Spider-Verse: Amazing Spider-Man

BY : MPLaserblast
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Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man or X-Men, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Notes: this story picks up from my other story Nexus of Spider-Verse, but that mostly serves as backstory for Peter and you don't really need to read it to understand this one.  The basic premise is that the different Spider-Man continuities have crossed over and 

Mary Jane hooked up with the Ultimate Spider-Woman.




Peter Parker of Earth 616 alias the Amazing Spider-Man didn't know what to do with himself.  He knew he had no real right to be hurt: he and Mary Jane weren't even dating currently, never mind committed.  But... 


He still loved her.  The only woman he'd ever truly loved after Gwen, and seeing her with someone else was destroying him.  The fact that that "someone" was both female and in some form himself, just made matters worse, especially since Mary Jane had made it clear she had no intentions of letting this Spider go.


The last thing he needed to be doing right now was devoting brain time to playing What Went Wrong, he knew he needed to be focusing on the crisis at hand, but his mind was a jumble and his heart felt like it was going to implode.  


He let the other senior Spider-Men know he needed some air and quietly slipped away to the roof.


Mary Jane Watson of the Spider Clan, also known as her Earth's Spider-Woman, saw the morose Spider-Man slinking out and, after waiting enough time to be inconspicuous, followed him out.  The one positive thing she was hoping to take from this cataclysm was the chance to hook up a new Spider-Man.  


Oh, her Peter had been cute in a goofy, awkward sort of way, but... maybe a little too goofy and awkward.  Meeting a more mature, experienced Spider-Man was just so appealing.  She had hoped an opportunity would pop up to sneak away with one of the more experienced Spiders...


...And she wasn't about to pass up a shot with the Spider of Spiders!


She found him sitting on the roof, looking at his feet.


"Hey, Spider-Prime!" she shouted, wrapped him in an all-too-friendly side-hug.  


"Spider-Prime?" Peter asked.  He could feel the young Spider-Woman's firm, young breasts press against his body, but he tried to ignore it.


"That's just what some of us having been calling you," she said perkily.  "You're clearly the smartest and most experienced Spider-Man here."


"I wonder," Peter ruminated distractedly.  


"Yeah, I heard what happened," the young redhead said, placing her hand on his thigh in a way that didn't feel entirely innocent.  "You really loved her, didn't you?"


"I guess I..." he began before trailing off.


"Yes...?" she prodded.


"I just really felt she was the only one for me," he replied, not really thinking.


Spider-Woman grimaced internally, he definitely wasn't making this easy.  "Well, maybe... there's someone else like that out there.  Someone who can take better care of you."


Peter sighed internally.  She certainly wasn't being subtle.


He'd noticed the girl before, of course.  She'd been kind of impossible to miss: not only was she clearly Mary Jane Watson (or A Mary Jane Watson) under her little mask, flimsy belly shirt, and tight, shiny red pants, but she was if anything more curvaceous, her breasts and ass fuller and rounder than even his MJ.  And despite being a teenage girl, she clearly didn't like wearing bras.


Peter brushed her hand away.  "I'm sorry," he said.  "I'm really not in the mood right now."


She wasn't giving up, though.  She reached out to take his had in hers, entwining their gloved fingers.  "So, let me cheer you up!  Come on, let's go web-swinging!"


"I've got too much to do here," Peter said.  It was difficult enough to refuse an invitation from so tempting a girl under the best of circumstances, but with his heart in the state it was it was damned near impossible.


Spider-Woman could feel it and kept pushing.  "So, we'll call it a scouting mission," she said, smiling broadly.  "You'll be a lot better use to us if you have a clear head."


She definitely had a point, but he held his silence.


"Come on," she urged, bringing their hands up to here lips and peppering his fingers with kisses.  "Doesn't it sound like fun?"


She gave his finger more little kisses.


"Don't you want to come with me?" she asked sweetly.




He caved in, of course.  How could he refuse so beguiling and persistent an invitation?  Telling her it would only be a standard patrol, they quietly slipped out for a quick sweep around the City.


She was still new to web-swinging, screaming and cheering with delight as they sped between the skyscrapers.  Her exuberance was contagious, too, and he found his heart lighten in her company.  He couldn't help sneaking glances at her hot young body as they swung together... So like the woman that had just broken his heart, but still so irresistible.  He felt confused... but so aroused.


