Breaking The Black Cat

BY : NightCreeper
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Notes from the author: I based this loosely on the comic written by Kevin Smith, The Evil that Men Do.  The only difference is that this story is concluded and you don’t have to wait over a year of the last issue.  And yes, I did not edit the story.

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Marvel:  Breaking the Black Cat

By: Night Creeper

    Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat, cursed herself for being so stupid.  Earlier in the night, she was upset when Spiderman started Garrison Klum and then left.  The man had murdered her friend, Tricia Lane.  The Black Cat argued with Spiderman, which lead to a huge fight.  The fight ended when Spiderman was webbed by his web lines.  That allowed her to pay a visit to Garrison Klum.  But it turns out that he was expecting her.  The man revealed that he was a low level teleport and he only discovered that he could do it when he accidentally killed his own mother.  Since then he has steadily built an empire as Mr. Brownstone and was selling his talents to the rich and famous, who didn’t want to have holes all over their arms when they shot up.   As he talked, he was cooking up a special concoction in a spoon.  When the Black Cat was ready to strike, he teleported the heroin into the Black Cat’s body.  The shot was enough to immobilize the
Black Cat, leaving her helpless on Mr. Brownstone’s bed.
    “And Mister Brownstone can’t have you meddling with his business, or his place in the community, just because a few junkies died.  Can he?  So Mister Brownstone’s going to teach you NOT to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong . . . in the most EFFECTIVE way he can imagine,” the man spoke as he took off his robe and gripped the Black Cat’s face.
    “I’ll . . . I’LL KILL YOU . . .” the Black Cat spoke as tears pulled at the edge of her eyes.
    “Ooooo!  That reminds me . . . if Tricia Lane was a friend of yours, then I’m sorry to report that I miscalculated on HER does a bit.  But HER loss is YOUR gain.  As I now know the proper amount to port into someone I DON’T want fighting back.”
    “Gotta fight him . . . gotta . . . please . . .” the Black Cat thought to herself as she tried to force her muscles to move.
    “Y’know some junkies say heroin is better than sex.  You let me know if they’re right . . .” the man laughed as he got on his bed and began to unzip the Black Cat’s tight black outfit.
    “Oh yes!  No underwear!” Mr. Brownstone smiled as he saw the woman’s large naked breasts popped out of her outfit as the zipper slid past her crotch.  The man’s hands roamed all over her body.  He pinched her ass, squeezed her tits, and even cupped her shaved pussy.  However, the man quickly turned his attention back to her breasts.  He licked the woman’s nipples with his tongue, alternating between the two for several seconds, leaving a trail of drool all over her mounds.  Then he started to pinch, pull, twist, and slap her nipples and breasts, causing the woman to yelp.
    “Stop this!” the Black Cat demanded.
    “No,” the man replied as his hands continued to maul the woman’s tits.  His mouth and tongue were now devoted to her face.  The man dragged his tongue all over her beautiful features.  The Black Cat cringed as the man bathed her nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, eyes, and mask with his warm spit.  The woman simply cringed, but didn’t dare say a word.  She was scared that the man would force his tongue down her throat if she did.  Thus, she kept her mouth shut and allowed the man to lick, nibble, and kiss her face.
    Slowly, the man tired of licking her face.  His lips and tongue quickly turned their attention back to her tits.  The man’s tongue slurped the woman’s right nipple, leaving a thick trail of saliva.  His tongue then lapped at her wet nipple for several seconds before he tugged on it with his fingers.  Mr. Brownstone then licked the nipple as he pulled on it.  The Black Cat moaned as the man turned his attention to her left nipple.
