Fearless Valkyrior

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(This story was originally meant to be one long story but it's been taking so long to write that I decided to put it out in parts instead so the first chapter does not feature a lot of sex. This story takes place after the final issue of Fearless Defenders. Again feel free to talk with me in the forum about this story or anything else at http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/56828-marvelfan98-writing/ Hope you all enjoy)

Valkyrie walked into the room and saw her team assembled. She had called together her new Defenders team here at one of Misty’s Heroes for Hire headquarters for a very special reason. Valkyrie took a moment to survey her team before they had realized she was there. There was her co-leader Misty Knight, former hero for hire, who was talking with the X-man and former Valkyrie herself Dani Moonstar. The Olympian Hippolyta stood nearby with her arms crossed over her chest. Next to the Amazonian Valkyrie saw the sorceress Clea and monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone chatting, most likely disagreeing about whether a spell or gun would be better to kill some demon or another. Off on her own looking somewhat uncomfortable was the team’s newest member Ren who was not only new to the team but to her powers as well gaining them from the terrigenesis cloud released when Attilan fell during Thanos’ invasion.

Of course there was one member of the team who wasn’t present. Annabelle Riggs, archeologist and friend of Misty’s who had sort of forced herself onto the team. The reason she wasn’t present was because after a possessed Valkyrie had killed poor Annabelle and sent her soul to Valhalla, Valkyrie with the help of Clea managed to bond the mortal woman to herself. Now Annabelle could return to the earth by acting as Valkyrie’s host, only one of the women being able to exist on earth at a time. This all made Annabelle’s relationship with Ren all the harder. Ren sometimes couldn’t see the difference between the two women and feared for Annabelle every time Valkyrie went into battle.

Valkyrie greatly respected each of these seven women and had been very glad to serve alongside each and every one of them. She approached her comrades saying to them.

“Thank you for gathering together my friends.”

“What’s up Val?” Misty asked her “You got a mission for us?”

“No brave Misty, nothing like that today.” Valkyrie answered. “I would like to ask you all to accompany me to a special ceremony in Valhalla. It is very important to me that you all attend.”

This peaked Dani interest. “Wait is this…?” She began to ask.

“Yes Danielle it is.” Valkyrie cut her off. “If you don’t mind I’d like to give the details to the others later.”

“Oh this is going to be fun.” Dani said with a smile.

“Wait how do you know what’s going on?” Misty asked confused.

“I’ve been a Valkyrie on and off for years remember. I know a bit about the inner workings of Asgard.” The young former mutant answered.

“Clea, would you do the honors?” Valkyrie asked.                  

“Sure.” Clea answered her, going almost immediately into an incantation. She began some quiet chants, consisting of words that none of the others could make out. Her hands began to shift in intricate movements. A soft light began to glow from the woman expanding out to surround the rest of the women, suddenly the light flashed extremely bright. Once the light dimmed the women looked around them and saw that they were now standing outside. There were a few spread out longhouses reminiscent of old Viking architecture.

“Whoa!” They all heard a voice and turned to see Annabelle, the final member of their group now standing among them. “What the hell just happened?” She asked.

“Annabelle!” Ren said wrapping her girlfriend in a hug. She pulled back suddenly worried that her bladed hands might cut Annabelle only to realize that the long wiry blades that usually cover her hands were missing. She looked back at Valkyrie and asked, “What’s going on? How are you both here and what happened to my hands?”

Valkyrie chuckled as she answered. “This is Valhalla Ren, Asgardian heaven. You’re blades are gone because you wish them to be, you could summon them back any time you wish.” she explained. “As for Annabelle and myself both being here our sacrifice for Clea’s spell was that we could not both be on Midgard, not Valhalla.”

“I don’t really care how it happened right now.” Annabelle said. “I’m just glad I’m here.” She finished giving Ren a quick peck on her lips.

“And we are glad to have you Annabelle.” Valkyrie told her. “Now if you could all follow me there is still the matter of the ceremony I brought you all here to attend.”

The group of women followed Valkyrie towards the largest of the longhouses in the area entering through the large double doors. They came into an entry way which seemed to have a roof far too high for the building they had entered. The room was carved from logs with Nordic decorations adorning it in every corner. There was another set of large doors standing directly across from the ones they had entered as well as a smaller door to the side. There were two women standing and waiting for them as they entered the doors, both were young beautiful blonde women with sensual curves that could be seen in their long white robes.

