The Gorean Confederacy: First Zombie War

BY : EvilOverlordHeir
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AN: Complete Rewrite of Heir to Galactus. More Focus on the Men who follow Evil Overlord. This is more a prologue. Net Chapter focuses on the real Main Characters of this Story.


Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Battletech, or Gor. The Generic Zombie verse is mine though. Without further ado, the Story.


The Gorean Confederacy: The First Zombie War


I am Evil Overlord. I may not look like a typical Evil Overlord and don’t have the typical origin story. Neither does my father Galactus.


But of course, you’re asking how my rise to Evil Overlord starts? How I, an ordinary mortal EMT named Tom of Earth, a poor man making only minimum wage and working three 24 hour shifts a week, became a god for whom all things are possible just as the mortal space explorer Galan of Taa became Galactus? Well it’s a long story. I now have the time, as I possess the power of Equity. The path of a Star God is a harsh one. My predecessors couldn’t handle it, and destroyed themselves rather than embrace Equity. But I resolve to do so. Unlike Galactus, the great hunger doesn’t afflict me though I can consume stellar bodies to gain energy if I need to replenish my reserves quickly. But with Equity comes the terrible responsibility to condemn entire Universes to the fire if necessary to save the larger Omniverse. A responsibility I don’t use lightly. Those who don’t know what is at stake often question my right to destroy centillions of sapient beings. Those who know what is at stake, know I have no moral right to let them live. Especially if it means Malevolent Elder Gods break out of their prisons.


There is no peace amongst the stars, only carnage and slaughter and the laughter of thirsting and sadistic gods. I was created by my father Galactus to keep the realms of mortals out of their hands. I do what I must because it is necessary and it is within my nature just as my father must devour worlds because it is necessary to keep Abraxas and worse locked away.


I see your horror, I understand it. Understand though that no matter how much I destroy, no matter how much pain it brings to mortals such as you, I’m fated to give back infinitely more to the Omniverse than I will take. Thus speaks Evil Overlord.




Day 1


My morning began mundane enough. I woke up at 6am, showered, drank some coffee, got a bite to eat, clocked out at Buncombe County Ambulance Services, Asheville, North Carolina, as my 24 hour shift came to an end, then went to get breakfast at McDonalds in the Historic Biltmore Village. That is when a customer collapsed. Being a licensed EMT, I pulled out my gloves and pocket mask I always carry on me in my black cargo pants, and started giving CPR upon confirming no pulse. If I had known what would happen next, I probably would have done the same thing, training was taking me completely over and I was assigning bystanders to specific tasks as I started the code.


As I started compressions and breathed into him after 30 compressions, a voice cut through the chatter.


“You are Chosen Tom of Earth.”


I then burst into flames. Every nerve ending ignited and I screamed as my sight was covered in fire.


When I came through I was a vast Star that was being armored. As it occurred I felt myself shrink in size from a star to my normal mortal height.


“Greetings my Chosen Son.”


I turned and came face to face with Galactus, and let’s just say he is fucking huge and Marvel just doesn’t do him justice. Then Galactus opened his Cosmic Sight to me. I found my mind full of information and what I needed to do.


“Tom of Earth exists no more, just as Galan of Taa exists no more. Henceforth you are Evil Overlord.” Galactus informed me.


“Thank you Father.” I answered. There was no other way to answer. Galactus was my Father now, I his Chosen Son after his failure with Tyrant who waged bloody conquest, scouring life from the Universe till Galactus confronted him in a battle that destroyed entire Galaxies before Tyrant was defeated and fled as a pale shadow of himself.


“You are to walk with Mortals and unite them under a single banner. But remember we are fated to balance the life and death of the cosmos my son. But in the end we will give back infinitely more to the Omniverse than we will take. So speaks Galactus.” Then Galactus left to feed as he must, leaving me to do as I must.


All things were possible to me, but like Major Anthony Nelson of the IDOJ verse, I was cautious about using those powers willy nilly and robbing Humanity the fruits of its own triumphs. Still I willed into existence a Virgin Earth in a Virgin Sol System in the Universe I found myself in and added a Virgin Gor as well. With a thought I made Venus habitable for life as well. The Trinity of planets were empty of humanity, but not for long. 


