Starting with an accidental encounter

BY : BluePixeledRedFox
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Kurt hid in the shadows, trying to evade the lackeys that were following him.

Ever since the Senator had won the campaign and had been trying to show the world that mutants existed and were evil, the quasi militant lackeys had been chasing everyone from Xavier's institute, trying to prove them a mutant, and of course, Kurt was one of the easiest to spot, being blue, furry, and demonic looking.

The first wave of lackeys passed his spot, and he squinted his eyes, blending into the dark even better.

He had been on a mission to investigate what the Senator was planning next, having heard that they were working on a device to track when mutants used their powers, and they'd seen him, sending them all on a wild chase down the streets and alleys.

He silently moved up the side of the building he was hiding against, making his way up to the fifteenth floor to a window that the apartment dweller had opened to stave off the heat, although there must have been at least as much heat rising from the pavement despite it having been dark for hours.

It was dark in the room, the only light from the moon and a night light in the other room, but that's all he needed to be able to see. He looked carefully around the room, seeing a woman looking about his age (from what he could tell, anyway) sprawled on the bed. She was obviously asleep, but she was quietly groaning a little into her pillow every so often.

Kurt tried to move across the room to look out the other window for the lackeys, but as he moved with his eyes on the woman, his tail hit a pile of books stacked haphazardly by an ottoman. It caught a few, but the stack was unstable and fell over completely.

The woman rolled over, landing on the floor with her black hair flying up behind her before she stood, her hair now falling down her back and her eyes sleepily looking at where he was, half hidden in the shadows. She reached over to her nightstand, turning on the light.

Kurt stood frozen, waiting to see what she was going to do, sure that it was going to be screaming in terror.

She just looked at him, blinking her not quite blue, not quite grey eyes a few times before sitting on the bed, her arm moving up to cradle her breasts.

He was still waiting on pins and needles, wondering if she was asleep enough to think this was a dream or if she was waking up enough to scream.

Her free hand rubbed her eyes before looking at him again. "Oh Lord Dorfice, a humble servant has been born, panting into the night for your touch, oh touch me, touch me," she recited. "Hold me closer and- oh shit, what the hell am I saying?" She asked herself, blinking again, and Kurt's posture loosened in curiosity.

Lacy reached over to her glass of water, drinking it all as her brain processed the book she'd been reading as she fell asleep, it was one of those sleazy romance fantasy types that had apparently pitted her hormones against her and affected her dreams. Her eyebrow raised as she stared at his form, which was easy to see through his skin tight outfit.

She smiled sleepily. "So, you're here for me?" She asked, figuring that if it was a dream she might as well use it to solve her other problem. His hair was dark, between indigo and black almost but not quite long enough to tuck behind his ears, and his skin was a beautiful shade indigo and looked soft. She noticed his bright eyes, his pointed ears, and his tail, holding some books. "You can put those down," she gestured.

Kurt was intrigued. She was awake and had looked him over, deciding to talk to him instead of yelling or calling attention to him from her neighbors. He took the books from his tail, seeing strange pictures and various old scifi titles, as well as Japanese comics. It appeared that he didn't look that odd to her, at least, not enough that she was worried.

"What's your name?" She asked as he set the books down.

Kurt wasn't sure what to tell her, having never run into this kind of reaction before, and his real name fell from his lips, "my name is Kurt."

She smiled at is accent. "Mmm, Deutsch, Ich hatte noch nie ein Mensch zuvor... Deutsch Erste von Deutsch geliebt... nimm mich, nimm mich..." she started muttering as she laid back on the bed. {mmm, German, I've never had a German man before. Getting loved up by German. take me, take me.}

Kurt's eyebrows knitted in confusion as he stared at her, laughingly moaning and slightly rolling on the bed. He stepped toward her. "Are, are you ok?" He asked.

"Mm accent is so sexy," she mumbled as she rolled a little.

