Doomed Relationship

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Fantastic Four: Doomed Relationship


By: Night Creeper


Disclaimer: Characters from this story were created by Marvel Comics are owned and created by Marvel Comics. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by Marvel Comics, they are still owned by Marvel Comics. Any resemblance to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!


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Notes from the author: I based this loosely on the cartoon version of the Fantastic Four and episode entitled, Doomed. I believe the cartoon is currently airing on Cartoon Network, but I haven’t been able to catch it. Instead, I have only been able to watch it on YouTube. So saw it and came up with this idea. And yes, I did not edit the story.


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Fantastic Four: Doomed Relationship


By Night Creeper




Sue Storm was totally shocked. When Reed Richards asked her to join him on the rooftop, she thought he was going to show her a telescope that would allow her to view faraway galaxies. And even though there were visible stars from the rooftop, there was also a circular table with an expensive white table cloth draped over it. There were two golden candle holders with lit red candles that emitted a sweet scent as it burned. Wine glasses and an elevated wine holder was busy keeping an expensive bottle of red wine chilled. Silver forks, spoons, and a knife were set next to the ornate white plates as a smaller table a few inches from the main one, had all the food. Sue could even hear the romantic melody of violins being played on the rooftop as well. “Reed?” the woman asked.

“I’m glad you could join me tonight, Susan,” Mr. Fantastic spoke as he pulled a chair pack and indicated for her to sit.

“I . . . What? I . . . What?” Sue said, unsure how to finish her question.

“My speech on molecular physics was cancelled for the night, which is a good thing. Especially since I rather spend time with you,” Reed Richards replied as Susan Storm sat down on the chair. The man gently pushed the chair forward and extended his arm to get a napkin. He then shook it out and placed gently on the woman’s lap.

“Are you feeling well, Reed?”

“I am, Susan.”

“This isn’t like you.”

“I know. I had actually ordered some of this food as a gift for the board of trustees at the college. I really appreciated their gesture of inviting me to speak. But, I decided to keep the food after the cancelled. Ben and Johnny wouldn’t appreciate this type of food so I thought of you,” Reed spoke as he placed a new plate of crab cakes, filet mignon, and a menagerie of carved vegetable animals.

“This carrot rabbit so is so cute,” Sue giggled, reassured by Reed’s explanation since he wasn’t know to have much of a romantic bone in his body. In fact, she accepted the wine quite readily and clanged glasses with him before taking a sip. “This is excellent wine, Reed.”

“I’m glad someone is enjoying it. The trustees should have kept the lecture. I could have spoken even if they didn’t pay me.”

“Are you going to talk about . . .”

“No. You’re right, Susan. I shouldn’t spoil the mood. It is a lovely sky tonight and I am dining with a lovely woman,” Reed replied. Susan Storm blushed as the two chatted, ate, and drank the expensive wine.






Later that Night



“Ohhhh!” Susan Storm moaned as she rode Reed Richards. The woman’s moans got louder and louder as she rode him. Her sweaty breasts bounced furiously while the man gripped her hips. Sue threw her head back in sheer lust as her hands flew to her boobs, where she squeezed and fondled them. The Invisible Woman could feel Reed’s dick expand inside her, stretching and filling her to capacity. The sensation was amazing and overpowering. Simply put, the woman couldn’t stay up anymore as she bent forward, her hands slamming onto the headboard while her breasts slapped against the man’s face.

Reed smiled and grunted as he gripped the woman’s breasts. He then stretched his tongue and lapped at her engorged nipples. Reed covered the woman’s bullet like nipples causing her to moan even louder. Within seconds, the man licked, kissed, and sucked hard on her breasts and nipples while Susan reacted by increasing her efforts. Then Reed expanded his dick just a little bit more as a playful gesture.

