Putty in his Hands

BY : NightCreeper
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Notes from the author: I based this loosely on the cartoon version of the Fantastic Four and episode entitled, Strings. I saw it on YouTube. J. Halenbeck wanted me to revisit the story and add a few other characters to it. So here it is.


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Fantastic Four: Putty in his Hands (Extended Cut)

By Night Creeper




The security door slammed shut, leaving the Puppet Master alone in his cell in the Vault, a maximum security prison for super villains. The man waited for a few minutes for the guards to leave before he laughed evilly and popped out his top teeth. The Puppet Master then pulled out some of his clay and began to mold it. However, the man was shocked when it started to float away from him. He stood up and tried to regain it, but couldn’t catch up.

Within seconds, the Invisible Woman appeared before him. The woman was smiling. “Nice try,” she spoke. The Puppet Master looked angrily at her but said nothing.

“But how? Your powers should have been nullified too!” the Puppet Master exclaimed.

“We figured you had something planned so we made sure that the nullifying powers of this cell were shutoff. Now that I have the clay, the cell can be turned on again,” Sue Storm said triumphantly.

“Ready to come out?” the guard asked as the cell door opened.

“I think so,” the Invisible Woman spoke as she exited the cell, still holding the clay.

“How did you know that the Puppet Master still had some clay?” the guard asked as the cell door slammed shut again.

“Reed figured that he would have something planned, which was why I wasn’t at the celebration where the mayor apologized to the Fantastic Four.

“Thanks for saving the day then,” the guard smiled back as Susan Storm left the prison and headed home.




Months Later




“What are you doing Matchstick?” The Thing asked as he saw Johnny Storm pressing his eye into a keyhole.

“Shhh,” Johnny Storm whispered as he waved his hand in order to get Ben to leave.

“Seriously. What are you doing?”

“Sue has some friends over,” Johnny spoke as he pulled his attention from the keyhole and stood up.

“Are they still here?”


“You know . . . if you had Reed’s powers, you could actually see what was going on in there,” Ben laughed.

“I never thought of that. Speaking of which, where is Reed?”

“He’s in his lab. I just dropped of some supplies that he wanted.”

“Yea whatever,” Johnny sighed as he went back to the keyhole.

“Let me help you,” Ben spoke as he pushed the door open. Johnny Storm then saw Mary Jane, the Black Cat, the Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Jean Grey, and Scarlet Witch seated with his sister.

“JOHNNY!” Sue yelled.

“Hi sis,” Johnny spoke meekly as the women laughed.

“Now that was funny,” Scarlet Witch laughed.

“Thanks for the help, Ben,” Jean Grey spoke.

“No problem,” Ben spoke as he winked and left the room.


“I used my powers and told Ben to push open the door,” Jean smiled.

“You knew?”

“Johnny . . . we’ve just spent over a week fighting Galactus. We needed a good laugh. Besides, I knew you were peeking though the keyhole for an hour now.”

“You knew.”

“We all knew,” Black Cat smiled.

“Yea. Jean told us telekinetically,” Ms. Marvel smiled.

“Uh . . . I . . .”

“You can leave now, Johnny,” Sue spoke.

“Actually, I have to go. I have a shoot to go to,” Mary Jane spoke as she stood up.

“We have to go back to SHIELD,” Black Widow spoke as she stood up too.

“We better all leave. Johnny might be too embarrassed if we stayed any longer,” Black Cat stood up and walked to the door. The white haired woman then ran her finger under Johnny Storm’s chin and looked him in his eyes.

“Uhh . . .” Johnny stammered.

“You’re not going to follow your sister when she goes shopping with me and Mary Jane tomorrow, are you?” she asked.

“Can I?”


“Then I’ll stay here.”

“Good,” Black Cat smiled as she released his chin and waved to the other women.

“That’s our cue to go,” Scarlet Witch laughed as the ladies hugged and left.

“Well Johnny?” Susan Storm asked as the women left the building.

“That was worth it to see all you gals hug!” Johnny smiled as Susan shook her head.






“Loosen up, Sue. Galactus almost destroyed the world. You helped stopped him. Enjoy the moment,” Mary Jane smiled as she continued to shop.

“This is very tame,” Black Cat sighed as she held up a micro-bikini.

“That’s tame?” Susan Storm asked.

“You never wore this for Reed before?”

“Honestly. Reed would probably shrug if he saw me in that. Now, if I was holding a microscope, he might show more interest.”

“That is sad.”

“Just buy something from this store. When you get him, toss it on, and show it off to Reed,” Mary Jane spoke.

“We’re not married.”

“Don’t be a prude. I use to hit on Mary Jane boyfriend’s all the time.”

“Yea . . . about that . . .” Mary Jane looked at Black Cat with annoyance in her eyes.

“It’s okay. I don’t do that anymore. I found a whole slew of male companions during the fight with Galactus,” Black Cat smiled.

“Like who?”

“Thor is pretty hot. He’s got his own kingdom. That’s way better than a job at a newspaper.”

“Ha-ha. Not funny.”

“I’ll tell you what’s not funny . . . everything in this store. I’m going next door. Find me when you two are done,” Black Cat spoke as she left the store.

“Is she always like this?” Susan Storm asked.

“I’ve seen worse,” Mary Jane replied as she selected a bra.

“And you friends?”

“We weren’t always friends, but she will grow on you.”


“Trust me.”

“I don’t think I really need anything in this place.”

“No one really needs these outfits, but there are nice to have.”

“You actually wear this stuff?”

“Sure. I wear them to shoots and I also wear this to get my boyfriend’s blood pumping. Peter loves it when I wear stuff life this. He’s usually busy and it’s always nice to come home for a quick thrill. It’s nice to reward his dedication to his work and myself. Loyal and faithful, that’s my Tiger.”

“Like I said before, I think these things would be wasted on Reed.”

“Are you two serious?”

“I am.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“We’re not really dating.”

“Do you love him?”

“Yes . . . but . . .”

“Just buy something. You never know when you’ll need it.”

“I don’t think I’ll need any of this.”

“Don’t be a prude, Sue. The world was almost destroyed. Cosmic debris rained down upon the Earth for hours. People are just happy to be alive now. Live a little, buy something. Reed might enjoy it.”

“Reed and I aren’t as serious as you and your boyfriend. You know what? I’ll go check up on Black Cat,” Sue spoke.

“Just remember, you can’t go home without buying something from one of these stores. I still think you should buy something from this lingerie store since you’ll find that store less appealing. ” Mary Jane warned as Susan Storm left the store.

Within minutes, Susan Storm felt even more out of place. The blonde woman gasped as she stared at the huge variety of provocative and downright slutty outfits that were inside the other store. She saw rubber dresses, latex outfits, and leather garter belts in the first aisle. The woman then looked down another aisle and saw corsets, lycra outfits, split crotch panties, miniskirts, and body stockings. Another aisle had collars, whips, leashes, and all sorts of restraints.

“You decided to change stores, huh?” Black Cat asked as she walked up to Susan Richards.

“Is that all you’re getting?” Susan Storm asked as she pointed at the studded collar in the woman’s hand.

“Hell no. My stuff is at the counter. This is just the cherry on top,” the woman smiled as she grabbed Susan’s hand and dragged her to the counter.

“Who is your friend?” the clerk asked.

“Shut it. You don’t have a chance with her,” Black Cat snarled as she threw the collar on the counter.

“Nice,” the man smiled.

“You have no chance with me either.”

“I don’t doubt it. Your man probably spent a fortune buying you that Black Cat costume. I guess that’s why you’re thanking him,” the clerk spoke as he held up a huge vibrating dildo.


“So corsets, bondage gear, seven inched heels, latex boots, whips, and handcuffs. He’s a lucky man,” the clerk spoke as he rang everything up.

“Here you go,” Black Cat spoke as she unzipped herself to her breasts, where she pulled up some cash from between her breasts. She handed the money to the man as the man just stared at her with his mouth open.

Susan didn’t say a word as she took the bag from the counter. The blonde just wanted to leave the store. Within seconds, Black Cat caught up with her.

“While are you in such a rush?”

“That’s definitely not my store.”

“Trust me. If you’re man is a prude, you’ll need a toy. I’m calling my newest toy, Thor,” Black Cat smiled.

“Did Sue buy stuff from that store?” a shocked Mary Jane asked.

“No. This is all mine,” Black Cat spoke as she snatched the bag away from Sue.

“On second thought, I think I’ll buy something simple from the lingerie store,” Sue blushed as she returned to the lingerie store.





That Night




Susan Storm moaned softly in her sleep while her bed sheets were soaked in sweat. The woman was currently dreaming about herself at a club with Mary Jane. Both women were dancing before a man had approached Susan and started to dance with her. After a few minutes, the man embraced Sue and roamed his hands all over her body. Susan didn’t even fight him as the man began to undress her.

“OHHH GOOODDD!" the woman moaned as steam filled the air. Three of her fingers from her right hand were buried and busy pumping in and out of her dripping pussy while her left hand played with her own breast. Her fingers tweaked and pulled her nipple as she alternated between breasts. The young woman was on her knees and bending forward as a man fucked her ass. The slapping of skin also filled the air as well.

Her dream lover's hands gripped Susan's hips as he slammed her over and over again, eliciting yelps of pleasure from the woman along the way. Every now and then, a hand would glide off her hip and fondle her ample breasts. In fact, every now and then, the hand would pull her up, and the man would nibble on her ear, kiss her neck, or whisper something into her ears. All this just made Susan hotter.

She could feel the excitement build inside her. It was electric and it was flowing to every inch of her body. Her fingers which had been furiously pumping into her pussy, stopped, and pulled out. It then went right up and clutched her breasts. She squeezed them so tightly that her skin were turning white. The young woman gritted her teeth as the electricity built. Finally, her head shot backwards as a howl erupted from her throat like a volcano blowing it's top. Her body shook like a violent earthquake as finger dug even deeper into her breasts while the man filled her ass with his sperm.

The man then pulled out of her while Susan changed positions. The woman then opened her mouth and took a cock whose head was almost the size of a tennis ball. She did this by widening her lips as far as they would go and forced her mouth onto it. Also she had to shift a bit when it came to positioning. The woman looked stunning with her lips stretched around the

shaft. She rode her mouth up and down his pole for about five minutes before he took her head and pulled it off of him, spit trailing between her lips and his cock.

A hand patted her on the head in approval as her lover held his cock for her. Susan quickly shifted around and placed her lips around her lover's dick. The man was watched her head bob up and down on his dick. She was succeeding in getting him hard. He could feel her tongue flick at the under-belly of his cock ever now and then. Light sounding muffled moans came from Susan as her hands kneaded her breasts while two vibrators, one in her pussy and the other in her rear, worked her over. She could feel the man's hands yank her hair as he assisted her with both his hands and his hips. Pretty soon, Susan's belly was filled with his seed as she diligently continued to suck.

“Good work, my pet,” the man spoke as he lowered his face toward hers, but before Susan could see his face, the woman woke from her dream. She then looked at the ruffled bed and soaked sheets. Susan shook her head and tried to go back to sleep.





Days Later




“I don’t know if I should be doing this,” Susan Storm spoke nervously as Mary Jane took the woman’s hand and lead her to the dance floor.

“Come on. Live a little,” Mary Jane chided as they made their way to the back. The redhead released the blonde’s hand and began to move to the music.