    “Stop,” the woman panted.
    Mr. Brownstone paid no heed to the woman as his left hand slid up and down her thigh before darting to her pussy.  He ran his fingers along the woman’s wet pussy lips.  The Black Cat moaned as her body remained on the bed, unable to move.  She could feel her body begin to heat up.  The man slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began probe her pussy.  “You’re one wet pussy,” the man laughed as the woman’s face became red with embarrassment.
    “Noo . . . please . . . stop,” the woman panted.
    “Your mouth tells me to stop, but your body tells me different,” the man replied as he stopped playing her breasts and began to disrobe.
    The Black Cat’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.  She couldn’t believe the speed that the man was using to disrobe.  He tore off his clothes, paying no heed to how many buttons were being ripped off or how many rips and tears were left in his wake.  Within a few seconds, the Black Cat could see the man’s hard abs and even harder dick.  “Noo,” the woman mouthed as the man parted her legs.
    “Oh yes,” he smiled as he pulled his fingers out of her wet pussy.  He then used his right hand to grip his dick and position it above her pussy while his left hand slapped her tits, decorating her heaving breasts with her own juices.  The man quickly rammed his dick into the Black Cat.  The woman gasped as he entered her.  Within seconds, the man laid on top of her, squashing her tits against his chest and thrust repeatedly in and out of the Black Cat’s pussy.
    “NOOO!” the woman wailed.
    “Oh yes!” the man panted right before he started to lick and nibble on the woman’s throat.  His hands wrapped themselves around the woman’s defenseless body.  He could feel her black shiny outfit rubbing against him as well as her sweat covered flesh.  The sensation excited him, spurring him to pump faster and harder.
    The Black Cat panted for breath as she realized her body was doing the exact opposite of what she wanted.  Each thrust was sending jolts of pleasure through her body.  This only made her body hotter and wetter.  That’s when she felt the all too familiar sensation building inside of her.  “Nooo!” the woman groaned miserably as she knew that she was just seconds from climaxing.
    “Oh yes!” the man chuckled as he felt her body stiffen.
    “NOOOOOOOO!!” the Black Cat sobbed as her body shook violently just as the lightning outside ferociously roared outside.  The woman’s pussy clamped down on the man’s dick, tugging and squeezing it.  The extra pressure was just enough to force the man to climax.  The sudden surge of hot spunk felt like lava burning into her sensitive flesh.  And before the Black Cat even finished her first orgasm, her body was immediately rocked by another one.
    “Amazing!” the man panted as he laid on top of the woman while her body continue to quiver.  “That was amazing!  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.”
    “Bastard!” the Black Cat fumed as her hand started to regain some movement.
    “Bad kitty,” the man spoke as he teleported another dose of heroin into the Black Cat’s system, immobilizing her yet again.
    “Ahhhhh!” the Black Cat moaned as she felt the drug cursing through her bloodstream.
    “Don’t worry dear.  I have enough to kill your friend if he swings on by and enough to keep you immobilize for the entire night.  Who knows, I might not even need it after a little while.  I’m sure you’ll come to enjoy this as much as me,” the man laughed as he felt the woman clamp down on his cock yet again.
    The Black Cat sobbed as her body built toward another crescendo.  She felt another surge of spunk filling her already soaked pussy.  “Peter!  I should have listened to you,” the woman thought to herself just as her body climaxed.


