Angel In The Attic

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Angel in the Attic

Chapter 1



Fusedtwilight: So yeah this is my first ever X-men fanfic so...please be gentle. I am a big fan of Marvel, especially X-men. I have seen the movies, the cartoons (save Wolverine and the x-men but I am working on that) and I read all the comics. I have always wanted to do an X-men fic and finally came up with a fic idea. I will keep this short and let you get on with the story, but first I would like to thanl my beta animegirlkiki for betaing.


It all started around eight in the morning on Sunday.

In the state of New York, in the small town of Cambridge there was a family with a really big secret.

The family was a family of five. A husband, his wife, and their three children, two sons and one daughter.

On the outside the family seemed to be the perfect picture of a modern family. The father had a good job and supported his family. The mother was caring and loving and kept her house nice and tidy.

Their son and daughter never got into trouble, never staid out late or smoked or drank or even had premarital sex, they got good grades and had plenty of good friends and always did as their parents told them to.

The family hardly ever quarreled. The children were respectful and did all their chores. The parents loved their children very much and took great pride in them.

If anyone talked about the Branson's it was with either with a smile or with of envy.

Even their house was perfect. Clean cut green grass lawn, nice flower bed below the windows. The house was two stories with an attic and it was in that attic where the secret of the family lived.

They never spoke of this secret to anyone, fearing what would happen. They saw the news. Saw the protestors, the riots, the giant metal men hunting them down.

They treated their secret with shame and fear. They kept him hidden from the world and had so since he was ten.

The secret was one of the children themselves.

The Bronson's had three children: their eldest child Paxton, Their only daughter Mya, and the big, shameful secret. Their youngest son: Michael.

To the outside world, Michael who was a victim of mental illness and as such was home schooled by his parents and kept isolated. It was a rare event to see him. When he was seen outside his home it was always with one of his parents and he never spoke to anyone.

A result of the illness, his parents said. They would tell people ignoring him was best as he would get confused then angry then violent.

But this was a lie. Michael had no mental illness.

But he did suffer a very unique condition which too many was considered a worldwide epidemic.

Michael was a mutant.



Mary was a nervous wreck, but she did her best to not let it show. It was eight on Sunday and her family got ready for Church.

Her husband Nathan was putting his tie on and she had just finished serving her children breakfast.

"Are you sure you will not come Mary?" Nathan asked.

"Yes. I want to work on the flowers today," she lied.

"You and your flowers," Nathan said with a loving smile.

He kissed her on the cheek.

Mary smiled. "Sweetheart, I was wondering. Do you think tonight we can let Michael out tonight?"

Nathan's smile fell. Paxton and Mya stopped eating and watched their parents cautiously. Michael was a sore subject on the best of days.

"Why?" Nathan asked.

"Well it has been a while. He has been a very good boy. He could use some fresh air."

"We'll talk more later," Nathan said, using his end of discussion tone.

Mary nodded. Knowing deep down had it not been for her, her husband would keep Michael locked up tight and never let him out. Only she was able to convince him to let him out from time to time. Only she could make him see that keeping him locked up without the occasional person seeing him might make people curious as to why they never saw him.

Even if he had a mental illness it would be odd for him not to be seen from time to time.

Nathan treated him like an evil secret. Something that had to be kept hidden. The children feared their brother and what he was. They feared what would happen if their friends found out their youngest brother was a mutant.

They remembered this one girl who was revealed to have an uncle who was a mutant. She soon became the pariah of their school, a victim of much teasing and cruel taunting jokes. They did not want that to happen to them.

Mary was scared too. Not for her or what people would say if they knew. She feared for Michael. Feared what a continued life of misery would do to him.

Was she scared of mutants? Yes, of course. How can you not feel fear of a being who can make you do what he wishes with his will alone? Or a girl who can walk into your home by simply walking through the wall like it was air.

But she did not fear her son, her sweet, sweet Michael. This was no life for him. He needed to be somewhere, where he could thrive and be with other people like him.

So, unbeknownst to her husband she contacted a man who ran a school for mutants, who would be here shortly. She was trying to discreetly usher her family out before the man arrived.

She knew Nathan would be furious when he learned what she had done. But this was what was best for Micheal.

She kissed Nathan and her children and wished them well. Once they drove off to go to church she went and made some scrambled egg's, toast, and bacon with a nice glass of milk. She put the food on a platter and went upstairs to the attic. Pulling the key out and unlocking the door that led up to it she climbed the flight of stairs and unlocked the second door that led to Michael's room.

"Michael, sweetie, I have made breakfast for you," she said.