Susan Storm glanced at her surroundings. She could see numerous clubbers dressed in far more revealing outfits than hers. Men, women, and loud music filled the club. And most of them were dancing dangerously close and making out. Susan sighed as the bright side was that no one was smoking inside the club.

“Ladies,” Scarlet Witch spoke as she came upon the pair.

“Wanda . . . why are you in full costume?” Susan asked.

“Men love to spend money on wooing me in this outfit. The question is, why aren’t you?”

“Stop talking and start dancing,” Mary Jane spoke as she ran her fingers through her long red hair before tossing it in the air.

“Yea!” Scarlet Witch agreed as she started moving to the music while Susan gently swayed from side to side.

“Come on, Sue!” Mary Jane laughed.

“Sue! You’re going to have to do better than that!” Scarlet Witch spoke as she pressed herself against the blonde’s back. She then grabbed her hands and ran them through the blonde’s hair, much like Mary Jane had done earlier.

“Wanda!” Sue protested.

“Just sway to the music and move your hips,” the woman whispered into her ear as se slapped her right hip.

“You use her hands and I’ll get her body to move,” Mary Jane spoke as she pressed her chest against Susan’s chest. The redhead then gripped the woman’s hips and began to move her side to side.

“You two look cute,” Scarlet Witch smiled as she threw Susan’s arms around Mary Jane’s neck.


“MJ,” Susan protested.

“Don’t worry, Sue. We’re not doing anything wrong,” Mary Jane replied.

“Speak for yourself,” Scarlet Witch spoke as she began to rub Susan’s ass.

“Wanda!” Susan protested.

“Shhh,” Mary Jane shushed the blonde as she slid her hands from the woman’s hips and under her dress shirt. The redhead ran her hands against the blonde’s flat stomach and patted it a few times before heading North to her breasts. The woman quickly slid under the bra, where she pinched and pulled on Susan’s nipples.

“MJ . . . stop,” Susan moaned as she closed her eyes. Her body began to gyrate as her legs shook weakly.

“Let’s not,” Wanda spoke as she ran her hands to the front of Susan’s crotch. Her jeans were way too thick for her to tease her pussy so she unbuttoned her jeans. She then ran her hands over her panties and rubbed the woman’s pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Susan moaned as her left hand reached back and grabbed Wanda’s head while her right hand continued to grip Mary Jane’s neck. The Invisible Woman tried to close her legs together in order to prevent Wanda’s hand from accessing her pussy.

The Scarlet Witch smiled as she slid her right hand into her panties. She played with the woman’s pussy lips. Soon, her left hand copied her right and began to play with the woman’s pussy lips.

“Nooo . . . stop,” Susan protested.

“Don’t be so loud . . . unless you want other people to see you and hear you,” Mary Jane warned as she squeezed and played with the blonde’s tits.

“Don’t be so loud,” Wanda warned as she rammed three fingers into Susan’s pussy and began to pump them in and out.

Susan Storm bit down on her lips as her body surged. She was no longer swaying to the music as her body began to move up and down like a piston on Wanda’s fingers while Mary Jane brought her back down by using her breasts. The Invisible Woman could have used her powers to create force fields to push the two women aside. Instead, she was too busy using all her will power to stifle her moans as she slowly parted her legs.

“She likes it,” Wanda cooed into Susan’s ear.

“That’s because she’s so yummy,” Mary Jane spoke as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the ride side of Susan’s neck.

The blonde woman reacted by turning her head to the left while shivers of pleasure ran up and down her body. Her eyes opened for a few second and she saw a familiar face looking back at her. The vision was blurry and it took Susan several seconds to make out the man’s face, but when she did, she saw the Puppet Master.

“Ready yourself, Sue,” Wanda spoke as she stuck another finger into Susan’s pussy and pumped them even faster.

Susan’s eyes slammed shut as her body arched. The blonde immediately climaxed as she screamed loudly, but was muffled someone’s mouth wrapped over hers. The blonde opened her eyes and saw a dark figure kissing her before she closed her eyes yet again as her body continued to convulse. And when she recovered, she opened her eyes and saw Mary Jane holding her cheeks with both hands, staring back at her.




Later that Night



Susan Storm moaned softly in her sleep while her bed sheets were soaked in sweat. The woman was currently dreaming about herself at a club with Mary Jane. Both women were dancing before a man had approached Susan and started to dance with her. After a few minutes, the Puppet Master embraced Sue and roamed his hands all over her body. Susan didn’t even fight him as the man began to undress her.

“OHHH GOOODDD!" the woman moaned as steam filled the air. Three of her fingers from her right hand were buried and busy pumping in and out of her dripping pussy while her left hand played with her own breast. Her fingers tweaked and pulled her nipple as she alternated between breasts. The young woman was on her knees and bending forward as a man fucked her ass. The slapping of skin also filled the air as well.

The Puppet Master’s hands gripped Susan's hips as he slammed her over and over again, eliciting yelps of pleasure from the woman along the way. Every now and then, a hand would glide off her hip and fondle her ample breasts. In fact, every now and then, the hand would pull her up, and the man would nibble on her ear, kiss her neck, or whisper something into her ears. All this just made Susan hotter.

She could feel the excitement build inside her. It was electric and it was flowing to every inch of her body. Her fingers which had been furiously pumping into her pussy, stopped, and pulled out. It then went right up and clutched her breasts. She squeezed them so tightly that her skin were turning white. The young woman gritted her teeth as the electricity built. Finally, her head shot backwards as a howl erupted from her throat like a volcano blowing it's top. Her body shook like a violent earthquake as finger dug even deeper into her breasts while the man filled her ass with his sperm.

The man then pulled out of her while Susan changed positions. The woman then opened her mouth and took a cock whose head was almost the size of a tennis ball. She did this by widening her lips as far as they would go and forced her mouth onto it. Also she had to shift a bit when it came to positioning. The woman looked stunning with her lips stretched around the

shaft. She rode her mouth up and down his pole for about five minutes before he took her head and pulled it off of him, spit trailing between her lips and his cock.

A hand patted her on the head in approval as her lover held his cock for her. Susan quickly shifted around and placed her lips around her lover's dick. The man was watched her head bob up and down on his dick. She was succeeding in getting him hard. He could feel her tongue flick at the under-belly of his cock ever now and then. Light sounding muffled moans came from Susan as her hands kneaded her breasts while two vibrators, one in her pussy and the other in her rear, worked her over. She could feel the man's hands yank her hair as he assisted her with both his hands and his hips. Pretty soon, Susan's belly was filled with his seed as she diligently continued to suck.

“Good work, my pet,” the Puppet Master spoke as he lowered his face toward hers and kissed her. Susan kissed him back before she quickly awoke from her dream. The Invisible Woman then looked at the ruffled bed and soaked sheets. She shook her head and tried to go back to sleep.




The Next Day



Susan Storm followed the Black Widow. Natasha was clad in her tight black catsuit and confidently walked through the halls while her heels clacked on the ground and men leered at her. The Invisible Woman had contacted the redhead after her latest dream and the Black Widow agreed to assist her.

“I’m here to see the prisoner,” the Black Widow spoke as the warden greeted the pair.

“Of course. Do you want to see his cell or do you want to see a live shot of his cell from the control room?” the warden asked.

“Which one, Sue?” Natasha inquired.

“Both,” Sue replied.

“Follow me,” the warden spoke as he escorted the women to the control room.

Susan Storm watched the images in front of her. She could see the Puppet Master in his cell. The room was bare except for the bed. He didn’t have anything on the walls and the only thing that she could see inside the room was the newspaper that the man was reading. The woman watched the screen for several minutes as she saw the man read every word on the page before flipping the page.

“My men search the room once a week and we check all his newspapers for contraband. We then watch his every move while he reads the paper. And he does read every word on the paper since he does ask the guards from time to time what’s going on,” the warden spoke.

“Do they answer him?”

“Some times.”

“Doesn’t look like he can get into too much trouble with a newspaper. Want to see his cell?” Black Widow asked.

“Yes,” Susan replied as all three made their way to the cell.

“Reggie. What’s going on inside?” the warden asked the guard.

“Not much sir. He’s reading the paper,” the guard replied.

“He’s reading the paper,” Natasha spoke as she opened the eye hole and looked inside.

“Yes he is,” Sue spoke as she took her place. The blonde looked inside as the Puppet Master ignored them. Susan Storm eventually closed the hole.

“Anything else?” Natasha asked.

“No,” Susan replied as she was ready to leave the prison.




Hours Later




Susan Storm had to talk to Mary Jane. The woman went to the woman’s apartment and knocked on the door. The door slowly creaked open as the woman prepared herself for a fight, thinking that Mary Jane was in danger. The woman turned herself invisible as she entered the apartment and closed the door behind her. She walked silently and carefully through the room. The woman heard noises coming from upstairs. She made a force field and levitated to the second floor, where she saw Mary Jane and the Black Cat.

The Black Cat was on her knees. Her catsuit was gone, but the woman still wore her mask. The white-haired cat burglar also had some new additions. The woman had thigh-high black fishnet stockings, seven inched heels, a collar around her neck, clamps on her nipples, and ropes around her wrists as her hands were tied behind her back.

Mary Jane’s stockings and heels matched the Black Cat’s, but Mary Jane wasn’t wearing a collar or clamps. Instead, she had a black leather belt with huge strap-on in the front. The redhead pumped the strap-on in and out of Felicia’s mouth. In addition, the woman’s right hand had a handful of Felicia’s hair as she forced the woman to bob her head on the strap-on.

“Hmmmmppphh,” Felicia groaned.

“Hahaha. Just like that. Suck it like the good submissive whore that you are. Good slut. Suck it,” Mary Jane laughed.

Sue was mesmerized by the scene in front of her. She was surprised that Felicia Hardy wasn’t putting up a fight. She was also surprised by the words coming out of Mary Jane’s mouth. Then her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw Felicia release the strap-on and then lick the member with her tongue before kissing the rubber balls.

“Time to fuck my little pussy,” Mary Jane spoke as she helped Felicia to her feet. The woman then bent her over the railing as Black Cat immediately parted her legs. The redhead grasped the strap-on and rammed it into Felicia’s pussy.

“Ahhhh . . . oh . . . uuuuuhhh,” Black Cat moaned as Mary Jane held her hips and thrust in and out of the woman.

“You know you like this, slut,” Mary Jane laughed as she slapped the woman’s ass before holding onto the ropes of her bound wrists.

“Ahhhhh . . . fuck,” Felicia moaned.

“You like this, don’t you?”

“Ahhhh . . .”

“Say it louder, slut!”

“Yes mistress,” Black Cat moaned as her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust.

“You live for this shit, don’t you?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You’re never going to fuck Peter again, are you?”

“No Mistress.”

“Yea! Take that dick! You better not be thinking about Peter!”

“No mistress!” the woman yelled.

“You know what? That was too loud,” Mary Jane growled as she removed a ball-gag from her belt and secured it in Felicia’s mouth. The redhead then thrust violently into Felicia as the Black Cat released muffled screams.

Susan Storm watched the scene in front of her. She saw the long lines of spit coming out from the sides of the ball-gag. The Invisible Woman was surprised that Felicia would allow Mary Jane to fuck her, but she was even more surprised that the woman was so submissive to the redhead.

