Fifty Shades of Pink

BY : MPLaserblast
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Men, nor any other Marvel characters. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Notes:  I don't consider myself a good writer by any stretch, but I write the stories I want to read that it seems like no one else will, so this is my third story about Pixie from the X-Men.  The first one, "Pixie's Fairy Tale," featured her with Shepherd from the Proto-Mutant arc, the next story "Embrace the Vampire" paired up Pixie had sex with Jubilee.  Now, I'm trying fixing her up with Emma Frost.  Let me know how you think about this one, if you like it maybe check those out, too.

Continuity Note: This story is set between Manifest Destiny and Dark Avengers/X-Men: Utopia.  Pixie is eighteen for the purposes of this story.

Fifty Shades of Pink

Megan Gwynn a.k.a. Pixie took a deep breath and counted to ten, trying to screw up her courage.  "You can do this, Megan," she told herself, "you see her every day.  There's no reason to be scared.  She'd not going to eat you alive or anything... Probably."

She nervously tucked a strand of her shoulder-length pink hair behind her pointed ear and was just about to knock on the office door when Emma Frost's voice echoed in her mind.  "Please, come in, Megan."

Pixie couldn't help jumping back.  "Okay... So, she's basically your boss, she used to be your head mistress, and she can read your mind.  Nope... Nothing scary about that.  Not at all," she muttered to herself before opening the door.

Pixie nervously flitted her wings into Emma Frost's office and shut the door quickly her.  "You wanted to see me, Ms. Frost?"

Emma Frost nodded.  "Yes, Megan.  Thank you for meeting with me so promptly."  She was seated in front of her desk, taking the only chair, which Megan couldn't help but see as power move.  Not that she needed it.  Emma Frost was easily the most intimidating figure Megan had ever known: beyond being her former teacher and Head Mistress, she was also stunningly beautiful, incredibly powerful as both a mutant and a personality... not to mention filthy rich.  To a girl from a small Welsh mining town who grew up thinking Cardiff was practically Oz, a sexy, sophisticated woman like Emma Frost was scarier than any of the demons or monsters she'd faced as an X-Man.

The rumors that the busty, blonde White Queen with her posh English accent was originally a flat-chested brunette from Massachusetts did nothing to make Pixie less awkward around Frost.  Quite the contrary as it proved Emma Frost was a truly self-made woman.  

And then there was that other matter.

Pixie forced a nervous smile.  "What can I do for you?" she asked, trying to sound like her usual perky self.

"Megan, you've come a long way in a very short period of time," Emma began crisply.  "Before M Day, you were just another face in the crowd... a bright, cheerful face, but not necessarily a student I saw a as having a future as an X-Man.  In the last few months, however, you've truly come to distinguish yourself.  More than any of your former classmates, you've proven yourself as a talented, clever young mutant able to cope with extreme circumstances with a resiliency rarely seen in most older mutants. I'm very proud to have been your teacher."

"Thank you," Pixie said, beaming with tentative pride.

"Our circumstances are perhaps more dangerous than ever, but I truly believe that in our uncertain future, you will grow to be a competent leader and an inspirational voice for our people and your generation of young mutants," Emma continued.  She kept her tone business-like, authoritative, not letting the pert young mutant in front of her have a hint of what was to come.

Pixie finally let herself relax, it looked like this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

Feeling her thoughts, Emma narrowed her eyes slightly.  "...Which makes this conversation all the more difficult."

Pixie tried her best not to gulp.  Her best wasn't enough this time.

Emma pressed a button on her desk, which caused a red field to flare briefly into life around the walls and floors, instantly blocking the room from listeners both telepathic and conventional.

"Since you entered the School, I have been aware of your... aspirations towards Scott," Emma said coldly, instantly ripping the floor out from under Pixie's feet.  "Such things are to be expected, I suppose, but with our recent exodus the three of us have been living in closer proximity and now that you're proving yourself more and more of an adult, I simply must speak to you about curtailing your behavior."

Pixie felt like she was going to be sick.  Like she should just never stop being sick, actually, like her whole stomach had fallen out of her body.  She would have given anything to just be able to teleport out of there right then, but she knew that wouldn't solve the problem.  "Ms. Frost, I..."

Emma waved her away, trying not to grin as her plan played out exactly to spec.  "Megan, it's one thing to have a school girl crush, but you're getting more aggressive every day and I can't very well be expected to stand idly by and watch you try to seduce the man I love," Emma said, her voice not even slightly flustered.  

"That's not true!" Pixie chirped nervously.  "I'm not trying to seduce Mr. Summers!"

"Megan, I wouldn't need to read your mind to know you want Scott... but I can, so I did," Emma replied cooly.  She was enjoying watching Pixie's adorable face redden with embarrassment the way a cat enjoyed watching a mouse scamper, waiting for the right time to pounce.  "Now, I don't mind you being a little boy crazy.  Frankly, I find it one of your more positive traits.  And it only makes sense that you'd want a man like Scott... But, honestly darling, Emma Frost doesn't share."

"I would never ask that!" Pixie insisted, half-panicked.

"No, no, I'm sure you wouldn't," Emma concurred.  "You'd probably approach him with some coy excuse, eyes wide and full of innocence, convincing yourself that you weren't there to offer him your virginity with a neat little bow around it.  He'd resist, of course, but eventually convince himself he deserved you as some sort of perk of leadership and then after a few hours of overly-tender lovemaking, you'd both tell yourselves you never set out to betray me."

Pixie lowered his face with utter humiliation.

"I trust I'm painting an accurate picture of how the events play out in your fantasies," Emma said, almost distractedly.

"I could never betray you like that," Pixie said sadly.

Emma's face softened almost imperceptibly.  "Of course you wouldn't want to, Megan.  But if you truly want Scott, you'd have to.  I'm certainly not about to give up so skilled and capable a lover.  And certainly I've stolen enough older lovers away from their spouses when I was your age that I know the appeal an eighteen year old ingenue can have... even over the most experienced and sophisticated woman in her perpetual late twenties."  She permitted herself a slight smile.  Yes, that was an appeal she knew all too well.

"Please, Ms. Frost..." Pixie pleaded, nearly crying.  "I owe everything to you...  I'd never do anything to hurt you."

Emma slipped her pointer finger under Pixie's little chin and raised the young girl's face with surprising warmth.  Despite her deliberate toying with her, she honestly didn't want to hurt Pixie.  She just needed her to be in a certain frame of mind.  And she thought she was probably there now.

"Now, now, Megan," she said.  "Lust and envy are perfectly natural.  Thoughts like these are nothing to be ashamed of."

Pixie's eyes briefly brightened with hope.

"It's just the object of those feelings you need to worry about," Emma concluded.  

And the hope in Pixie's eyes instantly changed back into fear.

"You see," Emma continued, "I can't risk you following up on this cute little crush of yours...  You have a certain irresistible sweetness and, frankly, if Scott were some master of fidelity you'd be having this conversation with Madeline Pryor.  No, the solution is to curb those thoughts in you."

"Please don't change my mind, Ms. Frost!" Pixie pleaded.

"Oh, Megan," Emma said softly.  "I could never do that.  I may not make it clear, but I do care for you.  I could never alter your thoughts or memories that way."

"Thank you," Pixie said gratefully.

"No, I think what's called for here is a more traditional punishment," Emma declared.  "Negative reenforcement, if you would."

Pixie's pink face whitened.  "What do you mean?"

Emma's smile broadened, though her eyes still narrowed evilly.  Finally, she could spring her plan into motion.  "Well, I am a great advocate of the classics," Emma told her, "would you be so kind as to lay yourself across my lap, Megan dear?"

"WHAT!?!" Pixie shrieked.  Even without reaching out with her powers Emma could feel the explosion of emotions: fear, confusion, outrage... but also curiosity, and a tiny sliver of nervous delight.  And another, new sensation deep within Pixie's stomach, something like a flower opening in darkness.

And Emma just smiled.  She'd been racking her mind in her leisure hours for the best way to get Pixie's tight little body between her sheets for months now before she'd had this wicked little gem of an idea, now she could finally experience the joy of saying the word out loud.  "A spanking, Megan," Emma explained simply.  "I think it would be more than fair."

"You... you can't be serious..." Pixie blanched.

"You want to prove to me that I can trust you?" Emma asked evenly.  "That you would never challenge my authority?"

"Yes, but..." Pixie stumbled "...that?"

"I need a symbol, Megan," Emma continued, "that you accept your punishment, that you know your feelings for Scott are wrong, that you understand your position." 

"But..." Pixie looked down nervously.  "I've never really done anything like that...  No one's ever..."

"Do you trust me as your leader and teacher?" Emma asked softly.  "Do you believe I'm asking you this because I believe your behavior needs to be corrected?"

"I guess so..." Pixie conceded.

"Then by all means," Emma said, gesturing to her lap.

"Fine!" Pixie said, wrinkling her adorable face in frustration as she "grudgingly" draped herself over Emma's waiting legs.  She still had no idea what she was agreeing to or why she found it so hard to say no, but from the moment Emma's naughty proposal hit her virgin ears she knew she could not refuse.  She tried to chalk it up to shock and curiosity, but part of her wondered if it was really that simple.

"A little further, Megan dear, your wings are getting in the way," Emma requested softly.  Her pussy was beginning to cry out at the nearness of the pink-haired eighteen year old's supple body, but she managed to maintain her composure.  She would be having that fabulous body any of number of ways before too long, she knew, and the process would only make the prize that much sweeter.  For now, they both had the parts to play, and hers was the frigid disciplinarian.

Pixie grunted angrily, but complied, in the process raising her hot, round butt slightly higher in the air.  Emma smiled with frank admiration, she'd definitely chosen her new sub well.  She ran her white-gloved hand lightly over that gorgeous heart-shaped ass, just to test the wonderful firmness of it, then reached down to give that eighteen year old apple a gentle squeeze.

Pixie tried to stifle the shiver of pleasure at Emma's touch, but ended up being only marginally successful.  "Could you just hurry up and get this over with?" she snapped, though more angrily than was believable.  She felt her excitement beginning to warm between her legs as she awaited her punishment, but she struggled to force such feelings down.  She told herself it was just the newness of the experience, of being touched so intimately.  She would have felt this way with anyone.

