Blackmailing Mary Jane Parker

BY : NightCreeper
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Blackmailing Mary Jane Parker

By: Night Creeper




Mary Jane felt the butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t want to do it, but she didn’t have any other choice. The woman took a deep breath, sighed, and dropped to her knees in front of Nick Katzenberg. Mary Jane then undid his pants. She pulled out his dick and kissed the man’s dick repeatedly. Then she took it inside her mouth and wrapped her lips around the back of the head. Her tongue then licked the head like an ice cream cone. She placed her right hand on the man’s erect dick and squeezed it. Her head then bobbed up and down at a frantic pace.

“You’re doing this for Peter . . . you’re doing this for Peter’s Aunt . . .” Mary Jane repeated over and over again in her head.

“Fuck yeah!” the overweight Nick moaned.

Mary Jane didn’t reply as she slipped her lips off of the man’s dick. Her hand then gripped the head of his shaft and pumped it ten times before licking the head again. While she licked, her hands played with the man’s balls. Mary Jane knew this was wrong and she fought the urge to runaway. She had to conceal her revulsion. Yet, the more she did, the more her mind would wander. Slowly, the images from her dream began to fill her head. Thinking about the present became harder and harder as the images from her dreams became more and more vivid. Slowly like in a dream, Mary Jane wrapped her sensuous lips around his shaft again. This time, she didn’t bob her head. Instead, she moved her head from side to side as her tongue licked his member repeatedly. Then she changed motions back to bobbing her head on his dick. Within minutes, the man shot his load into Mary Jane’s mouth. The redhead felt incredibly sick and gagged. Her head shot forward and took the man’s dick deeper into her mouth.

Nick then pulled his dick out of the woman’s mouth and tilted her head back. Mary Jane wanted to spit, but Nick’s hand lifted her chin. “Swallow,” Nick panted.

With a great deal of disdain, a humiliated Mary Jane Parker began to swallow the disgusting load in her mouth. The woman held her breath as she went about the disgusting task at hand. Once she had swallowed the load, Mary Jane fought to catch her breath. She also fought hard to not throwup.

“That was great,” Nick panted as he sat down on the floor.

Mary Jane didn’t reply as she tried to block out the various smells from the seedy motel room. She then reflected and remembered why she was here. Just days ago, John Jonah Jameson threw a party at the Daily Bugle. Peter Parker, Mary Jane’s husband took her to the party. But the festivities were ruined by the Green Goblin. Peter quickly separated himself from the crowd and returned as Spiderman, thwarting the Green Goblin’s attack. John Jonah Jameson blamed Spiderman for the whole thing, but gave Peter a nice bonus since his camera snapped a few pictures of the fight.

A day later, Mary Jane received a phone call. She easily recognized Nick Katzenberg’s voice on the other line. He wanted to meet, but Mary Jane was going to blow him off. However, the man said that Green Goblin would be very interested in what he had to offer since it shows Spiderman with his mask. Mary Jane paused and reluctantly agreed to meet Nick. The redhead then met Nick at the motel.

Inside the motel, the woman saw the pictures and they clearly show Peter Parker getting dressed as Spiderman in the female restroom that John Jonah Jameson provided to his personal secretary. The pervert had setup a spy cam inside the restroom and it captured a video recording of Peter changing into Spiderman’s costume. Nick threatened to sell the pictures. Mary Jane felt trapped. She didn’t want Peter’s secret to come out since she knew that his life would be in jeopardy. So when the man stated that he would not show the pictures to Green Goblin if she gave him a blowjob, the woman reluctantly agreed.

“Oh yea . . . that was great,” the man panted as he made his way to the crusty armchair.

“Can I go now?” the woman asked.

“Sure. Just don’t forget to take my calls.”

“You said . . .”

“I said I wouldn’t show the pictures to the Green Goblin, but Spiderman has quite a lot of enemies,” the man smiled.

“Bastard!” Mary Jane growled.

“Next time, don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt like tonight. I want something far sexier,” the man smiled as he rubbed his own cock.

The redhead growled and left the room, slamming the door hard on the way out. She then got into her car and drove away. After a few miles, she stopped the car and sobbed.





Next Morning




“MJ? Are you home?” Peter Parker asked as he entered the apartment from the fire escape.

Mary Jane Parker exited the bathroom as she brushed her teeth for the umpteenth time, trying to get Katzenberg’s smell out of her mouth. The redhead was elated to see her husband, but her elation stopped when she saw the Black Cat standing next to him.

“Oh my god, MJ! You should have saw us last night!”

“Your husband was amazing,” the Black Cat gushed as she sauntered to a chair and sat down. The sound of her tight black leather immediately filled the room.

“So tell me about it,” Mary Jane finally spoke as she spat out of the toothpaste in her mouth.

“So Rhino was tearing up police cruisers left and right. He even destroyed a police tank!” Peter gushed as he took his mask.

“It wasn’t really a tank. It was an armored vehicle,” Black Cat corrected him.

Mary Jane hardly even looked at Felicia Hardy. She looked at her husband, but she couldn’t shake the image of herself on her knees sucking off Katzenberg’s cock. The redhead remembered the man’s smell and the warmth of his spunk in her mouth. She tried hard to push the thoughts of the man out of her mind, but she was having a hard time.

“The police officers couldn’t stop, but we did! Jameson is going to have a hard time spinning this story to make Spiderman look bad especially since I have all these pictures of police officers happily shaking my hand!”

“Shaking Spiderman’s hand,” Black Cat corrected him.

“It doesn’t matter! It was exhilarating!”

“Sure it was,” Black Cat rolled her eyes as she rested her cheek on her hand.

Mary Jane still hadn’t heard the words coming out of Peter’s mouth. She still remembered the taste of Katzenberg’s spunk in her mouth. The woman wanted to grab her toothbrush again, but the memory of the man standing before her with his dick in her face, froze her. The redhead’s breathing increased as she remembered the moment.

“MJ. You okay?” Peter finally asked as he rubbed his hand on her left arm.

“Oh . . . yes,” Mary Jane quickly replied as she snapped out of her reverie.

“Are you okay? You’re breathing hard.”

“Yea. Sure. I was just thinking about how dangerous it was to catch Rhino and . . .”

“See Peter. You should stop talking about it and get ready to go to work. If you will excuse me, I have to go,” Black Cat spoke as she stood up and made her exit, leaving the pair alone.







Mary Jane Parker bit her lip as she sat quietly in her seat as the movie played on the large theater screen. The woman was wearing a red sequin-covered strapless red sheath dress with a thigh-high slit on right side. Nick Katzenberg sat on her right. The theater had a few people in it as the pair sat at the back of the theater. The man ran his hands up and down her right thigh as various people chuckled at the antics of protagonist on the screen. Soon, his hand left her thigh and reached up, where he began to play with her tits. He rubbed and pinched her right nipple as the woman gripped the armrests and bit down harder on her lower lip. His left hand then moved rapidly between her legs.

“Stop,” she whispered to him as her left hand grabbed his left arm.

“I can, but I don’t think Spiderman’s foes will stop when his precious Aunt May begs them to spare her miserable life. Do you?” the man whispered back.

Mary Jane slowly shook her head as spread her legs for the man. The redhead then felt the man’s hand slip under her thong. She felt his fingers play with her pussy lips before he inserted two fingers. The man shifted in his seat and began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of the woman. The redhead released a soft moan before she clamped her left hand over her mouth.

“Holy shit!” a man yelled loudly.

Mary Jane snapped her neck toward the sound and saw a man three rows in front and to the left of the pair. The man was doubled over and slapping the chair in front of him as he laughed. The redhead glanced at the screen and saw that the hero in the movie had ran into a door.

“Don’t worry. We will watch a porno flick next time,” Nick Katzenberg smiled as he increased his speed.

“Ohhh,” Mary Jane moaned into her hand as she shifted in her chair. The woman’s cheeks were as red as her hair, but luckily no one could see her except for the man beside her.

The man smiled to himself as he enjoyed the warmth that had engulfed his fingers as well as the wetness of Mary Jane’s pussy. The warmth reminded him of her mouth. His right hand released the woman’s tit and immediately shot to his pants. He unzipped his pants and started to stroke his own cock while he pumped his fingers in and out of Mary Jane’s pussy. Eventually, he took Mary Jane’s right hand and placed it on his cock.

The redhead shook her head as she gripped the man’s member and slid her hands up and down. She did not resist as she remembered his words about Peter’s enemies attacking Aunt May. That was something that she wanted to avoid at all costs.

“Suck me,” the man eventually whispered to her.

Mary Jane Parker slowly slid off the seat. She wrapped her lips around the man’s cock and started to bob her head up and down. The woman felt the man’s left hand on her ass as she sucked him. The other people in the theater started to laugh. Mary Jane had no idea why they were laughing, but her face became red as her cheeks puffed out as she sucked the man. Her head bobbed faster and faster as the man pinched and groped her ass. She hoped that the man wouldn’t be able to last long, but she was wrong. The redhead sucked the man for a good ten minutes before he shook his load into her mouth.

“Oh yes,” the man panted as he slouched in his seat.

Mary Jane Parker returned to her seat as the people in the theater laughed. The woman still didn’t look at the screen. Instead, she was looking for something to spit his cum in. She couldn’t find anything so she swallowed it as the crowd roared in laughter. Mary Jane knew they were not laughing at her, but her face grew red with shame nonetheless.





Days Later




Mary Jane Parker sat at the dining room table as she drank her coffee. She saw the Black Cat and Spiderman enter the apartment via the window. Spiderman threw off his mask and was giddy. The Black Cat is equally giddy as she enters the dining room area and pours herself a coffee.

“What the fuck! She thinks she owns this place!” Mary Jane seethed as she took another sip of her coffee. She only stared at the pair as she mumbled into her coffee mug .

“You should have seen us, MJ! We took down Electro!” Peter gushed.

“Oh yea! Your Tiger was amazing, MJ! He swung through the air like an acrobat and he took down Electro effortless,” Felica smiled.

“Don’t lie, Felicia. I would have never been table to take him down without your help,” Peter quickly spoke.

“What the fuck, Tiger! You waltz around town with this bimbo and get to have these great adventures while I have to jerk off and suck someone inside a movie theater!” Mary Jane seethed some more without saying a word.

“I also got some great pictures. Jamison is going to pay a pretty penny for these pictures,” Peter proclaimed proudly as he held up his camera.

“That’s fucking great, Peter! Because I had to cancel a movie shoot to go satisfy Nick! Otherwise, Aunt May would be street pizza by now! And you can’t protect her, Peter. You know why? Because you’re bouncing around town with that slut, Felicia!” Mary Jane growled softly into her coffee.

“You have a great man here, MJ,” Felicia spoke as she poured herself another coffee.

“Is there anymore coffee?” Peter asked.

“Sorry. My refill emptied the pot,” Black Cat spoke as she took another sip before she poured the leftovers into the sink.

“Where are you going?” Peter asked.

“Going home. That caffeine should be enough to get me home. Take care you two,” Felica spoke.

“Ok. See you tonight.”

“Hey Peter. Do you want me to make more coffee for you?” Felicia asked.

“No need. MJ can make some,” Peter spoke as she sat down on the couch. The man closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep while Black Cat left the apartment.

