Nexus of Spider-Verse

BY : MPLaserblast
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Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Notes: this story is loosely inspired by the Spider-Verse storyline... although I honestly it based more on my experience with the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, which was both better and more fun.


The idea with this story is that each chapter will feature a different set of characters, so if you don’t like one chapter, you can skip to the next one.  If you'd like to see more cross-dimensional couples, please review and let me know!




It was the second great Spider-Verse convergence.


The skies tore open and thousand worlds worth of power-mad villains rained down on New York City in Earth 616, threatening to tear the Multiverse apart between them.


The villains were followed by hundreds of Spiders of different worlds, determined to make a desperate stand against the forces that overwhelmed them completely.


It was under these circumstances these events took place...


One: Spider-Gwen x Agent Venom


Flash Thompson a.k.a. Agent Venom watched stoically as the elder Spider-Men confer on battle plans.  It was hard to believe his old pal (and the victim of a lot of his youthful dickishness) was not only Spider-Man, but that the Spider-Men of several realities were all turning to him in an emergency.  He felt proud of old "Puny Parker" and more than a little guilty about the past.


His thoughts were interrupted by a light touch on the shoulder.


"Hey, Flash?" a sweet, feminine voice whispered in his ear.


He turned to face the voice, and nearly turned white with shock.  "Gwen?"  


Gwen Stacy alias Spider-Woman.  He'd known she was here, of course, the Spiders were fairly comfortable going unmasked around each other (especially with so many of them outside of their home dimensions), but they hadn't really had a chance to talk.  


"Um, what's up?" he asked, trying to recover.


"Do you want to get out of here for a while?" she asked, shyly toying with a lock of her blonde hair.  "You know?  Blow off a little steam?"


Flash wasn't sure why she was coming to him.  Despite his best efforts Gwen, like MJ, had always preferred Parker.  But this was a different Gwen after all.  "What did you have in mind?"


"I don't know," she said coyly.  "Do a little web-swinging then grab a beer?"


Flash thought about it for a moment.  "I'm a recovering alcoholic," he admitted.


"Oh," Gwen said, slightly deflated.  


Then a wicked smirk graced her face.  "I guess we'll just have to make out, then." 


Flash couldn't hide his surprise, but he wasn't about to say no.




She kept pace with him the entire swing across the city.  He felt like she would have gone ahead if she knew where they were going.  By the time they finally reached his apartment, they were both feeling excited and ready.


"Do you actually live here?" Gwen asked, casting her gaze around the apartment.  She was expecting traditional bachelor squalor: everything piled over everything else: cereal bowls and beer bottles everywhere, piles of clothes on the furniture.  Flash's living room , however, wasn't clean so much as bare: a couch, a tv, and cardboard boxes that clearly hadn't been unpacked in months.


"When I'm not on a mission," Flash replied.


"And you're always on missions," Gwen supplied.


Flash nodded.


"Well," she said as she peeled off her hood and mask, "I've got a mission for you, soldier."


She snuggled in close to him and the Symbiote pulled back to reveal his face.  Gwen leaned up on her toes and gave him the lightest of pecks, as though testing him out.  She followed this up with several more chaste pecks in rapid succession, cute and girlish, reminding Flash that she was really still a college girl.  


Soon though, she began to kiss him fully and deeply, which he eagerly returned, their tongues alive in each other's mouths.  Gwen ran her fingers through his hair, pressed her hot, soft body into his.  She felt his strong arms wrap tightly around her, exactly what she'd been wanting from him: strong and hard.


She leapt up, locking her legs around his waist and he wrapped both arms around her thighs to hold her up, never breaking the kiss.  They stumbled backwards onto his bedroom, finally coming down at the foot of the bed, the heat from their bodies driving them forward.  Gwen broke the kiss gently, her small hand tracing the spider emblem on his chest.


"So, how do I get all this armor off?" she whispered softly.


"It responds to my thoughts," Flash replied simply and the Suit parted neatly down the middle exposing a trail of flesh from his neck down to his bellybutton.


"Handy," Gwen said appreciatively.


And then she started kissing down his neck and all over his well-defined chest.  Flash watched her cute little blonde head bobbing as she kissed his hard pecs, his chiseled abs... this Gwen sure was aggressive, he reflected appreciatively.  He found himself losing himself in the moment.  When she reached down to cup his swelling erection, however, he quickly moved away.


Gwen looked up at him, her pale blue eyes shocked and hurt by this sudden rejection.  "What?" she demanded.  "I thought..."


"Sorry," Flash said, his eyes warm, "there's just something you need to know before things go any further."


At his mental command, the suit peeled away from his lower half, leaving him naked from the waist down save for his boxers.  His erection was fully evident... as were the stumps that once were his legs.


"Oh..." Gwen's eyes softened.  They showed not disgust or shock, but warmth and concern.  "How did..." she began before quickly stopping herself.


"Fighting overseas," he said simply.  "The Suit was my second chance.  Look, I really don't want this to complicate things one way or another, but..."


Gwen laughed softly.  "With Peter things would be complicated," she assured him.  "I blame myself for his death, he blames himself for mine... 


"But you, Mr. Thompson," she said, reaching for hidden hem of her costume, "you were getting inside me no matter what."


Gwen slowly pulled up the top of her costume, exposing first her slight tummy then her moving higher to expose her white pushup bra with black accents.  Flash had spent much of his early college career thinking about Gwen Stacey's tits and now that he was face to face with them, even though this Gwen was trimmer and more athletic, he knew it was worth the wait.