“OH YES!” Susan Storm screamed as her body shot straight up. The woman bounced up and down even faster as Reed extended his neck and hands to keep up with the woman. In fact, the more he did, the faster the woman become. Thus, Reed Richards eventually stretched his entire upper body, circled the woman around the waist like boa constrictor and latched his hands onto the side of her breasts while his mouth and tongue continued to assault them.

“I . . .arrrggg . . . I need to pull back,” Reed Richards grunted after a few minutes.

“Please Reed! Don’t go! Stay! Just a little more!” Just a little more!” Susan Storm begged through gritted teeth.

“I . . . can’t!” Reed yelled as his cock pulsed and he blasted his spunk into Sue’s welcoming pussy.

Sue Storm felt the flood of his spunk as it triggered her own orgasm. The woman felt an unbelievable warmth grip her body even though Mr. Fantastic had retracted and landed back on the bed with a heavy thud. After a few seconds, the woman joined him as she landed on top of him. Her body would occasionally quiver as she kissed the man repeatedly on the neck. Soon, she felt his arms hugging her. The woman cooed and snuggled next to her lover.






A Week Later




Susan Storm was elated. She had always loved Reed Richards, but she always felt like she was a second fiddle when compared to his scientific experiments. But now, he was talking more about how his feelings for her and complimenting her. The man even put aside some of his work to spend more time with her. They went to shows together rather than spending all his time in his lab. The extra time spent together away from missions was definitely having an effect on her. Throughout the week, she felt closer to him. In the last week, he held her more, lavished praise on her more, kissed her more, and the sex was amazing. Of course, the best part was that Reed Richards would now initiate it as well as pick up on his hints. He was no longer totally oblivious to her advances or her in general. And after another night out of town, where they went to her favorite opera, then a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant, followed by a moonlit stroll around the park. And better yet, every night was followed by a few glasses of wine followed by Susan’s favorite place within the Baxter Building, Reed’s room. And currently, Sue had prepped herself in an adjoining bathroom as was prepared to make an appearance.

“My god,” Reed Richards swallowed as he saw a lovely vision standing between his bedroom and his bathroom. Susan Storm was dressed in a crotchless fishnet bodystocking dyed in a light blue. It was long sleeved and hugged her perfect body that now included a thoroughly shaved pussy. The woman slowly sauntered to the bed. “I want you,” Sue Storm spoke as she cupped her breasts before releasing them.

Reed Richards extended his hands, entered the body stocking through the collar around her neck, and wrapped around Sue’s breasts. His strong hands groped and mauled her breasts as the woman moaned in pleasure. To further her stimulation, he gripped her nipples and moved them up and down. Over the course of the week, Sue’s nipples had gotten more sensitive thanks to all the stimulation that Reed had given to her with his hands, lips, and tongue. Thus each motion caused her to emit a tiny high-pitched yelp. But most importantly, each tweak caused her to become wetter as her own juices slowly trickled down her thighs. Reed smiled and knew what to do. He extended his head and was about lick her pussy when she gripped his head and pulled it to her eye level. “Sue,” Reed spoke in surprise as he had gotten her ready by licking her.

“No need, Reed. I’m already wet. I just need you inside me,” Susan moaned as Reed Richards was only too happy to oblige. The man retracted his head first and with his hands still on her breasts, he pulled her toward the bed. However, Sue gave a wicked smile as she started running back toward the bathroom. Reed decided not to pull her to the bed. Instead, he used his arms to pull himself toward her.

Within seconds, Susan Storm fingered her dripping pussy with her left hand as she leaned against the counter with the sink. Then with her right hand, she reached back and gripped the man’s dick. She pulled on it causing the man to groan. “Did I hurt you?” she asked as she saw her reflection in the mirror.

“No,” Mr. Fantastic groaned.

“Good boy,” Susan Storm purred as she pressed his dick against the lips of her pussy. With his hands still holding onto her breasts, Reed Richards thrust forward, burying his manhood into Susan’s welcoming pussy. The man then continued to pump his dick in and out of her pussy as he held on tightly to her breasts. Sue moaned loudly as she grinded her butt back, meeting Reed’s thrusts, watching her lust covered face in the mirror.

