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            The young woman sat opposite the psychiatrist who was writing notes in her file. Her hands were shackled to the table and the session room was more like a giant cage. It was meant to keep the mentally unstable in their place.

            “How are we doing today Miss Shaylee?” He asked.

            “No change.” She stated. “I tried to find help and I was locked up here like I’m Charles Manson being medicated out of my head every time I open my mouth.” There was dark black circles around her eyes.

            “Shay, you attacked a number of people.” He began.

            “I did not.” She said with a sigh leaning back in her chair as he continued.

            “Really? You blackened four eyes, broke 3 wrists, fractured a wide array of bones, and an impressive two page list of cuts, bruises, abrasions, and sprains and the first thing we did was test you to see what sort of drugs you were taking that would allow you to do this.” He said reading her file. “13 people were injured before you were stopped.”

            “It wasn’t intentionally, and it wasn’t me! I thought I was under attack and my body . . . just reacted.” Shay said, “How many times do I have to say it? I escaped, I was being held captive and I got away.”

            “Yes, as you’ve said.” The doctor flipped a few pages, “Your exact words were, and ‘I was being held against my will in an alternate universe and assaulted by your captor in the course of an experiment. My body and mind were taken away from me every time he came to me in the dark’. That is what you said.”

            “And that is what happened. Repeatedly until I escaped.” She said having explained it for what felt like hundreds of times already.

            “Well, you were assaulted, your test results came back positive. You had bruises consistent with your story.” He began and Shay sighed just glad that it was finally cleared up. “Yet where your story gets a little hard to follow is where you insisted that you were taken to another universe and your assailant was God.”

            “I didn’t say that. I never said it was God, I said it was A god. His name was Loki.” She corrected.

            The doctor just starred at her a moment not certain how that was better, and started to write in her file again.

            Shay sighed and shook her head in utter frustration, “Look it all sounds crazy, I know it sounds completely out there in left field. But I am not insane. I’m not! This all really happened to me just as I’ve said.”

            “Well. Alright let’s take this one step at a time.” He began, “How did you find a way into an alternate universe? It goes against the laws of science.”

            “I don’t know.” Shay answered. “It wasn’t me, it was him. He took me there.”

            “The God.” He said.

            “No, the Easter Bunny. YES! What have I been saying these past couple weeks? Is no one listening to me!?” She shouted.

            “Shay, calm down.” He warned. Shay took a breath knowing what would happen. They were quick to medicate her from the first day she was brought in. “There is no question something happened to you, but your delusion is making it hard to know exactly what. We can’t help you until you begin to cooperate with us.”

            “I am cooperating!” She shouted, “I’ve told you the truth from the very beginning, everything you’ve asked me. But you keep calling me a liar and . . . “ She was almost screaming now and the doctor wasn’t willing to risk another violent outburst.

            He called the orderly and nurse who were standing by and they rushed in restraining her. She shrieked but she couldn’t fight back and they injected her with a strong sedative. Everything twisted then disappeared. Just darkness.


            “What do you think it was like? It was like being made to do what you don’t want to do no matter what you think or feel or fear.” She heard her own voice say in the distance. She hadn’t forgotten a single second of what had happened over the past few months. It was like some bazaar dream or plot from a movie. A very strange very dark movie.

            “Don’t be afraid Shaylee, I mean you no harm.” That voice was even more familiar and her eyes opened wide as she pulled against her restraints but it was useless, she was to heavily medicated and fell back into unconsciousness again.

            “I told you to go away and leave me alone.” Shay’s voice continued as she found herself reliving her memories now.

            “I can’t do that. I need you.” The tall thin black haired man said.

            “You are out of your mind.” She said crossing her arms. “You dress like you’re going to comic con, you talk like you’re in Ben Hur, and you are the first person I’ve met that makes me look like I have a tan. You’ve lost it. I have to go now you’re making me late for class.” She started to walk away.

            “STOP!” He said sternly. Shay arched a brow looking at him, “How dare you turn your back on me! Your insolence is unacceptable, and will not go unpunished.”