“That’s just great, Peter. Go to sleep. So much for talking. And why do I need to make another pot of coffee?” Mary Jane Parker seethed as she placed her empty coffee cup onto the table.





Later that Night



Mary Jane Parker stood in the back of the porno theater. Her hands were planted on the chair in front of her. Her strapless red dress was bunched up at her waist. Her thong was down around her left ankle, just slightly above her red pumps. The redhead’s eyes watched the main character on the screen, a redhead like her. The starlet was being fucked in a room while her husband slept on the couch while his beer dripped all over the floor. The woman was being blackmailed by her husband’s rival at work. Mary Jane immediately saw the similarities between her situation and the one in the movie. The only difference was, the starlet’s blackmailer was a stud while Mary Jane’s blackmailer was fat and disgusting.

“Oh yea,” Nick Katzenberg panted into Mary Jane’s ear as he stood behind her and played with her tits. The man’s left hand slowly slid down her body and went between her legs. He then started to pump three fingers in and out of the redhead’s pussy.

Mary Jane bit her lip as she gripped the chair even tighter. The woman shifted her body several times as the man pumped his fingers in and out of her. She closed her eyes and felt her own juices start to trickle down her thighs. Mary Jane opened her eyes and saw the back of several patrons’ heads. The redhead knew that the man would make her climax soon. She didn’t want everyone to hear her so she turned around.

Nick shot her a dirty look, but he quickly smiled as he saw Mary Jane unzip his pants. She then squatted and pulled his cock out of his pants. The woman stuck out her tongue and licked the head of the man’s member like it was a lollipop. Mary Jane even faked a smile before she wrapped her lips around the man’s member. Her right hand gripped the base of his cock as she started to slowly bob her head on his member. Nick’s cock grew in her mouth as she continued to service it, alternating her speed. As Mary Jane serviced Nick, she could hear some of the patrons laugh. Her face became red as she imagined them laughing at her.

“Stand up,” Nick eventually ordered as Mary Jane obeyed. The man then moved her to the aisle. Mary Jane tried to pull away, but Nick wasn’t having it. He immediately pulled her back.

“Please,” Mary Jane begged softly.

“You want me to yell and have everyone turn around?” Nick asked.

“No,” Mary Jane quickly shook her head as Nick bent her forward. The redhead’s right hand stabilized itself against the wall while her left hand gripped the back of a chair. She moaned as Nick rammed his cock into the woman’s pussy. Mary Jane hoped that none of the patrons would turn their heads as Nick pumped his member in and out her. The redhead slowly leaned more and more forward in order to meet the man’s thrusts.

“Oh yes,” Nick panted as he pulled Mary Jane closer to him.

“Mmm,” Mary Jane moaned just as the redhead moaned loudly on the screen. She then pulled herself back and slammed both hands onto the wall as Nick fucked her. The woman had a hard time keeping her balance.

Nick decided to help her out by turning her and slammed her against the back wall of the theater. Mary Jane felt her nipples rub against the cold stone wall. Her engorged nipples sent shivers of pleasure rippling through her body. The woman moaned again as Nick fucked her hard against the wall. She couldn’t see the patrons as her body heated up. The redhead had no idea if anyone would catch her. The thought sent another shiver of pleasure through her body. The naughtiness of the situation thrilled her and her body reacted accordingly.

After a few minutes, Nick pulled his cock out of Mary Jane’s pussy and turned her around. The man kissed the redhead, who immediately kissed him back. Their tongues wrestled with each other while Mary Jane’s left hands gripped Nick’s juiced covered cock and stroked him repeatedly. The redhead kept him hard as she wanted his dick back inside her. The mere thought of his cock fucking her in the theater caused her pussy to juice even more.

When the pair stopped kissing, the redhead turned around and planted her hands on the wall. Nick immediately rammed his cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind. Mary Jane moaned softly as she heard the woman on the screen begged her lover to fuck her. The redhead didn’t say a word as Nick started to thrust with reckless abandon into her pussy. The smacking of skin filled the theater, but it matched the sounds coming from the screen.

“Ahhh,” Mary Jane moaned as she met the man’s thrusts. The woman wanted to scream, but she didn’t. Instead, she bit down on her left hand as she fucked the man back. Unlike the man on the screen, Nick was out of shape so she slowed down after a few minutes whereas the couple on the screen were still going at it.

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat. That’s why he patrols with her. They’re just fucking behind your back,” Nick snickered.

Mary Jane wanted to answer him. The redhead remembered Peter not saying a word when Felicia drank the coffee and told Mary Jane to make another batch instead of telling Felicia to make the coffee. She then reflected that the pair were rather chummy. However, the redhead didn’t believe that Peter would cheat on her. The words hurt nonetheless though. She wanted to put on her dress and leave the theater, but the words never came out of her mouth. The redhead imagined the patrons turning around and seeing her being fucked in the back of the theater. Her body quivered at the thought. The redhead wasn’t sure if the porno had something to do with it, the smell of spunk in the theater, or the thrill of being caught, but she was excited.

“Want me to pull out?” Nick asked again.

“No . . .” Mary Jane meekly replied just before she bit down on her hand again.

Nick panted and started up again. He didn’t go very long as he shot his load into Mary Jane’s pussy. The warmth of the spunk caused the redhead to climax as her teeth dug deep into her skin. The woman’s pussy milked his cock as he gave her four long and hard thrusts to make sure that he left most of his spunk inside her. Nick then pulled out and leaned against the back of the theater seat for support. Mary Jane on the other hand gripped the wall and panted for breath while his spunk slowly dribbled out of her juiced up sex.









Mary Jane Parker drank some hot tea as she rested at the dining room table. The woman had returned home and quickly took a hot shower, where she scrubbed herself clean of Nick Katzenberg’s sweat. The old adage of lather, rinse, and repeat was done in triplicate. She wasn’t proud with what had transpired earlier in the night. The redhead wanted nothing more than to forget what happened inside theater.

Suddenly the window near the fire escape opened and the Black Cat quickly entered the room with Spiderman following close behind her.

“You should have seen us tonight, MJ! We took down Electro!” Felicia Hardy gushed.

“Didn’t you two capture Electro already?” Mary Jane asked.

“He escaped from the police and boy was he mad,” Black Cat spoke as she walked up to the dining room table. The woman then poured herself a cup of hot water.

“Do you want to sit down?” Mary Jane asked.

“No. I can’t. Too much adrenaline,” the white haired woman spoke.

“Really now?” Mary Jane inquired as she cocked her left eyebrow.

“Oh yea! I took Electro down!”

“You okay, Tiger?”

“I’m okay, MJ. My head is killing me,” Peter Parker spoke as he rubbed his head while his other hand held his mask.

“What happened, Peter?”

“Oh! You should have seen him. Electro had him down and I leapt into action. I landed near them, struck a seductive pose, and froze Electro. He stuck out his tongue and I could see his heart race. I also saw him stretch his pants. While I had his undivided attention, I nailed him in the crotch with a hard knee. He doubled over and I kicked him in the head like a field goal kicker in football. It was purr-fect!” Black Cat gushed.


“It’s okay, MJ. I’m going to bed. It was an exhausting night,” Peter spoke as he headed toward the bedroom.

“Peter. What happened?”

“Trust me, MJ. My pride hurts more than the rest of me,” Peter Parker spoke as he entered the bedroom.

“He didn’t like being bested by Electro and then having someone like me steal the show. I think the cops were even quite taken with me,” Felicia gushed as she zipped the front of he costume and allowed her body to breath a little. She walked past the redhead and placed her empty mug into the sink.

“Dressed like that, you leave nothing to the imagination, bitch,” Mary Jane Parker thought to herself as she got a whiff of Felicia’s perfume.

“You okay, MJ?”

“Just a little concerned about Peter.”

“You don’t have to worry. The Black Cat takes care of Spiderman and Peter Parker. He’s fine. He’s not buff like Captain America or Thor, but the man has stamina. Feel free to go check up on him. I’m going to go out and see if I can stop a purse snatcher or something. Look out world, here comes the Black Cat!”

“Are you going to zip yourself up?” the redhead asked.

“Oh,” the Black Cat giggled as she zipped herself up and adjusted her breasts. The woman then blew a kiss toward the bedroom before she exited the apartment via the fire escape.

Mary Jane Parker waited a few minutes before she got up. The woman glanced back at the bedroom and then walked toward the window. She closed the window and locked it. The woman then looked outside and couldn’t figure out the direction that the Black Cat went. It seemed like the former cat burglar melted into the darkness. The redhead then walked toward the bedroom. She took a long look at a slumbering Peter as she leaned against the door frame.

“Why would Felicia blow a kiss toward the bedroom?” Mary Jane thought to herself as she watched Peter’s chest rise and fall.

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat. That’s why he patrols with her. They’re just fucking behind your back,” Nick Katzenberg’s voice snickered inside her head.

“He’s not cheating on me,” Mary Jane’s mind replied.

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat,” Nick’s voice repeated.

“He’s not cheating on me. Just because Felicia blew a kiss doesn’t mean shit.”

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat.”

“He’s not cheating on me.”

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat. That’s why he patrols with her. They’re just fucking behind your back.”

“We’re the only ones who are fucking. I’m the one who is wrong. I’m so sorry, Peter,” Mary Jane thought as she got on the bed. She was about to kiss Peter, when she picked up the smell Felicia Hardy’s perfume on him. The redhead then remembered that she only smelled the perfume when Felicia unzipped herself. Mary Jane then turned away from Peter and closed her eyes.

“Want me to pull out? I bet Spiderman never pulls his cock out of the Black Cat. That’s why he patrols with her. They’re just fucking behind your back,” Nick’s voice repeated in her head as the redhead fell asleep.






“Oh yea,” Nick Katzenberg panted as he fucked the redhead, Mary Jane Parker, in the a seedy motel room.

“Oh shit,” the woman moaned while she was on all fours on top of the dirty mattress. She wore fishnet thigh-high stockings and pair of red pumps as the out-of-shape photographer fucked her from behind. The woman’s ass, tits, and hips also had the man’s hand prints all over them from the man’s hard use. She just hoped that they would fade by the time she got home.

“Did you see the doctor?’ the man asked.

“Yes . . . I am . . . on the pill . . . now,” Mary Jane moaned as she collapsed onto the bed.

“That is excellent news!” Katzenberg growled as he gripped the woman’s hips and thrust savagely into the woman’s pussy.

“Ahh . . . ohhhh . . . nnnnnngggghhhh,” Mary Jane panted through gritted teeth as her right hand slipped between her legs. She rubbed her clit as the man fucked her pussy. The redhead wasn’t sure why, but she was horny and she wanted the man inside her.

“Does Peter know that we’re fucking?” the man asked.

“No,” Mary Jane panted.

“Do you want me to tell him?”


“Do you think Peter is fucking the Black Cat?”


“How do you know?”

“I know.”

“Do you?”

“Yes . . . stop talking about Peter . . . and just fuck me,” Mary Jane panted.


“Yes . . . fuck me . . . make me cum,” the redhead begged as she rubbed her clit even faster.

“I bet Peter would love to see me fuck his wife life this,” the man spoke.

