Festival of X

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Festival of X

Chapter 1: Begin The Ceremony

AN: This takes place in the 616 comics before the events of House of M, but with a few major changes. First off, Jean Grey didn’t die at the end of Planet X. She’s still alive, still with Cyclops, and still has a touch of the Phoenix Force. Second, Storm isn’t married to the Black Panther. In fact, the history that Marvel contrived for them is null in this story. She’s dating Wolverine now as she was in Uncanny at one point before X-23 showed up. In addition, Colossus and Psylocke recently returned so they’ll be featured. If there are other changes, I’ll mention them as the story unfolds.

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Nova Roma – Imperial Palace

It had been a stressful time for the X-men. Magneto’s recent attack on New York City and the subsequent destruction of the Xavier Institute had left the team in a state of chaos. Once again, the X-men were forced to rebuild. In the process of this rebuilding some disturbing revelations emerged about their mentor, Professor Xavier. Secrets regarding the long lost Summers brother along with his imprisonment of the sentient android, Danger, were just some of the recent revelations that caused him to lose favor with the team he founded. Now the X-men were being run by his two former students, Scott Summers and Jean Grey. They had many daunting challenges ahead of them, but even these stressful times weren’t without hope.

Recently, Piotr Rasputin and Betsy Braddock had returned to the world of the living after having been presumed dead. This was welcome news for Kitty Pryde and Warren Worthington III. After the shock wore off, they went to work rebuilding their respective relationships. They weren’t the only ones either. After another an emotionally charged affair with Emma Frost and a near-death experience with the Phoenix Force, Scott and Jean had steadily repaired their marriage. This involved Jean gaining greater control over the Phoenix Force. It was one of the forces that drove her and Scott apart, making her distant and emotionally conflicted. So it was only fitting that this same force would help their love rise from the ashes so to speak. This brought about another benefit as well. It allowed her to help Rogue control her powers so that she could touch. This meant her relationship with Remy could finally become serious and for the most part they had proceeded with uncanny enthusiasm. Renewed relationships like theirs provided some much needed stability to the team more changes and more revelations emerged.

In addition to old relationships, new ones arose throughout the team. The drama with Scott and Jean led Logan to seek a more formal relationship with Ororo. The two were now dating and recently had grown closer upon encountering X-23, a teenage girl who had been cloned from Logan’s DNA. With Ororo’s help, Logan convinced her to join the Xavier Institute and was now part of the New Mutants as Laura Kinney.

Between the good times and the bad, the X-men were in serious need of a vacation. This was easier said than done since they were publicly known as both heroes and threats. That’s where Amara Aquilla came in to help. As princess of Nova Roma, she was in a position to offer them sanctuary in the secluded kingdom. There they could unwind in the opulence of the Imperial Palace. Numerous X-men embraced the opportunity and were promised a vacation they would not soon forget.

As it just so happened, the X-men arrived in Nova Roma on the same night when then the traditional Roman festival of Bacchanalia began. The X-men didn’t know much about this festival, but it involved a feast in an opulent dining room within the palace. Amara had the imperial cooks conjure a vast array of foods for the team to enjoy. This included regulars like Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo, Rogue, Remy, Warren, Betsy, Bobby, Kitty, Piotr, and Kurt. A few of the New Mutants including Sam, Danielle, Elixir, Roberto, Surge, Prodigy, Tabitha, Laura, and Julian joined as well. Reserves such as Warpath, Domino, Jubilee, Alex, Lorna, and Emma also decided to join in. Already, the mood was more relaxed than it had been in ages as they enjoyed this elaborate meal. By the time they were sampling the deserts, it was getting late in the evening.

“I’ve gotta hand it to you, Amara. Your people have excellent tastes in artery clogging cuisine!” said an enthusiastic Kitty Pryde as she sampled some honey glazed pastries.

“It ain’t no all-you-can-eat buffet at Mardi Gras, but it’s pretty dang close,” added Remy, who was sampling some of the ice cream.

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to pass that along to the imperial chefs,” said Amara, “Nova Romans have always prided themselves on their ability to conduct a grand feast.”

“Your country and your people are very generous, Princess,” said Piotr as he was sampling some of the pies, “Grand is a fitting word for such a feast.”

“It’s not enough in my opinion. Zhis is quite possibly zhe first time I’ve ever felt full after such a feast!” said Kurt, who was still working on a large plate of pork and chicken.

“Says the man who insists on having six meals a day,” teased Tabitha.

“It’s not my fault. Teleportation burns a lot of calories,” shrugged the German Mutant.

“I would wager that shape shifting burns more,” added Surge, who was working on his third helping of desert.

“Just leave some of that chicken fried steak for the rest of us,” said Sam, “This is the first time Ah haven’t had to go back to Kentucky for decent fried foods and Ah would like to savor it.”

“Quit hogging the pork and you can have mine,” said Prodigy, who readily swapped his steak for Sam’s pork chops.

The sentiment was unanimous. The food was a hit. Amara’s dedicated royal servants had succeeded in satiating the X-men’s appetite. By now most were finished for the night. Only a few servants remained to clean up and refill their wine glasses. At this point some were so full that they were also ready to call it a night.

“You were right, Scott. We needed this,” said Warren.

“Correction...we needed it bad!” said Jubilee, already slouching in her chair.

“Between the institute blowing up and Professor Xavier stepping down, we needed this a lot sooner,” said Scott.

“Speak for yourself. I was actually worried that you and Jean wouldn’t be able to handle it,” said Rogue, “Especially while you were caught up in couples therapy.”

“It wasn’t therapy,” said Scott defensively.

“Sure it wasn’t,” said Betsy dryly, “How long did it take you to start humping again?”

“Betsy, that’s not fair,” said Ororo with a light scold.

“Thank you, Ororo,” said Scott in a relieved tone.

“Besides, it wasn’t too long. Two weeks by my count,” she teased.

“You sure? I counted two and a half,” said Jubilee.

“Trust me, I would know. The noises I heard and the stuff I smelled has scarred me in ways even I can’t heal from,” said Logan, who had a large bottle of whiskey in front of him.

“I would also know. I lost twenty bucks on that bet,” sighed Lorna.

“There was a betting pool?!” groaned Scott.

“Your welcome, bub,” said Logan, earning him another scold from the X-leader.

“I ended up losing fifty,” said Bobby, “I knew I had to pay up that day you two were walking funny all morning.”

“Then there was that broken bed incident,” snickered Kitty.

“That’s good therapy in my book!” said Alex as he gave his brother a friendly punch in the shoulder, “I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the rug burns yet!”

“Now my own brother? Seriously Alex?” groaned Scott.

“Let them call it whatever they want, Scott. It still worked, didn’t it?” said Jean with a smile, grasping her husband’s hand in the process.

It was once a touchy subject. Now it was a running joke. Scott and Jean’s marriage had been on the rocks for a while. Scott had been deeply affected after merging with Apocalypse. Jean failed to help him because she allowed the Phoenix to grow in her again. It tore them apart, leading her to kiss Logan and him to seek help from Emma Frost. Then after her near-death experience with the Phoenix Force, they made a commitment to rebuild. Few knew the details of what they did during this process, but at some point the couple reignited the love that had become so legendary throughout the X-men. That also included a new fondness for intimacy the likes of which surprised many. There were stories about Jean and Scott finding creative ways to use the Phoenix Force in the bedroom. One of those ways caused their bed to break, which sort of symbolized a new-found intimacy that other couples tried to match.

One of the few who knew the details was Emma Frost. She sat at the other end of the table from where Scott and Jean were sitting. There was still some tension between them since she had been the one that had nearly torn the couple apart. Her psychic affair with Scott put her on shaky grounds with the team. However, even Jean later conceded that her so-called psychic therapy sessions helped Scott get over the insecurities that hurt their marriage to begin with. She also admitted that her attraction to Logan and her inability to control the Phoenix made everything worse. By the same token, Emma conceded that she owed Jean for bringing her back to life after Esme killed her. It took a while to get over, but they were steadily developing a sense of mutual respect. Some of that respect involved giving Jean tips on keeping things heated in the bedroom. Almost more than anyone else, she needed some time to get away from such drama.

“It’s amazing you can be this comfortable around those two,” commented Domino, “Based on what Logan told me, I would’ve had to stay away from my guns.”

“And that’s the difference between you and me, Neena. In addition to having a style more diverse than skin-tight black jumpsuits, I’m more mature about such sordid affairs,” said Emma casually as she swirled her wine.

“Do I need to point out that my guns are still with me?” said Domino in an annoyed tone.

“Don’t bother, Domino. Trust me. This is as friendly as she gets,” commented Julian.

“You would have better luck petting an angry grizzly,” said Roberto, who was sampling the Nova Roman brisket.

“And even I wouldn’t be able to heal you,” said Elixir, who had been sampling the extensive Nova Roman wine selection.

“Just be lucky she’s not the one leading your team,” added Laura, who was sitting next to Julian “She’s been the toughest challenge since joining the New Mutants. That includes the Danger Room.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” said Emma smugly.