I then went to the planet Gor in the cosmic horror universe of Gor after the events of Rebels of Gor. I needed warriors well trained in spear, sword, and shield fighting and hire the services of builders, metal workers, physicians, scribes, and other workers. I scanned the world for the people I needed passively, adult men with skills I deemed necessary with 50,000 Warriors, 130,000 Peasants, 1,000 Woodsmen, 1,000 Metal Workers, 1,000 Fishermen, 1,000 Builders, 1,000 Physicians, 1,000 Charcoal Makers, 1,000 Scribes, 1,000 Merchants, 1,000 Carpenters, 1,000 Cloth Makers, 1,000 Miners, and 10,000 miscellaneous jobs. Also brought along were 200,000 Female Free Companions who may or may not work themselves, 600,000 free children under 16, and 4,000 female slaves of all ages. Separate from them I assembled Ha-Keel of Port Kar’s force, the Mercenary having assembled a large force with a 1,000 Tarnsmen who formed his Elite Troops and Officers and were to a man armed with Kurii Dart Guns which were air rifles that skirted the line of the Priest Kings’ Weapon Laws without violating them. He had 4,000 Tharlarionmen who protected his sizable Babbage and Siege Train and served as his enforcers and armed with Kurii Dart Guns as well. 16,000 Infantrymen from a variety of walks of life served as his grunts but carried traditional Gorean Weapons. 21,000 Camp Followers and Slaves, who supplied services to his troops and contained Free Companions and children as well, filled out his followers. I also brought along 20,000 Spider People, a peaceful race that won’t harm rational people even to defend themselves and were renowned for their silk.


Much of mine and Galactus’ plan relied on an autonomously working mortal confederacy of active citizens who could handle jobs we couldn’t without risk of sparking Universal Destruction level fights. Gor provided such active citizens who also knew how to maintain a stable society within the hard Laws of Thermodynamics.


Once I formed my mental list I brought them to the Blue Ridge of North Carolina upon my Virgin Earth and let them mill about in confusion and panic for a bit as they took in their new surroundings and tried to comprehend what happened.


I then appeared before them as what their eyes could interpret of my true form. Imagine their horror when gazing upon my true form, their minds trying to interpret my form into an image they could understand. An image of a purple armored giant with a terrible and imposing helm, a Destroyer God of Worlds! A god who tore them from all they knew of the world, a god who appeared without warning.


As they recoiled away from me in horror at my approach, I was approached by a small peasant girl no more than five who unlike the others was looking on me with curiosity as she approached me while her mother, face hidden by a rep cloth veil, frantically tried to call her back as she was held back by her horrified Free Companion.


Kneeling down to her level, I smiled at her. “Hi there. What’s your name child?” I asked, my voice carrying across to the assembled host and directly into their minds.


“Leah daughter of Lysander and Apollonia. Are you a Priest King?” She asked as she looked upon me without fear.


“No, I am not a Priest King, they are insectoid False Gods and not Human form like me or you,” I answered her while her mother in the distance was wailing.


Leah ran her hands down my Stethoscope, which I continued to wear around my neck in remembrance of what I lost, before looking up at me with a smile, “You’re a Physician aren’t you?”


“That was my profession on Earth in mortal Human life before I became a god and brought you here to save you from being pawns in the games of the Priest Kings and Kurii who aren’t human and seek to prevent humanity from reaching its destiny. My role as a Star God overrides my old profession, though it still lingers within me.” I informed her.


“So you won’t take my doll away?” Leah asked.


I laughed at such an innocent concern compared to what was at stake, “No, but can you do me a favor Leah.”


“Yes,” She spoke with glee.


“Since you were brave enough to approach me after I revealed myself Leah, I want you to find me a rock that will fill your whole hand and bring it to me. Can you do this for me please Leah?” I asked.


Giggling, Leah nodded her head and went to the shore of the French Broad River. A quiet hung over the crowd. Many began praying. Some were still weeping. But most were looking silently as Leah skipped along the beach picking up various rocks and then discarding them. Everyone was standing, no one sat down. After a few minutes Leah picked up a rock and began rushing towards me excitedly.


“I found one, I found one!” Leah shouted excitedly as she brought me a plain black Obsidian Rock.


“Thank you Leah, now just wait here a moment, I’m going to write on this.” I told her as I carved seven lines across it with a laser beam from my right index finger. Once done, I handed her the rock, causing her to smile infectiously. Leah squealed in delight as I lifted her up so everyone could see she had a Home Stone.


“Leah what is written on the Home Stone?” I ceremonially asked while mentally telling her what to recite and broadcasting it to the crowd.


“The Gorean Confederacy! Protected by the Grace of Evil Overlord! Chosen Son of Galactus Devourer of Worlds! Kin to Death and Oblivion and Eternity and Infinity! Judged worthy by the Living Tribunal! Who in turn answers to the One-Above-All!” Leah shouted with conviction as she held the stone above her head.


