Loki and that Blonde Guy with a Hammer

BY : Lane
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 Author's Note:  Thanks for reading!  Before you begin, I want to let you know that I am working on my writing - I want these stories to read like a book, so there is a lot of lead up to the final product.  Several chapters/episodes may occur to provide background information and set up the plot.  If you are looking for a wham/bam/thank you ma'am experience in reading, this is not it.

The sky opened up into a black portal, stars shining through. It was as if the entire universe was trying to eradicate them. Horrible tentacled monsters, flying elephantine creatures, and hovering motorbikes littered the city as onlookers screamed in terror. Buildings crumbled and children turned to ash as charred bricks came hurtling straight toward her and -

Rum woke up drenched in sweat. It had been years since the alien invasion – she hadn't even been there! It was irrational for a girl from small town Indiana to have fears of an alien invasion long since past and nowhere near her location. Besides, since then she'd moved out to the West Coast to try and make something of herself. She went back to school and got an English degree – much good that did her. She got by well enough, doing small editing jobs online. Every once in a while, she would help out a friend with her comic book – it was really taking off online with a large following on indegogo to fund it.

She grimaced, pulling her sticky tank top. A shower was definitely in order. Looking at her phone, she cursed, noting the time. “Short and cold it is.” Rummaging through her pile of clothes on the floor, she pulled out some clothes that didn't smell rank and might look good on her. Ah, the terrors of growing up in the Barbie doll nation, everyone has body issues!

Rolling her eyes and skipping over the woe-is-me spiel, she spied a bra that mostly fit and a clean pair of underwear, heading into the bathroom to complete her morning routine.

Rum jumped into her car, hair still wet and tangled. The dash showed that it was already 9:30. She hoped traffic wasn't too bad or she'd never make it to Seattle by noon. On a good day, two hours was enough, but on the weekends or during high traffic times, it could take much longer. Considering her options, she decided it would be best to park further away and ride the Link into town. There was never any parking near Pike Place anyway.

“Only 45 minutes late this time. I think you like me.”

Rum rolled her eyes. “Slow your roll, Larissa. You know I love you, but we're hetero life mates. Don't go getting any ideas.” She massaged her shoulder and rolled her neck, hearing a few loud pops.

“Ew. That's sounds gross.”

Rum shrugged. “Hey, sorry I'm late. Traffic killed and I woke up late since I stayed up.”

Larissa narrowed her eyes, giving Rum the death glare. “How long? You can't keep doing this to yourself! Everyone needs to sleep, you know.”

Rum gave a loud sigh. “I know, I just...I can't help it, you know. I just can't sleep at night. Besides, it was only 40 hours this time.”

She could tell Larissa was about to give her a verbal beating, but her face suddenly changed as she took a deep breath. “Let's not spoil the day. I can be neurotic about your non-existent life from online. Today, we're going to go hit up that Crumpet shop. I've been dying for that salmon one. It was so delicious!”

“Okay,” Rum replied. “But lets go to that tea shop and fill up on free samples and then get some gelato later.”

The two grinned, walking up the tilted street and trying to avoid a barrage of tourists.

“I still can't believe they give you two giant scoops of gelato for only $4. It's insane!”

Rum laughed, stealing a bite of Larissa's Salted Caramel as she ranted on about how crazy Seattle prices are. They sat in the small shop, facing the window. There were about five tables, but no way it would be comfortable if they were all occupied. She looked out the window, absentmindedly scooping gelato into her mouth as Larissa's rant raged on.

She nearly choked.

She'd seen people dress strangely before, but in the heat of a Seattle summer, what idiot would think it was a good idea to walk around town in thick layers of black leather. Black? As the light glinted off of the material, she could see there was a deep green. Emerald? For the Emerald City?

She blinked and he was gone. The sun's glare must have blocked her vision – no one can just disappear!

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