Michael's room was the attic itself. When they moved him up here six years ago Mary had done her best to make the place cozy for her sweet little boy. Not an easy task considering what she had to work with.

A bed, a dresser, a small TV, and a small desk for Michael to sit at. The walls were insulated to help keep him warm during winter and they used a space heater when it got to chilly.

Michael was at his desk drawing a picture of a bird flying in the sky. He looked up when his mother came up with his food. He wore a jacket with the hood up so you could barely see his face.

"Thank you mother," he said.

His voice was soft and gentle; it made you think of rain hitting the roof of your house. A certain kind of calm and peace that helped relaxes you. The kind of sound you could listen to for hours.

"I need you to eat quickly sweetie," she said.

"Why? Are we going to church?" he asked.

"No baby. Today..." she took a deep breath. The words were hard for her to say. She loved her son dearly. Despite letting her husband keep him locked up here. It pained her to do this. After all, all mothers find it difficult when their children leave the nest. But it was what was best for Michael.

As much as she hated to let him go she knew he could be happier away from home then in it. She hated that she allowed it to go on for this long but she wasn't going to let it go on any longer.

Michael had two more years to go before he was eighteen. He needed to be around people, he needed to see the world. He needed to stretch his wings and fly.

"Today some people are coming to take you to a special school."



Not too far away a car was being driven down the road.

The car belonged to Charles Xavier. Headmaster of the Xavier school for gifted youngsters, mutant rights activist and one of the most powerful mutants in the world.

He rode in the back along with two of his staff members. Warren Worthington the third, also known as Angel. A mutant from a rich family with a mutation that gave him a pair of angel like wings which allowed him to fly, and Betsy Braddock, also known as Psylock. A mutant woman with powerful telepathy, which she could manifest as a psychic blade.

The man driving was a man simply known as Logan. More infamously known as Wolverine. A mutant with a tragic past, incapable of remembering his past, but always haunted by it in the form of nightmares and individuals he met long ago. Logan had a healing factor which helped him regenerate injuries that would kill most people. He also had enhanced senses and three retractable bone claws that are housed within each forearm. His skeleton was coated in an indestructible metal known as adamantium which made his claws capable of cutting through virtually everything.

It was part of a project he did not sign up for.

"Why did we not just take the jet?" Warren asked.

"It's only an hour's drive from Westchester love. Besides, I think we might arouse suspicion if we park the jet in the street," Betsy said.

"So, why are we picking this kid up?" Logan asked as he drove. "Why doesn't his mother just ship him off?"

"Because Logan, his father would rather keep him in isolation then let him wonder outside. His mother secretly called me and requested we take him to the school. The poor boy has been kept in isolation for the past six years," Xavier said.

"Six years? Is his mutation that noticeable?" Warren asked.

Xavier looked at him with a sly smile. "It can be hidden, but his father is very paranoid about people learning the truth. There is a reason why I asked you to come Warren. I think of all of us Michael will have the most in common with you."

"Me? Why me?" Warren asked.

"You'll see," was all the professor said.

Betsy began to communicate telepathically with the professor.

-Charles, what exactly is his mutation?- Betsy asked.

-You will see. Trust me.-

They continued to drive to the Bronson house in silence. When they arrived Logan got out and retrieved the professor's chair from the trunk. Once he was situated they proceeded to the house, taking note at how well kept it was.

When they reached the front porch Charles was thankful that there were no stairs. Since losing the use of his legs stairs had become a nemesis of his, It always made things inconvenient for him.

The one thing he did not enjoy when he came personally to visit the family of a potential new student was always blasted stairs. It was hard to come off as respectable when you have to have your co-workers drag you up some stairs.

They knocked on the door and Mary answered. "Hello?" she said in greeting.

"Mrs. Bronson, I am Charles Xavier, we talked on the phone," Xavier greeted her with a warm smile. These are my associates. Logan, Warren and Betsy."

"Pleasure to meet you, please come in." she quickly ushered them in and quickly looked around outside to make sure no one saw.

Logan could hear her heart beating a little quicker then was the norm, could smell the slightest tinge of fear in her scent. Xavier and Betsy could sense it as well, being telepath's they had learned to block out thoughts, but sometimes they could still get impressions or if the person was thinking hard enough they could hear it.

They knew she was worried someone might see them. Charles Xavier was famous for his school and she did not want to risk one of the neighbors seeing him. They might realize he was there for one of her children and then everyone would know the truth.

They all sat down in the living room. Charles of course always staid sitting down.

"Thank you all for coming. I really do appreciate this, Michael should almost be done with his breakfast," Mary said. "May I get you anything to drink? Tea, coffee?"

They all politely refused her offer.