“Oh yes! You like the cock inside you, fucking slut!”

“Hmmmmppphhhh!” Felicia moaned loudly as Mary Jane held her hips and increased her speed.

Susan Storm continued to watch as Felicia’s eyes grew wide before she slammed them shut. Black Cat climaxed as her legs gave out and collapsed onto the railing. Mary Jane then took off the gag and tossed it to the floor. Sue watched the gag hit the floor and small puddle of spit that soon pooled around it.

“Ready to service my body?” Mary Jane asked an exhausted Black Cat.

“Yes mistress,” the woman replied as she dropped by all fours and kissed the woman’s heels.

Susan Storm felt her nipples stiffen and she wanted to watch some more, but she felt that she was imposing. Thus, the woman lowered herself and quickly made her exit.





Days Later




“Ahhhhh!” Susan Storm moaned. The woman was dressed in the same outfit that the Black Cat wore at Mary Jane’s apartment. The only differences were that Susan’s nipples were free of metal clamps, she was in the dance club instead of Mary Jane’s apartment, and that she was bent over a chair rather than railing.

“You know you like this, slut,” Mary Jane cooed as she held Susan’s hips and pumped the strap-on in and out of her.

“I . . . I . . .” Susan stammered as she couldn’t deny the fact that her pussy was warm and wet.

“Look at this,” another female spoke as the crowd parted.

“Wanda?” a shocked Susan moaned as she saw the Scarlet Witch appear in front of her. The woman was wearing red thigh-high latex boots with six inched heels, a red waist-cincher, a red collar around her neck, and red latex fingerless opera gloves.

“You look so scrumptious,” Wanda spoke as she spread her legs and sat down on the chair.

“Help me,” Susan begged.

“Sure,” Wanda laughed as she rammed a finger into Susan’s mouth.

The Invisible Woman didn’t say a word as she immediately wrapped her lips tightly around the woman’s finger. The woman then ran her tongue up and down the finger as Wanda started to pump her finger back and forth.

“I wonder if you’re this good sucking Mr. Fantastic’s cock,” Wanda purred as she inserted a second finger.

“Mppphhhhttt,” Susan protested even though she continued to suck and lick Wanda’s fingers.

“I don’t know about her mouth, but her cunt is tight as hell. Mr. Fantastic must shrink his dick,” Mary Jane grunted as she continued to pump the strap-on in and out of Susan’s pussy.

“Is that true, Susie? Does Mr. Fantastic fuck you with a small, limp dick?” Wanda teased.

“Hmmpppttt,” Susan groaned.

“Oh. You two haven’t fucked yet,” Wanda feigned surprise.

“That’s great news,” Mary Jane laughed.

“Yes it is. Look straight ahead,” Scarlet Witch spoke as she pulled her fingers out of Susan’s mouth. The woman then stood up and held Susan’s head, focusing her gaze as the crowd parted in front of her.

“Wwwwhhhaaaammmmppphhhh!” a shocked Susan groaned as she saw a nude Black Cat, who was wearing black thigh-high stockings, six inched black heels, and a black collar around her neck. However, that wasn’t what shocked her. The fact that the Black Cat was riding the Puppet Master’s cock was what shocked her. Not only that, but she saw Felicia’s hands on the man’s shoulder as she licked the man’s face. The woman wasn’t struggling to resist. Instead, she was enjoying it. And Susan’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw Felicia arch her back and flung her head backwards right before her body convulsed violently. Within seconds, the woman rested her body against the Puppet Master, trying to recover from her climax.

The Puppet Master stroked Black Cat’s sweaty hair for a few minutes before he had her remove herself from his cock. The man then stood up as Susan saw his hard cock, which was coated by his spunk and Felicia’s juices. The Puppet Master slowly made his way toward the bound woman as the crowd made sure not to block the man’s path.

“Master,” Scarlet Witch spoke submissively as she bowed her head. The man walked up to her and raised her head. The woman smiled back before she shared a sloppy kiss with the Puppet Master.

“Master . . . don’t forget,” Black Cat purred as she rubbed herself against the Puppet Master’s legs.

“Ah yes. Susan Storm,” the man spoke as he broke the kiss and walked up to the Invisible Woman.

“How?” Susan panted.

“Because you want this,” the man spoke as he waved Mary Jane off. The redhead immediately nodded and pulled out of Susan.

“Mary Jane,” Susan spoke as the Puppet Master stood the blonde up and turned her around so she could see the redhead.

The Puppet Master smirked as he immediately moved his right hand to Susan’s pussy. He rammed three fingers into the woman’s pussy and pumped them in and out while his left hand played with her left breast. The blonde tilted her head back as she felt the man rubbing his hard cock against her ass. She moaned loudly as the man began to kiss her neck.

Mary Jane, Scarlet Witch, and Black Cat began to collect jackets from the other patrons. They spread them out and laid them on the floor. Once they were done, they backed up.

The Puppet Master pulled his hand out of Susan’s pussy and stabbed his fingers into Susan’s mouth, where she instinctively licked the man’s fingers clean. The man then pulled his fingers out and turned her around. He looked into her eyes as he laid her down on the jackets. The man didn’t say a word as he thrust his cock into the woman’s pussy. He gripped the sides of the blonde’s head as he pumped his member in and out of her.

“Ahh . . . ahhhh . . . ahhhh,” Susan Storm moaned as she stared into the eyes of the Puppet Master. The woman wanted to fight him and push him off, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she wrapped her legs around him as she placed her hands on the man’s shoulders while the man gently laid her head onto the jackets.

The Puppet Master looked into her eyes before he wrapped his lips around hers. The man’s tongue swirled in her mouth as Sue did nothing to stop him while she moaned into his mouth. He wasn’t done though. His tongue rubbed against her teeth and cheeks before he was stopped by Susan’s own tongue. Their tongues wrestled for a few minutes before he broke the kiss. Once again, the man looked into the woman’s eyes.

The Invisible Woman gazed upon the Puppet Master. She could crush him or send him flying with a force field, but she didn’t use her powers. Instead, she felt his eyes on her as pleasure built inside her. It started slow, but it quickly boiled to the surface. Her entire body was on fire. She immediately met the man’s thrusts as she built to her own climax. The woman increased her own speed as she continued to lock eyes with the Puppet Master. Suddenly, she slammed her eyes shut as she climaxed. Even with her eyes closed, the woman still saw the Puppet Master in her mind.

The Puppet Master grunted as he enjoyed the fact that the woman’s pussy had clamped down on his dick. The pressure caused him to shoot his load into the woman’s pussy. The man grunted as he fell on top of Susan’s convulsing body.

“Master?” Scarlet Witch asked after several minutes.

“Yes,” the man smiled as he pulled himself up.

Susan Storm groaned as the man exited her. She then saw the man make his way to the chair, where he sat down. Scarlet Witch immediately spread her legs and sat down on his dick. The woman started to ride him as the Puppet Master gripped her left breast. Susan saw his tongue leaving strands of saliva all over her breast and nipples. The blonde could feel her own nipples tingle as his tongue pleasured Wanda’s breast. She then saw Mary Jane toss the strap-on away as she pressed her own tits against the back of the man’s head. The redhead then rubbed her hands all over the man’s bald head.

“Don’t worry. The master will still fuck you,” Black Cat purred as she began to lick Susan’s pussy. The blonde moaned as she enjoyed the pleasure that emanated from Felicia’s tongue. However, the woman never took her eyes off the Puppet Master as her own pussy became wetter and wetter.





The Next Day




“I know we went to see the Puppet Master and he was in his cell . . . I just feel that he’s pulling a fast one on us all,” Susan Storm spoke as she followed the Black Widow.

“It’s interesting that you came to see me, Susan. I wanted to check up on the Puppet Master too. That’s why I’ve tapped the security system at the prison. See for yourself,” Black Widow responded as she entered a control room with several monitors and screens.

“Wow . . . you’re watching his every move.”

“There’s really not much to see though. He basically reads, eats, and sleeps in his cell.”

“That can’t be.”

“I hate to say it, but there’s nothing going on. I’ve been watching him for days. I’ve even sent Ms. Marvel to the prison and she inspected the room. Here, take a look,” Natasha spoke as she pressed a button.

Susan Storm watched as the center monitor changed and it showed Ms. Marvel searching the Puppet Master’s cell while a guard stood next to the vile man, preventing him from interfering. The Invisible Woman saw Ms. Marvel searching the man’s bed, sheets, and pillow. The woman then checked every inch of the room before she eventually signaled the guard, who released the Puppet Master before they both left the room.

“She’s done that twice now. Both times, nothing was found. The warden is getting tired of letting her search the room,” Black Widow sighed.

“But last night . . . it was so real.”

“So you’re saying that you saw the Puppet Master last night?”


“Okay then,” Natasha spoke as she pressed a series of buttons.

The Invisible Woman watched the main monitor and saw the Puppet Master pacing aimlessly about his cell. The man was definitely bored, but he had nothing else to do. There wasn’t a newspaper or any books for him to read so he simply walked around the floor before he flopped onto his bed. The man then covered himself with the blanket and went to sleep.

“He went to sleep at nine last night and he didn’t wake up until this morning.”

“But it seemed so real,” Susan spoke as she saw the counter in the lower right hand corner of the screen that kept track of the time, which only reenforced Natasha’s words.

“You might be working too hard, Sue. Why don’t you go on a date with Reed or something?”

“I haven’t seen Reed for days.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No. It’s normal,” Susan sighed.

“Maybe you should call Mary Jane and go shopping. Or better yet, go watch a movie. Do something other than worrying about the Puppet Master. The man is incarcerated. There’s no reason for you to feel trapped by your own dreams. Do something else and I’m sure your dreams will be better.”

“You’re right, Natasha. It must have been a dream.”

“Look . . . if you’re that concerned . . . I’ll call you if I see something suspicious . . . after I notify SHIELD first.”

“Thanks,” Susan nodded as she felt better.





Susan Storm was walking from after visiting the Black Widow. She had asked about the Puppet Master and received an answer. Her misgivings should have gone away, but they lingered instead. The Invisible Woman still felt something was off. Her brain was speeding a million miles an hour as she tried to sort things out. She wasn’t sure if her latest experience at the club real or a dream. However, her thoughts were broken when she walked by an alleyway and heard moans coming from deep inside the alley.

“Better check it out,” the woman muttered to herself. Susan Storm turned herself invisible and made her way deep into the alley. The alley was very deep and poorly lit due to the height of the buildings around it. However, she was shocked when she reached the end of the alleyway, which was a dead end.

The Scarlet Witch was lying on her back on top of a large crate. The woman was completely nude and her wrists were webbed to the crate while Spiderman fucked her pussy. Spiderman was still dressed in his outfit, but his fly was open as he pumped his cock in and out of Wanda’s defenseless pussy.

“Go ahead and moan all you want, bitch! You know you like this!” Spiderman grunted.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlet Witch moaned.

Susan Storm remained invisible as she watched Spiderman, Mary Jane’s boyfriend, fuck Scarlet Witch. She remembered Mary Jane saying that Peter was a faithful boyfriend. Yet, here he was, busy fucking another woman. Susan circled the pair and could see the lust in their eyes. Susan wanted to say something, but she refrained. Instead, her eyes locked on the man’s cock pumping in and out of Wanda’s pussy. Her eyes also shifted as she stared at Wanda’s bouncy tits and her constantly moaning mouth. Without even realizing it, Susan started to run her hands up and down her body as she continued to watch the pair.

