A Little Secret

BY : FlameWolf
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Author’s Note:  It’s both exactly what you think and not at the same time.  Just give it a read.  (Yeah I made this a bit complicated for myself)


A Little Secret

By: FlameWolf


Chapter One: Assistant to the Stars

    “Lissa, Tom has been asking for you for weeks!” growled a scolding voice over the phone.

    “Rissa... You know exactly why I haven’t been able to work with him,” sighed the dark haired female as she slowly slid on a formal but beautiful green shirt.

    “You really should tell him about how you feel.  You can’t just keep running away every time he goes out with a new girlfriend,” sighed her best friend and co-worker as she pulled on a pair of form fitting, black pants.

    “I wasn’t hiding!” Melissa protested heatedly, earning a derisive snort from Marissa on the other end.

    “Okay, so I was fucking hiding in the bottom of a wine bottle until he broke up with her; so what?  I have a job to fucking do!  Not only would my reputation be ruined if we started dating, I highly doubt he’d want to date someone like me anyway,” Lissa sighed, pulling up her hair into a ponytail.

    “You have got to be kidding me here!  Have you been ignoring the looks he’s been giving you?  What about the fact that he always asks for you to be his handler?  Before he met you, he never specifically asked for anyone,” her partner in crime pointed out, a triumphant tone to her voice.  Melissa could only grind her teeth in irritation as she put on a pair of black dress shoes.

    “I know, I know.  I’ve heard it all before.  I just... I just can’t Rissa,” the thirty year old sighed as she rushed out of her house and locked the door behind herself.

    “Is this about Jeremy?  When are you gonna let him go?  That was two years ago,” her friend sighed, her voice sounding sympathetic despite her impatience.

    “I can’t let the same thing happen again!  I honestly loved him Rissey!  You have no idea how devastating it was to break his heart like that,” the assistant replied in a pained voice as she got into her t-bird and revved the engine.  The old, black sports car started with a few hiccups and shudders, making dread settle in the pit of the young woman’s stomach.  She had gotten this car from her father long ago and had been able to keep it running despite growing repair costs.  Unfortunately even those fixes weren’t going to be enough.  Soon she would have to retire the reliable vehicle and the thought of it getting junked made her skin crawl.

    “You’re the one that left him Melly,” her lifetime friend reminded calmly, making her already stressed emotions reach their breaking point.

    “We’ve had this fucking conversation too many times to count!  What the fuck was I supposed to do?  They were all over him because of his dating someone so much younger than him.  They were ruining a career he had worked hard for because of me,” Melissa snarled, angry tears streaming down her paper white cheeks as she pulled out of her driveway with a squeal of her tires.

    “You could have stayed with him!  You know you don’t leave someone because things get tough!  Did you leave when those pictures of me and Mike got passed around Highschool, making people call me a slut?  No, you called them the liars they were; despite the fact they never believed us!  What about that scandal someone tried to start about Sir Hopkins?  You denied the allegations right by his side, offering some much needed support during a tough situation,” Marissa reasoned, her voice laced with impatience.

    “That was different!  None of those things were my fault!  I couldn’t watch everything he worked for get torn down because of me,” the dark haired woman hissed, leaning her forehead against her steering wheel as she came to a stop light.

    “Jeremy still asks about you Mels...  You don’t have to see the look on his face every time I have to lie to him and tell him you’re with a client when you’re really in your office.  He hasn’t had a date since,” the red haired female sighed, her head shooting up as she saw Tom Hiddleston come walking into the office.

    “And here’s Mr. Hiddleston himself.  Betcha anything he’s here to ask for you again,” the twenty-eight year old chuckled, waving her pink painted nails at the handsome actor.  Sure enough, the tall, lanky male headed right for her; a polite look on his oval face.  His normally short, ginger hair was now brushing his shoulders and dyed a raven black for his upcoming role in Thor: The Dark World, giving him a rather darkly sexy look.

    “Morning Mari, is that Melissa you have on the phone there?” he practically purred, his accented voice doing pleasant things to her insides.  Oh, there were definite perks to working and living in England.