“Greetings lady Valkyrie and honored guests.” Both women said in unison.

“Greetings” Valkyrie acknowledged them before turning back to her Defenders saying. “I have a few final preparations to make before the ceremony can begin, until then my handmaidens will help the rest of you prepare.” She explained to them. “Danielle could you possibly aid me in my final preparations?” She asked singling out the one woman.

“As much as I hate to miss out on the preparation they’re about to receive sure.” Danielle said with a knowing smile on her face.

Valkyrie and Dani then left through the large double doors leaving the six others with the handmaidens. “Please follow us.” One of the handmaidens said before the two of them turned and headed towards the smaller door. The six defenders followed. Annabelle noticed Ren staring at the sway of the handmaidens hips as she walked. Annabelle nudged her girlfriend with her elbow and laughed as she saw Ren blush at being caught. They led them into a long hall with six more doors, three on each side along with four more handmaidens standing in front of them.

“We ask that you each enter one room and a handmaiden will see to your individual preparations.” The first women explained to them. The Defenders split up, each going to one of the doors and being led into an individual room.

As Annabelle walked in she was quite pleased with what she saw. There was a round wooden tub filled with water so warm there was a light steam rising off of it. There was a small padded table nearby which Annabelle was sure must be a massage table. Beside both the tub and the table there were small tables covered in various small vases and candles filling the room with a wonderful relaxing aroma. There was also another table by the tub with a folded towel on it that looked to be very large and soft.

“Please enjoy the bath lady Annabelle.” The handmaiden who had followed her said. “Also feel free to enjoy our various soaps and lotions.” She added motioning to the vases on the table near the tub. “Once you have finished and dried off please lie face down on the table.”

“Thank you.” Annabelle answered then waited a moment for the other woman to leave so she could strip down and get in the bath. After a few moments of the young blonde woman standing there and staring Annabelle realized she wasn’t planning on leaving. A little nervous and uncomfortably Annabelle began to take off her clothes making sure her back was turned to the woman.

Meanwhile in one of the other rooms Clea had no qualms about her own body and openly strode nude across the room to the tub before testing it with her fingers. The water was perfect, the warmth filling her fingers and spreading to the rest of her hand. She quickly climbed into the water and sank in letting the warmth engulf her. She could feel the heat relaxing her muscles as she sat for a moment taking it in. She moved over to the vases of soaps and began to smell the different fragrances. She noticed the handmaiden gathering up her clothes and heading towards the door.

“Where are you taking those?” She asked.

“Do not worry lady Clea.” The handmaiden answered “We will be cleaning your garments while you bath. Once you have finished please dry yourself and lay face down on the table.” She then left the room leaving Clea alone.

Not overly concerned with the loss of her clothes Clea simply returned to the many smells of the soaps trying to pick which one to use.

In yet another room Ren was already occupying herself a lavender smelling soap. She lathered the soap over her wet body feeling it cleaning her skin. Coated in the soap her hands easily glided over her skin. As her hands passed over her chest she couldn’t help but have a slight thought of her lover Annabelle, wondering if she was doing the same thing. The image of Annabelle’s naked body lathered in soap gave Ren a very familiar sensation between her legs. She then considered the fact that this was the first time since she had met Annabelle that her fingers hadn’t ended in razors and she was wasting that time having a bath rather than running her fingers over every inch of her girlfriend’s body. Of course this was the first time in quite a while the she might be able to use her fingers for a little stress relief of her own. She thought about it for a minute wondering if the handmaiden might return but she didn’t know if she would ever have a chance at this again so she decided to take it. One of her hands made its way into the water and down between her legs. A sigh of relief escaping her lips as she made her first contact.

Elsa not being much of one for baths, considering them a waste of time was already trying herself off after quickly washing herself. The big soft towel quickly lifted the excess water from her skin. Following the handmaidens instruction she finished drying, wrapped the towel around herself and moved over to lie face down on the table, she was surprised at how soft it was. No sooner had she lied down then the handmaiden entered the room making her way quickly over to the table.

“I hope you enjoyed the bath lady Elsa.” The young said as she neared the table.

“Like I said earlier I’m not really one for baths.” Elsa explained to her.