“Oh yes, Spider! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me hard!”

“I intend to!”

“Oh yes! Fill my pussy, Spider! Fuck me and shoot your spunk into me! Show my fat belly to Mary Jane!” the woman moaned loudly as her body stiffened for several seconds before she climaxed.

“I will! Oh! Your pussy is so tight around my cock! Feels so good!” Spiderman grunted as he gripped her hips and shot his load into the woman’s pussy.

Susan Storm ran her left hand between her legs while her right hand squeezed her own right breast. The woman licked her lips as she watched the shivering bodies of both participants. Without saying a word, the woman moved closer to the pair.

“Oh man,” Spiderman panted as he slowly pulled himself out of Scarlet Witch’s pussy. The man panted for breath as his dick was still hard and dripping spunk. He had no idea that Susan Storm’s eyes were watching his hard dick as she licked her lips.

“You shouldn’t cheat on, Mary Jane,” Susan hissed.

“Who is that?” a shocked Spiderman asked.

“Mary Jane’s friend,” Susan snarled as she used a force field and knocked Spiderman backwards. The man crashed against a closed dumpster before sliding onto the ground, where he sat in a dazed.

“Oh . . .” the man groaned.

“You’ve been a bad boy and you need to be punished for cheating on Mary Jane,” Susan Storm snarled as she slammed him with another force field.

“Oh shit! Who are you?” the man groaned in pain as his body slammed against the concrete.

“Mary Jane’s friend,” Susan Storm spoke as she materialized in front of Spiderman with her suit slightly unzipped, freeing her tits. The blonde got on her knees and licked the man’s member a few times, savoring the taste of his salty spunk mixed with Wanda’s juices. She ran her tongue up and down the entire length of the man’s member for several minutes before she wrapped her lips around the man’s dick and started to slowly bob her head up and down.

“Oh . . . yes . . . punish me . . . I’m been bad,” Spiderman panted.

Susan Storm gripped the base of the man’s dick as she slowly serviced him. After a few minutes, the woman’s mouth freed his dick as she repositioned herself. The woman sandwiched Spiderman’s dick between her tits as she moved herself up and down. Once they were slick with his sweat and pre-cum, the woman stopped. She then ran her left hand over her tits and collected some of the liquid. The woman then licked her finger clean before she returned to servicing the man’s cock with her mouth and lips again while her right hand gripped the base of his dick. As her head bobbed, her hand occasionally slid up and down as well.

“Oh yes! Punish me!” Spiderman panted as he gripped the woman’s hair and assisted.

Susan’s right cheek puffed out as Spiderman rammed his cock into the cheek. The woman didn’t like that as she turned her head and felt his cock slamming the back of her throat. Susan fought to breath, but she didn’t stop the man’s cock. Instead, she actually bobbed faster as she wrapped her lips even tighter around the man’s cock.

“Ohhhhh,” Spiderman moaned. The extra pressure was simply too much for him as he ejaculated into the woman’s mouth.

Susan Storm wasn’t ready for it as she gagged. The woman pulled her head back and spat his spunk onto the alleyway. Long rivulets of spunk dangled from her mouth as the woman tried to recover.

“Not as good as Felica . . . the Black Cat always swallows,” Spiderman grinned.

“Oh shit,” Susan stammered as realized what had just happened. The fog of lust had evaporated. She quickly turned invisible and left the alleyway.






An almost hysterical Invisible Woman entered the Baxter Building. She couldn’t believe what she had done. One second, she wanted to punish Spiderman for cheating on Mary Jane and the next, she was sucking his cock, something that she had never done before. The woman was barely holding it together as tears were just milliseconds from bursting from her eyes. Susan Storm ran towards Reed’s lab and found the door locked. She quickly dashed toward Ben’s room, where she found it empty. Susan then ran to Johnny’s room and much like Ben’s room, it too was empty. The woman then dashed to her room and stopped dead in her tracks.

The room looked different. Her bed, table, dresser, and cabinets were still present, but there were new additions. Most of the additions looked to have come directly from the store that the Black Cat liked to shop at. She saw a sex swing in the far corner of her room. A black sybian as in the other corner. She also saw whips, flogs, and paddles hanging above her bed. There was also a large full-length mirror on the wall. After seeing her own reflection, she was glad that she wasn’t able to locate any other members of the Fantastic Four since her tits were still bare and some of Spiderman’s spunk had dried on her tits. More importantly, the suit was unzipped even further as she realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I have to wear something else,” Susan spoke as she made her to her closet.

The woman opened the closet and gasped. Instead of seeing conservative clothing, all Susan saw were clothing made from rubber, latex, and lycra. The woman then ran to her dresser, shaking her head the entire time before she opened a drawer. Once again, the woman gasped as she saw body stockings, garters, stockings, crotchless panties, thongs, and g-strings. Then woman slammed it shut and opened another drawer to find it full of collars, restraints, and pasties. Susan slammed the drawer shut and opened the top drawer. There she found all sorts of sex toys. The woman paused as she a slew of dildos and vibrators. Memories of the strap-on filled her mind as she gingerly traced her fingers against a vibrator.

“Come to momma,” the woman finally mouthed as she grabbed the vibrator and flopped onto her bed.

The woman didn’t even bother to undress. Instead, she turned on the vibrator and placed it against her pussy. The woman moaned loudly as all other thoughts were forced from her mind. Susan Storm simply concentrated on the pleasure pulsing through her body.

“Oh! Holy shit!” Susan moaned as her mind began to drift. The woman’s mind went back to the alleyway. She was sucking Spiderman’s cock again. She could hear his words again except slowly, his voice changed. Susan couldn’t place it at first, but then she realized that it was the Puppet Master’s voice.

“Suck it, slut,” Puppet Master’s voice spoke.

“Oh yes,” Susan moaned as Spiderman morphed into the Puppet Master in her mind. The woman’s memories of the alleyway soon changed as she imagined herself back at the club, sucking off the Puppet Master in front of the crowd. And unlike the alleyway, the Invisible Woman drank all of the Puppet Master’s spunk when he shot his load into her mouth. She then saw herself smiling back at him before she returned to sucking his cock.

“You’re such a good slut, Susan,” the man commented.

“Yes! Oh yes!” Susan moaned as she pressed the vibrator even closer to her pussy. Soon her body was engulfed by the pleasure coming from her pussy as she imagined the Puppet Master fucking her pussy. She could feel it filling her, expanding her pussy. It was so filling. She loved it. So much that she came right then and there.

It took Susan several minutes to recover, but when she did, the vibrator had stopped. The woman pulled it to her face, where she inspected it. She opened a hatch and four batteries fell out. The woman shook her head and went back to the dresser. She then grabbed another vibrator, roughly the same size except this one had a plug. Susan rammed the plug into the socket next to her bed before she returned to pleasuring herself. And once again, the Puppet Master filled her mind.





Days Later




“Susan. Dr. Doom is attacking the city,” H.E.R.B.I.E’s voice reverberated through the room.

“Huh?” Susan Storm panted as she pulled the vibrator from her clit.

“Susan. Dr. Doom is attacking the city.”

“Where’s Reed and the others?”

“I cannot locate Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, or Johnny Storm. They are not in the Baxter Building. Nor are they wearing their communicators.”

“What about the Avengers?”

“I cannot summon them either.”

“Alright. Give the coordinates,” Sue sighed as she tossed the vibrator aside and began to get dressed.

“Dr. Doom is about five miles East of the Baxter Building. I do not know if he’s the reason why the Fantastic Four is missing. Wait. Doom is four miles East of the Baxter Building.”

“Where is he?” Sue asked.

“Two miles East of the Baxter Building. He seems to be coming here. Wait! One mile East of the Baxter Building.”

“I’ll take care of this,” Susan Storm snarled as she created a force field and rode it out of the Baxter Building. She didn’t have fly far as she encountered Dr. Doom.

“Just the person I wanted to see,” Dr. Doom spoke.

“What have you done to my team?”


“The Fantastic Four!”

“I don’t know about the Fantastic Four, but that’s quite a pair,” Dr. Doom laughed.


“Your outfit is . . . marvelous. Why don’t you leave Reed Richards and come with me? I promise never to attack anyone again as long as you serve me and wear that outfit.”

“My uniform?”

“If that’s your new uniform then I highly approve of it.”

“Reed designed this.”

“Then perhaps I have been too quick to call Reed a moron. His intellect may be sub-par, but his taste in uniforms is exquisite.”

“What are . . .” Susan Storm spoke as she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her own reflection on the side of the Baxter Building. The blonde woman was shocked to see herself wearing a white thong, white thigh-high stockings, white six inched heels, and a white leather corset, which barely kept her breasts encased.

“You know you want me, Susan. That’s why you’re wearing that outfit.”

“No,” Susan stammered as she flew herself and landed on the roof of the Baxter Building.

“You know I’m right, Susan,” Dr. Doom spoke as he followed her.

“Never,” Susan snarled even though she felt her pussy becoming wet.

“Is that why there is a wet spot on your thong?” Dr. Doom asked as he sat down large metal grating that covered the rectangular opening of the ventilation fan.

Susan Storm licked her lips as she approached the man. She undid his pants and immediately pulled out his cock as her pussy moistened. The woman stared at the man’s hard cock and felt a jolt of pleasure up her spine. The wrapped her right hand around the base of the man’s member. She then kissed the head repeatedly until the head was covered by a layer of her spit. The woman then wrapped her lips around the man’s member before she slowly bobbed her head as her right hand jerked his cock. The woman moaned around the man’s cock as Dr. Doom reached down and began to fondle and grope her tits.

“Your lips are about as exquisite as your outfit,” Dr. Doom spoke.

“Mmmmpppphhhh,” Susan panted as Dr. Doom released her tits and undid the strings of her corset.

“Stand up will help satisfy your pussy’s desire,” Dr. Doom spoke as he laid down on the grate.

The Invisible Woman was overwhelmed by lust as she licked her lips and leapt onto the grate. She stood over the man and positioned herself over the man’s cock with her back turned to him. Then she impaled herself on his cock. The woman then rode him as Dr. Doom held her hips while the woman leaned back. Her right hand gripped his hand while her left hand played rubbed her own pussy.

“I always wanted to do this, Susan! Doom always wanted to fuck the Invisible Woman!”

“Holy shit! This feels good!” Susan moaned as she gripped and squeezed her own tits.

“I never knew you had this in you, Susan.”

“Oh shit! Your cock feels so good inside me! Holy shit! I was so wrong to deny myself this cock!”

“You can have it whenever you want, Susan. Doom will be chivalrous and give it to you,” the man panted.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! So close! So close!”

“Doom will satisfy you.”

“OH YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, PUPPET MASTER! FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!” Susan screamed as she climaxed.

“I will be more than happy to pull your strings,” Dr. Doom panted as he shot his load into the woman.

Susan Storm didn’t even respond as she enjoyed the ride. The woman slowly slid off his cock and continued to play with her tits and clit as she came yet again. The Invisible Woman just wanted to climax. She no longer cared if it was Dr. Doom or not.