"As you wish," Emma replied, her face still wickedly cool.  She removed her long white gloves slowly and tossed them to the desk.  She had known from the moment she conceived it the luscious young girl would agree to her suggestion and now that the delicious moment was finally upon them she was enjoying it even more than she'd planned.  She raised her alabaster hand slowly and after taking a final moment to gaze at her irresistible target, prepared her blow.

With a practiced thwapp Emma swatted Pixie's perfect young ass, flattening the plump round globes with her swift strike.  "Ooh!" Pixie squeaked, still surprised by the sensation even though she knew it was coming.  It was so sharp, so sudden... a moment of thundering reality that instantly woke a dark, secret something up deep within the confused little Pixie.  And it had just begun.

Emma felt her lithe young prey's reaction and her psychic demand for more.  The former White Queen brought her hand back down and slapped that extraordinary little ass again, feeling the winged girl's wonderfully curvy young body tense across her lap at the moment of impact.  Emma felt Pixie's taut little tummy tighten against her thighs, at same time feeling unmistakeable warmth emanating from a little lower.  Oh, there was no doubt sweet little Pixie was enjoying this, she thought.

Pixie let out a shaky breath.  The pain was slight, the shock still stronger.  But more than anything thing else, she felt a wicked shot of forbidden pleasure with each swat.  She wasn't sure why this so appealed to her, but she was beginning to face the fact that there was more to this than simple curiosity.  Each time the slender hand impacted that adorable butt Pixie could feel the little spark inside her grow brighter.  Each spank increasing the wetness of her virgin pussy and eliciting another sexy little squeak.  "Ooh!  Ohh!  Mmm!"

Not halting the lesson for a moment, Emma reached into irresistible Welsh girl's mind, just deep enough to drink deeply of her burgeoning lust.  Emma Frost never had any qualms about reading her future conquest's thoughts, but she tried to keep it shallow, less out of respect for their privacy than a desire to save some surprises for herself.  Even Emma wasn't sure if Pixie had submitted to her "punishment" out of a youthful need to experiment, some latent lesbian impulse, or even a need for approval from figures of authority, but there was no mistaking the fact that the beguiling teenage superhero was loving very second of it.  And Emma could tell that it was time to take it further.

"Are you learning your lesson?" Emma asked, feeling the beckoning heat of the young girl's virgin slit increasing by the moment.

"Not!  Uh!  Really!" Pixie gasped.  She knew that answer would only make the pain worse, but somehow she couldn't help herself.

A wicked smile graced Emma's flawless face.  "Hmm... I think the costume's absorbing most of the impact," she said, between "fwapps."

"I'm NOT taking my clothes off for you," Pixie replied testily.  She couldn't deny to herself any longer that this was the most sensual experience of her eighteen year old virgin life, but she couldn't fully surrender herself to what was happening, or to Frost, just yet.  She had to cling to this final dignity as much as she could.

Of course, her brilliant seductress had anticipated this objection as well.  "Oh, that won't be necessary," Emma smiled, shifting to her diamond form.

Pixie's eyes widened and wings drooped as she imagined the initial assault.  The warmth of Emma's body heat quickly disappeared and Pixie realized for the first time just how much comfort she was drawing from it the entire time.  The pain was definitely going to increase from here and, to her surprise, Pixie was genuinely starting to welcome it.

"Are you sure haven't learned your lesson yet?" Frost asked, the coolness of her tone not masking her real concern.

Pixie shook her head, defiantly challenging her former teacher.

"Very well," the other woman replied.  

Then Emma pulled back for a sharp strike, the movement bouncing her large, shiny breasts, before quickly bringing the hammer down.  Pixie winced as she felt Emma's newly cold and hard hand impact definitively with her sensitive ass.  

"Arrrgghhh!" the petite winged girl screamed.  Emma wasn't hitting her hard enough to due any real damage, but more than enough to sting even through the shock-absorbing material of the uniform.  Pixie felt the exciting rush of pain each time the hard surface struck the soft cushions of her delicate globes, as her tiny clit throbbed embarrassingly in perfect rhythm with Emma's smooth hand.  "Uhhhhnn!!!"

"Yes, that's more like it," Emma said, smiling wickedly.  With fast, sure strikes, she spanked the sweet, round peach of Pixie's ass, making the little Welsh mutant cry with pain and pleasure.  With each impact, Pixie would raise her wings into the air and lift her adorable face as it turned red, her little teeth gritted against the pain.  And with each strike, Emma could feel the petite girl's arousal increasing, her pussy scorching with love even through her uniform.  Emma felt her own lust burning hotter in response.  Somehow, even in her emotion-dampening diamond form, Emma's hunger for Pixie grew stronger and stronger as she continued her seduction.

"Aghh!  God!  Ohh!" Pixie's adorable high-pitched voice filled the empty room, joining the wind of Emma's slender arms tearing through the air and the sweet, sexy sound of her hand hitting that delicious ass in providing a sensual symphony that couldn't help but turn both of the girls on further.  "Gosh!  Oh!"

After the sharpest of those strikes, Emma brought her fingers back to her mouth and licked her way all across those fingers... only to slap her sweet Pixie full across the rump again.  The young girl shrieked again, the ecstatic agony on her precious face making her look even sweeter and somehow more innocent in the midst of her descent into lust.

"Oh, my!  Oh gosh!" Pixie cried with each spank.  Erotic pain was completely new to her, she'd barely even kissed a boy before, but now her sex was throbbing with excitement at the touch of this older sex queen.  The pain was so different than any pain she'd felt before... beyond any pleasure she'd known yet. It grew deep inside of her, further nourishing that 'something' deep and hidden inside her... increasing the pressure between her thighs.

"Now, I think you're beginning to learn," Emma said between swats.  She wanted this young girl so much right now.  She had to have her!  More than when she first decided to take the beautiful winged girl as her own, Emma felt herself overwhelmed by her sheer Need to fuck Pixie until they were a quivering tangle of limbs.  At that moment, she felt she would not be able to find true satisfaction until she could see that sweet face flushed by orgasm again and again, taste of her young honey.  She had to have Pixie's virginity, she thought, delivering another determined smack.  The girl had to give it to her.  

More than she could ever admit why, Emma needed that.

"Please!" Pixie begged, her cry answered with another spank.  "Harder!" Spank!  "Just..." Spank!  "A little more...!"  Spank!  All pretenses of defiance had long died away, now her only thought was her need for release.  She'd never had a real orgasm before, but she could feel something building... something close... and she needed it so badly.  "Emma!"

"Call me your Mistress," Emma told her, striking again.

"Oh god!" Pixie screamed.

"Call me your queen!" Emma shouted, punctuating with a hard spank.

"Oh my goooooooddddddd..." Pixie screamed as she came explosively.  Her face was more angelic than ever as it flushed with sweat, pleasure dwarfing anything she'd felt before bathing that sublime face with luminosity.  Her first sexual climax, her precious gift from her wondrous Mistress.  Inside her uniform, waves of girlcum were soaking through her panties, giving a release sweeter than she'd ever known before.

Emma slipped back into her flesh form and gave her new subject a chance to come down from her orgasm.  She stroked the delicious Welsh girl's lustrous wings lovingly as she watched her beautiful prey catch her breath.  Pixie's little pink elfin face was so gorgeous, red with embarrassment as well as climax, and Emma felt herself growing wetter with anticipation.

"Now," Emma asked gently, "how did that make you feel?  Very different than being injured in combat, wouldn't you say"

In response, Pixie quickly rose up in Emma's lap and took the beautiful blonde woman's face in both hands, lavishing her with a breathless, grateful kiss.  Her nubile young breasts compressed wonderfully against Emma's massive cleavage as the younger girl impulsively ran her hands through her domme's long blonde locks, the other woman holding her tightly just below the wings, relishing her pink-haired prey's expected impetuousness.

When she finally came up for air, Pixie said "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.  You just made me feel so amazing and..."

Emma merely smiled and waved the apology away.  "It's quite all right, Megan, I found that thoroughly enjoyable.  You're an excellent kisser."

Pixie blushed.  "I was just so excited."

"Would you like to keep going, then?" Emma asked directly.  She had nearly lost her composure watching Pixie's lovely face while she came, but Emma still needed to make her young prey beg for it.

Pixie's dark eyes widened in surprise.  "Could we?"

Emma smiled.  "Well, you've more than succeeded in arousing my interest and my appointments are clear for the rest of the afternoon.  So, really it would be foolish to stop now."

Pixie squealed with delight.

Then Emma reached out to kiss Pixie again, light and brief, their lips were feather-light against each other.  When she broke away, the younger girl tried to follow after her to continue the kiss, so Emma began to kiss her again, deeper this time, but still almost ridiculously chaste after their previous activity.  Their soft, feminine lips danced and dueled, gently feeling each out, the curious Pixie in a whole new world of experiences.

It was so... so... everything! Pixie thought, her head a swirl.  The kiss was so warm, so tender, such a sweet surprise after something so harsh and jarring (though undoubtedly arousing) as the spanking that she could hardly believe it was real.  Completely different from any of the awkward stumblings she gotten from the boys at the School, an experienced older lover was definitely the way to go.  The pure romance of the moment fed the 'something' growing inside her heart, and she didn't even question it when Emma slipped in her tongue.

And Emma's tongue was far from idle: seeking, plunging, searching for its decidedly female twin in Pixie's dainty little mouth and awakening the teenage girl's tongue, licking and circling it, sucking it gently while the Welsh beauty's telepathic squeals of delight filled her mind.  In reply, Pixie wrapped her arms all around Emma as they kissed, her heart melting at the soft warmth of the blonde telepath's perfectly sculpted body as their pink tongues danced in her mouth.  The older woman's hands ran all over her sides as they made out, grazing her breasts so they bounced, then moved up to pet her precious young face lovingly.  It was so nice, so sweet, Pixie thought, their glossy lips probing each other gently and intimately.  She'd never been sexually attracted to another woman, even one as undeniably sexy as Emma Frost, and she couldn't believe she'd been missing this her whole life.