Mary Jane saw the way he looked at her, saw the obvious hardening in his pants, and she knew it was time to move in for the kill.


"Can we stop for a minute?" she shouted over the rushing wind, pointing to an inconspicuous ledge of massive tower.


Peter agreed and they swung over it, looking down at the magnificent City below.


"Let's hang out for a little bit, okay?" she asked sweetly.


"Sure," Peter nodded, not in any place to argue.


Mary Jane could not believe her luck.  She had only been with two men (and one girl, just as an "experiment"), but she was pretty sure she knew how to get what she wanted... She just had to take this a little bit further and he would be hers.  "I'm going to get a little more comfortable," she told him.


Then Mary Jane very slowly bent over to set down her backpack.  Spider-Man's eyes widened behind his mask, he couldn't look away from her full, round, eighteen year old ass.  Her skin-tight red pants really hugged the perfect young globes that so wanted to be touched and caressed.  


She felt his eyes on her and turned back to smile at him.  "Could you web up my bag?"


Still not sure what was happening, Peter shot a quick web to keep the bag in place.  


"Thanks," Spider-Woman said.  "Now..."


Then Mary Jane closed the distance between them and inching his mask up to his nose.  She leaned in for a kiss and he turned his head, still trying to deny what was going to  happen.  This Mary Jane wasn't any more willing to give up than the one he knew, though, and she gently turned his face with her hand.


"Come on, Peter," she whispered.  "You've been looking at me since I got to this world."


"I knew you were her," he admitted.  "But it's too complicated..."


"Shhhh...  It's only as complicated as you make it.  Just focus on what you want," she said, press her little nose against his.  "What we both want."


"But you're so young," he pleaded.


"I've been legal for the last five weeks," she told him, "don't worry."


Peter felt his cock hardening at her words, making him feel even guiltier.


And then she kissed him, long and hard as her wonderfully large teenage breasts flattened against his muscular body.  Her whole youthful body was pressed wonderfully against him, letting him feel each perfect curve, their bodies fitting together perfectly.


Soon, he was kissing her, too.  And when she lifted his hands to the sides of her breasts, he eagerly groped and fondled those charming young tits.  


"Mmmm..." she purred.


Peter felt her delectably tight young body responding to him instantly.  Her peaked nipples were apparent even through her shirt and she would give a sweet little shudder into the kiss whenever he brushed against them.  Her sweetness, the feel of her pink little tongue on his... it was all so familiar, but at the same time so fresh and new.  This really might be the perfect balm for his aching heart.


...And yet, a big part of him told him this was wrong.  That she was too young and that finding solace from Mary Jane Watson in the arms of another Mary Jane Watson was inappropriate... even twisted.  He grapple with these doubts as they made out, wishing he had the strength to pull away... or the weakness to surrender entirely.


She could feel his doubts and knew she had to keep pushing before he had a chance to over-think it.  Leaving her mask in place, Mary Jane pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her wonderfully buoyant chest.  Her pale, round, eighteen year old breasts jiggled with each motion and soon Peter was helping her lift it over her head.


"Thanks," she said softly, tossing her shirt carelessly aside.  


Without ever letting his eyes drift from those luscious pale orbs of hers, Peter shot of a strand of webbing that caught her shirt before it could drift away and webbed it securely to the side of the building.  


"You really do make everything seem effortless," the topless superheroine cooed, impressed.


Then she traced her hand down her beautiful body, starting with her flawless young face, then her neck, down to her chest, making her left breast bob enticingly, then down her ribs, her pale belly and her hips... before bringing it back to her tits, kneading them softly.  Her pink little nipples peaked out eagerly between her fingers, demanding his attention.  


"I've wanted you since the first time I saw you..." she gasped as she pleasured herself.  "Out of all of them...  All of us...  I knew I had to have you..."


Her breath became ragged, making those supple young breasts heave as she played with them, breaking Peter's resistance utterly.  He closed the distance between them and lowered his half-masked face to her fully-exposed eighteen year old breasts.  


