The Black Widow\'s Last Mission

BY : NightCreeper
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Notes from the author: I would like to take the time to thank Natasha Kneels for her input in this story. Basically, she supplied an idea for the story and I just expanded on it. Hopefully, I didn't screw up the characters too much. Additionally, I am not very familiar with the Black Widow character, hence the short story; the very short story. She did supply a web site with a lot information relating to Marvel characters (so there will probably be more Marvel based stories in the future). Finally, even though there wasn't an editor for this story, she did check the story and made sure that it made sense.


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Natalia Romanova also known as Natasha to friends, but known mostly as the Black Widow watched the gentlemen's club with intently, studying the patrons and the layout. In the past, the woman had been linked to the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. amongst other organizations. Additionally, she had been linked to a number of suitors as well, but none of them really kept her interest. Currently, the woman was working freelance and opened her own private investigation company. About a week ago, she received a call about a job. The call was from a frantic woman, who was calling about a missing a child. She informed Natasha that she and her exhusband was engaged in a bitter custody battle. In the middle of the night, the man kidnaped her daughter from her very house. The police were summoned and held the man overnight, but could not make him confess. They also could not find any evidence that identified him as the kidnaper. In fact, they found several witnesses that vouched for his whereabouts that night. Knowing that she had no one to turn to, the frantic mother turned to Natasha. The only information that the mother gave Natasha was that her exhusband, Bruce, frequented a club. This club was also where the witnesses that supported her husband frequented. Natasha decided to keep tabs on the club and on this night, the woman was able to positively identify Bruce as he walked into the club, thanks to her binoculars and the picture of the man that the exwife supplied her. The Black Widow then sprung into action.

"Hey! You can't go in there!" a huge bouncer yelled at Natasha as she walked past him.

"Back off, big boy!" the woman snarled as she raised her right wrist and blasted him with her Widow's Bite, an electro-blast that was emitted from wrist-bracelets. The man quickly fell in a heap as the woman entered the club.

The club was filled with smoke and techno music that blared from the speakers hanging down from the ceiling. Additionally, numerous catcalls and whistles from men filled the club as well. Numerous small stages with a pole in the center were erected inside the main room with chairs lined up all around them. Within seconds, the Black Widow realized that the gentlemen's club was nothing more than a sleazy strip club. She could see several woman dressed up in various superheroine costumes dancing about up on the stages. The Russian woman tried to get a closer look at the woman but the strobe lights would hit her directly in the eyes. After a few occasions, she didn't even bother with the idea. "Pathetic," the woman snarled as she saw dancers who wore costumes like Sue Storm, Kitty Pryde, Jubilation Lee, and even Mary Jane Watson. The dancers even looked a little like the women. Without thinking much of the resemblance, the woman's eyes darted back and forth through the dark smoke filled room, occasionally catching the full blast of a strobe light, but she could not spot Bruce.

"Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the Domino is about to fall at Stage Five," the DJ announced over the loud music as a huge neon sign with the stage number brightly lit up the corresponding stage, attracting numerous eyes including the Black Widow's.

"Disgusting," Black Widow snarled as she saw the nude woman on the stage. She could see the woman bending her knees and laid back on the stage with her sex in the air. The woman moaned and writhed on the stage as her left hand pumped her shaved sex while her right hand groped her own large breasts. The Black Widow saw that the stripper pretending to be Domino even had black paint around her left eye. The Russian woman couldn't believe that all the sweat hadn't washed it away. However, she turned away right before the woman climaxed on the stage to a huge round of applause.

"And don't forget the dazzling display from Dazzler on Stage Ten," the DJ announced.

Once again, a large neon light illuminated the corresponding number of the stage. This time, the Black Widow saw a woman with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Like the previous woman, this one was nude except her body was covered in glitter, sending a wide array of colors into the crowd. Large hooped silver earrings hung from her ears as wide makeup decorated the woman's face as she pumped her microphone in and out of her dripping sex. Absolute bliss decorated the woman's face as her hands moved faster and faster. "This is revolting!" the Russian spy spat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there's a storm brewing at Stage Eleven. Her name is Ororo Munroe. Her costume consists of a black bikini suit held together by a gold ring. She wears a black pair of thigh-high boots and a black cape with gold trimmings covering her upper arms. These trimmings are fastened to the back of her gold bracelets. There's the addition on a tiara that she use to wear back in Kenya and now rests comfortably on her wild white hair. Of course, she won't be wearing it much longer," the DJ joked as the crowd roared in approval.

The Black Widow watched as the look-alike trailed her hands up and down her body before yanking the cape off and tossing it into the crowd. The audience cheered as the woman ripped the gold ring and her costume began to fall apart. Disgusted by the image, the Black Widow turned and walked toward another table only to see the White Queen, Emma Frost, who wore a white corset and panties, thigh-high white boots, opera gloves and a fur-trimmed cape. Standing next to the woman was a totally nude Betsy Braddock while two nude women knelt in front of them. The two nude women were busy kissing and had their hair mix together with a blur of hands as they jockeyed for position. All the Black Widow could see was orange hair and blonde hair mixing together. Eventually, they pulled away to reveal imitations of Moira Kinross MacTaggert and Paige Elisabeth Guthrie. "This is just too much," the woman spoke to herself as she shook her head.