Kurt's eyes widened is surprise. His accent was sexy? That's what she was saying after looking at him? And her German, what she was saying to him, why? "Vhat is your name?" He asked instead.

She looked up at him with a slight smile. "Lacy," she answered.

"Lacy," he repeated.

She nodded and sat up again. "So, um... You gunna come over here?" Kurt took another step toward her.

"Vhy aren't you afraid?"

"Afraid of what?" She asked, standing up now and stepping toward him.

"Zhe vay I look," he told her. She paused and looked him up and down again.

"Well- I mean- obviously not-" she cut off, confused, thinking that if she was dreaming and her subconscious had thought him up, didn't that mean that he was the perfect guy? Not sure what else to do or say, she leaned forward, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Kurt stiffened as she touched him, staring in wonder as she leaned forward and kissed him. Her lips pressed against his, her hands ran up into his hair, pulling him deeper as she leaned against him a little more. They were almost the same height, so it was easy to reach each others mouths, and Kurt found his arms wrapping around her a little uncertainly as he kissed her back.

He felt her smiling as she pulled back. "Sorry, I- Never mind..." She looked down his chest, not seeing a way to get his uniform off, she moved around him and looked at his back. She still couldn't see a way to get it off, but she did see his tail. Her hand drifted down to it, running down his back. When she reached the base of it he let out a small, quiet gasp.

That was definitely a new feeling, no one had done that to his tail before.

It wasn't that he was completely unaware of sex, or sexual acts, he'd lost his virginity, had manually pleasured himself, that morning, even, and he'd used his tail once before, having gotten so lonely that he was pretending it was a woman's hand as he gripped the wall of the shower, but he'd never thought about rubbing his tail like that.

She smiled at the sound, leaning forward to kiss him again, starting to move down his neck as she rubbed a knuckle against the base of his tail, making his breath quicken. He felt a twitch down below and when she whispered in his ear, "how do I get this thing off of you?" it hardened further.

He drug up her name from his memory and whispered it. "Lacy, I- um," he stuttered, the words leaving his head as her hand rubbed across his stiffening bulge.

"It does come off, doesn't it?" She asked.

"Ja, es erstreckt," he told her breathlessly. {yes, it stretches}

She pulled at the collar and was surprised at how stretchy it was. Kurt watched as she pulled down the top of his suit, freeing his fuzzy blue chest. He pulled his arms out of his gloves and the sleeves and reached for her hips, unsure about what to do.

Her breath was coming faster, now, looking at his bare skin and running her hands up and down it. She bit her lip and pulled him over to her bed, pulling him close enough to kiss as she stepped backwards.

She fell onto the bed, taking him half down with her, her body splaying out slightly and her shirt moving up to bare her stomach while her shorts had moved up enough to bare her upper thighs. Kurt was kneeling in front of her as she had fallen flat on the bed. She looked so tempting...

Truthfully, the last time he'd had sex, shortly after having lost his virginity, had been a few years ago, and he'd only had himself since then. It felt like forever, even though he was only Twenty-three.

He looked over Lacy's body, watching her chest rise and fall, wanting to touch her. He straightened and leaned over her, his hand touching her stomach and moving up under her shirt. He kissed up her stomach, moving her shirt up as she ran her fingers through his hair.

She took his hand and pulled it to her face, kissing it and running her lips along his fingers. He tensed as she realized his hands were strangely shaped, but after she looked at the one she was holding, she put it on her breast, sitting up bring her lips against his again. He kissed her back again, fondling her, the tightening in his groin increasing as she let out small moans against his mouth.

She pulled back and stood, pushing him around and back onto the bed. Lacy pulled at his suit and boots, freeing the rest of him. She bit her lip again as she looked at his erectness. She crawled up the bed toward him, and he could see the blush of want on her face.

As she reached the focus of her gaze, her eyes flicked up to his, and she slowly leaned down, licking her lips. Kurt wasn't quite sure what she was doing until her tongue reached out, and he felt a gasp leave his lips as it connected.