"Mrs. Bronson, is your husband home?" Xavier asked.

"No, he and the children are at Church. I thought it best." a sad look crossed her face. "My husband...he doesn't like mutants. He is a good man all changed when Michael turned ten. He started to get these pains in his back, he was becoming more athletic at school, and he was becoming stronger and faster than the other children. One day he started to develop these growths on his back."

A strange feeling settled in Warren's gut. The symptoms she was describing sounded very familiar to him. Because when his gift first manifested he suffered similar symptoms.

"We feared it was cancer or some kind of bone defect. Then one day he got real sick and fell to the ground and started screaming in pain. He said it was his back. We took his shirt off and the mounds on his back were moving." her eyes were haunted from the memory. "Then he screamed as his skin began to tear and...they came out."

"Maybe it's best if we see," Xavier said.

"Yes, of course. Michael!" Mary called.

Logan heard movement from upstairs and the professor and Betsy sensed him coming down, they could hear his thoughts. He was a little confused a bit worried.

-Wonder who it could be? They usually don't let me down when we have guests. Why isn't father here? No way he is going to let me meet someone without him being here. I hope he doesn't yell at mother again for this.-

It was not unusual for one parent to be anti-mutant and the other pro-mutant. The X-men had met many families where one parent loved and accepted their mutant child while the other didn't.

It was sad how a little thing like genetics could cause such a schism in a family.

A few moments later Michael came walking into the living room. With the exception of Xavier and Mary everyone was surprised to see him wearing a baggy jacket with the hood drawn. It was such a nice day out and there was no need to wear such clothing inside.

But Michael was taught long ago to wear his hood up when they had guests or if they were out in public. He drew too much attention with his face. It helped add to the illusion that something was wrong with him in the head too.

He glanced at the guests with a little unease; he didn't like it when they had guests over. He was not allowed to talk to them and he didn't like how they looked at him. Sometimes with pity, sometimes with caution. He really wished he didn't have to go along with the excuse he was mentally ill.

"Yes mother?" he asked.

Betsy liked the sound of his voice. It was so soft and gentle. It sounded like wind chimes to her ears. She wondered if he was a singer? She had a feeling with a voice like that he would be the new teen heart throb. She could see him surrounded by dozens of groupies looking at him in wonder as he sang to them.

"Did you finish your breakfast?" Mary asked.

"Yes mother, I made my bed as well."

"That my boy," Mary said with a smile. "Sweetie, show our guests your back."

"Mother?" Michael asked sounding shocked.

He never showed anyone his back but his mother, his father refused to see him without a shirt on, and they definitely never let anyone see him without his shirt. He shuddered to think what his father would do when he found out.

"It's okay," she said.

"But father said-"

"Warren, maybe you should show him your gift," Xavier said.

Warren nodded and got up. "Hello Michael, I am Warren."

"I know you, you were on the TV, you're the one called Angel," Michael said with wonder in his voice.

The X-men had been on the television plenty of times. Michael had seen the news, he had seen the footage of them fighting giant killer robots or other evil mutants. Michael was always fascinated to watch Warren or as he knew him Angel. He liked to draw pictures of the X-men in his sketchbooks.

"That's right," Warren said. He brought up his hand showing him his watch. He pressed a button on it and his image seemed to flicker. Mary gasped and covered her mouth.

Angel turned around and saw the pair of white wings that were folded against his back. Like angel wings.

"My God, their just like his," Mary said.

"His?" Warren asked confused.

"Show him sweetie," Mary said.

Michael pulled his hood back. Everyone except Mary gasped. Micheal was simply breath taking. He had jet black hair that went past his ears, it was smooth and shined in the sun light. Betsy had an urge to run her fingers through his hair to see if it felt as silky as it look. He had a pointed chin, high thin cheekbones, big round innocent eyes. His skin was very white, it made his hair look even blacker. He had wide shoulders and a broad chest. He was five foot seven and Betsy had a feeling when he grew older he would grow taller. She could tell from how his chest was built he had yet to fully grow into it. His eyes were the color of gold, like burning suns. He was one of the most beautiful beings she had ever seen in her life.

A part of her was ashamed she was having such a strong reaction to this boy who was more then ten years her junior. But he was just so damned gorgeous. Then she shook her head and focused.

-My God Charles, look at him he is gorgeous! He's even better looking then Warren and that is saying something. Even the guys are amazed!-

She could sense Logan and Warren's amazement. They were not having as strong a reaction to him as she was having. She could feel Logan was feeling a little uncomfortable. He was no longer looking at Michael, his male pride unable to bear the affect any longer.

-Yes, he is most striking. I foresee the girls at the school having a new idol to fawn over,- Xavier said.

