Up All Night To Get Loki

BY : Artemis_Wilde
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This story takes place approximately four years after events seen in Dark World. Loki is now 'good' (as good as Loki can ever be.) Darcy has spent several years on Asgard working alongside the Asgardians and also Jane to bring peace to the realms, but is now back on Earth.

This is the first chapter in this story, any events referenced exist solely here, so far. There is only a little solo sexytime in this chapter but I promise that future chapters will be full of plenty more smut.

This is my first fanfic, feel free to review, but more importantly just enjoy!


Darcy was getting ready for bed when she heard the tapping, a soft sort of rapping on the glass door of her apartment’s balcony. At first she told herself she had imagined it, or that it was just the wind or the rain that had been steadily pouring all day. She had almost convinced herself she had just been hearing things when it came again, louder and more insistent.

There was definitely someone on the other side, hidden from sight by the drawn curtains. She grabbed Sir Hits-A-Lot, her trusty anti-intruder baseball bat, an apartment-warming gift from Jane and Thor. Thor had insisted on having it enchanted so although it looked like an ordinary bat, well worn with its name carved along the length, it was imbued with a strong sleeping spell that would come over any unfortunate enough to be hit with it. Darcy had even used it once to put an end to a very boring almost one night stand. She had been too intoxicated when she had initiated pre-coital proceedings at the bar to realise just how tiresome the very attractive gentleman had been, however she’d had plenty of time to sober up and realize her mistake when upon getting back to her apartment he’d gone into an hour-long diatribe on the economic impact of villains or something to that effect, Darcy wasn’t entirely sure as she had zoned out quickly. When it was quite apparent he wasn’t going to shut up she had just given him a little tap with the bat to put him out so she could go to bed. He’d been long gone by the time she rose sometime the next afternoon. Suffice to say Sir Hits-A-Lot was a Darcy’s best friend.

If whoever was on the other side of the door meant her ill they were in for a world of trouble. She had enough superheros and Asgardians on speed dial that she needn’t worry about calling the cops and explaining why there was someone passed out in the middle of her apartment. In fact Natasha still owed her one from the Tokyo incident. Darcy chuckled to herself. Now that had been a fun weekend.

The tapping came yet again and Darcy flicked off the lamp at her side plunging the room into darkness and giving her a slight edge over the outsider. The closest streetlamp’s light cast through the chiffon curtains revealing the tall silhouette of the person on the balcony. With one hand gripping Sir tightly and her heart thrumming she quickly whipped the curtains away and brandished the bat as threateningly as she could while letting out a Tarzan-like cry that was cut short as soon as she recognized the owner of the silhouette.

“ Loki? What the hell, man? Are you trying to give me a friggen heart attack?” she lowered Sir and placed a hand on her hip. “ You’re not evil again are you?”

“ You destroy one little Midgardian city while under the influence of a trans-dimensional parasite and you never hear the end of it.” He said through chattering teeth.

Darcy, recovered now from her initial surprise, took in his appearance. He was unadorned of his usual flashy Asgardian garb and instead wore a simple deep green t-shirt and black distressed denim jeans with motorcycle boots, all of which were soaked from the rain. The tee clung to his very nicely formed torso and Darcy could clearly see the outline of his abdominals, her eyes travelling up over his chest and biceps and broad but not too broad shoulders and then to his lips, set in that infuriatingly sexy half smirk that made her heart skip a beat. With his head tilted down he looked at her from under his lashes, rivulets of water running down his stupidly perfect face and dripping from the ends of his black mussed up hair.

Darcy suddenly found herself very, very thirsty.

“ I find myself in need of your assistance, Lady Darcy.” He said. “Would you be so kind as to invite me in out of this infernal rain?”

 “ Promise you’re not evil.”

“ Cross my heart.” He made a cross, slowly, over his heart with his index finger, which drew her attention to his chest, which then distracted her, again. He cleared his throat and she shook off her diversion, unlocking the door and letting the thoroughly drenched god into her living room, where he stood dripping all over the carpet.

“I’ll, ah, get you a towel.” She turned heel and headed for the bathroom, hoping there was a dry towel. As she was not the cleanliest of apartment owners, she did a quick clean of the bathroom, which basically entailed just sweeping everything into the vanity draws, then she grabbed the last clean towel off the rack and headed back towards the living room. As she rounded the corner she was about to ask the god if she could get him a drink but the words dried up on her lips when she laid eyes on him. He was completely and utterly naked, in all his golden god-like glory. Darcy dropped the towel, and her jaw, as she took in the hard plains of his sculptured body, though leaner than his brother, Loki was no less spectacular to look at. And as Darcy discovered as her eyes followed that tasty ‘V’ downwards, he was certainly not any less godly in his almost intimidating endowments.

