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Disclaimer: Marvel owns characters apart from any children born, they are mine. I do not make any profit from this, it is written solely for my enjoyment as a fan. I have no rights to Thor or Marvel.

A very pregnant Loki sat in his cell in Asgard, reading the same book he'd read three times, and having a contraction every now and then. He was afraid these were more than Braxton Hicks contractions, but he wouldn't mention a word as Odin was staring at him through the glass this day, who wanted nothing more than to end his child's life the moment it began.

Loki loved his baby, he did, but oh did he resent the day he was conceived. All together he wished it had never ever happened. The day he and Thor had returned from Midgard Thor hadn't turned him in immediately, oh no, Thor had a punishment for him all his own. As if it was really punishment, they both wanted it. Thor wanted one good fucking before Loki was thrown away and so had Loki, he knew he wasn't going to have many more opportunities to fulfill his sexual needs, and Thor was so willing…and after all, he was the only man Loki had ever been with. Took his virginity when they were teenagers. Loki smirked at this memory, but it quickly dissolved into a wince of pain, one of his hands cupping and rubbing his swollen belly.

"There, there, my child. Calm yourself." He uttered gently, Odin snorting nearby.

"Oh do say you're in labor, Loki, I can't wait to rip that baby from your arms. Your due date is tomorrow, you know." He reminded him with a humorless smile. Loki glowered at Odin, a protective hiss rising in his throat.

"Thor might be a good son to you, Allfather, but he will cease to be anything to you once you murder our child. He'll kill you." Loki promised, his voice full of ice and his emerald colored eyes ablaze with an intense hatred. Odin chuckled.

"There's a reason he hasn't visited, Loki. I've kept him very busy, and he will never know that baby ever existed." Loki growled, so much anger and love welling inside him as he felt his son kick, those tiny feet he'd grown to adore fluttering up at his ribs. If only his cell wasn't virtually magic proof, a projection kill looked so nice right about now.

"He'll know. He'll come see me, and I'll tell him. And just maybe it will be enough to make him realize that you never loved either one of us. He'll see, and he'll let me out, and I will drive a dagger into your heart." Odin responded with some bullshit remark, but Loki was no longer listening. His water had just broken, and he knew he was in deep trouble. There had to be a way out of his, he couldn't just let it happen. Then again maybe he deserved this, monster as he was, but his baby didn't, and it was that thought that was driving him to push forward. His mind was working out the possible ways to quickly kill off the people trying to take his baby away once they entered his cell, when the door to the dungeon swung open.

"Greetings, Brother, I got back early from my latest quest so I thought I'd come see you, I'm sorry I haven't had time-" His rambling trailed off as he caught sight of his brother, looking miserable and worried, and his smug father.

"Loki, you look…" Loki smiled sadly.

"Pregnant? I am. Congratulations you big oaf, you're going to be a father." Odin took that as his cue to quickly interject his solution, as if this pregnancy were an issue to Thor.

"Don't worry about it, my son, as soon as the child is born we will properly dispose of it. I know you wouldn't want it getting out that you slept with your brother, reputation as future king and all." Thor's eyes filled with so much confusion.

"What? No! I don't understand…why would you think that? If that's my infant, then I wish to raise it, how could you suggest I rid the world of something so precious?" Odin didn't have time to answer before Loki moaned loudly, unable to hold it in any longer as an enormous contraction hit him. He doubled over, clutching his baby bump and Thor ran to the door of his cell.

"Loki! Loki, what's wrong?" Loki gritted his teeth as the pain just kept shooting through him.

"My water broke you mewling…ahhh!" Thor didn't know much about babies or pregnancy, but that was pretty much a universal term for 'this baby is coming and it's coming now'. Panic ripped through Thor's chest and he quickly unlocked and opened the door to his brothers cell, being grabbed by the shoulder by Odin.

"Think of the implications, Thor! You are above this, above him! He is a criminal, a disgrace to this family, and for gods sake, son, he's your brother! You are practically begging the rest of the Nine Realms to stop taking us seriously!" Thor shoved Odin hard, hard enough to send him back a few feet, and he rushed towards the now heavily panting Loki. Loki looked up at Thor in a moment of intense vulnerability, his eyes reminding Thor of the way he used to look at him when they were children and he was wondering if they could share a bed because he was scared.

"Thor…promise you won't let them hurt him. No matter what becomes of me, our son has done no wrong. Promise you'll protect him." Thor petted Loki's hair, tears in his big blue eyes, and scooped Loki into his arms.

"Nothing is going to happen to either of you, that's my promise. I'm going to get you out of here." Odin was now stalking toward them and Loki gripped Thor tightly.

"Well then hurry, you fool, you know what father is capable of!" Thor, being strong as he was, shifted so that he was holding Loki with one arm and then summoned Mjolnir with his free hand, grinning.

"You underestimate me, brother. Watch." Thor swung his hammer around furiously, creating a bit of a wind storm inside the cell, and the lights began to flicker as the sound of thunder cracked outside. Odin laughed.

