Spider's Web Trilogy - Primal Hunter

BY : Shadow-Of-The-Guardian
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Author's Note: I have decided to do what I shall call the Spider's Web Trilogy. This story along with “The Spider's Bite” and “Savage Warriors”. It's mostly because of the variation of Spider-Man series as of late, both the comic, video games, and shows and that I wanted to go a different route in certain scenarios that I used in the other stories.

For the core of this story will be the focus of the mystical aspect of Spider-Man's powers, that Peter Parker is the chosen Spider for the current generation along with the one called Silk a.k.a. Cindy Moon. Also, the reasons for the other characters will be made clear since they were chosen for their mystical backgrounds.

And now, onto the story……



Chapter 1: The Gathering - Part One


Ezekiel Sims had once thought about what his spider abilities could afford him once he obtained them. After having them for so many years, there had been plenty of times where he felt he was still only scratching the surface of what he could do. He had studied as much as he could in regards to what he would gain from the ancient ritual but there was always something new to learn.

And learned he did.

But now, there was something more that he had never considered. Of course there was always a thought of the consequences that constantly existed in the back of his mind ever since the completion of the spider ritual.

According to what was translated from the ancient text, it said only once a generation is someone chosen to be, 'the spider'. The ritual he experienced was meant for that chosen one to gain all the abilities of the spider. He believed that he was this generation's chosen one since there was no one else in the entire world that claimed to be the spider. That his drive to excel was what brought him to knowledge that he would use to achieve what he had become.

Now he had learned something different about what in essence was the selection process for becoming chosen to be the spider. The ritual was established by the spider clan to allow an easier means of becoming the spider but Ezekiel had learned that the first one ever chosen to be the spider clearly did not need the ritual.

The first chosen was actually bitten by a spider and spoke about how in a dream caused by the spider's bite did he learn of the reason why. The spider told him that it knew it's time was coming to an end and there was still much work to be done in the world. The spider had chosen him because of his connection to 'the web'.

Ezekiel had researched as much as he could about 'the web' once he learned of it but there was little information even with the spider cult's multiple texts and tomes. The only thing he managed to gleam was that whatever the 'web' was, its connections to all things in the world was far more reaching than anyone could even dare to dream. To know there was even a connection to the Black Panther in Wakanda was both surprising and not surprising. The main reason why Ezekiel found it not surprising was the obvious fact he had unbelievably overlooked was that the spider temples located all over the world, one of them was easily in an area that was once the expanded territories of Wakanda. As zealous as the ruling body of Wakanda is at protecting their current borders, there was no way they wouldn't have known about a spider temple being in their area in the past.

There was much information that Ezekiel had come across as of late and now, the direction that the information pointed to easily unsettled the man.

No matter how the information was looked at, there was an outcome that was steadily becoming more inevitable by the day.

War with the Primal Gods.

Because of him partaking in the ritual to gain the powers of the spider, the actions created a ripple that gained the attention of individuals. One such individual named Morlun.

He was still learning what kind of creature Morlun was but what Ezekiel did learn practically froze his soul. Morlun was a kind of immortal vampire that hunted spider-totems across countless ages. The reasons behind it seemed to lean towards some kind of cosmic balance. While spiders are indeed hunters, even they have things that hunt them and now, one of the spider's predators was searching for more than just one meal.

It was only after his encounter with Morlun, and by-the-skin-of-his-teeth escape, did Ezekiel reach this point of where he increased his desire to learn more about what it meant to be the spider and why individuals such as Peter Parker was chosen. Why actually anyone of them was chosen in reality.

And what his ascension to having his spider abilities actually meant.

Ezekiel Sims knew what he had to do next. That he had to get Peter Parker ready for what was to come. He could only hope that his plan would come to fruition soon and that it would be enough for Peter to handle it. For if a being like Morlun was aware of the ripples he had caused then it wouldn't be long before others would learn of it as well and seek out Spider-Man.

Despite the fact of how dangerous of a situation Ezekiel was going to put himself, he couldn't help but actually let himself laugh at what he summed up his mission was to be.

“To find Spider-Man someone to worthy to be his Spider-Bride. If it wasn't so serious, I might've just browsed the local Russian Wives catalog.”

Ezekiel did enjoy the brief moment of levity before bringing his thoughts back to the previous serious setting. There was much work to be done and he figured it was best to start now.

Leaving the main office of his business building and headed to one of the lower sub-basement levels, Ezekiel actually hoped that the person he was protecting from Morlun was the one he needed for his plans. He remembered watching the security footage of the day to see how Peter Parker had gotten his powers but also remembered when he stopped watching after the spider had bitten him. It was only by pure chance of leaving the footage to continue to play did Ezekiel notice the true final act of the spider.

How Peter was one of the two that the spider had bitten before it died. If it wasn't the threat that Morlun represented in the shadows, Ezekiel might've not even paid any real attention to her. But now was not the time to take any chances with either of them.

If Peter was indeed the Spider, maybe the girl was his Bride. If so, then Ezekiel had to make sure she was indeed worthy of the title.


-Elsewhere in New York-


If there was one thing that Peter Parker really hated the most about being Spider-Man, it was the fact that all the women he encountered either were into his civilian persona or his superhero persona or just hated both for no reason other than 'just because'. The prime examples were Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, a name which suit her more than Peter ever suspected, NYPD Forensic officer Carlie Cooper and fellow scientist Sajani Jaffrey.

Carlie had been the kind of girl Peter would love to date back in high school had they ever met. Sure there was Liz Allen but that never really went anywhere which was strange since he did feel a connection to her as she did to him. Carlie Cooper was driven, intelligent, resourceful and definitely had the looks most women in the police department would kill to have. But she was more into Peter Parker and really didn't care much for Spider-Man despite knowing that he wasn't as big of a threat to the city as Mayor J. Jonah Jameson made him out to be on an hourly basis.