            Shaylee just stared at him for a moment in silence before she turned back and continued on her way. He clinched his jaw before giving a wave of his hand. It threw her forward as though someone kicked her from behind and she flew into the wall before falling hard to the ground. Shay coughed starting to pick herself up. However he grabbed her by the back of her jacket and jerked her to her feet.

            “Enough of this. Too much time has been wasted already.” Wrapping his hand around her throat he turned making a motion towards the wall. It seemed to turn from a solid surface into a spinning swirling mist of energy. Then he pushed her back through it stepping across never releasing her neck. As soon as they passed, the wall turned solid again.


            Say crossed her arms looking out the window. It was a lush comfortable captivity. Like staying in a 5 star hotel. But Say was an independent young woman, and this went against her very grain.

            “You look lovely.” Shay closed her eyes as her head dropped hearing the voice. “Oh you’re not happy to see me.” Loki said with a grin.

            She sighed and turned looking at him. “You need to take me home. Now. This has gone on for long enough. The police are going to be looking for me and I . . . .”

            “The police?” He said interrupting her. “Really. And may I ask . . . who do you suppose called them for you? You live alone in a studio apartment, you don’t have a job. No family, your aunt who raised you died four years ago leaving you a decent size inheritance that you use to pay your rent and schooling.” Shay quieted starring at him.

            “Have you been stalking me?” She said wondering if there was more to this, if it had gone on far longer then she had even known about.

            “I don’t need to stalk you, your life is not that complicated.” Loki said with a smirk, “Even you didn’t like your life Shaylee, why are you still complaining about it? All that I have given you, is a far more comfortable and desirable existence then you were living.”

            “Funny. I may have only lived in a studio apartment but I remember being allowed to leave it when I wished.” Shay said in an annoyed tone.

            “Well you’d be allowed to leave here if I could trust you but you’ve proven that you aren’t trustworthy in that regard.” He said sitting down.

            “Excuse me if I don’t like what you’re asking price is for all this so called ‘generosity’.” She said narrowing her eyes. “Why are you here Loki.”

            He stood from where he’d been sitting and walked to her. When he got close she stepped back but found herself against the wall. He came closer still and looked into her eyes. “The same reason I come to see you every day. To see if you’ve come to your senses. Have you?”

            Shay looked at him darkly not understanding why or how he thought she would change her mind. “Never.” She said clinching her jaw. “Take me home.”

            Loki just stared into her eyes a moment then suddenly he reached up catching her head with both hands and consuming her lips almost violently. Shay was caught off guard and wasn’t sure how to react then screamed but he devoured her cries. She tried to drop her weight struggling to get free but he just held her face tighter. Shay cried out against trying to push him off her but it was futile, he was far too strong. She beat her fists against his shoulders, and started to try and use her knees. But he pressed his body against hers pinning her to the wall. When she started to turn her head he finally released her lips and the kiss broke. Shaylee gasped for air. “Stop it, leave me alone! Let me go . . .”

            Before she could protest further, his mouth locked onto hers again. Shay struggled more but it was clear she had no control, and was completely over powered. Another moment passed before she managed to turn her face from his. Her eyes were closed tight and she was breathing hard.

            “What is wrong with you woman?” Loki said pinning her in place. “You have a chance to be the consort of a God and still you resist my every advance. I’ve been extremely generous and patient with you these past few weeks.” Shay struggled again but he just kept her in place. “Such a beautiful young woman but so incredibly stubborn.”

            Loki started to lean in again but she turned her face away, trying not to let him turn it back as tears escaped from her tight closed eyes. “Loki,” She said in a pleading tone, “Let me go home, please? I just want to go home, why can’t you let me go home?” She begged her voice breaking.

            Loki started to grin still holding her firmly against the wall every time she struggled. “Is that it?” He said with a chuckle, “All this fighting, this resisting, this posturing?” He leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “Because you are completely virgin, untouched by any man?”

            Embarrassed she looked away swallowing the lump in her throat. “I’m 18; I have my school work to focus on. Not everyone has to be a slut.”

