The Winter Soldier's Gift

BY : PropertyoftheWinterSoldier
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Disclaimer: I do not own Captain America or The Winter Soldier (unfortunately) and i will never make a profit off of this story.

“Who was she?” the doctor asked as his patient was lowered onto the operating table.

“A SHIELD agent, trained by the Avengers.” Alexander Pierce answered brusquely, looking down at the girl.

“Why her, then? After what happened to all the other girls, why do you keep on trying to find one to keep Him happy?”

“I hope that it will keep our Winter Soldier occupied when he is not on a mission. I don’t want him to get restless and take out one of our soldiers or worse. I know full well what happened to the other girls and that is why I brought her to you: I want you to inject the serum into her. With that, she will match his power and hopefully survive more than one night in His lair.”

The doctor sighed, and agreed to do the procedure. After the exit of Pierce, he looked sadly down at the unconscious girl and sighed, hoping she would not meet the same gruesome ends as the others.

The operation was simple: inject about 10 vials of the serum into her bloodstream and make sure she was tied down for when the seizures start. She regained consciousness at some point and her screams of agony shook the foundations.

Deep underground, The Winter Soldier heard them and stood up, looking thoughtfully at the ceiling.

The sound of a key turning in the lock and his door squeaking open pulled him away and he looked at Pierce who entered his cell, flanked by 10 soldiers. 

“Come, soldier. I have a nice toy for you upstairs.”

The Winter Soldier followed him silently, wondering what sort of toy his boss had brought for him this time.

They left the elevator to find the medical floor in chaos.

“Sir! SIR! She woke up and is on the rampage! Killing our soldiers left and right!”

Mr. Pierce looked at the doctor and sighed.

“Get the horse tranquilizers and shoot her twice.”

“Her?” The Winter Soldier said, looking at Pierce with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes. I thought you would like some company.”

The Winter Soldier did not remember the other girls, for Hydra had wiped his brain clean right after each incident.

“Well at least show some excitement!” Pierce exclaimed, laughing. 

But he just stared straight ahead, ignoring his boss’ words.

There was a crash at the end of the hallway and a gorgeous girl with shoulder-length brown hair and brilliant blue eyes appeared around the corner, completely naked and carrying a gun.

The Winter Soldier's eyes bugged out of his head and his trousers tightened around his already growing erection.

"Now that's more like it!" Pierce said, looking pointedly at his Soldier's cloth-covered erection.

The girl was shooting everyone in sight with a crazed look in her eyes. She saw Pierce and made a beeline for him.

“YOU! YOU DID THIS!” she screamed, aiming her gun at him, but she dropped to the floor before she could shoot.

The doctor stood behind her, breathing heavily with a tranq gun in his hands.

“Wipe her memory and take her to the room that has been prepared for her. It is on level 13. You know which one I am talking about. 

The doctor nodded and signaled for two soldiers to carry her to the red room.

“Soldier, you will go to her room and wait for her there. Once the docter brings her to you, you can do what you please with her.”

The Winter Soldier nodded and walked back to the lift, feeling a strange sense of excitement. 


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