“Leah holds the Home Stone of the Gorean Confederacy, who will pledge themselves to this Home Stone?” I called out to them as I willed into existence the Biltmore Estate for my use, and placed Peasant Villages, Woodsmen Camps, Miner Camps, and Warrior March Castles around it with good road access and draft pulled rail access with bridges at the river crossings to my Estate that would be well patrolled by the Warriors, not that there was any danger around except wild animals. The crop fields had crops ready to be harvested and orchards with fruit ready to be picked and larders full. I placed a space port in the place of Asheville Regional Airport. I placed in all their minds exactly where they were to stay and the name of this World was Earth II.


I also brought forth my personal fleet gifted to me by Galactus and piloted by my standing army of Punishers. The ships were Battletech in terms of technology, minus the mechs which made no military sense. I placed in the Space Port Dropships and Small Craft of the Battletech Universe. Jumpships would ferry Dropships on Interstellar and Interdimensional trips. Olympus Class Stations were set at key transit points in the Sol System and to serve as bases for exploiting mining operations in the Sol System. An Offensive War Fleet would be built by the Goreans themselves when the time came. I was just giving them the seedlings to make that force a reality. My Punishers would pilot the Spaceships till sufficient Goreans had been trained to operate the craft and Spectral Series Omnifighters. Overall the space port could accommodate any dropship design capable of landing on a planet.


Leah parents came forward, her father holding a peasant’s bow which he raised toward the stone, “I will pledge to defend this Sacred Home Stone of the Gorean Confederacy Evil Overlord.”


Leah’s mother demurely lowered her head, “I will follow you Evil Overlord and honor the Sacred Home Stone of the Gorean Confederacy.”


Several more peasants came forth and followed Leah’s parent’s example.


Several Warriors came forth and saluted the Home Stone with their swords. Then everyone began chanting, “For Gor! For Gor!” The entertainers in the crowd began to play music as the people cheered and the slave dancers danced. For those not in the know, the Home Stone is the Gorean equivalent to a Flag, Land Deed, and is the spiritual basis of the community enabling a settlement to be abandoned and rebuilt elsewhere or back at its original spot without a sense of loss. It is serious business, theft or disrespect to a Home Stone earned an execution by boiling oil, preceded by a lengthy and excruciating torture. By my theatrics, I had established myself as their God.


Handing Leah back to her mother, I patted her head a bit, causing her to giggle. Holding up my hands to the cheering crowd, I motioned for silence, and quickly got it.


“I’m Evil Overlord and your God. I am the Chosen Son of Galactus Devourer of Worlds who created me to be a Guide to mortals, intervening only when I must, but the real triumphs of the Great Liberation we will launch from here will be yours, not mine. Before you worshipped false gods that did not walk amongst you and killed you with impunity for the slightest of slights, but no more will they do so for I will cast them down and in time you your descendants will cast down false gods. I ultimately walk amongst you by the will of the One-Above-All, ruler of all gods, you need no temples to pray to the One-Above-All and he asks for no sacrifices, I am living proof of his favor to you, and the Caste of Initiates is abolished for leading you astray with False Gods. Henceforth the Peasants, the ox upon which the Home Stone rests, are the Highest Caste. The Peasants have the responsibility of protecting the Home Stone and Woodsmen are now a sub caste of the Peasants alongside the Growers of Rence, the Miners, and Fishermen. Only they may harvest the natural bounties of the world which are the modest life blood of the other Castes and their new Caste Color is black because they prevent figurative and literal death by figurative and literal starvation by their modest profession. Now Peasant Lysander, Scribe Lucas, Builder Alexis, Physician Armand, and Warrior Ibrahim approach, we have things to discuss. Ha-Keel also come, I need your men and followers ready to go to another world yet and Kar of the Spider People, you and your clan are to come as well.”


Taking that as a divine command, the others went back to celebrating while my named council members approached alongside Ha-Keel and Kar of the Spider People.


“I’m going to keep this brief. I’m a believer in delegation of duties by the leader. I keep an eye on the big picture while you guys handle the specifics within the general guidelines I set.” I informed them, “Ibrahim begin setting a guard, the men are to meet me here for a mission on another world which will last between one to eight hours and are to wear leather clothing boots, gloves, and helms, requisition them if necessary. Lysander, detail a guard around the Home Stone in my Winter Garden in my council house. Scribe Lucas, Builder Alexis, and Physician Armand, the Technology and Weapons Laws are null and void, and you may begin to research in formerly forbidden fields but bear in mind that technology comes with costs and so do weapons and they must be implemented in a way that doesn’t destroy the core tenets of the Caste System and the Social Contract. Primary priority is radios and Kurii Dart Guns. You’ll find further details in my library upon the tables. You all are to form the Council of Earth II for one year till elections are held and find a Home Stone for Earth II under the Home Stone of the Gorean Confederacy. You understand my instructions?”