“Well then hopefully you will enjoy our next treatment more.” The handmaiden motioned for Elsa to lie back down and then moved her towel down revealing Elsa’s back although leaving it still covering her butt. She then took one of the vases next to Elsa and poured out some lotion from it onto Elsa’s back. She then began to rub the lotion into Elsa’s back with surprisingly strong hands.

“Oooh” Elsa cooed as she felt the handmaiden begin to massage her back. “Yes this is much better.” She said.

A long moan rang out in another room as Hippolyta’s strong muscled back was being rubbed, loosening it up so well. Hippolyta lay nude on the table not bothering to cover herself with the towel or caring who saw her. The handmaiden continued to rub the amazon’s large lean muscles, her hands gliding smoothly thanks to the lotion she was using.

Hippolyta felt became more relaxed with each passing moment time seeming to melt together. The handmaiden rubbed every inch of her back and then progressed to her arms working the biceps and triceps. The handmaiden then made her way to Hippolyta’s legs starting at her feet and working her way up and not stopping at the thighs. She began to rub Hippolyta’s butt, rubbing the toned round flesh with as much vigor as she had the rest of Hippolyta’s body.

Finally the massage ended much to Hippolyta’s disappointment. The handmaiden excused herself briefly to get Hippolyta’s clothing. She returned in less than a minute later carrying some sort of white garment with her that was not the clothing Hippolyta had come in with.

“You want me to wear this?” Misty Knight asked her own handmaiden as she held up the white robe in front of herself inspecting it, not very impressed with the sheer white fabric it was made from. It would hide even less then the towel she was currently covered by.

“Lady Valkyrie has asked that all of her guests wear the traditional ceremonial dress.” The handmaiden explained to her.

“Are you kidding?” Misty asked. “There’s nothing to this. There’s not even any underwear.”

“I’m sorry lady Misty we have been given strict instructions to only provide you with the traditional clothing.”

Misty stared at her for a minute more than a little annoyed. She knew this girl was just doing as she had been told and tried not to go off on her. Finally she agreed and asked for some privacy, the handmaiden leaving so Misty could dress. She looked down at her body draped in the white robe and wasn’t very impressed. It had no sides to it as all and the front and back were held together by a single sash around her waist, and the fabric was so sheer that it was practically clear. Of course Misty having such dark skin didn’t really help much, her dark nipples almost completely visible. She crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself up and went to the door to find her handmaiden waiting for her.

Soon the Defenders minus Valkyrie and Dani were once again gathered in the entrance hall they had first come into. They were all wearing the same robe but some seemed more concerned by it then others.  Misty, Annabelle and Ren were all doing their best to keep what modesty they could, while Clea and Hippolyta both didn’t seem worried at all and stood completely naturally, Elsa was somewhere in the middle, not trying to cover herself up but not standing quite as comfortably as normal. The original two handmaidens were standing by the large doors leading deeper into the building. Soon there came a booming sound from behind those large doors at which point the handmaidens each took hold of a door and slowly pulled them open revealing a dark room.

“Come forward my Defenders.” The women heard Valkyrie’s voice from in the darkness.

They walked into the room unable to see more than the first few feet into the room which was illuminated by the light from the entryway. Once they had all entered they heard the doors swinging shut behind them, leaving the room completely dark until once again they heard a booming sound. Instantly dozens of candles and torches lit up the room bathing it in a soft light. The Defenders saw Valkyrie in the center of the room standing on a raised dais covered with pillows and furs. Dani was standing just to the left of the dais beside a table with a sheet over top of it clearly covering something as there were many bumps and shapes underneath. Valkyrie and Dani were both dressed the same as the rest of the women but Valkyrie was holding a large staff which Misty couldn’t help but think looked more than a little phallic. Valkyrie banged the bottom of the staff on the floor once again creating the booming sound before saying

“Welcome my Defenders, to your ascension.” She said in a loud and definitive tone, the other women all stared blankly.

“Our what?” Misty asked.

“Your ascension Misty.” Valkyrie repeated “As you all know I have been tasked by the all mothers to select the next generation of Valkyrior and I have chosen all of you.” She began to explain. “Each of you has proven yourselves to me over and over again these last months we have fought side by side. There are none I would be more proud to serve beside then you my Defenders.”

