Head Games - Black Widow

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own Black Widow or any of the related characters, locations, etc. I make no money off of this work.

Head Games : Black Widow

A Marvel Comics Erotic Fanfic

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content and strong language. If such material offends you then please do not continue.

“Freeze scumbag!” Natasha Romanova, aka the Black Widow, former Russian spy and current superheroine & Avenger shouted at the nondescript looking man carrying a black briefcase as she approached him from behind. As soon as he heard her demand he glanced back for the briefest of moments then turned and ran. Why did they always try and run Black Widow though to herself? Didn’t they know that it never got them anything but a nasty beating in the end? They were on the loading dock in the port city of Gotenberg, Sweden surrounded by countless stacks of shipping containers. As her target ducked around one of them and started to flee Natasha cast off the long tan trench coat she been wearing to look less conspicuous.

As it fluttered to the ground and she started to give chase her uniform was revealed. It was a single skintight catsuit that clung to her curvaceous body like a second skin. Nearly every inch of her was coated in the latex like material which hugged the curves of her ass, hips, and tits perfectly. The circular pull of the zipper was pulled down revealing a heaping helping of cleavage letting her chest breath a bit. As she started to run after him her long red hair flew behind her and her voluptuous chest began to bounce and jiggle wildly. Her metal belt, formed of numerous round golden colored circular pieces also began to jingle as it bounced upon her curvy hips. Raising one of her arms in front of her she revealed her fearsome “Widow’s Bite”, her personal weaponry that could deliver a high voltage jolt to stun most any foe. If she could just get close enough she’d take down her prey with no problem. The only issue was finding him now.

She rounded the corner just in time to see him round yet another one. She chased onward, her strenuous physical training that kept her body in such spectacular condition ensuring that she was gaining on the spy she was chasing with each step. Widow rounded the corner of the metal shipping container and followed the sound of the steps around the next one as well. He had managed to somehow get out of sight now however and that worried Natasha. She had to get the case he was carrying and there was no room for failure in this task. She kept chasing the sound as it echoed over the tops and down the alleys between the corridors of the huge metal boxes full of cargo but it was getting harder to tell if she was even on the right trail anymore now that she couldn’t see him. Thinking quickly she glanced up and saw one of the loading cranes hanging there unmoving. Shooting up her grapple line it caught hold of the hook and as it reeled the cable back in she flew through the air up towards the hanging crane. Hooking one knee on the device she hung upside down and watched from this perch looking for him.

Suddenly she saw him trying to double back trying to make his way out of the maze of containers and onto the street. Smiling to herself she readied her grapple line and with an aim honed by a lifetime of superspy training, she shot it right around the fleeing man’s ankle. It immediately yanked him from the ground and hoisted him up into the air as he flailed helplessly. As he was drug up through the air next to her she was alarmed to find he no longer had the briefcase in his possession.

“Where is it!? What did you do with the case?” She shook him by the lapels of his jacket as she questioned him.

“I’ll never talk! No matter what you do! Strike me down if you must! Cut off one head and two grow back! Hail Hydra!” He had the look of a wild eyed fanatic as he hung there being shaken by the sexy heroine.

“Great. Just great. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back for you.” Unhooking her leg from the crane she dropped to the top of the nearest container landing with the all the grace of a cat. With a flip she jumped down to the ground and began her hunt anew. This time for the case rather than its carrier. Several minutes of searching had been fruitless when she stumbled upon him.

A very bemused sailor looked at the oddly yet stunningly dressed redhead as she ran to and fro looking for wherever the enemy agent might have hidden the case. As she marched towards him, he made no effort to hide the way he was checking out her curvaceous body packed into the tight catsuit. She smirked, her sex appeal often worked wonders in situations like these. She consciously swayed her hips even more really playing it up as she approached him.

“Hey sailor!” Her voice was raspy and seductive as she got within arm’s reach. “I don’t suppose you saw a dark haired guy in a suit come through here by chance?” She batted her eyes at him and tousled her hair playfully.

“I did.” His accent betrayed him to be Russian. She could work with that. She switched to Russian.

“Did he happen to have a briefcase when you saw him handsome?” She let a hand rest upon her hip as she continued to flirt.