“You would,” scorned Domino.

“Take it easy, Dom,” coaxed Warpath, “It’s not worth it.”

“Yeah, this is supposed to be a conflict-free vacation,” Danielle reminded.

“Let’s just enjoy this kick-ass festival and the free meal that comes with it!” said Surge.

“Who says it stops with a meal?” said Emma in a wry tone.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Surge, who was sampling some expensive sushi.

“If I told you, then that wouldn’t make it very festive now would it?”

Her words and her tone earned her a number of looks. While Emma was never one to hide her mischievous side, she managed to maintain her silence. She couldn’t be too overt. That would ruin the big surprise for the rest of the team.

‘Don’t start dropping hints just yet, Emma. We don’t need anyone getting cold feet on us,’ Jean Grey told her via telepathy.

‘No need to remind me, darling. The same can be said for nosy telepaths with access to cosmic forces,’ Emma retorted while still finishing her desert.

‘I’m sorry, but were you going to lecture me on the merits of intruding upon minds whose shields aren’t up to task?’

‘If I did, would you take me seriously?’ Emma quipped.

‘Point taken. But on a more serious note, I prefer we remain subtle. You and I already have trust issue. I’m working hard to improve them and I hope you’re willing to do the same.’

‘Given what I’ve agreed to, I hope this helps strengthen that trust.’

‘That remains to be seen,’ said Jean in a serious tone despite smiling to the others as she sampled the pudding, ‘First, we need to make it until tomorrow without blurting out the big secret.’

‘No worries there, darling. I’ve kept a psychic eye on everyone. No one has picked up on it yet. Only you, me, Betsy, Scott, Logan, Ororo, and Amara know the lurid details. Although I have sensed Rogue and Gambit merely fantasizing about it.’

‘Yes, I picked up on that too. I look forward to seeing their reactions when they realize how easily the line between fantasy and festivity are blurred.’

The two powerful telepaths shared a knowing smile across the table. Despite the lingering animosity between them, Jean and Emma had a strong appreciation for this little surprise they had in store for their friends. Hopefully, it would be good for them personally and for the team as a whole.

The feast continued to wind down as the plates were cleared from the table. Everyone continued to make small talk, avoiding any serious topics that would remind them of the toils back home. Once the food was cleared, the servants poured one last round of wine for everyone. After the chatter died down, Amara stood up and raised her glass before addressing the X-men.

“May I have your attention, everyone? If you all are finished eating, I’d like to make a few announcements,” said Amara.

“Announce away, Amara. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stuffed,” said Bobby with a content sigh.

“Now I know how Blob feels. I almost envy him,” said Warren.

“Almost,” teased Rogue.

“I’m glad to hear you all have taken so kindly to the festival of Bacchanalia. I hope that enthusiasm continues because the festival doesn’t end with a simple feast,” Amara went on, “In the Greco-Roman tradition, this festival was often incorporated into the annual spring celebrations. After the toils of winter and before the toils of the growing season, we turn to the God of Wine, Bacchus, to revel in the basic joys of life.”

“I’m all for any celebration that involves steady drinking,” said Logan, who was mixing his wine with whiskey.

“As if you don’t have enough reasons to enjoy that,” teased Jubilee.

“These basic joys go beyond food and wine,” Amara went on, “There are a great many activities associated with the festival. You may have seen a few since your arrival. There are performances, dances, and fireworks for the masses to enjoy. But since you’re all here as royal guests, I’ve arranged for the X-men to partake in a special private ritual.”

“What kind of ritual? Are these kinds that involve animal sacrifice?” asked Kitty warily.

“Still wouldn’t be the worst show we’ve had to endure. Anybody here remember Mojovision?” said Betsy.

“I’d rather not,” muttered Warpath.

“Can we assume some of these ancient rituals have been updated?” asked Danielle.

“I assure you, it’s nothing that barbaric. Nova Roma has progressed substantially since the days of Julius Ceaser. This is one tradition reserved for a select few,” said Amara in a cryptic tone, “But I’d rather not get into too many details now. You’re all tired and full. Please use the rest of the night to sleep and recuperate in your rooms. Then tomorrow morning at ten, we’ll meet again at the New Olympus Temple.”

“Is that the big building in the Imperial Courtyard you didn’t show us on the tour?” asked Roberto.

“Yes, and there’s a reason why I skipped it. I had the Imperial Guard to do some quick renovations in order to accommodate us. You’ll see why tomorrow. Until then, make sure you’re all fully rested and well-groomed. Trust me when I say you’ll all want to look and feel your best for this glorious festival. I’ll say nothing more except a toast to the gods and a toast to the X-men for enjoying a much needed reprieve from unending crisis.”

“Here here!” said Scott as he raised his glass in agreement.

The rest of the X-men followed suit. They raised their glasses and readily drank the wine, which was labeled as some of Nova Roma’s best. No one else asked Amara any further questions about this tradition of hers. Most were too tired or too full to dwell on it. So in the spirit of the Bacchanalia festival, the X-men turned in for the night to rest up for a big day tomorrow.


The Next Day - New Olympus Temple

The X-men arrived at the temple the next morning fully rested and more than ready for the next stage in this festival. Amara told them to make sure they were well groomed so most spent the morning shaving, showering, and applying make-up. She also told them to dress informally, which was somewhat surprising since the feast the previous night had been so elaborate. More surprises were expected as they approached the temple with the rising sun illuminating the royal courtyard.

The New Olympus Temple was as grand as the rest of the Imperial Palace. It was as tall as a six story building and took up the equivalent of half a city block. Like many other areas of the palace, the architecture reflected Greco-Roman traditions. The outer walls were constructed with polished marble and supported by Greek columns. These columns had elaborate crowns at the top and detailed patterns at the base. Behind the columns near the front entrance were a row of statues depicting the major gods of Greek Mythology. These statues watched over a large, heavy door that stood atop a sizable flight of stairs that led up to it.

“Man, Ah gotta hand it to Nova Roman royalty. They know how to build a palace,” said Sam as they reached the top step.

“Don’t look too enamored. I’ve seen bigger,” scoffed Emma.

“I’m sure you have,” joked Rogue under her breath.

“I hope we’re still talking about palaces,” joked Roberto.

“I’ve got nothing against fancy palaces, but I do have a problem with excessive stairs,” said Bobby, who was short of breath as he and the others reached the top step.

“Oh, what’s the matter, Drake? Is climbing stairs too tough for the Iceman?” teased Kitty.

“You can’t be that out of shape, comrade,” added Piotr.

“My physical fitness isn’t the issue here. I’m still digesting that feast from last night.”

“Well don’t worry, Bobby. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to burn it off today,” said Jean Grey with a mischievous grin.

“Why? Is Amara going to have us run the first Olympics or something?” asked Warpath.

“Is it another feast? Because I’m still full,” said Jubilee.

“We’ll just have to wait and see now, won’t we?” she replied coyly.

Her remark evoked an equally mischievous snicker from Scott, Ororo, Logan, Emma, and Betsy. So far it seemed as though Rogue, Remy, Warren, Bobby, Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Sam, Jubilee, Elixer, Roberto, Moonstar, Surge, Prodigy, Tabitha, Laura, Julian, Warpath, Domino, Alex, and Lorna were still oblivious. They had no idea of what Amara had been preparing for them. Now standing atop the stairs at the entrance of the New Olympus Temple, they were about to find out. The large doors to the entrance of the temple had opened and Amara came walking out with two young Nova Roman soldiers escorting her.

“Good morning, X-men. I hope you all had a restful nights sleep,” Amara greeted.

“Indeed we did, Amara. The palace’s accommodations were very generous,” said Ororo graciously.

“I’ll say! Probably the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years,” said Tabitha.

“Even for me, it was pretty rejuvinating,” said Elixir.

“That’s good to know. You all certainly seem refreshed and ready for this very special ritual. I think you’ll find the accommodations of the New Olympus Temple ever bit as generous.”

“No one here will doubt that, Princess. I’m just curious to see what this special ritual of yours entails,” said Alex.

“Follow me inside and I promise that all your questions will be answered,” assured Amara.

The Nova Roman princess seemed honest and sincere. So with little reservation, the X-men followed her into the large structure. As soon as they were inside, the two Nova Roman soldiers closed the doors behind them. They were under orders to guard the doors so that the activities within the temple were not disturbed. There could be no distractions for a ritual such as this.

Upon entering, the X-men were once again taken by the grandeur of Nova Roman architecture. The front entrance to the temple led right into a vast foyer that was not unlike the lobby of a fancy hotel. In the center of this lobby was a large statue of Zeus, who was in turn surrounded by smaller statues of other gods like Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Ares, and Aphrodite. This foyer acted as the gateway to a multi-leveled complex. Each level had a series of fancy-looking chamber doors, giving off the impression that there was more than just worshipping going on here. It was hard to tell what was going on behind these doors because they were all closed and there was no one in sight. Everyone had cleared out or was waiting for Amara’s orders.

“Wow...this is some temple, Amara,” commented Julian as he looked around with the others.

