X Force - Sex and Violence: The Sexy Bit

BY : Miranda
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this, it was written from pure love of the characters and source as an expansion on the existing scenes.

This is my first attempt at erotic fanfiction, while I appreciate constructive criticism, please try not to be too harsh! It's based on the Marvel comics mini-series X-Force: Sex and Violence, inspired by one of the pages and a couple of the cover images that both just really appeal to me. So anyway....here goes.....hope you enjoy! I love Domino's random luck powers and how in the midst of the conflicts and battles in the comics the two of them still find some steamy romance. 

She lay still in the rain, the concrete hard beneath her, looking into his eyes above her. The memory still fresh when mere minutes ago, covered in the blood of foes, he had lifted her in those strong arms, delivering the most passionate kiss as her legs wrapped around his body.

She thought still, this is my lucky day! Two of Wolverine's claws were either side of her wrist, dug into the concrete with the tips, pinning her down. His animal rage so close she could almost taste it. After moments that hung in the air, electric, he released her and helped her to her feet. She couldn't resist taking hold of his muscular arms and pulling him in to another kiss. Her face wet with rain, and hot with her desire, she bit into his lip and tasted the blood – with a grin she turned and ran happily inside the hotel toward their room.

He licked his lips, still tasting her mixed with the metallic tang of his blood, and watched her run ahead of him. He lingered a moment, to admire the way her hips swayed seductively and the leather that defined her curves perfectly. She was infuriating, but he couldn't resist her. The pale white/grey of her skin and the unruly black hair, the tattoo marking her eye with the black oval that gave away her name – Domino. As he began to follow her, he wondered which of them really had the better fortune this time.

He got to the lift to see her smiling and waving as the doors began to close – not this time... He thrust forward a claw and disabled the outside control panel, then forced the doors open and pushed the button for their floor. As the doors slid shut behind him he pressed her into the corner, savouring her sweet scent, he met her inviting lips once more.

They reached the room in seconds, slamming and locking the door behind them. She tore off his shirt without a moment's hesitation, letting her nails scratch his back as she did so. With a growl he slammed her backwards, cracking a mirror – well a few years bad luck wouldn't hurt with her around. Pinning her left hand, claws part extended just touching the glass with a metallic ping, he unzipped her jacket...

She pushed him backwards hard, pulling off his mask and sending him down on top of a table. Splinters flying she was already diving on top of him. Landing kneeling over him, she leaned down to taste another hot and passionate kiss as with a small “snikt” he relieved her of her bra. She sat up, removing her jacket and dropping it to the floor beside them, savouring the happily surprised look on his face.

Within seconds, they were rolling across the floor, the last of their clothes in shreds across the floor. He lay next to her admiring the pale contours of her perfect body, already beading with sweat on her flawless skin. She sat up and grinned at him, that cheeky look that drove him mad, indicating the bed nearby. In a swift motion he was on his feet, lifting her in his arms once more, one hand tightly gripping her thigh and the other against her back, pulling her warm body against him.

She gripped his coarse hair tightly, feeling his immense strength holding her tight and overwhelmed by his lust and the excitement that coursed through her own body like an electric current. Her free hand wove its way down his back to deliver a sharp spank with a giggle.

He spun to face the bed and threw her down, landing on top of her to pin her arms, his legs keeping her own held down and spread wide. So inviting, he thought, but it wasn't time for that just yet. He looked into her eyes, the fires of defiance and passion burning deep within her gaze, and sank towards her as if for another kiss....diverting at the last moment, he sank to her neck and pressed his lips against her as she writhed in pleasure. After tasting her sweet skin with his tongue, he sank his teeth in until she moaned and pressed her head back into the pillows, begging him for more.

He manoeuvred her arms until both were held by a single hand above her head, so he had one free to explore her body. The tension within her was driving her mad with lust, every muscle in her body fighting against the strength pinning her down but her mind willing him to go on. She bit her lip as his hand found her breast, teasing her with its warm touch and firm grip. She had waited for this since the minute she'd seen him again, and she was loving every second of this, releasing the tension that had sat heavily between them from day one.

She shivered as he ran the side of his cold claws slowly up her thigh, turning his hand to slide his fingers lightly over her hip. He knew exactly what she wanted and teased her until she could barely contain her pleasure. Releasing her hands he knelt above her, restraining his animal lust was hell but he would do anything for her now. Her soft caress on his rough features enticed him towards her once again, as with kisses and lustful bites he traced a path from her neck to her waist.

She lifted her hips, breathing heavily as she felt his tongue trace its way further down, playing with her and penetrating her with a depth and power that made her draw in her breath sharply with a moan. His hands firmly gripping her hips, she arched her back as he drew out her pleasure to such intensity she ripped the bedsheets and drew blood from the lip she hadn't realised she was biting. He didn't stop, but carried on seeking deeper and exploring every inch of her, playfully biting and licking until she screamed and shook the bed with convulsions of pure delight.

He sat up once more with a smile, looking down at her beautiful figure laying there as she tried to catch her breath. It didn't take her long though, as mere seconds later she sat up, wrapping her body around him, and with a skilful movement she rolled him down on the the bed straddling him and stealing a passionate kiss. She grinned as she glanced down, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as she in her turn buried her face in his neck and bit hard as she slid down every inch of him. She moaned with lust, and the feeling of him deep inside her drove her wild.

His firm hands held her close as she drove him into her, fast and hard. She couldn't contain her desire for him any longer and he wasn't about to complain now. He could hear his pulse like thunder rushing through his veins, her scent heavy on the air sending his senses wild with lust. He thrust up towards her, matching her rhythm and pace, relishing the sounds she made as he penetrated her deeply and growling with his own pleasure.

He scratched her back with his claws as the intensity of their heated passion rose, sheathing the blades swiftly he took hold of her and rolled them over so he could take the top spot. His hands played across her yielding body as he continued to thrust hard into her, barely taking a second to part from her lips and bite once more upon her delicate neck.

Her arms around his back, she ran a hand through his hair as with her other, her nails, in return for his own pleasingly painful actions, scored lines into his back. She lifted her feet, sliding them up his legs, feeling the sheer power of his muscular frame, until she could wrap her thighs around his hips. Fully entwined, she gasped and moaned with every movement, unable to think from the sheer waves of ecstasy pulsing through her body. She felt him tense as he growled deeply in her ear, pushing into her harder and faster every moment until she screamed into the night as he filled her with sheer passion and lust, pulsing deep within her as they reached the ultimate climax. As they collapsed heaving and sighing to the mattress, they looked at each other with the same thought running through their head – this was their lucky day after all.

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