Teach Me Seduction

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It wasn't that long ago Natasha Romanoff was legendary for her poker face. She was still famous for it, however with the arrival of Gods and people within human powers becoming almost commonplace her mask was slipping with a frightening amount of consistency. Ironically she found herself drawn to those who could frazzle her the most, like Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter ego The Hulk and to a lesser extent one of the newest Avengers Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch, a.k.a. the only person alive who had a really good look inside her head. Poor girl.

Much to her embarrassment Natasha completely misread the situation at first, thinking Wanda was so disgusted by what she saw she couldn't look her in the eye. Natasha couldn't blame her if that was the case, but quickly after she was assigned to train their new recruit what to do WHEN her powers were unavailable to help her she realised that Wanda wasn't disgusted, or embarrassed, by everything she saw. No, the girl had seen something she liked, and Natasha didn't need to read minds to pick up on the fact that Wanda was inexperienced in more than just hand-to-hand combat, and what kind of teacher would Natasha be if she didn't give her new student a thorough education?

"Are, are you sure about this?" Wanda stammered in her thick accent.

"This is something all SHIELD recruits go through." Natasha shrugged, before adding, "Or at least they did when SHIELD was... bigger. But I doubt Phil will neglect such an important part of training, and you're not going too."

"But I could remove these bindings in seconds if you just let me-" Wanda began complaining for what felt like the millionth time.

"And I keep telling you, you won't always be able to rely on your powers." Natasha insisted, "Trust me, this isn't just because I want to fuck you. This will save your life someday."

Wanda blushed at her comment but unfortunately didn't bring it up, forcing them to go through the charade of tying the girl up first. Or perhaps charade was too strong a word. After all Natasha had meant what she said, this could save Wanda's life someday. Just not today. No, today this, and Wanda's pride and naiveté, would combine to make her just another name on a list, a notch on Natasha's belt, just another victim of The Black Widow.

After she 'spun her web' The Widow gave what she felt was very clear instructions on how Wanda should proceed, then Natasha sat back and tried not to smile as the poor girl struggled. In all fairness, there were only a few students who had got out of this type of knot on the first attempt, but it was hardly surprising that this girl who relied on her powers for everything failed. Then again, that was the plan. Use her target's strength and weaknesses against her, just like she was trying to do, Natasha both amused and horrified that the Red Room would probably be proud of her for using their methods so effectively to get what she wanted.

Wanda could sense that desire even without reading Natasha's mind, The Black Widow giving her a look and smirk which told her she was the proverbial fly caught in the spider's web and about to be metaphorically devoured by the hungry looking spider. Only unlike the fly she didn't mind too much, as although Wanda had never been with a woman before most of what she had seen in Natasha's head intrigue her. It also scared her, but mostly in a good way and once they had both accepted it was inevitable that they would have sex they were actually comfortable with each other for the first time.

Despite that Wanda was determined to break free on her own, but everything she tried just seem to make it worse. Natasha's suggestions just seeming to make the ropes tighter, and it only became worse when Wanda became frustrated and tried to break them with physical force. Finally she could take it no more, her eyes and hands glowing bright red as she let out a scream of frustration, the ropes flying off of her a matter of seconds. They then hovered uselessly in the air for a few more seconds before Wanda angrily broke them apart into tiny little strands before the remains hit the walls either side of her.

"Well, that was mature." Natasha quipped after she had given Wanda a few more seconds to calm down.

"Your way wasn't working." Wanda huffed, "It was my only option."

"And when that's not an option?" Natasha pushed.

"Then my new friends will surely rescue me." Wanda said dryly.

"And if they can't?" Natasha pushed again before sighing, "I'm not trying to pick a fight, or frustrate you, I'm-."

"Trying to help, yes. I know this." Wanda said dismissively, before stepping forward and did her best attempt to be flirtatious like the redhead was in her memories, "Would you not like to try something else? Teach me seduction, perhaps?"

Natasha smirked, "Why would I teach you that? If we need someone seduced, well... we have me."

"You have been compromised." Wanda pointed out, "Everybody knows The Black Widow now. Me, less so. And even if that changes, I'm not yet known as a flirt. Or sexual predator."

Wanda smirked slightly at the last comment, Natasha smirking back and nodding softly to show she reluctantly conceded the point, "Perhaps... but are you sure you're up for it?"