“It’s quite an elaborate setup. Especially for a religious ceremony,” added Kurt.

“Must you always have to go over the top with the theatrics?” asked Surge.

“In Roman culture, it’s important to provide an appropriate scale for such ceremonies,” said Amara, “We can be modest about many things, but not for rituals like this.”

“Beats the hell out of a typical church,” shrugged Domino.

“Style over substance isn’t always a bad thing I guess,” said Prodigy.

“Says the guy that relys on mimicing the skills of others,” muttered Roberto.

“Such style also adds function. Certain temples aren’t restricted to religious ceremonies either,” Amara went on, “Sometimes they serve other useful functions such as shelters, bath houses, and public forums.”

“So which category does this one fall under?” asked Warren.

“Since it serves the royal family, a little of everything really,” said Amara, “We’ve made sure this temple is flexible. That’s what allowed the imperial guard to make all the modifications I requested for this ritual. I’ve personally made sure that everything is ready. So without any further formalities, I’d like to begin.”

Amara led the X-men to a long table that had been set up at the base of the statues. The table was lined with a row of decorated crystal chalices. In each chalice was a serving of red wine. It didn’t look much different from the wine they had enjoyed the previous night, but Amara seemed to handle it with greater care as she held it up in a ceremonious gesture of sorts.

“Please, take a chalice,” she said, “There’s one for everyone.”

“More drinking?” questioned Rogue as the chalices were passed out for everyone, “You fellas sure love your wine.”

“What kind is this?” asked Remy as he examined it, “Remy ain’t no connoisseur, but this definitely smells different.”

“Don’t worry, Cajun. It’s the good kind,” assured Logan with a wolfish grin.

“Good and very special,” Amara went on, “This wine is reserved for very select purposes. My grandmother, Selene, once told me it was formulated by the gods themselves. It is to be enjoyed only by those who are both honorable and worthy of it’s gifts.”

“Okay, now I’m curious as well,” said Roberto anxiously as he recalled the New Mutants’ past dealings with Selene.

“No offence, Amara. But if it came from Selene, Ah would be a little dubious,” said Sam.

“None taken, but this is one instance where she doesn’t need to deceive. This wine is a cherished treasure of Nova Roma and one that serves a vital function in the festival of Bacchanalia. As I mentioned yesterday, Bacchus is the god of wine. And one of the ways we honor his gift and that of the gods is by savoring it amongst friends. So with that in mind, I’ll lead in another toast.”

“Sounds fitting enough,” shrugged Warren, “So what do we drink to this time?”

“Well aside from the gods and the hospitality that Amara has provided us, why not just drink to the X-men?” suggested Betsy.

“More specifically, everything the X-men have had to overcome lately,” added Scott.

“That’s an awful lot to drink to,” snickered Jubilee.

“I’ll be happy to drink to that,” said Ororo.

“As will I,” said Amara as she raised her glass, “To Bacchus and the X-men! May he and the rest of the gods bless us with this ritual and beyond.”

“Here here!” the X-men said in unison.

With this ceremonial gesture, they all drank accordingly. It became apparent almost immediately that this was no ordinary wine. It still had the flavor of a very fine red wine, but there was something else to it. The taste was very distinct. It wasn’t too harsh or too bitter. No one had a problem savoring every last drop. Even after they finished, the distinct taste lingered. That taste was soon followed by a series of strange sensations that coursed through their bodies.

“Hmm...that’s pretty good,” commented Piotr.

“Good, but different,” said Laura as she used her heightened senses to sniff her chalice, “This smell...it’s unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.”

“Can we assume there’s a reason for that as well?” asked Warpath, who was also curious.

“I’d rather not repeat myself, so I won’t,” said Emma with a casual shrug as she put her chalice down.

“That’s not very reassuring,” muttered Danielle as he started scrutnizing the taste as well.

“Say...did it just get hot in here or something?” asked Bobby as he loosened his collar a bit.

“I was about to ask zhe same zhing, but coming from you I know it isn’t just me,” said Kurt, sounding short of breath.

The sensations were getting stronger. It wasn’t long before everyone was feeling it. Heart rates jumped. Breathing intensified. It was as if the temperature in the room had increased ten degrees. Along with the heat was this strange sense of intoxication. It wasn’t like being drunk or dazed. It was more like feeling a sense of relaxation coupled with a spike of energy. It definitely had to be the wine. There was no other explanation.

Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo, Betsy, Emma, and Amara each exchanged glances. They could sense the effects taking hold. They were feeling it as well and it was getting stronger by the second. That meant they were ready for the ritual.

“No need to panic. What your feeling is to be expected,” said Amara.

“Expected by who?” said Laura suspiciously.

“Is it something I’ll have to heal us from?” asked Elixir nervously.

“Follow me into the main ritual chamber and you’ll see,” she said.

“Is that place going to be cooler? Because I’m starting to feel weird here,” said Tabitha.

“If this is normal, then Nova Roma need to update their dictionary,” said Remy.

“Too bad Beast stayed behind with that girlfriend of his. I’m sure he would know the right ten-syllable word,” said Piotr.

“Something tells me even he would be at a loss,” said Julian.

“Is that why you’re walking funny?” commented Alex, noticing that he was adjusting his pants in a rather overt manner.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he said defensively.

“Shut up, the both of you! That goes for everyone else!” barked Logan in annoyance, “The Princess here went out of her way to set this shit up. So show some god damned respect or you’ll be dealing with far more obvious sensations!”

This forceful threat was more than enough to shut everyone up. No one dared to tempt an angry Wolverine, especially when these sensations were growing more intense by the moment. They were quickly becoming less subtle. The men started feeling a tightness in their pants while the women experienced a sudden heat between their legs. They tried to hide it, but some didn’t do a very good job of it. Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo, Betsy, Emma, and Amara had to stop themselves from laughing.

‘It’s happening quicker than expected,’ said Betsy telepathically, ‘Even I’m feeling it now.’

‘Just be glad you’re not in your uniform. It would be quite embarrassing given the breadth of female biology,’ Emma replied.

‘Yet another reason why it’s a good thing that Beast didn’t tag along. Between his knowledge of biology and Agent Brand’s low tolerance for surprises, this would have become messier than it already is,’ added Jean.

‘Too bad. This is one surprise I think she could use!’ said Betsy.

‘We could all use it,’ said Emma in a more serious tone, ‘That’s why it’s in our best interests to keep our minds open. We don’t want to miss everyone’s reaction when they see what they’re in for.’

The three telepaths grinned while Amara led them and the rest of the team towards the central chamber door on the first level. Logan kept a harsh eye on the others so they wouldn’t complain. Ororo kept her arm around his to ensure he wouldn’t needlessly snap at them again. The effects of the wine had left everyone a little dazed and overeager. Yet they still trusted Amara to reward their trust and their patience.

Upon arriving at the central chamber door, Jean used her telekinesis to open it. They continued following Amara, making their way through a short hallway before entering a vast open area. It was like a ballroom of sorts, complete with a series of high domed ceilings that were embroidered with frescoes depicting various scenes from Greek mythology. Like the ceilings, the floor was crafted from finely polished marble. It added a rich ambiance to an elaborate setup around the center of the room. This setup included an array of futons that were neatly covered with white sheets and red pillows. These futons surrounded a full-sized bed that sat atop an elevated altar. It was all illuminated by a series of opulent chandeliers that immersed the vast area in a steady, dim light. All together, it made for a very sensual atmosphere.

“In the days of the Ancient Greeks, festivals like Bacchanalia took place in the spring for reasons beyond the mere promise of warmer days,” said Amara as she led the X-men through the vast area, “Spring had always been associated with fertility. Hence, festivals like Bacchanalia often included special fertility rituals.”

“By fertility, you mean...” began Warren, who was starting to connect the dots.

“Yes, Warren. She means sex,” said Emma, rolling her eyes.

“We run around in spandex uniforms that leave precious little to the imagination. Don’t tell me this makes anyone uncomfortable,” Betsy pointed out.

“No I just...” Warren stammered awkwardly, the wine making it difficult to gather himself.

“No need to explain yourself,” said Amara in a humored tone, “I understand most Westerners are still somewhat reserved when it comes to sex, but Nova Roma is different.”

“It’s different in Brazil too, but we don’t mix it with gods and temples,” said Roberto.

“That’s what makes Nova Roma unique. Like our ancestors, we view sex as an essential part of life. It’s something to be celebrated and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this ritual.”

Then in an act that was almost as striking as the wine, Amara casually took off her clothes. She had been wearing a tight-fitting halter top and dark denim pants with matching boots. She had no bra and panties on underneath, hinting that she had planned this moment. She didn’t even make an effort to cover herself. Some of the women looked away and blushed with the men couldn’t help but stare down her body. Amara was a very attractive young woman. Her blond hair and slightly tanned skin looked flawless, having been nourished by the South American sun. It perfectly accentuated he well-shaped breasts and cleanly shaven pussy.

“Whoa...” was all Bobby could say in astonishment.

“Remy’s liking this celebration already!” said Remy with a grin.