They all nodded, none questioned my commands. “Alright, Ha-Keel join your followers with me behind my house, Kar come along as well.”


“It will be done Evil Overlord,” Ha-Keel spoke.


“I shall come Rational One.” Kar’s translator spoke.


Within an hour Ha-Keel’s Chief Officers were assembled. “Okay, listen up, we are going to an Earth of another Dimension where Gor does not exist, at least till I will it into existence in every geological detail but devoid of Human Life till you descendants settle it.” The Mercenary Officers stood straight at my announcement and Kar’s eyes narrowed. None interrupted though.


“This Earth, which we’ll call Earth III, has fallen to its hubris, most of the population is technically dead, but by foulness beyond reckoning they walk hungering for flesh, if you are bitten, you will die from the infection, then reanimate and can then only be put down for good by traumatic brain injuries. So if someone growls like an animal at you or shows clear signs of being dead or ignoring grievous wounds, aim for their brain and put them down for good. It’s also why I chose you guys as you all are wearing leather clothing and gloves which can’t be bitten through. All surviving people of this world have no Home Stone and are freely enslaveable upon your sole discretion. Do you understand my instructions?”


“What is of value on this world to go to it?” Cardas who headed the Infantry asked with some hint of fear.


“We’ll find survivors, resources, and other valuable things, which we can take without repercussions, and make our own by salvage rights. In time you will have ships that can travel to that world without me having to do it for you. For Kar’s Clan, it is a place they can settle and help by building their long strands to block out the Zombies and find survivors. Understand me?”


They all nodded. “Okay, this is our first target, it is the same as my Estate in detail, but the surrounding is completely different. Ha-Keel, give me a Torian Square to clear the house. Make it your HQ and where you’ll set a Home Stone in its Winter Garden once you secure it. Other than that, you lead the fight. You have one hour to work out a plan of attack to secure the Estate on this world before doing further advances. Then we load our transports.”




Day 2


When the ramp of the Union-class Dropship slammed down on the Biltmore Estate, we were beset by 3,000 Zombies from all directions.


“Kill them all!” Christos shouted as he swung his men into action, leading them down the ramp with his personal example and hacking and slashing his way through the Zombies, using his speed and shield to his advantage to make his own path which his men exploited. Other men of Christos’ parent Cohort followed.


“For Ha-Keel! For Gor! For Evil Overlord!” The Warriors of Ha-Keel shouted as the Zombies smashed into them and died as the Goreans deployed from their dropships across the Biltmore Estate and at Asheville Regional Airport.  


Riders on Tharlarions charged right through the Zombies, using their bulk to smash them aside while the Tarnsmen above them, provided support as they flew out of their dropships. The Infantry formed up into four cohorts with a combined total of 200 Torian Squares, each Torian Square containing 80 men wielding a mix of weapons, moved through the grounds as disciplined teams, cutting down any Zombies in their wake. The Kurii Dart Guns, which would in time, be standard arms for all warriors, cut down Zombies by the score with their 15.24cm lead darts. They easily matched a Chassepot Rifle of the Franco-Prussian War fame in hitting power and range and could fire 20 shots a minute with a well drilled shooter with a gas cartridge good for 40 shots, more if hooked to an air compressor. Kar’s clan with apologies to former Rational People the Zombies were, speared them with their legs as they moved forth to claim their new lands under my protection.


In the chaos, I led a Torian Square under Christos to Biltmore House. Through Cosmic Awareness, I sensed 80 survivors, all of whom were Catholic School Girls between seven and nine years of age. They were trapped up on the fourth floor which had no baths and few toilets and sinks. They had not eaten for two days and had expected to be rescued twelve days ago and had been trapped for 19 days now since the military barred the stairs to the fourth floor and disabled the Elevator before being overran. The building still swarmed with hundreds of Zombies. 


“Christos, eighty girls are trapped on the fourth floor of that building.” I informed him.


“We follow Evil Overlord.” Christos ordered as I led the way, shooting dead any Zombie directly in my way with laser bolts from eyes. We went through the Kitchen Courtyard. Utilizing their shields as battering rams, Christos men pushed through the courtyard, slaughtering Zombies left and right. It took 90 minutes to clear the basement and sub-basement and seal them. They were well stocked with canned and dry foods, though the refrigerated stuff was bad. The pool was drained though.