Mary Jane gasped with approval and he escalated his actions: kissing down her willowy neck and undulating chest... then removing his gloves so he could fondle and squeeze the flawless round boobs for himself.  


"They're so big..." he gasped aloud, definitely bigger than even his MJ, but high and well-shaped from youth and fully natural.  He couldn't wait to touch... and taste... them for himself.


"I knew you were the right choice..." Mary Jane gasped as he let his hands replace hers on her chest.  Her older Peter skillfully groped her big round boobs, sparking feelings of overwhelming pleasure she'd never even imagined before.  He cupped and caressed her lovelies carefully, kneading the pliant, sweet young flesh with calloused hands.


"Oh, god..." Mary Jane gasped.  She could barely deal with the pleasure...


...then lowered his head and began to suckle.


"OHHH!!!" MJ moaned.  His mouth, like his hands, were so skilled!  The topless teenage super-heroine was enraptured as his lips and tongue explored her beautiful breasts.  


Her boobs bobbed as he suckled her, the sounds of his loud kisses echoing even over the rushing winds high above the city.  She'd always been proud of her tits and she knew he'd love them, that she could use them to enslave his passions.  "Suck me, Peter.  Suck me!"


"They're so perfect..." Peter whispered as let his tongue dance all around the young Spider-Woman's big, beautiful eighteen year old chest. This Mary Jane was certainly blessed, and it was a blessing he was more than happy to share in.  She held him tightly in place with a warm hug, her gentle hands stroking the back of his head.  He could also hear her heart beating... so loud and fast with nervous excitement, that he realized that maybe she wasn't as experienced as she was trying to make him think.  Which he actually preferred, if he was honest.


They continued like this for some time, occasionally Mary Jane would lean down to kiss the top of his head gratefully as she let him suck her beautiful jugs.  As he enjoyed his meal, the natural motions of their activity sent her fingers slowly under his mask, elegantly running through his thick brown hair.  "I need to see you do it..." she gasped, finally pulling the mask aside.


Peter briefly halted his actions, he usually kept his mask on while having sex as Spider-Man rather than Peter Parker, even with the Black Cat.  The firm young tit pressed into his face was more than enough to silence any doubts though, and he resumed sucking those sweet pink nipples.   


"Ohhh..." she moaned.


Just as she'd suspected, seeing his beautiful face enhanced the experience tenfold.  She'd never felt better (or hornier) than she did right now as Peter stimulated her fabulous chest with the whole of New York City stretched out below them.  


"Peter!" she cried, digging her hands through his brown hair.  Her whole body quaked with hallucinatory lust, crying out for more. 


Finally, Peter reached down to Mary Jane's full, round ass, groping and squeezing that hot teenage butt through her shiny red pants.  As much as he hated to admit it, Mary Jane Watson was the only woman in the world that could truly satisfy him.  Black Cat was never enough, Carly Cooper fell far short.  And with a sexy, young Mary Jane from another world offering herself to him, there was no way he was saying no.  His cock was painfully hard, his mighty phallus rushing with boiling blood.  Desperate for some relief, he moved behind her and rubbed his erection against her thighs as he squeezed those plump young cheeks through her pants, grinding the forbidden crevice between them.


"Ooh!" she cooed.  When he this hard, his costume left little to the imagination, she could feel every inch, every vein and line of his beautiful cock.  "Glad you're enjoying this as much as I am!"


"I need this," he admitted huskily, kissing her long red hair, still massaging her tits as her perfect ass struggled against his erection.  "I need you."


She smiled and gave a playful shrug.  "I'm yours."


"I need Mary Jane Watson," he whispered into her neck.  His heart was still wounded, but he was so horny it overwhelmed everything else.


"I can be your Mary Jane," she promised, letting her heart show for just a second.  "And I need you inside me."


Then Peter pulled down her tight red latex pants to expose her luscious teenage ass and her perfectly shaved pussy.  She was so lustible, so nubile... her body so taut and youthful, but every curve dazzlingly full.  He could feel the heat from her wet little pussy calling to him as he lowered the pants down her thighs.  She was so fucking wet!


"They don't wear underwear in your dimension?" he asked, trying to regain some levity.


"Sometimes," MJ said playfully.  "But if I'm wearing panties or a bra, that's usually all I'm wearing."


