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"Now that you've had the official tour, do you want the unofficial one?" Cyclops asks. He's standing in front of his desk in the headmaster's office of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. He's dressed casually, in slacks and a shirt, with his sleeves rolled up, eyes hidden behind his ever-present shades.


"...I wouldn't mind", his guest replies and smiles. She's a reporter, young, blonde, dressed ostensibly in a professional manner, here to check out the school. So far, on the official tour, every student and teacher has had a moment to study her legs, revealed by the short skirt, her breasts, helpfully on display in her tight top and her nine-inch high heel shoes.


Mystique always goes for the tits, Cyclops thinks, looking her over. This time she's a reporter. Other times, she's used her powers of metamorphosis to be a cop, a soldier, a student or an activist, but whatever she is, her breasts are huge, and on display. In her real, blue form, she has large, heavy tits, and maybe she doesn't like to change. So far, it seems that Mystique doesn't realize her disguise is not working.


The expression on Cyclops' face doesn't change as he takes something from a desk drawer. "You need to put this on. We're going to go to classified sections of the school, and this is so the security system doesn't trigger when you come in."


Mystique takes the item from Cyclops, turning it over in her hands. It's a collar, somewhere between science fiction and bondage fantasy. After hesitating for a moment, she puts it on herself. It clicks and constricts on her throat until the fit is almost uncomfortable.


"How do I look?" she asks, smiling at Cyclops seductively. She knows there's something kinky going on at the school, but she's gambling that she'll be in and out before she's trapped.


"A collar suits you", Cyclops replies as he approaches Mystique. He snaps something on the collar. A leash. She looks surprised, and he continues: "Security. The collar has to be attached to me. You understand."


"Sure..." Mystique says, following as Cyclops tugs on the leash to lead her out of the door, his pace a little too fast for her high heels.


During the tour, Cyclops walks Mystique through the various less public spaces of the school. In his classroom, Colossus is teaching art history. Surge is leaning over the teacher's desk, her mandatory short skirt hitched up. Mystique and Cyclops looks from the doorway as Colossus unlocks the Asian mutant's chastity belt as the classroom watches.


Surge's wetness starts to run down her legs. "We keep all the girls in chastity belts, and only let them cum in exceptional circumstances", Cyclops whispers to Mystique. "Surge is not a great student, so she hasn't cum this semester." Surge is trembling, as Colossus runs his metal hand up her thigh, and touches her wet cunt. He flick's her clit, eliciting a moan from the desperate girl.


Colossus asks a question, saying that if Surge can give a satisfactory answer, he will let her cum. Surge tries to reply as Colossus continues to tease her, but the need to cum has destroyed her concentration.


"Maybe next time", Colossus says and locks the chastity belt back on. Surge starts to sob quietly as she walks back to her desk.


"Next, well check the Danger Room", Cyclops says. They walk to an elevator, and go down into the school basement. Mystique is still thinking about the girl in the classroom, and how desperate she was to cum. The idea is turning her on.


The elevator takes them to a control room with a view of the Danger Room. A training session is in progress. Wolverine is leading a team of students against one of the teachers, Rogue. Rockslide, a huge man made of rock, collapses a building on top of her, and after he clears some of the debris away, discovers her unconscious. Her black and green uniform is torn.


"Watch", Cyclops says as Rockslide turns to Wolverine. He's saying something to the students, who gather around Rogue. "The students are allowed to fuck Rogue as a reward."


Rockslide tears away Rogue's uniform, leaving only tatters. As Rogue begins to awake, another student, Hellion, uses the Danger Room to summon a selection of bondage instruments. Meanwhile, Wolverine is leaning against the hood of a car. Hope Summers is on her knees in front of him, her hands clasped behind her back. Wolverine is casually facefucking her, his hand in her red hair.


Rockslide and Hellion tie Rogue's hand's behind her back, lock a power suppression collar around her neck, push a ball gag into her mouth, and lock a chastity belt around her hips.


"That's funny", Cyclops chuckles. "Sometimes the key to the chastity belt of one of the teacher's gets lost among the students. They pass it around, and use it to blackmail the teacher into being a toy in one of their parties. That's probably what's going to happen to Rogue."


Mystique is fingering the collar around her neck. It looks awfully similar to the collar Rogue is now wearing. Rogue is on her knees down in the Danger Room, ass up and face down, and Rockslide is forcing his enormous rocky cock into her ass.


"What do the students do to teacher's they blackmail?" Mystique asks, suddenly remembering her role as a reporter.


"The last time this happened to Rogue, they undressed her, put a leather bondage hood over her head, and had her crawl on all fours in a dorm party, available for use for anyone who wanted to play with her. You can see some of the tattoos they gave her."


Mystique looks down at the scene below, with Rockslide pulling his cock out of Rogue's ass to turn her around onto her back. There's a tattoo on Rogue's lower back with the words "fuck bitch". Over Rogue's tits there are the words "Slap Happy".