"You still have a great deal to learn, darling," Emma thought at her in response.  "Fortunately you also have one of the world's most accomplished teachers."

She wasn't just bragging either, Pixie thought as Emma continued to lead the kiss passionately, her teacher was proving her reputation and then some.  Their kiss was beginning to become more lustful, still soft and gentle, but with enough insistence that it was clear to Pixie her surprising new partner intended to move things forward.  Emma clearly wanted this and even though Pixie was more than a little scared of exactly WHAT she wanted, there's was no way in hell she was going to let it stop.

Emma read these thoughts unbidden and gave a little internal smirk.  Her craving for Pixie's little pink-haired pussy was driving her wild just below her icy surface and she was delighted (if not surprised) at the ease with which was claiming it.  Moving the dance forward, she raised them both out of the chair and directed Pixie to sit with her on the floor, kicking the chair away at the same time.  While before Pixie had been seated in her Mistress' lap, now Emma crouched slightly above Pixie, leaning over her in an almost predatory position.  The forcefulness of Emma's passion had also escalated, causing the pliant eighteen year old angel to bend backward with the power of her kiss.

"Emma..." Pixie moaned into the kiss.  As the sophisticated blonde roughly licked all around the inside of Pixie's sweet pink mouth and her sacred tongue so insatiably that the little Welsh mutant had to prop herself herself up with her arms and wings just to stay vertical.  Her little heart beating like a rabbit's.

Emma continued to descend on her willing prey, though, pressing her tight, curvaceous body into Pixie's petite frame.  Emma's larger breasts squished against Pixie's smaller, though naturally perfect boobs and the younger girl had to open her legs to accommodate her new Mistress.  "Mmm..." Emma purred, sucking on Pixie's sweet, pink tongue.  Soon she would have all that little body had to offer, she could scarcely wait.

Emma continued to apply gentle pressure, forcing Pixie downward through the natural movements of their kiss while their perfect bodies pressed and rubbed against each other, their round, beautiful breasts also sharing a kiss through their clothes.  Soon, Pixie found herself lying on the floor of Emma's office, her wings flattened majestically beneath her.  Only then did Emma break the kiss, pulling away to sit straddled atop Pixie, their pussies close enough to feel the unmistakeable heat emanating from each other even through their uniforms, their warm sexes crying out for each other.

"You look... absolutely perfect... down there, Megan..." Emma said, her full breasts moving up and down hypnotically in her corset as she gasped for breath.  

She meant it, too, the equally breathless girl lying prone beneath her was absolutely stunning: shocking pink hair splayed across the floor in all directions, tight little teenage body at the peak of trim sexiness, spectacular wings beautifully spread out beneath her, and a look of almost worship in her gorgeous dark eyes as she gazed up at her new Mistress... It all came together to paint a picture of nubile sexuality beyond even Emma's imagination.  And it was all hers.

"I could not be happier with the way this meeting has been going," Emma added in her crisp, faux-Oxford accent.

Pixie nervously pet Emma's full hips as the curvaceous blonde woman straddled her. Emma's weight on her body was incredibly enticing, even if it made the pressure of her still-sore ass against the hard floor even more painful.  It suddenly struck Pixie that the kissing and spanking weren't all that different: they were just different ways Emma Frost had of dominating her.

"Exactly, darling," Emma said, reading her thoughts without permission again.  "How does that make you feel?" 

"I like it," Pixie admitted, feeling the 'something' in her chest start to swell and bloom.  "I really like it.  Like, a LOT."

"Then shall we continue?" Emma asked.

Pixie nodded her consent.  "Yes, please."

"Good.  And you're willing to accept all that I can teach you?" Frost asked softly, kissing Pixie's gorgeous face, her little elf ears, her nose, her eyelids, her neck, as the young girl breathed short, shallow breaths.

"I'm ready to learn," Pixie whispered, her voice certain.

Finally, Emma found the zipper of Pixie's uniform took it between her thumb and middle finger, holding the moment meaningfully to give the pink-haired teenager a chance to object.  Pixie licked her lips nervously, but certainly didn't make any move to stop her.  Emma then pulled down Pixie's top to reveal a sleek, low-cut black bra with big white abstract flowers, almost a Hawaiian pattern.  It pushed Pixie's pert breasts up wonderfully, giving her a tempting amount of cleavage and the material had a slight, eye-catching sheen.  Cute and sexy, just like the girl that wore it: definitely a bra to be seen.

"Lovely," Emma commented.  She was definitely going to enjoy this.

"You really think so?" Pixie asked with eager surprise.

"Mmm..." Emma said nuzzling Pixie's bracups.  "Well, naturally I wouldn't purchase something this... inexpensive... for myself, but certainly a beautiful pattern and cut.  It suits you well, Megan darling."

"That means so much coming from you," Pixie said, looking down on Emma's head as the blonde woman pressed herself into Pixie's own cleavage.  "I know I could never pull off anything like what you wear."

"Well, of course not," Emma said, her tone strangely cool as she nuzzled the young girl's breasts, still masking how much she really wanted this, "but I wouldn't want you to.  A woman's lingerie should be a reflection of her personality and her sexuality... And this perfectly reflects what's sexy about you."

Frost punctuated the remark by lightly kissing Pixie's right bracup.  "Mmmmm... Pixie..." she moaned.  Unsurprisingly for a woman that spent most of her wearing underwear in public, Emma Frost could definitely appreciate a good bra and Pixie's sexy little number was in every sense delicious to her.  She had hoped to find something exciting when she began to unwrap her present and her new plaything had not disappointed.  "Mmmmm..."

Pixie had never been so nervous in her life.  She was experiencing intimacy on a level she barely dreamed of... she'd certainly never entertained this would happen with Emma!  The older woman was clearly enjoying herself, enjoying Pixie's body, and that approval made Megan feel more comfortable as well, but this was all too much for Pixie to deal with!  It still felt too good to even question, though. 

Then Emma began to more firmly kiss Pixie's beautiful little bra, her face pushing deeply into the teenage girl's supple breasts with her stern yet tender force.  As she passionately kissed all around the sweet little cups, Emma pulled down the top of Pixie's uniform, needing to be free of the obstacle.  The pink haired girl helped Emma undress her, removing her gauntlets and helping the blonde domme get the uniform past her wings before letting the top pool over her belt, leaving Pixie topless save for her sleek little bra.

"Such a sexy bra..." Emma moaned, kissing that bracup again hard.  

The former White Queen's tongue lingered over the fabric whenever she pulled away from a kiss, making the nervous little Pixie beneath her whimper with anticipation.  But that was nothing compared to how she felt when Emma would lean in for a deep kiss on the bra: then the pressure of her Mistress' demanding mouth and nose would wonderfully flatten Pixie's youthful tits inside their now-beloved bra and Emma's own heavy jugs would cushion against the winged girl's cute little exposed tummy.  The feeling was so... right!  Emma's boobs felt softer than Pixie ever imagine fake ones would... warm and inviting, Without realizing it, Pixie reflexively rested a hand on Emma's bobbing blonde head as the telepath made out with her chest.

"Mmm...!" Emma purred.  She knew Pixie couldn't yet grasp how much she was truly going to be had, but instinctively the little virgin had accepted her Mistress.  This was what she'd been longing before: the utter joy of dominating such a marvelous fuckable specimen.  Soon she'd work on claiming that final prize between Pixie's legs, but right now Emma was totally content devouring the prone eighteen year old's sweet little bra, slowly and deliberately.

Although part of her blindly accepted everything that was happening, Pixie's stomach still knotted with nervous excitement as her heart (and sex) burned with lust.  Why did this feel so good?  She knew she wasn't gay, but she also knew somehow this just wouldn't feel as good coming from someone else.  The fact however remained that having her fabulous Mistress attend her underwear was making her hornier than she'd ever felt before and it went deeper than flattery or even the fact that Pixie had never had anyone's mouth so close to her breasts before (although that was definitely a factor).  Emma was appreciatively licking her right bracup, kissing all around the enticing fabric, then tracing the abstract floral patterns with her tongue.  With one hand, Emma began to cup and squeeze the other breast, kneading and massaging it roughly from outside the bra.  Pixie's breath quickened, enjoying being touched more than she could have imagined.

"Ohhh..." Pixie moaned.  "So good..."  Inside her panties, she was growing wetter and wetter, eager for her Mistress to continue.

"Mmm... I'm quite enjoying being part of your education as well," Emma purred into her cleavage.  She could hear Pixie's little eighteen year old heart beat rapidly inside that beautiful chest, feel the excitement, the passion... and that growing "something else" Emma tried to tell herself she wasn't trying to stoke.

Then Emma could restrain herself no longer and reached up under the underwire of Pixie's pretty little bra and cupped the left breast while still kissing the right.  

"Ahhhh..." the younger girl cried.  The pressure on Pixie's chest was incredible, but as her former teacher began to play with her sensitive little pink nipple, the responsive teenage mutant found that the pain just another aspect of the pleasure her Mistress was giving her.

"Emmm..." Pixie squeaked adorably as Emma gently squeezed her nubile young breast, kissing the eighteen year old girl all around her exposed cleavage.

"God, you're sexy, Pixie," Emma purred, reaching her free hand around Pixie's wings to pet the strap of the perky teenage girl's bra.  "Marvelous tits...  So pert and natural."

"Thank you," Pixie replied, her face turning adorably pink with embarrassment.  Her little heart soared in her chest with each word of frank praise her goddess deigned to lavish her with.

"Excellent fashion sense, too," she said giving the cup one last kiss as she found the clasp.  "I'd love to see what you'd purchase for yourself with a real budget."

"Maybe we can go lingerie shopping together," Pixie suggested nervously as she watched Emma unhook her bra.

"I would truly enjoy that," Emma replied, gently sliding the young winged mutant's undergarment from her pale breasts, down her slender arms as Pixie shivered in nervous excitement.  Unbound by a bra, those high, firm teenaged breasts were even more perfectly shaped and inviting, all the more so knowing this was their first real reveal to a lover.