Gently brushing some hair behind Natasha's ear Wanda purred, "Perhaps if I begin with an easy target."

With that Wanda's eyes shone red, the brunette placing her index finger on the top of Natasha's forehead and sending a spark of magic directly into the redhead's brain. Specifically she sent her fantasies into the spy's head. Fantasies which had been dominating her waking thoughts lately, Wanda fighting the urge to smile or moan as she saw those images in her mind at the same time as Natasha. Images of herself boldly kissing The Black Widow, of sucking her big tits and licking her pussy, of Natasha returning the favour and even fucking her with one of those dildos the redhead seemed to enjoy strapping around her waist to fuck other women. Then Wanda pulled her hand back and smiled mischievously.

Natasha just stood there for a few long seconds, then smiled, "Neat trick."

Smiling again Wanda flirtatiously asked, "Are you saying there is nothing you can teach me about seduction?"

"Oh, I think there is plenty I can teach you." Natasha practically growled, finally giving in and grabbing the other girl to pull her into a kiss.

Unsurprisingly the kiss was extremely heated to begin with, however Wanda had to stop herself from flinching from the sudden physical contact. After all, it wasn't like she was used to physical contact from anyone except her brother, the one person in her life she had always trusted. Now she had to adapt, Natasha making that easier for her by slowing down the force of the initial kiss into something soft and gentle, perhaps even a little sweet, if anything involving The Black Widow could be called such a thing. Grateful for this small mercy Wanda was able to force herself to relax into the embrace and kiss back a lot more confidently than her initial attempts, her mind becoming blissfully blank as like so many before her she lost herself to the lips of this deadly spy.

Natasha enjoyed the kiss too, although she was careful not to get lost in it. After all, this was a lesson beaten into her from an early age, and as was often the case during this type of deep kiss she couldn't help but be aware of her lover dropping their guard. It was the type of opening she struggled not to take advantage of at the best times, and given they were in the training room with soft padding beneath them Natasha couldn't resist flipping Wanda down onto her back and getting on top of her, all without breaking the kiss. The girl barely reacted, either because she was so lost in the kiss or because she just didn't recognise her mistake.

Wanting to make absolutely sure that mistake didn't go unnoticed Natasha sat up, breaking the kiss, and dryly said, "What did I say about never dropping your guard?"

"I thought that part of the lesson was over." Wanda huffed.

"You thought wrong." Natasha said coldly, briefly pulling Wanda down for another kiss before adding, "A kiss can be very distracting. It is an excellent time to strike. Not that it should be your opening move, but never forget it is a weapon in your arsenal."

"Yes ma'am." Wanda replied cheekily, before leaning up for another kiss.

Natasha blocked it with a fingertip and continued, "Something more than a kiss is required. In that case, kissing the neck is a great way to keep your target distracted without having to take off your pants. Observe..."

With that Natasha demonstrated by leaning down to pepper kisses all over Wanda's neck, the younger girl unsurprisingly closing her eyes, leaning back and moaning. Natasha couldn't blame her necessarily, although part of her would have liked for the girl to put up more of a fight. Perhaps take this opportunity to surprise attack her? Then again, Natasha had pretty much accepted the fact she was going to fuck this girl tonight, and it was always nice to have easy and willing prey. So she simply kissed and sucked that soft flesh for a few long minutes, then Natasha sat up, pulled off her workout top and unhooked her bra.

She then enjoyed the look on Wanda's face for a couple seconds before dryly speaking, "This-"

"Makes another great distraction?" Wanda cheekily interrupted.

Natasha's eyes narrowed, "Yes. As long as you are comfortable enough to use it your body is always a great weapon."

"Easy for you to say." Wanda blushed, "You're perfect."

Even though she forced herself to roll her eyes Natasha was flattered. Nevertheless she followed up with, "Your body is as close to flawless as mine. You just need to be comfortable using it."

Wanda blushed again, but then looked up at her with childlike wonder, "You really think so?"

"Yes." Natasha said firmly, "And I promise I will teach you... but first..."

Natasha leaned down like she was going to kiss Wanda again, allowing a little smirk to cross her face as the younger Avenger allowed her eyelids to droop and leaned her head up slightly. Of course this was just another classic case of misdirection, Natasha grabbing onto the tightly fitting workout top she had insisted on giving Wanda and slowly pulling it off the girl. To her credit Wanda lifted first her body and then her arms as appropriate, revealing she wasn't wearing a bra, Natasha taking a moment to admire that fact, before suddenly finding herself on her back with a grinning Wanda staring down at her.