            He chuckled, “No they don’t. Things on earth certainly have changed since last I visited. Women are encouraged to explore their sexuality without threat of severe punishment or death.” Loki smiled, “I’m pleased to know that you are untouched. Although there is pleasure to be had by your willingness to comply, it grieves me to do have to do this.” Suddenly he released her face and he placed his hand against her head and something like a powerful electric shock ran through her body from head to feet.

            He could see that it had taken and slowly released her. When she was standing on her own he stepped back watching her. Shay felt strange like everything in her body felt different. Raising her hands she looked at them trying to understand why she felt this way. It was like being on a number of pain meds at once, but being wide awake. “What did you do to me?” She asked trying to keep her wits about her.

            Loki grinned and stepped forward resting his hand gently against her face. “Helping you relax Shaylee.” He breathed softly against her lips, “You believe I mean to cause you harm. That is so far from the truth.” He lightly brushed her jaw with his thumb, “I can be so gentle. You’ll be unable to wait for my arrival.” He kissed her slowly and tenderly. Completely different than before.

            Shay closed her eyes not fighting him, she couldn’t. Shay had no choice but the experience his kiss. His fingers brushed her face before tracing down her neck as his other hand joined at her other shoulder and moved down her arms. His large strong hands wrapped around her waist pulling her body against his. Loki kissed her even deeper than before.

            Her body began to stir and react to his touches. Her lips began to move against his enjoying the taste, the feel. Shay was overcome with confusion not understanding what was going on. The kiss parted for a moment as Loki grinned feeling her respond to his affections at last.

            “Don’t do this to me.” She breathed opening her eyes looking up at him. “You have no right to do this to me.”

            He chuckled hearing her beg no when her body was clearly saying something completely different. “Oh Shaylee.” He said looking back at her, “I’m going to love you, every part of you, until you know that you truly belong to me.”


            Shay’s eyes opened starring at the ceiling over the bed. She’d come to know it as her own since she was brought here to this place. She looked over finding she was alone. She lie naked entangled in the sheets. Shay started to move but stopped short feeling soreness in her body. It was obvious she’d regained her wits and control of herself.

            She forced herself to roll on her side and starred at the wall for a long time remembering what had transpired the night before. Every vivid detail, the feel of every touch, the taste of his lips. The confusion she’d suffered the night before only seemed to grow to 10 times what it was. She participated in whatever that was that had happened to her. In her mind she didn’t want to, but her body itself betrayed her. It was like a dream you couldn’t wake up from. You had no control over your actions you were a backseat passenger watching yourself through a window.

            Somehow she managed to pull herself from the bed and drag her sore body into the shower. Turning on the water to very hot she stood under the cascade even after her skin turned red with the heat. Her mind once again turned to the events of the night before. Flashes, feelings, emotions invaded her mind. It was a lot of process and there was no choice but to accept it.

            Sometime later she sat in front of her mirror just brushing her hair over and over. Long after it had dried. Perhaps this was a dream. Perhaps any moment she would wake up in her twin bed in her apartment, her stuffed teddy bear tucked under her arm and her alarm blaring in her ear. Or perhaps this was real; all of it and her virginity was stolen from her by a God. Never been kissed, kissed by a God. Never slept with anyone before, fell asleep in the arms of a God. But all these things she didn’t want and couldn’t stop.

            Was it rape? She couldn’t be certain of that. She didn’t resist him, and returned his affections. He did hurt her somewhat but it was a combination of his power and her virginity. It took a little time of trial and error to gage his own strength and she was paying the price now. Putting her hairbrush down she sighed and covered her face with both hands. What happens now?


            Loki arrived to find Shaylee lying on the bed starring at the wall. The bed was made and she was still dressed from the day. “I was told you haven’t eaten today.” Loki said, “Are you not hungry?”

            She sighed, “What do you want today Loki.” It was apparent that she wasn’t going to have one day of peace to herself even though she was still trying to sort things out, trying to understand it.