Mary Jane wasn’t sure, but she felt a surge of pleasure shoot through her body as she imagined Peter hanging upside down on his webbing and watching Katzenberg fuck her on the bed. The more she thought about, the hotter she became. She knew that she should be ashamed, but she wasn’t. The thought of being caught by Peter excited her. Thus, her fingers went faster and faster.

“Ohhh,” Nick grunted as he felt himself close to climaxing. The man tried to hold on, but thoughts of Peter catching him fucking his wife was too much as he shot his load into Mary Jane. The man’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell onto the mattress.

Mary Jane felt his spunk splash against her clit as the man’s cock slipped out of her pussy and continued to squirt more spunk. The woman knew that she had to be the one to bring herself to a climax. Thus, she rubbed her clit faster and faster as she imagined an incensed Peter babbling incoherently after catching Nick fucking her. The woman closed her eyes and saw stars as she got closer and closer. Suddenly, the darkness lit up as she brought herself to a violent climax.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEESSSS!” the woman shrieked as her body convulsed before the sweaty woman collapsed onto the mattress. The woman soon saw darkness again as she fell asleep.

“Wake up, Mary Jane. You want to see this,” Nick spoke as he shook the woman.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We have breaking news!” a new broadcaster spoke from the television as Mary Jane slowly woke up.

The redhead opened her eyes and saw the Green Goblin battling Spiderman high above a crowd in downtown. The Green Goblin was kicked out of the air. He landed next to Gwen Stacy. The villain grabbed her and held a bomb next to her. Spiderman quickly swung and kicked the Green Goblin and his bomb away from the crowd. He then grabbed Gwen and swung away with her.

“Looks like Peter tired out his kitty and is taking a new slut for fucking,” Nick spoke as he rubbed his own beer-belly.

“Whatever,” Mary Jane spoke as she shrugged off Nick’s suggestion. However, the woman did feel that Peter fucking Gwen was a possibility since they did have a history. Then again, so did Peter and Felicia. So even though she didn’t want to tell Nick, she could picture Peter cheating on her.





Days Later




Mary Jane Parker walked through the hallways of the Osborn building. The woman was frantically looking for Harry Osborn, but she didn’t want to attract attention to herself. So she walked with a purpose and didn’t talk to anyone. Her mission was to locate Harry, borrow some money so she could pay rent since she had been too busy fucking to earn money from her acting career.

“Mary Jane. Is that you?” a male voice inquired from behind the redhead.

The redhead turned around and thought she was in trouble. She saw Norman Osborn, standing in the hallway. Harry warned her about his father stating that he hated having random people showing up in his building.

“Yes sir,” the woman replied meekly.

“Yes! This is my lucky day!” the man spoke as he approached her.

“I don’t understand.”

“Harry was supposed to call you. He never got back to me. But I need your help. My company has to film some public service announcements. My company originally wanted to recruit some Hollywood actress, but these are local announcements. I wanted a local celebrity. That’s where you come in. I need you to star in the announcements.”

“Really?” Mary Jane gushed.

“Yes and thanks to Harry, I am on a very tight schedule. Can you film them today? Preferably right now,” the older Osborn spoke.

“I . . .”

“If it’s about money, you will be well compensated. Just note that it’s five announcements. There is no set. It’s going to be shot across the street at the park. If you’re willing, we can start in an hour or two so that you can read the lines.”

“I . . .”

“It’s about recycling and helping your fellow neighbors. Typical public service announcements. Oh! And one will be about volunteering. Are you okay with all this?”


“Excellent. Follow me,” Norman spoke as he pulled out his cell phone and sent a quick text. Within seconds, several staff members appeared and lead Mary Jane away so that she could prepare even as the redhead knew she had to step away and make a phone call.





Later that Night




An angry Nick Katzenberg had arrived for the last few hours of the shoot. Once it was done, Mary Jane thanked everyone including Norman Osborn. She then grabbed her things and left the area only to be accosted by Nick Katzenberg, who quickly walked her out of the park with no resistance.

Unbeknownst to the pair, Norman Osborn saw the pair. The man rubbed his chin and decided to follow. The man in his well-tailored suit slowly followed, keeping a safe distance behind the pair. He watched them enter an alleyway. The man paused for a few seconds and waited to see if they would come out. He perked his ears and listened for any kind of arguing. Luckily for him, it was late and the city was dead around the park. The man didn’t hear any arguing, but he heard some rustling. Slowly, the man made his way to the entrance of the alley and peeked in. The man was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

On her knees and naked was Mary Jane Parker. The redhead gripped the base of Katzenberg’s cock with her right hand. She then bobbed her head up and down on his cock, going up and down the entire length of his shaft.

“Gluuuubbb! Gluuuubbbb!” the woman moaned as she serviced his member. Mary Jane made him nice and hard before allowing his cock to slowly slide out of her mouth. A lone strand of saliva connected his dick to her lips as she moved her hands up to her tits. The woman then slid the man’s dick between her tits. She sandwiched his cock. The redhead used her tits to fuck the man’s cock while she occasionally licked the head of his member with her tongue like it was a lollipop.

Nick Katchenberg enjoyed every second of the woman’s experienced tongue and her large sweaty tits. However, he wanted something more. The man quickly pulled away and stood the redhead up. He then turned her around and slammed her against the wall. Mary Jane used her hands to brace herself as the man spread her legs apart.

Norman watched the woman fling her head back was the man rammed his dick into her pussy and started to fuck her from behind. The woman pushed herself away from the wall slightly so that her body wasn’t pressed against the wall, but her hands remained there. The woman fucked the man back and didn’t seem like he was forcing her at all. Norman then looked at the walls of the building surrounding the alleyway. He owned the buildings, which meant that he had security cameras in the alleyway.

“Interesting,” Norman smiled as he walked away from the alley’s entrance and headed back to his office. He wanted to check out the surveillance video. Plus, he had a phone call to make, but only after the pair was done. No need to interrupt. That would be saved for later.





Two Hours Later




An exhausted Mary Jane Parker sat in Norman Osborn’s office. The man poured her some wine as he sat next to her. The women felt slightly uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything especially since the man’s voice message to her stated that he wanted to the discuss the public announcements, which paid really well and she really needed the money since Katzenberg had her so busy that she wasn’t able to audition for any roles and make enough money to pay the bills.

“Mary Jane. I have to thank you. Harry messed up. You should have been told earlier about the role. Yet, you hit the ball out of the park today. The announcements are a success. They are a success because of you. Cheers!” Norman spoke as he clanged his wine glass against hers before taking a sip. The man then smiled.

The man’s words relaxed Mary Jane slightly as she took a sip of wine. However, she didn’t smile back at the man. Instead, her face actually looked more worried than before.

“Is everything alright?” Norman asked with a concerned face.


“You don’t seem happy.”

“I’m tired.”

“Tired of being with Peter?”

“Peter? What? No,” a confused Mary Jane blurted out.

“Look. I don’t mean to pry, but something doesn’t seem right about your relationship with that Parker kid. I liked Peter. He’s way smarter and far more dedicated than Harry will ever be, but the boy just doesn’t seem to as dedicated to you,” Norman spoke as he was prying to see if any of it would stick. The man wasn’t sure if Mary Jane was cheating on Peter, because he pushed her to it or not, but he knew that Mary Jane was cheating and he had the video to prove it.

“This is kind of personal,” Mary Jane spoke as she took another sip of wine, hoping that she wouldn’t have to speak about it.

“Harry told me that there were problems between Peter and yourself. He even mentioned some fat slob named Nick Katzenberg,” Mr. Osborn lied, hoping to land something that would give him more information.


“Harry us worried about you. He said that Peter was worried too and that he was confiding his worries with other women,” Norman lied.

“Felicia and Gwen,” Mary Jane thought as she took another sip of wine.

“Harry didn’t give me any names, but one was a blonde,” Norman spoke as he recalled old memories of picking up Harry when he was with his friends and he remembered a blonde girl long before Mary Jane.

“Gwen! Or it could be Felicia! Her hair is platinum blonde! Bitches!” Mary Jane growled to herself as she drank all the wine.

Norman Osborn knew that he landed something. So he picked up the wine bottle and poured Mary Jane more wine before he continued with his story fabrication.

“I hear they are getting close, talking almost every night,” he added, thinking that Mary Jane wasn’t always home at night if she were fucking Katzenberg.

“Fuck! I knew it! Felicia and Peter aren’t fighting crime! They’re fucking!” Mary Jane fumed internally as she drank more wine only to have the man fill the glass back up.

“I mean it must be hard doing everything for the family only to have Peter screw things up,” Norman spoke, knowing that he was pushing the right buttons.

“Yes,” Mary Jane mumbled as she drank more wine. The redhead remembered the feelings she had at the kitchen table when she saw Peter and Felicia. She also remembered what Nick Katzenberg said about Gwen and Peter when Spiderman saved her from the Goblin. The redhead wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol, but it had been building for a while now. The woman wasn’t sure about Peter anymore.

“It must be hard on you, MJ,” Norma spoke as he placed his hand on the redhead’s knee.

“No,” Mary Jane snapped as she pushed the man’s hand off her knee. Her fuming memories of Peter with Gwen and Felicia were suddenly pushed aside. The redhead stood up and was about to leave.

“Or maybe you’re the one who is cheating on Peter?” Norman Osborn spoke as he changed his tune.

“What?” Mary Jane spoke as she stopped right at the door.

“Well . . . there is this . . .” Norman spoke as he pressed a button and the screen on the wall came to life. Mary Jane’s eyes grew wide as she saw herself blowing and then getting fucked by Nick Katzenberg in the alleyway.

“No,” the woman mouthed.

“You know, the contract you signed earlier did have a morality clause. Breech of contract is rather serious,” Norman spoke.

“What do you want?” Mary Jane asked as she crossed her arms across her chest and stared at Norman Osborn.

“I can overlook the morality clause, but I have to be convinced.”

“Fine,” Mary Jane spoke as she rolled her eyes and closed the door. Behind Norman Osborn could say another word, the redhead knelt before him and worked her tongue and mouth on his hardening dick. The man didn’t even remember the woman unzipping his pants. Things weren’t going completely to plan. However, he wasn’t complaining.








An exhausted Mary Jane Parker slowly turned the doorknob and entered the apartment. There windows and blinds were all closed, but the lamp was still on even though someone had put a thin towel over it to dim the light. That’s when Mary Jane saw both Gwen and Felicia fast asleep on the floor. Blankets had been set out to make beds for the two women while Peter was fast asleep on the couch. The thoughts of Peter cheating on her with Gwen and Felicia quickly popped back into her head. The redhead shook her head and quickly locked the door behind her.

“MJ,” a drowsy Peter spoke softly as the redhead walked past the couch.

“What is going on?” Mary Jane asked softly.


“Look around Peter. The floor. The guests.”

“Gwen was scared that the Green Goblin would attack her again. Felicia offered to stay over and help me protect her if the Goblin showed.”

“That’s fine. I’m off to bed. It’s been a long day,” Mary Jane spoke as she faked a smile.

“Sounds good,” Peter replied as he laid back down and fell asleep.