Hellion is laughing as he slaps Rogue's breasts. Mystique feels the tug on her leash as Cyclops leads her back to the elevator. Her mind is not on the mission anymore. She's feeling the excitement build inside her, and wondering if Cyclops can feel it too.


"Let's get some fresh air", Cyclops says, and leads Mystique outside to the school grounds. Students and employees leer at Mystique openly, and some grab her ass in passing. She doesn't say anything.


"We used to play baseball", Cyclops says as he leads Mystique over to a baseball court. "But we've moved to ponies."


Havok and Magneto are standing next to a cart, talking. Off to the side, two girls, Rachel Summers and Kitty Pryde are doing their best to kiss. Both girls are wearing high leather boots ending in hooves, chastity belts, armbinders, bit gags and blinders. It seems they had been attached to the cart as ponygirls, and are now waiting for Magneto and Havok to come to a resolution about something.


Mystique watches as the two girls lower themselves to the ground, Rachel on her back, her armbinder awkwardly under her, Kitty lowering herself on her body, her knee between Rachel's legs. They're doing their best to make love and kiss despite all the bondage, and the people watching.


"We've kept those two lovebirds in pony bondage since the beginning of the semester", Cyclops explains. "It's funny how much they want each other, so of course we never really let them."


As Cyclops speaks, Havok walks over to the girls, takes Kitty by her reins, and forcefully pulls her off Rachel. He gives her a couple of quick slaps on her tits, and then the same to Rachel, who's struggling to get back up.


Havok gets hic cock out and open's Kitty's bit gag. Kitty quickly and obediently falls to her knees, taking Havok's cock in her mouth. Soon Rachel is doing the same for Magneto.


Mystique can feel Cyclops behind her. He's holding her leash tight with one hand, the other on Mystique's shoulder as he asks, speaking close to her ear: "Would you like to try one of them? They're quite accomplished."


"Yes..." Mystique whispers before she can quite get a grip on the situation. All the things Cyclops has shown her have made her too horny, and the two girls look so sexy, bound and on their knees, cocks in their mouths.


Soon first Havok and then Magneto blow their loads and the girls do their best to swallow. Mystique is not really concentrating as Cyclops leads her to the group. He's talking about something with Havok and Magneto as Mystique leans against the cart and Rachel obediently crawls over to her on all fours. Mystique knows Rachel's history: she used to be something called a Hound, a leather bondage slave in a future world. She was a tattooed and obedient plaything to her masters. She certainly looks like one now, as Mystique gingerly hitches up her short skirt and slips out of her panties, as the men talk as if nothing's happening. Kitty is on her knees, watching Rachel submit.


Mystique closes her eyes and moans as Rachel's tongue touches her pussy and clit. The touch feels tender and powerful, given strength by Mystique's excitement and wetness. Rachel has clearly had her mouth in a girl's pussy before. She doesn't take long before Mystique is holding on to the cart with both hands, desperate to cum and desperate to prolong this moment. She doesn't dare touch Rachel, so as not to interrupt the girl's expert servicing.


Mystique notices Kitty slowly moving closer to Rachel, almost unconsciously. Suddenly Havok yanks Kitty's reins back, gags her, and gives her a quick slap on her breasts. Cyclops is watching Mystique and smiling, and then Mystique cums, the pleasure washing over her, so sharp its almost painful, and suddenly Mystique realizes she's on her knees, supporting herself on Rachel. Someone pulls Rachel's head back just enough to reinsert her gag, and then uses the leash to pull Mystique back to her feet, a little faster than would be comfortable.


Cyclops smirks, and Havok and Magneto laugh in the background. "Okay then, shall we continue the tour?"


Mystique nods. She realizes that her panties seem to have been lost as she straightens her skirt back into place and follows Cyclops back inside.


"Next stop is the holding cells", Cyclops says once they've reached the elevator. They seem to be on an even lower level of the complex than the Danger Room, in dimly lit corridors stacked containers full of god knows what. Finally, Cyclops and Mystique reach a row of cells. Mystique peeks into one through a small opening in the door. Inside, there's a blonde woman with large breasts and a tight leather bondage hood covering her head, with an opening for her hair to be drawn out in a ponytail. The woman is hanging by her wrists from chains in the ceiling. Her nipples have been pierced with large, thick rings, and the words "bimbo fuck toy" have been tattooed on her back.


Emma Frost, the White Queen, is in the cell with the woman. Emma is fucking her captive in the ass with a massive dildo, clearly relishing in her power. She's wearing white high heels and stay-ups, and not much else.


"That's Lady Mastermind", Cyclops whispers. "And soon, it'll be you, Mystique."


Instinctively, Mystique tries to change shape, but she immediately realizes it's no use. The collar on her neck takes away her control of her powers. Cyclops quickly cuffs her wrists behind her back and runs his hand under her shirt, fondling her breasts. "I think we'll start by piercing your nipples and go from there."


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