When that whole screwy event of everyone getting spider-powers in all of New York city caused his identity to be more or less revealed to Carlie, it was too much for her to handle. Well, not so much as handle as the fact she had a real grudge against anyone lying to her and also felt betrayed by Peter that he didn't trust her enough to trust her with his secret. Peter tried to make amends but even he knew that the relationship was as over as it could be.

Felicia was practically the opposite of Carlie in that when they first met, she was a criminal who enjoyed the rush itself of breaking the law. Peter wasn't sure how or when but eventually both of them shared similar feelings for the other. That was until Peter harshly learned that it wasn't the person behind the mask that Felicia was in love with but the mask itself. There were times Peter had wanted to call in to those day-time talk shows that talk about failed relationships and yell at them that their relationships failed because they couldn't keep their pants on. His relationship failed with Felicia because he didn't want to always keep his mask on.

Then there was dark-skinned scientist Sajani Jaffrey. The woman was easily as brilliant as she was beautiful but she had an attitude that made Wolverine and Dr. Doom seem like the most gregarious people in the world. If it wasn't for her intellect and scientific knowledge, Peter could have sworn that Sajani was the most arrogant and stubborn woman that he had ever met and he had met some of the most unbelievable women both on Earth and in space. He admitted to himself that if the woman had some compassion, like even just drop of it at all, she might actually be a worthwhile human being. But on more than one occasion the woman has openly stated her disdain for people like Peter and how his scientific pursuits in regards to philanthropy was a complete waste. He might've written the woman off as a personal adversary of sorts had he not heard around the company water cooler that she was actually interested in him but was unsure how to approach him since she figured she had already burned one too many bridges with him.

In a way, it was almost like how his relationship with Black Cat first started out. Only this time around it seemed Sajani's interest in him wasn't the mask but his intelligence. Peter found it ironic that the first woman that would be interested in his mind first would be something of a brainiac in her own right when all the other women, even Silver Sable, were interested in something else entirely.

It was the reason for Peter's current course of action which was web swinging through out the city. Of course he would stop the occasional night crime being committed but overall it was an attempt to take his mind off of his relationship issues.

Peter figured that he wasn't the kind of guy that was the unluckiest in the love department but he had to be in a situation that was unheard of, even in the superhero community. Sure he had heard of others who had date on and off with a lot of women, even some superheroines but it wasn't like he could go up to them and ask them for advice. Peter didn't even know how the phrase the questions so it wouldn't look like he was some kind of loser when asking the opposite sex out.

All of these thoughts and where they led to and even potentially led to were starting to give Peter a headache he knew he could do without. He couldn't understand why he was even entertaining the thoughts in the first place. To anyone else who took a look at his life would easily tell the difference on which had more priority in comparison.

And yet, here he was in his uniform concerning himself with such thoughts when he should be doing what he usually does as Spider-Man. There had to be a better way in finding the answers to these personal problems, something where his intellect could at least point to and he could take it from there.

However, Peter's thought processes came to a halt when he saw something in the distant that actually caught his eye. The streetlight below was enough to show Peter that someone had just made a jump between buildings that Peter knew wasn't possible for a normal person. Only someone like Captain America or similar meta-humans could do it and not break a sweat as this person proved again by reaching the next rooftop by jumping upwards. The height difference was almost the same as the goal post at a football field from the ground to the top.

This piqued his interest even though Peter's instincts were telling him something was incredibly off. At least to the point where maybe investigating might be more dangerous than could anticipate. He even contemplated the idea of ignoring the individual and head back for home but every time that kind of thought entered into his mind, attached to it was the reminder of the first time he made such a choice and how he and those dear to him paid for it. On a positive possibility, maybe it was a mutant or meta-human trying out their abilities and doing so at night so as to not attract any unwanted attention.

But on the other hand, Peter couldn't just ignore the situation outright.

Peter, somewhat reluctantly, decided to shadow the person just to see what they might be up to. Having followed many targets before over the years taught Peter the finer points in tracking someone without being seen. Sure he was no Wolverine, a man that could find a single snowflake in a blizzard with his eyes closed, but Peter felt confident with his tracking and shadow skills.

Which was why he noticed something strange almost immediately when he got close enough to at least figure out the individual's gender. It was definitely female and she somehow learned that she was being followed since her movements before were more of showmanship.

Whoever she was, she knew she was being followed and was staying away from Peter at a distance purposely. And judging by the path she was taking, was also leading him as well. That was something Peter quickly figured out when the person had actually waited for him to follow in one direction when Peter had thought that he had gotten ahead of the person.

Peter wished he trusted his instincts just as much as he trusted his spider-sense because of the early warning more often than he did. It tried to tell him something wasn't right and now he had solid proof of it. It was possible he was being led into a trap but that wasn't what worried him. His instinct briefly shouted at him that it was possible this woman was waiting for Spider-Man.

If Spider-Man was what this woman wanted, who was he to deny her desire?

A thought that Peter figured was something of a joke but in hindsight, something he wished he could take back.

The cat-and-mouse chase lasted for about another couple of minutes until they reached an area that was just outside of the city itself. Peter wondered if this place was chosen because it was still close enough to his neighborhood to where he could make it back and not raise any suspicions. If that was true, then that meant there was a possibility that this individual might knew who he really was and that alone was enough for Peter to get to the bottom of this riddle.

And sooner, the better since this was starting to feel as one of those times where any kind of hesitation would come back to bite him in the ass.