“Dang it, Remy! Get your jaw up off the floor!” said Rogue, who gave him a harsh elbow.

“Just what have you gotten us into, Amara?” asked Kitty, who was shooting a similar look towards Piotr for staring.

“Use your imagination, Kitty. It’s exactly what you think it is,” said Jean coyly.

“Uh huh...” said Elixir with a comical look on his face, “If this is really what I think it is, then how do I make sure I don’t wake up?”

“Embracing it might help. I think the term ‘when in Rome’ is more than appropriate,” said Ororo with a similarly playful tone.

The sight of a naked Amara was startling enough, but it was quickly followed by one just as startling. With just as little reservation Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo, Betsy, and Emma joined Amara near the altar and took their clothes off as well. They were remarkably casual about it. Scott and Logan casually slipped out of their pants and boxers and threw them across the room as if they had no intention of needing them for a good long while. Jean, Betsy, and Emma were a little playful as they stripped. They shook their hips a little as they removed their panties. They didn’t even try to cover their exposed breasts or private areas as they turned around and faced the others.

It left the others in a state of stunned silence. The men couldn’t help but stare. Julian, Roberto, Elixir, and Sam were fixated on Emma. As their teacher who also happened to be a former stripper, it was hard not to fantasize. Even the girls found themselves staring at Logan and Scott. As the two top X-men, they had always been in great shape. It showed in their muscle tone. It helped they were pretty well-hung as well.

“So that’s how Cyclops gets the hottest women,” said Rogue, “Huh...it all makes sense now.”

“Didn’t you just yell at Remy for staring?” said Remy in a somewhat annoyed tone.

“I’m too confused not to,” said Kurt, his eyes wide at the sight of Jean and Betsy.

“That makes two of us,” said Danielle in a daze.

“I wish I were that confused,” asked Warren, who was trying hard not to stare too hard at Emma or Jean, “You know what this is, Betsy. You and your fellow nudists here have been keeping secrets.”

“What? You expect us to miss the looks on your faces?” teased Betsy.

“It’s not the worst secret we’ve kept. Not by a long shot,” said Scott.

“Speak for yourself, bro,” said Alex, using his hand to block out the sight of his naked brother.

“But it’s true. We did know,” Jean Grey conceded, “As some of you affectionately joked about last night, Scott and I have renewed our fondness for sex. We’re not the only ones who found it to be a source of great comfort during these difficult times.”

“So when we were arranging a way for some of us to relax, we met up with Amara,” Scott went on, “She told us about this festival. She said she could set this up so we could all enjoy this comfort.”

“That brings us to yet another surviving relic of this ancient society...the Roman orgy,” said Emma in a seductive tone, “It’s like the good old days at the Hellfire Club, only with less torture and extortion.”

“I’m not sure I’m comforted by that, Frost,” said Warpath.

“I don’t know. Is it wrong for me to be intrigued?” said Elixir, which earned him some odd looks.

“Thankfully, a true Roman orgy is more mature than what Miss Frost’s perverse undertone would imply,” said Amara, humored by everyone’s reaction thus far, “Now before we go any further, let me first say I apologize for the deception. We wanted this to be a surprise. And if for any reason, you don’t feel comfortable with this you’re free to leave. The royal guard even has some medicine that will treat the effects of the wine so you can go and relax on your own terms.”

“Although if you can find something more effective than indulging in sex, I’d love to hear it!” said Emma.

“So before we go any further, take a moment to think about this,” said Amara in a more serious tone, “No one will think less of you for not going along with this. We only ask that if you choose to stay that you give this ritual a chance.”

It was a daunting choice, but not in the way the X-men were used to. Amara, Scott, Jean, Emma, Ororo, and Logan were serious about this. They wanted them to participate in an orgy. This wine was definitely effecting them, but they were still in a clear enough state to decide whether or not they wanted to go through with this. For some, the idea of using sex to unwind was an easy choice. For others, it was more complicated. Yet given everything the X-men dealt with, it wasn’t too drastic a decision. Even if some had reservations, they didn’t have enough reasons to walk away.

“I take it by your silence that you’re going to give this a chance,” said Amara.

“As if you need to convince us that sex is good,” said Bobby, trying not to sound too awkward.

“It isn’t just about sex. It’s about indulging in the pleasures of life. When celebrating the festival of Bacchanalia, we share that indulgence in this special ritual with those that are close to us. And for the rest of the day, the X-men are going to do plenty of celebrating.”

“In other words, stop staring and start stripping!” ordered Logan in a somewhat forceful tone.

The X-men had been given many difficult orders before, but none like this. Rogue, Remy, Warren, Bobby, Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Sam, Tabitha, Jubilee, Elixer, Roberto, Moonstar, Surge, Prodigy, Laura, Julian, Warpath, Domino, Alex, and Lorna were still too stunned to act. Some started to wonder if this was just the effect of the wine they had drank. But this was actually happening. Amara was inviting the X-men to participate in an orgy. Even after facing space gods and genocidal madmen, it seemed too overwhelming to process.

“I think the wine hasn’t taken full effect, Logan,” commented Ororo, “Otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to bark such an order.”

“Should I bark louder, darlin’?” asked the former living weapon impatiently.

“That won’t be necessary,” said Jean, having anticipated such a staggered response, “I expected this would be awkward at first. So I’ve prepared a bit of motivation.”

In an ominous display, Jean’s naked body flared with the familiar flames of the Phoenix Force. Scott, Logan, Ororo, Betsy, and Amara stepped back to admire the show while the others watched on in confusion. They remained too stunned to move. Some took a step back anxiously. Jean’s Phoenix powers weren’t as intense as they were during the battle in New York, but they were always a concern. She had a new level of control that allowed her to perform special psychic feats and she demonstrated one of those feats for all to experience.

“Whoa,” said Bobby in amazement.

“Should we be worried?” wondered Piotr, having seen the Phoenix work before.

“Has the Phoenix ever made us feel comfortable?” questioned Jubilee.

“I don’t know,” said Kitty anxiously, “I feel kind of-ohhhhhhhhh!”

It struck them in a telepathic wave that was coupled with a light flare of cosmic fire. It was like an orgasm, but one very different from anything they had experienced. As the fire surrounded them, an intense feeling reverberated throughout their bodies. These sensations quickly intoxicated their minds as if to accelerate the effects of the wine. This intoxication further intensified the arousal that had been building within them. It was so intense that it wasn’t all that startling when Jean’s cosmic flames caused their clothes to literally disintegrate off their bodies, leaving them all completely naked.

“We’re...naked!” exclaimed Danielle.

“Hnn...my clothes,” moaned Lorna.

“Relax. They’re in one piece,” assured Jean as she caused each set of clothes to reform on a counter across the room.

“Besides, you won’t be needing them for a while,” said Emma, “I don’t think you even want them anymore.”

It was hard to even think straight at this point. Rogue, Remy, Warren, Bobby, Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Sam, Tabitha, Jubilee, Elixer, Roberto, Moonstar, Surge, Prodigy, Laura, Julian, Warpath, Domino, Alex, and Lorna instinctively covered their exposed bodies at first. Instinct quickly gave way to arousal as the women started fondling their breasts and rubbing their legs together while the men felt a rush of desire along with a raging hard-on.

“Damn! I’m so hot and it’s not the tropical weather this time!” said Domino breathlessly.

“I feel it too,” said Julian as he looked down at his swelling prick, “What the hell was in that wine? Viagra?”

“Something better actually,” said Amara with a half grin, “That wine you drank was laced with a very special aphrodisiac. Part of it was chemical. The other had a touch of magic, courtesy of my grandmother’s old spell book. It doesn’t just lower your inhibitions and make you more open to the idea of having lots of sex. It also stimulates your arousal and sustains it for long periods.”

“In other words, the women here can expect their lady parts to be nice and wet for a while,” said Ororo.

“You’ll also be capable of multiple orgasms the likes of which will test the limits of biology,” added Jean.

“The same goes for the men,” said Scott, “As some of you already noticed, your dicks got pretty hard pretty fast. You’ll find you can keep it up for quite a while and control your climax fairly easily.”

“It also cuts that annoying refractory period to a couple of minutes at the most,” said Emma, “So you have no excuses.”

“And you won’t need them,” assured Amara, “There’s enough aphrodisiac in that wine to keep us going for the rest of the day and beyond. That should give us plenty of time to enjoy all the sensual amenities I’ve set up in this temple. There’s a pool area, a sauna, a hot tub, a few massage dens, bed rooms, and various other special resources with which to enjoy this ritual to the fullest. But first, we’ll begin with something basic. Everybody pair up and get on the ceremonial mini-beds. Take a moment to get comfortable, but don’t get too ahead of yourselves. If we’re going to do a Roman orgy, we’re going to do it right!”

This time there was no awkwardness or hesitation. Everyone was too aroused and too intoxicated to be overwhelmed at this point. So with no further doubts, they did as Amara said.