"What was that you were saying about distraction?" Wanda gloated.

Natasha glared briefly, and then quietly waited for Wanda's gaze to predictably dropped to her big tits. They had been wondering to that area for a long time, both during the sparring session and long before it. Even when they were enemies she had felt Wanda's wandering eyes, so it was no surprise the girl made that mistake again. Only when Natasha moved to flip them back over Wanda's hands and eyes glowed red, and she felt an invisible force holding her down.

"What did I say about not using your powers?" Natasha huffed.

"We are now concentrating on a different lesson, yes?" Wanda murmured cheekily, never taking her eyes off those big, beautiful breasts.

Wanda had actually seen bigger, but those were ridiculously big, while those belonging to The Black Widow were literally perfect. Although she hadn't been this up close with any boobs, except her own, and to see Natasha's big tits naked before her was so enchanting that she could barely remember to keep an eye on the rest of the assassin to make sure she didn't move. It was like she was under one of her own spells, Wanda just staring for a few long seconds and then when she did drop her head down she embarrassed herself by burying her face in those glorious boobs and rubbing her face in them.

She was pretty sure there was a term for this, something crude and embarrassing, but Wanda couldn't think of it right now. She could barely think, her whole world consumed by the big boobs of The Black Widow and how amazingly good they felt against her face. Of course inevitably she began to kiss them, just a few pecks at first, but eventually she gave up on rubbing her face into those huge tits in favour of covering them with kisses, Wanda doing that for several minutes before finally wrapping her mouth around one of Natasha's nipples and beginning to gently suck it like everyone around them seemed to want to do, and as eagerly as anyone else Natasha could remember.

Even though she had read Natasha's memories, and masturbated to them, long before this sparring session Wanda was unable to stop herself from reading Natasha's mind for a refresher on what others in her position did. In the process she looked up at Natasha, initially feeling guilty until she saw the smug smirk on the spy's face. Then she just wanted to wipe it off, Wanda trying to achieve that by sucking harder, flicking the nipple with her tongue and even biting down on it, which technically succeeded as Natasha was too busy crying out and moaning softly in pure pleasure to smirk.

Back and forth Wanda went for several long minutes, kissing her way down one breast and up the other in between licking, sucking and biting the other woman's nipples. She also brought her hands up to play with those big tits, pushing one deeper into her mouth while playing with the other, something she would have liked to continue doing for the rest of the day. But it became increasingly clear from Natasha's moans, groans, and cries that the assassin wanted more, but was too proud to admit it. So Wanda gave it to her without needing to be asked, reluctantly pulling away from the redhead's big tits and kissing her way down Natasha's body.

Natasha loathed the feeling of helplessness being forced upon her, but her stubbornness prevented her from asking Wanda to release her from her spell, even when the foreplay became frustratingly unsatisfying. Even when Wanda finally moved away from her tits, which felt like it took hours, the wicked girl slowly taking Natasha's tightfitting pants and shoes off and then the witch kissed up and down the assassin's legs. Maybe she had read her mind and seen her doing this to others, maybe it was of her own idea, but Natasha didn't appreciate getting a taste of her own medicine.

What she did appreciate was Wanda's soft little tongue slowly sliding over her pussy, Natasha rewarding her new lover by crying out in pleasure. Although honestly she wasn't sure she could stop herself if she tried, the pleasure was just so intense from that first lick. Natasha was able to enjoy herself a little bit for the following licks, wanting Wanda to earn other sounds, and keeping it on her mind in the likely event that Wanda read her mind again. It took a few moments but eventually Wanda looked up at her and smirked, which could be an indication she knew what Natasha now wanted. Or she was just enjoying herself.

That was very possible, because after an awkward and cautious start Wanda was now licking Natasha's pussy with all the skill and enthusiasm of a lesbian whore. Or a lesbian porn star. Or the infamous Black Widow, Natasha now very much enjoying getting a taste of her own medicine as Wanda used her own tricks against her. That included keeping her licks long and slow for what felt like an eternity, each time starting at the bottom of Natasha's pussy and then working her way up to the top but always avoiding her clit. Then occasionally touching it, just enough to push Natasha to moan in pleasure for her.