            He was silent and walked around the bed to where she lay and sat down beside her. He started to reach up to touch her face but she recoiled away from his hand as if it were a venomous snake. Loki arched a brow resting his hand on the bed. A moment passed before he spoke, “I’m sorry?” He said trying to gage her reaction and figure out why she seemed so upset. Her reactions apparently not improved despite the night before. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt you, that was unexpected.”

            “You took my will from me. How do you imagine that wasn’t harmful?” She said keeping her eyes on him. “Back home it would be equivalent to giving me Rohypnol.” Loki looked at her not familiar with what she was talking about. Shay sighed and rolled her eyes. “The date rape drug?” It still didn’t seem to ring a bell except for the word rape. It was offensive to the ears.

            “Is that how you perceived our time together? That that was what happened to you?” Loki questioned.

            Shay reached up covering her eyes and cradling her head in her hand, “I don’t know. I don’t know!” She was clearly frustrated not having been able to sort out her confusion. He turned towards her looking into her eyes.

            After a moment he reached out and took her hand in his. Shay was instantly tensed and pulled back but he wouldn’t release her. “I understand Shaylee. You’re confused. My taking you was pleasurable when you didn’t think it would be. When you have resisted me for so long. You liked it didn’t you, my touch on your skin as I caressed your body.”

            Shay closed her eyes remembering it as he spoke. The almost hypnotic sound of his voice as he leaned closer and she could feel his breath on her.

            “Stop resisting me Shaylee.” He whispered to her, “Inside you know your true desires. Don’t fight them.” He leaned closer to her mere inches from her lips. “Let me love you.” He started to pull her closer to him but her eyes opened and she instantly jerked her hand back moving away from him. Now her eyes were set firmly on him.

            “You are poison.” She breathed feeling like she was being bewitched.

            He chuckled, “Still so resistant. Now you deny even yourself, what you want. What your body craves.” Shay slid off the other side of the bed wanting to put as much distance between them as she could.

            “I don’t, I don’t want anything to do with you!” She shouted feeling frustrated again. He suddenly appeared from out of nowhere standing right in front of her and caught her by her shoulders. It frightened her having seen some of what he could do, but now he wasn’t holding back and used his magic’s more and more. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!” She screamed.

            “Because. Only you can give me what I need Shaylee. In return I will give you what you need and care for you. You’ve been alone for a long time. You don’t have to be anymore.” He whispered pulling her against him. “All you have to do is submit yourself to me.” Shaylee felt herself yearning for his touch. She felt a warmth growing in her body. They suddenly kissed feverishly. Another few moments went by and he began groping at her figure and she returned his touches. However she pulled back having a moment of sanity, but he refused to allow her too. It seemed that cooperation was not happening tonight despite his best efforts and he sighed. Reaching up he touched her head and shock went through her like the night before.

            “No.” She said in a panic as she felt her body slip into the state it had been in the night before.

            “I hope the evening comes soon where I don’t have to do this.” Loki said apologetically when he saw her eyes change as the spell took a hold of her.

Control Deprivation

            Now, Loki’s visits were every night and he continued to use his spell to dull her senses and make her compliant to his will. Still she tried to resist him but it was no use. Loki wanted to make certain she understood her place knowing she was harboring resentment for his making this situation.

            Shaylee’s mind was a swirl of confusion during the day. Perhaps it was because she was raised an American with no male authority figure that she couldn’t just submit. Her mind was so unsettled on the matter her thoughts turned to escape.

            She remembered what he said about letting her out if he could trust her. It seemed no matter how she felt about it, she was going to have to do whatever it took to gain his confidence. There was only one sure way to do that.

            Shay sighed and cradled her head in her hand. Still, just the thought of it revolted her. But it seemed there was no other choice if she hoped to ever break free of this nightmare. She had to give in. At least for a while.


            When Loki arrived, he didn’t see Shaylee right away and arched a brow walking through her rooms to find her. When he found her he froze in mid-step starring at her wide eyed. “Well, I have to say, I hardly expected such a reception on my arrival.”