"Good to know," Peter replied, his hands petting her bare crotch.


She wiggled her hips deliciously to help him undress her.  "You can dress me up sometime," she offered.


"You're really something," he admitted as he tugged off her pants and shoes, webbing them to the building as well.  She had to bend over to help him get her shoes off without falling off the ledge, leaving her sexily generous ass facing him.  Instinctively at the sight of her pliant young body bent over he dropped to his knees to get a better look at her full butt.


"What are you doing?" she asked, her voice excited and curious.


"Is it okay?" he asked nervously, he knew some girls... especially younger ones... had issues with anything anal.


"Mmm-hmmm," she said purred.  "Definitely."


Again, Peter could only shake his head in awe.  His MJ had definitely been a party girl at eighteen and had always been ready for anything sexual where he was concerned... but even she wasn't as randy as this young girl!  He definitely wasn't going to argue about it, though, he just lowered his mouth to that luscious eighteen year old ass and began to kiss one pale cheek while kneading the other.


"Oh, yeah... oh, yeah..." Mary Jane chanted.  Letting this older Spider-Man touch her felt so good, so right... that even when he tried something this taboo all she could do was gasp with approval.  Still he went further, licking and kissing her plump teenage globes... then closing his lips around the tender flesh, letting his teeth sink in and biting her ass, softly but firmly.  


"OH FUCK!!!" she cried with surprise and arousal.  Mary Jane had never felt so hot in her life... She couldn't contain her lust anymore and, desperate for some form of relief, she reached down and began to massage her own completely naked pussy.  "PETER!!"


The delicious smell of her sex filled the air as two long fingers first teased the entrance, then began to explore her own love canal.  Her painted thumb diddled her clit, fueled by the strange sensation of his love bite on her nubile young butt.  The scent made Peter even harder, the rhythm of his blood drowning out the last of his resistance.


At last Peter removed the last of his own clothing, leaving himself naked save for his web-shooters, which he used to secure his clothing as he had hers.  He was just about to remove them as well, before Mary Jane stopped him.


"You know, this ledge is kind of narrow..." she cautioned.  "We could easily slip of while we're..."


"Maybe we should take this inside," he agreed.  "Or at least to a roof.  Even Spider-Sense wouldn't help if I'm too distracted."


"No, I don't think we need to go that far..." she said, squishing her breasts together as though by accident.  "But we should try something... to make sure we're safe."


"What did you have in mind?" he asked.


Mary Jane pretended to think about it for a moment.  "You could always web me to the building."


"What?" Peter asked.


Mary Jane had butterflies in her stomach as she asked this final request, so far every one of her fantasies about being with an older Spider-Man had come true, but she was worried about this one being denied.  "Just a little strand of webbing linking each of my wrists to the wall of the building.  And my ankles, too."


Peter blinked.  "Like... bondage?"


Even after everything they'd already done, Mary Jane couldn't help blushing.  "I guess... But not so tight I can't move at all."


"Okay," Peter nodded, was there anything this girl wasn't ready for?


He moved behind her and took gentle hold of her wrist and shot out a thin, strong strand of webbing at the exterior wall of the building.  "Oh!" Mary Jane cried out in excitement.  At that distance, she could feel the power of his web-shooter.  He repeated the process for her other wrist and both her ankles, making her teenage pussy wetter and wetter with each action. He definitely knew what he was doing and that aroused her as much as the act itself.


Finally, he tested the strength of the web.  Strong enough that he wouldn't break it with a heavy session of fucking, but thin enough she wouldn't be too constricted.  He then reached down between her legs to feel the hot wetness.


"I'm definitely ready," Mary Jane said huskily.  She'd never been this wet in her entire life.  Nowhere close.


He smeared her precious honey over his bare chest as a sacrament, then steadied himself behind her.  All was ready.


Peter placed his hands on those full hips of hers, holding her steady as he began to enter her hot little pussy.  When the fat dome of his mighty dick passed through her red vulva, Mary Jane let out a weak whimper.


"Mary Jane?" he asked.


"Keep going," she pleaded.


She was definitely tighter than he was expecting, definitely not used to a cock his size.  He felt her whole body tense as her young vagina pursed around his hard penis.  Only his patience and her incredible wetness made it possible for him to fully enter her, but once he had it felt unbelievable.