“He did, then he didn’t. What’s it to you?” His eyes got lost in her cleavage as he answered her in his native tongue.

“If you could show me where he left it I’d be ever so grateful.” She crossed her arms beneath her chest pushing her delightful breasts up and together even more as she shifted her weight to her other hip sticking it out to the side.

“How grateful exactly?” He grinned as he ogled her some more.

“What did you have in mind? I have money, I can pay you well for the information.”

“Money I have. I’ve been at sea so long though. Perhaps you can convince me another way.”

“I see.” Natasha bit her lower lip as she thought it over. She wouldn’t normally do something like this but if she didn’t find the case fast the Hydra agent’s contact he was supposed to be meeting might find it first. She looked the tall lanky sailor over then made up her mind. The things I do for the mission, she thought to herself. “I guess I can show a sailor a good time. Just don’t have so much fun you forget where the case is.”

“Don’t worry. I have a good memory.” He grinned at her again as he shoved his blue jeans down so they slipped to the ground along with his boxers. Already aroused by the sight of the sexy super-hero his cock was near full erect and it bobbed up and down after being freed from its confinement. Natasha looked it over and smiled. He was damn well hung she thought to herself.

“Looks like someone’s happy to see me.” She got down upon her knees in front of him and looked up into his eyes as she reached out with one of her black clad hands to take hold of his rod. As her fingers began to tease up along his thick shaft her other hand gripped the zipper pull of her suit and she began to pull it down even further revealing more and more of her creamy titflesh. “I saw how you couldn’t keep your eyes off them. Let’s see how much you enjoy feeling them.” As the zipper reached her navel the top of her outfit was pushed aside by her escaping chest. Her large perky tits spilled out of the confines of her suit revealing her soft pale orbs capped with pink nipples that instantly grew erect as they felt the chill northern air brush across them. “Ooooh, chilly. Luckily I know just the thing to warm them up.” She grinned as she moved in closer till his erect cock nestled in the valley between her amazing tits.

As his shaft sank into the welcoming embrace of her soft warm breasts she put a hand to either side of her tits and pressed them together. Tenderly she started to work her way up and down his pole giving him an absolutely amazing massage. She smiled up at him as she knelt there working over his dick with her tits then she glanced down at the sight of his mushroom shaped cockhead poking up from her cleavage at her face. Working up some saliva she spat upon his cock. As her spit landed upon it she continued to work her delectable tits up and down his prick leaving it with a wet coating. She repeated this a few more times until his member was nice and slick making it slip in between her tits even easier. When she worked her way down his shaft she could feel his balls rubbing up against the underside of her perfect tits while the tip got tantalizingly closer to her pretty face. Her eyes shot up from watching it so she could stare up into his eyes once more.

“It’s so close. I’ll bet I can reach it with my tongue.” She licked her ruby red lips teasingly.

“Best to test that I think.” Despite his rather stoic features it was clear upon his face just how much he was enjoying the titjob he was receiving.

“Fair enough. Let’s see.” Still looking up at him she leaned in closer as she pushed her tits as far down his long hard shaft as she could. Sticking her tongue out she easily was able to lap at the exposed cockhead and tasting the droplet of precum she had milked out of his rod. “Yum, I got a treat. I always did love the taste of seamen.” She licked him several more times working her way around the tip of his dick making it even wetter than before.

“You’re in luck then. There’s plenty more where that came from.”

“Promise?” She gave him a look that somehow managed to perfectly combine a faux-innocence at the same time as it expressed an utter wantonness. “I guess I better earn it then.” She continued her tongue assault using the tip of her tongue to tease around the base of his tip just past the mushroom shaped head. He could almost swear it was as if she was somehow teasing each little crevice & vein on his large thick prick as she slowly worked him over. A lesser man would have blown his load by now but he reached down and found the will to hold out, wanting to see exactly what this red-headed slut was capable of.

Widow fucked him with her eyes just as expertly as she did with her mouth. They rarely left his always staring up at him so he could see her pretty face as she pleasured him. The look in her eyes egged him on, practically begging him to loose his load upon her. As she did she got more aggressive still, starting to wrap her lips around the tip of his cock. As she began to suck it her tongue licked up the additional drops of precum that started to increasingly spill out. She could taste him as they traveled back down her tongue till she swallowed them down, all while sucking on his tip so that her cheeks sunk in.