-Not just the students Charles, I mean if this is what I am feeling imagine what the female staff will feel.-

Michael noticed the affect he was having but did not realize it was a result of his inhuman beauty. Looking down to avoid their gaze he unzipped his jacket and pulled it off and Betsy did her best to look him in the face. She did notice that the jacket gave the illusion of weight. Michael was a lot more skinny then any of them thought. He looked so frail.

He turned around, everyone save Xavier and Mary looked surprised at what they saw.

Just like Warren, there was a pair of snow white wings, like what you saw on an angel on Michael's back.

In an instant Warren realized why the Professor had asked he come. The only other mutant he knew of that had wings like him was Joshua Guthrie. The younger brother to Sam Guthrie, also known as Cannonball. Joshua was called Icarus and his wings were red where's Warren's were white. Like Warren he had a powerful healing factor and he was a well accomplished musician. He was also capable of mimicking voices.

Michael put his jacket back on, zipping it up, but leaving the hood down.

"When his father saw what had come out of Michael's back he realized what he was. That's when everything changed," Mary said.

Michael's shoulders slumped in sadness. Remembering the day clearly.

"After he grew his wings Nathan moved him to the attic. We took him out of school and taught him ourselves. We told people Michael had developed a mental illness and had to be confined the majority of the time. Nathan treated him different, was harsher with him. Never let him have any contact with the outside world. When we do take him out he is always with me or his father, Nathan does not let him talk to anyone though. If he feels he has done something wrong he locks him up in his room and won't let him eat."

Mary stood up and went to stand by her son's side. She put her hand on his shoulder. "This has gone on for six years and it is time for it to end. I have not been a good mother, I allowed this to happen."

Michael placed his hand on his mothers. "Don't say that, you have taken very good care of me." his smile was like the sun, bright and warm. The look of love in his eyes plain as day.

"No, I have not. I should have not allowed your father to do that to you." she looked at Charles and the others. "But I was afraid. Afraid to defy him and afraid what the town would think. We know what happens to the families of mutants. We were always afraid a mob would come to our home."

"Yes, it can be difficult for the families of mutants as well," Xavier said. "But at our school Michael can be taught how to use and control his gifts. To further his education and prepare him for a world that does not understand him."

"You mean hates him," Mary said sadly.

Xavier nodded.

"I want him to grow. This life is killing him. I want him to be with others like him so he can make friends and live and laugh. He can't get that here."

"Mother, am I leaving?" Michael asked sounding a little scared.

"Yes baby."

"But, what about you and what will dad say when he finds out?" Michael asked.

"Your father will have to deal with it," Mary said. "He will be mad at first. But after a while he will see it for the best."

"You have nothing to be scared of Michael," Xavier said kindly. "At my school you will meet others like you. Some will have appearances more amazing and bizarre then you can imagine. But you and they all share the pain of living in a world that fears you. You will make friends and you will receive the best education from the finest teachers in the world."

Michael still looked unsure.

"Will I be allowed to fly?" he asked.

His back twitched, as if his wings responded to the thought.

"Of course you can," Warren said, "at Xavier's we teach our students to not only control their powers, but to embrace them. I myself teach the flying class for students who are capable of flight."

"Really?" Michael said brightly.

Betsy smiled to herself. She could tell Warren had a fan. She remembered his comment about seeing him on TV. She imagined what he must have seen. Someone like himself, with a similar mutation who was allowed to fly and be himself. She could understand why Warren would be Michael's hero. Warren was everything he wanted to be.

"Yes, and if you join Xavier's I will be one of your teachers," Warren said.

"What is that thing on your wrist?" he asked.

"It's an image inducer," Warren said, "Like the professor said some of our students mutations are to obvious for them to go out without fear of being harassed. So we created these special devices that create an optical illusion of an average human teen so they can hide in plane sight."

"Could I have one?"

"You wouldn't need one, all you have to do is keep your wings covered and you can walk around without worry, I use one because I don't like keeping my wings confined."

Michael was quiet. Although a part of him wanted to say yes, another part was afraid. Afraid to leave his home and the world he knew for the unknown. Afraid of what his life would be like outside of his attic, a life that would surround him with all kinds of things.

"What do you say sweetie?" Mary asked.

Michael bit his lower lip nervously. On the one hand he was scared to leave. His home, his family, his attic was all he had ever known. But his mom was right, he wanted to go out in the world, he wanted to explore, see new things and meet new people. He was tired of living in a home where he was kept hidden like a dirty little secret. With a father who resented him and siblings who feared him.

"Alright, I will do it," he said.