"I'm not going to have to wear a corset, am I?" Pixie whispered.  She'd never felt so exposed, figuratively or literally, as her experienced, gorgeous as hell lover undressed her for the first time.  Her face blushing a pink that matched her shocking hair.  Her lovely pale pink nipples, however, were delicious erect and eager.

"Oh, Megan..." Emma said, slyly eyeing her wonderfully vulnerable prey.  "I don't want to fuck myself, I want you.  I wouldn't dream of changing you."

"Okay..." Pixie agreed nervously.  Inside, she was thinking "but you have changed me.  The things I'm feeling, the desires I'm having... they're all so different than what I was capable of even an hour ago when I came into this office.  I always heard she changed Mr. Summers and now...  Mr. Summers..."

This swirl of thoughts danced around Emma's head, but she was too focused on the task at hand to delve too deep.  She wickedly kissed and licked the inside of Pixie's bracups, then set the bra gently on her desk.  Pixie was anxiously quivering beneath her, and Emma could not wait to move forward with their lovemaking.

"Wait!" Pixie suddenly cried out, covering her naked breasts with her arm.

Emma squeezed down her sigh of frustration.  Just when she sure she was getting into that sweet little eighteen year old girl's panties, she gets cold feet.  "What is it, Megan?"

"I know it was just a line...  I guess I really knew it from the start, but... you were also right," Pixie said, lowering her face sadly.  "I do have feelings for Mr. Summers, just like you do.  He's the greatest man I've ever known.  And we're doing now could really hurt him.  We're... we're cheating!  And... I think we need to stop now before it goes any further."

Emma smiled at Pixie's sweetness and naïveté, it clearly took a lot out of her to say all that.  Emma stroked her pink hair comfortingly as she gazed down at her.  "Oh, Megan, you honestly don't think I didn't let Scott know my plans for you before I called you in here?"

Pixie started blushing uncontrollably.  "You... you told him...?"

"Of course.  That's what conscientious lovers do," Emma informed her frankly.  As she spoke, she kissed all up and down Pixie's hand and arm, trying to get the young girl to relax the arm obscuring her tempting chest.  "He was very interested in all the details of my plan to make you my sexual protege.  Very interested."

"R-really?" Pixie said with confused disbelief, as she let Emma gently pull her arm away from her cute little tits.  She could barely process what was happening as confused thoughts jumbled through her head.

"Of course.  He was very pleased in my choice of partner," Emma said as she lowered herself to her soon-to-be lover's newly exposed breasts.  "Now..."

Back in control, Emma took a moment to examine the petite Welsh girl's fabulous chest up close: her young breasts were so gorgeous, firm and high on her tight little body.  They were smaller than Emma's own, a 34 B by her experienced estimation, but so round and perfectly shaped, an effect Pixie would probably never lose if her current frame was any indication.  The supple young tits were so pale and delicate, making the small, pale pink aerolas stand put even more.  Emma could only think of one way to describe them.

"Simply perfect," Emma declared, letting her thumb graze the wonderful pink nipple.

Pixie's nervous little heart flipped at the approval as her body reacted to this first, tentative touch.  She felt her breath catch as she wait for the seduction to continue.

At last Emma closed her mouth firmly around the flesh of the winged teenager's perfect nipple.  First she kissed, lightly yet wetly, letting her lips linger before disengaging. She let the now-moist tit feel the chill of the air for a moment, watching her irresistible prey's eyes silently beg her for further stimulation before lowering herself back down to resume.  Then she circled her tongue all around the distended nipple, making the young girl cry out "Ahh!"

Finally, Emma began to suck Pixie's tits in earnest, stimulating the fabulous little nipple with her talented pink tongue.  Emma had been longing to expose the younger girl's taut orbs for months, and now that Pixie was fully under her power, Emma aimed to enjoy those precious globes as much as she could.  For moments upon moments she kissed that pale, virgin flesh, alternately suckling Pixie's pink little caps or fitting as much of the whole tit into her feminine mouth as she was able.  Every movement caused little Pixie's beautiful head to roll back in ecstasy as she was taken.

"MmmmmmMMMMMmmmm..." the young girl purred as breasts that had never been revealed to a lover were blessed with her mistress' holy saliva.  It joined with the sweat forming from nervousness and excitement on Pixie's skin, adding to the ritual of her sexual initiation.  Pixie's little hands clenched and unclenched as she tried not to be completely overwhelmed; Emma had a tight seal on the hard little mushroom cap of her right nipple.  The blonde alternated the movements of her tongue between circling around that delectably sensitive nub or lightly flicking it, finding the best frequency to pleasure Pixie.  After a while, Emma added to the stimulation by groping the young girl's other breast; rubbing the pert tit roughly in a circular motion, with a skill that only another woman could master.

"Uhh!" Pixie gasped.  "So good!"  Pixie's nipples were almost painfully erect as Emma's tongue danced around her perky tit, her wings fluttered passionately in reply.  Emma continued to squeeze the other boob, making the girl beneath her shudder with pleasure.  "Ohhhh..." Pixie moaned.

For moments beyond time, the sumptuous experience continued.  For Emma, it had been a while since she'd indulged herself this way with another woman, let alone one so youthful and desirable; for Pixie this was all brand new, she had never allowed anyone to do this with her, and she was starting to find her emotional reaction was almost as potent as her physical reaction... And she was having quite a physical reaction!

"Oh my... Ms. Frost..." she shivered with delight.  "That feels so... Oh!"

"Mmmmmm..." Emma purred into her lover's gorgeous chest.

With each powerful sucking motion, the adorable eighteen year old's perfectly shaped pleasure orbs bobbed up and down wonderfully, Emma's sexy saliva was leaving a glistening trail all over Pixie's perky tits as she sucked the sweet girl's bouncing boobs until they were both sore.  Pixie lovingly stroked her Mistress's long blonde hair, urging her on.  "Please..." she begged.

For several more minutes, the awesome spectacle of one of the world's most beautiful mutants devouring the chest of one of her few equals continued, until at last Emma released Pixie's now-swollen nipple, bidding it farewell with the lightest of kisses.  She had enjoyed her meal immensely, but now she was craving some stimulation of her own.

Emma lightly pulled away from the panting Pixie.  Everything so far had more than exceeded her expectations, but now she wanted to see just how well her new subject could serve her.  "Sorry, Megan darling," she explained.  "I'm just starting to feel a bit constricted."

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Emma undid her white corset.  Pixie watched almost hypnotized as more and more of her Mistress' big round breasts were revealed to her lust-filled pink-on-black eyes.  Those gorgeous, uniquely precious eyes nearly watered at the sight: so full, so perfect... so fabulously large and perfectly shaped.  At last, the white corset fell away, displaying her wonderful coral nipples to her.  Now it was Pixie's mouth that watered.  She couldn't believe she never harbored any real attraction to another female before... right now there was nothing in the world she wanted more than to touch and caress those luscious boobs. 

"Oh, gosh..." Pixie gasped, her jaw dropping at the sight of Emma's exposed tits.  "They're so big...  So beautiful."

"By all means, Megan," Frost said, "enjoy."

Pixie scooted her delightful ass and wings down the floor to get herself between those amazing breasts, letting them cushion her gorgeous face with their firm softness.  She really didn't know what she was doing, but that wasn't about to stop her.  Emma's big, full tits were so inviting, Pixie just buried herself in those boobs lavishing wet kisses in the wonderful cleavage.  Her tiny mouth felt so sweet, so innocent against her tits and Emma once again congratulated herself on her choice of fuck.  Pixie was simply perfect, so fresh, so eager to please.

"Mmm... good work, my little Pixie," Emma purred.  "But perhaps you'd like to feel them as well."  And then Emma took Pixie's petite hands in hers and brought them to her massive tits, encouraging the young mutant to touch and explore.  

Pixie felt her heart give a massive "thump."  She could actually feel Emma Frost's otherworldly breasts with her own naked hands.  She still couldn't believe they weren't natural: they were so soft, so perfectly shaped, and wonderfully pliant in her little hands.  Just like she couldn't believe the hard, pale nipples pressing against Pixie's palms had been inspired by her.  She was turning Emma Frost on, those big, full breasts that she was coming to love so much were responding to her touch.  Hers.

"Oh... you have a natural talent, Megan," Emma moaned.  "Don't stop yet."

Pixie awkwardly held and squeezed Emma's fabulous pleasure orbs, playing with the elegant nipples and watching the tits bounce with each breath the busty blonde woman took.  At last, Pixie began to kiss down the amazing boobs, her glossy teenage lips smacking charmingly over the majestic flesh until finally Pixie's mouth found Emma's nipple and began to suck it.

"Ahhh...  Very good, my dear little Pixie," Emma purred gently. Pixie's little virgin mouth closed tightly over the proud of nub of Frost's nipple, utterly entranced by it.  "Are you beginning to understand just how sexy women can be?"

"Just you," Pixie thought, knowing her Mistress could read her thoughts, "but... oh, god!"  She suckled those massive, beautiful tits eagerly.  Emma's moans of pleasure filled her with pride, as the Sex Queen gently pet her pretty wings in encouragement.  She felt so content suckling the telepath's amazing tits, so hot for those big, full orbs, and so honored to be chosen to touch and taste those sexy breasts.  Her little tongue circled the nipple obediently, wetting it with her sweat saliva.  Her secret 'something' let her now this was where she belonged, who she needed to be with, while her little pink pussy brewer wetter, waiting for her Mistress.

"AHHH!!!" Emma cried.

Emma threw her head back and gave into the sensation of Pixie's sweet little mouth on her bountiful chest.  The younger girl was completely without skill, trying her best to repeat what Emma had done for her... or else going completely on instinct... but it was still incredibly enjoyable.  Her young apprentice was so very eager, her dainty little hands gleefully exploring Emma's wondrous globes while her tongue and lips continued to suckle her worshipfully.  Emma skimmed the winged girls thoughts, and found only awe and lust for those fabulous tits as she continued to grope and wetly kiss them happily.  After wanting it so long, the object of her desire was finally bringing her some sweet release.