"It's really not as bad as you think it is," the White Queen's voice replied inside the Black Widow's head. This caused the Russian woman's eyes to grow wide like saucers as she stared up at Emma Frost. "Not a single women here is a fake and this club is something more than what one would expect it to be."

The Black Widow's mind reeled as the gravity of situation hit her. The women in the club were not ordinary strippers, they were all affiliated with the good mutants. Some were tougher than others, but they were all participating in lewd behavior that a superheroine would never participate in, especially in public. Yet, in front of her own eyes, the Black Widow was witnessing their own debasement. Without saying another word, the woman turned on her heels and ran toward the door, only to trip and fall onto the hard floor.

"Careful," a man spoke. "Don't hurt yourself. Wouldn't want a pretty woman like yourself to injure your face before you could preform."

"I beg your pardon!" the Black Widow snarled as she got to her knees only to see a woman, who was the spitting image of Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, dressed in her infamous black outfit, on all fours staring back at her. A black dog collar encased the woman's neck as a long silver chain was scattered all over the floor while the end of the chain circled the man's right fist.

"Come on," the man snarled as he pulled on the chain. The woman sobbed as turned to face him and quickly wrapped her luscious lips around the man's member. She began to bob her head back and forth, sucking him as he reached down and gripped her large breasts. The woman offered no resistance as she sucked, holding onto his knees with her hands.

The Black Widow slowly got to her feet and stood behind the seated man. She wasn't quite sure why she was standing behind him, but she was. Even stranger was the fact that she peered down and saw the Black Cat, staring up at the man, eyes fluttering. Without even noticing the Black Widow, the Black Cat allowed the dick to slick out of her mouth before she slurped her tongue along the entire length of the member, pushing it high into the air. The white haired woman slid her tongue up and down the man's shaft several times before taking him back into her mouth, forcing her cheeks to bulge. "Disgus . . ." Natasha tried to say as she met the Black Cat's gaze.

"Be a copy cat," the man spoke as Natasha found herself dropping to her knees as the Black Cat moved out of the way. Squatting on the floor, Natasha saw that the dick was pointing straight at her face, veins bulging. The woman trembled as the man held the back of her head while his other hand held his member and pointed it at her mouth. The woman's mind screamed as she wanted to pull away. Instead, she closed her eyes and opened her quivering lips. The man then slowly slid his member into the woman's mouth.

"Oh god!" the woman's mind screamed as her teeth gently scraped against the man's foreskin. Then her taste buds were greeted by drops of the man's hot and salty seed, which the Black Cat had forced from the man's balls. Before Natasha knew it, the man's member filled her mouth as her lips encircled his member and perform, bobbing her head just like the Black Cat earlier. The woman couldn't believe that she was engaging in such a vile act.

"Oh yes," the man smiled as he drove his member deeper and deeper into the woman's mouth. The Black Widow's eyes sprang open. The woman was in a panic as she started to gag. Thus, the woman spat the cock out of her mouth only to have the man force it back into her mouth. This time, the man gripped the sides of her head and began to piston the woman's head on his prick, causing the woman a great deal of discomfort as her jaws ached, trying to accommodate his member.

"MMMMFFFFPPPPHHH!!!" the woman screamed as the man eventually pushed her off of his member. The woman fell on the floor in a heap as hands gripped her arm and lifted her to her feet. For the first time, the Black Widow noticed that the house lights were on and that the club was full of the world's most feared villains. She saw Venom, Magneto, Sabretooth, Omega Red, Mr. Sinister, Doctor Octopus, and Doctor Doom just to name a few. Now, the woman wished she was still under the table.

"Dance!" the man snarled.

The Black Widow much to her chagrin began to move her body in rhythm with the massive bass blasting through the speakers. Her hands slowly slid up her legs, her stomach, past her breasts, and eventually her face before she ran her fingers through her long red hair. For the next few minutes, the woman danced on stage while groping and sliding her hands all over her body, often cupping her tits and sex. Tears streamed down her face as she saw the numerous eyes watching her performance. Often her eyes met the other heroines inside the club. She begged them for their assistance, but instead the heroines simply dropped their eyes to the floor and allowed the villain behind them to slide their hands all over their bodies. The Black Widow continued to sob as she bent forward with her hands trapped between her legs while she shook her shoulders, enticing the crowd with her breasts. The woman couldn't believe her own lewd behavior.

"Strip!" the man commanded as he stroked the Black Cat's face.

