I Could Never Forget you: Count on me

BY : Akabara
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AN: Illusions and thoughts are in italics, memories and dreams are bold italic. The rest is just dialogue. It's just an attempt to make the reading flow a little easier.


He hungrily captured her mouth in his while he kept her pinned against a wall. His hand had snaked under the skirt of her school uniform, his fingers vibrating against her clit with expert precision and pressure. Though she still wore her underwear she couldn’t help but gasp into his mouth. Finally, after all of these months, they were finally giving into their feelings for each other.

After a moment though she heard a zipper unfastening and tried to break free. He held her in place and sent a moderate shock of electricity through her body. It wasn’t enough to severely harm her, but enough to cause the same effect as a shock collar on a dog being trained.

He glared at her in anger, “I’ll make you pay for that.”

Kiara woke up with a start, tears flowing down her face as she gasped for air, feeling as though no matter how heavily she breathed she couldn’t get any air into her lungs. She looked around frantically at her surroundings. This wasn’t an allyway… she was in a room… somewhere. Where? Whose room was this?

“Kiara,” a husky voice called to her.

Her eyes darted around, the world seemed distorted as she tried to gain her bearings.

“Kiara,” the voice repeated, a little firmer and she blinked, her head snapping in the direction of the voice.

“Easy.  It’s just me,” Zac coaxed as he sat next to her.

“Zac,” Kiara breathed out, barely recognizing her own voice. She sounded like a frightened child.

“It’s just me,” Zac repeated as he opened his arms to her. She hesitated a moment before letting herself fall into his embrace.

‘Again…you’ve been having nightmares the last few weeks… you’re not getting enough sleep. That much is obvious. Do you just have the one nightmare all the time? What even happens in that nightmare? I wish you’d tell me,’ Zac thought as he wrapped his arms gently but protectively around Kiara.

“I’m here,” Zac soothed, feeling a familiar dampness hit the front of his shirt. He was used to this now, her crying after waking up from a nap, saturating his shirt with tears. He’d hold her until her tears ran dry and her body stopped trembling, then he’d find some way to her mind off of what had happened. She’d changed a bit in the last month and a half and it was a change that frightened him.

He gently played with her hair as he repositioned them so her ear was resting directly over his heart, maybe it was an instinct left over from her infantcy but when she heard a familiar heartbeat it helped to calm her faster.

‘Like a biological security blanket,’ He thought to himself, blinking back his own tears. Every time she woke up like that, every time he saw her looking like a lost frightened deer at the end of a Hunter’s barrel, it ripped him to his core, causing a pain he never knew he could feel and more than anything instilling a deeper, primal need to protect her.

He’d even approached the professor and asked to change a few things around so he could spend more time with her.

What was most curious though was at the exact time of this change, Kiara began avoiding anyone she knew to be telepathic, and made it abundantly clear that no one was to go into her mind and if they did, she’d run off and make it impossible for anyone to find her.

That had scared Caleb, and the professor enough to not push things. Kiara wasn’t sure if any of them had actually gone into her mind but she knew Caleb hadn’t. If he had, he would’ve surely lost control.

She inhaled deeply, her breath coming out in long huffs as she calmed down.

“I’m right here, Kiara. Whatever you want,” Zac restated.

Kiara bit her lip before replying, “Videos?”

Zac chuckled a bit and nodded, “Alright. I brought up that popcorn you wanted.”

“Thanks,” Kiara replied, still not looking at him.

“You alright sitting on my lap… or do you want a chair?” Zac asked.

“I’m fine with your lap,” Kiara replied, though part of her was a bit uneasy.

“Alright,” Zac replied as he stood up and offered his hand to her.

Kiara blinked, “You’re not gonna change your shirt?”

Zac smirked, “Why? You wanna see?”

Kiara felt her cheeks heat up in an intense blush.

Zac chuckled, “It’s just a normal guy chest now. There’s nothing there to be embarrassed about.”

“Really?” Kiara asked.

Zac shrugged as his arms crossed each other, his hands gripping the hem of his blue sweater, and then straightening his arms, removing the shirt in the process.

He tossed the shirt off, into the laundry basket, “see for yourself.”

He blinked at the sight of Kiara with her eyes clenched closed, and looking away.

Zac quirked a brow before he snorted and began laughing, “Kiara… I’m not gonna fully strip. I promise… if I do… I’ll let ya push me into a frozen pond, kay?”

Kiara slowly opened one eye, then the other and looked to Zac. He hadn’t been lying. There wasn’t even a sign that breasts used to be on his chest, other than some scars that were already very faded. He even had a few light chest chairs growing on his new pectorals.

She knew he worked out, and she knew he had to have some muscle definition, but she never imagined that he’d have a lightly defined six pack going on, or that even with his arms relaxed at his sides, his biceps were still somewhat defined.  

“Wow,” she whispered as her eyes inspected him.

He smiled, happily as he took a shirt out of a dresser drawer and closed it, looking to her as he pulled on a Carolina Hurricanes hoodie, “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah. You can hardly tell,” Kiara admitted.

“The mark of a good surgeon,” Zac agreed, holding his hand out to her once more. This time she didn’t hesitate in taking his hand, he grinned as he pulled her up off of the bed and went over to the computer in his room.

He sat in the chair, and waited while she perched herself on his lap. He wrapped an arm around her waist as she opened a web browser and began typing in a URL.

Snow fell from the grey sky, swirling on its way down to the ground joining its brethren on a white blanket upon the surface. Caleb and Nathaniel helped the others put up the tree and decorations while Liz sat wrapping a few gifts for the office Christmas party.

“Who’d you secret Santa? Half the office?” Nathaniel joked.

“Oh ha ha, funny Mr. Payton… you do recall that I also drop off a few parcels to the orphanage this time of year, right?” Liz returned.

“I know it. Red head with a gold heart,” Nate replied as he hung up mistletoe in the doorway.

Liz chuckled, “I am not stepping under there.”

“Who says it’s for you?” Nate retorted with a smile before heading into the kitchen.

Elizabeth shook her head a little, ‘oh what a weirdo.’

“You were married to that guy?” Jason asked, a teasing tone to his voice. He slowly and steadily  made his way over to her, pushing the walker along with him as he moved.

“Why, yes I was… he diapered, fed, and nurtured both of my children so I could focus on my career,” Elizabeth replied, playfully.

Jason tilted his head to the side as he reached his destination, the seat right beside her as he sat down, “really?”

“Yes. I stayed home the first two weeks to recover and then it was right back to work,” Liz confessed as she finished with one of the gifts.

“That’s different,” Jason replied.

He was silent for a moment before he asked, “where’s Kiara?”

“She’s probably with Zac, in his room,” Liz replied.

Jason’s eyes widened while his face paled. Witnessing this caused Elizabeth to lightly laugh, “Don’t worry. He isn’t that kind of boy.”

“Why’d he choose the code name, ‘Raiden’?” Nate wondered out loud.

“Well, he is into Japanese culture… Samurai’s, that sort of thing… and Raiden is the Japanese God of Lightening… Zac controls electrical currents and produces electrical charges and can also be charged by lightning strikes, so your guess is as good as mine,” Liz replied as she stacked the gift wrapped parcels.

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