“Uh Val I really appreciate the offer but I don’t really know that I want to be a Valkyrie.” Misty said to her.

“I understand your trepidation and I’m sure others are having their own doubts, but I know you are all heroes.” Valkyrie told them, looking each of them in the eye in turn. “This is a strength and power you could use to help defend the people of Midgard. Accepting this offer will allow you to save more innocent lives than any of you ever believed possible, and this does not have to last forever. Since the all mothers have put me in charge of the Valkyrior I have decided that any shield maiden may leave her position at any time.”

“So we can change our minds any time?” Elsa asked.

“Yes.” Valkyrie responded. “This is to help make you even greater heroes then you already are. So what say you great Defenders? Will you stand among the gods?”

Most of the women agreed immediately, a few took a few moments to think about it but soon agreed as well not seeing any downside.

“Wonderful my friends.” Valkyrie said. “Then let us begin the ceremony.” Upon saying that both Valkyrie and Dani dropped the robes from their shoulders letting them fall to the ground leaving both of them standing completely naked, Dani then took hold of the sheet on the table and swiftly pulled it off revealing a table covered with various glass and marble pieces of varying shapes but they were clearly all for one purpose. They were sex toys. The women were beyond shocked, most of them trying not to stare, though both Ren and Annabelle couldn’t help but steel more than a few glances at the two beautiful women’s naked bodies.

“What the hell?!” Annabelle said shocked, expressing what most of the remaining Defenders were thinking.

“Let me explain.” Valkyrie said. “In the old times Lord Odin would bestow the power upon the chosen shield maidens through the gift of his mighty cock.”  Ren’s jaw literally dropped as she listened. “But Odin is gone now and the all mothers have passed the task to me. But I do not possess the necessary magic to grant you your powers so the all mothers have imbued these items for me.” She said motioning to the sex toy covered table. “You will each choose and item and I shall use it to grant you your power.”

“Wait wait wait.” Misty cut in, her hands shaking back and forth in front of her “You want us to… have sex with you?”

“Well you are also encouraged to embrace each other as well but yes that is how the ceremony works.” She explained.

“Nope sorry but I’m out.” Misty said.

“I will not force you Misty but please consider it.” Valkyrie said.

“Look no offence to you or anyone else here but women aren’t really my thing.” The Defenders co leader said.

“Misty, think about it for a minute.” Dani cut in. “You participate in this and you will have all the powers of a Valkyrie. For people like us that’s huge. How many lives could you save, is one little lesbian experience really all that big of a sacrifice for that?” Misty couldn’t seem to find any problem with Dani’s logic. “And take it from me I’ve done this before, you’ll enjoy it.” She finished with a smile.

“I… I don’t know.” Misty said

“Take a moment Misty and think over my offer.” Valkyrie said to her. “And what of the rest of you?” She asked.

“We Olympians practically invented the orgy.” Hippolyta said “Let us make it worthy of mighty Dionysus.” Raising her fist in the air.

“In truth I’ve been involved in more than one spell that required a similar ceremony. Of course most of them were led by Stephan so there was usually at least one man there, but this should be fun” Clea added getting a nod from Valkyrie.

“All the monsters I could kill with that strength.” Elsa began “Yeah I’m definitely in.”

Ren and Annabelle whispered back and forth, discussing what they should do. They were both conflicted. This wasn’t something that either of them would usually want to do but they could definitely see the benefit of it. Finally after some debate they turned back to the other women taking each other’s hands as Annabelle said.

“We’re in.”

“Really?” Misty asked, more than a little surprised her old friend would agree to this.

“Yeah I mean think about it Misty.” Annabelle started. “The potential good that can come of this far outweighs the strangeness of this whole situation. Besides like Dani said odds are once we actually get into everything we’ll probably enjoy it.”

Misty looked around at all the other women now staring at her waiting for her decision, both Dani and Valkyrie both still completely nude.

“Fine let’s do this.” Misty said in a slightly resigned tone.

“You shall not regret it fair Misty.” Valkyrie said with a broad smile. “Now we shall begin. Danielle would you like to go first?”

“Absolutely.” Dani answered.

“Then please pick the item that I shall use to grant you your power.” Valkyrie said.

