Ain't No Party Like An X-Men Party

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Ain't No Party Like A X-Men Party

An X-Men Erotic Fan-Fiction

One Shot

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content. If such material offends you then please do not continue.

Author's Note : This one shot is one of the prize's from my 200 Fan/3 Year Anniversary raffle. ChadCastle26 requested this story about his OC hooking up with the X-women Storm & Rogue at a pool party hosted by Emma Frost. Continuity note : Rogue in this story does not suffer from any issue with controlling her absorption powers. For purposes of this story she can touch and be touched at will.

The trio of women standing in a circle in their bikini's could easily be described as goddesses. In point of fact one of them had actually served as a goddess at one point prior to her joining the X-men.

Emma Frost, the one hosting the pool party that they were currently enjoying, was sipping from a long narrow flute filled with golden colored champagne. The curvaceous and busty blonde smiled after taking a sip of her bubbly, her full lips looking oh so enticing as they pressed together. Her long silky blonde hair hung down on either side of her sexy face with it's sultry blue eyes. She could easily have been a world famous movie star or model on looks alone had she chosen to. Her large breasts were wedged into a tight bikini top with a thin string which ran directly around her back and another which connected the top points of the small triangles of fabric, which struggled with concealing her tits, after it ran back around her neck. The accompanying bikini bottom was a thong cut with just a thin strip of fabric in the back which disappeared into the generous ass cleavage Emma displayed. In the front a v shape of material covered her crotch and from it a thin string of fabric ran over each of her hips with a side tie holding it together on either side. Having forgone her usual favorite color of white for this bikini, Emma had chosen a champagne gold colored getup that matched the shade of her drink.

To Emma's left was Storm, aka Ororo Munroe, the aforementioned one time goddess. The African native was just as stunning as Emma though in a more elegant sense that made Emma seem a tad porn-starish in comparison. Her long naturally white hair brushed against her back as she swept it from side to side enjoying the feeling of the breeze which blew across the open courtyard they were standing in. Her piercing blue eyes stood out against her rich brown skin. Sensual lips curled up into a warm smile as she enjoyed the casual conversation with her team mates. Storm had a commanding presence with poise and perfect posture even clad in a sexy white bikini as she was now. The triangles of white fabric covered her nipples while leaving a generous amount of deep brown titflesh on display around them. The brilliant white of the fabric was in stark contrast to her beautiful dark skin. It was a similar two string design to Emma's swimsuit. Her waist narrowed before expanding out into curvaceous hips giving her a full hourglass figure. Small v-shaped bits of material clung tightly to her sex and ass with thin straps running over either of her curvaceous hips.

Then to Emma's right was Rogue. If Emma was a wealthy party girl with the looks of a model and Storm was a literal goddess then Rogue could best be described as a sexy 'n sassy southern belle. Her long naturally wavy brown hair fell to her shoulders with a streak of white hair in the center that had nothing to do with her age, being naturally that way like Storm's own oddly colored hair. Just a few inches shorter than Storm, Rogue was equally busty with a pair of tits that threatened to escape from her pink bikini top if she moved much more. Whereas the other two were standing fairly still as they conversed, Rogue was moving to the music being pumped out of the speakers which lined the pool party. This had the effect of jiggling her impressive breasts as she tossed her head from side to side and swayed her curvy hips suggestively. Being something of a flirt anyways, Rogue was feeling extra flirtatious today and was very interested in seeing what kind of handsome hunks she might find here at the party. This would be easy in the teeny tiny bikini she was sporting. Like her teammates the top covered her breasts only barely leaving a wonderful display of breast meat visible and her tight fitting bikini bottom matched Storm's save for being pink in color instead of white.

All around the trio the party throbbed. People were enjoying their drinks, the large pool and the crystal clear waters, the palatial grounds, and the summer sun. It had been Emma's idea to open up one of her homes to host a big summer bash. For once no world shaking threats loomed over the X-Men's heads and they had earned a chance to rest and enjoy themselves. It had also served as a good chance to meet other mutants who weren't affiliated with the team and so Emma had reached out to her other social circles to bolster the guest list.