            Shay smiled and stood from where she’d been sitting walking closer to him. “I thought it would be . . . um interesting to try something different tonight. Maybe try being with you without taking a giant shock to the side of my head.” She said smiling again.

            “Hmm.” Loki said looking at her suspiciously. “I’m not entirely certain you are ready to forgo being given incentive my dear Miss Shaylee.” He said starting to reach for her but she jerked away. Loki arched his brow seeing her reaction and Shaylee realized it was a harsher move then she’d meant to have.

            “Uh . . .” She said a bit nervously reaching up putting her hand gently on his arm, “So what can I do to prove myself so you don’t have to do that?” Shay said with a smile.

            Loki’s eyes moved over her again, Shay for the first time since she’d been brought here, was dressed in a lovely nightgown that complimented her beautiful figure instead of her pajamas which consisted of a high neck long sleeved shirt and long flannel pants. His eyes met hers again as a smile swept his face. “Why not. I suppose it’s time you learned how much more pleasure there is to be had with a clear head.”

            Now when he reached up she closed her eyes bracing herself but instead of the familiar shock she’d become accustomed to, he caressed her face with his fingertips. She opened her eyes looking up at him and he touched her chin leaning in and taking a gentle kiss from her lips. Now the real test of her will began.

            Closing her eyes she began to kiss him back, matching his affections even when they became more passionate. Shay felt an overwhelming sense of shame when her body began to eagerly respond and she felt herself yearn for his every caress, his every touch to her body. Pieces of clothing began to fall to the floor in the growing lust between the two and it wasn’t long until two bare bodies were entwined tightly together. There were tears wanting to fall, but she refused to let them. She couldn’t blame any of this on his bewitching her now. At least not with a spell.


            Shay lay next to the sleeping God eyes wide starring at him. She’d never seen him sleep before for what she imagined was a number of reasons. The main ones being that the spell always ended by putting her to sleep, most likely because he didn’t trust her.

            “Do you see something strange Miss Shay?” Loki’s eyes opened meeting her gaze.

            “I didn’t know God’s slept.” She said honestly.

            “Only after engaging in such strenuous activities.” He said his mischievous smile crossing his lips. Shay blushed a little and cleared her throat. Loki chuckled. “Still so shy. After everything we’ve shared together. Such a lovely girl you are.” His fingertips brushed her cheek as she looked at him again.

            “Why have you done all this?” She asked softly, “Sought me out, brought me here, taken me . . . every night. Why have you done these things?”

            Loki hadn’t actually told her of his ultimate goal and after the evening they’d just spent together, it seemed perhaps she was finally ready. “To breed you.” He said plainly. Shay just stared at him for a moment before she sat up.

            “What!?” She could hardly believe what she’d just heard him say. “To do what to me!?” Loki rolled over onto his back and stretched slightly.

            “Don’t worry, it’s been done before.” He said, “Asgardians have mated with humans when we walked this earth, there were no adverse affects on the mothers.” Shaylee’s mind was officially blown. She couldn’t believe it. Loki could see her obvious distress and sat up resting his hands on her waist and kissing her shoulder, “You you needn’t be worried my dear. The joy of motherhood will soon fill your heart.”

            Now Shay was having trouble keeping her cool. “Are you . . . insane!?” She exclaimed moving to slip off the bed out of his reach. Loki looked at her having a feeling they were quickly moving back to square one. “You abducted me, you brought me here and locked me up, you stole my virginity, but all of that isn’t enough. No. You have to keep pushing it one horrible step further!”

            “You should be grateful.” Shay gave him a look when he sat up that thinking it incredibly dumb. “I could have simply impregnated you and disappeared. Instead I’ve made this a pleasant experience for the both of us. I’ve resolved to care for you and give you a comfortable living.” Shay stood starring at him completely speechless with her mouth open.

            “I don’t want to be a mother! I just started collage!” Was all she could muster, “I’m studying to be a paralegal!”

            “Instead you will bear the offspring of a God and be the mother of a demi-god.” He stated.

            “YOU are completely BONKERS!” She shouted in frustration. Loki got up from the bed and moved over to her.