Twenty minutes later Mary had packed Michael's bag. He didn't have many things to take with him, some clothes and his drawing kit.

Judging from all the pencils and pad's of paper Warren was sure Michael would enjoy Peter's art class.

The professor and the others were in the car waiting for them. Michael was hugging his mother one last time. "You have to write or call as often as you can," she said, her voice filled with pain.

The kind of pain a mother has when they must let their child go.

"I will mother, I promise."

"And don't worry about your father, once he sees how things change he will see it was for the best," she said.

As much as it shamed her to think, once Michael was gone it would be like a weight was lifted from the family. There would be no fear of someone learning the truth or of secret government agents breaking into their house to take him away.

"You be good now. Do as you're told and do all your homework and try to make friends. Make sure you keep your room tidy and your clothes clean. Don't forget to brush your teeth and take care of yourselves. And be careful of the girls...some might be a little too taken with your appearance dear," Mary said.

She knew how girls were in today's age. The idea of her sweet little angel being fawned by a bunch of teenage girls did not make her happy.

"I will mother," Michael said.

He kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. They let go and he followed Warren to the car. He looked back twice. His mother smiled a single tear fell down her face.

She waved goodbye to her baby boy, happy that at last he could find the happiness he could not find at home.

The car drove down the road, leading Michael to his new life. Leading him into the unknown.

It was half an hour later.

Michael was looking out the window with small wonder. He had never left his small town before. Each new turn of the road revealed something new to him, and he loved it.

Betsy and the professor could sense his wonder and amazement. They smiled, glad they were able to liberate him from his imprisonment.

Many times they had helped a mutant find their place at the school, Sadly many of them suffered a life worse then what Michael suffered. Some of the students had parents that disowned them or even tried to kill them.

"Are there any other mutants like you and me?" Michael asked Warren.

"Yes, only one other. His name is Joshua, or Jay as he likes to be called. His codename is Icarus and he has wings like you and me, only they are red."

"Can he make fire like me?"

"Fire?" Warren asked confused.

All of a sudden the car began to shake. It was not just the car, it was the ground. It was like there was a small earthquake.

"Hang on!" Logan yelled from the front.

The car squealed to a stop. The road in front of them cracked and heaved as a small group of boulders pushed from the ground. Preventing them from going any further.

"Everyone alright?" Logan asked when the shaking stopped.

"We're fine," Warren said.

"Was that an earthquake?" Michael asked.

"That was no earthquake," Logan said.

"Professor, you sensing it to?" Betsy asked.

"Yes, I am," Xavier said.

"What?" Warren asked.

"Nothing, quick, everyone out!" Xavier ordered.

They all got out quickly. Warren held the professor as Logan got his chair out. "Blast what I wouldn't give for a healing factor of my own," Xavier said.

"What is going on?" Michael asked nervous.

"We are under attack," Betsy said. "That was no ordinary earthquake. I tried to sense who did it but there are some blind spots in my telepathy. That means someone has psy-shielding which protects them from telepathy."

"I am calling the others now," Xavier said placing a hand to his head.

"What is he doing?" Michael asked.

"The professor is the world's most powerful telepath. He is calling for help," Logan said.

"Cool," Michael said.

Logan sniffed the air and an animal like growl escaped his throat. His lips pulled back in a snarl and he held up his fists.


Three metal blade shot out of Logan's forearms.

"Whoa!" Michael said.

"Guys, we have company."

There was a rumbling sound and something large smashed through the boulders.

When the dust cleared they saw an extremely large and fat man brushing dust of his shoulders. He was about six foot five and looked like he weighed a ton, literally. His belly was so large it looked like it could fit all of them together.

"Well, well, look what I found," the inhumanly obese man said.

"Blob," Logan growled.

Blob? Michael thought to himself. Was that the man's name? Blob? If it was it was very appropriate.

"Yeah, and I didn't come alone," he said with a mean smile. A group of people emerged from behind the man. He was large enough to hide them all. There was a woman with deep blue skin and bright red hair. Hair eyes were lizard yellow. She wore a skimpy white dress that appeared to have small skulls around the waist.

There was another man in a vivid orange suite. He wore a metal pack on his back that connected a pair of cables into wrist gauntlets the man wore. Like his suite the man's hair was bright orange.

Another man wore a silver suite with a metal helmet that revealed his lower jaw.

There was another smaller man with a slight green tinge to his skin, he hopped like a frog, his hops took him far and his movements were toad like.

Finally a man in a ragged torn leather coat with long dirty hair, black vicious nails, like a cat, a pair of large canines and a vicious snarl. His eyes were focused on Logan and they glared at each other with a look of pure hate.

"Mystique," Xavier said, "what is the meaning of this?"