“ My eyes are up her, milady.” He chuckled, all too aware of the effect his exposed flesh was having on her. “ Do you have one of those clever machines that dries one’s clothes?” he asked, helplessly holding out his bundle of wet clothes. Averting her eyes and trying to hide the furious blush that was heating her cheeks she picked up the towel and threw it at him. “ Lets make a deal, you keep your junk covered and I’ll get your clothes dry faster than you can say Mjølnir.”

“ My…junk?” he gave her a faux shocked look as he caught the towel. “ I’ll have you know that there is nothing broken or worthless about it.” He raised a suggestive eyebrow but she didn’t rise to the bait. “ Towel. Cover. Junk. Now.” She kept her face turned away but her peripheral vision was working just fine.

“Oh you Midgardians and your constrained views on the naked body.” He handed his clothes to her outstretched hand and wrapped the towel about his waist. “ You’ll wear cloth that covers none but a few precious inches of flesh and will practically fornicate in public and call it dancing.  Yet you shy away from the most natural of your forms.” He shook his head in confusion, “ You are an odd, contradictory lot.”

“Yep, we’re humans and we’re confused and also confusing. Deal with it.” She stomped off to her laundry and put the clothes on to dry, taking a few extra minutes to cool off and get her head back on straight. She hated that he had this effect on her but she needed to regain some control if she was going to make it through this encounter with her sanity in place. A deep breath, an adjustment of the assets and a quick check in the mirror, he was a god after all and she had to make sure there was nothing in her teeth, and she walked back out to find him reclining on her sofa looking every bit the refined gentleman even in nothing but a towel.

“ So to what do I owe the pleasure?” Darcy asked, going into the kitchen where she could still see Loki, but could busy herself so she didn’t have to keep looking at his exposed flesh.

“I’m told it’s not uncommon, even here on Midgard, for one friend to visit another.”

“ We,” she pointed back and forth between them, “ are not friends.”

“ But we have been comrades on many a mission.” He almost sounded hurt. Almost.

“Comrades, not friends.” She clarified.

“Not even after,” his voice lowered in a sensually playful way, “ Halhaim? I thought we got awfully friendly on that assignment.”

“ I thought we said we’d never speak of that.”

“ I believe you said to me that if I ever told anyone that you kissed me, you would shove Mjølnir so far up my arse that even Thor would not be able to retrieve it.”

“  We were about to die, the kiss was a reflex. And as I remember it, you kissed me back.”

He smirked, “ Hmmm, I might recall something to that effect. A reflex, as you say.”  He dropped the smile and sent her a much more serious look, “it would have been a hell of a good way to go though,” He said softly, “ with the taste of your lips, fresh on mine.”

Darcy felt hot, too hot, as she recalled the incident.

 They had been on a reconnaissance mission on Halhaim when all hell had broken loose. They had spent two days pinned down in a cave, a very small confined cave, and she had actually gotten to know the god and former villain quite well. She had never told anyone, but she had always had a crush on the God of Mischief, even when he had been evil, she had always been a sucker for the bad boy in leather and Loki had that in spades. So when his force field had finally given out and the hordes of the dead were about to descend, she had decided to amend one last regret. Grabbing a hold of his shirtfront she had pulled those luscious lips towards hers and claimed them as her own. At first he had been shocked, lips tight against hers, and then he had responded, opening himself to her completely, with passion and abandon that had transported Darcy to a whole other plain of existence. The had come apart only at the sound of an army of un-dead crashing towards them, Loki had pulled her close, perhaps to shield her or maybe just as an act of comfort in their final moments, either way she had found solace in those deceptively strong arms.

Obviously they hadn’t died, seconds later Volstaag had barrelled through the mob sending body parts flying followed by Lady Sif, both of whom had been sent to find out what was taking Loki and Darcy so long on a simple recon.

When they had arrived back at Asgard, she had avoided Loki like the plague despite his numerous attempts to talk to her, unable to face what she was sure would be his rejection, or worse, humiliation. She could just imagine him drinking mead with the other Asgardians and talking about the little Midgardian girl who had thought she could kiss the God of Mischief and that it would mean something.