“The party seems to be a smashing success Emma. I would say Rogue seems to agree.” Storm nodded at her dancing teammate. Emma smiled after sipping a bit of champagne.

“It just feels so good, sugah. I can't recall the last time we got to just cut loose like this. It’s nice to not be fighting just to exist for once.” Rogue's southern accent inflected each of her words as she grooved to the bass.

“I'd dance with you Rogue but I sense you're more interested in attracting someone a bit more masculine today.” Emma set her emptied champagne flute down on a tray held by a passing servant before giving her hips a sensual sway and tossing her hair back as she joined in a bit of dancing despite her statement.

“Ah'm not sure you had to read my mind for that insight Emma.” The three of them shared a laugh.

“You're not off base though Em. I'm feeling a might bit randy today. Thinking I might need to scratch this itch if you take my meaning.”

Storm had joined her two friends in beginning to dance, forming a circle of beauties shaking their asses and grooving to the beat.

“I find myself agreeing with you Rogue. Emma, you know the guests here better than either of us. Perhaps you could make some suggestions. Not one of our fellow teammates. I would rather avoid any team drama this day.”

Emma looked out over the crowd of her guests and her eyes fell upon a man in a deck-chair on the other side of the huge pool.

“Perfect. Over there on the other side of the pool. You should both go meet Chad. He's a real sweetheart and really cute as well. Oh, and...” Emma leaned in so close to Rogue that her lips brushed her ear as she whispered. Rogue trembled slightly. In part because of the soft touch of another woman's lips, but also in part due to what she had just heard.

“We should both meet him?” Storm, who hadn't been privy to the whispered secret raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“T...two?!” Rogue stammered, a deep blush rising on her cheeks as she stared at Emma in astonishment. Emma held up two fingers in a V as she shot Rogue a suggestive smirk.

“Trust me hon, you're gonna want to see this for yourself!” Rogue grabbed hold of Storm's hand and tugged her off away towards the pool. Her curiosity raised Storm allowed herself to be led. As they reached the side of the pool they both executed perfect dives, their nubile bodies slipping into the sun warmed water.

 Chad had been having a hell of a good time at the party to begin with. The music and food was top notch just like at the other events of Emma's he had been to. The fact that it was a pool party on a gorgeous summer day was even better. He had already caught glimpses of a purple haired asian knockout and a cute brown haired girl who were having a good time playing together in the pool. He contented himself to enjoying the relaxation of stretching out on a comfy lounge chair beneath an umbrella for the time being however.

The young man had a fit athletic build with dark short cropped hair. He wore a pair of nice shades and a bright pair of loose blue-green trunks came down to a few inches above his knees.

Then two women emerged from the side of the pool and suddenly it was like he was in a music video or something. A pair of stone cold foxes climbed out, one white and one black and both among the hottest women Chad had ever seen in his life. Their wet bodies gleamed in the sunlight as droplets ran down their skin. The water had made their already tight bikini's cling to them even closer. So much so that he was sure he could see where their nipples pressed out against the fabric of their tops. Likewise the v shaped fabric covering their sexes hinted at the outline of the tight crevices beneath it.

As they moved towards him their bodies swayed suggestively, breasts bouncing with each step and hips moving from side to side. He could almost swear it seemed like they were in slow motion as they clearly made their way towards him. He played it cool, keeping his hands back behind his head though he could already feel his body reacting to the sight of them in the form of a tightening in the front of his trunks. As they approached closer they shook their heads flinging their wet hair from side to side and casting water about in their wake.

As they came closer the white girl with the two toned hair crouched down and began to crawl up his lounge chair on all fours towards him. She favored him with a flirty smile as her shoulders swayed side to side making her large round breasts do likewise as she approached. She slid a hand up his calf, over his knee, and lightly stroked his thigh.

“Hey there. You must be Chad. Emma was right. You are cute.”