"Magneto has sent us to recover the boy in your possession," the blue woman said. She smiled but it was not a pleasant one. "Thank you for saving us the trip."

"What does Magnus want with him?" Xavier said.

"None of your concern!"

"Afraid I must disagree," Betsy said stepping forward.

"Psylock, we are all wearing psi-shields, as I am sure you now know. Your telepathy won't affect us," Mystique said.

"Really?" Betsy asked. She held up her fist and it glowed a purple color. It extended into a blade like shape. "Will it save you from my psi-blade?" she asked.

"Keep them preoccupied Betsy, the others are on their way and will be here in ten minutes-" Xavier said.

"I'll try professor." Betsy said.

"Enough! Get the boy!" Mystique yelled.

The man in the orange suite pointed his fists at them. From the gauntlets there was a clicking sound and a jet of fire erupted forth.

"Look out!" Logan yelled.

Out of reflex Michael's wings broke free of his jacket, shredding it to pieces. He and Warren immediately took flight to avoid the flames. Wolverine and Psylock dodged to the side.

The car didn't make it. It exploded in flames, taking with it Michael's cloth's and art set. Something which greatly upset him.

Michael wasn't as good a flier as Warren. He had many years of experience and Michael had been locked up for so long he had to work extra hard just to stay airborne. Under normal circumstances he would be enjoying flying but since they were being attacked by a bunch of oddly dressed psycho's he was unable to fully appreciate the feeling.

Warren flew next to him, the professor still in his arms. Michael watched how effortlessly he carried the professor. Michael doubted he could carry the professor and stay in flight at the same time.

"Who are they?" Michael asked.

"The brother hood of mutants. A very bad group of mutants who seek mutant rights through terrorist means," The professor said.

"What do they want with me?" Michael asked.

"I don't know. But don't worry, they won't get you."

Down below things were not looking good. Wolverine was fighting Toad, Sabertooth, and Blob. Psylock was fighting Mystique, Pyro and Avalanche.

"How much longer?" Warren asked the professor.

"Five more minutes!" Xavier yelled.

Psylock and Mystique seemed to be on equal footing. They both blocked one another and dodged when they were attacked. Pyro was on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment so not to fry his team mates.

Avalanche used his power to shake the ground, it caused Psylock to lose her footing and gave Mystique the opening she needed. She kicked Psylock in the gut sending her flying back.

"Betsy!" Warren shouted.

"Pyro now!" Mystique yelled.

Pyro grinned and pointed his gauntlets at Psylock. A jet of fire shot forth from them, to Michael's horror the fire took the shape of a massive demonic lion.

Reacting quickly Michael flew down as fast as he could.

"Michael no!" Xavier yelled.

Michael flapped his wings as hard as he could. His movements were erratic at best, this was the first time he had ever flown and he was amazed he could even do it, once his mutation had manifested his father kept him locked up.

Naturally he was not allowed to fly so his wings were not in their best condition; they were already getting tired from carrying him around. But he had to get to Betsy before it was too late.

She was nice and he didn't want her to get hurt.

Michael landed in front of Psylock and wrapped his wings around them both. Mystique looked in horror as their target was enveloped in the fire.

"Stop! Not the boy you fool!"

Pyro stopped and feared the condition the boy would be in. He had made the flames strong enough to burn someone to the bone. Magneto had ordered the boy be unharmed and feared he would soon be on the man's shit list for charbroiling his mutant.

But to everyone's immense surprise when the fires died down Michael was unharmed. Not a single mark was on his body or his feathers.

He unwrapped his wings from himself and Psylock. His paints were a little singed but he was completely unharmed.

"No bloody way!" Pyro said amazed he survived.

"Are you okay Miss?" Michael asked Psylock.

"Yeah, thanks," Betsy said amazed. "How did you know you could do that?" she asked.

"I didn't," he said with an amazed smile.

Michael did not know he was immune to fire, he thought he was going to wind up horribly burned or killed but all he had cared about was saving Miss Betsy.

"Get the boy!" Mystique ordered.

Michael frowned and turned to the brotherhood which was now advancing on him and Psylock. Wolverine and Sabertooth were still fighting. Their cloth's torn and bloody.

"Leave me alone!" Michael screamed.

He held up his hand and it began to glow.

"What the-?" Mystique began to say.

A white energy that looked like a cross between fire and lightning appeared on his hands, they flickered like flame but crackled like electricity. Michael pointed his hands at them and the energy began to grow. Instinctively knowing what was about to happen the brotherhood hid behind the Blob who shielded his teammates.