    “Rissa, don’t you dare,” the emotionally exhausted female on the other end begged, sounding as if she was barely holding back sobs.  Just hearing her normally stoic friend like this made guilt shoot through the redhead in a thick wave.  Melissa was unendingly professional when she needed to be.  Only her close friends ever saw what she was like beyond the mask she wore.

    “Sorry Tom, I don’t...,”  the dress wearing assistant began, only to have the phone snatched from her loose grip.  She was about to protest and demand he give it back when he gave one of those heart-melting grins of his and tipped her a wink.  If he wanted her to sink the Titanic, she would have done it without question.

    “I’ll just be a minute luv.  You don’t mind do you?” he rumbled, his voice smooth as butter and very nearly making her knees shake with want.  If this was how he acted when he wanted something, she hoped to see this every day of her life.

    “N-no, go ahead,” she sighed in a dreamy voice, her blue orbs getting a bit doe-eyed as she leaned on her desk to watch him like a drooling teenager.  The lithe actor only chuckled lightly before he pressed the phone to his ear.

    “Melissa, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you.  I’m going to a convention in America and I need a handler.  Luke has more than enough on his hands right now dealing with publicity for this movie so I would be grateful for your help,” he rumbled into the mouthpiece, his accented voice holding a lightly pleading edge that would make most women into a puddle of quivering jello.  With looks like his, it wasn’t hard to get what you wanted.

    Melissa stared at her phone in horror, as if the device itself had betrayed her by allowing his voice to come through loud and clear.  This was the reason she chose to field her contact with Tom through her childhood companion, once she heard him she couldn’t help but agree to whatever he wanted.  He could ask her to jump off London bridge naked and she would do so with a smile on her face.  The man was suave as well as painfully good looking.  It wasn’t hard to figure out why he had a huge mob of loyal fangirls following his every move.  “Tom...,” she began, her voice still just a bit shaky from the conversation she had been having earlier.

    Being reminded of Jeremy honestly hurt her to her very core.  They had been happy together, had been dating quietly for years.  It seemed no one would ever find out about their sorta controversial relationship.  It all changed so rapidly that it still made her head swim to think about.  “Melissa?  Are you crying?  What happened?” came Tom’s immediate, concerned reply, making her affection for the actor swell even more.  He was always so considerate, even to people he had never even met.  He had even made the secretary go home when she had a cold, making sure their boss wasn’t going to reprimand the poor girl.

    “It’s nothing Tom, just forget it.  Why don’t you take Helen?  She has a lot of good reviews from the actors she’s handled,” the suddenly weary brunette sighed as she pulled up to another stop light.  She’d be at the office and she prayed to any God out there that Tom would be gone before she got there.  With everything Rissa had reminded her of, she wasn’t sure if she could emotionally handle seeing the up and coming star.  The way she felt for him came far too close to echoing her feelings for Jeremy and she found herself terrified.

    “I can’t just ignore the fact you sound miserable.  Tell me what’s bothering my favorite girl,” came his soothing, accented purr, making her heart race.  Despite how exhilarated she felt by his mere voice, she also felt even more miserable.  She needed to end this before she got any deeper, before she lost herself entirely.

    Wanting to beg him not to call her that but knowing that would tip him off that something was desperately wrong, the young woman gripped her steering wheel tightly as she swung into the large parking lot.  “It’s really personal Mr. Hiddleston,” she sighed, wincing inwardly at how cold and snappy that response sounded.  The silence that stretched from the other end of the line, only adding to her silent fear that she had finally driven him away.  He had put up with her flighty behavior for years, always telling her she simply did things for him that others did not.

    “You’re quite right Ms. Einsil.  I apologize for my forward behavior as of late.  As for your inquiry about Helen, she is a dear but she simply isn’t you.  You do a lot of small things that really matter after being on set or at a con.  Like making me hot cocoa after being out in near arctic conditions or giving me heated blankets after a long day of panels?  All of those things really add up when you have a schedule like mine,” came his slightly cold reply, making the green and black clad female regret the harshness of her tone.