The feeling of her touching him made his growing erection accelerate tenfold. Despite this Chad just smiled back at the beautiful woman climbing all over his chair.

“That'd be me. I see you X-Women like to gossip when you get together. I'm glad the word is good.” Chad recognized the two women though he hadn't met them before now. Their reputations preceded them. He tilted his shades down so his piercing blue eyes stared into the beautiful woman's own green ones. Then he gave her a flirty wink.

“Guilty as charged. I heard a juicy bit about you that's got me mighty curious in fact. Word is you're hiding a couple of secrets. If you'd indulge us then my friend here and I would be happy to indulge you. If you take my meaning. Wouldn't we Storm?” Rogue put her other hand on his other thigh and softly stroked both of his legs up and down as she put on her best sex kitten look. Chad could almost swear her heard her purr.

Storm wasn't quite sure what to expect as she hadn't been privy to the secret Emma had shared. Her trust in her teammate was absolute however and she had to admit that the man Emma had steered the two of them towards was entirely to her liking. She stood to one side of the lounge chair as Rogue put on her show of seduction. A small breeze she had summoned up blew across her skin helping to dry the water clinging to her skin. Whatever had captured Rogue's imagination had Storm intrigued and she was ready to go along with her friend.

“You certainly have me curious at this point Rogue. If your new friend there is game I'd love to play as well.” She crossed her arms, cupping the underside of her breasts and pushing them out further as she waited to see what this secret was going to be.

The thought of the pair of beautiful sexy women throwing themselves at him would have been enough to top off his erection had it not already happened due to Rogue's flirtatious touches. Chad slipped his shades off and put them on a nearby table as he wanted to see the pair of them perfectly.

“Well, Rogue is it? That deal sounds too good to pass up to me. Go right ahead if you will.” He put his hands back behind his head as he grinned at the pair of beauties.

Rogue didn't hesitate as she slid her hands up his thighs over his trunks. Gripping the waistband of his swimsuit she began to tug it down from around his hips. As it slipped down his thighs she pulled it on down around his knees. Trapped cock-flesh suddenly sprang up as it ceased to be constrained. Rogue's lips formed a positively naughty grin as she looked on in amazement. Storm's eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she looked on in utter astonishment.

“Oh yum! Just as advertised!” Rogue blurted out.

“By the goddess. There are gifts then there are gifts!” Storm couldn't tear her eyes away.

Twin uncut cocks stood upright from Chad's crotch. They were mounted beside each other about an inch apart. Each was fully functional with a pair of balls dangling below and each was well above average in length and girth all on their own. His unique mutant gift might not make him X-Men material but it had plenty of benefits nonetheless. Rogue's hand was already moving towards one of the twitching members without her even realizing it. Then she looked up from the throbbing pair of cocks towards Chad's eyes.

“Can I? Touch that is?”

“Go ahead. I insist.” Chad nodded affirmatively as he spoke.

Rogue reached with both hands now and wrapped one around each of his amazing cocks. Her hands were soft and felt amazing as they began to stroke his lengths. Her fingers ran down his length and then slipped to cup both pairs of balls at once. She was still coming to terms with what she was seeing when she noticed that Storm had gotten down on her knees to one side of the lounge chair. Rogue let go of the cock on that side and turned her focus solely now on the one she had in hand.

“A promise is a promise. Come on Storm, this job calls for two.” Rogue moved her face closer to the thick cock her lips parting as she neared it.

“You're in for quite the treat hon. It's not every day you get a team up like the two of us.” Rogue's warm wet breath brushed across his stiff shaft as her lips came within inches of it. As she reached the dangling tip her tongue darted out and she licked a wet trail around the mushroom shaped head. That first tentative lap quickly turned into a swirling of her tongue all around the sensitive head of his right member. One of Rogue’s hands cupped his balls tenderly fondling them while she worked her tongue magic. Her other hand gripped his cock around the base and lightly stroked up and down his length. The licking continued as the southern belle began to go deeper taking the end of his cock into her wet mouth. All the while she kept her eyes looking up at Chad letting him see how much she was enjoying getting a taste of his meaty cock.