            He reached out taking her arms and at first she pulled back. “Come on.” He said knowing he’d upset her. “No, it’s alright come on.” She stopped resisting and he pulled her into a tight embrace against him. Loki held her for a moment to calm her down. “I realize that there has been a lot for you to take in these past few weeks, but I promise you, you have nothing to fear.” Shay felt the need to stomp on his foot when he said that, but knew she had to behave if she was going to gain his trust.

            “How many children do you have.” Shay said softly.

            “Ours will be my first.” He said with a smile. “Quite the adventure for both of us.”

            “Why now?” She asked, “Why me? You and your kind have walked on the Earth for hundreds of years, why haven’t you done this before now? Why couldn’t you choose a willing woman?”

            Loki smiled that it seemed even though she was upset, they were having a civilized conversation. Perhaps she had turned over a new leaf. “You’re special Shaylee, you’re unique. Do you think it was just a passing fancy that drew me to you Miss Shaylee Bartley? I watched as you played by yourself at the corner of the playground in kindergarten. When the brown mutt, Charlie, followed you home. When you stood by the lockers your 7th grade year every day at lunch because you were terrified of the other students. The male friends you have had were always just that, and nothing more. The prom you went to your senior year where you and two other girls shared the same date. Oh yes, my beautiful Shaylee. I know you all too well.”

            Shay starred at him wide eyed hearing her life being recited to her and not the best points. “So, you chose the outcast, the freak when you could have gone after the prom queen. The beautiful rich girls that were eternally popular even with the teachers. Still you chose the leader of the outcasts.”

            “I’ve no interest in selfish ego or spoiled brats. True you are different but not in a bad way. You are a treasure among rocks. They were blinded to your beauty, so preoccupied with their own petty and insignificant existences.” He carefully reached up running his fingers through her hair. “They can’t see the forest through the trees. But I did.”

            “You could have tried to take me out on a date before jumping right to abduction.” Shay sighed softly.

            “Perhaps but be honest Shaylee, you weren’t interested in being courted. By any man. Much less someone you perceived to be insane.” Loki pointed out. Shay covered her eyes and cradled her face in her hand. Loki chuckled and embraced her against him tightly. “How about, I give you a day?”

            “A day?” She asked.

            “Yes. It’s been a while since you’ve been outside. A day in the garden perhaps?” Loki said.

            That was unexpected progress however small it was. Shay knew she couldn’t bolt her first time out. She’d tried it before and didn’t get very far. “Why would you do that?”

            “I’d say you’ve earned it. You are taking all of this extremely well. I realize you have a lot to absorb still and perhaps some fresh air might help.” Loki said. “Can I trust you to be on your best behavior?”

            Shay thought about it a moment lowering her eyes and giving a nod. Loki smiled and kissed her head not so naive to think he could trust her yet. She’d tried to escape before when he’d given her some leeway, he was interested to see what she would do now. After he’d subdued her and it seemed she was finally beginning to submit.

Cat and Mouse

            Shaylee was playing her part well, and behaved as he wanted. Once she was allowed out of her rooms she saw people who had been taking care of her in Loki’s absence. Her meals, cleaning her rooms. At least she thought they were people. They didn’t talk to her she tried to talk to them, to introduce herself, to try and find out their names but still they wouldn’t talk to her and weren’t going to. Shay had given up on talking to them, even though when they did something for her she still thanked them.

            What she did do was watch, and look, memorize, and wait. Wait for her chance to escape this place and get home.

            She stayed outside today and was eating her lunch, looking at the horizon. A horizon that stopped for shorter than it should if she was on Earth. Loki had expanded her prison, but it was still a prison nonetheless.

            “You’re looking lovely today.” She turned seeing Loki approaching.

            “Sun hasn’t gone down yet, what are you doing here?” Shay asked as Loki sat down next to her on the bench.

            “I thought I would come spend some time with you, out here during the day. See how you are doing.” Loki said with his charming smile.

            “Are you to blame for this?” She asked pointing at what she was eating.