Peter followed the woman on top of the roof of a warehouse, which for once wasn't abandoned like he had usually encountered, but lost sight of her despite the well-lit interior. He could hear some distant chatter of people who probably working the night shift but nothing else. He listened for any other sound that might be out of place but there was nothing that readily stood out.

“Man, how could she move that fast?” Spider-Man said quietly to himself, looking around from where he had entered to see where the woman might've gone.

Peter cautiously moved from his spot which was on a catwalk that followed along the wall of the warehouse. Each step he took, which was as quiet as he could possibly be, didn't ease the feeling that he was doing what the person he thought he was chasing wanted him to do. To change it up, Peter jumped up to the ceiling for a better vantage point and maybe it was a more unexpected move on his part.

His new vantage point from the rafters in the ceiling still didn't help in locating his target. Peter started coming to the conclusion that maybe he was played and the person was already long gone. That maybe it wasn't a trap like he had initially believed.

He would have reached that conclusion if not for the fact that his spider-sense barely warned him in time of something that was about to attack him from behind. Following how his spider-sense had warned him, Spider-Man brought his arms up when he turned to face what was coming at him from behind. He didn't see what it was but it was a good guess that it was a pair of legs judging how the attack felt.

It was definitely a kick because it was strong enough to send him flying right off the rafter he was on and into another set hard. The sound of the impact clearly reverberated in the warehouse rafters as well the following sound of someone trying to follow up their attack but hit the support beam itself instead because Spider-Man moved fast enough to avoid it in time.

Spider-Man quickly moved backwards so as to put some space between him and his attacker. But whoever it was that was attacking him easily kept up with him move for move. But Spider-Man had learned to think on his feet in these situations and quickly devised a maneuver. He fired one web-line behind him and then yanked on it to move backwards. He fired another web-line in front of him and yanked on it as well but it was because he wanted a movable object to come towards him.

As he planned, Spider-Man reached the ground first and was able to move of the way of a container that he had pulled towards him with time to spare. The one who was attacking barely managed to get out of the way before the container smashed against the floor.

Looking back to see the result of his move definitely brought something of a smile on his face.

“Never expected a cargo container to actually carry nothing but pinatas. Guess that means I win the candy surprise inside them if I get the chance to collect them.”

Spider-Man got back to his feet and prepared for a possible immediate attack. Instead he got the sounds of a light applause and an amused laugh that definitely came from a woman.

“I didn't expect you to use the surroundings to your advantage so soon in a fight. Just like a spider when it wants to capture it's prey.” the woman said while she clapped.

“Well, spiders are hunters and sometimes a hunter needs to use a couple of tricks to score the prize.” Spider-Man replied while looking around to see where his opponent might actually be.

“And here I thought I was the hunter.” her words carried a hint of playful hurt, like this was a game to her.

Spider-Man, not letting his guard down and keeping his webshooters at the ready, finally took a look at who he was dealing with. It was times like this that Spider-Man was glad he wore this kind of mask since he felt his jaw drop and probably would've had his tongue hanging out as well.

About ten yards from him stood a curvaceous woman with stunning long green hair and, if at all possible, gold shaded eyes. Spider-Man figured that the woman was wearing contacts since no one had eyes of that color. But then he reminded himself that it was possible that her eyes were a sign of her being a possible mutant or meta-human.

In a way, maybe she was since Spider-Man couldn't help but feel that this woman's figure was natural but only for herself. A couple of million dollars and some excellent plastic surgeons might actually give someone the same kind of figure this woman was clearly flaunting.

The clothing she wore, which was a white blouse that just barely covered her impressive breasts and red shiny leather pants and black boots, maybe have amplified her sex appeal but Spider-Man figured she would look good even if she wore the robes of a nun. Any man with a heartbeat would agree with that.

Overall, Spider-Man knew that if he wasn't keeping his mind on the moment, and having dealt with several women who weren't above using their sex appeal, he might've actually jump this woman for all the sexy vibes that she was giving off.

Keeping his focus on the person in front of him, Spider-Man kept his body at the ready for any hostile act. Such prudence was made painfully clear when Spider-Man's arms that had blocked the woman's kick started to throb in increasing pain. It wasn't debilitating at the moment but it could be once the adrenaline ran out or if the 'woman' managed to get a few more kicks in.

Spider-Man refocused his thoughts passed the pain to the situation at hand and prepared himself to counter whatever move the woman made next.

“Considering who I'm dealing with and how you claim to be a hunter, does that mean your a man-eater?” Spider-Man used his usual banter to help better gauge his opponent.

“Maybe I was long ago….” the mirth in her voice hinted at something that Spider-Man was sure had a deeper meaning to it than she was letting on. “Or maybe I still am.” the woman spoke again while giving Spider-Man a predatory look. He had seen a similar look once before but Black Cat didn't send a shiver down his spine like this woman was doing at the moment.

She took several steps forward, very slowly and swaying her hips just right in Spider-Man's view. “A hunter takes what they want without hesitation. Why does the little spider not take such a prize when she's right in front of him?”

“Depends on the prize. You'll obviously put up a good fight and while I don't shy away from a challenge, I don't think the prize would be worth the effort. I mean, look at all the candy that came out of those pinatas. You know the going rate for some of those jawbreakers and pixie sticks?” Spider-Man was still going on the unpredictability strategy since he didn't know enough about this woman at the moment. His banter usually helped test the patience of whoever he was facing which would give him an idea of their mentality.

All that he knew about her at the moment was she was strong, fast and obviously had some kind of an interest in him. The last time he underestimated the opposite sex, his mask was removed and his identity was nearly exposed to the whole world. Shathra was almost successful if it wasn't for the complete x-factor that happened during their fight in the studio hall. Somehow, Spider-Man felt that this person was similar to Shathra but much more dangerous.