Storm joined in on the action just moments after Rogue let go of Chad’s left shaft. Her voluptuous soft breasts pressed against the side of his leg as she leaned in closer. Storm’s tongue darted from her mouth as she reached the very base of the cock and began an agonizingly slow steady trail up the underside of the shaft. Only once she reached the tip of the twitching member did she move quickly, opening her mouth wide enough to suddenly swallow down the cock in a single smooth motion. Now, like Rogue, she looked up into his eyes as she deepthroated his entire length feeling it tickle the back of her throat as she ran her tongue all along his length. Wrapping her lips around the base she pulled back suckling his dick the entire way up till the tip emerged and she planted a deep kiss upon it.

On his right side Rogue was licking around his cockhead like it was an ice cream cone. She moaned a low sensual moan as she used both hands to work up and down the sides of his cock. When a dollop of precum emerged from the split in the tip of his cock she eagerly swooped in and licked it up. Licking her lips in as sensual display as was physically possibly Rogue then blew him a kiss.

“Yum, this pussycat loves her cream you know.”

Reaching behind her Rogue loosed the ties on her top. No longer stretched taut across her magnificent rack the pink triangles of fabric slipped up on top of her tits showing the soft curves of the undersides of her breasts and a pair of erect nipples with soft pink areolas. Moving back up towards his saliva coated shaft Rogue slid the cock between her large breasts and sandwiched in impossibly soft titflesh. Moving her hips and back she began to grind on his member rubbing up and down the length.

“You like that sugah?”

“You know it girl.” Like was an understatement. This was pure heaven having a pair of super model caliber beauties who also knew exactly what they were doing double teaming him like this.

While she titty fucked his right cock Rogue began to lean in and kiss and lick the tip of his cock where it emerged from between her enveloping breasts. Suddenly Storm’s face was pressing in from the left as well. While the one time goddess continued to stroke his left dick with both hands she joined Rogue in teasing his right member with her mouth. Then they started to take turns. One would lick up and down the side while the other bobbed up and down suckling the tip for a bit before switching off. The pair seemed to have it down to an art as they delivered maximum pleasure while avoiding putting Chad over the edge into cumming just yet.

“Oh god babe, you’re so hung. I’ve got to feel this inside me!” One of Rogue’s hands had slipped down her body between her thighs where she played with her snatch through her bikini as she thought about one or both of the big fat cocks slamming up inside her.

“Yes Chad, I want you inside as well.” Storm had a look of molten desire on her face as she looked up at him practically begging for it.

“Well how could I say no to that? Get your fine asses up here!”

Wasting no time Rogue crawled on all fours up onto the long deck lounger. Her bikini top still hung loosely and her breasts swayed free of entanglement as she maneuvered upon the longue chair. Pivoting around on hands and knees she turned so her ass stuck out at Chad, her back arched so she was in full on presentation mode, her string bikini bottom barely covering any of it.

“Hey Stormie, why don’t you mount up. That way Chad can have his pick.”

Taking Rogue up on her offer the brown skinned beauty climbed up atop Rogue her own glorious ass now sticking out atop her lighter skinned teammates and her heaving breasts pressed tight to Rogue’s back.

“It’s like an all I can fuck buffet back here.” Chad reached out with a hand and gave a playful swat causing Storm’s ass to jiggle delightfully and eliciting a pleasured moan from her. He repeated the gesture on Rogue getting a giggle from the southern belle.

“It’s your choice hon. Pick two holes, any two holes, and stick those fat meat sticks on in em!”

Chad put a hand on each of the women’s asses. Sliding Rogue’s pink bikini bottom to the left and Storm’s white one to the right he saw a pair of smooth pussies and two tight & tempting assholes looking right back at him. Gripping a saliva coated dick with one hand he rubbed it against the dark brown skin of Storm’s cunt. The white haired beauty moaned as she felt him tease her folds with his erection. A shiver ran through her body and she pressed down against Rogue’s back, her large breasts smooshing up against the soft skin of the woman below her. Chad pressed in towards her pushing the head of his cock against her smooth pussy lips. They spread slowly enveloping his cock in the soft wetness of her twat. Now leading his other cock he positioned this one so it slid along Rogue’s backside. Grinding against Rogue’s glorious ass it slipped between her cheeks and began to rub up and down inside her crevice. He slid down further till his erect tip poked against the southerner’s tight clenched rosebud.