“Don’t worry, Susan. I will take you with me to be my wife,” Dr. Doom spoke as he zipped up his pants. The man was about to pick up Susan Storm when blasts exploded around his mask, sending him crashing to the ground.

“Get away from her, Dr. Doom!” Black Widow warned as kicked him hard across the face.

“Ahhhh . . . need to cum again,” Susan moaned softly as she looked up and saw the Black Widow and Ms. Marvel standing over her. That was the last thing Susan saw as she climaxed yet again and blacked out.





Some Time Later



“What is going on?” Susan Storm inquired as she opened her exhausted eyes.

“Are you okay, sis?” Johnny Storm asked as he stood next to her bed.

“I hope she is,” Ms. Marvel spoke.

“How did I get back here?”

“Natasha and I fought off Dr. Doom. She is chasing him away from the city and I carried you back down here where I met Johnny,” Ms. Marvel replied.


“He’s gone now, sis.”

“No! Doom! He did something to me!”

“Like what, Susan?” Ms. Marvel asked.

“I . . .”

“I need to know. Black Widow is chasing him. I have to warn her if it’s a dangerous weapon.”

“It . . .”

“Is it a ray gun? Please tell me it’s a ray gun,” Johnny insisted.

“Johnny,” Sue spoke as she rolled her eyes.

“Is it a ray gun or not?”

“It’s not a ray gun.”

“Mind control?

“I don’t know.”

“I knew it! He’s the one who dressed you in white! That pervert! I’m going to get him! Flame on!” Johnny Storm shouted as he flew out of the room.


“I think he’s gone.”

“I don’t know what is going on. Everything feels so wrong.”

“Did Doom give you that outfit?”

“Yes,” Susan lied.

“So did he use mind control on you? I would need to warn Black Widow about it.”

“No. It wasn’t Doom.”

“I saw him. So did Natasha.”

“That’s not what I meant. I saw Dr. Doom up there, but something happened and then I didn’t see Doom anymore.”

“He did something to your sight?”

“No. It was the Puppet Master.”

“You saw the Puppet Master?”

“No. I pictured Dr. Doom as the Puppet Master.”

“Black Widow warned me about this. She stated that you thought that the Puppet Master had escaped from prison. I’ve checked on him at least five times already. Trust me, he’s in the cell.”

“I know. She let me see the tapes.”

“She’s even checked out the cell herself a few times.”

“Did she find anything?”

Ms. Marvel sighed as she sat down on the bed. She then placed her hand on Susan’s forehead.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m checking to see if you’re sick.”

“I’m not delirious.”

“I’m not mocking you, Susan. I just want to make sure that you’re okay.”

“Did Natasha find anything?”

“No. He only found the Puppet Master in his cell.”

“Are you sure?”


“I’m sorry. I just feel that everything is spinning out of control.”

“No worries, Susan. Why don’t you stay in bed? I’ll go check up on Natasha and your impetus brother,” Ms. Marvel spoke as she left the room.

Susan Storm waited a few minutes before she tossed the covers off. She was still dressed in the same outfit when she went to battle Dr. Doom. The woman didn’t even flinch as she used her powers to open the drawer. She then selected the largest vibrator, plugged it, and started it up. She then pressed it against her clit and pictured the Puppet Master in her mind.





Days Later



Susan Storm went back to the club. Inside, she saw Mary Jane, Black Cat, and Scarlet Witch on stage. Each woman was naked and covered in sweat as they fucked on stage. They kissed and ran their free hand up and down each other’s bodies while their other hand was busy bringing the other one off by pumping in and out of the other woman’s pussy.

A masked man appeared on the stage and moved a leopard skinned chair onto the stage. Black Cat broke from the pack and crawled on all fours toward the man. She undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It dangled for a few seconds as Susan Storm’s eyes followed its every movement. The blonde woman sighed as Felicia Hardy began to service his cock.

Mary Jane and Scarlet Witch fell to their knees as they continued to service each other. They broke their kiss as Mary Jane began to suck on Wanda’s left nipple. Wanda moaned and titled her head back.

Black Cat stopped sucking on the masked man ‘s cock as the man sat down on the chair. Felicia then dropped to her knees and began to service his cock again by licking the entire length of his dick. Mary Jane and Wanda stopped as Mary Jane dropped to her knees and began to feed the man’s cock to Felicia. Wanda then sauntered toward the man’s head, where she leaned forward and gave the man a wet kiss.

Susan Storm watched intently a she ran her hands up and down her body. She pulled her arms into her t-shirt. The woman then pinched and pulled on her nipples. Susan moaned and closed her eyes. Her legs shook as she played with her own tits. However, her eyes popped open as she wanted to see what was happening on stage.

Mary Jane and Felicia Hardy were now both licking a side of the man’s cock. Whenever their tongues licked the head of the member’s cock, their tongues would touch. Soon, Mary Jane began to feed Felicia the man’s cock for a few minutes before she serviced the man’s cock. Wanda didn’t want to be left out as she slowly slid down the man’s body and began to suck on his cock. Mary Jane now had all the power as she decided who got to suck on the man’s member and for how long. The redhead made sure that each woman had at least had five turns on sucking the man’s cock.

The man eventually spread his legs as Black Cat impaled herself on the man’s cock and rode him. Wanda wasn’t done as she began to lick the man’s balls while Black Cat’s ass would slap her cheek from time to time. Mary Jane wasn’t done either as she nibbled on Felicia’s neck.

Susan Storm could no longer control her urges as she made her way toward the dance floor. The woman stripped as she pulled Mary Jane off of Felicia and swapped spit with the woman. Their tongues wrestled each other before she tossed Mary Jane aside. Susan then picked up Wanda and kissed the woman. She tasted the man’s spunk on Wanda’s tongue. The blonde woman wanted more as she wrapped her lips around Wanda’s and sucked out the man’s cum from her mouth. Once Susan was done, she tossed Wanda aside too.

“OH YES!” Black Cat moaned as the man’s spunk flooded her pussy.

Susan Storm used a force field and pulled Black Cat off the hooded man. The blonde then dropped to the floor and began to lick the man’s cum from Felicia’s cunt. It was nasty and unlike Susan, but her body shuddered with pleasure every time she collected some cum on her tongue. The pleasure would increase whenever the cum touched the back of her throat. Each shiver of pleasure only made Susan lick faster as she cleaned Felicia’s pussy of the man’s spunk.

Once Susan was done with Felicia, she turned and saw Mary Jane and Wanda servicing the man’s cock. The blonde was going to make a force field to separate the women from his cock, but she stopped herself. Instead, she knelt down and waited for the woman to come over one by one, where they opened their mouth and allowed the man’s cum to pour from their mouths into hers. Susan felt so nasty as her pussy ached for a cock. So her hands shot to her pussy, where she fingered herself to orgasm and collapsed onto the floor.

Once the blonde recovered, she saw that Scarlet Witch was on her back with her legs spread while Black Cat worked her tongue all over her pussy. Mary Jane knelt next to the women as a masked man fucked her from behind. The redhead moaned as Susan envied the woman. The blonde licked her lips and cooed as she pinched her clit. However, it was no longer enough as she stood up and made her way toward the group.

“Oh yes! Holy shit!” Mary Jane panted.

“My turn,” Susan spoke.

“Wait your turn . . .” Mary Jane spoke only to be stopped by Susan who used a force field to forcefully separate Mary Jane’s pussy from the masked man’s cock.

Susan Storm then pressed her body against the masked man. The pair then shared along wet kiss. The blonde ran her hands all over the man’s body while her right leg rubbed up against his. The woman nibbled the man’s earlobe right before her hands grabbed the man’s mask and yanked it off.

“Hello Susan,” the man spoke with a wide smile on his face.

“Puppet Master,” Susan Storm replied as she used a force field and knocked the man onto the leopard chair.

The Puppet Master’s eyes grew wide as he was taken back from the blast. However, his shock soon wore off as he saw the Invisible Woman straddle him and impale herself on his cock. The woman rode him as her hands gripped his shoulders.

“Oh. So wrong,” Susan panted.

“This isn’t wrong. This is so right,” the Puppet Master replied.


“Are you saying you want to get off of my cock?”

“No . . . I want to get off, but not off the cock,” Susan Storm panted.

“You need my cock, Susan.”


“Don’t lie. You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy the taste of my cum. That’s why you stayed in one place and waited for those other sluts to feed you.”


“That’s also why you pulled Mary Jane off my cock . . . because you wanted it for yourself.”

“No . . . I’m not like that . . .”

“If I’m wrong, remove yourself from my cock,” the man spoke.

Susan Storm locked eyes with the man while her body continued to ride his cock. She knew right from wrong, but she couldn’t separate herself from the man. Susan Storm needed the man’s cock. She needed it to bring her off and she needed him to shoot his load into her.

“Am I wrong?”

“I . . .”

“Then I better remove you,” the man spoke as he gripped her hips and tried to remove her from his dick.

“NO!” Susan Storm yelled as she sped up her speed. The woman pulled the Puppet Master’s hands and placed them on her bouncing tits.

“Should I remove her, master?” Black Cat asked.

“Depends,” the man replied as he glanced back at Susan Storm.

“No . . . please . . . I need your cock inside me. I need your cock to cum,” the woman replied.

“Go back and play with the others while I claim my slut here. Isn’t that right, Susan?” the man asked as the Black Cat nodded and obeyed.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fill me with your spunk!” Susan Storm begged as she rode the man for all she was worth and meaning every word.





The Next Day




Susan Storm wasn’t sure what was a dream and what wasn’t anymore. She always thought that everything that happened in the club was a dream, but now she wasn’t sure. The woman was desperate. She tried calling the Black Widow, but the woman never responded. Thus, she decided to pay a visit.

The woman knocked on the front door. The first knock was enough to open the door. Susan Storm turned herself invisible as she entered Natasha’s home and closed the door behind her. She called out the Black Widow’s name, but got no response. However, she heard a noise from the bedroom. The woman quickly dashed toward the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks when she stood in the doorway.

Natasha was in her bedroom, but not like how Susan imagined her. Instead, the woman was nude and secured in a stock. Her hands were beside her head and clinched in a fist as she moaned into her ball-gag secured around her head. Long lines of drool dangled from the gag as the woman’s legs were spread by a spreader-bar, which was locked to the ankles of her incredibly high heels. The woman’s eyes were closed as the Puppet Master fucked her pussy from behind. The carpet below the woman’s pussy was drenched as well the carpet under her mouth.

Susan Storm then glanced at the Black Widow’s bed and saw a woman encased in red latex from head to toe. Her eyes were covered by a blindfold and a gag was in her mouth. Even though Susan couldn’t see the woman’s eyes or hear the woman’s voice, she figured it was Mary Jane trapped inside the latex due to the incredibly long red ponytail that extended from the latex hood.

“Come on in, Susan,” the Puppet Master spoke as Susan Storm walked up to the pair.

“Natasha,” Susan sobbed as she saw the redhead being thoroughly abused.

“Don’t worry. She doesn’t mind. In fact, you’re going to help me.”


“Don’t worry, Susan. You’re going to help him,” a female voice spoke from behind her as Susan Storm felt someone come up from behind her.

“What?” a shocked Susan spoke as she glanced over and saw a full-length mirror. Because of the reflection, the Invisible Woman could see a nude Ms. Marvel standing behind her as she fastened a strap-on onto the woman.

