing and live off the fruits of that.

Then, Mary Jane found herself thinking back to that fateful moment she encountered Peter Parker. That moment had been more random and chaotic, but it became one of the most defining moments in her life. She didn’t have to save him that night the Hobgoblin attacked. She didn’t have to connect with him the way she did. However, she took a chance and it paid off in a profound way. This felt like one of those chances.

‘And here I was hoping I’d have time to consider my options. Guess I have less time than I thought.’

As Mary Jane’s mind continued racing, Emma Frost shifted out of her diamond form and retrieved her purse. She had never been one to linger. She said what needed to be said and did what needed to be done. Now, the onus was on Mary Jane.

“And in the spirit of trust and transparency – something the Inner Circle was never big on, mind you – why don’t you visit the club tomorrow?” said Emma. “Reacquaint yourself with your old stomping ground. Get a sense for how it feels now that the stench of Shanobi Shaw and his father has been purged from the air.”

“That’s very generous of you, Emma,” said Mary Jane with folded arms, “so when can I expect you to reveal your ulterior motive?”

“For that, you’ll just have to stop by,” she said with a casual shrug. “The choice is yours, Mary Jane. You proved to me time and again that you’re capable of making better choices than most accomplished whores. If the Hellfire Club is to be more than just the Inner Circle’s dirty little hobby, then it needs someone like you…although I get the sense you might need it more.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“If you have to ask, then you already have half the answer,” she quipped.

A snide grin formed on her face as she casually made her way towards the door. She even made it a point to carry herself with a confidence and poise that could not come from just any former stripper/prostitute. Emma Frost had much more going for her than simply offering a job. There was definitely something else to this, but Mary Jane couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Assuming you get the other half of that answer…I’ll see you tomorrow, Ms. Watson,” said Emma confidently.

She didn’t wait for Mary Jane to express any doubt or reservations. She just opened the door, slipped out, and left her former co-worker behind to contemplate her offer. It was an offer nobody else could possibly give her, full of potential and risks she couldn’t begin to imagine. Even so, Mary Jane couldn’t help but consider it.

Still standing in the center of her living room – still wearing only a towel, no less – she faced a profound and potentially life-alternating decision. Having made plenty of those in far less favorable circumstances, she couldn’t afford to mess this up. Once again, her thoughts drifted back towards Peter and all the ways he had affected her since coming into her life. Making a decision to pursue a lucrative new career was one thing. Making a responsible decision was something else altogether.

However, in remembering all the decisions she made before she met Peter, Mary Jane came to an unavoidable realization. She had no more excuses for making the wrong decisions for the right reasons. In that sense, her decision was clear.

‘With great power comes great responsibility. Peter taught me that the night we met. Maybe he should also have added that great opportunities come with great responsibilities as well. I wasn’t ready for those responsibilities before, but I’m ready for them now! I owe it to myself…and to us.’

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