She had left for Earth the next day, handing in her proverbial Hero-Hat that she had wearing the last two years while she helped Jane, Thor and the Asgardians as they attempted to bring peace to the realms.

That had been almost a year ago, but thoughts of that kiss still made her tingle in all the right places.

“ Beer. We need beer. And then you can tell me why you’re really here.” Darcy stuck her head in the fridge, pretending to look for beer but really she needed to let the cold air wash away the deluge of naughty thoughts she was suddenly having.

After composing herself, yet again, she took two open beers over to the sofa, handed one to the God, while averting her eyes and then slumped on the lounge and took a rather long swig from her own.

“ Thank you, Lady Darcy.”

“ Please don’t call me that.” She sighed.

“ You earned that honour with your valiant efforts during Ragnarok, the first Midgardian to be bestowed such a title. You should respect it.” He scolded.

“ I know, I know. And yeah, at first I thought it was cool. But Lady Darcy can’t drink wine from the cask, or eat the corn dog she just dropped on the sidewalk and she has to remember to put on pants. Lady Darcy is a bit of a bore. But Darcy, just plain old no title Darcy. She can do all that and not feel like she is letting down a bunch of gods who gave her a title, that she never asked for by the way.” She finished her rant with a long swill of beer.

“ I understand, more than you could realize.” He took a sip of his own beverage then continued, “and for the record, I do not think there is anything plain or ordinary about you, Darcy, with or without the title.”

She downed the rest of her beer and all but leapt off the couch and back into the kitchen for another. “ So you were saying that you’re here for a reason?”

“ Ah yes well about that. It seems I’ve found myself in a bit of a bind and I need a place to lay low for a few days.”

“ And you’re sure you’re not evil?”

“ For that last time I am not evil!” he exclaimed, though with the exhaustion of someone sick of repeating himself. “I never was. A stupid parasite infected my brain and made me act evil, and honestly I’m still offended that everyone just accepted that I was a malicious god bent on dominating entire worlds and didn’t think to check that perhaps I was not quite myself.” He huffed, then continued, “I ran into an old flame of mine, an enchanting thing that I had not seen for several centuries, suffice to say we did not part on amicable terms and upon laying eyes on me earlier today she had a few words for me. It just so happens those words were a spell that has, temporarily, turned me human.”

Darcy knew she should be reacting to the whole human revelation. But it was the thought of Loki and another woman that had her mind going into overdrive. Questions popped up out of nowhere. Who was she? Was she also a god? What did she look like?

Had he loved her?

She quickly shut down all those inconvenient questions and reacted more appropriately.

“ Shut the front door. You’re all humany right now?”

“Yes, and I’m suddenly finding that I’m now quite susceptible to the cold.” He replied.

She couldn’t help herself, she looked over at him from her vantage in the kitchen. Sure enough his usually flawless skin was dotted with gooseflesh and his nipples were puckered and pointed in the cold. She resisted banging her head against the bench while reciting ‘bad idea’ over and over. Instead she responded, “ Ok so let me get this straight. You ran into your ex, she’s still pissed at something you did so she did some magic and turned your ass human, but only temporarily, and so you need somewhere to lay low until you’re all godly again.”

“ It should only be a few days.” He coaxed. 

Darcy knew she should say no, kick him out and forget all about the bad boy god that refused to vacate her thoughts. But she couldn’t, her stupid heart wouldn’t let her.

Stupid heart.

She sighed, “ Why don’t you go have a hot shower and warm up.” She pointed toward the hall, “ down there and first on the left.”

He stood and she took in all of his glory. He came over to her, inclining his head in a respectful bow, “ I am eternally in your debt, Darcy.” He took her hand and, turning her palm over to face him, he traced an elegant finger over the sensitive flesh then lowered his head and lightly brushed his lips over the same spot. Before Darcy could spontaneously combust, he let go and sauntered off in the direction she had indicated, leaving her speechless and seconds away from becoming a puddle of mush on her kitchen floor.

To distract herself from thinking about Loki, who was naked and in her shower which was just down the hall, she busied herself with finding a blanket and pillow which she put on the sofa. Then she drank the last of her beer, and fidgeted with everything in the room until finally giving in to curiosity.

 She walked down the hall towards her bedroom, because she needed something, not because it was across the hall from the bathroom, that definitely had nothing to do with it. And so what if she just happened to stop outside that door, and noticed that it was askew, and then took a peek. She was only human after all.