Once done, we went up to the main floor which had multiple breaches and a hundred Zombies, but we cleared them quickly in 30 minutes and fixed the breaches as the outside was secured by Christos’ Parent Cohort.


Going methodically through the building we cleared the second and third floors, and a secret set of rooms between the second and third floor. Killed Zombies were thrown from the windows along with eaten corpses, but we also found, to the Goreans horror, several bloody cribs. One Warrior dropped to his knees at the sight and vomited. After three hours we had secured the house, sent for Physicians, and removed the obstacles to the fourth floor.


Upon entering the fourth floor, Christos men found the lethargic School Girls. Every one of them had stripped to their underwear due to the oppressive heat and all were grimy with sweat with no means to bathe themselves for days on top of not having been able to eat anything for two days. “Christos, these girls belong to you and your men under the Laws of Gor after risking your lives for them.”


I left the girls’ fates in Christos and his men’s hands. I would not interfere in their choice. True I could intervene, destroy every Zombie on this world, and more, but I wouldn’t. That would make Humanity too dependent on me, which I had to avoid. Hard as it is for you to accept, these girls were nothing to me. In my birth 665 Centillion Sapient Beings who were at Interstellar level of civilization alone were snuffed out in a blink of an eye, much less my fellow Humans on Earth. If I could mourn them, I would cry oceans in their memory, a path once started that can only end in madness. The past is past, a fading pain. So speak not to me about 80 girls being enslaved, who if not for Christos men, would not have survived much longer on this world where only 17,500,000 Humans still lived. That is the curse of Equity I and my father Galactus must bear unless the Omniverse falter and fail at the last into Oblivion from whence there is no return. Gone! Gone again as so many times before. And once more is Evil Overlord alone. Alone as no other creature is in the Omniverse. Very well Death, my sister, daughter, mother, and my wife. The stain of doubt must be wiped away. I must begin again. No more to debate the correctness of that which I do. Such terms have little meaning now. The die is cast. Let the great game begin again. The Watcher is watching as he must as I do what I must so Humanity survives.


Going outside I found the Stables and Conservatory had been cleared and Ha-Keel had landed with the majority of his officers and support staff. Tarnsmen were flying far ranging patrols while the Tharlarionmen moved out to patrol the perimeter.


“Cardas, I want you to have Morias’ Cohort hold here with nine Squares around the House as a reserve and start burning the bodies, send Justinian’s Cohort forward into the Biltmore Forest, and have Proteus’ and Lycos’ Cohorts hold and fortify. Clius’ Riders are to begin holding the bridges and patrolling the road routes. I want our women and children in the buildings and confined there unless heavily escorted.” Ha-Keel ordered as he looked over his map and I observed unnoticed.


“We should sweep the mountains with another hundred Tarnsmen.” Cardas spoke as he pointed along his intended search area.


“Against other foes I would not consent, but these Zombies are pathetic and a threat to women and children only. How did the men of Earth lose?” Ha-Keel spoke.


“They lost because they lost sight of the Social Contract with each other and thus could not work together as they had no true cause to rally them or leaders of vision to lead them.” I spoke as I approached them. “I shall be in the Winter Garden. Come morning have one of your Free Girls find a stone and create the Home Stone of this area. Also you Ha-Keel are Ubar of this world till the crisis of this Zombie Plague is controlled. Zombies might not look like much now, but as you move out, you’ll start running into hordes numbering upwards into the low millions which will require skilled utilization of your Tarnsmen, Tharlarionmen, Infantry, and the local terrain to be destroyed.”


“Your word is law, Evil Overlord,” Ha-Keel saluted before turning to Cardas, “No torching buildings though. Tomorrow morning have your daughter find a rock.”   




Day Three


While the Builders worked on radios with the Scribes to set up Ha-Keel’s command center, Christos and his men’s newly claimed slaves were being treated, clothed, and looked after by the camp followers. The Physicians stated they would fully recover and their minders began their education and espoused upon my divinity to them. I neither encouraged nor discouraged my divinity, I was what I was, and Humanity was what it was.


Around us the wood stockades were going up around the buildings as a stop gap till a larger one could go up, and the patrols were constantly running into Zombies in groups up to 20, but easily dispatching them. Ha-Keel was becoming even more aggressive in patrolling as a result. Another group of survivors was brought in by the patrolling Tarnsmen from the mountains, consisted of 370 people, all females and children who were simply enslaved by the Tarnsmen who captured them.