The couples all paired up quickly, slipping into a light embrace before escorting each other to the mini-beds. Scott went with Jean, Logan went with Ororo, Rogue went with Remy, Kitty went with Piotr, Alex went with Lorna, Tabitha went with Sam, Prodigy went with Surge, and Warren went with Betsy. The rest did a little negotiating as to who went with who.

“Come here, Sammy Boy! I’ll be your cowgirl!” said Tabitha, who practically cornered Sam onto one of the beds.

“Ah ain’t in a position to say no, so Ah’m not gonna try,” said Sam, already exploring Tabitha’s breasts as they cuddled up.

“Would you be offended if I asked to be your cowboy, Dani?” asked Roberto, who was quickly drawn to Danielle’s exotic form.

“Not enough to make me say no,” laughed Danille as she followed him to one of the beds.

“You’re not going to ask to be my golden boy are you, Josh?” asked Jubilee as she noticed Elixir leering over her.

“Would that hurt my chances?” he quipped.

“I’m not good at math, so I’ll go with it anyways.”

Jubilee playfully grabbed Elixir by the arm and pulled him onto a mini-bed where she quickly began exploring his gold colored flesh. For some, the wine made them playful in addition to being aroused. For others, it triggered instincts of a different kind.

“I’ve seen your killer instinct in the field, James Proudstar. Does it extend to the bedroom?” asked Domino seductively as she did the same to Warpath.

“Only you could get this turned on by a man’s ability to kill, Neena,” grinned Warpath, who wasted little time in proving himself by pinning her to a mini-bed.

“What about you, Julian? Do my killer insticts intrigue you as well?” asked Laura as she approached Julian in a stoic yet seductive manner.

“Not as much as to why you look so calm about this,” said Julian, whose own instincts were heightened at the presence of a naked Laura.

“There’s a reason for that. Do you want me to explain it or do you want to get in bed with me?” she asked in a flat, plain tone.

Julian didn’t dare argue and not because Laura sounded like the wine had sent her basic instincts into overdrive as it had for Logan. He had carried a bit of a flame for Laura since she joined the New Mutants. He wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. It was hard to tell from a former living weapon that had also been a prostitute at some point. But for whatever reason, she was okay with this and he embraced.

For everyone else, there was a bit of contention. It left Emma Frost to choose between Kurt and Bobby. Both men were staring at her intently. As the unabashed vixen that flaunted her beauty, it looked like they were ready to fight each other for the right to be paired with her.

“As much as I would like to see you two wrestle each other for the right to enjoy my surgically perfected body, I made a few promises. One of which was to exercise some restraint....to a point that is,” she said coyly.

“Uh...so are we going to flip a coin or something?” asked Bobby anxiously.

“Well seeing as how I’ve already been overly intimate with your mind before, I think it’s only fair I give our resident religious man more reasons to thank God for creating sex,” said Emma as she set her sights on Kurt, “If for no other reason to help make up for all those insensitive tossers that used to chase him with pitchforks.”

“God already has my thanks. But what I want to do with you is nothing short of devilish,” said Kurt, shifting intently as Emma Frost approached.

“Sounds appropriately exotic,” said Emma with a feline grin.

The former White Queen demonstrated her regal initiative as she grasped the German mutant by the arm and led him to an empty mini-bed. Even as a former acrobat, Kurt had a hard time keeping his balance at the prospect of a naked and aroused Emma Frost. Watching Emma tantalize him with the promise of great pleasure left Bobby somewhat demoralized. His spirits were quickly lifted when Amara approached and slipped her arms around him.

“Don’t look so disappointed, Bobby. You’ll get your chance. Everyone will get their chance with everyone here,” she assured him.

“I stopped being disappointed the second your boobs touched my chest,” said Bobby awkwardly.

“Then you won’t mind being my partner as I lead the ritual?”

“You’re fire. I’m ice. Fuck, I’m ready to make some steam!” he said eagerly.

Amara chuckled at his remark and they made their way to the central altar. By now everyone else was on their mini-bed, enjoying the hot feel of naked flesh. It started with deep kissing, which quickly turned to hungry groping. Light moans of hunger soon followed as breasts were massaged and erect dicks were lightly stroked. The effect of the wine and the growing enthusiasm for the promise of a Roman orgy helped fuel a burning lust. Amara and Bobby eagerly joined this lust as Amara laid down on a special bed atop the alter with him.

“We’ll begin with a little foreplay,” said Amara as she curled up with Bobby, “Explore your partner’s body. Let the lust and the intoxication sink in. Above all, make sure you are both fully aroused.”

The Nova Roma princess gave these instructions as if they were part of a mission. It was a mission that the X-men were all too eager to embrace. Bobby quickly stepped up to the challenge. Following her orders, he trailed his hands up her legs while capturing her lips. He allowed his body to slither up over her womanly curves, which really seemed to arouse her. She showed her appreciation by swirling her tongue with his and rubbing her thigh against his hardened member.

The other couples followed suit, engaging in a heated make-out session that allowed the arousal to build. Some got creative with their partners. Logan allowed Ororo to freely roam his hairy form with her hands, which always seem to get her aroused. Her taste for primal lust was part of what made their relationship so heated. Julian did the same with Laura, lying on his back while she hovered over him and trailed around his upper body with her lips. Prodigy was on his back too, allowing Surge to slither up an down his body in a playful yet erotic manner. Lorna made it a point to pinch Alex’s nipples, which always seem to get him going. It was so effective that Tabitha tried it with Sam, although the effects weren’t as potent.

“Ow! Easy there, Tabby. Farm boys have their sensitive spots, you know?” he complained.

“Sorry Sammy. I’ll make it up to you,” she purred, “Here, feel free to pinch mine!”

Sam happily obliged her request, reaching up and giving her breasts a nice squeeze. This evoked a deep moan that helped add to her arousal. She wasn’t the only woman that enjoyed having her breasts rubbed. Scott and Remy made it a point to made sure Jean and Rogue’s breasts got plenty of attention. Others like Betsy and Emma used their breasts more creatively, using them to trail down their partners’ body. Warren and Kurt quickly fell into a daze, especially when they started using their boobs to surround their hardened dicks.

“Enjoying yourself, luv?” teased Betsy.

“Oh yeah!” said a content Warren as he ran his hands through her purple hair.

“And I don’t even need silicone,” she said, which earned her a psychic scorn from Emma.

Emma made it a point to use her breasts to make Kurt moan louder. It seemed to get her point across. Following his former teacher’s lead, Roberto and Elixir fingered their partners’ clits more fervently. This made Danielle and Jubilee moan louder as well. They let out such sharp gasps that their kissing became quite sloppy. Domino and Kitty received similar treatment from Piotr and Warpath, who focused on rubbing around their moistening pussies. Since their partners had such imposing bodies, they focused their teasing. They embraced them in their powerful arms while evoking deep moans of arousal.

These moans quickly filled the chamber. This heated make-out session lasted no more than three minutes. By then everyone was fully aroused. The men had rock hard erections while the women had wet pussies. The kissing and touching grew more heated. Amara sensed this in the way Bobby squeezed around her butt intently. It indicated that they were all ready for the next step.

“Okay everyone, I’d say we’re all sufficiently aroused,” said Amara.

“About damn time! My dick is hard enough to spear fish with!” said Julian.

“Thanks for the visual, Julian,” muttered Surge.

“I know you men think too much with your genitals, but could you ask it to work on language skills?” asked Emma dryly.

“That’s to be expected. The wine tends to render men a bit more aggressive, as is their nature,” said Amara.

“And what a nature it is,” purred Ororo, who was still being hungrily groped by an aroused Logan.

“Which is why the next phase in the ritual is for the women to perform oral sex on your male partners,” Amara went on, “Suck them. Stroke them. Do whatever you need to do to make them cum. And when they do, be sure you’re in a position to swallow it.”

“Would we be disrespecting the gods if we didn’t swallow?” asked Kitty.

“Or spat it out?” said Danielle.

“I could explain the merits behind such customs, but it would only waste time that we could be spending enjoying our partners,” said Amara, who had already pinned Bobby on his back.

“Heavens knows we can’t have that!” said Rogue, who did the same to Remy.

No one else questioned the details. The men certainly didn’t complain either. They all surrendered themselves to the women, who went to work performing their ritual duty.

As the princess leading this ritual, Amara took the initiative. She hungrily engulfed Bobby’s cock, showing off the kind of skill that could only be acquired from Nova Roman royalty. Not to be outdone, the other women showed off their skill as well. Tabitha was extra thorough, focusing more on stroking Sam’s cock and rubbing it over her breasts rather than sucking it. Lorna and Betsy did the same, shooting their lovers erotic gazes in between strokes. Alex and Warren responded with loving smiles of appreciation. For others, this part of the ritual turned into a bit of a contest.

‘You’re trying to outdo me. Aren’t you, Emma?’ said Jean via telepathy while she had a nice mouthful of Scott’s cock.

‘Oh whatever gave you that impression?’ Emma replied while shoving Kurt’s cock between her breasts in between licking it.

“Ohhhhhh Gott in Hiemel!” Kurt exclaimed.