He felt her reach behind him and give his tail a gentle tug as she wrapped her hand around him, licking him to give it some lubrication. He groaned as she put her lips around him, starting to suck and lick at the same time, her hand squeezing and moving up and down with her mouth. "Oh Gott..." He groaned, his hands moving to her hair.

She kept going, giving another gentle tug on his tail as she took him in her mouth and swallowed the extra saliva, making his hips buck. "Mehr, bitte," the words came out in a half groan half whisper. She complied, and he groaned again, hips thrusting against her as his hands tightened in her hair. {more please}

He felt her slowing down, and the momentary panic of not reaching orgasm flooded his stomach. "Nicht zu stoppen," he told her, his hips pleadingly thrusting him into her mouth, but she pulled back and he let her, looking down into her heated eyes, her cheeks were flushed and her breath was coming in a pant. {don't stop}

She crawled up so that she was straddling his hips and leaned down, kissing him. He kissed her back, his hands moving under her shirt to massage her breasts, moving over her nipples and making them harden. She moaned, pressing her breasts harder into his hands as her hips ground against his.

Lacy reached up as Kurt pulled off her shirt. He rolled them over, kissing her and continuing his actions with one hand, moving his mouth down to join it as his body pressed against her. His tail wrapped around her thigh, the tip moving across the quickly moistening strip of fabric between her legs, making her moan and writhe benieth him.

His tail wrapped around her shorts and panties, pulling them off and throwing them behind him as he pulled a particularly heated moan from her by swirling his tongue and sucking her nipple at the same time.

As his hand left her breast and slid down her stomach to rest between her legs, Kurt realized that the minor release he'd gotten that morning seemed like it was forever ago, and his last sexual encounter even farther back.

She was moaning and letting out small, mewling cries as his hand explored and found all of the sensitive spots between her legs, and his body was so excited that it was already trying to join hers, and he pulled back from her breast to whisper to himself, "beruhigen, nur warten." {calm down, just wait}

"Ok," she whispered, and he looked up to see her biting her lip. "I'll try to wait if you want me to..." She told him, her eyebrows connecting in concentration at staving off the orgasm slowly building.

Kurt looked down into her sexy face for a moment, getting turned on even more that she was letting him be in control (even if it started out as a mistake), before telling her, "ja, warten." She nodded and he kissed her gently, moving his finger down a little more to her entrance and rubbing over it while his thumb took care of the other bundle of nerves.

Her lip fell our of her mouth as she gasped, and her hands grabbed his shoulders, one moving into his hair, the other gliding down his back to tug on his tail.

He groaned and his tail coiled around her wrist, pulling it away and holding it against the mattress next to her head as his mouth captured hers and they kissed. His tail slid down to her chest and he was pleased to notice that her hand stayed where it was as his tail moved around, squeezing her breasts and teasing the nipples, making her moan against his lips even more.

Kurt pressed his finger a little more, letting it just enter her. Her reaction was beautiful; her hips arched, begging for more, and he gave it to her, slowly pushing all the way in. He slowly pulled his finger out, and as he thrust it back in, her whole body arched to him as her head tilted back, gasping in pleasure. Kurt's lips kissed her throat as he whispered, "ah, ja ... das ist gut, oder?"

A high pitched moaning came from her next, and he recognized the "uh-huh." He was so unbearably aroused by the noise that he had to make her make it again, so he thrust his finger again, and the resulting groan made his hips buck against her, eliciting a groan of his own as he gently rested his teeth against her shoulder, almost biting.

He thrust again and again, and she bit her lip, mewling softly as she tried not to make too much noise. He noticed and nibbled on her neck. "Lauter," he told her. She gasped and a gentle moan came from her lips, but he knew she was still holding back. "Lauter," he demanded, his hand now moving quickly in her. She let out a strangled half cry half moan, then it was all moaning as she got closer. {louder}

"Wait... Have to wait," she moaned to herself, her hand tightening in his hair and her other hand drifting to his shoulder. He pushed her farther and she arched again as she panted to him, "I'm trying to wait- but- so close-" Her hand clutched his shoulder, her nails biting into his flesh as she let out a harsh moan.