The women and children had been moved into the cleared buildings and were rehabilitating them and cooking hot meals for the troops and other support tasks. The river sides were safe from infiltration as any zombie entering them would flow downriver to Knoxville, Tennessee and the Bridges were secured with the start of gate houses going up. Ha-Keel’s Chief Builder was drawing up a more permanent defense plan. The phase one part of the plan was to surround clusters of buildings with wood stockades and secure the bridges so that patrols in the perimeter had secure areas to operate and work in. Phase two was the building of a wall made of concrete following the line of I-240 to Malfunction Junction to I-26 to Route 191 to Route 280 to Alt 25A to Blue Ridge Park Way to Route 74 to I-40 junction with I-240. It was a long term plan and one not possible to do without Tarns and Tharlarionmen.


As I observed the work, the Great Tharlarions hauled large logs forward while the Builders with Ha-Keel armed with the knowledge I gave them, inspected the concrete mixers and other engineering tools as well as the Solar Panels on the property. All the Scribes, Builders, and Physicians with Ha-Keel had worked with the Kurii before and had been to Earth I and knew how to operate the machines, all of Ha-Keel’s Tarnsmen had also been to Earth as had Ha-Keel himself. They of course did not have access to the infrastructure support to build or maintain motor vehicles, and I would not provide it. However the Builders did understand electricity and had built light bulbs far superior to what Earth had built and had highly advanced Lithium Ion batteries 500 times more powerful than Earth had made and renewable energy sources far better than Earth did. Therefore they were setting up electric battery powered tools to use in place of gas powered tools and planning electricity producing dams, and integrating the Solar Panels into the power supply.


Metal Workers went about dismantling the numerous vehicles about, first siphoning out the fuel per cautionary warnings, putting gasoline in red cans which was used for burning corpses, and diesel in blue cans and handing them over to the Builders and Scribes.  


Also with great Ceremony and a watchful guard, Cardas’ 9 year old daughter brought me a Rock which I made the Home Stone of Earth III and handed back to her to place in the Winter Garden to cheers from Ha-Keel and his men. I then formally invested Ha-Keel in the purple of an Ubar, giving him power to rule by decree till the crisis had abated.


Ha-Keel then went to his fully operating HQ in the Bachelor Wing of the Biltmore House from which he received radio reports from his various units and was thus finding command and control infinitely better across the perimeter.


Great Tharlarions moved carts full of food and other supplies from the stores while men checking houses brought back canned and dry foods. Stockpiles were beginning to stack up with Builders directing teams in pulling down power lines for the copper.




Day 4


With a thought I returned to Gor I and Earth I. With a thought I sent the Kurii and the Priest Kings to MACS0647-JD. Another wave of my hand made Venus inhabitable. With sadness I watched Earth I erupt in nuclear fire. I watched the Earth self-destruct and did nothing. I instead called the people of Gor into my hand momentarily and had them witness the destruction of Earth, the birth place of Humanity. I opened my Cosmic Awareness to them informing them who I was and my purpose before interdicting all travel with Earth I for seven days. I sent them home and watched my spiritual home burn in atomic fires for seven days as nuclear stockpiles, chemical stockpiles, and biological stockpiles were unleashed, wiping out all of Humanity on Earth I. I then restored it pristinely in every geologic detail and placed as before a Biltmore Estate and Airport and brought Tarl Cabot of Ko-ro-ba and his Household plus Nar’s Clan of Spider People to it. I invested Tarl with stewardship of Earth I.  Goreans would not make the mistakes Earth’s Humanity had.




Day 21


I was relaxing at the common table with my council members of Earth II eating Breakfast in the Banquet Room of the Biltmore House on Earth II. Leah was sitting across from me with the women and competing for my attention in the nine days I’ve been back, visiting me in my Winter Garden often, somehow getting past my guard of Punishers though I put it down to the resourcefulness of a child small enough to crawl through unguarded access points.


“Evil Overlord, won’t you try my biscuits? I made them myself this morning and you haven’t eaten or drunken anything since you came back.” Leah asked as I read through my Council Member Reports.


Looking at her with sadness, I spoke. “I am sustained by the boundless energies of Power Cosmic. I need no air to breathe, nor water to drink, nor food to eat.”


“But you can still taste can’t you, please?” Leah pleaded, holding out a biscuit.


“Very well,” I humored her by taking the biscuit and consuming it. It gave me no real sustenance and my sense of taste was gone.


“Well? Is it good?” Leah asked, her eyes pleading behind the veil her mother now made her wear around unfamiliar men since the Peasants were now high caste.


I had no heart to tell her my sense of mortal taste was gone. “It is delicious Leah.”