Dani looked over the table, she had helped Valkyrie set it up and had put some thought into her decision already and quickly found the toy she wanted to use. It was pretty simple, just a smooth glass shaft with a slight bulge at one end. She took hold of it and excitedly bound up the couple of steps to the dais and into Valkyries waiting arms, neither of them wanting to wait any longer to being. The tall blonde embraced the younger woman and their lips soon met meshing together as their hands began to roam exploring each other’s soft skin.

The other women watched mesmerized by what they were seeing, several of them still quite surprised this was even really happening.

Valkyrie laid Dani down on the furs and pillows and placed the glass dildo to the side for now. She then began kissing and lightly biting at Dani’s neck making her moan. She continued to kiss her way down until her lips found one of Dani’s hard brown nipples, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around as her fingers quickly found the nipples partner on Dani’s other breast pinching and twisting it.

Dani’s breathing increased from the attention to her sensitive nipples. She always loved having they played with or sucked on. She could feel the heat rising between her legs as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She felt Valkyrie’s lips leave her nipples and the Asgaridian’s tongue began to trace its way down the native girls toned stomach. Dani could feel her heart beating faster and faster in anticipation with every inch Valkyrie’s tongue moved. Until finally she gasped sharply as Valkyrie gave her first lick to Dani’s pussy.

Valkyrie eagerly lapped at the sweet nectar between Dani’s legs. Valkyrie had been in this very position many times before, even a few with Danu herself back when the other girl had first joined the Valkyrior, all this experience had given her quite a bit of skill going down on women. It wasn’t long before she had Dani’s body writhing with pleasure as she moaned. Valkyrie loved having this power over another woman, controlling her body like this. Danielle was grinding her pussy against Valkyrie’s tongue making it go even deeper inside of her.

The other women were all still watching intently, many of them becoming quite excited by the scene developing in front of them. They began to feel a tingle between their own legs begging to be touched.

Valkyrie’s hand reached around beside her until she found the glass shaft she’d put aside earlier. She took hold of it and briefly took it into her mouth coating it with saliva; she then guided it towards Dani’s pussy lips pressing the bulge end against the tight opening, applying just enough pressure to push it in. Dani moaned again as she felt the shaft penetrate her. Valkyrie began to pump it in and out as she also began to suck on Dani’s clit making her legs quiver.

Dani began to play with her own nipples as she continued to moan and writhe with pleasure. She took hold of each of her hard nubs between a thumb and index finger and roughly twisted and pulled on them making herself gasp. The feeling of the glass dildo stretching her inner pussy and Valkyrie’s expert tongue working her clit felt absolutely amazing. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached her orgasms and the magic took its true effect. Dani had gone through this ceremony twice before, once with Odin and once with Hela but she was still amazed at how much the magic involved increased the sensations of an orgasm. She could feel it building inside her, her breaths becoming more and more labored until finally it hit her. It felt like every inch of her body was screaming out in pure ecstasy as her body began to shake with pleasure.

The other women watched in awe as Dani’s body began to glow lightly as she yelled and moaned through her orgasm. It seemed to go on forever, until finally her body began to relax and the glowing started to fade. The women continued to watch as Valkyrie licked her lips while she helped Dani up onto her feet, the younger woman’s legs still shaking slightly. None of them could identify why but even on her shaky legs there was an air of strength about Dani. Valkyrie leaned in and gave Dani one last long passionate kiss, theirs tongues intertwining again. When Valkyrie broke the kiss she said

“Welcome to the Valkyrior my sister.” She then smiled as she quickly sucked the glass dildo clean and handed it to Dani.

Dani’s mind had instantly been filled with so much knowledge about the Valkyrior and Asgard, she could feel the familiar power flowing through her body as she walked down the steps of the dais and then turned back to face Valkyrie, waiting for the ceremony to continue.

“So, who would like to go next?” Valkyrie asked the group.

“That would be me.” Hippolyta said with confidence as she shrugged of her robe revealing her Amazonian form, a body of tall lean muscle that manages to somehow stay feminine. “I’m going to show you Asgardians how an Olympian fucks.”

“Choose your item.” Valkyrie said eager to accept the challenge.

Hippolyta scanned the table and took hold of the largest item she could find. It was a large dildo carved from marble; it was at least twelve inches long and six inches around with small bumps all over it.

“I suppose this will have to do since you don’t have anything worthy of Olympus.” She said as she headed up towards Valkyrie.