The Black Widow unzips her black outfit and peels it off, revealing her ample and firm breasts as well as her red bush. The woman kicked the outfit to the side and began to thrust her hips while she shook her breasts. Natasha ran her hands up and down her sides as she jerked her body from side to side, making her tits wobble just a bit. Then she squatted and stood, squatted and stood, repeating the process over and over again as if she were impaling herself on the world's largest dick. Her hands gripped her tits and squeezed as the crowd cheered.

"Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow," a feminine voice spoke clearly as Natasha saw the woman that hired her to retrieve her daughter. "So easy to trick," the woman laughed as the tan skin disappeared and was replaced by blue skin.

"Mystique!" the Russian woman moaned.

"Correct. You superheroines are all the same. A simple sob story will make you all come running. Your egos cause you not to ask for assistance. And when you realize you're over your head, it's too late. The other women in this club are just like you. They all wanted to rescue that girl, but none of them succeeded. The minute you walked in that door, the world's most dangerous telepathists began to assault your mind. Mesmero, Mastermind, Sauron, and even the Shadow King. You didn't stand a chance especially since Sauron soften you up with his eyes. You probably thought they were strobe lights," Mystique laughed.

"No," the woman mouthed as she fell to her knees. Her hand was still busy pumping in and out of her sex as her own juices began to wet the stage.

"I'm afraid so. And if Emma Frost and Psylocke, two telepaths couldn't escape the mental barrage, I highly doubt you will escape us. In fact, your about to get some commands that the crowd won't be able to hear. Do obey them," Mystique laughed.

The Black Widow was scared as she heard the commands in her head and then watched helplessly as her body reacted. Within seconds, the woman was licking her own wet fingers. Her tongue lapped at them like a cat drinking milk before thrusting them one at a time into her mouth and then pumping it in and out of her mouth for a few seconds. She repeated the process with each finger as her free hand continued to finger her sex. Once her hand was cleaned, she repeated the process with the other hand as her clean hand groped her firm breasts while her juices fell upon the stage. When her hand was cleaned, the woman dropped to all fours and crawled around the stage, shaking her ass seductively in the air before returning to her starting point. That's when she bent forward and began to lick her own pussy juice from the stage. The crowd roared as she cleaned the stage. Natasha sobbed the entire time.

"Now, lie down on the stage and spread your legs. Your freelance days are over, but your days as a dancer have just begun," Mystique ordered so the entire crowd could hear her.

"I can't . . ." the Black Widow snarled as she gritted her teeth, but found herself obeying Mystique nonetheless.

"Venom, show Ms. Romanova her future or the Shadow King will," Mystique laughed as the man who was fucking Black Cat turned into vapor and disappeared.

Venom leapt into the air and landed directly in front of the stage. The sudden gust of air caused Natasha's body to quiver. However, that was nothing compared to what her body did when Venom stuck out his long dripping tongue and licked the woman's sex, leaving a huge layer of spit all over the lower half of the woman's body. The Black Widow moaned loudly as Venom gripped her hips and rubbed the head of his meat against the woman's dripping sex. "She's ready," the villain chuckled.

"Almost ready," the voice of the Shadow King exploded from Natasha's mouth.

"She is ready," Venom smiled as he trailed his tongue all over the woman's heaving chest. Her nipples instantly grew hard as the villain's warm hot spit brought them to life. The woman moaned as Venom inserted his member into the woman's sex. Once inside, Venom's tool increased in size, filling the woman completely. Then the villain began pumping his meat in and out of the woman as she screamed and writhed on the stage.

"You like this," the Shadow King's voice boomed inside the Black Widow's skull. "Yes. You do like this. I can feel it. I can feel the electricity burning and flowing through your body. Soon, you'll explode."

"Get out of my head!" the woman yelled.

"I'm not in your head. I am all around you. I lost the war long ago to Charles Xavier and his students. But now I have come up with a plan that is full proof. I have assembled the greatest collection of villains in the world. I do not command their minds, but I can control their sex drive, which is a beast all onto itself. They are enslaved by their bodies' only needs. And sluts like you are to fan those needs. Once I have made certain that they are loyal, we will march and unleash terror upon the populace. And when my enemies have been vanquished, so will my allies," the Shadow King laughed.

"It will never work!"

"That's what all the women before you said. Yet, not a single one has ran out of this club or even shared my plans with the others, and neither will you! Surrender to pleasure, Black Widow! Surrender!"

"NOOOO! Will not surrender!" the woman groaned as jolts of pleasure seized her body. Within in seconds, the woman screamed loudly as she wretched her head back and her eyes slammed shut. Even with her eyes shut, a pale blue glow could be seen through her eyelids. The woman thrashed about on the stage as her legs wrapped themselves around Venom's torso. Her hands flew to her breasts and gripped them tightly. Then he body shook like a violent earthquake again and again. Venom even thought that the woman would rip her breasts right off. The other villains clapped as they knew a new performer had joined the club.

"Don't take too long Venom," Mystique laughed. "I need to place a phone call to another mutant soon. I think my daughter has ran away again."


The End

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