            “I would blame it on being human my dear.” He stated looking at it. “Certain dietary requirements need to be met for a young woman to be impregnated and remain healthy until the child arrives.”

            Shay sighed and pushed the plate away picking up her water and taking a drink. Loki half smiled knowing she was frustrated but struggling to cooperate.

            “If there is something you’d prefer or are craving I’m certain that it can be arranged.” He offered.

            “Where is this place? It’s not Earth. Not if the world ends on the other side of that hill.” She motioned towards it.

            “It’s a place like Earth. A small snippet of your world and time created just for you. SO you can be properly looked after and kept safe.” Loki explained.

            Shay wasn’t foolish she knew what a cage was and she was in it. She sighed still less than satisfied being kept here when she didn’t want to be. Not to mention the ongoing violation of her person where her so called ‘lover’ forgot himself, how strong he was, regularly in the heat of passion and hurt her more often than not. “How long is this going to take?”

            “Well, such things take time. We aren’t the same species remember, even though we are compatible it will still take a bit before your body accepts my seed.” He answered. Shay gave him a look hating when he got so literal about this stuff. Loki grinned knowing it embarrassed her. “Patience.”

            Shay forced a small smile and gave a nod.

            “Shall we take a walk together?” He offered.

            “Might as well, I’m not touching anymore of that stuff.” She said putting her glass down and standing. Loki stood and followed after her.


            Shay’s focus settled on a device that Loki wore on his armor. It seemed to work as a catalyst in his magic workings but most importantly she remembered how it glowed when he pulled her out of her own world into this place. She needed it to get home. It was some sort of smooth jewel that fit into his arm guard. As long as she kept cooperating so that he didn’t have to use his spells on her, there was a golden opportunity for her to get a hold of it. All she had to do was wait until he was hard asleep.

            She knew that she could get her hands on it, but the problem was she didn’t know how to work it. Now she stayed awake after their nightly activities. Loki always left when she was still asleep, he was always gone by morning. SO she waited and pretended to be asleep. It was how Shay discovered he always kissed her before he left on the cheek or forehead. She didn’t know why he did that and thought it strange.

            When he dressed she’d stay still but her eyes were open and she watched. The motions he made, how he touched the gem or crystal to operate it. Loki was trusting Shay enough now not to notice it.

            Finally, she couldn’t take being trapped in this place any longer. Shay had to make her move. The longer she stayed in this place, the higher the risk she was going to end up carrying a child she didn’t ask for. She had to get out.

            One night, she was pushing the lust and passion as far as she could in an attempt to wear him out. Loki was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it immensely. As hoped, he seemed to fall asleep harder than usual. She waited a while to make certain before she slipped from the bed silently picking up her pajamas and sliding them on without a sound.

            She moved to his armor that was removed in the next room before they retired. Shay started to feel anxious and nervous and fear started to invade her thoughts. What would happen if he caught her. All the privileges she’d been given would be revoked, and she’d never seen him truly angry, but imagined it was horrible.

            Shay couldn’t stop now, she’d worked so hard and come this far. It was her freedom she had to try and free herself from this nightmare.

            Reaching out she carefully picked up the arm guard starring at the gem. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she placed her fingertips on it moving them as she’d seen him do. When the stone lit up her eyes went wide. Shay did feel a little strange inside like a surge of energy from nowhere. She felt extremely aggressive like she wanted to fight. It was almost to much for her to take and she had to stop a moment releasing the gem. She felt like she’d just come up from under water. The aggressiveness didn’t subside and it felt like she could fight anyone, everyone.

            Shay shook it off, and quickly pressed her fingers to it again, as it seemed to charge up. Taking a breath she closed her eyes, “Home, take me home!” She said in frustration trying to keep her voice down. It didn’t help she felt so aggressive as well. “Home.” She said clinching her jaw and concentrating on where she wanted to go. Finally a dark swirling passageway appeared against the wall and a smile swept her face.

            Then she heard Loki stirring in the next room having heard or felt something that woke him. Shay’s eyes went wide as she looked back towards the portal and lunged forward throwing herself into it as she heard Loki roar her name.