Spider-Man hoped he could at the very least get the woman to reveal something without realizing it and that piece of information might work against her.

“Ah, you may say one thing but I can see it in your eyes. The spider only seeks the strong.” The woman made a sexy gesture with one hand by having her index finger trail down the middle of her exposed chest. “But even a spider should know that appearances aren't everything.”

His spider-sense warned him of an incoming attack so it wasn't just luck that Spider-Man moved his head to the left side to avoid a punch he was certain could have taken his head off. The woman had deceptively made such a move just so to get in close enough to grab Spider-Man with her other hand. Spider-Man felt his right arm being grabbed and was quickly flipped over with a twist. Only his agility made it so he didn't land flat on his back but Spider-Man was still on the defensive when the woman tried to sweep his legs out from under him.

Spider-Man decided now was as good a time as any to rely on his spider-sense in this fight. The woman was fast, just slightly faster than he was and all her moves seemed to give off the feel that she was either a well-trained or an experienced fighter. All he could do at the moment was react and that was a disadvantage this woman could exploit.

Closing his eyes after he made a move to put some momentary distant between them, Spider-Man 'listened' to his spider-sense. He focused all of his senses as best as he could so they operated to how his spider-sense dictated.

The teenage hero had heard many times in his life about someone moving at what felt like auto-pilot. Never once did he believe he would utilize it in a fight of all things.

Spider-Man felt his body move in response to the woman's movements. When she threw a spin kick aimed for his abdomen, Spider-Man countered at the exact same moment by shifting his body in the same direction. The twist allowed the kick to be a glancing hit, no real damage inflicted. But benefit of this move caused the woman to be off-balance for the kick was intended to hit and her balance would stay stable from the kick.

The woman showed a hint of surprise but also smiled at the same time when her kick was countered in such a way. She showed more of her pleasure when it became clear to her the fight was turning towards Spider-Man's favor by his own actions. Though she wouldn't necessarily call this a fight since if she was actually serious, she could easily take Spider-Man down.

No, this was much more stimulating for her. Just as she hoping and wanted it to be.

The woman let this dance go on for a little longer, keeping the intent of her attacks the same level. Spider-Man managed to counter and even throw a couple of his own which weren't any real threat against her. His attacks might have caused some damage but there was no killer intent behind them. Clearly this man was holding himself back.

Having seen what she wanted to see and more, the woman jumped backwards as easily as if she took one step. When his spider-sense stopped registering a threat, Spider-Man opened his eyes to see the woman in front of him again applauding him.

“I must say, when I heard there was a spider whose hunting ground is New York city, I was skeptical about the rumors that I heard. But now I know personally and I have to say, rumors don't really tell your story. The potential that you have, there are those that would kill to have it.”

Spider-Man heard the words but was a bit confused at what the woman's point was. It did confirm that she was indeed interested in him but why was still unclear. The vigilante didn't really see him as a hunter in certain key aspects that mattered to him. So the obvious question was what was this woman after and where did he fit in all of it.

“Especially that fury.” the woman said which she knew surprised Spider-Man after she said it. “Oh, I saw that fury within you that day. Someone who had an interest in you tried to use you for her own petty schemes. The fear you put into her very soul in that studio...ooh...”

Spider-Man was surprised when the woman said that. Only a number of times did Spider-Man ever let himself, let his 'fury' get the better of himself and he was sure that the fight between him and Shathra, which was one of those fury times, wasn't clearly recorded.

However, Spider-Man's surprise actually changed to something else when the mentioned his episode back at the studio seemed to actually arouse the woman. The first clear sign of her arousal, other than the sensual moan that came from her lips, was her nipples becoming erect and visible through her white blouse.

'Okay....first this woman lures me here and then fights me....and now she's turned on?' Spider-Man didn't understand the riddle this woman was becoming. No answer that came to his mind fit the flow of this scenario and that was somewhat frightening him.

Just when he was about to voice his confusion, the woman moved quicker that his reflexes without his spider-sense could respond. Spider-Man felt the lower half of his mask move upwards before feeling a familiar sensation against his lips. That familiarity quickly changed when Spider-Man felt like something was being taken from him through the kiss.

The kiss was unique in that it was a pleasing kiss but the vigilante could still feel something specific was being taken from him.

When the woman broke the kiss, she gave the Spider-Man an even more predatory look that clearly told him of one thing. The woman had found something she was looking for from Spider-Man and wasn't going to let it go.

“This is more than I hoped. In all my years, I have only met a handful of mortals that possessed what I want. But never have I met one that could become even more than what I've seen and trust me, I've seen plenty.”

Spider-Man didn't even get a chance to respond because the woman moved his mask so it was on backwards and blinding him. It only took him three seconds to move the mask back into place, only because Spider-Man didn't want to remove his mask and show any possible passerby to see his face. But it was apparently more than enough for the woman to completely disappear from sight.

“By the way, my name's Morrigan Asenland and you will know all of me soon.”

Spider-Man looked around quickly to see where the voice he heard might be coming from. But there was nothing in sight and with her speed, Spider-Man knew she was already long gone. Spider-Man decided to follow suit since the last thing he needed at the moment was being seen near a broken open container.

Once on the rooftop of the warehouse, Spider-Man again looked around to see if the strange woman was anywhere nearby. His spider-sense wasn't registering anything either. The only thing Spider-Man knew for certain about the whole situation was that it was quite possible he had just met the sexiest woman in the world. She was definitely in a class all her own since there was no way that woman was what could be considered 'normal'.