The redhead quickly made her way to the bedroom and closed the door. She then went into the bathroom. Her eyes were red and tears were forming around her eyes. She immediately washed her face and brushed her teeth. She would have taken a shower, but Norman Osborn had allowed her to shower since he had a fully functioning bathroom attached to his office. The woman brushed and brushed before she finally rinsed out all the toothpaste. She then used a generous amount of mouthwash before she stripped and headed to her bed.

The woman laid down in the bed and fantasized about Peter fucking Gwen and Felicia in a hot threesome. She even thought that Felicia and Gwen were naked under the sheets. The woman shook her head, telling herself that she was just imagining things. Then she heard Nick Katzenberg’s voice in her head, telling her that Peter was indeed cheating. Mary Jane shook her head and tried to fall asleep. It didn’t take long since she was exhausted. However, that didn’t stop Nick’s voice in her head.





Days Later




Mary Jane Parker was elegantly dressed in a red strapless dress as she sat across the table of Norman Osborn at a five-star restaurant. The restaurant’s piano player softly caressed the keys as Mary Jane Parker sipped her wine. The pair had already finished a tasty six course dinner and the beautiful woman was resting while Norman Osborn talked to the restaurant manager, who quickly nodded and left the pair and the four candles on the table with a heavy white silk tablecloth alone.

“What was that all about?” Mary Jane asked.

“I ordered some champagne,” Norman Osborn replied.

“And you had to ask the manager? Why not ask the waiter?”

“I don’t have time to waste, MJ. I need an expert, someone who has access to the most expensive bottle of champagne in the entire restaurant, not a waiter, who needs permission to even speak its name.”

“A man who has exquisite tastes and know what he wants.”

“Of course. That’s why I am here with you, MJ.”

“Really now?”

“Of course. In fact. This should prove my intentions,” Norman spoke as he took a long box from his coat pocket and slid it across the table to the redhead.

Mary Jane took the box in her hand. It was heavy. The woman knew that there was some kind of jewelry inside, but she wasn’t sure what the man was handing her. She looked at him and saw that he was waiting. The redhead was unsure if she wanted to open the box.

“Go ahead. It’s yours to do whatever you wish. Even if you leave the table and never return.”

Mary Jane Parker took a deep breath. She knew she couldn’t leave or Peter and Aunt May would face grave consequences. The woman opened the box and her eyes lit up.

“You like?”

“Holy shit,” Mary Jane mouthed, knowing that the language was inappropriate in the current setting.

“If you cannot land a job for the rest of this year, you should be able to sell it and pay rent for a year.”

“The diamonds on this bracelet are amazing and blinding. Each one looks to be perfect.”

“Each one is ideal cut and flawless.”

“No way.”

“Of course they are. Only to best. That’s why I’ve chosen you, MJ,” Norman spoke proudly.

“I’m sorry to interrupt sir, but your champagne,” the manager spoke as he stood next to the man.

“No need to pour it for me. Pour it for the young woman,” Norman spoke calmly even if it was really an order.

“Of course,” the manager replied as he poured some champagne for Mary Jane.

The redhead saw the bubbles. The champagne was as clear as the diamonds on her bracelet. She glanced at Norman, who wanted her to drink the champagne. Without saying a word, Mary Jane took a sip and had to resist the urge to guzzle it all down. The champagne was amazing, better than anything that she ever drank before.

“Is it okay, madam?” the manager asked.

“It’s lovely,” Mary Jane gushed.

“Excellent. Should I pour you a glass, sir?” the manager asked Mr. Osborn.

“No need. Just charge everything to this card and send four bottles to the address on this note. Also, charge an extra thirty percent for each bottle and share it between yourself and the staff here. Dinner was excellent and make sure the piano player gets a cut,” Norman Osborn spoke as he handed the manager his black credit card and a white business card before standing up.

“Yes sir. You should sit back down. It will take me a few minutes to run this through the machine.”

“No need. Keep the card. I will come back for it. I have to take this magnificent woman to the opera and I’m on a tight schedule.”


“Our personal box,” Norman spoke as he offered his hand. The redhead took his hand as he helped her to her feet. The man then handed her the box that housed Mary Jane’s new diamond covered bracelet. The pair walked out of the restaurant together and boarded Norman Osborn’s personal limousine.

The second the door closed, Mary Jane passionately kissed the man before she slid off the seat and knelt between the man’s legs. She then unzipped his pants and immediately directed her full attention to servicing his cock.





Days Later




Mary Jane Parker was clad in what might have been a leotard at one time. However, between the fact that it was studded latex, the cut-outs so that her breasts were exposed to the world, and the accessories that she also wore, any resemblance to the original garment was coincidental, at best. A pair of platformed latex high-heeled boots had been added to her slutty image, while a pair of matching studded elbow-length gloves had been tied together and padlocked at an awkward angle, leaving her bent over painfully as her arms stretched out above her. Despite the agony that her now-unsupported breasts were inflicting upon her stretched back, Mary Jane couldn't scream--a studded leather choker held a matching ballgag in place, leaving her to simply moan in pain while a long chain connected her gloves to the ceiling.

Nick Katzenberg had been upset that Mary Jane hadn’t been spending enough time with him so he sent her on a photo shoot with a photographer and his blonde female assistant, who did not appear at all during the photo shoot. When Mary Jane found out that it was for bondage pictures, she wanted to leave, but Nick reminded the redhead while she was fucking him in the first place. The idea that someone would hurt poor Aunt May was enough to keep Mary Jane compliant. The woman changed clothes and allowed the photographer to take pictures of her in various outfits and poses. Satisfied, Nick left the shoot.

The shoot took hours and when they were done with the official pictures, the photographer decided to take some personal ones. The man did not release Mary Jane from her bondage. Instead, his blonde assistant appeared from the back with a strap-on and positioned herself behind Mary Jane. The woman oiled up the strap-on and spanked the redhead several times before she rammed the dildo into Mary Jane’s unprotected sex.

“AHHHHHHH!” Mary Jane screamed as the dildo violently entered her.

The photographer eagerly snapped pictures of his assistance fucking the redhead. He captured the agonized face of Mary Jane and sheer pleasure on his assistant’s face. They were definitely a study in contrast. The only similarity was that sweat was pouring down both their faces.

“Holy shit this hurts!” Mary Jane screamed into the gag.

“Oh yes . . . this bitch is hot!” the blonde woman screamed as she slapped the woman’s ass.

Mary Jane couldn’t believe she was being fucked by another woman. She had never imagined it. Sure, she had heard of people talking about it, but she never pictured herself being used by another woman. Her mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour as the assistant used her pussy for a few more minutes before she removed the chain.

The assistant pulled out of Mary Jane and pushed the woman to the floor. The redhead landed with a heavy thud as the landed on top of her. The blonde pressed her naked tits against Mary Jane’s back as she kissed and licked the woman’s neck.

“Ahhhhh,” Mary Jane moaned into her back as she felt her pussy juicy up.

“You like this don’t you?” the assistant asked as she rammed two fingers into Mary Jane’s pussy.

“No,” Mary Jane spoke into her gag as she shook her head. She smelled the woman’s perfume and felt her hot breath on her neck. Her body shivered as her pussy released even more juices. So Mary Jane could say whatever she wanted, but she couldn’t deny the fact that her body was reacting to the woman on her back.

The assistant couldn’t hear the redhead since she was too busy listening to the loud slurping noises that she herself were producing. The woman was very turned on as the photographer captured it all. The assistant was so turned on that she didn’t really care about the redhead’s bondage. In fact, she started to remove it. First, she freed her wrists and then she removed the gag before she flipped the redhead over.

For the first time, Mary Jane saw the blonde assistant. The woman was built like her except the assistant’s breasts were definitely bigger. The redhead immediately thought plastic surgery. However, those thoughts quickly exited her mind when the blonde drove two fingers into Mary Jane’s pussy. The redhead’s body surged as she moaned loudly. Her moans were stifled by the blonde woman, when she pressed her lips over the redhead’s. The blonde woman then drove her tongue past the redhead’s compliant lips and proceeded to rub against her front teeth before she rubbed against Mary Jane’s tongue.

Both women moaned as the photographer snapped as many close-up pictures of the two women kissing as he possibly could. He saw that they had both closed their eyes as passion gripped their faces. Both women were into it as they kissed. The man immediately felt his pants tighten as he heard both women moan when their lips temporarily separated from each other. Then the moans became muffled again as the lips were pressed back together.

The memory card was soon full. The photographer thought about getting a new memory card, but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the scene before him. So he simply placed the camera on the ground and undid his pants. The man then stripped as he made his way toward the pair. Once naked, he tapped his assistant on the shoulder, who reluctantly broke the kiss. She then moved out of the way as the man knelt between Mary Jane’s legs and without warning, rammed his hard dick into the woman’s warm pussy.

“AHHHHH!” Mary Jane moaned as the man pumped his meat into her. However, the redhead’s mouth wasn’t left alone for long as the blonde woman presented the dildo to the redhead, who smiled back and took it into her mouth. She then slowly bobbed her head as she looked seductively at the blonde woman.

“Minx,” the blonde woman smiled back as she reached forward and caressed the redhead’s right cheek with her left hand while her right hand gripped and squeezed Mary Jane’s right breast.

The photographer was so excited from the scene that he immediately shoot his load into Mary Jane’s pussy. The man then slowly pulled out and staggered backwards. The blonde assistant, smirked at the man and pulled the dildo out of the redhead’s mouth. She then helped the redhead to her knees. The blonde then kissed Mary Jane while she ran her left hand through Mary Jane’s wet hair while her right hand played with Mary Jane’s pussy, forcing the man’s cum to leak out of her pussy at a faster rate.

The man got excited again as he took a deep breath and joined the pair. He kissed and sucked on the redhead’s tits while his hands roamed all over the woman’s body. The photographer was almost possessed as he played with the redhead’s natural breasts.

Mary Jane, who would have never imagined herself kissing another woman, welcomed the attention and the tongue of the blonde woman. She moaned seductively into the woman’s body as she tried to squeeze her pussy muscles around the woman’s fingers inside her pussy. The redhead also never imagined herself in a threesome was actually enjoying it all and had wondered why she had never experienced anything like this before as her juice became even more inflamed.









Mary Jane Parker stumbled into a dive of a bar, across from the shabby motel that she was supposed to meet Nick Katzenberg later in the evening. The woman had just ended her session with the photographer and his female assistant. The pair had allowed Mary Jane to shower before she left. The redhead was exhausted and she really wanted a drink. So she stumbled toward the bar.

“Bartender, give me your strongest drink,” Mary Jane spoke as her eye caught the TV set. She saw Spiderman and Black Cat fighting the Green Goblin. The TV said it was live. The redhead watched as Black Cat snatched something from the Green Goblin before fleeing. The distracted villain was then webbed by Spiderman as his glider flew the villain away. Mary Jane shook her head as she tried to dispel the thoughts of Spiderman celebrating his eventual victory over the Green Goblin by fucking Felicia.

The bartender gave her a small shot glass, which she quickly downed. The woman then looked up at the TV again and pictured Gwen also joining in on the celebration and fucking like she didn’t belong.

“Bartender! Another drink, but stronger!”

“Whoa there lass. A meek little thing like you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. You should be drinking a protein shake,” the bartender spoke as he cupped his crotch.