Even as the pleasure became torturous and she found herself moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying in mostly frustration with an underlying pleasure Natasha felt oddly proud of Wanda. The younger Avenger had expertly used her gift to discover and exploit a weakness in her target. Granted, it wasn't the intended lesson of the day, but it was a notable improvement from the quiet and timid little girl who was scared of her own powers that Natasha normally saw, Wanda's never before seen level of confidence almost as intoxicating as the gentle licks which threatened to break the mighty Natasha Romanoff, and make her beg for mercy like so many of her conquests.

Wanda was mostly faking the confidence, although at this point she was so deep inside Natasha's mind she almost felt as if she was being taken over by The Black Widow. Or at least the darker side of her personality, the feeling of being Natasha Romanoff while fucking Natasha Romanoff intoxicating to the usually timid girl who was practically scared of her own shadow. Or more accurately herself. But Wanda tried to put such thoughts out of her mind and concentrate on finally experiencing this for herself after shamefully masturbating to Natasha's memories of eating pussy while in the safety of her quarters.

Actually Wanda had been fantasising about licking pussy pretty much ever since puberty hit, but ever since she had met the terrifying Black Widow those fantasies had become so much more intense, Wanda unable to resist fingering herself at least once a day to the idea of lesbian sex. Or more accurately Natasha's memories of it, Wanda imagining herself in Natasha's place, or the place of one of her lucky conquests, that it was almost like she had done this before. Only not, because even though she could remember how Natasha had tasted to the other women and men who had been allowed to go down on her tasting her for real was just on a whole other level of intense.

It was better than anything Wanda had ever imagined or read, and it made her wish she could stay here forever. In between Natasha's legs, licking her yummy pussy, Wanda becoming nothing but a pussy licker. Natasha Romanoff's personal pussy licker. Oh yes, Wanda liked the sound of that. Maybe she could even get it engraved on a dog collar, which some of Natasha's subs had worn as a sign that they were her sex slaves. Yes, in that moment Wanda wanted nothing more than to be Natasha Romanoff's lesbian sex slave. Or Natasha to be hers. Either way she wanted to stay here forever licking this yummy treat.

At the same time there was a growing desire to taste Natasha's cum, Wanda vividly remembering how all of The Black Widow's conquests thought nothing could be better than her cunt only to be proved wrong when Natasha came in their mouths and all over their faces. Because now Wanda had tasted Natasha's pussy juice she didn't understand how anything could be better than this, but if it was she definitely wanted to sample it. She also wanted to make Natasha cum, both just for the joy of it and to reward the other woman for helping her improve her skills. But she also wanted to be one of the few people to make Natasha beg for her, Wanda going back and forth for several minutes on what she should do.

Natasha could sense Wanda's indecision, and she found it endearing. At least a little bit, although mostly she found it frustrating. This girl could be a stubborn as she was, or even the other Avengers, and that was becoming a serious problem because Natasha's need for an orgasm, or at least more attention to her clit or the inside of her pussy, was becoming torturous. For better or worse Natasha was used to torture, and again she was very stubborn, so she could hold off on begging for quite a while. Perhaps even indefinitely. Not that she really wanted to, but Natasha was only willing to wait a long time if she could 'win'.

Of course the problem with fucking, or doing anything else, with a mind reader was they knew what you were trying to do, often before you did it. And not only did Wanda know what she was doing, she was showing patience like Natasha had never seen before, especially not from her fellow Avengers. Which just made the whole situation more frustrating, and actually made her consider giving in much sooner than she'd ever allowed herself to before. Hell, she normally just grinned and bared it until the other person gave up, but that honestly didn't seem like an option this time.

So ultimately Natasha broke and ordered, "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oooooooooh fuck Wanda, you know what I want, so just do it! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, stick your fucking tongue inside me and fuck me until I cum or I swear to God I'll, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!"

Fortunately it seemed that Wanda had been just waiting for that because as soon as Natasha started begging for what she so desperately wanted her younger lover finally obliged by pushing her tongue into her cunt. She did it as gently as possible and then used just enough force to push Natasha to the edge of orgasm but no further, which again had to be something she read from Natasha's mind. Again Natasha was oddly proud of Wanda, but honestly she was too busy enjoying the exquisite pleasure, which for a while was so satisfying. She even enjoyed it when initially it became almost torturous.