'No way have I seen the last of her.' Spider-Man thought to himself while still scanning the area around him for anything.

Not seeing anything of value and realizing that he had to get back home immediately, Spider-Man headed towards the direction of his home only to grow faint and fall to his hands and knees. The adrenaline rush had finally stopped which gave Spider-Man a clear indication that his strength was considerably less than he thought it would be. The after-effect feeling of being drained was his first clue that it wasn't simple fatigue that brought him to his knees.

'Damn. She actually did take something from me. My blood maybe?' Spider-Man ran through the possibilities of what he might have lost but couldn't think of anything at the moment that would leave him feeling so drained.

He had been in many battles that left him with some considerable blood loss but this kind of drain he felt now was nothing when compared to those time. And yet, Spider-Man had some faint idea that it was somehow biologically connected.

'Whatever she did, there's no way I haven't see the last of her. She obviously got a taste and wants more. Of what, I'm going to have to figure and quickly.' Spider-Man's final thought after he felt his body get over the drained feeling and some of his strength return to him.

Luckily for Peter, by the time he had got back to his apartment, he was still able to sneak back inside without raising any suspicions with the neighbors. He had learned where the blindspots were and how to land quietly on the apartment building's rooftop without making a loud sound when he had first moved into the building.

As he removed his uniform, Peter felt the soreness in his arms reminding him the woman's strength and how the next encounter might be more intense. So a good night's sleep would definitely be beneficial at this point. But before he did, Peter notice one thing before he went to bed. Even in the dim light of the night, Peter noticed right away that he was a little pale in appearance when he passed by a reflective surface. This might've reinforced the idea that the woman took some of his blood but he couldn't shake the feeling it wasn't that.

Eventually Peter decided that those questions were best left for the morning. If there was a new 'player' in town that was coming after him, he would need to check on some of his sources like the Fantastic Four or the Avengers. Maybe even Dr. Strange since the woman used the word 'mortal' and in his experience, no human that was either mutant, meta, or otherwise, used that term. That narrowed it down to what the woman might actually be but that still left a lot of other questions he couldn't answer.

However, all of this meant there was nothing more Peter could do at the moment except sleep and regain his strength.

Something that Peter felt he was going to need for the coming days.

Before Peter had returned home, the woman he had encountered had already returned to a penthouse that she was currently using as a base of operations. The previous owner of the penthouse was some rich man who felt that his wealth could afford him anything and everything he could possibly want.

When he wanted a call girl, the rich man never expected what he really got for companionship. Having been around as long as she has, Morrigan did give the man a special treat. A kiss, she said to him, that would lead him straight to paradise.

Having never believed in the world's legends of what lives in the shadows, the man never realized what happens when a succubus kisses a man. Morrigan had long since learned to control her kisses but ever so often she would let her restraint go and allow some random mortal to experience a 'full kiss'. Morrigan had heard of the human saying regarding 'a kiss of death' but she never associated that with her kisses. If anything, hers were a kiss of pure lust. The kind of which no human could ever create and very rarely ever experienced.

Oh, she had seen the mortals try to achieve it over the years, with creations of new drugs and various forms of interesting if not entertaining diversions.

If anything her full kisses were that of Heaven and anyone who had just a taste of Heaven would want to go there as soon as possible.

Of course it was easy to convince the mortals that the elderly man had died of a heart attack before leaving everything to her in a last will and testament written by him in the hours before his death. Even if the mortal doctors carved him up to see what exactly ended his life, Morrigan was more than confident that they wouldn't know what a body looks like after having it's lifeforce extracted.

A succubus extracting a man's lifeforce normally will leave the man looking like a dried up husk. But Morrigan did it slow enough so the man would experience the intense pleasure while forfeiting his lifeforce to her.

She could have easily enthralled the man because of how weak his mind and will was, especially for someone claiming to have earned the 'power' he possessed.

But she chose not to since the man wasn't even that impressive to begin with nor worth the effort.

No, there were much more impressive men in the world nowadays and it seemed one of them was worth her attention and efforts. Especially since she felt he was more than what his namesake said he was.

Upon entering the penthouse, by her own means of travel which didn't involve the ground floor entrance or even an elevator, Morrigan walked to the living room area to see her companion was still watching what was being broadcasted on the absurdly wide screen tv.

“Why is it that the mortals call these things reality tv show when they are so out of touch with reality itself?” the lavender-haired girl said while laying on the floor on her stomach, absentmindedly flipping through the channels with a bored expression.

Though Morrigan wore clothing that seemed made to show off her sex appeal, her companion wore clothing that seemed to follow the trends of popular teenage girls' opinion. Cutoff jeans and red leather jacket over a white tank top.

“Change is ever constant for them. What they find abhorrent one day could be the biggest source of amusement the next. I remember a time when they enjoyed throwing stones at someone for no real reason other than they could. Apparently being called a witch was all that was needed for that.” Morrigan replied while taking a seat on the plush couch and directing her gaze to the tv screen.

“And yet women nowadays like to be called bitches more than witches. I wonder what they'll like to be called in the years to come?” the girl said, still flipping through the channels until she stopped on one of the more adult themed channels. “And what's the point of being paid to enjoy pleasure? Doesn't that just take all the best kinds of fun and make them less fun?”

Morrigan sighed at that since at times, Lilith asked question that she felt personally didn't even deserved to be questions in the first place.

“Let them have whatever they call for fun on their own. We have our own fun to think about Lilith.”

That got the girl's attention right out. “You met him?”

The giddiness in the girl's voice was clear. Her reddish colored eyes glowed with excitement and impatience, waiting to hear more from Morrigan.

“Oh yes and let me tell you, he's the most interesting individual I've seen in a long time.”