“Watch it, bub!” a seated man at the bar snarled as the bartender quickly backed off.

“Logan. Is that you, Logan?” Mary Jane asked as she approached the hunched over man.

“In the flesh.”

“Hmmmm,” Mary Jane spoke as she licked her lips and squeezed the man’s biceps. The encounter with the photographer and his assistant had still left the redhead horny with some unsatisfied needs.

“What are you doing?”

“Remember a while back when you propositioned me at the Avengers mansion?”

“Yea,” Wolverine spoke as he raised his head.

“Well . . . so do I.”

“And if I remembered correctly, you blew me off and was rather ticked about me asking.”

“That was then. This is now.”

“What do you mean? Peter is no longer a giant spider and you two are married.”

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t want to fuck me?”

“I . . .” Wolverine stuttered as he was taken aback, but could smell that the woman was horny.


“I . . .”

“You and me in the men’s restroom. Right now if you’re interested,” Mary Jane spoke as she headed toward the restroom. Wolverine quickly downed his drink and followed. He even punched himself to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

The pair entered the restroom and Mary Jane headed to the handicap stall at the end. She opened the door and entered with Wolverine close behind her. The woman hiked up her dress and slid the straps off her shoulders. She then pushed her dress to her stomach so her tits were bared. The woman then squatted on the floor and began to suck Wolverine’s cock.

“This can’t be happening,” Wolverine thought to himself as he saw the beautiful redhead sucking on his dick. He reached down and grabbed her tits as the woman moaned around his cock. The vibration was enough to make his cock expand in the woman’s mouth.

“Stick your cock inside me,” Mary Jane purred as she stood up and turned her back to him.

Wolverine gripped her hips and rammed his hard member into the woman’s pussy. Mary Jane moaned as Logan entered her. The woman gripped the two silver bars on the wall as she leaned forward. Wolverine then gripped her hips and pumped his meat in and out of Mary Jane’s incredibly wet pussy.

“Oh yes! Fuck me, Logan! Fuck me!” Mary Jane panted.

“I will,” the mutant grunted as he slowed down to savor the feel of the woman’s pussy squeezing his dick.

“Damn it , Logan! You’re supposed to be a beast! So squeeze my tits and fuck me like an animal! Or do I need to find the Beast to fuck me? Now fuck me hard or don’t fuck me at all!” Mary Jane demanded as she remembered the photo shoot, where she was used like a sexual plaything and how much she enjoyed it.

Wolverine not wanting to be insulted especially when compared to Beast, clamped his hands on the redhead’s tits and fucked her for all he was worth. The sounds of flesh slapping together soon filled the room. The mutant just hoped that his claws wouldn’t extend when he finally shoots his load into the woman.

“OH YES!! THAT’S IT!! FUCK ME!! USE ME!!” Mary Jane happily shrieked as she loved every second especially when Wolverine growled into her ear.







Mary Jane Parker was nude. She sat on the bed with an equally nude Nick Katzenberg. The redhead felt lucky that she had just enough time to shower and get into bed before the man showed up. She didn’t want him to smell Logan’s scent on her. The woman snuggled up to the man, who started to play with her tits. The redhead cooed in appreciation.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Mary Jane,” the man growled as he gave her nipple a hard squeeze.

“What?” a flabbergasted Mary Jane replied. The woman thought he meant that he knew that she had serviced Norman Osborn’s cock, fucked Wolverine, and had been fucked by the photographer and his female assistant.

“You haven’t been tending to my needs in quite some time,” the man growled as he gave her other nipple a hard squeeze, which caused Mary Jane to squirm in his grip.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” the woman spoke meekly as she felt she dodged a bullet. The man wasn’t omniscient after all.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, which is why I had to punish you. Hit play on the remote,” Nick ordered.

Mary Jane did as Nick commanded and the TV screen came alive. She saw the photographer bind her as she dressed in fetish wear. The woman’s eyes grew as she realized that Nick had recorded everything from the photo shoot. She looked at Nick, who immediately moved her head back so she could watch the video before he went back to playing with her tits.

“Looks like someone is enjoying herself. Just listen to yourself moan like a bitch in heat after the blonde removes your gag,” Nick spoke.

Mary Jane closed her eyes and remembered how the blonde’s soft skin and wet lips felt against her body. The woman’s pussy immediately reacted as she started to become wet. Mary Jane then opened her eyes when she heard the blonde’s voice telling her to cum. The redhead watched as the woman on the screen climaxed, almost on command.

“Fucking slut! And your wet too! I guess you’re not the prude after all. I’ve always known you were designed for sex and now you know it too!” Nick growled as he started to finger her clit and wet pussy.

Mary Jane moaned and wanted to tell Nick Katzenberg to fuck off, but she couldn’t. Deep down, the woman knew he was right. She had voluntarily sucked Norman Osborn and flirted with him endlessly since their first night together. Then she remembered fucking Wolverine in the nasty restroom at the bar. And of course, the woman could easily see and hear how she reacted during her first threesome and lesbian experience.

“Just think of it, Mary Jane. You’re still better than that worthless Peter of yours. He only fucks two women at the same time. You on the other hand are fair and fuck each member of the sexes,” Nick laughed into the woman’s ear.

Once again, Mary Jane didn’t respond. Instead, her mind quickly darted away from the video and replaced it with her husband, Pete Parker, who was busy fucking Felicia Hardy and Gwen Stacy. She could hear him moan as he drove his cock into the each woman. She also pictured them reacting like cheap sluts while her husband fucked them. However, the woman shook her head and drove the images from her mind.

“I mean . . . seriously Mary Jane . . . when was the last time that your limp dick husband fucked you? Probably not in a while since he’s been fucking Felicia and Gwen.”

Mary Jane’s mind raced as she remembered all those nights where Peter Parker came home with Felicia. Sure, Felicia left, but Peter always went straight to bed. He didn’t touch her and he definitely didn’t fuck her. In fact, he didn’t even pay that much attention to her. He just glanced at her and went to bed. Why? Because he was exhausted. He wasn’t exhausted from fighting crime. It was because he was too busy fucking the Black Cat. Mary Jane’s mind began to fume as she pictured the pair fucking again and again.

“I bet he even finds them sexier than you. So here you are, trying to save your marriage and protect him . . . while he’s out doing whatever he wants without a care to what you’re doing . . . and celebrating his victories by conquering Gwen and Felicia,” the man laughed.

Mary Jane didn’t reply as the man’s words continued to sink in. In the last few weeks, Peter hadn’t bought her flowers, given her gifts, or even taken her out to dinner. He doesn’t even call or text her on the cell. Yet, she was the one who was being blackmailed by two individuals and doing things that she would have never imagined while her husband was fucking his ex-flames. The redhead seethed with anger as she now resented her husband.

“It’s like he doesn’t even know that you’re there. He’s totally forgotten you, Mary Jane . . . he’s just a pathetic . . .”

“Shut up and fuck me,” Mary Jane spoke as she turned and kissed the man passionately while her hands griped his dick. She straddled him and inserted his cock into her pussy. The woman then pressed her body against the fat slob and began to ride him as they continued to kiss. This wasn’t blackmail anymore. Mary Jane wanted this. She wanted to fuck and satisfy her newly found needs since she had convinced herself that Peter was busy sowing his oats with others instead of her.





Days Later




Mary Jane Parker dutifully sucked Norman Osborn’s cock. Earlier, she had gleefully accepted Norman Osborn’s latest gift to her. The man had bought her a pair of drop and dangle diamond earrings. The earrings had a two and a quarter inch drop. Each earring had diamonds arranged eight flower motifs. The flowers increased in size from top to bottom. The earrings also had 18k white gold and featured a post connecting the flowers for added comfort. Mary Jane quickly donned their earrings and was as a giddy as a schoolgirl. She then began to service the man.

Mary Jane Parker alternated between going super fast and super slow. Regardless of her speed, she always moaned around the man’s cock. Her moans would some times cause the man’s dick to shake. It would grow stiff shortly after, giving the redhead instant positive feedback. She loved it since she wanted to please him. Especially since she always received such wonderful gifts. However, the woman looked up and saw that the man was not his usual self. Normally, he was all smiles, but not this time. The redhead slowly released his dick and sighed.

“Are you okay? Am I doing something wrong?” she asked, hoping that it wasn’t her fault.

“It’s not your fault,” the man replied to a relieved Mary Jane.

Even though the redhead was relieved, her concern immediately turned to Norman Osborn since she wanted to know what was troubling him. She rose to her feet and bent Norman slightly forward. The woman then pressed her tits against his back as she stroked his shoulders.

“MJ,” the man spoke.

“Do you want me use my tits on your cock?” the woman purred into the man’s ear.

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am not in the mood.”


“It’s complicated.”

“Tell me,” the woman spoke as she kissed the man’s neck.

“Fine. Someone broke into my lab and stole something very important to me.”

“Who broke into your lab and what did they steal?”

“I’ve spent years making it and the Black Cat stole it,” the man sighed.

“That fucking bitch! She steals Peter and now steals from Norman! Is she trying to destroy my life? What the fuck!” Mary Jane’s mind yelled.

“May Jane . . . don’t dig your fingers into my shoulder, you’re not a cat.”

“Sorry Norman,” Mary Jane quickly apologized.

“It’s not your fault. I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out how to remake it. It took years and that woman spent only a few minutes to steal it from me.”

“Fucking bitch has Norman all worked up! It’s all her fault! She’s ruining my life! Wait! I can get back at her!” Mary Jane thought to herself.

“Mary Jane . . . are you okay?” Norman asked as he turned and looked at the woman.

“What if I told you that you can get back at the Black Cat?”

“What? How?”

“The woman has a lot of enemies. They would do anything to know her true identity.”

“You know it?”

“You have to promise me one thing though, Norman.”

“What? What do you want me to promise?”

“Promise me that you won’t kill her. I rather see her dropped a few pegs and I want her to suffer,” Mary Jane spoke.

“This is a new side of you,” Norma spoke.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Mary Jane thought as her pussy twitched when she remembered her threesome.

“Mary Jane . . . is that all?”

“I want a piece of her.”

“You want me to cut something off for you?”

“No. No death or dismemberment.”

“Done!” Norman quickly agreed.

“Then let me dial her number. Also, we need to buy a strap-on for me and some bondage gear for her,” Mary Jane spoke as Norman Osborn quickly nodded his approval.





Days Later




The Black Cat took a deep breath as she stood perfectly still. The woman’s firm body, long legs, and large breasts were packed inside her tight black suit that clung to her body like a second skin while displaying her ample tits to her opponents. Normally, she was able to confuse lesser opponents and beat them easily with her outfit. The suit empowered her, but not today. For today, Norman Osborn’s fingerprints covered every inch of it as he groped and fondled her body before he unzipped it and made the woman step out of it. The woman didn’t want to, but she had no choice. So she undressed and was about to take her mask off. It didn’t matter since Norman Osborn already knew her real identity, but the man stopped her anyway. He played with her tits, ass, cunt, and legs before he laid down on his bed.

“Can I go now?” the woman sniffled.

“No. Your outfit for the evening is over there. Get dressed and join me on the bed,” Norman ordered.