“You can take my place and use her pussy while I use her mouth,” the Puppet Master spoke as he pulled out and walked toward Natasha’s mouth. The man walked up to the redhead’s mouth. He removed the ball-gag and tossed it to the floor. The man then rammed his cock into the redhead’s mouth.

The Black Widow couldn’t move or turn away. Instead, she could only open her mouth as wide as possible. The cock fucked the woman’s mouth to the hilt. Her drool flowed freely out of her mouth as she gagged again and again while her spit pooled onto the carpet even more than before.

Susan Storm watched in total shock. The blonde thought that Natasha would have bit the man’s dick right off, but she didn’t. Instead, she allowed the man to use her mouth just like he did earlier with her pussy. And the thing that shocked Susan the most was the fact that Natasha’s eyes were glassy.

“Go and fuck her cunt, Susan,” the man ordered as Susan found herself obeying his orders.

The Invisible Woman drove the strap-on into the woman’s cum-filled pussy. She pumped the member in and out of her pussy as she held the woman’s hips. Susan pounded the woman’s pussy for all she was worth as the Black Widow moaned loudly against the Puppet Master’s dick. The woman was shocked that cum was even flowing out of the woman’s ass.

“We’re now using this bitch correctly. Oh don’t worry, Susan. She can take it. She’s a highly trained killer. Her entire body is a weapon, but to me, she’s nothing but a living fuck doll. If she weren’t in the stocks, she would have collapsed onto the floor a long time ago. Yet, her bondage keeps her up while we tame this sexual beauty,” the man spoke.

“No . . . Natasha . . .”

“The Black Widow is being thoroughly owned by us right now. We opened her up on both sides and we’re taking advantage of it. We’re going to fuck her until she is thoroughly blasted and dripping cum from both holes. By the way, her ass is quite exquisite, but I stretched it a bit,” the man laughed.

“Natasha . . .”

“Don’t worry. She deserves this for trying to keep an eye on me,” the man laughed as he shot another load into the woman’s mouth.

Susan Storm didn’t say anything as she felt the redhead’s body convulse. The shaking was very violent. The blonde wanted to pull out, but she didn’t. Instead, she actually fucked the redhead faster and harder. For a good ten minutes, the woman’s body didn’t stop convulsing. And Susan was one of the main forces that prevented the Black Widow’s latest orgasm from subsiding.

“Next,” the Puppet Master laughed as he pulled out of Natasha’s mouth. The man then collected Susan Storm and walked her to the bed.

Susan Storm didn’t get a chance to remove her strap-on before a nude Mary Jane grabbed it from her. The blonde didn’t even see the redhead unzip herself from the latex outfit. She was going to ask a question, but she didn’t. Instead, her eyes followed Ms. Marvel, who rammed her strap-on into Natasha’s mouth while Mary Jane thrust her strap-on into Natasha’s pussy.

The Puppet Master laid down on the bed and Susan immediately joined him on the bed. That’s when she noticed that the latex clad woman was still on the bed. Mary Jane wasn’t the person encased in red latex after all. Susan didn’t have a chance to think too much about it as her thoughts immediately transfixed themselves on the Puppet Master’s dick, which was once again fucking her pussy.

“Ahhhh,” the blonde woman moaned.

“Go ahead and play with your tits,” the Puppet Master ordered as Susan immediately gripped her own tits and squeezed them. She even pinched it and pulled her own nipples while she bounced up and down.

“Ahhhh,” Susan moaned again.

“You’re probably wondering all this happened,” the Puppet Master spoke.

“Ahhhh,” Susan Storm panted.

“I have two sets of dentures. You only got the top one. You looked so proud when you found my clay. But you forgot to check the lower one. That was clay too. I knew I had to take you down a peg. Your arrogance was your downfall. Now, you’ll worship my cock. The prim and proper Susan Storm does not exist when she’s around me. You’re nothing but a cheap slut and you’ll talk and act like one when you’re in the presence of the Puppet Master! Understand, my pretty little slave?” the Puppet Master asked as he pumped his dick in and out of the Invisible Woman’s cunt.

“Not a slave,” the blonde panted.

“Oh yes you are. Just like the various members of your team.”


“Have you wondered why you haven’t seen Reed Richards in a while? I made a clay figure of Mr. Fantastic and had him use his toy computer to monitor you and the team. When Galactus was beaten, some of the debris had the radioactivity needed to create my clay. I ordered Mr. Fantastic to have the Thing collect the clay. He wasn’t under my control at first, but he is now.”

“No . . . not true,” Susan panted as she closed her eyes and pulled on her nipples.

“I saw your meeting with all the women after your victory. I couldn’t help but admire your taste in friends. Mary Jane and Black Cat were easy. The Scarlet Witch was harder, but Ms. Marvel was an easier one to enslave. The Black Widow had sent her to spy on me, but she too had some hubris. Once Ms. Marvel checked in, the Black Widow would ignore the cameras. The Fantastic Four computer would then override her system and send her previous recorded video with a new time stamp. That allowed me to make a clay figure of Ms. Marvel. Every time Black Widow sent Ms. Marvel, I would fuck the woman. You see Susan, I have two cells. The first cell is clean. The second one has all my clay figures. The warden and guards don’t mind since they belong to me already. Care to guess which cell was the one that was always recorded?”


“No. It’s possible. In fact, it happened. The Black Widow was harder to break. I don’t think I’ve broken her yet since I haven’t quite made a figure of her yet. But I will after today. As for you, your dreams of the club were not dreams. They really happened. And your bedroom, you bought everything there. It was so fun to see your shocked eyes. But after today, I will make clay figure for you.”

“Then how . . .” Susan panted as she opened her eyes.

“How was I able to control you?” the Puppet Master smiled as looked toward the woman in black latex.

Susan’s eyes darted to the figure next them. The Scarlet Witch was already unzipping the woman. Susan saw the incredible amount of sweat on the woman’s body. However, when the hood was removed, Susan released an anguished cry as she realized what had transpired.

“I had Reed Richards give me the clay to create a perfect copy of Jean Grey, one of the world’s most powerful women with telepathy,” the Puppet Master declared triumphantly.

“No . . .”

“She’s been very helpful when it comes to subduing your female friends and your male team members. She also guided you to the store to make your purchases, she helped you pick out your outfit when you confronted Dr. Doom, and she helped convince you that your experiences in the club were just dreams,” the man laughed.

“No . . .”

“She even helped me tweak your body. Don’t believe me? Just picture my cock in your mind.”

“Never,” Susan spoke.

“Really?” the man inquired with a raised eyebrow.

“I will . . . AHHHHH!” Susan moaned as she tilted her head back as an image of the Puppet Master’s cock filled her mind. The blonde gripped her tits as her body arched. The woman could feel the pleasure boiling inside her. She needed release and she needed it now.

“Master . . . she needs to climax,” Jean Grey spoke. The Puppet Master nodded as Jean and Wanda lifted Susan Storm off his cock and deposited her on the bed. The redhead then took the blonde’s place on the man’s cock.

“Good slaves get rewarded. Bad slaves are punished and denied release,” the man smiled at Susan.

“Oh yes! Fuck me, master! I’m a good slave!” Jean Grey moaned.

“Why are you a good slave?”

“I always serve you, master! I also helped break the other women!”

“Yes you did,” the man replied as he started to thrust into the woman.


Susan Storm watched the pair fuck as she played with her tits and rammed her fingers into her pussy. Her hands were working furiously, but she was nowhere near the pleasure levels that the Puppet Master’s cock provided her. In fact, the more she masturbated, the more frustrated she became.


Susan Storm licked her lips as she was envious of the look on Jean Grey’s face. The woman looked so horny and content. Her hands ran through her hair while her tits bounced wildly up and down.

“OH YES! SO CLOSE! FUCK ME! SO CLOSE! ALMOST! ALMOST! OH YES! I’M CUMMMING!” Jean Grey shrieked as she climaxed.

“Your turn,” the Scarlet Witch spoke to Ms. Marvel as she relieved the woman and took the strap-on before Wanda started to fuck the restrained Black Widow.

Ms. Marvel smiled as she pulled the convulsing redhead off the Puppet Master’s cock. She then laid the woman on the bed as she drooled all over the sheets. Ms. Marvel then licked the Puppet Master’s cock, making sure that Susan Storm got a good look of her tongue sliding up and down the man’s member. The woman even winked at the Invisible Woman.

“Ahhhhh,” Susan mouthed as she stuck her tongue out and mimicked the movements of Ms. Marvel’s tongue. The Invisible Woman’s body was on fire as she imagined what her tongue would do to the Puppet Master’s cock.

Ms. Marvel then wrapped her tits around the man’s member as she licked the tip of his cock every time it peaked out of her tits. The woman batted her eyelashes at Susan Storm and even blew the woman a kiss.

The Invisible Woman’s body trembled as she imagined the man’s cock sliding between her tits, leaving a trail of cum. Susan drooled on herself as she watched Ms. Marvel servicing the man’s cock. She so wanted to change places with the woman.

Ms. Marvel soon impaled herself on the Puppet Master’s cock. The woman’s back was turned to the man as she rode his cock. She titled her head back as she played with her own tits. The woman made sure that Susan Storm could see the look of pleasure plastered onto her face as she rode the man as fast as she could.

“Don’t forget to talk for Susan,” the man panted.

“OH YES! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD! MY SLUTTY BODY NEEDS YOUR COCK! FUCK YOUR FUCK DOLL! FUCK ME, MASTER!” the woman screamed over and over again until she climaxed.

The Invisible Woman watched as the Puppet Master pushed the woman off of him. He rolled her toward Jean Grey. Susan’s eyes zoomed in on the crotches of both women and saw the man’s spunk leaking from their pussies. The woman smacked her lips a few times before she licked them. Never once did her eyes dart away from excess spunk leaking out of the women’s pussies.

“What are you staring at, slut?” the man asked the Invisible Woman as he knelt on the bed. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the woman’s eyes lock onto his dick as she smacked and licked her lips.

“I . . .”

“Do you want my cock inside you?” the man asked as walked up to her face.

“I . . .”

“I guess you don’t,” the man spoke as he started to back up.

“I . . . no . . . no . . .” the woman spoke meekly.


“I . . .”

“Whatever. Back to fucking my compliant bitches,” the Puppet Master spoke as he made his way back to Jean Grey. However, the man stopped as he saw Susan Storm lurch forward and raise her hand as if she were trying to stop him. Then the man felt a force pulling him back toward the blonde. The Puppet Master never moved his legs or knees, but he stopped just inches from the blonde’s face.

Susan Storm didn’t say a word as she fought an internal battle. The woman had fought some of the biggest and toughest villains in the world and was instrumental in taking down Galactus, but her eyes were locked on the man’s cock. And without say a word, Susan’s head lurched forward and kissed the head of his member.

“So you do want it?” the man inquired.

“I . . . I . . .” Susan stammered as she closed her eyes. The woman tried to block all images of the man’s cock from her mind, but she stuck out her tongue and licked the head of his member.

“Good,” the Puppet Master smiled as saw Susan’s tongue slowly cleaned the head of his cock.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan Storm moaned as her body shivered with pleasure as the man’s spunk went down her throat.

“Good slut,” the man spoke as he ran his finger down her right cheek.