Reed Richards could see his own reflection in the mirror as well even though it was fogging up thanks to Susan’s panting breath. Reed felt that he could do a better job with a different positioning of his hands. Thus, he released Susan’s breasts. Reed then wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist before shooting back to her breasts. The man then worked like machine, pumping in and out of the woman’s sex. His hips slammed again and again into the woman’s firm butt.

Within seconds, Susan Storm climaxed again. Her body shook violently as her lover held onto her body. She screamed loudly as Mr. Fantastic carried the panting woman to bed, where they could continue their fun and no doubt, Susan Storm would have to buy a new outfit before it was all said and done.






The Next Day




A camera crew was totally in shock as they recorded the images before them. The Thing and Johnny Storm were fighting Reed Richards deep within the Baxter Building. Confusing them even more was the fact that Susan Storm stood next Dr. Doom. Suddenly, the room was engulfed in an incredibly bright green light before both Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic fell to the ground.

“A futile effort, Richards. You may have reversed the psychic transfer, but Doom is still victorious. The overload of the power core cannot be stopped,” Dr. Doom growled.

“I agree. Susan now!” Reed Richards yelled as Susan Storm stood with a cube over her head. The cube instantly shrank the core. “I have you to thank, Doom. Without you rearranging my science lab, I would have never seen the path to unlocking the micro-verse. I reduced the power core to microscopic size.”

“No one beats Doom!” Dr. Doom yelled as he blasted a hole into the wall and flew through it.

“Mr. Fantastic, can you tell me why you tried to blow up New York?” the director with the camera crew asked.

“You’re on public relations,” the Thing told Johnny.

“Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic changed bodies,” Johnny Storm spoke as the director didn’t even react. “It was a training exercise,” Johnny Storm added as the director and crew smiled. Then the Thing and Johnny lead them out of the room.

“So how was it being Dr. Doom?” Susan Storm asked.

“I still can’t the metal out of my mouth,” Reed Richards replied.

“How about this then?” Susan Storm asked as she hugged Reed and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Unfortunately, Reed’s reaction wasn’t as passionate.

“I miss you too, Susan. If you’ll excuse me, I have to check my lab to see what else Doom has done to it,” Reed Richards spoke as he took the elevator back to his lab, leaving a perplexed Susan Storm.





A Week Later




Susan Storm was at her whits end. She had watched porn tapes and adopted a more vulgar vocabulary in order to entice Reed Richards. Yet, the man was totally not interested in sex. He would kiss and hug her, but the romance and dates were gone. The man simply spent too much time in his lab and not enough time with her. At first, she was disgusted with herself that she had slept with Dr. Doom for an entire week. She had to take incredibly long showers to get th thoughts out of her mind, but lately, she didn’t have the desire to eliminate them from her mind.

“Howdy sis,”Johnny Storm spoke as he popped his head into his sister’s room. “Ben is chasing me around the Baxter Building. That’s why I’m hopping out for a ride. You want to come along?”

“No thanks.”

“Your loss.”

“Come back here toothpick!” the Thing growled as he chased after Johnny Storm, who was headed toward the garage.

“They’re gone,” Susan smiled as she opened her closet. Within seconds, she was dressed in a new outfit and headed downstairs to the lab.

“H.E.R.B.I.E! Are you sure that we’ve discussed everything that Doom touched?” Reed Richards asked as he continued to tinker on the console.

“Yes Mr. Richards,” H.E.R.B.I.E. replied.

“Run a full diagnostic again. I want to be sure.”

“Yes sir. Running diagnostic again.”


“Reed! Can I talked to you?” Susan Storm’s voice inquired from the doorway.

“Go ahead,” Reed replied as he continued to pump in commands on the console.

“I can think of a few things that he touched,” Susan slyly remarked.