Jean shot Emma a brief look before stepping up her game with Scott. She used her tongue more thoroughly, slurping up and down her husband’s shaft while cradling his balls in a way that got him moaning as well. It worked so well that others joined the contest. Ororo and Domino adopted some of their techniques. Ororo used her ample breasts to tit-fuck the growling Logan and Domino took advantage of Warpath’s invulnerability to roughly grasp his balls while sucking him. It didn’t work for everyone though. When Laura tried it with Julian, he winced.

“Ooh! Not so hard, X!” he gasped.

“Sorry, I thought men liked having their balls tugged,” said Laura, who continued to stroke him.

“It’s...an acquired taste that I haven’t quite acquired yet. Nor do I plan to,” said Julian awkwardly.

“Very well, then I’ll stick to the basics.”

Laura went back to normal sucking, bobbing her head up and down his shaft in a way that made Julian moan louder. Simplicity worked for him. It worked for others like Kitty as well, who always struggled to work her jaw since Piotr’s dick was in fairly proportional to his size. Surge borrowed some of her techniques as well since Prodigy’s dick was fairly thick. Jubilee and Danielle didn’t have as much experience with oral sex so took it easy at first, just gently rubbing and licking around their partners’ dicks. They gradually worked their way up, allowing Roberto and Elixir to enjoy themselves.

“That’s it, Jubilee. You’re doing great!” moaned Roberto.

“Mmm...glad you approve,” she said with a playful grin.

However, simplicity wouldn’t cut it for some. Rogue was still new to oral sex since she only recently gained the ability to touch again, but she already developed a healthy appetite for sucking dick. Remy certainly didn’t seem to mind. He ran his hands through her hair and caressed her cheek as she slurped and slithered her way along his member. This went on for about six minutes before he and many other men were nearing their climax.

“Damn, chere! You gonna make Remy cum soon!” grunted the Cajun.

“Ah’m close too!” moaned Sam.

“Go ahead and let it out boys,” said Amara, who was now rubbing Bobby’s dick between her breasts, “You should notice another side-effect to the wine.”

As the first round of men started climaxing, they found out what Amara was referring to. Remy, Prodigy, and Sam were first. The women did as Amara instructed, putting themselves in a position to swallow. As the men ejaculated, they noticed that the sensations were much more intense. They were so intense it left a burning type sensation, but it was anything but painful. They also ended up shooting a much larger load than usual. Even the women were surprised by how much fluid they unleashed. In addition, they also noticed a change in the taste.

“Nngh...wow! That’s quite a load, Sam!” said Tabitha as a wad of semen splattered down her chin.

“Mmm...tastes nice too,” purred Rogue, who found herself gathering up all the fluid in her finger and sensually licking it.

“Very sweet...like candy,” said Surge as she did the same.

“Ooh...I want to try!” said Lorna, now stroking Alex much harder.

“Oh fuck, Lorna! I’m gonna-OHHHHH!” exclaimed Alex.

She got him to climax quicker than expected. As he let out moans of equal euphoria, the rest of the men soon followed. Scott and Kurt were the next to climax and like before, Jean and Emma treated it as a contest to see who could suckle up the most cum. Logan and Warpath were next, letting out much louder grunts as Ororo and Domino continued their rough teasing to get them off. Julian followed shortly after and because of Laura’s enhanced senses, she was much more enthusiastic about savoring the taste. Roberto and Elixir followed close behind. Both Danielle and Jubilee held their mouths open as they rapidly stroked them off until they shot their load into their mouths. Warren and Piotr climaxed next. Betsy and Kitty gagged a bit due to the sheer volume, but they had no problem slurping up the rest of their cum. Amara managed to finish off Bobby shortly after, keeping his dick between her breasts as he shot his load off right into her mouth.

As the women enjoyed the enhanced taste, the men were left dazed by the heightened pleasure. It was even better than expected. The sharp waves of pleasure lingered longer than a typical orgasm. It left many gasping for air, trying to catch their breath. It was amazing to think that this was just the beginning of this ritual.

“Oh man...that was awesome!” exclaimed Alex.

“That’s some wine, Amara,” commented Elixir.

“You should mix it with whiskey next time!” added Logan, already sounding hungry for more.

“Glad you gentlemen enjoyed it,” said Amara, “Because now it’s time for you to return the favor.”

“I hope that means what I think it does,” said Domino, already fondling herself in anticipation.

“It does,” Amara affirmed, “Now boys, it’s time to show that you’re truly men. Go down on your partner, tease her womanhood with the care she deserves, and make them climax.”

“It’s only fair,” said Danielle, unable to contain her arousal.

“Does the wine improve the taste as well?” asked Piotr curiously.

“Only one way to find out,” said Kitty with a playful grin.

More than willing to show their appreciation, the men went to work on the women. They all made it a point to show off their strength as they laid their partners down and hovered over them lustfully. Still dazed by the wine and their recent orgasms, they took to orally teasing them with great enthusiasm.

The blissful moans came quickly for some. Scott, Alex, and Remy knew their lover’s bodies very well. Scott knew Jean loved having her clit rubbed while he licked around her vaginal opening. Alex knew Lorna loved being fingered while he orally teased her. Remy had just recently learned that Rogue enjoyed having her ass fingered while he ate her out. She was also much louder than the others, squeezing her own breasts while holding her legs up over his shoulders.

“Ohhhhhhhh Remy! Right there! Just like that! Ooohh that feels so good!” she exclaimed.

“Mmm...mind toning it down a few decibels, love?” said Betsy, who was in the mini-bed next to her, “I’d like to enjoy my lover’s tongue on my pussy without my ears ringing.”

Rogue didn’t oblige Betsy as much as she hoped, but pretty soon she was beyond caring. As Warren was holding her legs apart so he could get his tongue nice and deep, he used his feathery wings to stimulate her clit. This got her moaning almost as loud as Rogue. Others used their powers creatively as well. Prodigy mimicked the oral sex skills some of the more experienced adults, making Surge gasp louder than usual. Julian couldn’t match Laura’s primal intensity, but he could use his telekinesis to supplement his licking and strike all those deep nerves within the depths of her womanhood. This got her to growl lustfully in the same way Logan had done earlier. It was so striking that it was a bit distracting for Logan, who was hungrily sliding his tongue around Ororo’s folds.

“Oh-oh-oooohhhh fuck! Deeper, Julian! Deeper!” Laura seethed.

“Damn, kid. What the hell are you doing to her?” wondered Logan as he caught his breath.

“She’s not complaining or stabbing him, Logan. So she’s fine,” said Ororo, “You have more pressing concerns between my legs, do you not?”

Not one to leave his girlfriend unsatisfied, Logan went back to eating her out with even more fervor than before. For those that didn’t have powers to directly aid them, they had to compensate in other ways. Jubilee grabbed Elixirs hands and placed them on her breasts while he ate her out. This way he could massage her with his exotic flesh, which helped add to her bliss. Tabitha showed some flexibility, holding her legs up near her head so that Sam could get in nice and deep.

Others used their powers, but in more indirect ways. Roberto used his solar powers to create a little extra heat around Danielle’s pussy, which helped moisten her folds even further. Warpath used his strength lift Domino up so that she was straddling his face in a sitting position while he probed her depths with his tongue. Upon seeing this, Piotr did the same with Kitty by lifting her up and holding her upside down as he ate her out. Bobby used his ice powers to create little ice layers around his fingers as he rubbed Amara’s clit, sending shivers of delight up through her body. Kurt put both his extra thick digits and his tail to good use while pleasuring the ever impatient Emma Frost.

“Ooh Kurt, darling! Those hands of yours!” gasped Emma, “I think you just made thick fingers a fetish!”

“Mmm...don’t forget zhe tail, Miss Frost. It has other uses,” he said with a devilish grin.

Kurt made his point by using the spaded tip of his tail to slither down her ample breasts and onto her swollen clit. This extra bit of stimulation sent Emma Frost closer to her climax. It was happening much quicker than it did for the men. The heightened echos of womanly moans indicated that they were all approaching their peak.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! You’ve done it now, darling! I’m going to cum! I’m so close!” Emma cried out.

“Mmm...me too! Ooh I feel it!” exclaimed Lorna.

“Ooh so hot! So good!” Danielle moaned.

“Don’t hold back, ladies!” said Amara breathlessly, who was close as well, “It’s going to be the first of many!”

Heating moaning quickly turned to cries of orgasmic delight. Emma and Lorna climaxed first. Danielle followed soon after, the heat from Roberto finally sending her over the edge. They roughly held their partner’s faces between their legs as they got their release. Tabitha and Amara did the same with Sam and Bobby, tightening their legs around their heads while they squeezed their breasts through the powerful sensations that followed. Laura and Ororo followed soon after, their cries having a more primal undertone. Ororo’s orgasm actually triggered some light thunder outside, which offered a hint of the sheer intensity. Jean offered a similar sign, her body lightly flaring with the flames of the Phoenix Force as Scott brought her to a blissful orgasm. Betsy actually picked up on these psychic projections, which helped her climax as well. Jubilee and Surge weren’t as flashy with their signs. Jubilee let out mini-fireworks around her head while Surge’s skin sparked as their bodies were rocked with orgasmic sensations. Rogue and Kitty had somewhat messier signals. When they each climaxed, they actually squirted a bit. It surprised Remy and Piotr, but they didn’t seem to mind.