Flash lowered himself to her breasts, drinking in that sexy bra.  He reached down to grope those round orbs in their bra, making the blonde moan with pleasure.  Then he began to kiss and lick her wonderful cleavage, making her tits bob seductively.  She could feel his full, proud erection surging to life against her and she couldn't wait for him to use it on her.  Hoping to encourage him onward, she unhooked her bra and let it fall away.


"Christ, Gwen..." he gasped, looking at her beautiful bare breasts, her sweet pink nipples, hearing the beating of her teenage heart as she awaited his next move.


She didn't have to wait long.  Flash fell on her breasts hungrily, sucking those luscious tits while still groping with his hands.  He definitely knew how to touch her, and for several blissful moments, they merely indulged themselves in their lust.  Soon, though, Gwen needed more and began to shimmy out of her tights.  


Flash followed her lead, kissing down her body until her reached her core.  He kissed all down her little black panties, finally coming to her pussy.


"Ohhh!" she gasped as he began to lick her between her thighs.  His tongue lapped at her oh-so-wet feminine center through the sleek material.  "Just like that..."


Flash kissed that sweet quim hard and strong through her sexy black underwear, tasting her sweetness as well as the angelic fabric of her panties.  Gwen moaned with pleasure as his lips stimulated her hot pussy, making her even wetter.


"Oh, fuck!" she cried.  "Flash!"


At last he peeled down her little black panties and it was his turn to gasp: there was nothing in the world more beautiful than a full, naturally blonde bush to him and Gwen's exposed thatch shining like gold.  He buried his face in that treasure, encouraged by her hand resting on his head.


"Ughh!  Yeah!" she cried.  "Just like that!" 


He tasted deeply offset, licking her slit and making her nice and wet, dining on her until at last she told him she was ready.


"Okay, Soldier," she whispered, "time to deploy."


She lowered onto him slowly, letting him massive pike pierce her softness.  Gwen's eyelids momentarily and Flash had to let out a gasp.




Flash couldn't believe how tight she was, how athletic.  After dreaming of her since the first day of college, he was finally inside of Gwen Stacy... no, he was inside the best possible version of Gwen Stacy.  There was no way the Gwen he knew could ever fuck him like this!  He'd had his share of women since high school, but even Black Cat didn't begin to approach the pussy clenching around his throbbing cock.  He was so lost in ecstasy, he didn't even notice the Symbiote writhing beneath him as it drank of their pleasure.


"You're the best, Gwen!" he panted.  "The best ever!"


She kissed him wildly in response, her inner walls clutching him lovingly as he dug her nails into his back, holding onto to him for dear life.  "Oh, God!"


As their bodies quaked together with rapture, the Symbiote continued to respond without Flash's knowledge.  The thick tendrils began to reach out to Gwen, stoking her naked back without his command.  Massaging warmly into her skin, moving downward.


"Ooohhh..." Gwen moaned erotically as she felt the oil work its way into her smooth skin.  It was cool at first, but soon it warmed in reaction to the heat of sweat and body heat.  It felt so good, adding to the agony and ecstasy she was already experiencing.


Flash finally realized what was going on, the feedback from the Symbiote overriding his own pleasure.  His eyes went wide in fear, he couldn't imagine Gwen consenting to this.


"I'm sorry!" he gasped in shock and embarrassment.  "It does that sometimes, but... never like this!"


"It's okay!" she moaned, her voice showing excitement, not fear.  Believe me, she added mentally as the surprisingly warm substance teased and tickled her, it's REALLY okay.


Recovering quickly from the incident, Flash found their rhythm again, moving once more.  He gripped her pale hips tightly as they thrust together, meanwhile the Symbiote crept over her ass, caressing those round, athletic young globes like a deep tissue warm oil massage, letting Flash feel and taste everything through the connection they shared.


"Oh, Flash!  Fuck me!" Gwen cried.  "Fuck me, Flash!"


"Gwen!!" Flash gasped as her delicious friction worked him.


Finally, the Symbiote slipped between her sweet little asscheeks to pool at the juncture of their sexes, providing an unnecessary, but more than welcome, warming lube.  It moved between them, letting both of them feel each other's pleasure magnified.


"Oh fuck... Oh fuck..." Gwen gasped.  It had been the best sex of her life before, but this was something else all together.  While Flash was filling her completely, the Symbiote throbbed and pulsed between them, the pleasure almost hallucinogenic.  She was close, so close that she didn't even care when he tried to warned her he was about to cum.


"Gwen!" he gasped.  "I'm going to..."


"I'm so close... So close..." she panted.


And then they came.  Together, explosively, the most powerful orgasm either of them had ever felt.  Her warmth spasmed all around his cock, milking him for every last drop, both of them gasping in awe.


When they came down for their high, she snuggled into his arms, spent but happy.  The Symbiote now covered them like a blanket, protecting them.


"I tried to pull out," he said apologetically.  


"I know," she said warmly.  "It's okay, whatever happens, I'll deal with it.  One way or another."


"We'll deal with it," he assured her.  "If you'll stay close long enough to know for sure?"


"Yeah!" she said and kissed his neck happily.  No matter what happened, it might be a good idea to stick around.  This Earth definitely had more problems than hers... and this Flash Thompson was quite a guy.


Next: Mary Jane x Ultimate Spider-Woman

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