Felicia Hardy made it to the chair and saw parts of an outfit. She took a deep breath. The woman didn’t say anything. Instead she picked up the black fishnet stockings. She felt the softness of the material between her hands. The woman took another deep breath and was about to step into it when Norman Osborn interrupted her.

“Do it slowly and sexy,” the man spoke calmly.

The Black Cat obeyed. She hooked her toe through the end of the stocking and stretched out her leg. The woman slowly rolled the thin stocking past her ankles, up her leg, past her knee, and onto her thigh. Felicia knew the man watched the stocking make its way up her leg and wanted to see if her tears would land on the stocking. The woman was proud that she hadn’t cried, but she repeated the process with the other leg. Once she was done, she smoothed them out over her fit legs.

“Oh shit, I feel so cheap now,” the woman thought to herself as she slipped her feet into a pair of five inched black heels.

“I’ve changed my mind, Black Cat. Play with yourself first.”

The Black Cat took another deep breath as she suddenly heard the room being flooded with techno music. The woman sat down on the chair that her outfit was one and spread her legs. She then rubbed her pussy with her right hand before she stuck two fingers inside her. The woman played with herself and felt cheap the entire time.

“Come on over,” Norman ordered as his cock stood at attention.

The Black Cat slowly walked toward the man. She joined him on the bed. Her right hand gripped his cock and she tapped three fingers on it before she released his dick. The woman’s left hand gripped the base of his dick as she kissed the head of his member. Her tongue licked the head of his cock repeatedly as her spit started to dribble down his member. The woman pushed her hair from her eyes as her right hand gripped his dick as well. She then slid her mouth onto the man’s dick and pleasured it with her lips and tongue. After a minute, she pulled her mouth of his dick and took a deep breath as several strands of saliva connected her lips to his dick.


The Black Cat took another deep breath before she released his cock. She kissed the head of his member and wrapped her lips around her while she gripped his member again with her right hand while her left and played with his balls. The fingers on her hand danced on his cock while he bobbed her head on it. Her hand then twisted his cock as she licked the sides of his member. Spunk started to glisten over his dick as it mixed with her spit.

“Use your mouth on my dick and don’t remove it. Service me and look at me,” the man commanded.

The Black Cat’s sad eyes looked at the man’s gleeful eyes. She continued to service his member as she never removed her mouth from his dick. The woman bobbed her head. Faster and faster. The woman never broke eye contact with him. Her cheeks puffed and concaved. She felt his cock stir and she knew what was about to happen, but she couldn’t avoid it. The woman knew the consequences of displeasing Norman Osborn since he made it quite clear over the phone. The woman kept her lips wrapped tightly around his cock as he shot his load into her mouth. Felicia Hardy fought back the tears as she swallowed his cum, not daring to waste a drop. Once the woman was done, she kept her mouth on his dick.

“Good girl. You take orders real well. Please continue,” Norman spoke as he patted her head.

The Black Cat didn’t say a word as she continued to service his member and stare at the man. Except now, the woman felt incredibly cheap. It started slow. A lone tear escaped her eye and dropped onto his crotch. However, more tears escaped after the second time she was forced to drink Norman’s spunk. After the third time, she lost it and tears poured down her face. The woman’s makeup was running down her face with her tears. She looked horrible and all she saw was Norman Osborn’s smile getting bigger and bigger like the Cheshire Cat.

“Just clean it and open your mouth when you’re done,” Norman spoke as the Black Cat thanked her lucky stars since she wanted to rest her sore jaw. Once she was done, she opened her mouth and showed it to Norman Osborn.

“Good girl. Now ride me,” the man ordered.

Tears continued to flow from her eyes as the Black Cat impaled herself on his dick. The woman went slowly at first, but she sped herself up when she saw Norman Osborn spin his finger. Felicia Hardy bounced up and down on the man’s cock as Norman’s hands cupped her breasts and squeezed. Her juices started to as the woman felt incredibly cheap. She wanted to crawl under a rock, but she knew she couldn’t. Instead, she continued to ride him. She went faster and faster, hoping that the forced pleasure would make her forget her predicament. So when she climaxed, she wailed like a banshee. It didn’t help her situation. It only made things worse as she felt totally humiliated.

“Good job,” Norman spoke as Felicia collapsed on top of him.

“Are we done now?”

“No,” Norman replied as Felicia felt a pair of soft hands spreading her ass.

“WAIT! WHO? WHAT?!” Felicia wailed as she felt something long and hard, penetrate her ass. The woman had never been fucked in the ass before and she didn’t want to be fucked in the ass. She wailed as her came alive. Her nerves were alive as the pain was excruciating.

“You like?” Norman asked.

“OH SHIT! PLEASE STOP! NOT MY ASS! STOP AND I’LL FUCK YOU ALL NIGHT LONG!” Felicia shrieked as the person behind her fucked her ass like a possessed maniac. She felt the maniac’s hands slap her ass again and again.

“You know you like this,” Norman spoke as he and the person behind Felicia fucked the Black Cat savagely and forcefully.

“OH SHIT! OH FUCK! PLEASE NO! NOOOO!” Felicia screamed as both assailants forced the woman to climax. A climax that sapped all her strength.

“Should we stop?” Norman asked.

“No. Let’s continue. The bitch loves this shit,” Mary Jane growled as she continued to ram the strap-on into the Black Cat’s ass.





Hours Later




Norman Osborn was dressed in a robe with his cell phone in his pocket after he took a shower. He returned to the room and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The Black Cat had been blindfolded and gagged as she sat on a modified wooden chair. The woman had a ring-gag secured around her mouth. The dildo that Mary Jane had used to fuck her earlier was inserted into her mouth and secured to the ring-gag. The woman’s ankles were bound to the front legs of the chair while her arms were secured to the arms of the chair, all by ropes that dug into her skin. A hole had been cut into the seat of the chair. Under the chair, a large metal box was connected to the wall socket, which allowed a large spinning dildo to thrust in and out of Black Cat’s drooling pussy. Her nipples were clamped as the woman weakly struggled on the chair.

“Can she hear us?” Norman asked.

“No. I secured some earplugs into the canal. She can’t hear anything, but I’m sure her mind is screaming,” Mary Jane replied as she quickly bounced over to him and pressed herself against his chest.

“Are you enjoying your new pet?” he asked.

“Of course. I love how you were able to build this chair and toy for her,” Mary Jane gushed.

“Simple engineering. If you give me some time, I can improve on it. Consider this a prototype.”

“Can you make one more for Gwen Stacy?”

“The exact chair or a better one?”

“Doesn’t matter. I just want to punish the slut.”

“Sure,” Norman Osborn spoke as he kissed the woman’s forehead.

“This is great!” the woman gushed.

“MJ . . . I never had a chance to ask, but it’s been . . . bothering me for a while now,” Norman spoke cautiously as he held Mary Jane’s shoulders and slowly moved her off his chest. He then rubbed her arms as he looked her in the eyes.

“Ask away,” Mary Jane replied.

“How did you know that the Black Cat was Felicia Hardy ?”

“I will gladly answer the question if you do something for me.”

“Blackmail Gwen Stacy?”

“No. I don’t think you can do that and I haven’t figured out how to punish her yet. All I know is that she’s scared to death of the Green Goblin. No, it’s far more simpler, I want something,” Mary Jane spoke as she pulled the man’s phone from his pocket. She quickly found the website and the item that she wanted. She then handed the phone back to the Norman.

The man was a bit perplexed. He alternated between the phone’s screen and Mary Jane’s face. He then looked at Felicia Hardy, who was screaming into her gag as she climaxed again. The woman’s body quivered for over a minute before she whimpered into the gag in total agony. The man could easily sense that Mary Jane Parker was no longer the woman that he saw walk down the aisle with Peter Parker. The woman had fundamentally changed. He had no idea how or why though. He had only blackmailed her and made her use her mouth and body to please his cock, but Katzenberg had to have done something to her.

“So?” Mary Jane asked.

The man looked at Mary Jane again. He had more resources than Nick Katzenberg. He could squash him easily. Norman Osborn had prided himself on being smarter than his competitors and he viewed Nick as a competitor right now. Not only that, but he viewed this a challenge. He had to know what caused the change in Mary Jane’s personality.


“All you want is a facet collar necklace? The length is sixteen inches with a three inch extension chain in 18k white gold that’s covered in diamonds?


“What if I bought you two necklaces? I will buy you this one and one that is and one that is 24k yellow gold?” Norman asked, but didn’t receive a verbal answer since Mary Jane thrust her lips over his mouth and her tongue into his mouth. The two embraced and kissed for what seemed like forever before they finally broke the kiss, both panting for breath.

“You’re the best,” Mary Jane gushed happily.

“I know.”

“And now you’ll know more. Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat is a good friend of my husband, Peter Parker.”

“That would mean . . .”

“Peter Parker is Spiderman. Nick Katzenberg has blackmailing me for sex in order to keep that news buried with him. And while I’ve been saving his hide and family, Peter has been fucking Gwen and Felicia behind my back,” Mary Jane snarled with heavy disgust and venom in her voice.

“And why are you telling me this?”

“I like my arrangement right now. Nick for all his faults, actually set me up. He allowed me to have m first threesome, a man and a woman. You’re my second with Felicia as the third party. It was amazing and I would like for it to continue as we both blackmail her into a life bondage and servitude. She won’t last five minutes on the street before people like the Kingpin track her down. And the best part, she knows it. She’ll be ours,” Mary Jane spoke with an evil smile on her face.

Norman Osborn felt his pants tighten as his cock started to harden. The man still wasn’t completely sure what had caused the change, but he really liked it. The innocent bride that he watched walk down the aisle was gone and a far better version at least in his opinion was in her place. And he wanted her. He really wanted her.

“We can punish the Black Cat for stealing your stuff and for screwing up my marriage,” Mary Jane growled.

“And I can help you punish Gwen Stacy for ruining your marriage too,” Norman Osborn spoke with a wry smile.



“By using her greatest fear,” Norma spoke, not quite sure how Mary Jane Parker would react once she heard his next statement; his confession.

“What?” a confused look appeared on Mary Jane’s face.

“I’m the Green Goblin. The man who has tormented Spiderman for years . . . that’s me. The Black Cat didn’t break into my laboratory, she stole directly from my glider,” Norman Osborn confessed. The man then watched Mary Jane’s face. The smile was gone. She just looked at him for a long time. Norman Osborn wasn’t sure what was going on inside Mary Jane’s head. Then all of sudden, the woman thrust herself into his arms and kissed him with even more passion than before.

When the woman broke the kiss, she grabbed his hand. She pulled him to the bed and made him lay down on it. The woman opened his robe and saw his erect dick. Mary Jane then joined the man on the bed and impaled herself on his dick. The woman moaned as Norman Osborn penetrated her pussy for the first time. The redhead then slowly rode him as she placed his hands on her tits and made him squeeze them with her assistance.

“Norman . . . this is going to be the start of beautiful relationship,” Mary Jane moaned as she stared lovingly into the man’s eyes.