Luckily for Natasha she was not forced to beg for more this time, Wanda expertly tongue fucking her just a little longer than was bearable before increasing the pace and curling her tongue upwards, triggering the type of orgasm she could only have with another woman eating her pussy. It was an orgasm she experienced over and over again as Wanda continued expertly fucking her with clearly stolen skills, although that point Natasha didn't care if Wanda had read her mind, or the minds of countless lesbians, to become this good at eating pussy. All she cared about was that Wanda continued making her cum.

Wanda certainly wouldn't stop any time soon. In fact she never wanted to stop. She wanted to fuck Natasha Romanoff forever, living in between the other woman's legs, and constantly switching between tongue fucking her cunt and swallowing her cum for what would no doubt be a blissful eternity. There was a part of her that wanted to fuck other women just to see if they were as tasty as Natasha, but such a thing seemed impossible, and again Wanda really, really didn't want to pull her face away from the heaven she found in between Natasha's legs.

Unfortunately even with all the power she possessed Wanda couldn't keep this going indefinitely. She could already sense Natasha getting tired, and her own tongue was aching from being over used. In her defence she wasn't used to this, although she knew from Natasha's memories even the most skilful cunt munchers couldn't keep going indefinitely. Luckily from those memories she had a way to extend the act of going down on The Black Widow, namely replacing her tongue with her fingers, pushing first one and then two inside Natasha's cunt and then beginning to lick the other woman's clit.

This exceeded wonderfully, and allowed Wanda to be inside her enemy turned friend turned lover in a whole new and wickedly wonderful way, the witch absolutely loving the feeling of the assassin cumming and squeezing down on her fingers. Wanda also love the opportunity to go crazy on Natasha's clit, at first just licking it like a mad woman, and then taking it into her mouth and frantically sucking on it. She went back and forth between those techniques for Natasha's clit while pounding the redhead's pussy with her fingers for quite some time, fully intending to return her mouth to Natasha's cunt, so she could tease her cum from the source again. However Natasha had other ideas.

Without any warning Natasha tugged her upwards, Wanda realising a few things in the space of about two seconds. Firstly, that her spell holding Natasha down was no longer in place, most likely because all of her concentration had been put into making the other woman cum. Secondly, that Natasha had a firm grip on her hair and the hand she had been using to finger the redhead, in the blink of an eye Natasha using the grip on that hand to pull Wanda's fingers out of her and then, along with the grip on her hair, pulled her up and into her deceptively strong arms. Thirdly, Wanda realised just how drenched in cum her face was. But most importantly, she realised how hungrily Natasha was looking at her.

Natasha then pulled the infuriating girl down into an extremely heated kiss, tasting her own cum and pussy cream on Wanda's lips and then tongue as thankfully her new lover eagerly returned the kiss. As tasting herself on another woman's lips and tongue was one of Natasha's favourite things she made sure this kiss lasted quite some time, in the process taking the time to shamelessly groping the nervous girl and roll them over so she was now very much on top of Wanda Maximoff. Then she broke the kiss and gave Wanda her best icy 'you done fucked up' look, and to her credit the girl had the good sense to look bashfully up at her trainer.

"What did I say about not using your powers?" Natasha raised an eyebrow.

"We weren't training?" Wanda whined softly.

"Weren't we?" Natasha quipped, "And even if we ignore the fact you held your target down, you still failed the escape lesson, and when that's combined with using your powers on a seduction target I think you should definitely be punished."

Wanda opened her mouth to protest, then smiled, "As you wish... a spanking, perhaps?"

Natasha smirked, "Guess again."

For a moment Wanda searched Natasha's mind, then she went very pale, "I've... I've never done that before."

Leaning in Natasha softly asked, "Do you doubt I could make you love it?"

There was a pause and then Wanda murmured, "No."

"Then bend over and give me your sweet little virgin ass hole." Natasha growled, "Do it, otherwise no more training for you."

It was an empty threat, and Wanda shouldn't have to use her mind reading powers to know that, but in Natasha's experience it for women like Wanda needed to convince themselves they had little to no choice, because for most of them this would not be something they would do unless they had too. Natasha had expected she guessed right as after only a few seconds after she got off of her fellow Avenger Wanda flipped over onto her stomach and stuck her cute little ass in the air, Natasha admiring it for a few long seconds before retrieving the items she'd need from her gym bag and then returning.