"You seem to forget who taught you to wield that hammer." Thor stepped closer, a sneer marring his normally cheerful expression.

"And you seem to forget who comforted and healed me when I got hurt using it. You will do nothing to harm Loki, or the child growing inside him. My child, your grandchild. Advance any further and I'll have no choice but to hurt you." Odin very obviously didn't think Thor would do it, and another wail from Loki indicated that Thor didn't have the leisure of waiting for him to make a move. An uppercut with Mjolnir to Odin's jaw sent the allfather flying back into the bars of a cell behind him and Thor knew he had to move quickly, bolting out of the dungeon like a bat out of hell. Once he was in his bedroom, he dead locked the door and gently laid Loki on his bed.

"Ugh, T-Thor, he'll come for us, we should have left the palace." Loki panted, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. Thor pulled Loki's pants off and looked between his legs.

"No, Loki, there was no time for that. Don't worry, baby brother, you're both safe with me. I will make good on my word, you'll see." Loki bared down and reached frantically for Thor's hand, the God taking it eagerly and moving from the foot of the bed to be at his side. Tears ran down Loki's cheeks relentlessly, grabbing his midsection and letting out an ear-splitting scream. Thor kissed the tears away and laid his large hands on Loki's abdomen and rubbed, which Loki would never admit comforted him as much as it did.

"Don't weep, he'll be here soon, you're doing such a good job." Loki shook his head.

"I cry not over the pain, my brother. I cry because they'll take him away from us, I know it. I don't want to push him out, I want to keep him in the safety of my womb, sheltered from all the people who want to steal him away. We're never going to see him again, and then I guarantee if Odin gets his way we'll never again see each other, either. It's over, Thor. We're caught." Thor's thick blonde eyebrows knitted together and he kissed the back of Loki's hand, which he was still holding.

"Never. I swear it to you that if I'd known you were with child you'd have been taken from that cell immediately, moved into my room…you'd have been taken care of, comfortable, given the medical attention you needed. I could have done that, and I can do this for you now. My word is law in this kingdom." Loki pushed hard, feeling a ring of fire in his rear, and he knew it wouldn't be long now.

"N-No. Odin's word is law." Thor's face was grim and only darkened at his brothers words.

"Not to me." There was then suddenly a harsh banging on the door, and several voices were heard outside of it, demanding to be let in. Loki let out a long groan and pushed, harder than he meant to as panic was now surging through him at the commotion outside.

"Our son." Thor whispered gently, tears falling and sticking in his beard as he returned to the bottom of the bed.

"You really gave it your all, his head is out. I can see our sons face, Loki…he's beautiful." Something in Thor's voice as he whispered this made something in the Jotunn man snap.

"I hate you." He whimpered, a look of hurt flashing across Thor's face. He said nothing, allowing the other God to catch his breath from a contraction before continuing.

"I hate you so much for giving me a child that I loved the moment I knew I'd conceived him, no matter how detached I wanted to be. For opening my heart to be broken for the umpteenth time." Loki sounded so shattered and terrified and it absolutely killed Thor. He lovingly rubbed Loki's thigh with one hand and cupped the baby's head for support with the other, staring deeply into Loki's eyes.

"Please, say you don't mean that. Loki, I know you lived in my shadow, and I can't blame you for acting out the way you have. I'm sorry, and I take full responsibility for everything you did in Midgard, it was my fault…and Father's fault. We drove you to madness, and it wasn't fair. But I never meant to, and all those times we kissed and fooled around as children, that was real affection I showed to you. Real affection I showed to you once more when we made love, because that's what it was. It was love making Loki, not just bedding some miscellaneous no one. I want to be more to you than just your older brother, I want to be your brother second, your boyfriend first. Or maybe your brother first and your boyfriend second, depending on the situation." He said with a laugh, a laugh that was sweet and genuine and Loki wanted to respond but that baby was coming and it was coming that instant, so all he could manage was a nod…but a nod was enough.

"Thor!" Loki cried, the child's shoulders slowly emerging and blood soaking the sheets of the bed and Thor's hands alike. Once the shoulders were out the baby slipped easily into Thor's massive hands and he choked back a sob, cradling his little blonde baby boy.

"He has your eyes. Green as the northern lights…" He muttered in adoration, kissing the top of his head and placing the baby on Loki's chest, who immediately wrapped his arms tightly against the infant as he heard the door to Thor's room be kicked in.

"Don't let them take him…" He murmured, fighting the sudden intense urge to pass out. Focus on your baby, he thought, you have to be strong for your baby. He listened to the small cries and used what very little energy he had to rock the slimy squealing thing. He looked down, smiling faintly at the child. Thor had been right, their baby was so beautiful, and so precious.

"So this was my companion these last nine months." Loki whispered with a failed attempt at a smirk. He opened his mouth to utter an I love you, but the stunning little face of his son faded into black and white, and that's the last thing he remembered before his world went completely dark.

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