Days Later




“Felicia? You here? You called and told me to come? Where are you? Felicia?” Gwen Stacy spoke as she entered Felicia Hardy’s expensive rooftop apartment. The woman wasn’t a cat thief anymore, but that doesn’t mean she stopped using the cash that she had saved up from that time in her life. Some of it was the fee that she collected from jobs, others were from fencing items. Gwen always thought that Felicia should have returned the cash, but she hardly pressed the issue with her. The blonde woman walked into the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks.

There on Felicia Hardy’s bed was the woman herself, but she was not dressed in anything that Gwen had seen before. The woman was dressed in a black and red leather bustier. The main black parts of the bustier were supported by wires, the rest was made up of red mesh. Red laces also ran up the front, keeping it tight. The bustier didn’t cover the woman’s tits at all. Instead, it pushed Felicia’s large breasts up. The woman also wore a garter-belt with black straps connecting them to her red mesh stockings. The red high heels and the thick black leather collar around Felicia’s neck wasn’t out of the ordinary, but it was the leather gag that stuck out. The woman had a huge leather ball-gag that forced her mouth open. Although Gwen didn’t know it, Felicia’s mouth was forced so wide that the woman thought her jaw would pop. The gag also covered everything from her chin to her nostrils. It was also strapped ridiculously tight as was the black leather blindfold that covered her eyes. A new black belt was also wrapped tightly around her waist. There was a black strap that went between her legs and ensured that the vibrators inserted in her ass and pussy wouldn’t fall out. Completing the outfit was a black leather arm-sleeve, pulled behind her back and ensured that she couldn’t get to the vibrators.

Gwen was frozen in place. She didn’t know if she should run to Felicia or run away from her. However, her legs wouldn’t move. Instead, she felt a presence behind her. The woman turned and screamed as she saw the Green Goblin.

“Hello!” the man laughed.

Gwen Stacy’s face was as white as a ghost. The woman was gripped in fear. Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets. However, she immediately regained control of her legs again. The blonde woman tried to run away from him, but the man grabbed her arm. The blonde woman screamed as she tried to pull away like a madwoman and eventually pulled away. She grabbed a broom in the corner and prepared to fight.

“Don’t fight me, Gwen. If you get away, I’m just going to take out my anger on Aunt May. You know, the aunt of your friend, Peter Parker also known as Spiderman. And if I don’t get to her, I’m sure some other person will once everyone hears that Spiderman is really Peter Parker,” the Green Goblin spoke as Gwen Stacy stopped dead in her tracks.

“You know? How?”

“Does it matter?”

“No . . . I guess not,” Gwen spoke meekly as she pictured every criminal from the common thug to the super-villains that had threatened the entire city gunning for Peter, Aunt May, Felicia, Mary Jane, and herself. They would all be in constant terror as they tried to survive.

“Now put the broom down and get dressed. Your outfit for today is on the chair over there. You can run or you can put on the outfit and let me fuck you . . . for the rest of your life. You have one minute to decide,” the Green Goblin laughed.

Gwen Stacy dropped the broom and looked at the outfit that had been set for her on the chair. The woman gulped, but she had no choice. The blonde figured that the same deal was offered to Felicia, who must have agreed. The woman gulped again and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to have the death of so many people on her conscious. The woman took the outfit and stepped into the bathroom.

Minutes later, Gwen Stacy wore the same outfit as Felicia Hardy minus the vibrators, belt, blindfold, and gag. Her arm-sleeve forced her arms behind her back and parallel to the floor while two chains connected her arm-sleeve to a hook on the ceiling. The woman took a deep breath as she felt the Green Goblin spank her ass. She tried to keep quiet but in the end, she couldn’t help but scream and cry with each slap.

The Green Goblin soon got bored of spanking her. The villain then drove his cock into the woman’s defenseless pussy. Gwen panted as she felt the villain grip her hips as he fucked her with both her legs raised in the air. Her tits bounced up and down n rhythm with his thrusts. The Green Goblin didn’t fuck her very long as he pulled out. He then walked to front, gripped her chin, and forced her lips open with his tongue as he kissed her.

Gwen felt disgusted, but she allowed him to kiss her. She thought it was over now, but then she felt a pair of hands on her hips as something huge penetrated her pussy. Her pussy was being stretched as she screamed into the Green Goblin’s mouth. The blonde now had no idea what laid in front of her, but she sobbed uncontrollably as she realized that her life would never be the same again as the Green Goblin and whoever he wanted were going to use her body until it was used up. The blonde woman had no idea that her assailant was Mary Jane Parker using the same strap-on that she used on Felicia Hardy earlier in the week.





Days Later




Nick Katzenberg was incensed. Oh sure, the redhead known as Mary Jane Parker was on her knees and busy sucking on the man’s cock wearing nothing more than red six inched heels, but the fact that she had missed several meetings with him and refused to meet him in a filthy motel room, made him livid. He hated the fact that the woman had grown a spine. The man loved fucking her in filthy motel room since it was supposed to reflect her new standing in life. Yet, she was now fucking the man in an expensive hotel room. The overweight man was so furious that he held her head as she drove his cock into her mouth again and again.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Mary Jane! Take it! Take my cock!” the man growled angrily.

“Glub. Glub. Glub,” Mary Jane moaned against the man’s cock invading her mouth.

“How dare you not show up when I need you? Do you want me to tell the world that Peter Parker is really Spiderman?” Nick growled as Mary Jane locked eyes with the man. The man was shocked that she didn’t have any fear in her eyes. Instead, she had a gleam in her eye. The anger began to boil.

“Mmmmppphhhh,” the redhead moaned as she released his cock and took it back into her mouth without saying another word.

“Fuck you, Mary Jane! I’m in charge! Not you! You serve me! I can do whatever I want! You’re mine! Fuck! I’m going to take you to a motel and fuck you for three days straight!” the man yelled.

Mary Jane Parker slowed down on sucking his cock. Her left hand reached under the bed and pulled out her phone. She placed it on the bed as Nick Katzenberg fumed.

“I’m going to make sure that every villain in the city fucks you before killing you!” the man yelled.

“Calm down,” a male voice spoke calmly.

“Who the fuck was that?” Nick growled.

“Calm down, Mr. Katzenberg,” repeated the voice.

“Who are you?” Nick spoke as Mary Jane released the man’s cock. Instead of bobbing her head on his member, the woman gripped the base of his dick and licked the head and sides instead.

“A friend.”

“I don’t need you as a friend, whoever you are!” the obese man proclaimed.

“You want me as a friend, Nick. Trust me.”

“I trust no one.”

“You want to trust me.”

“Trust you? Who the fuck are you?”

“A man who can make you very wealthy.”

“Yea right. Fuck you, bitch!”

“No. Let me introduce myself. I am Norman Osborn. I think you’ve heard of me.”

“Osborn . . .” the fat photographer mouthed as his mouth was left agape.

“Since you don’t have a comeback, I am guessing that you know me. So let me tell you what has been happening. I saw you and Mary Jane in the alleyway after that first night of shooting. That alleyway tryst was captured by my security cameras.”

“Cameras . . . how?” Nick stammered.

“I own the buildings around the alleyway. But that’s not important.”

“Uh . . . sure . . .” Nick agreed, not sure what was really happening. Blackmailing Mary Jane was one thing, yelling and insulting Norman Osborn was different.

“So I used the video to blackmail Mary Jane too. A man like me likes to have the best and I’ve always had my eye on her, but she was always unobtainable. You do have great taste, Nick. I hope I can call you, Nick. Can I call you, Nick?”

“Sure,” a confused Nick Katzenberg replied.

“Good. So Mary Jane and I have come to an agreement. She was unable to show up for your two requested engagements because she was with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I . . .” the fat man stuttered.

“I understand. I would be upset too if I had Mary Jane and lost her. Speaking of which, I was going to tell her not to see you again . . . ever. But she declined that. Apparently, you opened the door for her and she is appreciative. She would like to continue our current arrangement. She still wants to have sex with you even though she is in a relationship with me.”

“You . . .”

“Yes. It’s been quite an experience. My compliments to you for your original plan, but you’re going to have to change it. So here is the new arrangement. When you want the redhead, you will call her. If she refuses because she is busy with me, you will be compensated,” Norman Osborn spoke as Mary Jane placed a brown paper bag on the bed, followed by an expensive briefcase.

“Uh . . .” the obese man panted as he opened the bag.

“First, the contents in the bag is for the last two days. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“This is a lot of money,” the photographer said happily.

“Yes. It is, but not to me. It’s more than what you make in a week, but I can make that without batting an eye. Now. Open the briefcase.”

“HOLY SHIT!” the man exclaimed like a giddy schoolgirl.

“That’s for hatching your plan, executing your plan, and introducing me to the new and improved Mary Jane Parker. I am grateful and that is a sign of my gratitude.”

“Holy shit!”

“So here’s the deal. You will not blackmail Mary Jane anymore. When you want to fuck her, you will ask her. If she cannot, I will give you some money and send a replacement if possible. But here’s the catch, Nick. If you every hurt Mary Jane, I will punish you. Like you said earlier, there are a lot of people who want to hurt Spiderman, but there are even more people willing to hurt you if I paid them to.”

“Ahhh . . .” the fat man gulped.

“But place nice and you will be a rich and happy man. Especially since Mary Jane is going to help us and humiliated Peter Parker and Spiderman. Peter Parker is going to watch you fuck his wife. He will also watch me fuck his wife. Not only that, but Mary Jane is going to play the part of a battered wife in public, turning them against him. Peter Parker may lose his job. If he does, you can hire him as an apprentice or something. As for Spiderman, I am going to turn him into a villain. Not even John Jonah Jameson can imagine the crimes that I am going to have Spiderman participate in. Soon, the whole city will turn against him. And then . . .”

“Then we push Peter some more. He will never touch me or fuck me from this day forth. I may divorce him and I may not, but I will definitely make sure that Norman and I start a family together. That should destroy him. In the meantime, he will see us defile his closet friends,” Mary Jane spoke as she stopped licking the man’s cock. The redhead stood up and made her way to the bathroom door.

“Close friends?” Nick Katzenberg mouthed.

Gwen Stacy walked, shivering, into the room. Her outfit was a simple latex leotard, replete with elbow-length gloves, thigh-high boots, and neckline that was so high-cut that it served as a choker. However, everyone in the room knew that she was nowhere near protected from exposure as she began to haltingly perform a striptease, crying the entire way. Starting with her boots, she gave a slight tug, and the latex gave way to its precuts, slipping off and revealing the rest of her slender legs to the assembly. Moving to her breasts, she shakily traced her fingers around the base of her orbs, stealthily moving the zipper around as the two pieces of latex that covered her magnificent breasts also fell off. Finally moving to her sex, it took her a few seconds to compose herself for what she was about to do. She undid the zippers on the sides of her cunt, leaving just a single thin strap to protect her forbidden hole, but the strap almost immediately lodged itself between her dripping cunt-lips as she broke down and began sobbing.

Next, Mary Jane pulled on a leash and pulled the Black Cat into the room. The woman was dressed in a tight black catsuit, but a massive cut ran down the front of the outfit with the thick straps that barely covered her nipples. It also crushed her tits together to form a delicious wedge of cleavage. Adding to her discomfort, the outfit had a set of laces just around her breasts, which kept the straps from being pushed apart, but gave tantalizing glimpses towards the bottom of her breasts and the toned stomach that lay beneath.