"Nur warten," Kurt whispered in her ear, nuzzling against her jaw as she tried to follow his orders. He felt her tighten around his finger as she tried not to come, her body tensing and her breath coming in short pants. "Nehmen Sie es," he told her. {just wait. take it}

Lacy gasped a deep breath as she let her control go. She felt amazing as the shivers of orgasm raced down her body, tensing and disconnecting her muscles as the world spun around her for a moment.

Kurt could feel her convulsing around his finger, and he moved it again, still thrusting in and out. Lacy's hands clenched again as she hid her face in his shoulder, but her head was soon thrown back as her moans got louder and louder.

Kurt could feel the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth as her moans started turning into yells. He couldn't stand it any more and pulled his hand from her as he shifted to be over her. Her eyes opened as a plaintive noise left her mouth.

Lacy looked up at Kurt with pleading in her eyes as he positioned himself between her knees and pushed into her.

They both gasped at the sensation, and Kurt's hands found her hips as his tail wrapped around her waist. He didn't want to pull out, but he knew it was going to feel even better the second time, so he pulled back, thrusting again, making a sharp cry come from Lacy.

He picked her hips up, supporting her as he worked to get a better angle to get even deeper in her, and Lacy's hands tightened in the sheets as she cried out again.

She was panting and groaning, and it echoed off of the walls of her studio apartment, but she was too lost in the feeling of Kurt inside of her to care. She was getting close again, she could feel the tightening inside of her as she cried out.

"Please, please," she'd started begging. "Harder... Oh god, please..." Kurt's hands tightened on her hips and a groan left him at how much her moaned begging turned him on. He thrust into her harder and was rewarded with a short yell. Startled, he looked down at her, but she frantically cried, "don't stop, don't stop!" He thrust into her making her cry out again. He thrust faster and her cries echoed off of the walls again as she begged, "yes, please, please, ah, ah, ah!"

Kurt could feel himself about to unravel and he told her, "kommen für mich, kommen für mich, jetzt." {come for me, come for me, now}

Lacy let out a turned on squeak as his words translated themselves in her mind. "Oh Kurt, oh god, Kurt," she panted as her hands clenched in the sheets above her head.

He looked down at her as her words pushed at the building pressure in his stomach and felt her start to convulse around him, drawing a groan out of him as his body followed her into heaven, his hips thrusting against her as he came.

His body slowly made it's way to the mattress to hover over her for a moment before he pulled away and laid next to her. To his surprise, she rolled over and cuddled onto him as they laid there panting.

He stared at her, shocked that a mission gone wrong had turned into the best sex he'd had. "I- I'm sorry if- it has been a few years since I-" He told her.

"Me, too," she mumbled into his shoulder. "Two years..."

"Vell, I had vone year on you," he joked. "But, it vas good, ja?"

"Amazing," she told his shoulder. "You're coming back, aren't you?"

Kurt looked down at her in confusion. "Vhat do you mean?"

"I'd hate to never see you again... Or ever do that again..." She told him, her cheeks heating.

Kurt blinked, the implications of what she said sinking in. Not only had she not reacted badly to the sight of him, she'd reacted very well, pulling him into her bed, letting him do what he wanted to her, and now, not only had she still not panicked and screamed at him, she'd told him she'd like to have a repeat some time.

"Will you come back?" She asked again.

"J-ja," he answered, but he wasn't sure, and he could tell she knew as her hand tightened around him.

When she'd fallen asleep, Kurt carefully climbed out from under her, pulling on his suit so he could leave, knowing that he had to get back.

He paused next to her bed, staring at her face and moving her hair out of the way before leaning down and whispering, "Gute Nacht, Lacy."

He reached out and turned off the lamp, moving to the window and looking back before leaving.

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