The energy shot from his hands in a brilliant display of white light, it hit the Blob with an enormous concussive force and actually pushed the massive mutant back a few feet.


Blob screamed in pain as the fire/lightning hit him. When the energy died down, Micheal's hands continued to glow and he looked amazed, like he was not expecting it to be that strong.

Blob's skin was tomato red and some of his uniform had been burned away. Horrible blisters appeared on his immense torso.

"That fucking hurt!" Blob roared.

The other Brotherhood members surveyed the damage. They and the x-men had looks of immense surprise on their faces. The Blob had a level of invulnerability that protected him from damage and Michael's attack had done more damage to him then Cyclops's own optic beams ever did. There was a black line on the road, the heat from the blast had melted it, causing the road to liquefy to tar.

"Blimey!" Pyro said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that," Michael said, his hand stopped glowing.

"No! You did good, keep it up bub!" Logan yelled as he grappled with Sabertooth.

Warren remembered when Michael asked if Jay could make fire, before he did not know what he meant, but now he got it. First fire immunity and now this? What else did the boy have up his sleeves?

There was a sudden wind change, the clouds began to turn black and thunder was heard.

"Shit, retreat, the reinforcements have arrived," Mystique yelled.

From the clouds a giant plane began to descend. A woman flew next to it, she was African American but her long hair was white as snow, as was her eyes.

The brotherhood quickly ran for the forest, rain began to fall, putting out the fire form the now ruined car.

"Professor, is everyone okay?" the woman, known as Ororo or Storm asked.

"Yes, we are fine. We did not anticipate the Brotherhood attacking though."

Wolverine walked up to Psylock and Michael. His cloths were ripped and there was blood, but there was not a mark on him.

"You okay bub?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes, I am sorry; I didn't mean to hurt him. I didn't know I could make the fire that strong," Michael said with regret in his voice.

"Don't feel bad, remember what they would have done to Psylock had you not shielded her from Pyro's fire," Logan said.

The plane landed on the ground. A door on the side opened and a flight of stairs descended. A man with a visor came walking out. He had brown hair and the visor glowed red. "Storm, is the area clear?" he asked, with the voice of a leader.

"It is, they ran off when they saw us. Looked like Blob was hurt bad," Storm said.

Warren flew down, with the professor. "It would seem our newest addition is more powerful than we thought," Xavier said.

"Was he injured?" Cyclops asked looking at Michael.

"I'm fine," Michael said shyly.

Betsy smiled to herself. She was sensing Scott was having the same reaction to Michael as she and the others did when they first saw him, though his visor helped hide it.

"We should go before the police arrive," he said finally said.

"Yes, then we can hopefully learn why Magneto wants Michael, and Tessa can tell us more about Michael's power," Xavier said.



"I first learned I could make fire when I was twelve," Michael said.

Everyone was strapped in and they would arrive at the X-mansion in a few moments. A few other X-men were in the plane as well. Shadowcat, Colossus, Iceman and Dazzler. When they saw Micheal they all did a double take. Shadowcat and Dazzler like Besty were more affected then the guys were.

The men like Logan, Xavier and Warren had been amazed at his inhuman beauty. But their manly pride kept them from showing their amazement as much as the girls did.

Michael was explaining about his fire power. Everyone was curious as to how he hurt the Blob.

"It was two years after I turned into a mutant and my father brought me some food. It was cold and I wished it was warmer. Then my hands started to glow and the food began to steam. My mother was shocked when she found the bottom of the plate had burn marks in the shape of a pair of hands."

Michael smiled. He remembered the look of shock on his mothers face when she saw the bowl. They never told his father though, fearing what he might do. Instead she threw the plate away and they never spoke of it.

"Over time I learned to make fire appear in my hands. I would practice at night when everyone was asleep. I never told no one, not even my own mother." Michael was afraid what his mother would do if she knew he could fire appear on his hands. He was even more afraid what his father would say, or do.

"It didn't just look like fire, looked like lightning as well," Logan said.

"Who cares, he save me from being burned alive," Betsy said.

"That was a very risky thing you did Michael," Xavier said sternly. Then he smiled. "But it was also brave, you should be proud of yourself."

"Thank you sir," Michael said with a blush.

He looked up and saw they were flying for a waterfall on a cliff. He saw a large mansion above the cliff in the distance but they were heading for the middle of the waterfall.

"Umm, excuse me, aren't you going to avoid the waterfall?" he asked.

No one said anything.

"Excuse me? Hello?"

The waterfall was right in front of them now. Michael began to panic. "Look out! Were going to-"

They flew through the waterfall, instead of crashing and burning they continued to fly. They were inside a large hollowed out path with lights on the ceiling to show where you were flying.