“Even more so than Dante?” Lilith said with skepticism since she had seen Morrigan speak rather fondly of the demon hunter.

“Dante's interesting in his own way. But the spider...(moans)...is far more interesting in his own unique way.” Morrigan replied while licking her lips when she remembered the 'kiss' they shared. “He has such heart that can protect the world or burn it to ash. You know how many mortals I've come across that have that kind of heart?”

When Lilith shook her head no in response, Morrigan lifted up one hand and extended one finger. This surprised Lilith since she knew Morrigan had been around the mortal longer than she has/

“All my years and I've only met one other person with such a heart. As much of an interesting person Dante is, as well as his other companions, his heart doesn't carry that rare white flame inside of it. The only kind of flame that can stand up to my kiss.”

Again, that got Lilith's attention but only because of what it truly meant.

“Save any for me?” Lilith asked, getting to her knees and faced Morrigan with both anticipation and desire.

Morrigan smile before opening her mouth and showing that she had some kind of liquid in her mouth. Only Morrigan and Lilith knew exactly what it was which was why Morrigan wasn't surprised at Lilith's actions.

“Oh! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” the only words Lilith said before practically jumping up and tackling Morrigan to the couch.

Morrigan knew what Lilith would do once she saw that Morrigan had in her mouth. Of course it had a scientific name as to what it was but Morrigan preferred to think of it in a romanticize term. The essence of the spider.

Lilith wasted no time in locking her lips with Morrigan and began what seemed like very intense and passionate kissing on the surface. Even Lilith and Morrigan moaning made it seem like two attractive females were making out. Well, it was more like that for Morrigan than it was for Lilith. Lilith herself was trying to get as much of what was in Morrigan's mouth as she could.

When Lilith finished, she took in a deep breath and shuddered while letting out a pleased sigh.

“Ooh....I don't think I've ever tasted anything like that. I think it's even better than that of virgin's taste.”

“And the best part: there's more of that where that came from.” Morrigan said which seemed to inspire Lilith's lust which at times were strong if not stronger than her own. “And it will get better with age, no doubt.”

After that said, Lilith returned to capture Morrigan's mouth with her own and the two gave each other a long sensual kiss. Neither one was a stranger to pleasing the other for having done so many times over the years. This time was not really all that different since both were now excited at the prospect of what can come from the mortal Spider-Man.

While they continued the makeout, their hands started to roam each others' bodies. They would caress each other, massage the others' breasts, ass cheeks, and thighs while continuing the kiss. Eventually they both started to pull off others' clothing while still managing to maintain the kiss.

The two naked succubi were kissing and fondling each other all over their bodies on the couch. Their actions became as such that both eventually were on the floor of the plush carpet but Lilith still remained on top. They both knew what and how the other liked from all their previous experiences. Lilith was on top of Morrigan as she placed a hand down to the girl’s crotch and started to push her fingers inside of her. She could feel Morrigan moan into her mouth as the other girl hands went to the Lilith's ass and began kneading it.

There were times that Lilith was envious of Morrigan because of her cup size since her own wasn't much more than a handful at best. But times like these she was actually pleased with succubus' impressive bust. To lay on top of them, to feel their soft and firmness at the same time was a treat Lilith knew almost no one else had ever experienced.

Lilith started to shift one hand down and slipped a couple of fingers into Morrigan’s pussy as she started to gently finger the other succubus' love hole. She could feel Morrigan moan into her mouth and Lilith started to trail kisses down to her neck. She then moved to Morrigan's collarbone, then to the place between her breasts and then started to suck on each of her breasts. Morrigan used one hand to feel up her other breast and started to stroke the girl's lavender hair. She could feel the mouth on her breast, teeth, tongue and all stimulating and exploring and she liked it. Morrigan had learned that she had rather sensitive nipples and loved to have them stroked, pinched, pulled and most of all sucked on. She moaned again feeling Lilith take her nipple between her teeth and slightly pulled back on it.

Morrigan hissed out when Lilith tugged a bit hard on her nipple before releasing it and then went back to sucking on it. She could feel her tongue swirling around it as well as she sucked making Morrigan cry out in pleasure.

“Oh god that feels so good Lilith.”

Lilith chuckled as she pulled back and started to roll both nipples with her fingers, “I can’t believe how sensitive you are here. Sometimes I wonder when it gets cold enough to pop your nipples, it arouses you at the same time.”

Morrigan looked at Lilith and smirked as she rolled the other girl onto her back. “I think it’s my turn to get you all warmed up now.”

Lilith smiled as the green hair dark goddess slowly started to lick her way over Lilith's young body. Like Lilith, Morrigan knew how to arouse her and the girl shuddered at all of the sensations she was feeling. Lilith had sworn to herself that if she found a guy or even a girl that was equally skilled as Morrigan, she would claim that one as her own personal companion. There had been times when Morrigan wasn't around and Lilith was practically in desperate need of some kind of release. Hell, if can right down to it, Lilith would find someone that she could train to be her perfect lover since a succubus could take control someone's will ease if so desired.

Lilith felt like her entire body was being caressed, licked, kissed and so much more sensations than she could keep track of because of Morrigan's actions. She had wondered on many occassions where Morrigan had learned such skills. Lilith remembered asking Morrigan on several occassions and her answer was 'You'll learn in time.' Her thoughts quickly became clear when she felt Morrigan’s tongue now on her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah that’s it girlfriend,” Lilith sighed as she felt the tongue playing with the outside of her folds. “Go on and eat me out.”