“I’ll have you begging me for it.” Valkyrie told her in a sultry voice.

“Oh you think so?” Hippolyta asked, now standing with her face inches away from Valkyries. “Why don’t you show me?”

She had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when Valkyrie grabbed the back of the Amazon’s head to her own, forcing her tongue into her mouth. The two women began to kiss passionately, their tongues battling for control as they explored each other’s mouths.  Soon it wasn’t just their tongues exploring but their hands as well, groping and feeling every inch of the others bodies. Valkyrie’s hands squeezed the toned muscle of Hippolyta’s as while the other woman did the same to her, each of them rubbing and touching with more force every second. It wasn’t long before the first slapping sound of a hand spanking an ass rang out and it was far from the last.

The two women ended up on the ground their bodies rolling and fighting for dominance. One moment Valkyrie would be on top sucking and biting at Hippolyta’s tits, then the next moment their positions would reverse and Hippolyta would be roughly fingering the Asgardian woman. It was almost hard for the other women to tell if the two of them were fucking or fighting, and the combination of moans and grunts didn’t give any clues.

Meanwhile Dani was watching much more intently from the side then the others, she had her dildo back inside of herself sliding it in and out as she played with her tits at the sight of the other two women.

Finally Valkyrie had seemed to really gain control. She had Hippolyta pinned down on her stomach as she sat on the amazons back facing her ass. She grabbed the huge marble dildo and began to rub the tip up and down Hippolyta’s slit.

“Are you going to fuck me with it or tickle me?” Hippolyta chided.

Valkyrie smiled at the challenge then with one solid push forced the entire fake cock into Hippolyta’s pussy making the other woman make a sound between a scream and a moan. Some of the other women flinched at the suddenness of the penetration and winced in the expected pain but Hippolyta refused to give Valkyrie the pleasure. She could feel herself being stretched to her limits as she hissed through gritted teeth as the phallus started moving back and forth. She could feel ever bump and curve inside her, and it wasn’t long before each of those contours was sending a small jolt of pleasure though her pussy. She began to try to move her hips back to meet the thrusts of the dildo but it was difficult with Valkyrie sitting on her back. Suddenly she felt a hard slap come down on her ass, making her yelp with surprise. Valkyrie then slapped her again, and again. The Asgardian continued to spank Hippolyta’s round ass over and over making it sting and burn in such a good way.

Hippolyta could feel Valkyrie grinding her wet pussy on the Olympians back making her moan slightly. The spanking soon came to an end and Valkyrie moved into a laying position on top of Hippolyta. She continued to use one hand to fuck the dildo in and out of the other women as her other hand caressed the now red skin of the amazons ass before she bit down on one of the round cheeks licking and sucking on the toned flesh.

Hippolyta’s pussy clenched down on the marble cock as she felt Valkyrie’s teeth bite into her. It felt so good mixing the light pain of her ass with the pleasure building in her pussy. She moaned and her body writhed in her pleasure, growing by the minute.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck yes.” She said over and over again, she could feel herself on the verge but tried to hold out, extending the pleasure as long as possible but soon she couldn’t last any longer. “OH FUCK ME!!!” She yelled as her orgasm took hold of her body.

Valkyrie continued to pump the large marble phallus in and out of Hippolyta’s pussy while the Amazonian began to glow similarly to how Dani had in her own orgasm. The light grew brighter as Hippolyta moaned and writhed in pleasure beneath Valkyrie. Her body trembled and shook in ecstasy. She felt the waves of bliss spreading through every inch of her, emanating from her cunt. She felt a tidal wave of knowledge of Asgardian and Valkyrie culture and tradition filling her mind.

Finally the light began to subside until it eventually completely vanished. The much as she had with Danielle Valkyrie stood Hippolyta and kissed her deeply then saying

“Welcome to the Valkyrior sister.”

Just like Dani, Hippolyta now had an air of strength and power about her that wasn’t there before, even in the Olympian. Valkyrie then handed the marble cock to Hippolyta, still slick with her juices and the Amazon proceeded to descend down the steps of the dais to join Danielle. Hippolyta smiled as her body fell over the smaller woman, taking both of them to the ground where they began to kiss and grope each other passionately.

“Would any of you like to volunteer to go next?” Valkyrie asked the remaining women.

To be continued

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