She had a full view of the steamy scene, Loki leaned forward and braced himself against the wall letting the hot water cascade down his taught shoulders and sinfully well formed ass.

All the moisture left her mouth and she bit down so hard on her lip she tasted blood, all she could think about was tearing her clothes off and climbing him like a spider monkey.

Bad idea, such a deliciously bad idea.

She dragged herself away and instead collected his now dry clothes, resisting the urge to sniff the tee that she knew would smell of his spicy musk. Ok so maybe she inhaled, but only a little.

She dumped them outside the door and resisted peeking again, instead she called out to him, “ So um, I’m gonna get some sleep. Enjoy the couch.” And then she ran into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her, taking deep breaths she slumped down to the ground and stayed there with her back against the door, listening as the shower was shut off and then as the door was opened and the brushing of skin against cloth as Loki got dressed right there just outside her door.

“ Sleep well, Darcy.” He murmured as though he knew she was right there to hear him, before walking away and leaving her feeling quite hot and bothered.


She tried to sleep, honestly she did, but knowing he was so close was infuriating. She kept imagining she heard a creak of floorboards or a light footfall and found herself desperately hoping that he would just storm into her room and ravage her senseless.

For so long she had carried a torch for him, against her better judgement. She would never have kissed him except that she honestly thought she was about to die. She knew it was a pointless endeavour, to entertain any thoughts of being with him.

There were gods like Thor, who found their Jane and were happy and content with their little piece of forever. Then there were gods like Loki, who, if she believed the word around the halls of Asgard, left a trail of broken-hearted maidens in their wake.

So though she knew better, she let thoughts of his smouldering gaze wander into her mind, images of his naked body followed and she felt a restless settle over her as heat blossomed between her legs. She rubbed her thighs together in an effort to alleviate some of the tension, but craved more.

She imagined him lying next to her, that it was his hand that travelled down her stomach and tentatively beneath the waistband of her panties. In her mind he kissed her deeply as his fingertips brushed against her sensitive spot, drawing out every panted moan with an expert hand. He kissed down her neck, nuzzling into her as he worked her bundle of nerves.

Darcy let a moan slip as she rubbed at herself, her free hand working at her hardened nipple though in her mind it was Loki’s mouth that sucked and licked and nipped at her. She turned her head and bit down on her pillow to stifle her moans, envisioning it was his fingers that delved deeper, exploring her depths. As she approached her climax her thoughts became fuzzy, so caught up in the sensation as she fingered herself desperately to completion. She imagined him on top of her, entering her with his hard cock in a swift thrust and with that last thought she tumbled over the edge into the sweet oblivion that existed between the ripples of pleasure that crashed over her. She rocked hard against her hand as she came, grinding her palm against her quivering clit, drawing out every delirious spasm while her mind conjured thoughts of Loki pumping into her, hard and fast with insatiable passion.

She collapsed back into herself, finding at least for a moment a semblance of peace while she languished against her sheets, floating on her post-climax high.

As the high faded, she felt the heavy emptiness seep back into her soul, and though she wasn’t embarrassed by what she had done she felt a hollowness in the knowledge that it had all just been in her mind. Untangling herself from her sheets she crept out into the hall and into the bathroom, switching on the light as she went. Although it had been several hours since Loki had showered in there the room still carried his scent, the unmistakable spice that was solely his mixed with freshness of her soap. She felt the ghost of him wrap himself around her, invading her senses and leaving her slightly giddy. She placed her hands on either side of the basin to steady herself, staring down her reflection like it was a stranger that gazed back at her.

She splashed some water on her face and then made her way back into the hall, but instead of returning to her room she found herself tiptoeing towards the living area and peeking around the corner. In the low light that emanated from various appliances she could make him out, stretched out on the sofa, blanket pulled to his hips. She watched his bare chest rise and fall, transfixed by the hypnotic movement and before she knew it she was halfway across the room. It would be so easy to just take the next step, to straddle him and kiss him awake, to let him ravage her right there on the sofa. He was so close, and yet she knew, so very very far.

With that thought she was able to turn and quietly pad her way back to her room, where she spent tiresome hours tossing and turning until finally succumbing to sleep in the early hours of the morning. It was there, in the intangible mist of dreams and wanting that she found him, the Loki who held her in his arms and whispered the words she longed to hear as he took her passionately, reverently with both his body and heart, and in these blissful moments she was content.

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