            It felt as though she was spinning a hundred miles an hour through darkness until the armor piece slipped out of her hands. She tried to grab it but it was to late and long gone.

            Suddenly she burst through into light that was blinding and hit the ground hard rolling over several times before she came to a rough stop. She couldn’t see that she had landed in the middle of a crowded area, a Starbucks of all places. People didn’t see where she’d come from but were rushing to see if she was alright and help her up.  However when she felt people getting closer and then actually touch her, she retaliated with extreme violence she had no idea she was capable of. Person after person fell before her until the police finally arrived and subdued her knocking her unconscious.

Psyche Evaluation

            “That’s everything. From beginning to end. More graphic detail in place then I ever wanted or intended.” Shay said feeling as though she’d already explained this a million times over.

            “Miss Bartley, it seems your resolve in your delusion despite our intensified efforts has only strengthened. I think it’s best if we increase your medication, see how you’re feeling by the end of the week.” The doctor said making a few notes in her chart. “Then we’ll decide what to do about this other matter.”

            “It’s not a delusion! What is the point in telling you people the truth if you refuse to believe me!” Shay jerked at the cuffs that kept her attached to the table. The doctor stood and walked out of the cage leaving her alone. “WHAT OTHER MATTER!?” She called out but no response came.

            Shay sighed and dropped her head to the table in complete frustration. You honestly could not trust someone who thinks you are crazy.

            “So, is this better?” Shay’s eyes opened hearing the familiar voice. “A psychiatric and correctional facility, steel bars, locks, needles, restraints, far more affecting drugs then anything I ever gave you.” Shay raised her head seeing Loki standing before her in human attire, no armor. She looked around finding that there was no one anywhere about. Shay looked up at him once again, “I will admit that was a pretty impressive stunt you pulled. You’re very lucky you didn’t end up on some planet on the other side of the universe. Or fall into the vacuum of space yourself. But I suspect it was as much luck as anything else.”

            “Why are you here.” She said with a sigh. Shay held up her restrained hands, “Are you enjoying this?”

            “This was all your own doing, Shaylee. I suppose you had to learn this lesson yourself no matter how I tried to spare you from it.” He stepped closer to her, “I hope you have learned Shay, because as it is I can’t let this continue.” He put his hands on the table and leaned towards her, “Are you ready to come home? There is nothing for you here now, you’ve seen to that.”

            Shay closed her eyes knowing that he had her over a barrel. Her own kind believed her to be insane. The place he’d provided for her was a paradise compared to this nightmare. She may have considered it a prison, but she’d now been shown what prison really was. She was an inmate and a patient and was kept in a very small cell, usually restrained, and drugged constantly. If she were to manage an escape from here, where would she go? She’d be hunted down, returned to this black hole of despair, and live out the rest of her life in a thoraizine shuffle. “Why wouldn’t you just leave me here until my will is broken all together?”

            Loki smirked slightly before waving his hand over the table between them. A transparent image of her file appeared before her open to specific pages. “Tell me, my dear Shaylee. What are the results of those tests there that have been marked.”

            Shay leaned forward seeing a whole list of tests, but the one that interested him most she spotted almost immediately. Pregnancy Test – Positive. Shay’s eyes went wide leaning over the file reading it three more times.

            “So you see, I’ve no choice but to take you out of here immediately. Their concern is hardly with the child’s well being with the poison they constantly pour into your veins. They are trying to decide now if they will allow you to carry to term at which point the child will be taken away to an orphanage since you have no living relatives, or to simply terminate and be done with it.” Shay could hardly believe this and shook her head looking up at him, they couldn’t do something like this without even telling her. “All your rights as a human being were revoked the moment you were brought through those doors.” Loki said plainly. Shay couldn’t believe this. She’d wanted help and safety from her people, but they had turned on her more harshly then she knew possible. “So now I ask you again, I am giving you the choice. Are you read to come home with me, or would you prefer to live out your days like this, in this place.”

            Shaylee had no choice. They, her own kind, had given her none.

To Be Continued . . .

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