"Crash," Michael said his voice small and squeaky.

The X-men all grinned, having seen this dozens of times.

"I never get sick of that," Logan said, enjoying scaring the piss out of new people with the old hidden airfield behind the waterfall trick.



Meanwhile the Brotherhood had returned to their secret hideout in defeat.

"Someone's doing the limp of shame," a woman with black hair and an eye patch said.

"Shut up Callisto!" Mystique snapped.

Callisto looked at Blob and stopped grinning. "Jesus, what happened to him?"

"Our target," Mystique said.

"Where is the boy?" a man asked walking down the hall to them. He had long black hair that went down past his back and his skin had a slight dark pink tinge to it.

"No Exodus, the X-men had him, we had to retreat," Mystique said.

Exodus, being one of the most powerful telepathic beings on the planet scanned their minds. He was amazed the boy had harmed the Blob, and had survived Pyro's assault.

His master would be both pleased and displeased. Pleased at the boy's power and displeased he was not with them.

"Mystique, with me, thew rest of you take Blob to the infirmary," Exodus said.

Mystique followed Exodus as did Callisto.

"Shouldn't you be off sharpening your knives?" Mystique snapped.

"You'd best show me respect Mystique, if it wasn't for me Magneto wouldn't be able to find all these mutants!" Callisto bit back.

"Enough!" Exodus said and they both fell silent, though glaring at one another. They walked down a few halls and came to a door with a key pad. Exodus punched in a series of numbers and the doors opened.

"Master, Mystique has failed," Exodus said.

The room they were in was massive. At the center was a giant metal sphere. There was a hole on the sphere. A lone figure sat inside. He was deathly pale with an oblong shaped head and yellow eyes. He had a very thin body. He wore a helmet that was red with purple lines around the face area. The helmet was connected by two cables that was plugged into the sphere.

Outside the sphere a man stood. He had white hair and wore a black and red suite. "Yes, I know," the man said.

"We didn't fail; the X-men were there!" Mystique said angrily.

"I know that too," Magneto said, his voice neither angry nor upset. Just calm and rational. "I am surprised it took Charles so long to find him, considering he lived so close. But unlike Cerebrus, Cerebro cannot sense the power level of a mutant. Otherwise he would have gone to the boy running. Caliban, is he at the mansion?"

The pale man nodded. "Yes, Caliban senses him there."

A 3-D image appeared in the air, a map of New York, the spot where the X-mansion was glowed bright. The image zoomed to show a map of the mansion grounds with over a hundred dots, some glowed more brightly then others. A few in particular glowed extremely bright.

"Caliban's power to track other mutants and sense their power levels coupled with Cerebrus's ability to extend his talent globally. It matters not where the boy goes we will find him, though I fear once Charles has Tessa look into his powers he may keep him on a bit of a leash."

"Master, the boy is powerful. He horribly burned Blob and is immune to fire," Exodus said.

"Really?" Magneto said impressed.

"Yeah, kid shot out this weird energy like fire and lightning and we would have all fried had it not been for Blob shielding us," Mystique said.

"Hmm, interesting. Well, no sense in crying over spilled milk. We will worry about the boy later. Right now we will continue recruiting."

"Yes master," Exodus said bowing his head.

"Nothing will be able to stop us once we get him. If what Destiny foresaw is true then he will be the ultimate weapon," Magneto said.

"Irene was never wrong," Mystique said, defending her dead friends memory.

Irene, also known as Destiny was a blind mutant who was also a powerful precog. She was to seers what Xavier is to telepaths.

Before she died she left a series of diaries with important information about the future. The diaries were highly desired by many powerful people because of the information they contained.

Magneto had sent Mystique on a mission to find them because no one knew Irene better then she did. Mystique and Irene were the best of friends and sometimes lovers.

Mystique managed to find one of them. The diary spoke of a mutant with great destructive power. Power if harnessed could be used as a weapon.

"Then we must push on, nothing can be allowed to stop us from our goal."

Magneto looked at the 3-D image of the mansion. "Let Charles have him for now. Let him teach him to master his power, so when the time comes we will be able to fully harness it for ourselves."



Fusedtwililight: So, yeah, there we go. When I was brainstorming ideas for a character I knew I wanted to make an angel like character. I have been going through a major angel phase lately. I knew he was going to be more angel like then Warren, so I did a lot of reading into angels from all kinds of different religious sects but I also wanted to make sure I didn't make him into an uber powerful character. I won't say too much about his powers, all I will say is he does have more angel powers then he has yet to show. I can't promise I will be able to update this story regularly as of yet because I have a bunch of other fics to do first. So please review and let me know what you think.

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