“Aaaahhhhh,” Susan moaned as her body shook again

The Puppet Master smiled and pushed her off his cock. He then moved between her legs and looked at her. Her eyes were still locked on his member.

“Master . . .” Ms. Marvel panted as she slowly reached out for him.

“Shhhh. Not now. I want to see if the prim and proper, Susan Storm, wants my cock deep inside her, driving her ever closer to an orgasm. An orgasm that she can only get from my cock fucking her,” the man smiled.

“No . . . lies . . .”

“Really? How long have you been masturbating? One finger, two fingers, three fingers, and four fingers haven’t allowed you to climax. You really think that you’re going to climax without me? Maybe I should let you stay here longer then.”

“I . . .”

“The Black Widow isn’t under my thrall yet. I should fuck her until she breaks. Might take a while and that means you won’t climax during that entire time. It might take a few days,” the man mused.

Susan Storm was in pain. She wanted to climax. She needed to climax. The man was right, she had four fingers buried inside her pussy and she would have inserted more fingers if it wasn’t for the fact that her other hand was busy with her own tits. The Invisible Woman knew the man was right, she had to get to his cock.

“Oh well. Time to break the highly trained Black Widow,” the man sighed as he started to get off the bed.

“No . . . please . . .” Susan Storm begged as she used a force field to stop the man. She then slowly pushed him towards her legs, which she spread.

“You want my cock?”

“Yes . . I want your cock,” Susan moaned as a shiver of pleasure shot through her body.

“You need to do better than that.”

“Please . . . I need your cock inside me . . . I need you to fuck me with your cock,” the woman moaned as she recalled all the words that came out of Jean Grey’s mouth earlier.

“You need to do better than that, but I’ll give you a pass since you have such a delectable body,” the man spoke as he licked her neck. The woman convulsed underneath him as he savored the feel of her body against his. The Puppet Master pulled back slightly and inserted the head of his member into her pussy. The woman moaned softly as she laid on her back. The Puppet Master laid on top of her and rammed his cock into her pussy.

“OH YES!” Susan moaned as she wrapped her legs around the man’s hips. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her tits against the man’s chest.

“Is this what you wanted?” the man panted as he slowly pumped his member in and out of her hot, inviting pussy.

“Yes! Your cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me!” the woman begged.

“No . . . Susan . . . you . . . must . . . resist . . . we . . . need . . . to . . . stop . . . him,” Black Widow panted as Scarlet Witch and Mary Jane stood the woman up next to the bed.

“Natasha,” Susan panted as she turned her head and saw the woman. The Black Widow wasn’t really standing next to the bed. The two other women were holding her up since she was exhausted from all the fucking. Under normal circumstances, she would have been able to escape and kill the Puppet Master, but now she was as weak as a baby.

“Her pussy looks so empty. Make an invisible dildo, pump it in and out of her until she climaxes, and I will allow you to orgasm,” the man spoke.

“I . . .”

“No . . . Sue . . . we have . . .”

“Do you want to climax?”

“I . . .” Susan stammered as she knew that the Black Widow was her last hope.

“No . . .” Natasha begged with all her might.

“Last chance. Do you want to climax?”

“I . . .” Susan stammered, knowing that she wanted it, but still had some will power to resist. The woman could feel her body being overwhelmed by the need to climax. Every fiber of her being yearned for release, yet her friendship with the Black Widow was holding her back. NSusan remembered how she helped her and addressed her fears with the Puppet Master. Sweat poured out of her body as she fought the need, but when the man tried to pull away, the woman quickly decided.

“No . . . Sue . . . fight . . . ARGGGGGG!!” Natasha screamed as the Invisible Woman pumped an invisible force field created dildo in and out of the spy’s ravaged pussy. The Black Widow wailed as her body shook with each thrust. Scarlet Witch and Mary Jane had to forcefully grip the woman’s arms in order to keep her up.

The Puppet Master smiled as he ran his hands through the Invisible Woman’s hair. He felt the woman run her nails down his back as buried his face into the left side of her neck. His hot breath was being expelled all over her neck. The man’s nose was just inches from her ear and he snorted from time to time. The noise actually helped drive Susan closer and closer toward the edge.

“OH YES! FUCK ME! HARDER! DEEPER! PLEASE!” the Invisible Woman moaned as she was in heaven. Her body felt so alive. The pleasure pouring through her body was everything that she hoped for and she responded by increasing the speed of the dildo. Within seconds, the Black Widow climaxed. However, since Susan wasn’t about the stop,

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Natasha wailed as she climaxed again and again until her mind completely blanked. The Black Widow’s eyes were glazed as she drooled all over herself. The sexy redhead no longer fought or struggled as her mind and body were completely overwhelmed by the continuous climaxes.

Susan Storm didn’t last very long either. The woman’s fingernails dug into the man’s back as her entire body stiffened. She was as stiff as a board for several seconds before she climaxed. Susan’s body thrashed violently underneath the Puppet Master. It was the greatest orgasm that the blonde woman had ever experienced. It so overwhelmed that she was unable to keep the force field dildo, which disappeared as Natasha slumped in the arms of her captors.

It took the Puppet Master a few minutes to compose himself. The man had shot his load inside the Invisible Woman at the onset of her orgasm, but her pussy was still milking his cock. The man slowly got up as Sue’s arms and legs were no longer able to trap him against her. However, he had to use all his strength in order to pull his dick out of Susan Storm’s hungry pussy.

“Are you okay, master?” Mary Jane asked.

“Yes. Let’s give her some time to recover,” the man panted.

“Sure. Do you want to put her back in the stocks?” Wanda asked.

“No. We’ll let Susan rest. Throw the Black Widow onto the bed. I want to fuck her,” the man smiled as the two slaves complied with his order.





Hours Later




The Invisible Woman stumbled down the hallway in the Baxter Building. The woman could barely walk in a straight line so she hugged the wall. Susan panted as she walked up to Johnny Storm’s open bedroom door. She heard moaning coming from inside the door. The woman peaked inside and had to urge to play with herself.

Johnny Storm was naked as he fucked an equally naked Black Cat, who was on all fours. Her brother’s hands gripped the woman’s ass as she moaned and tossed her head from side to side. Her hands gripped his sheets and pulled on them as they fucked.

Susan watched the pair as she licked her lips while stared at her brother’s firm posterior. She saw his muscles flex from time to time as he reached forward and pulled Felicia Hardy up by her tits. The man licked and nibbled on the woman’s neck a few times before he dropped her and continued to fuck her. A few minutes later, he picked her up and took a long whiff of her neck. He nibbled and whispered into her ear. The man even stuck his tongue into the woman’s ear as her body trembled. The Invisible Woman’s hands slid up and down her body as she imaged the Puppet Master fucking her like that.

“Oh yes, Johnny! Cum in my pussy again, you hot stud!” Black Cat meowed.

“Uggghhh! I’m trying!” Johnny panted.

“When you’re done, you’re going to fry some clay figures . . . right?”

“Sure babe. Anything you want.”

“That’s how he’s doing it. Ben collects the clay, Reed makes the clay, and Johnny heats them up,” Susan Storm realized. But instead of stopping Johnny, the woman reluctantly left the doorway of his room.

Unlike the previous times, the door to Reed’s lab was wide open. Susan saw Reed Richards stretching his arm and typing away while his other hand was busy mixing chemicals. In the far corner of the room, the Thing was busy pounding the clay into smaller portions. Once again, the woman did nothing to stop them as she made her way to her bedroom.

It actually took the woman twice as long to get to her room. When she entered, the woman flopped onto the bed. She was already nude and still covered in the Puppet Master’s dried cum. The woman levitated a giant vibrator and a dildo from her dresser. She placed the vibrator against her pussy as she twisted and pulled on her own nipples. The woman’s eyes closed as arched her back and softly moaned while the dildo pumped in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yes, Puppet Master! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! I need it so bad! I need you, master!” the woman moaned louder than the sound coming from vibrator. Susan pictured the Puppet Master fucking her pussy as she laid on her back. She saw the man’s chest pressed against her erect nipples while her tongue wrestled his. The image alone was almost enough to send the woman over the edge.

After a few minutes, the vibrator stopped as did the image of the Puppet Master in Susan’s mind. The woman opened her eyes and saw the Black Cat on her bed. Felicia held the vibrator and tossed the dildo away. The woman waited a few seconds for Susan to collect herself before she spoke.

“The master wants me to pleasure you. You will be allowed to cum, but you must assist the master,” Black Cat purred as H.E.R.B.I.E. lowered a monitor.

The monitor came to life. Susan was treated to a view of the Puppet Master fucking the Black Widow against the glass door of a shower stall. She heard the Black Widow moaning as her tits were mashed against the glass. Natasha’s left cheek and hands were also plastered against the glass. The water had long been turned off, but the glass was still foggy around her nose, mouth, and palms. Every few seconds, Natasha’s hips would slam into the glass since the Puppet Master was forcefully ramming his cock into her pussy. The Invisible Woman licked her lips as she imagined herself in Natasha’s place.

“Now Susie . . . if you want to cum, you have to do something,” Felicia purred as she turned on the vibrator, but kept it on the its lowest setting so that it wouldn’t drown her out.

“What do I need to do?” Susan inquired huskily.

“There is a clay figure of the Black Widow on the sink. The master left it there. Levitate it and put it under the Black Widow’s pussy. When she climaxes, her juices will soak it and our master’s control over the Black Widow will be complete.”

Susan Storm knew that the Black Widow was her last hope in escaping the Puppet Master. She knew it back in the woman’s bedroom, but that didn’t stop her from fucking her with a force field dildo. Part of her still wanted to help the Black Widow and escape the Puppet Master, but that part had been decreasing for some time now. The vast majority of Sue’s body, mind, and even her soul wanted the Puppet Master and his cock. Thus, Susan’s hands left her tits. Her left hand levitated the clay figure of the Black Widow. She could have slammed it down onto the ground, but she didn’t. The woman could have smashed it against the wall, but she didn’t. The figure made it to the stall, but Susan stopped it and retracted it. She almost returned it to the sink before her own right hand shot up and moved the clay figure against the glass door.

“Ughhhhh!” Natasha groaned as her left eye opened and saw the clay figure of herself dangling on the other side of the glass. The Black Widow tried to get the Puppet Master off of her, but it was futile. Instead, her struggles only helped the man fuck her pussy even more. The woman moaned miserably as she knew she had lost. The clay figure went to the top of the stall and slowly descended. Natasha’s left eye followed it as she saw it in the mirror over the sink, which was directly in her line of sight. The woman groaned as she saw the figure slide between her legs.

“You’re mine. Susan will see to it,” the Puppet Master whispered into the woman’s ear as her body trembled. On the other side of the monitor, Susan Storm’s body also trembled.

Natasha could have slammed her legs together and crush the clay figure, but the Black Widow had been used for so long that her legs were incredibly weak. The woman was able to move her legs roughly a centimeter when a drop of her own juices landed on the clay figure’s tits. The woman moaned lustfully as her tits felt like they were on fire. Then more and more droplets landed on the clay figure. Now her willpower was even weaker than her legs.

“Susan . . . please . . .”

“You’ll be my slave forever, Natasha. You know want it.”