“Ooooh Chad. Coming in thru the backdoor are ya? Come on in big boy!” Rogue bit down on her lip and gripped the sides of the deck lounger as she felt him push into her. His cock driving into her asshole pried it open slowly until the tip could slip inside. Chad worked his way into both of them slowly enjoying the feeling of their orifices enveloping his cocks. His right hand slid up onto Storm’s back right above her ass. His left hand dipped down beneath Rogue between her legs. He began to tease her pussy with his fingers even as he pushed his long hard cock into her tight little asshole. She moaned aloud as he fingered her cunt. Now that he had penetrated a few inches into each of their holes he began to rock back and forth driving his double cocks in and out of them. Each was nice and tight as they wrapped around his thick invading member. Storm threw her head back, her long white hair flying to the side as she looked up at him. Chad thrusted powerfully with his hips in his dominant position behind the two women. She watched him, with his hand upon her back as he speared her cunt over and over again. Each new thrust sent a shock of pleasure through her body as he brought her nearer and nearer to climax.

Meanwhile Rogue let out a whimpering sound as she experienced the twin pleasures of her twat being diddled by his expert touch at the same time as his thick cock slid in and out of her anus. The touch of Storm’s large soft breasts rubbing up and down against her back didn’t help matters either. When she felt Chad bottom out inside her, one of his set of balls grinding against her thigh as he worked in and out of her it sent her straight over the edge.

“Ooooh, Chad! Shit! Fuck that ass baby!” She bit down on her lip and let out a series of muffled moans as she came from having her ass pounded. Storm wasn’t doing much better. Her head was still up and turned back to watch him as he fucked her. She was thrusting back with her hips to meet him as he rammed his way deep inside her. Unlike Rogue she didn’t make a sound as she gave in to the mounting sensations and came. Instead her eyes went blank white as a look of ultimate pleasure wiped across her face. This happened when she called upon her mutant weather powers and sure enough a low peal of thunder could be heard as miles away a lightning bolt suddenly struck out of an otherwise clear blue sky.

“Goddess.” It was all Storm could say as she collapsed upon Rogue’s back. Her breathing was labored as she tried to recover from the intense orgasm. Showing an impressive level of stamina Chad still hammered away at the pair. As the two girls caught their breath Chad pulled back, both of his cocks slipping out with a slick wet sound from their holes. He climbed up off his lounger and Storm, who was still a bit overcome, slid back off of Rogue and into a seated position resting against the back of the lounger. Her legs spread to either side her thighs were visibly coated in her juices and she played with her pussy absentmindedly as she continued to look longingly up at Chad. Standing there his twin cocks were still erect, bobbing up and down in the air brazenly.

Rogue rose to her knees upon the lounge chair and eagerly wrapped her lips around one of the cocks once more. She could taste Storm’s juices all over it as she began to deepthroat the fat uncut cock. Her fingers gripped his other dick and began to stroke it so it wouldn’t get lonely.

“Yeah, suck that cock girl. Swallow it all the way down.” He put a hand on the back of her head, his fingers sinking into her hair as he guided her down his shaft. He only stopped when he felt his balls grinding up against her chin and her lips wrapped around the base. Rogue pulled back after his hand let go. She made sure to drag her tongue along the underside of his cock all the way to the tip. As it left her mouth she lapped the underside once more making it bounce playfully.