"Holy god," Mary Jane gasped.  She had never felt so full in her life.


Peter nodded, still in awe.


And then he began to move inside her.


At first, he moved slowly, carefully, but after the first ten minutes or so, Mary Jane's naturally pliant, well trained body limbered up and she begged him to give her more.


"If you're sure," he said.  He began to move more quickly inside her, plunging even deeper and harder into her prize, the feeling circling around his cock so sweet... so angelic.


"Aahhh!!" Mary Jane's cute little toes curled against the cold concrete on the ledge, her pussy becoming more welcoming, more eager for her invader.  The pain was being overwhelmed by the pleasure, but she still needed "more!  Oh god, fuck me harder, Peter!"


Happy to comply, Peter thrust his cock even more powerfully through her sweet eighteen year old love tunnel.  Her sex clutched him lovingly, the friction between them so wonderful as he fucked her, her girlcum dripping down from between her legs, kissing the ledge of the building.  Mary Jane was sighing with passion.  She reached down between her thighs and began to diddle her little clit, increasing the already incredible sensation.


"Oh god!  Oh god!" Mary Jane gasped.  The cock of a grown Spider-Man was much larger than the one she'd given her virginity to, his mastery of his pike beyond what she could have hoped for.  Whatever happened with this transdimensional event, she simply could not let him sleep away.  "My pussy feels so hot..." she gasped, hoping her dirty talk would turn him on even more.


She was right.  He fucked her snug little jade gate even harder and faster then, making her large teenage breasts bounce wildly with the power of their passions.  He then reached down to grab those fabulous young tits, groping them wildly as he continued to fuck her lithe young body, his massive dick plunging in and out of her hot, wet cove.  All the beauty of Midtown lay spread out before them, but it couldn't begin to compare to the vision of their two perfectly sculpted naked bodies as the most experienced of Spider-Men fucked his teenage lover.


"Oh, Christ!  You're so big!!" she pleaded.  "So big!!!"


There was no woman on Earth like Mary Jane Watson, no pussy in the world could match hers.  And now he had a brand new Mary Jane to explore, just as desirable, just as positively exquisite inside, but so fresh and new!  Her youth was part of it and it definitely appealed to him (to his lust and shame), but there was more than that...  Sex with Mary Jane was always a drug, but this was a totally different high.


"Oh, yeah!  Oh, yeah!" Mary Jane cried.  His cock was filling her so perfectly, so wonderfully... his powerful penis hitting each of her most sensitive spots as he thrust in and out of her sweet little teenage vagina.  "You're the best ever...  No one... no one else could ever make me feel so... so..."


"Mary Jane!" he gasped.  "You're so fucking tight!"


"Oh god, oh god, I'm nearly..." she moaned, which turned into a gasp as she came all over his mighty cock.  Her tight quim spasming around him as her orgasm took her.  The teenage superhero felt the fireworks... the heavenly rush of euphoria that washed the rest of the world away... and she knew she'd never get tired of his cock.


"I can't... can't believe..." she gasped.  She was flushed and breathless... but utterly sated.


"You've never had one before," he said, not a question, as he groped her tits and kissed her hair and neck.  He pulled out slowly, his erection still throbbing, but satisfied that he had gotten her off.


"Never before," she confessed.  And it was definitely something she wanted to feel again.  A gift she was sure only this Peter Parker could give her.


"I'm glad I could give it to you," he panted, reaching down and squeezing her fleshy rump.


"You really love my ass, don't you?" she purred.


"Definitely," he agreed.


MJ smiled internally, she suddenly knew just how return the favor.  "Do you want to finish there?"


"What?" Peter said in utter disbelief.


"I said fuck my ass, Peter," MJ said huskily.  "I came, I want you to, too."


Again, Peter couldn't believe his luck in having this girl literally fall into his lap.  Maybe things were finally turning around for him, he though as he spread her wonderful pale ass cheeks.  


His dick was well lubricated, but just so be safe, Peter reached between her legs to generously anoint her cute little asshole with her gleaming honey.  Mary Jane quivering under his treatment and pushed her sweet young ass out towards him to let him know she was ready to be taken.  