“Meet Gwen Stacy and Felicia Hardy also know as the Black Cat. One or both of these two ladies will take Mary Jane’s place when she is busy. However, there will be times will I will be using all three. If that’s the case, I will compensate you,” Norman spoke.

Nick Katzenberg drooled all over himself as his heart raced. The man couldn’t believe what was happening. It’s like the dark clouds had been pierced from a single ray of light from heaven. The man was elated, but speechless.

“And Nick . . . I want to cockhold Peter. That means you get to fuck me and his friends in front of him,” Mary Jane cooed.

“So Nick. Think about my offer. You don’t have to respond today, but I will strongly suggest that you do not think about it too long. As for tonight, I require Mary Jane’s presence. So enjoy Ms. Stacy,” the man spoke.

Gwen Stacy slowly sauntered toward the man. She stood in front of him and removed the strap that had wedged itself into her dripping sex. The woman slowly joined the man on the bed. She gently gripped his dick and guided it into her pussy as she slowly rode the man. The woman was completely disgusted and had no idea how Mary Jane would ever enjoy fucking the man, but she knew she had to fuck him. Her life and her friends’ lives depended on it.

“Oh shit! Mr. Osborn! I accept! I accept the deal!” Nick Katzenberg panted loudly.

“Good. We can work out the logistics and terms on how we will use the women, but let’s save that for another day. Enjoy Gwen. MJ, bring the Black Cat and the special bag,” Norman spoke.

“Yes sir. I’ll see you in a little while,” Mary Jane spoke as she hung up the phone. She then reached under the bed and pulled out another bag.

“What’s in the bag?” the obese photographer asked.

“ Over a hundred reserved condoms.”


“Oh yes. Paying customers who want to fuck the Black Cat,” Mary Jane spoke with a wicked smile as tears dribbled down Black Cat’s face. The redhead then tug on the leash and led the woman out of the room while Nick Katzenberg continued to enjoy Gwen Stacy.





Weeks Later




“Arrrggg. Unnh. Unnh. Ohhhhh,” the Black Cat moaned as she felt the male member fucking her pussy again and again. She was on all fours as the man fucked her from behind with his hands on her hips. The woman’s juices dripped from her pussy as she fucked Norman Osborn back, trying to please his sexual appetite. She would rather fuck the man than having Mary Jane pimp her out to hundreds of people for pennies on the dollar even if it meant sacrificing her dignity.

Norman Osborn grunted as he felt his balls stir. The man had been fucking the sexy cat burglar for a while now and was trying hard to slow his desire to unload inside her. However, that was getting harder and harder. He thrust harder into Felicia as her pussy clamped down on his dick as she climaxed. That was enough to set him off as Norman blew his hot spunk into the woman. He felt her pussy milk his cock for a few minutes before he slowly pulled out. The man staggered backwards and sat down in a chair.

“Let me get that for you,” a nude Gwen Stacy purred as she knelt between his legs and started to clean his cock with her mouth and tongue. She licked the head and then the sides, making sure to lick the entire length of his cock. The blonde didn’t want to disappoint since she knew that if she didn’t please the man, Mary Jane would punish her, which meant spankings and a gangbang from a bunch of disgusting men.

“Good job, Tiger,” Mary Jane smiled as she stood next to Norman and kissed him passionately. The pair continued to kiss with their eyes closed while Gwen cleaned the man’s cock.

“All done,” Gwen proclaimed.

“Good,” Mary Jane spoke as she broke the kiss and tossed a double-ended dildo to Gwen.

The blonde woman stood up and started sucking on one end while she made her way to the bed. She laid on her back and inserted the spit-covered end into her pussy. The Black Cat panted for breath as she slowly pulled her exhausted body up. Felicia remained on all fours as she impaled her pussy on the other end of the dildo. Once it was inserted, Gwen started to thrust in and out of Felicia as both women moaned.

“Watch this,” Mary Jane spoke as licked a double-ended dildo. The redhead made her way to the bed. She then inserted the spit-covered part into her pussy. Her hands gripped Felicia’s ass and spread her cheeks before she rammed the dildo into her ass. The redhead reached forward and grabbed Felicia’s jiggling breasts and thrust in and out of the woman’s ass.

“Holy shit!” the Black Cat shrieked as she felt both dildos pumping inside her. The woman threw her head back as pleasure engulfed her body.

“Oh yes! Norman . . . baby . . . fuck my ass . . . oh yes, fuck my ass!” Mary Jane begged.

Norman Osborn didn’t have to be asked twice as he quickly joined the trio. His hands gripped Mary Jane’s ass, parted them, and thrust his dick between her cheeks. He entered her and gripped her hips in order to thrust into her. The redhead purred as the man started to fuck her. Within seconds, all four moved in sync of each other as they fucked.

“OH YES! FUCK ME, TIGER! FUCK ME!” Mary Jane begged.


“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Felicia shrieked at the top of her lungs.

“TAKE IT, SLUTS!” Norman grunted loudly.


Seated in the darkness, Peter Parker was dressed as Spiderman minus the mask. He jerked his own dick as he was forced to watch the three women in his life submit to Norman Osborn like common whores. However, he had to do it or Mary Jane would reveal his secret identity to the world, which would put Aunt May in grave danger. He just never expected that he would be blackmailed by what once was the most important person in his life. He also never thought that Mary Jane would ever cheat on him. Peter’s world had been totally destroyed and he knew, things would only get worse. Especially since he was the one who often had to recruit the scum for the gangbangs and had to stay and watch.





A Year Later




The wedding march played and filled the luxuriously decorated room. Nick Katzenberg stood at the alter and was dressed like a priest. Standing next to him was Norman Osborn in a well tailored black suit. The pair looked at the end of the aisle, where Peter Parker was dressed in his Spiderman costume, minus the mask of course. Standing to him was Mary Jane, dressed in a translucent white laced V-necked gown. It pushed her tits together and pushed them forward. Since the gown was translucent, her erect nipples were clearly visible. The gown was also slit on the left side, revealing her entire left leg. She teetered on white six inched stiletto heels while her legs were encased in white laced thigh-high stockings. Completing the outfit was a thin translucent veil that covered her face and a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Walking behind her, dressed in the same outfit minus the flowers were Felicia Hardy and Gwen Stacy.

Peter Parker didn’t want to be present, but he had to. In the last few months, Spiderman had become a criminal, doing everything that John Jonah Jameson published over the years. It turned Peter’s stomach, but he had to. His job wasn’t much better either. Since Spiderman went rogue, Nick was the one who got all the pictures. Of course, he knew where Spiderman was going to strike since he was the one directing him. There were a few times that he wasn’t in charge since Norman Osborn took charge, but the man was usually too busy fucking his three beauties and left Nick to his personal vendetta against Peter Parker. Jameson came close to firing Peter, but Nick intervened and had the Jameson assign Peter as his assistant, who Nick always sent him on crappy assignments like getting him lunch or picking up Mary Jane, Felicia, or Gwen so he could fuck them. Peter always obeyed in order to keep Aunt May safe. She was his main priority now especially since he signed the divorce papers days ago.

Peter Parker gave Mary Jane’s hand to Norman Osborn, who gladly accepted it. The crestfallen hero then took a step back before he tried really hard to hold back the tears. The man couldn’t believe how his world had fallen apart.

Everything went like a blur for Peter since he signed the divorce papers. Aunt May blamed Peter for the failed marriage. Sure, the woman had asked both for their sides of the story, but the story was written so that it tilted heavily in favor of Mary Jane and Peter had to go along with it. The story wasn’t that Peter had cheated or that Mary Jane cheated. No, the story was crafted by Nick Katzenberg and Norman Osborn to completely humiliate Peter Parker. In fact, Aunt May was very disappointed to find out that Peter had mortgaged her house with some very unfavorable terms. She came very close to losing her home, but Mary Jane scrambled in order to pay it off. With the house saved, Mary Jane and Peter’s marriage fell apart since Mary Jane blamed Peter for being incredibly underhanded in mortgaging a house that he didn’t even own all to fund his gambling and drinking addictions. The addictions were fake, but they made Peter look bad. Aunt May agreed with Mary Jane and became very grateful when she realized just how hard Mary Jane had to work to get the funds. The redhead would have to work for almost a year and no ability to save any money since all the funds would be going to pay back the bank. However, that’s when Norman Osborn came into the picture. He fronted Mary Jane the money while Nick Katzenberg slowly weaned Peter away from his addictions. Aunt May bought the story and although she was angry at Peter, she didn’t kick him out since he was getting clean. She didn’t want to make things worse. However, she felt in immense sense of gratitude to Norman Osborn, Nick Katzenberg, and Mary Jane. The old woman also gushed when she found out that Mary Jane was going to become Mary Jane Osborn. In her eyes, the last name didn’t mean a thing as both Mary Jane and Norman were family now. Peter knew this and it stung him. But it was Mary Jane’s lovely voice that snapped him out of his daze.

“The ring,” Mary Jane demanded as Peter handed her the ring.

“Norman . . . I protected, loved, cherished, secure, warm, safe, and owned when I am around you. I know my place in the world and it is beside you. I vow to do everything in power to satisfy your every sexual craving, no matter how perverse. I also vow to assist both you and Nick in punishing Peter Parker. So with this ring, I seal my pledge and hope you will take me as your wife,” Mary Jane spoke as she placed the ring on Norman Osborn’s finger.

“And Norman,” Nick spoke with a sly smile on his face.

“I take you as my wife, Mary Jane,” Norman spoke as looked at Peter for several seconds before he took the ring from him and placed it on Mary Jane’s finger.

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” Nick spoke happily as Norman and Mary Jane kissed.

Peter Parker then reached into the right pocket of his jacket and pulled out a black choker. The man didn’t say anything as Gwen Stacy took the choker from him and knelt in front of Norman Osborn. She held up the choker and took a deep breath, not daring to make eye contact with Peter Parker. Felicia Hardy then approached Peter, who reached into his left pocket and pulled out a black collar. Felicia took the collar and knelt in front of Norman Osborn.

“I, Gwen Stacey will always walk behind you both. I will allow you, my master, and her, my mistress to lead me in direction. I will simply follow. You lead,” Gwen spoke before Norman secured the choker around her neck.

“I, Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat will always walk behind you. I will allow you, my master, and her, my mistress to lead me in direction. I will simply follow. You lead,” Felicia spoke.

“Wait Norman,” Mary Jane spoke as she signaled Peter, who handed her a long black leash.

“You will crawl on all fours behind us,” Mary Jane snarled at Felicia.

“Yes Mistress. I will crawl on all fours behind you both,” Felicia spoke after she took a deep breath.

“Give her the collar and make her put it on herself,” Mary Jane spoke as Norman nodded. Felicia took the collar with shaky hands before she secured the collar around her neck. The redhead then reached down and secured the leash to the collar. Mary Jane then tug on the leash as she and Norman started to leave with a walking Gwen and a crawling Felicia behind them.

“Wasn’t that fun?” Nick Katzenberg laughed as he slapped Peter Parker on the back. The young photographer bit his lip and watched as his ex-wife walked out of the room with her new man and two slaves. He knew that he would soon have to take pictures of their honeymoon and eventually, he will even take pictures of her new family.



The End

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