“Get on top of your friend this so I can give it to both of you.” Rogue eagerly complied. Climbing atop Storm this time she was face to face with the other woman. Their breasts pressed together, a mix of white and brown tit-flesh. Rogue propped Storm’s legs up and pushed them till Storm’s knees were around her head. Two smooth wet cunts rubbed against each other sloppily. Chad closed in behind them with his dual cocks pointing right at his target. Rogue gripped the back of the lounge chair behind Storm’s head to brace herself. It still couldn’t prepare her for once more feeling one of Chad’s prodigious cocks as it teased her soft outer folds.

“Oh god Chad! Fuck those tight little pussies!” Rogue cried out as she felt him slip inside her. She wiggled her ass back so it drove him even deeper inside her. Pinned beneath her teammate Storm could only moan like a bitch in heat as she once more felt the divine touch of that gloriously thick cock working away at her. In this position it was easier for Chad to thrust than it had been when he crouched on the lounger. Now the loud slapping sound of flesh on flesh issued from them as he fucked both their fine pussies hard. Putting his hands behind his head he went to town drilling the two x-women like they’d never felt before.

“Ohhh fuck!” Storm gripped her legs around her ankles as she came a second time plunging her into a pleasure soaked abyss. The oftentimes leader of X-men looked a lot less commanding at that moment as he tongue lulled out of the side of her mouth and her face was covered with a lewd look of carnal bliss.

At the same time Rogue was being hammered so hard her massive tits bounced back and forth as she held onto the back of the chair for all she was worth. The cervix battering pleasure of Chad’s cock as it softly scraped along her insides to her deepest spots was more than she could take.

“Yeah baby! Give me every inch of that big fat dick! I’m gonna…” Her words were cut off and replaced by an unintelligible sound as she came. Feeling both of their orgasming cunts sucking on his cocks at the same time could have finished Chad off right then and there. He held on however. Instead he switched to a slow thrust just enjoying the sensation of their quivering pussies as the pair slowly came down from their heights of pleasure.

Once more he slid from inside his partners orifices. This time he guided them into the desired position by hand. Laid down facing away from each other, back to back each of the women curled up so they could hold their legs against their chests. In this pose their amazingly round curvy asses both jutted out pointing towards him as they rubbed against each other. Rogue’s asshole was still slightly spread from before while Storm’s was perfectly tight and untouched. He closed in on the pair. With each hand he gripped a handful of sexy assflesh which helped spread their cheeks as he slid each cock against one of their holes. Both members were well coated with pussy juices and easily began to sink into the tight hole offered up. Now that he was inside he let go of with his hands and just balled up his fists as he experienced the delight of both assholes at the same time. Standing there Chad began to solely use his hips to rock back and forth stretching both Rogue and Storm’s assholes around his massive girths.

While he helped himself to their tight anal cavities Rogue and Storm could only moan, sigh, and coo as they experienced this shared anal experience. As he picked up his pace the sounds only grew in intensity. Chad continued to drill them mercilessly as he enjoyed the supreme tightness their anuses offered. It went on for several more minutes of noisy assfucking before things came to a head.

“I’m gonna fill those sexy asses with cream!” He continued pumping with his hips as he shouted. Letting loose with his orgasm his twin cocks began to spurt their loads together. Both Rogue & Storm sighed aloud as they felt the hot thick cum gush out into their anuses. It was further stirred up as it shot out inside as he continued to fuck them. He threw his head back and groaned contentedly as he gave them all four of his balls worth of jizz. Emptying both loads inside them his pistoning began to pump cum out around the base of his cocks until he slowed his thrusting and began to pull from inside the pair. A wet slurping sound accompanied his exit from their now stretched and gaping assholes. More cum leaked down across their asses now. Chad’s two cocks were still semi-erect though beginning to flag a bit after the intense release. One member draped over the side of Storm’s ass while the other came to rest atop Rogue’s. The last dribbles of his semen dripped out across their curvy asses as he grinned at his lovely fuck partners.

“Well that was fun. Want to clean up, grab some food, and try this again ladies?”

Storm ran her hands through her hair as she looked up at him.

“And here I thought your mutant power was between your legs, not reading minds.”

They all chuckled as he reached down and helped the pair up from the lounge chair.

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