    “I’m sorry Tom...  I didn’t mean...,” she whispered her voice gaining a watery quality as she leaned her clammy forehead against the leather of the steering wheel.  Then she began to release loud sobs as old heartbreak washed over her anew.

    “Lissey!  Oh sweetie,” came a concerned gasp.  Then the sound of the phone fumbling, followed by blessed silence.

    Grateful for the fact that she didn’t wear make-up, the thirty year old simply let her pain flow out of her.  She was so wrapped up in the near screams ripping from her that she didn’t notice her car door slowly opening.  What she did notice was a pair of lanky arms wrapping around her as a familiar scent filled her nose.  “Shhh, shhhh,” came the soothing rumble of Tom’s voice in her ear as he pet her near ebony hair in a soothing motion.  Instead of pulling away like she knew she should, the overwrought woman simply leaned into the taller male and wept into his shirt.

    This went on for a few more moments before Melissa came to her senses and tried to pull away with an embarrassed noise.  This only resulted in Hiddleston tightening his hold on her as he made a gruff noise deep in his chest.  If she didn’t know any better, she could have sworn he was growling at her.  “You’re not going anywhere in this state luv,” he rumbled before he pulled her from her elderly car.  For a brief moment, her slightly chubby body was pressed against his; making her heart race and heat explode in her lower belly.  Then he was pulling away from her as he was ushering her to the passenger side.

    “I’m going to drive you home.  Give me your keys,” the rather tall man demanded, his blue-green orbs holding a hard steel in them as he held out a hand.

    Melissa could only look up at her long time client and sometimes friend with a rather dumbfounded look.  “Tom, there’s no way I can just ditch work like this!” the brunette protested moving to get to her feet, only to be blocked by the much larger actor.

    “I already told your boss you would be taking the day off.  There is no way you’re in any condition to work,” the frustrated star sighed, his dyed hair giving him an oddly intimidating look.  Normally Tom was the least threatening person in the world, more than likely to be laughed off than taken seriously.  Right now though, the look he was giving her made her want to expose her neck in submission.

    “But...,” the stunned female squeaked, doing her best to ignore the insistent throbbing that was coming from between her legs.  She hated to admit it but maybe the movie star was right.  With the emotional rollercoaster she had been through in just a few minutes, she honestly didn’t feel like going in to do her job.  If she ran into Jeremy today she would break, a realization that killed her libido better than ice water.

    “No ‘buts’ Melissa.  Something happened to cause quite a breakdown and you obviously need time to recover.  Now be a darling and get back in the car,” Hiddleston purred, a muscle in his jaw tensing as he gave her a deadly serious stare.

    Sighing in defeat, the young assistant slowly sat back down in the seat and swung her body to face forward; reaching for the seatbelt and buckling herself in.  Only once the metal tab had snapped in place did Tom look satisfied.  Then he closed her door, moving back to the driver’s side and sliding in.  “Keys,” he reminded, holding out his hand after he had buckled his own seatbelt.  Grimacing, the chagrined female gave the celebrity the mostly empty keyring.  The small object nearly disappeared in his large hands as he closed his fist around it.

    Inserting the keys with a quick motion, Tom turned them to be greeted with the coughing sputters of the dying T-bird.  The struggling engine died out within seconds, causing the frame to shudder as it gave an unhealthy chugging noise.  “Let it sit for a few moments, then try again,” she suggested quietly, her cheeks coloring with embarrassment for the sake of her car.  It may be older than sin but it had never had problems this bad until the last week or so.  She knew it was only going to get worse and one day, ‘Old Sarg’ simply wasn’t going to start for her.  But she just couldn’t get rid of it.  As strange as it sounded, it would be like giving up a part of her family.

    “Why don’t you get a new car?  From the sounds of it, it won’t be long until this car simply gives up,” Tom asked, echoing her fears and causing her sorrow of before to come back in an unwelcome rush.

    “It... it belonged to my father.  It was the car that got my mom to start dating him.  Its been a faithful vehicle for many years, it deserves more than to just be thrown away,” she replied in a quiet voice, tears pricking her eyes once more.  Silence stretched between them for an eternity before the towering male reached forward and tried the engine once more.