“I guess I could bring back the power core,” the man spoke as he rubbed his chin.

“Reed . . .” Susan purposely said, allowing her voice to trail off, hoping that he would turn his head. Yet, the man continued to tinker with the console.

“You may want to turn around, sir,” H.E.R.B.I.E. spoke.

“Not now. I have to check to see if it’s safe to bring back the power core.”

“The power core should have exploded, Reed!” Susan yelled impatiently.

“Then I might be able to rebuild it,” Reed spoke as he began to pump buttons.

“Mr. Richards . . .” H.E.R.B.I.E. tried to warn.

“Not now!”

“You’re right. Not now,” Susan Storm muttered under breath as she walked back to her room. The woman stood in front of the mirror

Susan Storm stomped into her room and angrily looked at her own reflection in the mirror. The woman had a heavy layer of makeup on her face. She had black eyeliner and silver eye shadow. The woman had applied red blush to her cheeks and fiery red lipstick. She was also wearing absolutely nothing except for a pair of clear platform heels. Then the memories flooded back to her from weeks past. With a trembling lip, the woman stared nice and long at her own reflection. Eventually, she took one last look. “Fuck it,” she sighed as she headed to her closet.





Later that Night



The Fantasticar landed in Latveria surrounded by Doombots. Dr. Doom angrily walked toward the vehicle. “How dare you come here, Reed!” Doom bellowed.

“Relax. Reed isn’t here,” a voice spoke calmly from the vehicle as the door opened.

“Hurry up, Reed!” Dr. Doom growled as he smacked his fists.

“You won’t need to fight and the others aren’t here,” Susan Storm spoke as she exited the vehicle. Dr. Doom saw that she was a wearing a long brown trench coat, but he was perplexed as he could have sworn he heard Reed’s voice earlier when the vehicle was requesting to land. “I know what you’re thinking, Doom. You want to know where Reed is. He’s at the Baxter Building as usual. The man may be the smartest man in the laboratory, but he stinks at everything else! I’m tired of waiting.”

“Waiting?” Dr. Doom inquired as Susan’s peaked his interests.

“You pretended to be him for quite some time, Victor. I can call you, Victor?”

“By all means.”

“Even though you tried to blow up the Baxter Building, I did have fun with you while you were present. I know you were in Reed’s body, but the actions were all you.”

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at, Susan.”

“Maybe this will help explain things,” Susan Storm spoke as she threw the coat open and flung it off of her. Dr. Doom was pleasantly pleased with what he saw. The blonde bombshell was wearing a swimsuit that consisted of two tiny patches of green metallic fabric, which barely covered her nipples. There were two thin strips of fabric, about the same width as dental floss, connected to the top of patch and stretched behind her neck. Two more think straps went between her shaved sex. Her pussy was covered by a green metallic thong and had to be shaved since it fit just right. One piece of thin string ran up her butt cheeks, up her spine, and connected itself to the straps from the patches over her breasts. Dr. Doom was pleased how the outfit made Susan Storm look like she had just left the set of a porn movie.

“Halt! Noone shall approach Doom!” one of the Doombots ordered.

“Silence! She can approach Doom!” Dr. Doom quickly snapped.

“I hope to do more than just approach Doom,” Susan spoke with a sly grin on her face as Doom took her hand and lead her toward his castle.






Three Months Later





For the first time in his life, Reed Richards was too exhausted to work in his lab. Instead, he simply had his hands gripping the back of his head as he tightly pressed his forehead against the side of the table. The man was perplexed about the sudden turn of events. He thought everything was going great since he returned to his own body. Yet, the Fantastic Four was no more since there were only three members. A few inches from the head the man’s head was a newspaper. There printed in large bold letters was the headline that announced Susan Storm’s departure from the Fantastic Four and her marriage to Dr. Doom in Latveria. And to make matters worse, he had no idea why she left and his two teammates outside couldn’t explain it to him either.