Once she returned Natasha just couldn't resist burying her face in Wanda's pretty little butt as soon as she was kneeling behind her, the younger girl gasping and then moaning as the older one began eagerly licking her ass hole. Natasha had always preferred this form of lubricant, although she had made sure to retrieve the bottle variety along with her trusty strap-on dildo, neither of which she ever left home without. Pretty much. It was certainly proving to be a plus now, Natasha thoroughly coating her just acquired cock in the clear liquid without removing her face from in between Wanda's cheeks.

Excited about the prospect of popping this girl's anal cherry Natasha probably didn't given as thorough a rim job as she should before she pulled her face from being between the cheeks and replace them with her fingers, pushing first one and then two into Wanda's virgin butt hole. Which again got Wanda gasping and moaning, Natasha joining her as both women anticipated what would come next, the only real difference was that Wanda was noticeably still nervous or Natasha was just excited. Although she tried to put the girl's mind at ease by giving her a relatively long anal fingering and made sure to think of all her previous conquests just in case Wanda was reading her mind.

She was of course, those memories, curiosity and a simply desire to get it over with pushing Wanda to whimper, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass!"

For a few long seconds Natasha didn't answer, then she pulled her fingers out of Wanda's butt, slapped it hard and ordered, "You want it? Then spread your cheeks! Oh yeah, give me that sweet little virgin hole!"

Nervously Wanda did as she was told, pressing her face to the bed sheets so she could reach back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible. There was then a brief pause as Natasha crouched down behind her, then Wanda felt Natasha's strap-on pressing against her virgin ass hole. Automatically her body tensed but she quickly forced herself to relax, Natasha having the courtesy of not stating the obvious out loud, although she thought it pretty loudly. Natasha then thought 'relax' over and over again as she slowly pushed forward, Wanda gasping as she felt her previously untouched butt hole stretch for the mighty Black Widow.

All too quickly her anal ring stretched wide enough for Natasha's strap-on to slip through it, pain rocking Wanda's body as she was robbed of her anal cherry. Embarrassingly she cried out and automatically tensed again, but Wanda calmed herself and opened her mouth to instruct Natasha to continue. Before she could get a word out she felt another inch of dildo being gently pushed into her ass, causing her to cry out again and tense slightly, but nowhere near as much as before, which was a good thing because Natasha didn't stop this time, instead giving one continuous slow thrust until her thighs bumped against Wanda's butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of the strap-on cock was buried in her bowels.

Wanda blushed at this revelation, then yelped as Natasha began pumping her hips back and forth, officially starting the butt fucking. Officially starting to fuck Wanda's virgin bottom, or more accurately formerly virgin bottom, Wanda's anal virginity just another conquest of The Black Widow. To her shame Wanda found that a tremendous turn on. That she had become just another notch on Natasha Romanoff's belt, and looking back it seemed that the deadly assassin was taking great pleasure in sodomising her.

Natasha wasn't the only one finding pleasure in this, Wanda's rectum relaxing just like all those men and women who's minds she had read, Wanda finding that she indeed had the same desires as they did. That like them her back passage adjusted to being an open road instead of a one-way street, places inside her which had never been touched before becoming simulated and eventually causing moans to escape her mouth. She tried to hold back at first, partly as not to seem too much like a slut and more importantly so she could prolong this wonderfully twisted experience, Wanda's mind becoming blissfully blank as she lost herself in the unique experience of having her ass fucked.

Natasha smirked when the first moan of pure pleasure escaped Wanda's lips. Truth be told groans, gasps, cries and whimpers had been regularly escaping Wanda's mouth and they mostly sounded of pleasure, however there was enough pain that they let Natasha noted that the girl was still adjusting to her first ass fucking. Now the girl's body was ready for a harder butt pounding, but Wanda herself wanted to hold off. Which was just fine with Natasha, she wanted to prolong this wonderful experience too. After all, ass fucking other women was Natasha's favourite sexual act.

Several other things came close like oral sex, both giving and receiving for either sex, but there was just something about misusing the most private hole on the body of a member of her own sex. It gave her the feeling of power and control she had been trained to crave in her everyday life, and yet it was so twisted and perverted, Natasha manipulating this younger woman into letting her use her forbidden hole as a fuck hole, and actually making the other girl enjoy it. Actually making the powerful 'witch' moan in pleasure from getting fucked up the butt, the powerful enhanced human even spreading her cheeks in total submission to her.