Morrigan buried her face into the girl’s crotch as she rubbed the girl’s thighs. Her tongue trailed lazy swirl patterns over the girl’s pussy and after a minute of this decided that Lilith needed a little more prodding. She started to put her tongue into the folds and probe the other succubus' sex. Now Morrigan couldn't help but smirk at her actions upon hearing the other girl moan out. Even her hips bucked in response and then started to grind into Morrigan’s face. Soon Lilith was working her hips really fast all the while begging Morrigan to stick her fingers inside of her. Morrigan did so by starting with two fingers and worked them in and out of the other girl.

“Oh god...oh, oh fuck me Morrigan! That’s so good! Finger fuck me faster!” Lilith squealed as she felt the other girl’s tongue sucking on her clit and her fingers moving in and out of her wet hole her quickly. It didn’t take long before Lilith groaned out and Morrigan got a taste of Lilith’s juices.

Morrigan took in as much as she could but quickly learned that Lilith came harder than she normally does in their coupling. Probably she was more excited at the prospect that was Spider-Man than with her. Not that Morrigan could blame her since even she herself was very much interested in the mortal.

“Wow. You came pretty hard,” Morrigan said licking some of the cum off her mouth and her fingers. “You really needed this. didn’t you?”

“You have no idea,” Lilith panted, resting for a moment while enjoying the feeling of her heart still racing in her chest.

But then Morrigan was on top of her and was kissing her just as hard as before. Lilith could taste herself on Morrigan’s lips and mouth as the other girl’s tongue went into her mouth. She sucked on her tongue taking in a lot of the girl’s saliva mixed with her own sex juice. Lilith was also please that there was still some traces of Spider-Man's essence mixed in with their combined juices.

It was like drinking one of the mortal's exotic drinks. The kind that was mostly mixed with fruits but carried on special ingredient that gave it an unexpected kick.

Lilith was the first to break this kiss before looking directly into Morrigan's eyes. “If just his essence alone is this good, can you just imagine what it might be like with him entirely?”

Morrigan smiled as she repositioned herself so as to straddled Lilith's face with her pussy over it. Lilith knew what she wanted and followed through with the desire by beginning to eat Morrigan out. The green haired beauty moaned at the feeling Lilith’s mouth was doing to her sex. Morrigan knew that Lilith was only a little good with her fingers but was much better with her mouth on where it was. With how Lilith was pleasuring her sex, Morrigan loudly moaned out while starting to grind her hips against Lilith's face. Morrigan increased the sensations that she was feeling by reaching up and started to massage and work her own breasts. A moment later, Morrigan felt her fingers become entwined with Lilith's as now both fondled and play with Morrigan's breasts. Both of them took turns with Morrigan's nipples. P laying with them, stroking them, and pulling on them while the other would fondle and squeeze the tits themselves either hard or soft at any given moment.

Soon Morrigan was moaning loudly as she stared to ride Lilith's face to her climax. Unlike Morrigan, Lilith was able to take in all of her love juices with little problem. For both, this was a good start but the night was still young for them and they had plenty of 'catching up' to do.

After Morrigan had finished riding the girl’s face, they both ended up in a 69 position with Lilith on top again. They were eating each other out and using their tongues or fingers to probe the depths of the other girl’s sex. Lilith even asked for Morrigan to stick something in her ass so at one point while green haired succubus was eating out the lavender haired succubus. Not needed any more invitation, Morrigan used her thumb to start fucking the girl’s asshole. Returning the favor, Lilith used both of her index fingers on Morrigan's own asshole.

Morrigan used a pumping action for Lilith while Lilith herself used her fingers to play around Morrigan's anal bud. From circular motions to alternate pumps is what Lilith did which definitely pleasured Morrigan since the moans she made increased with her mouth still latched onto Lilith's pussy.

They were like that for awhile both of them cumming at least twice while in this position.

After that, the two succubi decided to try and go for one more round but they wanted to try something new for a finish this time. The two of them were now facing each other in a sitting position with their arms behind them. Once they pressed themselves together, Lilith and Morrigan began grinding their pussies together using their arms and legs for leverage and strength. Both of them had a slight sheen of sweat on their bodies before this but now both girls were grunting and panting with the effort. Their physical strength was greater than that of a human but such was needed for this in order to really achieve a final release. Both were practically covered in sweat while enjoying the time pleasuring each other but they could only keep this up for several minutes before reaching their respective last orgasm for the night.

“Oh god...I think I’m going to cum again Morrigan.” Lilith said as she started to use a hand to work her clit. She noticed that Morrigan started doing the same to her own clit as well as putting more effort with her legs in order to grind against Lilith. This position wasn't new to them but it was the best one that they had available for them that allowed both of them to achieve a considerable release.

“I’m close too. Oh fucking god! Lilith harder! Fuck me harder! Please!”

“Like that? Just like that, huh? Oh fuck! Yes!” Lilith thrusts her hips even harder against her sister and lover. Morrigan started making panting noises with some grunts that were getting faster and faster. Soon the long green haired beauty gave a long cry as she flung her head back in response to her achieving release. Her body was racked with a satisfying orgasm. Lilith could feel the other girl’s juices soaking her own pussy and seeing her sister get off was enough to trigger her own orgasm a split second later.

“Oh, Holy Fuck! Yes!” Lilith yelled, her mouth hung open as her body shook in bliss.

After they had both cried out at the same time, they both fell back onto the soft carpet trying to catch their respective breaths. “By the night, that felt good.” Lilith said moving a stray strand of hair out of her face that was plastered to her wet skin.

“As it always is.” Morrigan sighed once she managed to control her breathing again. “But now we know we can add something else to really spice it up.

Lilith propped herself up by her elbows so she could face her companion. Having been together for as long as they have, it was common for the both of them to understand what the other could be thinking or might just say.