The scene was far different in Latveria. Inside Victor von Doom’s chambers, Susan Storm, who was now known as Susan von Doom, was celebrating her new life. The blonde woman was wearing a white tantalizing tease bra and g-string. Basically, she had an open cup bra top and open crotch g-string trimmed with beaded fringe. She also wore a pair of white sexy sheer stockings, which featured a stretch lace top and wedding bells applique. Adorning her arms were a pair white lace fingerless gloves with ruffle trim around her wrist and elbow. On her feet, the woman was wearing a pair of transparent platforms with an incredibly high stiletto heels with the word, Sexy, across the toe straps. She also wore a pair of hooped rhinestone earrings with the word, Sexy, spelled out in large letters inside the hoop. Sue decided her throat was too bare so she donned a rhinestone choker around her neck, which had the words, Fuck Me, on the front. Her eyelashes were long and thick like her makeup while her blonde hair was done in a French Twist with a pin that was shaped like Doom’s mask. The pin was special since it was connected to the transparent bridal veil that once covered her face. Dr. Doom had lifted the veil, which symbolized his acceptance of Sue as his property. The woman got such a rush from it that she often requested that she wear the veil and have him lift it before they fucked. Doom hardly ever had to be talked into it, but he did take pleasure watching her beg. Yet, it was never as pleasant as when Susan used her lips and tongue, sucking and slurping his member for all she was worth; like what she was doing now. The woman had learned quite a lot from the porn videos, but the main thing that she learned on her own was that the sex was always hotter when she continued to suck him regardless of the number of times that he shot into her mouth. She learned that as long as she didn’t stop until told to, her reward would be well worth it. Therefore, when Dr. Doom felt his impending fourth load, he stopped Susan.

The woman knew what was to happen next as she lowered herself onto his erect member. She kneeled next to his thighs as his manhood entered her quivering pussy. Once her pussy had sucked the entire member inside, the woman began to ride up and down the member in a steady rhythm, moaning the entire time. Her moans got louder when Doom reached up and fondled her tits. In fact, the woman obediently leaned forward to give his hands better access. Gradually, the pace picked up as Susan leaned forward so that her heaving breasts hung invitingly above Doom’s face whenever he released them. “Fuck me!” she squealed.

Hearing this, Doom released Susan’s breasts and reached around where he cupped her ass, forcing her to quicken the pace. The Invisible Woman threw her head back with a wild howl as her hands slammed into the bed in order to keep her from losing her balance. She could feel her body tightening while her pussy gripped Doom’s dick.

Within a few seconds, Doom and Susan climaxed at the same time. Dr. Doom flooded Susan’s pussy with his hot sperm while Susan coated his dick with her juices as she laid on top of him, totally spent. However, that didn’t stop the woman from giving her husband a passionate kiss. “I love you,” she cooed as she broke the kiss and pressed her cheeks against his neck, nestling in for a rest.

Dr. Doom could feel the woman’s heartbeat as he glanced toward the night stand and saw the empty wine glass. A smile crossed his face as he remembered how easy it was to drug the wine and have Susan drink it each night in the Baxter Building. The wine made her horny and loosened her inhibitions. Once she was sleeping, the drug made her more susceptible to the subliminal messages that he was busy pumping into her brain. It was simply all too easy using Reed’s body to gain her confidence. Although, Dr. Doom hadn’t counted on Reed returning to the Baxter Building, where he could swap bodies, he was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. He had planned to bend her to his will while posing as Reed, but he never expected her to show up as doorstep, where she seduced him into agreeing to fuck her every day and to make her his wife. The man chuckled as he glanced down at the sleeping Sue and thought about sending Reed some video of the last few days. “Nothing like adding salt to a gaping wound, Richards! Your relationship was doomed from the beginning whereas this Doom relationship is just starting!” Dr. Doom chuckled to himself as he realized that he had won and Reed Richards was doomed to live the rest of his life knowing that Susan Storm belonged to Victor von Doom.



The End

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