Rise of the Storm

BY : Trinity
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Disclaimer: I do not own X-men or their related characters and this story is not bringing me any income. It is only for others to enjoy and me to improve my writing. ENJOY!

So this is the first x-men fan fiction I will be posting in reality it is what I believe the fourth x-men movie should be like but it is also for my own benefit. There are things in here that obviously wouldn't be in the movie. Now there are a few characters that do not match their comic role. As far as in the comic books. Please don't hate it just read it. There also might be some mutants that you have seen from x-men evolution. I wanted to have a clear picture of the teachers and plenty of prominent students. I am going to take it from before the school reopens after Xavier, Jean and Scott die. Xavier I might have come in later if anyone wants me to include him and I believe her name was Moira (sp) I haven't done any research on that. I am also going to IGNORE x-men first class because I don't believe it fits into the story at all. Anyway please give this a chance I will include a little Key for the students/teachers so you know who is who and maybe as well an ability reference once I get to the fighting part. I have also included a few mutants that I have never heard of and done some research on them. But since they change the mutants in almost every series that I have seen I figured I would change it up here as well. I am going to go off of the end with Erik as well if you have watched through the credits you will know what I mean. And I don't like Halle Barry as Storm. Not that she didn't do a good job I just don't see her as Ororo that's all.

Rise of the Storm

Chapter One

Wind whipped around her, spreading her white hair all around her. Nature. She had always been a force of nature. When her eyes opened they surveyed the distruction before her. X-men lay before her bloodied but alive, barely. Her eyes clouded to white and the winds kicked up.

"Storm, don't do this!" Jean called laying on the ground her hand reaching out covered in blood. That alone gave her pause. Jean... Jean was already dead.

She bolted up into a sitting position. Another dream. They had been traveling around her head buzzing like wasps and just as annoying. She sighed softly and slipped her feet over the edge of the bed resting her head in her hands. Down to business. More teachers. So many students showed this year. Rolling her shoulders slowly she pulled back her shoulder length hair and tied it. It was 4 am the other teachers wouldn't be up yet. The Sciences, Computer science, English, Social Studies, Geography, Goverment, Literature, the Maths, Combat, Drama and of course Music. A few of the older children who were close to graduating volenteered to teach the subjects they were strongest in, but she didn't care for that idea. Telling them that after college if they chose to return and teach or become an X-men that was fine. She had long past contacted Scott's brothers and under the circumstances they agreed to come and help out. Although the why had escaped her, they were due to arive this morning. The children for the new year had arrived a week ago and things still seemed hectic. Especially scince she could not start the classes without the teachers she sighed heavily.

Being in charge of this school was taking its toll on her. So far her teachers would be, Peter agreed to teach Drama and music at least those students that were interested, Hank would teach science, Gabriel, Alex those two she did not know what they would teach till they chose it and possibly Warren he had mention literature. He was still on the outs trying to fix things with his father. Her best friends were dead... She stood the cold hardwood floor seeping through the bottom of her feet. Tempeture never had affected her but she could feel it. Rolling her shoulders and lifting her arms above her head. A few exact routines and a half hour later she was in the shower her thoughts slipping back to the students.

Combat class, that would be easy, if only Logan was intersted in teaching the class. No matter what anyone thought of him she knew he had the most combat experiance. He had changed since their last battle. The weight that resided on his shoulders. She swore he held his tounge when she reopened the school. Then there was the carefully veiled threat once she left the room. The words replayed in her head.

'If anyone hinders her... work I will personally see to it that they have a whole new set of there own ... hinderances.' As she stepped from the shower she wondered over the words unsure if he had really meant her.

Shaking her head to remove the thoughts dressing quickly, pulling on a pencil dress that was black and gray with embrodered roses everywhere. She glanced in the mirror to look over herself as she did she pulled her long hair up into a high pony tail. The dress had a stiff collar that dropped into a v neck line and a slick black belt that she strapped on. Tilting her head as she looked at herself she wondered if she really looked like a head mistress. Whether she did or not she was ready to face everyone, not just as Ororo or Storm, but as the leader of Xaviers institue for gifted children and as Leader of the X-men. And as if on cue there was a knock at her door. "One moment." She glanced at her clock to see it was now 5 am. She glanced out the window it was the end of August but the sun wouldn't rise for another hour. Cooler nights that led into slightly warmer days. The difference in the tempetures whispered over her skin telling her nerve endings the differences between the air currents. Stiletto steel heels slipped over her soft feet and that completed her outfit. Soft clicks echoed over the hardwood floor as she crossed to the door. The knob cool under her fingertips, opening on quiet hinges it revealed the newly graduated Peter. Today he was wearing a dark blue button down long sleeve shirt and black slacks.