Leah beamed and offered me more which I accepted. Lysander and Apollonia smiled as I ate their daughter’s biscuits.


“Evil Overlord we are curious, please forgive us if it is impudent, but you haven’t taken a girl to your liking.” Ibrahim spoke.


I sighed. “This armor I wear is for your protection not mine. Without it I am a star that is one thousand seven hundred eight times the size of the Sun that makes like possible here and if I replaced the sun, I would engulf Hesius for those of Gor and Jupiter for those of Earth. It is not possible for me to take a Companion.”


“You can’t take a Free Companion? Not even me?” Leah asked in shock, tears forming.


I looked at her sadly. “I won’t tell you to not fall in love with me, you are what you are, and can’t help it. But I am what I am and it can’t be changed. Even if I granted your desire when you reach majority, there would be no children of mine through it. The best I could do would be to manipulate your egg cells to fertilize, but the child would be wholly of your genetic material and not in a strict sense mine. We shall speak no more on this. When the time comes Leah, your parents will find you a suitable Free Companion, just not me, to do otherwise will lead to the tragedy that dodges mortals who fall in love with gods.”


Leah left the hall in tears. I let her go. Apollonia left the table as well causing the other women to leave. The men looked at me aghast, sorry that they had asked.


“Your reports are good. With Ha-Keel supplying you raw materials and you supplying him finished goods, and Gor I providing new settlers, trade is well on to being established between the nine habitable worlds though at present only four are inhabited at the moment. But that will change as the birthrates pick up.” I spoke to change the subject.


“Indeed, Apollonia is talking about having another child and others are considering it as well.” Lysander spoke.


“Be fruitful and multiply,” I mused.


“Your word is law!” The men shouted as they got up and left. Only later that night would I realize they took my musing seriously as a divine commandment to do just that. No matter.     


As I contemplated the Cosmos and made long term plans, Leah came to visit me within the Winter Garden again. I sadly sighed. She had fallen in love with me with a child’s innocent understanding of love. But she was mortal and I despite being mortal once was no longer so, to give in would lead to tragedy much like the Time Traveler’s Wife only more so for me. “It is late Leah, you should be in bed.”


“I had to see you Evil Overlord. I won’t give up.” She answered as she approached.


I sighed sadly. “I won’t stop you, but you must understand what I am.”


I placed Leah in a protective bubble in the deepest space and placed her one AU away from me as I removed my armor. All within a blink of an eye.


“Evil Overlord, where are you?” Leah shouted as she looked around.


“I am in front you in my true form as a star.” I spoke into her mind.


Leah’s Jaw dropped as even at one AU, I filled her field of vision and she had to look up and down and still could not see the ends of me. “You fit into that armor of yours? Isn’t that uncomfortable for you?”


“No.” I simply replied as I took form in my armor again and held Leah in my left palm. “I am without boundaries, my every whim is reality, I need nothing, desire nothing, except that Humanity reaches its full potential.”


“Yet you are alone.” Leah spoke.


“What you say is true. In all the Omniverse I stand alone. I am Evil Overlord, the be all and end all of the Omniverse.” I spoke as I brought into existence an entire Solar System complete in every detail during the time of the Jurassic Period and with Gor. “But I was once a mortal man just you are a mortal girl.”


My father’s ship arrived, prompting me to add, “But all mortal things must ultimately die. Behold my father Galactus has arrived to feed as he must.”


“Can we meet him?” Leah asked.


“Yes,” I spoke as I picked Leah up and carried her on my waist as I transported aboard my father’s Spheroid.


“Hail to thee my son, I thank you for my latest repast. But who is the mortal child who shows no fear in my presence?” My father spoke from his throne as he began to feed.


“Hail to thee my father. This is Leah, she shows no fear around me, the others pretend, but beneath the facades they fear me.” I spoke.


“You have fallen in love with my son Leah, just as my Herald Nova fell in love with me. That way lies tragedy child.” My father deduced as he toggled switches to activate his machines to absorb the vital lubricants upon the three worlds I gave him with which to utilize Power Cosmic without tearing him apart. “But I sense a rare gene within you that activates in the presence of Power Cosmic.”


I scanned Leah, causing her to giggle from the sensation.


“Ah as I suspected, it allows her to defy the obstacles in her way. Still Leah, your path will lead to tragedy.” My father spoke.


“I don’t care, I will find a way.” Leah replied.


My father looked upon Leah with sadness as I did. “We shall speak no more on this Leah and it is time for you to be in bed.” I spoke in a tone that brooked no argument as I appeared in her room and placed her in bed.




