Deadpool x Lady Deadpool

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:This is a bad idea.:

:Are you even going to think about this?:

:Don’t ignore us.:

:You’re healed now, look in the mirror, you can have the pick of the litter.:

:Just because I said it was flattering doesn’t mean you should… you know.:

:I don’t even want to think about “you know.”:

Wanda didn’t care that the voices were freaking out. She had tried to go to bed, but her mind kept returning to how Wade had said she was hot. Fuck, she was horny and she couldn’t remember the last time she got laid or a compliment. And wasn’t that typical of her? To milk all the attention she could get. The big question was, would he deny her? He wouldn’t, right? He was her. If she would, he would, right? Damn, she hoped so. Else shit was going to get awkward really fast. She opened his door and stepped in, shutting and locking the door. Her back was against the door and her heart hammered hard in her chest.


Wade blinked a few times, he had been in the process of dozing off to sleep when his door was opened and from the obvious click, locked. He sat up, still waking up. When his eyes finally focused in the dim light, Wanda was pressed against his door, breathing heavily like she had just ran a marathon. Her huge tits were rising and falling in tune with her heavy breathing. He sat up, blanket falling from his body, his body now only covered in his mask and boxers. He frowned, “What’s going on?” She stared at him, unmoving and not answering. Her expression unreadable under her mask. He got up and walked towards her, he couldn’t imagine what was going on. She was always quick to run her mouth and speak her mind, just like him, his doppelganger. He stopped a foot shy of her and asked again, “What’s going on?” She still didn’t answer him, but her hand trembled slightly as she reached up and started to pull her mask off. He froze, not sure what was happening. All the time they had spent working together, and he had never seen her unmasked. When her mask was pulled off, her long blond hair tumbled around her face and shoulders. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Y-you are the g-girl from the ship?” he squeaked. She nodded and her big blue eyes stared back at him. He couldn’t even figure out why she was here revealing herself to him.

She finally spoke, “You said I was hot.”

He looked at her, she had a face of an angel, a voluptuous hourglass figure. He nodded to her, yes she was hot. Crap, this was wrong, he was getting hard thinking about her. “I didn’t know it was you.”

“Does it change anything?” Wanda asked.

He shook his head, “I don’t understand what you are doing.”

“Fuck me.”

He took a step back, he was way to close to her, “I’m dreaming.” She walked towards him and he continued to back away, finally stopping when he hit his bed. She pushed him back so that he fell onto the bed and climbed on top on him. “We shouldn’t do this,” he managed to say through his shock.


“Ah, you are like a relative or sister or cousin or something.”

“No I’m not, I’m you. Just a girl. We’ve been on this adventure for a long time now. I have needs, none of which are getting met.”

He reached up and touched her smooth cheek, “Why aren’t you scarred?”

“I don’t know, something happened to me back there when we were separated,” she moved herself suggestively, grinding against him.

He grabbed her hips trying to still her, “This is wrong.”

“Really? When have you cared about right and wrong? We are highly efficient killers. Do you honestly think fucking me will make you any worse of a person? Besides, I can feel how hard you are. I bet you want to feel how hot and wet my pussy is.” She leaned down and kissed him through his mask.

He hated to admit it, but it felt really nice to have her pressed against him. He flipped her onto her back, “No attachments?”

“This is just about sex,” her fingers tugged his mask over his nose. Her hands went to the back of his head, pulling him down for a deep, rough kiss. She ran her nails down his scarred back until she was ripping his skin open.

He grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head, “You want it rough?” She just gave him a smirk. He got off of her and flipped her over, yanking her pants off. He propped her up at the edge of the bed like a cat stretched out and squeezed her round ass till she cried out and then smacked it hard. He worked a finger around her entrance and rubbed her clit, “Damn you are a wet fucking whore, aren’t you?” She just moaned and pressed herself back against him. He kneeled down and started licking and rolling his tongue against her wet entrance, she bucked against his face as he sucked on her clit.

Wanda pulled her shirt up over her breasts and flicked her fingers over her sensitive hard nipples. Wade’s sucked and licked her sex faster and harder, driving her closer to the edge. She squeezed her nipples hard and was almost immediately taken over by orgasm, making her clit throb with pleasure and cum drip out of her pussy.

Wade stood up and pushed his boxers down, he grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against her swollen, wet sex. “Hmm, face down, ass up, you look good like this. I’ll have to remember that for next time.”

She panted and looked over her shoulder, “Oh? So there will be a next time? Mr. This Is Wrong?”

“Shaddup,  you started this,” he grinned and rammed himself into her hard and in one motion. Her body arched and she let our a strangled moan beneath him. Her slick sex felt awesome around his cock, making him thrust into her fast, in return making her body quiver beneath him. One of his hands went between her thighs to rub her clit and his other hand fondled her breasts and nipples.

She was almost ashamed of her pathetic moaning and whimpering. But, her ecstasy  made her indifferent, relishing in the pleasure rocking her body. Wade’s fingers were rolling and rubbing her very swollen clit, making her thrust back even harder onto his cock. She was so turned on and wet, wanting anything Wade would give her. She buried her face into a pillow and screamed, being already overly sensitive from already having an orgasm and another approaching fast. Her body convulsed and gripped his sex as she came, her orgasm rippling through her whole body.

Wade had to admit he liked where this had gone, no one usually got this into fucking him. And she was definitely into it. Really into it. And the sounds alone of their flesh slapping together and her moaning were enough to drive him crazy. He flipped her onto her back and continued fucking her. His fingers ran through her golden hair as his mouth consumed hers, his tongue and teeth taking her mouth over. It wasn’t long until he was gripping onto her body and releasing deep inside her.

After they had laid twisted together for awhile, Wanda chuckled.

“What?” Wade raised his head.

“That was really fucking awesome.”

“Yeah, it was,” Wade gave her a soft kiss and grinned.

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