The many cries of euphoria reverberated throughout the chamber. Just like the men, the orgasmic sensations were intensified by the wine. The length and breadth of the orgasm was extended to lengths that nearly led some to pass out. It was a challenge to simply catch their breath. Such a sight amused some of the men. They still showed their affection by cuddling up with their partners again and exchanging some lustful gestures. In doing so it revealed another effect of the wine that would lead them to the next part of the ritual.

“Damn, that was hot!” exclaimed Domino, “I haven’t climaxed like that since the first time I saw a Rambo movie!”

“I think I need to revisit my entire understanding of female anatomy,” said a still breathless Jubilee.

“Ah know. It can be...messy,” said Rogue as she helped Remy wipe the feminine juices from his face.

“But in a good way, non?” grinned Remy.

“Is that normal?” wondered Prodigy as he noticed.

“Why? You wanna mimic it?” teased Surge, causing him to blush.

“Only as normal as any unusual talent,” said Kitty, who was a little embaressed as she watched her lover wipe his face off, “Did it taste okay, Petey?”

“It was surprising, Katya. But I wouldn’t mind a second helping if offered,” said Piotr with a grin.

“A second helping actually sounds nice,” said Tabitha who was already grinding up against Sam’s body, “I’m already up for another round!”

“So am Ah, it seems,” said Sam, who noticed that his penis was already hard again.

“I didn’t even need to use my powers this time!” said Eilixir, amazed that his dick was hard again as well.

“And for once I can’t make a joke about men having no energy after sex,” purred Emma, who sensed Kurt’s hardening member pushing up against her as well.

Amara laughed to herself while showing Bobby her appreciation by letting him rest his head on her breasts. She felt that his dick was getting harder as well. The wine was definitely doing it’s job. It utterly reversed the traditional effects of orgasm. Instead of feeling tired and spent, both the men and women were hungry for more.

“Trust me, sleep will be the last thing on anyone’s mind for the rest of this ritual,” Amara assured them, “In addition to making it easier for men and women to repeatedly sustain sexual arousal, it also boosts energy.”

“That mean you put amphetamines in it or something? Because I feel ready to run a marathon!” said Warren.

“You need only concern yourself with the effects rather than the ingredients,” said Amara, “By now, it should be circulating in your system fully. As such, I believe we’re done with foreplay. The time has come for the most important step in a good Roman orgy.”

The Nova Roman princess set the tone once more. With Bobby still catching his breath, she shifted their bodies so that he was on his back and she was on top straddling his pelvis. She positioned herself so that her still moist pussy was hovering right over her partner’s erect dick. As she prepared herself for this step, she lightly rubbed the tip around her folds.

“Have full on coitus with your partner,” she told everyone, “Scott and Jean have already assured me that every woman here is clean and on birth control. So don’t worry about condoms.”

“Thank heavens for IUDs and Shi’ar medical technology,” said Emma.

“I’m sure you’re more grateful than most, Frost,” said Kitty, which earned her an annoyed glare.

“First make sure you both are sufficiently aroused,” Amara went on, “Then start copulating in whatever position you desire. Try and have as many orgasms as possible, but don’t wear yourselves out too much.”

“Mmm...sounds like a reasonable request,” said Ororo, already feeling Logan’s hungry hands on her hips.

“How exactly will we know when too much is too much?” wondered Laura, already in a daze of lust.

“It’s sex, Laura. One person’s prude is another person’s nymphomaniac,” said Emma, who soon had Kurt pinned on his back as well.

“Didn’t you tell us that in mandatory sex ed class?” laughed Roberto.

“I think what Emma’s trying to say is you’ll know it when you feel it,” said Jean.

“Well said, Jean,” said Amara, “Now let us begin. Let us celebrate these gifts the gods have given us!”

And celebrate, they did. Amara got things started, roughly plunging herself onto Bobby’s dick and skillfully riding it in a way that was anything but regal. Flushed with burning lust from their oral teasing, each couple followed suit. With the wine helping to sustain their arousal, they all immersed themselves in the pleasures of sex.

They quickly established a very fervent sexual rhythm. It was a rhythm that Amara led. Bobby quickly reacted to the feeling of her wet flesh sliding along his dick and started fondling her breasts as she rode him. This helped add to the growing echoes of blissful moans mixed with wet smacking flesh.

“Ohhhhhhhh Amara!” Bobby moaned, “Praise the gods, indeed!”

His praise was readily shared by the others. Each couple negotiated a different position to suite their tastes and maintain this rhythm. The couples that were romantically involved treated it more as an opportunity for lovemaking rather than meaningless sex.

Scott and Jean utilized their favorite position, which involved Scott sitting upright with Jean propped on her knees straddling his pelvis. Then with his hands on her hips and her arms around his neck, they gyrated their hips and let their naked flesh grind in a passionate yet thorough romp. Ororo and Logan utilized their favorite position as well, which involved Ororo on her hands and knees and Logan thrusting his dick into her from behind. It was a very primal kind of love-making. By comparison Prodigy and Surge were pretty game. Surge crawled back on top of her lover and squatted over his dick in a froggie position. This allowed Prodigy to rapidly pound up into her, bouncing her body in the process. Alex and Lorna focused on quality over quantity with Lorna holding her legs open in a wide V-shape while Alex thrust into her from an upright position. Rogue and Remy had a similar approach. Remy lay flat on his back while Rogue was on top in a missionary-like position that allowed her flesh maximum contact with his as she worked laterally against him. Having been denied touch for so long, she always savored sex that maximized body contact. Betsy and Warren shared that love of full contact. They were in a more traditional missionary position with Betsy on her back and Warren on top rhythmically thrusting into her. This position also allowed Warren to surround her naked body with his feathery wings, making for an extra intimate feeling.

“Oh-oh-ohhhhhhh Warren! So heavenly!” Betsy cried out.

“Mmm...nice choice of words,” grinned Warren as he kissed her in between thrusts.

Some of the others shared some loving gestures as well.

“Oh Scott! Ohhhhh Scott! Ohhhhh I love you! I love how you make love to me!” gasped Jean, her eyes and hair flaring with a touch of Phoenix Force.

“Mmm Jean,” moaned Scott as he worked his member inside Jean’s depth, “I love how you add a little cosmic flare to sex.”

The lovemaking approach worked beautifully for some. For other couples that hadn’t been together as long, they weren’t quite at that level yet. Julian and Laura were still new to relationships. Laura was still new to emotions in general. She shared her father’s primal tastes. She also had Julian behind her propped up on his knees, holding her by the hips as he hammered his cock into her depths. She stayed in a semi-upright position, allowing her body to bounce against his while turning around and stealing a few deep kisses. Kitty and Piotr weren’t as primal, but since their relationship was still rebuilding they kept it basic. Piotr may have been dead for a while, but he hadn’t forgotten how Kitty loved it when he held her by the butt and used his strength to bounce her up and down his dick.

“Uh-uh-ohhhh Peter! Ooohhhh I missed this!” Kitty cried out with her arms around his neck and her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

“Me too, Katya...me too,” panted Piotr, propped on his knees and maintaining a firm grip on Kitty’s tight butt.

The couples found a way to turn this ritual into a lovemaking experience. Those that weren’t romantically involved had a different approach. To them, it was just a pleasurable sexual experience heightened by the wine and the ambiance.

Emma Frost was never afraid to maximize those pleasurable experiences. She used her telepathy to guide Kurt through all the necessary steps he needed to please her. She was pretty demanding. She kept him on his back, holding his wrists back as she rocked her body against his dick. She also had him utilize his tail for purposes it was not intended, psychically urging him to guide it around her ass while she rode him.

“That’s it, darling! That’s it! Put that tail of yours to good use!” Emma commanded intently.

“Ohhhh...as you wish, frauline,” was all Kurt could get out, still dazed by the knowledge that he was having sex with Emma Frost.

The others tried to get a little creative as well. Tabitha continued to show off her flexibility with Sam. She laid down on her side with one leg arched at a sharp angle, allowing him to thrust into her in all the right ways. He showed some creativity as well, holding onto her leg firmly as he worked his hips and teasing her foot to get an extra squeal of delight from her. Jubilee wasn’t as flexible, but she was definitely just as playful. She rode Elixir in a reverse cowgirl position, allowing him to feel around her butt in the process. Roberto and Danielle were in a similar position, but he remained more upright so he could fondle her clit again. He used his powers in a similar manner he had done while going down on her, using the heat from his powers to stimulate her pussy.

“Ooohhh Roberto! You’re hands feel so good!” moaned Danielle.

“Ohhh yeah! Hands feel very good!” said Jubilee as she squealed in delight at Elixir’s touch.

“Just let us work our magic ladies,” grinned Elixier as he gripped Jubilee’s butt harder while she rode him.