"Mmm... lovely..." Emma sighed.  "Just perfect..."

As she sucked Emma's nipple, Pixie kept squeezing and playing with the other succulent orb.  She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this, Emma's body was so enthralling, she was feeling a pleasure and excitement from groping and kissing her chest she ever could have imagined.  Squeezing and caressing those massive, round breasts was making her hornier than she's ever been in her life... all the more so knowing Emma had willing done the same for her.  And those tits!  Those fabulous, astonishing tits!

"Oh, Emma..." Pixie gasped when she came up for air.  "Your boobs are so BIG..."  Pixie knew they were fake, but right now she didn't care.  She doubted she ever care again.

"I enjoy yours, too," Emma assured her.

Then Emma raised her up gently so both of their breasts were touching, then hugged her close so they were pressed against each other, flattened and squished beautifully.  Two topless female bodies, so different from each other, but each the perfect example of their type held each other.  Pixie was sure their closeness would allow the other woman to feel the nervous rumbling of her stomach, but Emma didn't voice any objections.  

"I really like being with you like this..." Pixie whispered with almost heartbreaking honesty.

"We've only just started, darling," Emma replied.

Emma began to kiss her again, warm and deep, their tongues dancing together and circling each other in their hot, linked mouths.  As they made out, Emma began to run her large breasts against Pixie's smaller ones, making their nipples stimulate each other.  Pixie's virgin flesh quivered at so intimate a touch from her former teacher, she moaned deeply into the kiss.  Emma kept bobbing their nipples against each other and Pixie gasped so hard she had to break the kiss.

"Huh... up!" Pixie hiccuped adorably in reaction, her cute elfin face even pinker.

Emma smiled at her adorable prey and kissed her nose lightly.  "Charming, darling," she assured her.

Then Emma placed her hand gently on Pixie's lovely hips, compelling the younger girl to change her position so she was lying on her naked chest.  Pixie aided her new mistress's request, resting with her wings facing up and her pert and perfect breasts cushioned and squished against the cool, dirty floor.  She wasn't sure what Emma had in mind, but it was all so bewitching so far that she wasn't going question it.

Now Emma could once again admire her new conquest's lovely young back.  She lightly petted Pixie's majestic wings, never tiring of her impressive wingspan, but soon her hands moved lower, finding something even more impressive.  Emma gave Pixie's round ass a firm squeeze, making Pixie's breath stop for a second.  Emma then went further, tracing the young girl's buttcrack through her costume possessively.  Pixie shivered in ecstasy, so Emma repeated the motion twice, each time starting further between the young girl's legs so that by the last time she was petting Pixie from her clitoris to the top of her ass.

"Oh my god..." Pixie moaned, feeling her moisture spill out of herself.

Pixie couldn't believe everything they'd already done together, that she could feel all this from a woman... this pleasure, this lust, this overwhelming need to consent to everything her Mistress could dream up for her... but, more than anything else, the 'something' blossoming  in her stomach like a beautiful flower, making her feel nervous and happy and warm and oddly safe... A feeling of euphoria that she could not get enough of.  She felt greedy not being satisfied with what she had, but she wanted more.

"Mmm... I'll be more than happy to oblige," Emma purred, reading her thoughts again.

The blonde telepath than reached around to unbuckle Pixie's big belt and whipped it quickly off of the young Welsh girl's curvy hips, letting it fall wherever it may.  Neither girl noticed the belt hit the switch for the psychic sound-proofing, making their lovemaking public to anyone in mental or physical earshot, but by now neither of them would have cared.  Even Pixie would have been willing to have the whole world see what they were doing as long as it didn't stop.

Then Emma began to peel the lower half of Pixie's uniform down, kissing down the winged teenager's ass and legs of the clothing just before exposing the naked skin underneath.  Pixie was a little nervous at the exposure of her underwear, her tiny, sleek, low-cut bikini panties were certainly sexy enough, but they were a shiny black, not quite matching her bra.

Emma, however, more than approved.  "Simply beautiful," she declared, meaning both words.  "A wonderful cut, fabulous color on you, and it perfectly conforms to your shape.  I simply cannot wait to taste them."

Pixie's heart did a little flip at the compliment, her cute little elfin face blushing in reply, but of her still couldn't believe an underwear fetishist like Emma Frost could approve of her modest wardrobe.

Of course, she couldn't even entertain such thoughts without Emma replying to them.  "I may on occasion lie to my lovers, Megan, but never on whether or not they've satisfied me."

One particular word struck Megan like a bolt of lightning.  "A lover," Pixie repeated, watching the older woman toss her blue and gold costume aside.  "Is that what we are now?"

"What do you think, Megan?" Emma asked warmly.  She positioned herself above the young girl, hovering just above her tempting body, loudly kissing her pink hair, her slender neck. 

"I think I'm falling in love with you," Pixie admitted softly.  "I think that's what I'm feeling.  I know I want you."  As Emma moved above her, the other woman's wonderfully large, naked breasts would lightly brush Pixie's wings or skin, warming her from the cold of the floor.

"I want you, too, Megan," Emma said, kissing all over the girl's rapidly fluttering wings.  "And I'd be proud to call you my lover."  She knew it wasn't quite the same as telling Pixie that she loved her too, but that simply wasn't the sort of thing Emma Frost admitted easily... even to herself.

"I definitely like that better than 'protege,'" Pixie whispered.  "I think this is falling in love.  Oh!"

Pixie never suspected her wings could be an erogenous zone, but as Emma (her lover, she reminded herself) kissed all over her gossamer wings and felt the bleached-blonde tresses tickle the delicate panes, Pixie almost wept from pleasure.  Her heart felt like it was about to burst: Emma had given her so much, loved her so many different ways in this short time... from erotic pain to such a moment of pure tenderness.  How could she help but fall in love?

Then Emma licked her way down Pixie's sweet little spine, only breaking away from the perfect trail to lick up droplets of salty sweat.  When she came to Pixie's sexy scoop back, she kissed and licked all around the pale skin, worshipping it while she began to lightly stroke the straps of Pixie's little black panties.  A shiver of anticipation shot through Pixie as she imagined Emma's next move.

"Uhhhhh..." Pixie moaned, almost a prayer.

At last, Emma descended on Pixie's panty-clad ass.  First, she rested both of her slender hands on that round little rump, her fingers spread out across both firm globes.  Then, Emma lowered her face slowly to that perfect soft ass and pressed her lips firmly and oh so slowly into the fabric of Pixie's panties, feeling the fabulously curved, enticingly sweaty petite bottom quiver with anticipation as she did so.  She'd been dreaming of this moment, of being able to indulge herself with her younger lover for so long, but everything with Pixie far surpassed her yearnings.

"Ohhh..." Pixie gasped, her wings fluttering like a hummingbird's.  Her ass was still sore and red from her spanking, but that didn't seem any reason to object.  It felt so intimate, so wrong... so wonderful!

"Unquestionably a wonderful pair of panties," Emma purred as she rubbed her cheeks against Pixie's sweet little ass.  "Again, you have my highest compliments."

Then Emma began to really grope her nubile lover's supple ass.  Her skilled, sure hands pinching and squeezing the fleshy teenaged globes of her young lover's butt as Pixie moaned and squeaked with total approval.  The feel of the young mutant virgin's panties drove Emma nearly mad with passion, her own arousal becoming incredibly obvious though her now-wet white panties.  "You're so godddamned sexy, Megan!"

Emma then licked the sleek black fabric of Pixie's bikini panties, her pink tongue moving over the young girl's cheek like a cat washing her mate.  Pixie shivered and moaned in response and Emma began kissing all over Pixie's panty-clad ass while her hands continued to move up and down those plump round cheeks, stimulating them whole.

"Oh!  You're... You really ARE 'having' me..." Pixie said between moans of pleasure.  She loved this, loved being Emma's, loved feeling the more experienced woman take control of her body.  More than anything, she loved the way Emma made her feel.

Emma lavished deep, wet kisses all over the eighteen year old sex kitten's shapely rump, the blonde woman's divine saliva all over the sleek material of the little black panties.  With some of the deeper kisses, Emma would catch a piece of the fabric in her teeth, pulling the stretchy material out with her, making the young girl shudder with excitement.  "Mmm...  Pixie..." Emma purred into that gorgeous ass.

"I never... Unh!  ...Never thought I could... Ahhh!  ...Love another woman like this..." Pixie gasped as Emma squeezed her perfect round globes, kissing and licking all around the shiny black panties gently but firmly.  

This was Pixie's favorite method of domination Emma had employed thus far: her needs were tenderly answered before she could even voice them, but there was no way of mistaking what Emma was doing as servicing her.  No, Emma was clearly TAKING, claiming all the secret, sacred hidden parts of Pixie as her own property.  Her lips and hands brought total acceptance, there was no question as to who was having who.

"I'm yours..." Pixie said in a warm daze of sexual miasma.  "Yours..."

Finally, Emma began to lick down the cleavage of Pixie's plump little butt through the black panties.  

"OH!!!" Pixie yelped sexily in surprise.

"You like that don't you?" Emma thought at her, her mouth still buried in the exquisiteness of Pixie's supple bottom.

"Fuck yes!!!" Pixie screamed.

"I'm so pleased," Emma's voice echoed through her mind, "I really could not have chosen a better lover than you, Megan."

Emma then graced her with her deepest of licks yet, her wet tongue pushing the material of the panties lightly into Pixie's sweet little canyon as she groped both cheeks.  Pixie gasped and arched her ass upwards magnificently in response, and Emma to the opportunity to move one of her hands to the winged girl's sex.

"Oh my!" Pixie gasped as she felt her lover's skilled fingers move to her virgin snatch, tickling and teasing it through her little black panties. "Fuck!"

At first, Emma's talented tongue continued to plunge into Pixie's perfect ass as she massaged the young girl's pussy, but as they both became more excited, she felt herself becoming a bit more wild, alternately kissing and licking wildly at that fantastic crevice or nuzzling her face against her teenaged lover's quivering cheeks to feel the softness of her flesh and revel in the feel of the pink-haired girl's panties. Pixie's hot little pussy was so wet as Emma's fingers danced over it, so eager with youthful readiness as her honeyed love poured out of her, warm and glistening.