    Thankfully the stubborn thing came to life with a roar, allowing the now awkward looking star to pull out of the parking lot and into the street.  “I’m sorry for what I said about your car,” he whispered, his troubled eyes fixed on the road as he drove.  He had only been to her house on a handful of occasions but he remembered the way flawlessly.

    “No, its ancient and really does need to be replaced.  I suppose I’m just being silly but the thought of this car getting crushed to a cube...,” she trailed off with a shudder.  The achingly handsome man to her left only nodded once, looking entirely sympathetic.

    “Is that what’s been bothering you?” he asked in a soft voice, the things his accent was doing to her not helping the situation.

    “Partly.  A lot of it has to do with an old relationship and how it ended before either of us were ready.  I got reminded of it today during a conversation with Rissa,” the defeated female sighed, watching the houses pass by as they neared her modest home.  It was only a matter of time before Tom found out about her past anyway as there were some tabloids out there that refused to let this go.

    “You must have loved him very much for the mention of him to elicit this reaction,” he replied in a soft voice as he turned into her short driveway.  Then he was turning off the engine and opening her door, leading her to her door and unlocking it himself.

    “In ya get,” he urged, his eyes full of guilt and deep worry as he ushered her in the door.

    As soon as the door shut, an orange bullet shot toward them from the bedroom; nearly bowling a giggling Melissa over.  Wagging his stubby tail, the over-excited Corgi turned his blue gaze to the darkly dressed visitor and gave him his very best dopey dog grin.  “Loki, I was only gone for fifteen minutes,” sighed the amused female as she shoved the year old dog off herself.  She had gotten the puppy in an effort to give herself a companion and only succeeded in buying herself a bundle of furry trouble.  Much like his namesake, the cheerful canine had a knack for getting into things he shouldn’t and looking entirely too cute afterward to stay mad at.

    Tom chuckled warmly from beside her reminding her of his presence.  She hadn’t had Loki the last time he had been here and found herself blushing at the fact she had been caught out as a fangirl.  She remembered the first time she had seen the Norse God of Mischief, a role of his that would turn out to be the one she felt the most drawn to.  He had been fresh from doing a scene for ‘Thor’ when they had been introduced so he had been in full costume and was still slightly in character, merely seeing him in that armor very nearly made her faint right then and there.  Just remembering the look he had given her still made her body flush with heat.  “Go sit down, I’ll make you some tea,” the star offered, smiling at the grinning canine.

    In those few moments of eye contact, it almost seemed like a silent communication passed between the two; the energetic puppy going oddly still as his ears perked forward and his mouth closed.  Then the stubby dog was bounding off into the living room, giving her an expectant look as he stopped by the doorway.  Chuckling at her pet, Melissa just shrugged before following him into the large room and throwing herself on the huge, comfy couch.  It was only moments later that her nearly forgotten guest joined her and offered her a cup of steaming camomile tea.  Not normally fond of the drink, only really keeping it because it seemed to be some sort of law in England, the calmed woman took the cup with as grateful a smile as she could muster.  “The con starts in July on the 28th, we will be leaving a few days beforehand and be staying a couple days after.  It would mean the world to me to have a friendly face there,” he pleaded just as she took a sip, nearly making her spit the hot beverage.

    Coughing raggedly and desperately trying to catch her breath as her eyes watered, the shocked female could only gasp like a landed fish as she stared up at the celebrity seated next to her.  “T-tom... I...,” she began, her voice slightly rough and strained due to the tea she had inhaled.

    “Please Lisey.  Don’t make me go with someone I barely know,” he pleaded, his voice wavering as he threw in a pouty lip for good measure.  Groaning at the blatant manipulation, the resigned female ran a hand over her pale face as she sighed.

    “When do we go?” she groaned, only feeling slightly better when the dark haired actor wrapped her in a tight hug and thanked her profusely.  Somewhere, deep down, she just knew she was going to regret doing this.

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