"Miss Munroe," Peter glanced nervously down the hall. "There are two men here to see you and they appear like they are from the goverment." Ororo smiled at him noticing that he was trying to look the part of a teacher, he took a liking to drama and music sometimes he even liked art.

"Is that why you are so nervous?" Peter reigned himself in shaking himself and looked down at her almost as if his personality changed.

"No your new enforcer is with them." Peter shrugged and stepped back. "His words not mine."

"Who?" Ororo's first thought was Hank but that would not make Peter nervous the only one that could make him nervous was. "No."

"Logan." Ororo sighed and shut the door falling in step beside Peter her black stiletto shoes clicking softly on the hardwood floor of the mansion. She had no need to be quiet and the new role that she took on required her to be outspoken. They stopped outside her office and listened The wood was not very thick so voices often carried.

"You knew Scott?" The voice was a strong baritone. There was a grunt in answer, which was clearly Logan, then the man spoke again. "Not very articulate are you?" Before things could get out of hand she entered the room her heels clicking on the hardwood until she reached the oriential rug under the desk. As she leaned against the desk glanced at the men, waiting for Peter to shut the door. Once he closed the door and took a seat she registered the men. The first man stood tall but obviously uncomfortable in his black suit and gold tie. His eyes matching in a extremly gold tinge and his blonde hair whispered along his ears. With a long face and strong cheek bones he would easily stand out in a crowd. The second appeared younger in a similar suit with a blue eyes and a tie to match but his hair was also blond but it was cut short. His face was cut more like Scott's and it was almost uncanny how similiar they looked. Lastly she glanced at Logan in his standard jeans and a black wife beater. Never changing his facial hair in any way, he had been working out more or so he appeared more buff then usual either that or she just noticed it more now. "I assume that you are Miss Munroe." The same man from earlier spoke and now she could attach a face to the voice, the brother with the gold eyes. He glanced at her up and down. For a moment Ororo wondered if the dress was a little too short.

"Yes, and you are?" A smile spread across his face at her outstretched hand he clasped it and shook firmly before answering.

"I am Gabriel Summers and this," He pointed to the other man in the room. "Is my brother Alexander Summers." Alex shook her hand and spoke but one word.

"Alex." She nodded in acknowledgement.

"I am glad that I could reach you both to tell you of your brother but I do not see why you wish to help us." She rose her eyebrow. "Pardon my plain words but up until I started going through Xavier's files I did not know that Scott even had brother's to contect." Gabriel sighed and glanced at Alex it was a few moments before he answered and Ororo used this moment to walk around her desk and sit down.

"I am not surprised you see Scott left the family after his powers manifested because he did not agree with our way of life." Gabriel paused. "He wanted to learn to control his powers on his own without the assistance of me and he wanted to protect others." Ororo raised her eyebrows. "He saw me as evil." Ororo sighed and looked down at the folder before her and some of Xavier's notes.

"I trust... trusted both Scott and Xavier but on the subject of Scott's family. Your family. They argued. But in the end family is all that matters." Ororo looked up at one brother then the other. "So I contacted you because you deserve to know that he passed no matter what issues were between you when you lived. But heed this warning if I believe that you are a threat to the students OR staff I will give you a new definition to nature's fury." Logan was tense beside her and she noted that he had moved closer. Although Peter was still seated in his original place and so was Alex. Thunder rolled outside even though there was not a cloud in the sky.

"I see." Gabriel shook his head the smile disappearing from his face. "Well we still intend to help at least until we can learn what kind of man he became before he died. And of course until it settles here and you find someone to replace us." Ororo noticed a shocked look come across Alex's face before it quickly faded back to indifference.

"Then I will welcome you and your brother." Gabriel nodded. "Once you two are settled we can discuss which subjects you would like to empart to our next generation. Peter please show the Summer brothers the rooms that were readied for them. Gentlemen we don't have much in the way of anything really at the moment but if there is something you need please see Henry and he will make sure you get it." Ororo watched as they all turned to leave.

"Are you alright?" Logan inquired shifting from foot to foot.

"Yes." Once Ororo was sure that they were out of hearing range she turned to Logan. "Enforcer?" Ororo raised an eyebrow and waited. A slow grin spread over his face as he leaned back against the wall.

"Someone has to." Logan glanced at the door and then his face hardened. "I don't trust those boys." Ororo glanced at the door herself crossing her legs and looking down at the manila folder in front of her.

"Neither do I. I think it's time we called in some help." Ororo looked back at Logan and leaned back in her chair uncrossing and then recrossing her long bare legs. Glancing at her legs he spoke but it was a soft growl.

"If they are anything like those two I vote no." The sound that left her mouth tingled over his skin, his brain registered it as laughter but it affected him differently this time. Unwittingly a smile passed over his lips.

"No I think that its time we called in old friends. I think we are going to need them. I have one particular person in mind."

"And who might this person be?"

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