"I want you... I want you..." Pixie panted as her insatiable lover ate her ass and rubbed her pussy.  "OH!  I love you!" she cried as Emma's nimble fingers found her tiny clitoris.

As Emma continued to taste the the young girl's sweet little panty-clad ass, her nose lightly probing into that deliciously decadent canyon between the flawlessly curved cheeks, she also slid her fingers into the front of the panties, finally feeling Pixie's wonderful prize for herself.

"UHHH!  YESSSSS!!!" the young girl cried and flexed her lovely wings as she felt her hot blonde Mistress touch the delicate hairs of her pubis, the hot, wetness of her dripping cum, the tender folds of her sex.  Two slender, feminine fingers lovingly probed Pixie's glorious virgin channel, the warmth and wetness there fabulously burning like lava: the most ready pussy Emma had ever seen in all her years of sexual mastery and experimentation.  As she moved her fingers back and forth inside that tight, wet paradise of Pixie's eighteen year old snatch, Emma felt the girl's entire body tense and shake with pleasure, the cheeks her face was currently buried in clenching wondrously around her.

"Oh god..." the quivering mutant murmured.  "Oh Emma... Emma..."

At long last, Emma hooked her thumbs around Pixie's deliciously round hips and peeled the panties off her angelic eighteen year old lover.  The silky material was wonderfully moist with saliva, sweat, and so very much of Pixie's sweet honey.  As she slid the panties down Pixie's beautifully contoured thighs, Emma made a mental note to put these panties on in place of her own when they eventually dressed themselves again... as much as she didn't want to think of either of them ever having to wear a strip of clothing again.  Emma looked briefly at the love and awe in Pixie's eyes as that flawless face gazed at her, then immediately turned her attention to the winged mutant's newly exposed pussy.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," Emma said, eying the the adorable girl's cute little vagina.

Pixie's sex was red and ready, pointed eagerly towards Emma to accept whatever the older woman could offer it.  It was a truly beautiful pussy, which even Emma had to admit was a rare sight: adorable folds temptingly offering their juices set just below a full, untamed thatch of pink hair.  With Pixie's naked ass raised slightly to fully expose her tight little teenaged vee and the sweet smell of her sex filling the room, Emma truly couldn't wait to start her meal.

"Now, Megan," Emma said, quickly removing her own pants and boots so that all she wore were her white vinyl panties, "are you ready for this?"

"Oh, absolutely!" Pixie announced excitedly.  The young girl's heart was beating like a jackhammer, waiting for her lover, her Mistress, her Emma to finally grace her hungry sex.  She squeezed her cute little toes together with anticipation.

Unable to wait any longer, Emma gave into her long-held desires and buried her face into Pixie's waiting pink jade gate.  First, she breathed that beautiful scent in deeply, getting high on her sweet Pixie's arousal.  Then at last she favored that delicate opening with a deep, tender kiss, sparking an instant reaction.

"Oh!" The pink-haired virgin exclaimed adorably, flitting her wings with nervous excitement.

At last Emma slid her tongue into Pixie's warm vagina, first licking the lips softly, then letting more and more of her pink tongue enter the walls... only to quickly withdraw.  She did this again and again, each time going just a little bit further.  The young girl's wings fluttered unconsciously in response, Pixie falling more and more in love with the busty telepath as her tongue continued to probe her most intimate places.

"Oh!" Pixie gasped.  "That feels so... Yes!"

Emma licked all around Pixie's wonderfully tight channel, letting her tongue explore all of her sacred depths.  The flavor was so sweet, so tart... better than any pussy she'd ever eaten before.  Emma gratefully lolled her tongue all around the inside of Pixie's incredibly warm, moist center to capture more of that taste as the bewitching young girl gasped and moaned under her ministrations.  When Emma went especially deep, Pixie would lose her breath for a moment, only regaining it when Emma pulled back... each time making the same charming little squeak of pleasure.

"Ohhh... God..." Pixie moaned.  This was unquestionably the biggest day in her little eighteen year old now not-quite-virgin life, and each new act overwhelming the previous as the by-far best feeling she'd ever had.  Having her lover's lips and tongue invade her sacred vee felt better than anything... Emma's wonderful mouth had enslaved her desire, drugging her with lust and pleasure verging on madness.   She had be to with this woman, had to belong to her, for the rest of her life if possible.  "Please... don't stop!"

Emma had no intention of doing so.  She was relishing the feeling of having the precious winged girl under her thrall too much.  That and the taste!  She always suspected Pixie's sweetness would be all too literal, and now that she was eating her delicate sex, Emma was quickly finding even her estimations feel short: Pixie was positively hallucinogenic!  Emma was feeling drunk just licking her and she was not about to stop until the gorgeous young girl came in her mouth.

She decided to press the matter further, swirling her tongue as deeply as Pixie's sweet little walls would allow.

"Fuck!" Pixie panted, nearly losing it.  "Emma!"

Emma smiled internally.  Pixie was so ready, so eager, so responsive to everything Emma did to her: this girl was absolutely made for sex.  Truly the perfect lover.  Emma just regretted that she didn't start fucking Pixie on her eighteenth birthday and keep fucking her non-stop until they both died of totally sated exhaustion.  Still, she had her now and she had now intention of letting her go.

"Simply divine, Megan," Emma's thoughts echoed through her mind again.  "The finest pussy I've ever tasted!"

"Ahh!!" the dazed angel gaped in reply.

Emma continued to knead Pixie's taut little pliant eighteen year old ass as she lapped up the winged girl's honey.  The flavor was so rich, so sweet, so intoxicating as she drank of Pixie's precious nectar, the young girl thrust her ass and sex further into Emma's face, begging her Mistress not to stop.  Emma realized she was turning Pixie into less a lover or even a protege and more a willing sex slave.  Although that seemed to match up nicely with what they both wanted, so neither seemed likely to complain.

"Fuck me..." Pixie panted, her whole young body quivering with sweat.  "Oh god, Emma, please keep fucking me!"

Emma let one of her hands drift from charming round ass to Pixie's tight little virgin pussy.  It was so young and fresh and perfect... she let her fingers join her tongue in stimulating the delicate channel, alternately entering Pixie's secret depths or pinching her adorable love button, playing the enchanting young girl like an instrument as her supple young flesh and glistening wings shuddered with uncontrollable pleasure.  She was so close,  Emma knew.  Virgins came so fast but oh so hard, and Emma couldn't wait to taste the benefits of their actions.

"Cum for me, Megan," Emma telepathically demanded.  "Cum for me, my little Pixie."

In reply, Pixie could only moan and gasp as her lower body spasmed arrhythmically, succumbing once again to a powerful orgasm.  Emma drank all she could of the perky Welsh girl's gleaming teenaged honey, letting it spill all over Pixie's groin and legs, as well as her own mouth and chest, also staining the hungry floor.

"Exquisite," Emma complimented the girl, watching her lover's young ass shudder beautifully with the last aftershocks of her orgasm.  "It's been too long since the last time I made love to an eighteen year old girl, Megan.  I'd forgotten what a supreme pleasure it was."

"Can we do it again some time?" Pixie asked eagerly when she caught her breath.

Emma suppressed a chuckle.  "Oh, I think that's a certainty."

Then Emma rose up in front of Pixie and hooked her thumbs into her own striking white panties.  She watched her wide-eyed teenage lover watching her as she peeled away the final obstacle between them.  As she undressed, Emma bent forward theatrically, popping her plump round ass out at the same time to achieve maximum sex appeal.  Pixie had never considered herself to be a lesbian or even a bisexual before, but she definitely was now, staring wildly as one of the most sensual women in the world stripped naked for her.  Her hairless pussy was dripping wet after their wild session of lovemaking, ready to move to the final stage, and Pixie couldn't help but lick her lips gazing at it.

Emma grinned wickedly at her young lover's looks of frank wonder.  She decided to take the show even further, cupping her massive jugs and kneading the sweating orbs before sliding her hands down her body.  She let her fingers drift down to her slit and tease the opening to the winged lover's delighted, lustful gaze.  She could see Pixie's arousal was reaching a fever pitch and she decided to take her show to the conclusion, leaning over Pixie and dropping her white panties to her eager lover's hands.  "A gift," she explained.

"Thank you," Pixie said, receiving them gratefully.  Though white, Emma's panties were miles away from the traditional plain cotton panties Pixie had always avoided.  They were obviously tailor-made, the material probably cost more than as much as that Vespa she'd been saving up for.  She clutched the precious garment closely, her treasure from her first lover.

Emma smiled.  Pixie was such a sexual breath of fresh air.  Cyclops was, of course, the most skilled of her many lovers, but his greatest strength his natural, almost kingly leadership and his war-hardened masculinity were also his greatest weaknesses.  Such a man could never be fully dominated, at least not after breaking free of the ginger harridan who Emma dare not name.  Pixie, however, was the ideal sub: eager, bright-eyed, and ready to learn... but definitely not one to mistake her place in the relationship.  Fucking the adorable pink-haired girl was just what Emma had been craving for months and she hadn't even realized it.

It actually put her in mind for something else Scott had been unwilling to try out.

"Just a moment," Emma said.  "I have another wicked little plan for you, Little Pixie."

Then the former White Queen sauntered gracefully to her desk, feeling her adorable winged lover's eyes all over magnificently sexy naked body as she walked. Emma bent down to open the hidden drawer at the bottom of the desk, noticing as she did so that the sound-proofing had been de-activated at some point, which elicited a raised eyebrow from Emma, but little else.  Finally, she found what she was looking for in her secret drawer and put it on, carefully blocking Pixie's view with her desk.

"Now, then," Frost said, stepping back into her lover's view, "what do you think of your present?"

All of the blood drained instantly out of Pixie's sweet face when she saw what her lover was wearing.  It was one of Emma's smaller strap-ons, short and fat and of course her signature white... but certainly still intimidating to a girl for whom sex was all brand new.