The Next Day

    “ARRRGGGG!” the Black Cat screamed as she toppled a bookcase, sending all the books and decorations crashing to the ground.  The woman was locked inside Mr. Brownstone’s bedroom with no way to call for help.  For the last fifteen hours, the Black Cat had gone through withdrawal hell.  She had experienced sweating, fever, anxiety, depression, cramp-like pains in her limbs, nausea, severe muscles cramps and pain, chills, cold sweats, and bone pains.  The woman felt sick to her stomach and wanted to vomit, but couldn’t.  She didn’t even have the energy to take off her outfit and wash all the dried spunk from her body.  Instead, she was too busy looking for heroin.
    Eventually, the doors to the bedroom opened and Mr. Brownstone nonchalantly entered.  He smiled as he saw the Black Cat lying on the floor, holding herself.  The woman was crying while her body continue to shake.  “Are you feeling alright?” the man asked.
    “You bastard !!  You did this to me!” the Black Cat hissed.
    “You did it to yourself.  You’re the one that barged into my bedroom.  You’re the one who wore a super sexy outfit and landed on my bed.  However, I will allow you to leave.  The door is open and you’re free to leave,” the man spoke as he sat on his bed and watched the woman writhe on the floor.
    The Black Cat slowly crawled toward the bedroom door, but had to stop when she got halfway.  The woman slowly turned and locked eyes with the evil man.  She could see the smile on his face, which she desperately wanted to remove by punching him in the face.  Yet, the woman’s body was overriding it.  The woman sobbed as tears flowed freely from her eyes.  She took a deep breath and swallowed her pride.  “I need another hit,” the woman sobbed.
    “I don’t know.  This might be an elaborate trick of some kind.”
    “Please . . .  It’s not a trick.”
    “Did you climax longer and harder last night due to the heroin?” the man asked.
    “Yes,” the Black Cat sobbed as she dropped her humiliated face.
    “Did you trash my bedroom in hopes of finding more heroin?”
    “I’ll make you a deal, Black Cat.  You stand up, take off that sexy outfit of yours, and show me your sexy body.  I only got to experience parts of it last night.  Tonight, I want the rest.  If you agree, I’ll give you more heroin and you’re free to leave afterwards.  Do we have a deal?”
    “Grrr,” the Black Cat growled through clench teeth.  The deal disgusted the woman, but she had no choice.  Her body craved the drug and she couldn’t function without it.  The woman sobbed as she struggled to stand.  She fell onto the floor several times.  That is until the man started counting.  He told her that she had the count of five.  That was enough to spur the woman as she bolted to her feet and began to strip on earnest.  She slipped out of the black material in seconds and was about to take off the mask.
    “You can keep the mask on,” the man spoke as he stood and pulled her hands away from the mask.  Then without saying another, he teleported heroin into the woman’s body.  The Black Cat could feel the pain slowly melt away.  The woman sighed in relief, which was short lived as the man tossed her onto his bed.  Mr. Brownstone smiled as he quickly disrobed.
    The Black Cat grunted as she felt the man land on top of her.  She could feel his naked body on top of hers.  Her legs were quickly parted as she braced herself for what was about to transpire.  The woman’s eyes almost popped out of her sockets as the man parted her ass cheeks and rammed his cock into her virgin ass.  “Holy shit!” the woman howled.
    “That’s right!  Let me hear you scream, bitch!” Mr. Brownstone grunted as he wrapped his hands around her, pulled her back, and fucked her for all he was worth.
    The Black Cat’s ass gripped the man’s dick like a vice.  The woman could feel him stretching her as he thrust deeper and deeper, scratching and tearing her sensitive ass.  She grunted as her hands gripped the newly sweat soaked sheets beneath her.  “Holy shit!  Holy shit!” the woman continued to scream as she frantically shock her head from side to side.  Mr. Brownstone thrust deeper and deeper into the sobbing woman’s ass with such force that the woman began to bounce on his mattress with each thrust.
    “Time for your to climax like a bitch in heat,” the man spoke as he teleported more heroin into the woman’s bloodstream while his hands slipped between her legs.  His right hand began to pump furiously in and out of her pussy while some of the digits from his left hand, squeezed, tugged, rubbed, and flicked at her clit.  The woman moaned erotically beneath him as she started to wiggle her butt.  This only egged the man on, who doubled his speed.
    “OHHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!” the Black Cat shrieked as she climaxed.  Her body shook violently as her pussy doused the man’s hands with her juices.
    Not happy with what just happened, the man continued to fuck the woman’s ass while his hands slid up her chest, and gripped her tits.  The man squeezed as hard as he could.  “Fuck me back!” he snarled into the woman’s ear.  The Black Cat complied and starting grunting anew as the man rode her and never released her tits.  In fact, he even gave the woman another hit of heroin, which increased the woman’s sensitivity.  The raw fucking in her ass and the death grip on her tits was just enough to force her body to climax yet again.
    “HOLLLLYYYY SHHHIIIIITTTT!!” the woman wailed as another orgasm plowed through her like a runaway train.
    Mr. Brownstone rode out the climax and pulled out of her ass.  He released the woman’s breasts and watched as his spunk dribbled out of her ass.  Without offering the woman a chance to catch her breath, he gripped her hips and rammed his dick into her gushing cunt.  The man began to slide his dick in and out of her well lubricated pussy and enjoyed every seconds of it while the Black Cat buried her head into the sheets.
    As the hours ticked by, the man would repeatedly give the woman smaller doses of heroin.  With each climax and each hit, the Black Cat soon became lost in her own euphoric drugged haze.  Even though she didn’t know it, the woman was soon on all fours as the man fucked her ass, but only after fucking her pussy raw.  The man spanked her ass while saliva dripped continuously from her mouth.  The white haired woman didn’t resist or offer any sign of disapproval.  Instead, she continued to fuck him.
    The Black Cat slammed her forehead against the mattress as the man continued to impale her on his dick.  Her cries and grunts became muffled by the sheets.  Mr. Brownstone didn’t like that as he gripped her sweat soaked hair with his right hand and yanked her head back up.  The woman’s cries, sobs, grunts, and moans quickly filled the room.  The man enjoyed this more, especially since he had a camera embedded into the headboard, which was capturing every one of the Black Cat’s facial expressions.  Even if the woman left and never returned, he would always have something to remind himself of her.