“No . . . Susan . . . please . . . NOOO! HOLY SHIT! NO!” the woman shrieked as she felt the throbbing cock inside her stiffen. Natasha’s eyes were wide open in fear as she felt the man ejaculate inside her. The hot spunk was enough to send her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her like a runaway train. The Black Widow shrieked in pleasure as her pussy clamped down on the man’s cock. Her pussy milked his cock and allowed some of it to drip out of it. Natasha saw her own juices and the man’s cum drenched her the head of the clay figure. The second it touched, the woman arched her back as her eye slammed shut. The woman had lost. She now belonged to the Puppet Master.

“You’re mine now,” the man laughed.

“Oh yes! I’m your slave! Fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth, fuck my ass! Cum all over my slutty body! It belongs to you now, master! I’m your cum-guzzling bitch! Just fuck me however you want! I don’t care! Just fuck me, master!” Natasha panted as her body convulsed.

“Put the figure on the sink, slave. You’ve done a great job, Susie,” the Puppet Master spoke.

Susan Storm quickly moved the clay figure out of the shower stall and settled it next to the sink, allowing the juices and spunk to slowly coat it. The blonde woman didn’t even think twice about what she had done. Instead, she was quite proud of her actions as her master’s appreciative words had sent several pleasurable tremors shooting throughout her body.

“You may cum now,” Black Cat purred as she turned the vibrator to its highest setting on Susan’s clit while the woman’s warm tongue also serviced Susan’s clit.

“HOLY SHIT! FUCK ME, MASTER! I’LL BE YOUR SLAVE FOREVER!” the Invisible Woman shrieked as she immediately climaxed.







The wedding march played as Susan Storm, dressed all in white slowly made her down the aisle. The bride took her time as she enjoyed all the eyes watching her. The woman was dressed all in white. Her dress had a tight corset, which gave her a thin waist. The top of her breasts were visible and threatened to pop out. However, the woman held a bouquet in front of her breasts. A long white train followed her as her six inched heels dug into the carpet with each step while her face was covered by her veil

The woman passed each row and saw some of the world’s greatest heros and heroines seated in them. But it was the individuals standing at the altar that really had her attention. At the altar, Reed Richards looked dashing in a black tuxedo. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were also standing beside him as the groomsmen. Sue was still shocked that they could find a large enough tuxedo for the Thing under such short notice. Standing on the other side were a bevy of bridesmaids, all dressed in white. Mary Jane, Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Jean Grey, and Black Widow were all standing there, smiling back and waiting for Susan.

When the Invisible Woman finally reached the altar, she took Reed’s hand and moved into position. She heard the priest say his well rehearsed lines. Her heart beat faster and faster as her life long wish was about to come true. The blonde started lovingly into the eyes of Mr. Fantastic.

“Do you, Susan take him to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the priest asked.

The Invisible Woman stopped for a second as the priest failed to say Reed’s name. She looked at the priest, then at her bridesmaid, and then the groomsmen. The woman had to do a double-take as she saw the Mr. Fantastic standing in line with the groomsmen. Susan was about to say something, but she stopped and looked at the groom. The groom was no longer Reed Richards. Instead, the Puppet Man was standing before her. The woman didn’t even flinch or retract her hand. She just stared at the man with the same loving eyes.

“Do you, Susan take the Puppet Master to be your master?” the priest asked as a mischievous smiled appeared on Susan Storm’s face as everything became hazy before Susan realized she was in the Puppet Master’s bedroom.

“I DO!” Susan yelled as she was on all fours. Puppet Master panted for breath as he thrust in and out of the woman’s drenched pussy. The man reached forward and grabbed her stiff long nipples. Then, using her tits as handles, he humped her even faster.

“You thought you were so smart to steal my clay. Yet, you’ve submitted to me,” the Puppet Master laughed.

The Invisible Woman nodded her head since she had submitted to the Puppet Master weeks ago. The woman screamed loudly as her body exploded. The orgasm plowed through her, flooding her senses while her body shook violently. Her pussy erupted, coating his dick and thighs with her cream as the orgasm continued to course through her body in waves, making her body shake even more.

The Puppet Master didn’t stop there as he repositioned himself on the bed without ever taking his dick out of Susan’s pussy. He laid on the bed, forcing the woman to kneel with her knees pressed against his. Instead of using her tits for leverage, he pulled her arms behind her back and gripped the area below her elbows. He then started to thrust into the Invisible Woman moaned loudly as her each thrust was clearly audible thanks to her flooded sex. The woman’s head was arched backward as she rode him, but every now and then, her head would fling forward, allowing herself to see her own reflection in the mirror. Susan saw a woman dressed like a slut and acting like one, especially since she was still dressed in her wedding gown, which was nothing more than a waist cincher and stockings.

The Puppet Master fought himself as he tried not to explode in her cunt. He found it incredibly hard as her cunt muscles clung to his dick. In fact, he found it almost impossible to push her off. But he found the will to do just that. The man pushed Susan off his dick as he stood up. Without uttering a word, the woman rolled out of bed and crawled toward him.

She looked meekly up into the Puppet Master’s eyes before licking the head of his cock, which was covered in her juices. As she licked, she kept eye contact with the Puppet Master. Susan Storm couldn’t pull her eyes from his. The more she looked, the wetter she became. Soon, the woman was moving her head about as she licked the sides of his dick as well. That’s when a soft moan escaped her lips as she slammed her eyes shut. With both knees planted on the bed, she took his tool into her mouth. Her hands then planted themselves on the bed as she wrapped her lips around his dick and began to bob her head up and down his shaft. The Puppet Master then placed his hands on the side of her head and helped the woman along, making her increase her speed as the seconds ticked by until the woman was pistoning on his dick like the pistons in a race car’s engine.

The breakneck speed didn’t last too long as the Puppet Master purposely pulled his dick from Susan Storm’s mouth. The woman looked up at him as he released her head and began to jerk himself off. The blonde held out her hand just as he shot his load into her cupped hands. Once he was done, the Invisible Woman pressed her hands against her tits and smeared his sperm all over her tits. As she continued to smear his thick spunk over her tits, the Puppet Master picked up a clay replica of Susan Storm.

“Stand up, fuck yourself, and climax all over this. Then my control of you will be complete,” the Puppet Master ordered as he held the clay figure between her legs.

“Yes master,” the Invisible Woman panted as she obeyed. The woman the formed a force field dildo and fucked herself with it. Seconds passed. She was close to another orgasm. She could feel it building inside her. Suddenly, her muscles tightened as she arched her back. Her tits heaved as her eyes closed yet again. Then with a loud scream, her body shuddered violently as her pussy exploded, drenching the clay figure of herself with her own juices.

The Puppet Master picked up the clay figure and stood up. The clay wasn’t even wet as it absorbed all the cunt juice. He waited for the Invisible Woman to open her eyes. Then he stroked the figure’s right breast as Sue Storm moaned in ecstasy as she felt his touch. The man then flicked the figure’s ass as the woman yelped in surprise. Sue gave out a low moan when the Puppet Master touched the clay figure’s sex. “Now you’re truly mine. Your slutty body belongs to me!” the Puppet Master yelled triumphantly before he placed the figure on the headboard.

“Yes master,” the Invisible Woman spoke as the Puppet Master sent her a mental command. The blonde woman joined her master on the bed. She straddled his body and ran her hands up and down his chest before she passionately kissed him while trying to ram her tongue down his throat. After a few minutes, the woman broke the kiss and impaled herself on his cock, which had hardened during the kiss.

“Go ahead slave,” the Puppet Master commanded.

“FUCK ME!! FUCK YOUR SLUTTY WHORE!!” Susan Storm yelled as she relentlessly rode her master’s cock. Her tits bounced up and down as she threw her head back. She arched her body as her hands gripped his legs for support. Her mind was completely clouded by lust now.

After a few minutes, the Puppet Master sensed that the Invisible Woman was about the climax, and since he wasn’t done with his new puppet, he ordered Sue to stop. Sue was totally dejected as she panted for breath, drool dripping from the sides of her sweaty face. The Puppet Master then held up a puppet of Reed Richards and his original Susan Storm puppet. “You have a choice now, slut. You can break both of my puppets or you can kiss the replica of yourself, lathering it with your spit, and sealing my power over you. Think wisely my little whore. One will bring you pleasure and the other will simply bring you pain,” the Puppet Master laughed.

The Invisible Woman could hear a small faint voice telling her to smash the puppets and free herself of the Puppet Master. Yet, the voice was being overshadowed by her mind and body, which both wanted another orgasm. She struggled with all three voices fighting for supremacy in her head. The woman saw her reflection in the mirror. She saw her sweat covered body, her heaving sperm covered tits, and wet hair splattered against her flushed face. Then with a loud groan, she used her powers to levitate both puppets from the Puppet Master’s hands. Before the Puppet Master could react, Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, a member of the Fantastic Four, kissed the clay puppet, running her tongue all over it, covering it with her spit before putting both puppets safely on a table near the bed. “Reed Richards will serve you well, master . . . just like me . . . except he won’t join you in bed like me,” Sue Storm spoke in a low sultry voice.

“You’re such a hot piece of fuck meat,” a relieved Puppet Master spoke.

“I’m you’re hot piece of fuck meat! Shoot your spunk in me! Fill my womb! Impregnate me!” Susan yelled as she licked her lips.

“Continue then,” the Puppet Master spoke triumphantly.

Without missing a beat, Susan Storm rode the man’s cock with reckless abandon. She gripped her tits as the Puppet Master’s cock filled her like never before. Bright flashes filled her mind as she was engulfed by pleasure. Her body continued to burn as she built closer and closer to her orgasm. The woman went faster and faster while she screamed louder and louder before her screams were erratic and broken. Then her body exploded as a mighty orgasm blasted through her body. At the same time, the Puppet Master’s cock shot a huge load of hot spunk into her dripping cunt. Her body quaked violently as she fell on top of the Puppet Master. The orgasm seemed to last forever as her body continued to shudder on top of him.

“You’re my fuck toy now,” the Puppet Master panted as his hands gripped the woman’s firm ass and began to thrust into her with quick little jabs.

The motion brought the Invisible Woman out of her reverie. She locked eyes with the Puppet Master, she was his, mind, body, and soul. Susan Storm nodded her head in agreement. And to prove it, she used her cunt muscles to milk every last drop of his sperm from his dick. It took her several minutes, but she didn’t mind.

“Good girl,” Black Widow purred as the redhead hovered her mouth over Susan’s mouth. She grabbed Susan’s face and opened her mouth, allowing a thick glob of the Puppet Master’s spunk to land inside Susan’s mouth.

Susan Storm swallowed as Natasha released her head. The blonde looked around the bed and saw Mary Jane, Ms. Marvel, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, and Black Cat, all unconscious and leaking the man’s spunk from their pussy and ass. Some even had spunk coming out of their mouths. The Invisible Woman then held up her ring finger to show Natasha the ring before she looked at Natasha’s flat belly.

“Don’t worry. It will be round soon. But you first,” Black Widow smiled as she kissed Susan’s belly. The blonde quivered as she imagined herself with the Puppet Master’s baby inside her.

The Puppet Master smiled as the world was wide open for his ambitions. Especially, since the male members of the Fantastic Four were busy creating more clay that he would ever need. However, he wasn’t going to stop them since all his female slaves had friends. Each one more powerful and striking than the next. Oh yes, the world was wide open for the Puppet Master.



The End



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