"Are you going to...?" Pixie asked, bewildered.  "I've never..."

"I suppose can I keep your virtue intact," Emma said, reaching down to give Pixie's supple ass a meaningful squeeze, "if I could find a suitable replacement."

Pixie thought about it for a moment.  "I want you to take my virginity," she said finally, her voice certain.

"Are you sure, darling?" Emma asked.  "Because you can only give this prize once."

"There's no one I'd rather give it to," Pixie assured her, black and pink eyes shining with love.

Even in Emma Frost's diamond heart, something melted.  Pixie was her perfect match in more ways than one, they both brought things out in each other they wouldn't have expected to find... wouldn't have wanted to admit were there.  This really was about more than sex for both of them, Emma thought.  The young girl was shivering with fear and excitement as she positioned the pseudo-cock towards Pixie's lovely face.

"Taste it," Emma instructed.

Pixie raised herself up on her hands and knees so that she was at eye level with immaculate white tube.  She licked her pretty young lips so they glistened, then slowly moved her lips towards stoic pillar.  Trying to conceal how intimidated she was, the lithe young mutant forced herself to lean forward and kiss the strap-on with the lightest of pecks right on it domed head.

"Mmm... good," Emma praised her.  "Now, take it in your mouth."

Pixie opened her sweet little pink lips and did as she was told.  She let it into her mouth until she gagged slightly, then Emma helped her by pulling it back slightly.  Pixie knew she was meant to suck it, and despite her total lack of experience, began to gently suck it like it was a popsicle.  

"Excellent, Megan," Emma purred, gently placing her hand on the crown of Pixie's pink haired head.  "Just like that."

At first she felt self-conscious and even a little ridiculous orally pleasuring something that wasn't even connected to her lover's body, but as the reality that she was going to be giving her virginity to the apparatus fully dawned on her, Pixie found herself getting more and more into her work.  She wanted Emma to fuck her so badly right now, and this wonderful tool would let her do it.

"Mmph!" Pixie moaned around the white rod, imagining what Emma was about to do to her.  She swirled her little pink tongue around it, blessing it with her saliva.  She held her lover's round hips in her little hands to stabilize herself and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the sensation.

"Ohh...  That's it, Megan," Emma cooed, "get it good and wet.  That will make it so much easier when I take you."  Watching the gorgeous little eighteen year old do obeisance to her rubber member was getting Emma wetter and wetter, too.  Looking down at Pixie's tight little naked tits, ass, pussy, and wings made Emma hornier than ever for the sweet Welsh angel, eager for the grand finale.

"Mmm!"  Pixie continued to circle her tongue all around the rubbery mass of the shaft, grabbing Emma's big, curvaceous ass as she sucked it.  Her little eyes still closed as she focused on her task, her heart beating like a rabbit's as she readied herself for what was about to happen.  The sexiest woman in the world was about to take her virginity, Pixie's precious nectar dripped down from her little pink pussy at the mere thought as she kissed and licked the pillar that would soon be inside her.  "I love you..." she gasped around it.

In her excitement, Pixie let two fingers slip from her lover's full round, cheeks into the luscious, forbidden crack of her ass, making Emma cry out "Oh!"

Pixie quickly went to remove the hand, but Emma telepathically told her not to.

"Are you sure?" Pixie thought, her nervousness filling her consciousness.

"Of course," Emma thought warmly.  "Just don't let it go any deeper."  Emma was the top in this relationship, and she didn't want her new lover to think she would be given permission to penetrate her.  Not just yet, anyway.

Pixie resumed her worship of Emma's nasty little toy, licking and kissing it while squeezing her loving Mistress' ass, two fingers still shallowly lingering in that beckoning cove.  After several moments, Emma pulled the salvia-slick rod away, signaling Pixie that it was time.  She patted the winged girl comfortingly on the head, and Pixie beamed back up at her and nodded silently.  

Emma moved slowly behind the precious younger girl and settled herself atop her, letting her big, fabulous breasts press against Pixie's delicate wings.  Pixie let out an adorable coo as she felt those tits flatten against her back, the erect nipples so hard and determined.  Emma slid saliva-wet the dildo down Pixie's back, teasing her asscrack before stopping just short of the teenage girl's virgin sex, waiting to claim her final prize.

"Still no objections?" Emma asked playfully, clearly expecting none. 

"Definitely not," Pixie replied chipperly, her stomach churning nervously, yet lustfully.  "I just can't believe I'm going to lose my virginity to a rubber cock."

"I can make it feel as real as you'd like, Megan," Emma assured her.  

Pixie thought about for a moment.  "...No brain stuff."

"No?" Emma asked.

"Not yet, anyway," Pixie insisted.

"I've been looking forward to this a long time, Megan," Emma whispered in her ear, gentle and honest.

"I have too, I think," Pixie replied, a little surprised.

Emma reached down and lightly fingered the flawless winged girl's virgin slit to feel her readiness.  The pliant young girl was unsurprisingly fabulously wet.  Emma then guided the steadfast dildo through Pixie's tender folds, placing it so that just the tip brushed the quivering labia.

"Uuuhhhh..." Pixie shuddered irresistibly.

It was the sexiest sound Emma Frost had ever heard, but her concern for her young lover still made her pause before moving ahead.  "Are you sure you're ready for this, Megan?" she asked, almost wishing Pixie would deny her. 

"Yeah, just... promise you'll stop if it hurts too much?" Pixie asked softly.

Emma nodded and lightly tapped her forehead.  "I'll feel it here.  Don't worry."

"...Okay," Pixie assented, trying to brace herself for what was coming, but knowing deep down that was impossible.  Her stomach was in knots, her whole charming naked body tight with tension, her head full of fear.  Still, she never wanted anything more than this moment.  "I need you inside of me.  Now."

Emma slid the strap-on into Pixie slowly at first, the round head just barely cresting her labia.  

"Huhhuh-uh..." Pixie shivered.

Emma scanned her teenage lover for any sign that she needed to stop.  When she received none, she tried giving her a little more, letting her feel more of the length, moving slowly and being careful not to go too deep, letting her her Pixie get used to the intrusion, but being careful not to break her yet.

"Ohhhhh..." Pixie gasped.  "Ohhhh... Emma... Emma, you're..."  She knew Emma was just prepping her at this point, but she still felt so stretched as the ivory pillar began to invade her snug, eighteen year old quim.

Emma held Pixie's sweet little curvy hips as she moved slowly inside her, soon Pixie was arching that hot, supple ass of hers up with each motion.  Emma was going so shallow but to a highly responsive young virgin like Pixie, it was simply mind-blowing.  She was nodding her head back and forth with pleasure as her wings tensed and relaxed in rhythm.

"That feels so..." Pixie gasped.  "So..."

"I'm going to deeper now, Megan," Emma told her gently.  "You know what that means, I trust."

Pixie nodded, steeling herself.  "Do it."

Emma pulled back and then thrust into Pixie's sweet depths hard, taking the eighteen year old mutant's virginity with a powerful stroke. Pixie cried out in pain as she felt herself being shattered, but her beloved's stabilizing hands on her hips calmed her while steadying her.

"Oh, god!  It hurts!" Pixie squealed.  "It hurts!"

"Do you want me to take the pain away?" Emma's voice came softly through her mind.

"" Pixie managed to grunt.

"Good girl," Emma replied warmly.  "I'm going to start moving again now."

"Okay," Pixie agreed raggedly.

Emma was true to her word and began to move inside her again.  It was definitively starting to feel good again as her channel  stretched and while the pain was unquestionably still there, Pixie bit her lip to it (a simply adorable action on her perfect elfin face) and bore it.  She knew Emma was the type of woman that enjoyed causing a little pain with her pleasure even before their encounter began, and Pixie was determined to prove she could handle it.  Besides, she realized, it was affecting her, too.  Either the punishment itself or the identity of the woman currently dominating her completely (most likely both) were making Pixie feel hotter and wetter than she'd ever felt before.  Waves of hot girlcum poured merrily out of her slit as the rod plunged in and out of her pink folds, her bodily fully and willing enslaved by the woman she loved.  "The woman she loved..." it was still such a new, strange phrase for Pixie.  But when Emma Frost was the woman in question (especially when she was fucking her hard from behind), it just seemed so natural.

"Uhh!  Uhnn!  Emma!" Pixie panted.  "EM!!"

As Pixie's impossibly snug quim clutched down on Emma's invading tool, making the slightest movement difficult, but miraculously so.  The pressure was also impacting Emma's most sensitive point, giving her a taste of what she was inflicting on her sweet little Pixie.  Emma watched her sexy young lover's trim hot body shake and quiver as she tried to withstand the euphoria she was feeling: her wings were wavering slowly up and down with the weight of her pleasure, her adorable pink face was flushed with sweat, most fascinating to Emma were her round little round butt cheeks as they clenched and released with pressure and pleasure.  All of her plans had borne a fruit far sweeter than she'd ever dreamed: fucking this adorable little Welsh girl, being her first lover, it was the most wondrous sexual experience in her whole life.  

"Emma!" Pixie cried.  "Uhhhhh!!!  Ohhhhh!! AHH!!!"

"You're finally mine, Megan!" Emma cried passionately.  "Mine!"

"Oh, fuck yes!" Pixie gasped.  "YES!!!"

Pixie couldn't believe how full she felt!  The sensitive lips of her sex were stretched in exquisite pain by the unrelenting tube of Emma's wicked little toy.  This had already been a day beyond any other, but this dwarfed everything leading up to it.  Having sex, making love... losing her virginity to her Mistress and beloved.  Her eyes began to water, less from the pain than the love and elation as she and Emma rutted together like beautiful beasts, their impossibly sexy bodies moving as one. 

"I'm yours!" she gasped, her sweet pink mouth delightfully agape.  "So full..."

"Pixie!" Emma screamed, awed by the girl's sweetness.  "Oh, god!  Pixie!"