A Few Days Later

    Mr. Brownstone quietly opened his door after a few hard knocks.  The man wasn’t surprised by who was at his door, but he feigned it nonetheless.  “Black Cat?  What are you doing here?” he inquired with a wry smirk.
    “You know,” the woman replied angrily.
    “I don’t.”
    “You do.”
    “I don’t have time for this,” the man spoke as he tried to close the door.
    “Nooo!” the Black Cat hollered as she dropped her bravado.
    Mr. Brownstone stopped and opened the door wide to see the Black Cat shaking and leaning against the door frame in order to keep her balance.  The woman was breathing hard and just trying to keep herself together.  Her eyes were now red as tears dripped down her face.  The man knew that she was suffering from withdrawal. “So what do you want?” the man finally asked.
    “I need another hit . . . I need it from you.”
    “It’s been a few days.  Did you try another dealer hoping that you wouldn’t need to come back?”
    “Yes.  I did.  It didn’t work,” the woman sobbed as her gaze dropped to the floor.
    “I didn’t just give you heroin.  It’s my own special concoction.  However . . . I will give you what you need, but it will cost you.”
    “You want money?”
    “No.  I already have money.”
    “What do you want then?”
    “I want to take your last remaining hole tonight.  I also want you to fuck me tonight so I don’t need to do all the work.  And when the moment is right, you will unmask,” the man spoke confidently as he touched the woman’s right cheek, wiping away a tear.
    “But . . .”
    “Your life will be over?  Your crime fighting career will be over?  Or for the first time ever, the Black Cat will become nothing more than a pet?  I tend to go for all three, but if you don’t want to . . . that’s fine,” the man spoke as he started to close the door.
    “NOOOO!!  YOU WIN!!  YOU WIN!!” the woman yelled as the man opened the door and pulled her inside.
    Within minutes, the pair was in Mr. Brownstone’s bedroom.  The Black Cat knelt in front of the naked man.  The zipper was pulled down to her crotch and both her breasts were exposed.  Her right hand gripped the base of the man’s dick as she licked the head again and again with her tongue.  The Black Cat was totally disgusted with the task, but that didn’t deter her from her task.  A long strand of spit connected her tongue to the man’s dick. Mr. Brownstone reached down and played with the woman’s fat tits.  “Suck on it,” the man ordered.
    The Black Cat gulped as she tried to block out the man’s smelly member.  The woman took a deep breath and wrapped her lips around the head of the man’s tool and began to slide further and further toward his chest.  She then gripped the man’s thighs as she pumped her head up and down on the man’s cock.  The Black Cat sobbed and closed her eyes as she pleasured the man’s dick with her mouth.
    After a few minutes, the man released her tits and gripped her soggy hair.  He pumped her furiously on his dick and then rammed his dick down her throat as he held her face against his crotch.  The man’s body tightened and became as stiff as a board before he released a flood of spunk into the woman’s throat and mouth.  The Black Cat had no choice but to swallow it all.  She gulped it down in a desperate attempt to get some air into her lungs.  The woman felt like vomiting, but the man teleported a small dose of heroin into her bloodstream.  The Black Cat swooned and almost became euphoric after the sudden rush.
    The man eventually pulled out of her mouth and saw the smile on her face.  He knew it was due to the heroin.  “If you want more, you will join me on the bed,” the man spoke as he laid down on the bed with his dick standing straight up.
    The Black Cat didn’t say a word as she slowly climbed onto the bed.  She stood over the man’s cock and looked down at the man.  The woman took a deep breath as she squatted over his dick.  She grabbed his dick with her left hand and spread her pussy with her right.  The woman slowly slid the man’s dick inside her.  Once the head of the dick was inside her, she removed her left hand from it.  She then placed her hands on her thigh and braced herself as she allowed the dick to fill more and more of her pussy.  When she felt his balls slap against her skin, she felt her pussy being stretched.  That’s when she knew to begin.  “Ohhh!  Uhhh!” the woman moaned as she fell to her knees and impaled herself on his dick over and over again.
    “Good!  You’ve earned a little more!” Mr. Brownstone grunted as he teleported a small dose into the woman’s bloodstream.