“Spider-Man.” both girls said at once which elicited a laugh from the both of them. Lilith smiled at Morrigan before laying back down and stare at the ceiling before saying something more.

“Do you think we can actually convince him to join us? I know you got close to him and he was able to resist your presence alone.”

“That just means he's as strong as we need him to be. I'm sure I can convince him but even if he resists me, Spider-Man can't resist both of us. As his name says, he's male and we both know no male in the mortal world can resist the invitation of two sexy figures like us for long.” Morrigan replied.

“Do you think he'll survive what we're going to ask of him?”

“Who said about just asking? He'll have a smile on his face even if we take it from him.”

Morrigan knew Lilith had some slight reservations with what they going to do in the near future. But there was too much as stake and time wasn't really on their side. It didn't help matters that what they were looking for was no longer in their own world. Coming to the mortal world only meant how desperate their situation was starting to become.

Looking back at Lilith, Morrigan was of a similar mindset with her own reservations and decided to voice them to her 'sister'.

“His strength is incredible and he could probably survive it. If he does, and truth be told I hope just as you do that he does, we'll make him one of us. Spiders are creatures of the night and who knows? Should he come with us, he won't be Spider-Man. He'll be a Spider-King.”

Morrigan could see a sparkle of excitement in Lilith's eyes at the possible prospect. Their world was rule by a sense of royalty and someone like that would fit in perfectly. Well, perfectly in Lilith's view.

“Next time, I'm coming with you.” Lilith said knowing Morrigan would go out searching for where Spider-Man's home was. To give him an offer any other mortal, even their famed Pope, would kill to have.

Plus, Lilith knew Morrigan's opinion of mortals wasn't easy to be swayed in a positive manner. For Spider-Man to do so definitely had Lilith's attention more

Morrigan only laughed in response which confused Lilith.

“I thought you just did.”

As the events unfolded within the city, one of New York's port of harbor had a cargo ship coming and finalizing its docking procedures so as to allow some passengers that ship's captain allowed to board earlier to disembark. While some of them were what most would consider typical passengers from that side of the world traveling to the other side, there were a couple that didn't fit that typical standard.

Including a dark-skinned woman with shoulder length red hair and deep emerald color eyes that had snuck aboard the ship and kept out of sight the entire time. She would have preferred going by jetliner in order to reach New York but she was short on cash and several of her 'friends' were unable to front her the money at the time as well. If often puzzled her that for someone like Dante to be in any kind of business, even as a demon hunter, he could easily rack up the bills that were in the red and pay them off somehow at the same time. He had to have been getting some kind of financial aid which was probably why Lady was unable to give her money for a plane ticket.

She could have easily snuck into the airport and hide in one of the cargo holds of a jetliner but she remembered that only the passenger areas were pressurized and heated. Her physiology might not have been human but she wasn't about to spend hours in what was essentially a meat locker.

Looking at the city light of New York, Lucia had wondered how she was going to go about the objective she had been given. It wasn't a mission like the ones Dante had done several times but more like a recon-and-report situation. Some obscure friend of the Son of Sparda had come to him and informed them that something happening on the horizon. A ripple effect had occurred with something that was considered the natural order of the world. There was no means of seeing where the ripple was reaching and what it was effecting.

The only information that Dante was given was that the source of the ripple seemed to be centered in New York. Lucia tended to agree with Dante that with all the superheroes running around in the Big Apple, they tended to more harm than good. Especially when it came to things that were mystical.

It was actually one of the reasons why Lucia had volunteered to come to New York in the first place, to check out this foreboding prophecy of sorts. Mostly to get out of the shop because of the sexual tension that had been growing between Dante, Lady and Trish. She may like the 'macho' but it was clear to her that the other women wanted to stake a claim on the demon hunter and saw the other as a rival. The last thing she wanted was to get into an unnecessary three-way fight for someone who's general attitude at times towards the opposite sex started to make you question if he was even interested in the opposite sex. Lucia guessed that either Dante wasn't interested in either Trish of Lady or like most males, wasn't able to express such emotions since it wasn't necessary to bring a gun or a sword to such conversation.

Whatever it was, Lucia had decided she would be far better off away from it when the sexual tension exploded. Probably in more ways then one considering how that powder keg was building up.

“So, where to start?” Lucia said to herself before picking a general direction into the city. After making sure no one was around, Lucia activated her devil powers which transformed her into a white harpy and took flight into the city.

As Lucia flew closer to the skyline of the city, there was a part of her that started to get the feeling that there might be something more happening in the city. Something that Dante's friend failed to tell them or didn't himself.

Something that was starting to send a growing feeling of excitement into her.

“Feels like I'm going to have more fun than I thought on this trip.” Lucia again said to herself while smiling at the same time.


Next Chapter: The Gathering Part Two


Author's Note: After everything that happened in the Spider-Verse arc of Marvel comics, I figured that it's finally solidified the fact that there is both science and mysticism in where Spider-Man or even any spider-themed figure is involved. As such, I decided to make a story that goes into that part of the Web Slinger. Pretty much all mystical female characters, good or evil, in both Marvel and Capcom are open game for Spider-Man. The first two chapters will help bring in the core characters for the story. I'll probably add others should I come across ones that would work in the story or if you, the readers, can think of a good female character to add. And by good, I don't mean only 'good girls' since Morrigan and Lilith are added to the mix and they are considered 'bad girls.'

Also, my choice for using Lucia instead of the other women from Devil May Cry was because I didn't feel Lucia didn't get a fair shake for her role in the second game and I'm only sticking with the original games and not the rebooted version. The first four games definitely have better material to work with than the fifth one.

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