As Emma fucked the winged angel, she couldn't help picking up all the thoughts and emotions the passionate girl was projecting outward.  Feeling the mix of agony and ecstasy, pain and pleasure and love and joy positively radiating off her teenage lover as she continued to move inside her hot little pussy, Emma couldn't help but wonder how the young girl would react to one of her larger accessories.  Plenty of time to find out, she supposed.  Now that she knew what a simply divine fuck Pixie was, Emma had no intentions of letting her slip away.

"God..." she pleaded.  "Fuck me, Emma!  Fuck me!"

At this point, Pixie was nearly delirious with pleasure and wild lust.  The hard, rubbery false penis filled Pixie utterly, her tight walls simultaneously embracing and expelling Emma as the blonde woman thrust back and forth inside her.  Part of her was still disappointed having to employ the device as an intermediary between herself and her beloved, but Emma used it with a skill that Pixie couldn't imagine many real cocks matching.

"Everything's a trade-off, darling," Emma echoed through her thoughts.  "But if you care to try a real one later, I'd be happy to watch it happen."

Pixie was beyond blushing at that point, she too busy reveling in the way Emma was stretching her tender love channel, or the feeling of those big, beautiful tits every time they pressed against her back. 

Emma fucked her with such expertise, making Pixie feel positively ecstatic as her blonde lover's sculpted body rocked against her luscious ass, driving the dildo in and out of Pixie's resistible honeypot.  Both of their marvelous, fragrant fluids were intermingling at their sexes, creating an intoxicate bouquet.  The lovely scent made Pixie feel even more light-head as she propped herself up with both arms against the hard floor, her insatiable Mistress' thrusts nearly driving her adorable erect nipples to the ground with them.  It definitely wasn't rose petals and scented candles, but it unquestionably an epic introduction to the world of sex.  

She just wished it could be a little more... intimate.

"I want to... Ahhh!" Pixie gasped.  "Please?"

"Yes, Megan?" Emma asked, not stopping her thrusts.

"I want to...  God!" Pixie cried, trying to find her words.  "Let me hold you...  Fuhh!  I want to see you while we do it..."

A wave of warmth shot through the former White Queen.  Emma was touched by her teenage lover's need for tenderness in her first time.  She supposed she should have considered it, but she'd let her own need to have Pixie get in the way of being a conscientious lover.  She turned Pixie gently around into a more missionary position.  Their gorgeous legs entwined as Emma settled between Pixie's curvy thighs.

"Of course, Megan," Emma said, leaning in to kiss that elfin gingerly, "I want this to be the most memorable experience for you possible."  

Pixie grasped onto Emma arms loosely as the other woman began once again to slip the rubber cock into Pixie's sweet pink tunnel.  The irresistible Welsh girl moaned erotically as her older female lover entered her highly responsive vagina, her wide dark eyes looking deep into Emma's icy blue ones.  And then Emma was moving inside her again, they were moving together.

"OHH!!!" Pixie gaped.  It was an important difference and they both felt it instantly: the difference better 'fucking' and truly 'making love.'  The sex was more caring, tender... but no less passionate as their two perfect female bodies writhed and moved together, joined at their beautiful pussies by Emma's unyielding rubber member.  She leaned up to favor her Mistress with as deep a kiss as her breathless body would allow, their beautiful breast, so different, but each perfect, also pressing together wonderfully.  When she broke the kiss, Pixie continued to hold her older blonde lover loosely as Emma moved inside her fabulously wet pussy.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Emma asked softly, using her real voice rather than telepathy.

"All... I ever... wanted..." the pink-haired girl panted happily.

Pixie's heart bloomed again and again, filling her whole body with warmth as she wrapped her arms tighter around Emma, holding her lover with eyes full of wonder as the other woman fucked her.  Finally being able to see her dauntlessly lover as they had sex felt so right, like they had become something real together.  Maybe even a couple.  She could see Emma's usually cool blue eyes, now full of passion, gaze upon that flawless face, and best of all watch those big round jugs of hers as they bounced wildly with each thrust.  Pixie knew in her heart after today she could never let this fabulous sex queen go.  The plunges of the dildo were more gentle now, even a little slower, but somehow more pleasurable, and Pixie's honey flowed harder than ever as the first hints that feeling might be returned rushed through each thrust.

"I love you...  I love you..." Pixie panted.  She had always dreamed her first time would be with someone she really loved, tender and beautiful like this... She hadn't planned on the strap-on and the fabulous pair of bouncing jugs, but as far as she was concerned, the experience was perfect.  Her walls clutched at the magnificent pleasure rod while she held Emma tightly, accidentally digging her long nails into the blonde woman's fabulous skin as her pussy tensed around the well-lubricated dildo.

"Uhh!" Emma grunted in pleasure and pain, her own juices spilling out of her in rapture.  She fucked the sexy little superhero harder again but still tender and loving, sending  the dildo in and out of that precious little snatch as Pixie's unutterably gorgeous face flushed with total lust.  "So tight!  UHH!!!"

"I'm so happy it's you..." Pixie gasped dreamily.  "I'm so glad you're my first...  OHH!!!"

And Emma couldn't believe how much she shared those words.  She saw the love, the warmth, the unbelievable innocence in her perfect lover's eyes as she thrust in and out of the Welsh girl's snug little honeypot, the last of her emotional resistance shattered and she finally accepted that she was just as in love with Megan as her young lover claimed to be with Emma herself.  That always had and this long-planned seduction was really about this moment.  As she watched Pixie's fabulously jiggling tits and her buzzing little wings, she couldn't help but put a little more love and care into each one of her rapid strokes, perfectly maneuvering the dildo to touch all of the most sensitive places inside the tight, wet heaven between Pixie's gorgeous young thighs.

"Emma!" Pixie cried.  "Ahh!  Emma!"  Pixie threw her adorable head back and cried out in pleasure as she came again, her sweet cream spilling out all over the strap-on and onto Emma's pussy.  "I love you!  I love you!!! Yes!  YEEESSSS!!!!"

Pixie was so beautiful as she came, so precious, Emma knew she had to give her one more.  Focusing her attention on the winged girl's wonderfully gyrating, teenaged tits, Emma expertly fucked her harder and faster than before.  At the same time, she let one hand slipped behind them, diddling Pixie's sensitive little clitoris.

"Oh my fucking god, Emma!" Pixie gasped.  "I can't!  I can't take any more!"  It was driving her crazy: too much pleasure, too much love.  Her walls were still spasming with orgasm and Emma was trying to give her more before she could even come down.

"One... huh-uh!  ...One more time, Megan..." Emma demanded.  "So we can cum together..."

Pixie nodded, still not sure her body could handle anymore.  She didn't want to disappoint Emma after being so loved, so pleasured, and so desired... the sex goddess of all sex goddesses had chosen her as a lover and Pixie needed to prove herself as best as she could... but even with her youthful resilience, Emma had fucked the fuck out of her all afternoon and she was nearing her breaking point.  "Please... be fast..."

Emma agreed.  Pixie was still so hot that teasing another orgasm out of her would not be difficult, so she needed to focus on herself.  She brought her finger up from Pixie's slit and licked their mingled girlcum off it, loving how they tasted together.  "This is how I know we were meant to be together like this," Emma projected into her winged lover's mind, "we taste so perfect together."

"Oh, Emma..." Pixie gasped, dark eyes nearly weeping with love.  "Please... say it..."

"Pixie!  Pixie!  Pixie!" Emma cried, in perfect rhythm with the movements of her ass as she pushed the dildo in and out of the winged girl's quivering damp.

Emma placed one of her hands on Pixie's beautiful tit and played with her teenage lover's nipples as they continued to escalate their lovemaking, a move Pixie quickly mirrored.  Emma imagined what it would be like to take Pixie to bed with her every night, to strip that sexy young body and then take her utterly over and over again for the rest of their lives... And other, more romantic images: having a real date together, walking through the welcoming streets of San Francisco holding hands.  She felt Pixie's petite fingers cup gently around her massive tits and Emma clenched her big round ass tightly as she prepared to let loose.

"SAY IT!!!" Pixie screamed.

"PIXIE!!!" Emma cried in return.  "Nnnndddkkkhh!!!"

A psychic explosion of white energy spread across the city as the two impossibly beautiful women felt their shared orgasm.  Their cries were loud and preverbal, and they came together in mighty waves, beyond even dazzling high of the previous climaxes.  Pixie could barely process thought, much less communicate how much she loved the woman who had just given her such incalculable pleasure, while Emma merely gazed down at her perfect young lover and tried to remember how to breathe.

Finally, Emma slid the pseudo-cock out of Pixie's sated, sacred vee with a rubbery "pop," and the younger girl felt her new lesbian Mistress collapse atop her, as spent as she was.  Emma gasping desperately for air, quaking her massive heaving tits against her equally breathless lover.

"Huh... Unh... Uhhh..." Pixie panted, her wings shaking, sweaty breasts quivering, limbs splayed and utterly exhausted as the impossibly sexy eighteen year old mutant lay gratefully beneath the woman that had just taken her virginity.  "Mmm..."

As Pixie's precious young face was pressed beautifully below her lover's huge, panting jugs, her nipples still hard, she licked her lips softly.  Unable to resist, she lowered her lips to the perfect nipple and closed her mouth around it, sucking gently, too tired for anything harder.  "Mmm..." Pixie moaned.

"Oh, that was fun," Emma declared once she found her voice, stroking Pixie's pink mess of hair.  "And I think you'll agree I kept my promise to teach you and your behavior has greatly improved."

"Mm-hmmm," Pixie concurred, suckling her idly.

"More than I dared hope for," Emma said.  "Thoroughly.  A fantastic fuck."  She considered for a moment, looking down at her new winged lover before adding "exactly what I wanted from my new girlfriend."

Pixie perked up excitedly.  "You mean we're going to be together?"  She had hoped "lover" meant a real relationship, but somehow just sex seemed more likely.

"Well, if this is what you really want.  And of course, if you're comfortable with sharing me with Scott..." she smiled meaningfully, but evilly "...because I'm certainly more than comfortable sharing you with him."

Pixie hugged her tightly and yelped with delight, squeezing Emma's big tits into her little face.

"And, Megan?" Emma added after a moment.  "I love you, too."


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