"Do it," she rasped.


Again Peter took her by the hips, this time positioning his cockhead between the round teenage globes of her butt.  Entering her gorgeous ass was an even greater struggle than her charming young pussy, she'd done this before, but not often, and she gritted her teeth in pain as he pushed through her snug little ring.  "Arghhh..."


"Do you need me to stop?" Peter asked, concerned.


"No..." MJ gasped.  "You're just bigger than..."


"I think I can make that a little easier for you," he whispered.


Then Peter reached around to finger her, helping her anus relax as he pleasured her pussy.  His agile fingers delved inside her hot little pussy, while he thumbed her clitoris, slowly easing the pressure of her rosebud as he sank inside.


"Oohhhh..." she cooed.


Soon, he was deep inside her, her soft, delicate cheeks flattened and cushioned against him.  For a moment, he merely let her adjust to his size, his fingers still slowly stimulating her vagina.  


Then he began to fuck her ass.


"Mary Jane... Mary Jane..." he gasped.


He moved much slower and more gently than he had with her pussy, both because of the added vice-like sweetness and to avoid hurting her too much, but the angelic tightness that hugged his member lovingly and the feeling of her plump cheeks caressing him as he moved inside her more than made up for it.  They were both gasping with lust and exertion, their athletic bodies dripping with sweat in this final round of superheroic sex.  MJ's ass was so tight: pushing him out and holding him steady at the same time while he carefully moved in and out of her most forbidden depths.  The friction... Oh god, the friction!


"Oh fuck!  Oh fuck!" Mary Jane cried as he fucked her.  The sound of his hard body slapping against her cushions turned her on almost as much as the feeling of his fingers in her pussy and his dick in her ass.  The pain was intense, but easily dwarfed by the pleasure... and the feeling of total satisfaction of giving her older lover what he wanted.  This Peter was such a tremendous fuck... everything she'd ever wanted from an older lover: skill, power, tenderness... She even thought she might be starting to...  Nope, best not think about that MJ, she told herself.  Just focus on the amazing sex.


And it was amazing.  Peter felt it, too.  In and out he plunged into her tight little ass, watching her gorgeous young body buck with their movements.  He knew he could never love this Mary Jane the same way he loved his MJ, but he couldn't deny that her eager attitude and lithe, youthful body had their own advantages.  Fucking her in her sweet, teenage ass was driving his already eager cock over the edge, and he could feel his balls tensing as he humped deep inside her.


"AAAAHHHH!!!" MJ squealed in pleasure and pain.  She could feel Peter was close, by the way he was fucking her harder, losing control of himself.  "PETER!!!"


"I want you, I want you..." he chanted as he fucked her.  He let his eyes sweep over her pinned, quivering body as they rutted and at last was able to focus on this Mary Jane as an individual.  He thought back on all they had done so far, everything they could do if they stayed together.  She was so fucking hot.  Her face, her tits, her pussy, her ass... He was about to lose it.


"Cum for me, baby," Mary Jane whispered.  "Cum for me."


And he came.  Hard.  His seed echoing deep inside her teenage body.  His full weight came down upon her, his hard, strong form pushing down on her.  It made her feel so full, so complete, bringing this strong man to a shaking orgasm as the cool winds blew over her naked breasts and pussy.  


He pulled out of her, totally satisfied, kissing her red hair lightly.  He held her closely, snapping the thin strands of webbing binding her and turning her to face him.  He noted that the webbing was already starting to dissolve which meant that they had been fucking just short of two hours.  This girl was truly something else.


"Oooohhhh... that was fun..." she said, pooling in his arms.


"Amazing is what it was," he said, hugging her close.  "You're just what I needed."


"Mmmmm!" she purred.  "You have no idea, Mr. Parker." As far as she was concerned, he was her Spider-Man... she just had to convince him she was his Mary Jane.


As he held her, she reached back down to his cock and toyed with it absent-mindedly, letting his know this was far from finished.  Which was fine with him.  He guessed he couldn't fault his universe's MJ to much for having a young plaything now, but that was a matter of little concern.  Right now all he could think about was solving the multi-dimensional crisis in a way that wouldn't prevent him from fucking this Mary Jane again.  And often.


To Be Continued...

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