Natasha adored the sight of her cock pumping in and out of Wanda's butt hole, and the sight of the hole itself stretched so wide open for her, Natasha swearing she could feel her mouth water from it. At the very least another part of her was becoming increasingly wet, and not just from the stimulator within the harness constantly bashing her clit. Oh no, the mental stimulation in sodomising this powerful woman was intoxicating, Natasha fucking that tight little virgin ass nice and slow to make sure Wanda was nice and stretched out and to maximise her own enjoyment.

As more and more moans of pleasure fell from Wanda's lips Natasha wondered if this was the most powerful woman she had ever sodomised or not. She certainly hadn't been the hardest to seduce, or the most politically powerful. That was Maria Hill, Natasha remembering taking great satisfaction in sliding into the ass of the Deputy Director of SHIELD, however while she was really, really good Maria wasn't a physically threat her. Neither were the various other females SHIELD Agents Natasha had defeated on the mat and quickly seduced and butt fucked once away from it, but this girl was different. This girl had essentially incapacitated nearly the entire Avengers, screwing with their minds, leaving them a danger to themselves and others. Screwing with her mind. And now she was having her revenge.

"Fuck me." Wanda suddenly moaned, unable to hold back any more, "Ooooooooooh please, fuck me harder."

"You really want it? Make me believe it!" Natasha challenged, "Mmmmmmm, you've read my mind. You know what I want."

There was a brief pause and then Wanda whimpered, "Fuck my ass! Ooooooooooh, fuck it hard and deep, mmmmmmm, make me scream, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck me and make me cum! Please make me cum! Make me cum from being fucked in the ass like a common street whore! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, fuck my butt, butt fuck me, fuck me in the butt, mmmmmmmmmm fuck, just fuck me! Fuck my whore butt harder! Please Natasha, I want to cum. I need to cum! Please? I, ohhhhhhhh yes, ohhhhhhhh shit, harder, oh, oh, oh fuck! Oh God! Oh Natasha! Natasha! Fuck my dyke butt harder Natasha!"

"Good." Natasha interrupted, "Now bounce your cute little ass back at me. Help me fuck your tight little virgin ass hole! Ooooooooh yes, that's it! Mmmmmmm, good girl."

Obediently Wanda lifted herself up onto all fours and started slamming herself back against the redhead, trying to time her thrusts to coincide with Natasha's so that the dildo would go as deep and as hard into her rectum as possible. It took a few tries, but eventually they synced up and that was really when the anal pounding began, the two former enemies turned allies relentlessly increasing the speed of their thrusts until Wanda thought her back passage was literally going to be torn apart from the force of the magnificent ass fucking she was receiving from the legendary superspy.

Every story she had heard, everything she had read, everything she had seen in other people's minds, it was all true. Anal sex could truly be a wonderful experience, especially when Natasha Romanoff was dishing it out. Wanda couldn't truly compare this to anything else, because if this was proving anything other people's memories didn't quite do justice to the actual experience of being butt fucked by The Black Widow, however it was hard to imagine that anyone could fuck her ass so powerfully and yet so skilfully. In truth it was hard to imagine anyone could fuck her in anyway better than Natasha Romanoff, Wanda grateful that she allowed herself to succumb to Natasha's advances.

As she felt herself on the edge of orgasm Wanda wondered what other things would be like with this powerful woman. She never felt particularly dominant in bed, yet she had seen the memories of Natasha with a woman known as Melinda May who had done this to Natasha. Had actually bent The Black Widow over and fucked her up the ass, in truth Wanda having masturbated just as much to those images as she had the more plentiful images of Natasha sodomising someone else, the thought of turning the tables and actually getting to butt fuck the infamous Black Widow being the thing to finally push Wanda over the edge.

Her climax was spectacular, more powerful than any she had known before. Not that it was a surprise considering the build-up, although when it hit Wanda had to desperately concentrate on controlling her powers. It was difficult at the best of times, but now pure ecstasy was melting her mind she felt her eyes glowing red and red sparks flying out of her fingertips, for now doing nothing but creating a pretty light show, although even as she became overwhelmed with this Wanda did her best to make sure it remained that way and she didn't do any serious damage to the room, or worse the woman who was giving her such magnificent pleasure.