For Warpath and Domino, it was less about creativity and more about how hard Warpath could thrust into her without doing too much damage. Like Tabitha, Domino was pretty flexible. She had both legs draped over Warpath’s shoulder as he hammered into her with careful focus. Due to his strength, he always had to hold back a bit. But Domino was encouraging him to go further, testing the limits of her inner muscles and her legs.

“Uh-uh-ohhhh come on, Proudstar! I know you can go harder than that!” said Domino, her tone seething with intent.

“You sure, Dom?” asked Warpath through heavy breathing, “With my strength it’s...risky.”

“I’ll test my luck!” she said wryly, “Now come on! Fuck me harder!”

With her tone leaving no room for argument, Warpath did as she requested. He tightened his grip on her thighs and started pounding his hips against her pelvis, driving his member deep into her womanly depths. This evoked more cries of euphoria. Those cries quickly turned orgasmic as the added force of his thrusts helped Domino climax.

Her orgasm was to be the first of many. Once the heated rhythm was established with each couple, it wasn’t long before more climaxes followed. Amara’s claim about the wine making multiple orgasms easier proved valid. Many of the women climaxed much quicker than usual and just as before, the sensations were enhanced. It was so quick they didn’t even need the men to slow down. Some were able to have orgasms within minutes of each other. The men experienced something similar. After only ten minutes or so, they were able to climax themselves. But thanks to the wine, there was little to no refractory period. Some were able to stay hard and keep going while others needed only a moment or so of rest before continuing.

The wine kept everyone going at a fervent pace. They switched up positions on occasion, but maintained the heated rhythm. Some like Jean and Emma made a contest of it, seeing who could have the most orgasms. It got so fierce at one point that Alex and Lorna decided to join in as well. But Scott and Kurt were able to settle them down before it got too out of hand. Domino and Tabitha had a similar contest to show of flexibility. Warpath actually found himself mimicking the way Piotr used his strength with Kitty in delivering for Domino. It was so effective that Prodigy mimiced it as well with his powers, surprising Surge into another orgasmic onslaught. Kurt enlisted similar help from Warren in using his physical attributes to please the ever demanding Emma Frost.

Others didn’t need help. It all came so naturally. Jubilee and Danielle may not have been as experienced, but they were able to keep up. Elixir’s healing touch ensured Jubilee’s pussy wasn’t too spent and Roberto’s warm hands kept Danielle nice and wet so they could keep a steady pace of ecstasy coming. For Logan and Ororo, it was less bout steady and more about maintaining a primal level of lovemaking. It was a pace that Julian did his best to match with Laura, but she made sure that he didn’t push himself too much. All their collective efforts filled the whole chamber with cries of orgasmic delight. These cries seemed to fuel Amara as she worked over Bobby on the central altar.

“OHHHHHHHHHH BY THE GODS!” she cried out as she had another orgasm with Bobby on top of her this time, “THAT’S IT, EVERYONE! EMBRACE THE RITUAL!”

They didn’t need Amara’s instructions. Each couple did plenty of embracing, leading to a parade of orgasms and moans that became more chaotic. It wasn’t clear which woman had the most or how many times the men were able to climax. It became the kind of drunken excess of lust that was indicative of an orgy. Overall, they were able to sustain the sexual fervor they established for a little over an hour. By then even the most intoxicated among them reached the limits of their bodies. Some tried to squeeze out one last climax. Others simply gave into exhaustion and cuddled up with their partners, enjoying the afterglow that followed.

By the time everyone had stopped, the chamber was thick with the scent of sweat and sex. Sighs of exhaustion and contentment replaced the cries of euphoria. Everyone needed a few moments just to have everything sink in. This festival that Amara had them take part in was more elaborate than they ever could have imagined, but so far they were enjoying it.

“It’s official! Bacchanalia is my new favorite holiday!” proclaimed Tabitha.

“Beats the hell outta Christmas, that’s for sure,” said Remy with Rogue’s nude body still pressed up against his.

“Sex is the greatest gift of all as far as I’m concerned,” said Elixir as he looked proudly at a very spent Jubilee.

“It’s exactly what this world needs,” said Emma, “A good romp of drunken sex would make all our lives easier.”

“For once, I won’t argue with your immature innuendo,” said Betsy.

“And just think...this is only the beginning,” said Amara as she rose up from the altar.

“Seriously?” questioned Prodigy in astonishment.

“You mean there’s more?” said an overwhelmed Sam.

“You hit your head one times too many, Cannon Boy?” teased Logan, “She said earlier that the wine lasts a day. It ain’t even noon last I checked.”

It was a daunting notion to some, spending an entire day indulging in drunken sex. But the appeal outweighed the inherent challenge it presented. In many ways, they needed something like this. The X-men had been immersed in so many stressful, world-threatening situations. Even heroes needed to blow off steam and this seemed like an appropriate albeit extreme way of handling it.

“We still have plenty of time before the sun sets on this festival. That gives us plenty of time to savor this ritual,” said Amara, now standing atop the altar so she could address everyone, “I have a long list of sexual activities for us to explore. But for the moment, I encourage everyone to explore the amenities of the temple. Use the pools and baths to relax as you see fit. Once you feel ready, proceed with engaging in more sex. However, there will be a few guidelines.”

“As if rules ever made sex more fun,” said Emma, rolling her eyes.

“For someone so comfortable with sex, you sound way too cynical, Emma,” said Lorna.

“Speak for yourself. You’re not obligated to take part in the more theatrical aspect of this ritual,” said the former White Queen.

“Theatrical?” said Bobby in confusion.

“Yes, that’s actually one of the guidelines,” said Amara, “When we set this up, we had a number of conditions. One of them was for Miss Frost here to play the part of the nubile nymph. As such, she’s obligated under the ritual to sexually serve every man here in a submissive role while the men play the more subversive satyr role.”

“Emma Frost as submissive? I never thought I’d live to see the day!” chuckled Warren.

“Even I cannot conjure illusions that extreme,” commented Danielle.

“Don’t get too used to it,” warned Emma.

“She’s doing this to help atone for the crap with Scott and Jean, isn’t she?” said Rogue under her breath.

“Among other things,” said Scott.

“Miss Frost will also assist me in various activities as I maintain the role of priestess for this ritual,” Amara went on, “With her, we’ll be enforcing other smaller guidelines. They include a strict prohibition of clothes. You are all to remain nude unless your garb is part of an activity.”

“Sounds like a helpful guideline when we’re under a hot, tropical sun,” said Kurt, who was not used to the heat.

“There is also to be no phone calls or contact with the outside. Please refrain from leaving the confines of the temple unless there is an emergency to attend to.”

“Unless Galactus is about to devour the world, I don’t plan on going anywhere!” said Logan.

“I’ll use the Phoenix Force to obliterate distractions if I have to,” added Jean.

“And for those of you in relationships, please note that this ritual will require that you open yourselves up to others. I know the wine has many of you feeling intoxicated at the moment, but you should still be coherent enough to understand that this isn’t meant to cause unneeded tension. This is just sex. Make sure you and your lover are comfortable with this.”

A few of the couples took a moment to exchange serious glances. Couples like Scott and Jean as well as Logan and Ororo had already discussed this before the ritual. They made it clear to each other that they were okay with this. Others like Rogue and Remy, Warren and Betsy, Alex and Lorna, Julian and Laura, Prodigy and Surge, and Kitty and Piotr needed to make sure that this would not affect their relationship. Even in a slightly intoxicated mind, they were able to understand what they about to do. There wasn’t much need for extended debate or conversation. A few reassuring gestures and smiles helped ensure that they were comfortable with this.

“I take it from your silence that there are no objections,” Amara surmised, “That’s good because the wine will ensure a very active libido. Men, you should find yourselves a bit more sexually aggressive in your lusts. Women, you should find yourselves much more open to greater sexual variety.”

“So we’ll just be extra horny,” Jubilee surmised.

“That’s a crude way of putting it, but yes,” affirmed Amara, “And in order to ensure a proper diversity of partners, the final guideline stipulates that you will couple with your partner until you climax only once. For men, that should be easy. For women, it’s okay if you have a bit more, but try not to spend too much time with one partner.”

“That way we can spread the happiness. Sounds fair,” shrugged Domino.

“Amongst other things,” said Tabitha wryly, “Any other lurid rules for this lurid ritual?”

“No, that should just about cover it,” said Amara, “For the next few hours or so, I’ll leave you all to get settled. When the time comes for more elaborate activities, I’ll have the telepaths inform everybody. Until then, may we continue this ritual in the spirit of Bacchanalia!”

The Nova Roman princess’s enthusiasm for this ritual was infectious. Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo, Rogue, Remy, Warren, Betsy, Bobby, Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, Sam, Tabitha, Jubilee, Elixer, Roberto, Moonstar, Surge, Prodigy, Laura, Julian, Warpath, Domino, Alex, Lorna, Emma were already well on their way to embracing it. With the wine in their system and a strong desire to enjoy themselves, the X-men prepared to spend the rest of the day indulging in this ritual.


Up next: Some old flames get together for a nostalgic romp.

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