Changing things up she cocked her head to one side a bit and worked her way down his shaft a bit more. He could see his prick poking out against her cheek as she kept up her efforts to earn herself a mouthful of creamy Russian nut gravy. He couldn’t help but wonder where exactly Natasha had learned to suck cock from. Her blowjobbing skills put to shame even the best of the many whores he’d visited in his travels from port to port. She had him close and he knew it. His cock throbbed between her deliciously soft tits. Widow knew it too and she would have grinned if her mouth hadn’t already been occupied.

“If you want me to tell you about that case, then make me cum. I want to see it all over you.” As he spoke he reached down and ran a finger along the underside of her chin. Natasha let the cockhead out from her the tight wet grasp of her lips and smiled.

“Oh, so you want to make me messy? I like messy.” She began to work him over with her tits even more vigorously while sticking out tongue out of her gaping mouth and lapping the underside of his tip over and over again. “Come on stud. It’s cold out here so warm me up with some hot creamy cum.” Another moment of encouragement and he had no choice but to give her just that.

His cock throbbed and twitched between her tits as she milked him for his cum and then suddenly it erupted in a massive geyser of thick gooey jizz. The first spurt blasted straight into her open mouth flooding her senses with the overpowering taste of his gift. She kept pumping his shaft up and down as he popped off more shots. Spunk blasted her face coating her cheeks and catching in her eyelashes. She could feel it landing upon her forehead and even reaching as far up as her hairline where it clumped up in her scarlet locks. As it crawled down her face it left gooey streaks all over her and all she could smell was his seed. Still he fired off more of his ball juice, some of it shooting straight up only to rain down upon the top of her perfect tits that were still sandwiching his prick.

“Fuck! So much cum! Shoot it all over my face!” For just a brief moment Natasha pushed all thought of the mission from her mind as she savored the taste of his semen swirling about on her tongue. Even as the last of his mighty gouts of jizm were spent she kept milking his shaft with her tits sending the remaining droplets spilling down his shaft to join the cum pooling in her cleavage. Kneeling there covered in cum with his cock still wedged into her bosom she remained open mouthed, gargling his seed for a few moments before swallowing it all down in one big gulp. Her pretty face was absolutely plastered with his semen. She breathed deeply, inhaling his earthy scent as she did before she pulled back from his now flagging cock so that it slipped from between her tits.

“Was it good for you to?” Even now she was still flirty as she remained kneeling there before him.

“I think you can tell. It’s written all over your face.” He offered her a hand which she accepted as she rose to her feet. “Time for my part of the deal.” He relayed exactly where he had seen the man in the suit drop off the case a few minutes prior. He had barely gotten the information out when Black Widow took off running, she didn’t even take the time to wipe her face clean or zip her top back up. Her tits bouncing as she ran as fast as her feet could take her. Rounding the corner she saw the rusty red metal shipping container he had told her about.

She saw it had been opened and as she reached the entrance she saw him. Another man was standing inside having just picked up the case. She smiled and let him have a taste of her Widow’s Bite. As he fell to the ground convulsing she licked the cum from her lips before reaching down and grabbing the case. Not bad, she thought to herself. She had managed to bag both the courier and his contact in one fell swoop. All that remained was to call it in and get out of there. She raised a finger to her ear and tapped her commlink.

“Black Widow to Commander Fury.” A moment later came the response.

“Commander Fury here, how did the operation go?”

“Things got a bit sticky there but I managed to work it all out in the end. Now send someone to get me, I definitely need a long hot shower after this one.”

“I can’t wait to hear all the details.” Fury sounded quite bemused.

“I’m sure this is one debriefing that I think will command your full attention.” She just couldn’t help herself. She used her raspy flirty voice as she said it. She was just such a tease. As she waited for her ride to come pick her and her two captives up she stuffed her tits back into her top and zipped it up. Now she just had to wait. She wondered what the pilot was going to say when he saw her face. Sliding a digit across her cheek she absentmindedly sucked the cum from her fingertip as she thought about it.

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