Loki's Redemption

BY : annerp
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Chapter 1


Shelia quickly downs her second shot of tequila, drops a couple of bills on the counter and walks out to her car. It was time to get the hell out of this bar and try to forget this night.

This night was supposed to be fun and maybe special. This night could have been the one where she finally let go with Roger. Instead, she was behind the wheel of her car, hands shaking with anger, trying to hold back her tears. She wipes her hand across her face wincing at the pain in her right cheek. Feeling the wetness on her fingers, she knows she is bleeding from where Corina landed a good punch. The eye would probably be turning black now, but she didn't want to look in the mirror to check, she had seen herself enough times like that before. She starts her car just as it begins to sprinkle outside.

"Fucking great. One more thing to top off this shit night," she growls to herself as she puts the car in gear. Pulling out of the parking lot, she turns right and starts to head out towards her little rental house on the edge of town.

When she moved here a year ago she chose that house in particular because it was somewhat isolated. She wanted space and most of all she wanted there to be no one around. People can't hurt you if they can't get to you. Which makes her even angrier at herself. Trusting Roger had been a huge mistake. She hadn't trusted any man, not since Sean. After all this time on her own she thought her judgment was better, thought she could trust and maybe even love again.

Slamming her hand into the steering wheel she screams out "God dammit! Why am I so fucking stupid?" and the tears begin to fall. The rain starts to come down hard and lighting flashes ahead as she rounds the last corner before the turn off to the house. The road is dark with few street lights, combine that with the rain and her tears and it should have been predictable that something bad would happen. For a brief moment she thinks she catches a glimpse of the bright green eyes of an animal in the road. Shelia slams on her brakes just a moment too late. The wheel jerks in her hand as the car starts to turn on the slippery road. She feels the impact in the back driver's side.

"Shit! Probably a fucking deer," she grumbles to herself. She looks in her side mirror to figure out where the deer is and if it is still alive. It's so dark she can't see any details only a dark shape by the tire. It doesn't appear to be moving. Suddenly there is a flash of lightning behind the car and in the brief seconds of illumination she notices two things, first, the deer is not moving and second, it may not be a deer. The lightning flashes again and this time she knows, it is definitely not a deer.

"Shit. Shit. Shit," she curses at herself. "What the fuck!" She carefully opens her car door and leans out to get a closer look, dread filling her chest. In the dark she can’t make anything out. Getting out of the car she creeps towards the shape. As she stands over it the lightning flashes a third time and she sees the face of a raven haired man. His features are harsh but handsome. Carefully she reaches out a hand to feel for a pulse at his neck. Without warning his hand comes up and catches her by the wrist. He is so strong, Shelia cannot move her arm so she freezes in place, an ingrained response to danger. Don't provoke, don't get hurt.

The man lets out a groan as he tries to sit up. In the brief seconds before she says anything, several things run through her mind.

Call 911. You've been drinking and you hit someone, you're going to jail. No it was an accident I didn't see him. You shouldn't have been driving. Call for help.

She reaches with her other hand for her phone so she can call 911. Seeing her reach for something, the man reacts instantly, without thinking, and snatches that wrist with his other hand. He looks her over while gripping both her wrists. She finds herself unable to look away from his bright green eyes, his pale skin and his dark, shoulder length hair.

"Just help me up. Don't try anything. I may not have magic, but I assure you, I am far from feeble." His voice is slightly accented and sultry, almost a growl.

"I don't think you should be moving. I was just reaching for my phone to call for help," she says. Magic? She thinks to herself. Just great. A head injury.

"No, don't do that. They'll contact Shield and I won't be able to get away in this condition. Just help me up,” he insists, eyes darting around like a frightened animal.

"Look mister, I really don't think you should be moving around. You could have internal injuries," she responds wondering what shield is.

"Loki," he says as he attempts to pull himself up.

"What?" Sheila asks confused, watching as he eases himself back to the ground with a pained look on his face.

"My name, is Loki, and I am perfectly capable of moving around," he says sternly then groans in pain again as he makes another attempt to stand.Quickly Shelia reaches to help the stubborn man to his feet. He is clearly in a great deal of pain but trying to hide it.

"I'm Shelia. Can I at least drive you to the hospital?"

"I don't need a hospital," he snaps.

"Ok then, how about I drive you home?" She asks.

With a sigh, he responds, "I am home. At least for awhile."

"But where do you live? Can I take you there?" Shelia persists.

"I don't live anywhere. Not anymore," he answers looking around as if seeing everything for the first time.

It's dark and the rain is pouring down and Shelia knows she can't just leave him on the side of the road especially after hitting him with her car and something about this man makes her feel like she should trust him. She feels compelled to help him.

"Well, then how about I take you to my house? Get you out of the rain and make sure you aren't really injured. Please, at least let me do that."

At first he looks angry. Then his features soften as he glances around again and acknowledges his predicament. Shelia is once again drawn to his startling green eyes as he settles his gaze on her.

"That is very..... Kind of you," Loki responds as she opens the passenger door to her car and helps him get in.

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