Day 22


The Nine Worlds Council convened. Representing the cities of Civilized Gor I was Marlenus of Ar who arrived with 120 representatives of the major cities of Gor, but spoke for all of them and caste votes for all of them. Representing Earth I was Tarl Cabot. Representing Earth II was Lysander. Ha-Keel represented Earth III. Five spots remained open, representing the Venuses and two Gors that had yet to be settled.  Gor I and Earth III were placed under Ubarate Law due to their crisis situations, while Earth I and II were placed under Administrative Law due to the peace there. 


Sitting on a throne I oversaw the meeting and opened the meeting after the small talk was done. Many changes were ordered to begin the process of Governing and Standardizing the realm to make it a viable Confederacy of Laws without open warfare breaking out. I let them make the decisions; I only moderated the discussion and mandated Metric Measurements and the usage of the Space Fleet. I also forbade stalking Death as she already has a stalker in Thanos of Titan. But the following things became standard to avoid confusion and make laws more uniformed.


  1. The Red Hunters, The Wagon People, Red Savages, Torvaldslanders, the Inner Tribes of the Schendi Jungle, and Alars were incompatible with Gorean Standard Culture and ordered wiped out. Women and children of those groups were to be enslaved, their slaves who came from Civilized Cities were to be freed and their brands removed. Men of those groups were to be killed. The Tahari were spared due to their ties to Tor and their control of the Salt Trade making them Salt Merchants after a fashion.
  2. Men could not be enslaved. They could be exiled or killed, but never enslaved to avoid male slave revolts. All current male slaves were to be freed or killed.
  3. Mining was to be done by Free Men who form the Caste of Miners and they owned the mines
  4. Slave branding was standardized to deal with the array of brands and to deal with scars said to be brands. All slaves were to have old brands removed and re-branded under the new system with three Brands for tracking purposes
    1. Standard Kef Brand on left thigh that signified a slave and allowed her sale
    2. Planet enslaved on right thigh
    3. Reason enslaved on the mons pubis
  5. Freed slaves were to have brands removed
  6. Slaves had to wear standard steel collars with front leash attachment and a tag indicating owner.
  7. Pierced Ear Girls could not be freed if the holes in their earlobes could not heal.
  8. Free Women at majority had to wear the veil correctly in Public, while those between 5 and 15 were given more leniencies in this to a point, but still had to be clearly wearing the veil.
  9. Free Women were barred from holding political office given a series of disastrous women rulers.
  10. A man of a different city who saved the life of a Free Female of any age in another city held title to her after risking his life for her. The female thusly saved was to have her ears, nipples, and clitoris pierced with belled earrings. She was to be branded a slave with the Dina mark on her mons pubis, clad in a red curla with diaphanous yellow katka and slave veil, wrists bound in slave bracelets bhind her back, collared, and leashed. She would never be free again and be turned over to her rescuer so that the city's honor not be besmirched. Her name would forevermore be Dina. 
  11. Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild were banned and the latter was to join the Warriors Caste.
  12. It was forbidden to develop nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons of war and to use them.
  13. Gors II and III were to be settled by Colonists from Gor I’s cities settling in the same Geographical spots as their mother cities.
  14. Earths I, II, III were colonized only by the express permission of their current rulers.
  15. The Venuses were up for grabs with possession being the arbitrator.
  16. The Solar Bodies were also up for grabs with possession being the arbitrator.
  17. Each World would elect one representative to sit the Confederacy Council
  18. No patents could be issued or enforced, ensuring competition and that Merchants don’t gain political power
  19. The Gold Standard was kept, its solar abundance meant its demand would be increased for applications other than money, driving the value up and keeping the Gold Standard viable and priced exactly as the market values it
  20. Heavy Industrial Processes, other than resource extraction, were to be done in space and producers were fully responsible for the pollution they created
  21. Worship of Gods other than Evil Overlord, Galactus, Death, Oblivion, Eternity, Infinity, The Living Tribunal, and One-Above-All was forbidden and their word was law.    


Various miscellaneous things were also discussed before Tarl, Marlenus, and Ha-Keel boarded their shuttles to dock with their jump ships for the Journey home.


That done, I retired to the Winter Garden to be alone, though Leah found her way in which I allowed. I would only step in when required and when sufficient force had been built to go to other realms. This story is Humanity’s story. A story of its triumphs, its defeats, its love stories both happy and tragic, and above all its faith to persevere. I am but their guide, leading them to their destiny, but they must make the final choices that will damn or save them. No more hear of my narration. I give you the narrations of Christos the dauntless explorer of Earth III and Zombie Slayer who in time forged his own realm upon that plagued world.

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