    The dose was just enough to fight off the painful effects of withdrawal.  However, the Black Cat wanted more and she knew she had to please the man to get more.  That’s why the woman increased her speed and ferocity.  She even moaned and panted louder as she thrust her chest out, hoping to give him a show with her bouncing tits.  The woman gripped them and fed them to her mouth, where she licked her own breasts, leaving copious amount of drool all over them.  So much that Mr. Brownstone had to reach up and grab them.  “Fuck yea!  Squeeze my breasts!” the woman yelled.
    “Breasts are for classy woman.  You will refer to them as melons, tits, udders, fuckbags!” the man corrected.
    “Squeeze my fat tits!  Grope my large melons!  Milk my udders!  Pull my nipples from my fuckbags, Mr. Brownstone!” the woman moaned.
    “You will refer to me as your master from now on.”
    “Yes master!”
    “What was that?”
    “YES!!  Master!!”
    “I can’t hear you.”
    “YES MASTER!!!” the woman screamed as she increased her speed even more.  To keep that speed, the woman was forced to fall forward.  Her breasts were just mere inches from the man’s face.  She could feel his hands fondling and groping them as he started to kiss, suck, and lick them.  The woman cooed and purred as she continued to pleasure his dick.
    “Tell me when you’re going to . . .”
    “No.  Women climax.  A slut like yourself cums!  So tell me when you’re going to cum!”
    “Yes Master!!” the woman panted as she slammed her body against his.  The Black Cat then saw him remove his hands from her breasts.  She then repositioned her arms so that they pushed her breasts together while he spanked and groped her ass.  This way, he could still suck, lick, kiss, and bite her breasts uninterrupted.  She was rewarded with another small does of heroin.  This only spurred the woman on.
    “This slut is a real hellcat!” the man panted.
    The Black Cat continued to scream and yell while whipping her hair and head from side to side.  Sweat flew all over the room as the woman continued to fuck the man.  After several minutes, the woman could feel her body tightening.  She felt sensation building from deep within her own body.  It was building faster and faster.  “I’m almost there!  I need to cum!” the woman shouted.
    “Tell me when!”
    “Almost there!”
    “Tell me!”
    “Tell your master when his filthy slut is going to cum!”
    “I’M CUMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGG!!” the woman screamed as Mr. Brownstone tore off her mask while the man blasted her pussy with his hot spunk.  The Black Cat didn’t even know that she had been unmasked.  In fact, she barely comprehended anything other than pleasure as Mr. Brownstone teleported my heroin into her body.  The drug was accelerating her body’s buildup and making her orgasm far more effective.  Thus, the woman experienced three quick climaxes in a matter of seconds apart from each other.  The orgasms rocked her body, causing her to twitch and jerk like she was suffering from seizures.  Her pussy also clamped down and tugged on the man’s dick in all sorts of directions and speed, causing him to blast even more spunk into her drenched pussy.
    Mr. Brownstone hugged the woman close to his body, smashing her sweaty heaving breasts against his chest.  The man enjoyed every second of it as the woman’s pussy continued to milk his dick.  When her body stopped quivering, the man brushed her damp hair from her face and looked deep in her eyes.  “What’s your real name?” the man asked.
    “Felicia Hardy,” the woman panted, not even batting an eyelash about revealing her secret identity.
    “What’s your name under the mask?”
    “The Black Cat.”
    “What are you?”
    “You’re big titted and slutty pet, master!”
    “Good girl!  By the way . . . I think it’s time to move before your spider friend shows up.  However, I remember you use to belong to a group called Heroines for Hire.  Is that true?”
    “Do you know where they are?”
    “Then hook me up so I can get them hooked,” the man smiled.
    “Yes master,” the Black Cat spoke right before the man kissed her.  The woman didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.  Nor did she stop his tongue from invading her mouth and sliding all across her teeth and gums.  In fact, the woman clutched his head, pulled him close, and moaned loudly into the man’s mouth.  She knew that she couldn’t displease him or he would stop teleporting heroin into her body.  The woman was an addict and she knew it.  She also knew that the only way to get her fix was by pleasing him.  In fact, her pussy would dampen at the mere thought of pleasing Mr. Brownstone.  The Black Cat had truly been tamed.

The End

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