Natasha was also careful to keep an eye on what Wanda's powers were doing. Under the circumstances it was difficult not too, but truth be told her main focus was on making sure the other girl came as much as possible. Mostly it was a matter of stubborn pride, and she should know better, but when it came to sex Natasha just couldn't help herself. After all, she had a reputation to protect, and considering they were in the middle of The Avengers base with some of the most powerful heroes Earth had to offer surrounding her, not to mention the incredibly powerful woman she was sodomising, Natasha felt like she could relax as much as she ever could.

Truly she was more worried about Wanda causing damage than any outside force. Not that it stopped her from the powerful bowel wrecking she was giving her former enemy who had so spectacularly fucked with her mind. Now Natasha was truly getting her revenge by ruining Wanda's rectum, perhaps literally now she was using her full speed and strength. To be fair she was just keeping up with Wanda, the younger girl going berserk, and the greater part of her wanted to give this girl pleasure, however there was a part of her which was taking sadistic pleasure in this.

That twisted pleasure and the constant pressure against her clit ensured Natasha came too. Not as hard or as frequently as Wanda, but each one was certainly satisfying, and although Natasha tried to hold them back at first to prolong the anal pounding when she started she did nothing to prevent herself from going over the edge again and again and again. Although truth be told she wasn't sure she could have stopped herself if she had really tried, Wanda's ass just proving itself so wonderfully fuck-able, not too tight or too loose but just right for deep, hard butt sex.

Eventually Natasha found herself turning into a wild animal, relentlessly pounding her submissive mate, a true state of bliss she had rarely known. Sadly, she was unable to keep it up for long, Wanda inevitably collapsing face down in a sweaty heap, and while Natasha did initially keep going she didn't want to fuck an unconscious body. So after one more mutual climax she reluctantly began slowing down, and once she had decreased the pace to slow and steady she yanked her dildo out of Wanda's ass hole and was rewarded with her handiwork, namely the sight of this powerful woman's ass hole left gaping open for her.

After almost a full minute of admiring Wanda's freshly gaped and no longer virgin butt hole Natasha gave that cute little butt a hard slap and then, after the brunette was done crying out, the redhead firmly told her, "You've read my mind. What do you think I want next?"

Wanda bit her lip and considered her options. Part of her wanted to tear the harness off of Natasha's body, strap it around her own waist and shove it up the assassin's perfect ass. She knew at least part of Natasha would like that, but even if she used all of her magic Wanda wasn't sure if she had the strength to actually turn the tables on The Black Widow. Or if she was capable of that type of dominance. Anyway, another valid option was to spread her cheeks and emphasise just how stretched open her ass hole now was, just thinking about it making her blush and yet quiver with submissive delight. But, from a quick scan of Natasha's mind, it wasn't what she wanted from her right now.

What Natasha did want Wanda wasn't sure she could give her, but after all the amazing orgasms she'd just received it felt only right to the witch to slowly turn around, kneel in front of the spy and with a lot of hesitance take the head of the strap-on dildo which had just pummelled the deepest part of her virgin ass into her mouth. Which disgusted her more than a little, but it seemed like such a perfect way to end Natasha's dominance over her. And really, after losing her anal cherry what was one more act of debauchery?

To Wanda's relief the taste wasn't as bad as she feared it might be. She didn't instantly love it as some of the other women Natasha had butt fucked, however the more she sucked the cock the more she got used to the flavour, Wanda eventually finding herself bobbing her head up and down about half of Natasha's dick and thoroughly sucking her own ass cream off of the strap-on. She didn't try to deep throat the toy cock as others had done in the past, but she made sure to thoroughly lick the bottom half. In fact she slid her tongue all over the fake dick for good measure, which was apparently enough for the infamous super spy.

That Natasha wasn't offering up any verbal encouragement, or degrading comments, surprised Wanda a little bit, prompting her to open her eyes and stare up at the other woman. They then locked their gaze and Wanda realised something, Natasha was a little bit afraid of her. Everyone was of course, but as nothing seem to phase Natasha she hadn't really known until now if it was the same for this intimidating woman, and it was glorious because Wanda realised that, once she got her strength back, she could use it to totally turn the table on the feared Natasha Romanoff and fuck that big glorious butt of hers. Or she could just stick to being The Black Widow's bitch. Both were appealing, but all Wanda knew for sure was that she wanted to get her tight little ass fucked by this goddess of a woman again. Soon and often.

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