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Disclaimer: The following story contains explicit sex, both consensual and forced. The Marvel Universe, the X-Men, and all characters thereof are the property of Marvel Comics, to whom I am 100% unaffliated. This is a non-profit fanfiction.

“Dinner is served!”

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee to her friends) burst through the double-doors of the half-ruined warehouse, skidding to a halt as she hefted two large paper bags. Across from her, her friend Tabitha surged to her feet, hefting a handful of glowing orange balls, then cursed and crushed them in her hand. Across the way, Danielle merely looked up and nodded.

“Dammit, Jubes, don’t do that.” Tabitha groused. “Nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Keeping you on your toes, Tabby.” Jubilee said with a smirk. She took a moment to look around the room, reviewing everything – an old habit, and one that she wasn’t planning to get out of. Tabitha Smith was the same as always – reddish-blonde hair cut back around her shoulders, wearing a slim yellow tank top over her blue minishorts. She was perched on the edge of an old, ragged leather chair that the three girls had found a year ago and dragged to their hideaway, watching her friend sourly.

Jubilee couldn’t help but draw comparisons. Tabby was prettier than her. Oh, sure, Jubilee was half-Chinese, and there were people that liked that exotic look, but she couldn’t get past her straight black hair as it compared to Tabby’s glorious waves, and the fact that Tabby’s face was just a little bit more chiseled.

And that she was a full cup size larger than Jubilee. Totally unfair.

“Next time I’ll drop a time bomb on you.” Tabitha suggested grumpily.

Danielle finally spoke up. “What’s for dinner, Jubilee?” As she did, Jubilee instantly felt ashamed for teasing Tabby quite that much. Compared to her two friends, Danielle was frankly plain. A native American sixteen-year old, she was a full two years younger than Jubilee and Tabitha, but spoke with such quiet assurance that the other two pretty much always listened to her. It was Danielle that had brought the three together, forming a gang of mutant street rats and helping keep them out of the hands of pimps and drug dealers with her psychic illusions. It had been two years since they'd met, and they'd been fast friends ever since.

Disguising her thoughts, she unclipped her rollerblades and tossed them into a corner, then strolled across to the other two. “Grabbed some Chinese..” She said. “Fried rice, some beef and broccoli – not sure, exactly. Didn’t have a chance to ask the deliveryman.” She smiled impish, and the others couldn’t help but smile back. “Let’s see…” She quickly pulled out the dishes, then rummaged for a set of paper plates. “One for Danielle, one for me, one for Tabby, and one for the angel.”

“Oh, don’t.” Tabby groaned. “Let’s please not humour Danielle any more than we have to.”

“What, you don’t believe in our guardian angel?” Jubilee grinned, looking over to Danielle.

“He’s real.” Danielle said firmly. “I can almost sense him, sometimes.” When Tabby raised an eyebrow, she sighed. “Alright, who knocked that cooling unit on the guard yesterday.”

“No one.” Tabby rolled her eyes. “We got lucky.”

“And last week? When we went to break into that jewelry store and you would have tripped the alarm? Someone snipped the wire.”

“Probably interrupted another heist.” Tabby snorted.

“Then who ate the chicken wings?” Jubilee said softly.

Tabitha blinked, and looked down at the box. Two chicken wings, already eaten to the bone, were sitting on the fourth plate. “Well…” She started. “Um…” She looked over to Jubilee. “Oh, hey, is that the paper?”

“Yeah.” Jubilee nodded, pulling it out. “Your favorite.”

“Ooh, another Spider story.” Tabitha pulled the paper open. “Nice shot of him tossing that dumpster at the security guard. What’d he do this time?”

“Oh, the usual. Doctor Octopus tracked him down, tried to kill him to ‘save the city’.” Jubilee shrugged. “Broke his neck, killed a few SHIELD agents.” She pointed to one page. “He has a sidekick now.”

“Aw, man.” Tabitha shook her head. “Black Cat? My name’s Tabby, I could totally have been a Black Cat.” She sighed. “Can you imagine? Sticking it to the humans, living free.”

“We do that already.” Jubilee pointed out. She looked over at Danielle. “What are you glaring about?”

“You did it again.” Danielle muttered.

Jubilee and Tabitha looked at each other. “Did what?” Tabby asked.

“Every time we start to discuss our guardian angel, you just change the subject.”

“Oh, not that again.” Tabitha muttered.

“Forget it.” Danielle sighed. “Thanks for the food, Jubilee.”

“Hey, no problem.” Jubilee made a fist and tapped Danielle lightly on the shoulder. “Us muties got to stick together, don’t we?”

“We do, but sometimes I think that…ow!” Danielle winced.

“What?” Jubilee frowned.

“I don’t know. Something hit my leg.” The young Indian stood slowly. “Do you two hear any…”

There was a tinkling of shattering glass, and Danielle broke off mid-word as something hit her across the back of the head, sending her collapsing to the ground. Jubilee and Tabitha were already moving – Jubilee towards her fallen friend, her hands waving into a shower of sparks to blind whoever was throwing things at them, and Tabitha towards the door, rolling a ball of energy between her fingers to give it killing force. Jubilee reached Danielle, and knelt beside her. “Dany! Are you alright?” She broke off, head swimming. The object that had hit Danielle was a grenade, now lying on the floor and hissing.

Tabitha tossed her firebomb out the door, and slammed it shut. A moment later, there was a bright flash and a muffled cry. “There’s a few of ‘em.” She shook her head. “Not cops. She okay?”

“Getting there. Let’s roll.” Jubilee strapped on her blades as quickly as she could, hefting Dany over one shoulder. “Dany, honey, we could sure use a getaway cover.

“Tryin’..” Danny muttered. Around the three, hazy illusions began to take shape, as Danielle reached into the minds of her targets to conjure their fears.

The windows shattered again, this time as four more grenades flew into the room, filling the air with hissing gas. Jubilee started to cough, dragging Danielle as she struggled for the hidden hole in the wall at the far side of the room. The three had covered it with small, easily moved debris. If they could clear it…

Her limbs were getting heavy. Beside her, she heard Tabitha stumble and collapse. A moment later, she felt her own knees buckling. The vague illusions faded completely as Danielle fell next to her, and Jubilee pushed at the rubble, pulling herself through. Dizzy, head spinning, she staggered a few more steps. She needed air. Then she could go back for the others.

She felt herself reach fresh air, and took it in with a delighted gasp. Her eyes swimming with the effects of the gas, she tried to stand, stumbled again. As her eyes adjusted, she suddenly realized that someone was standing above.

“Mutant whore.” The voice spat the words out, and a boot came down hard on Jubilee’s back, forcing her into her ground. Ineffectual sparks flew from her hands, sparkling in the alley, as the man knelt down. Jubilee felt a bone snap and tried to scream, but only moaned. The man pulled a cloth out of his pocket, and pressed it tightly against her face. She struggled, but between his weight and the gas, she was helpless against the sweet-smelling rag. As her consciousness faded, she thought she heard him say, “We have plans for you, little slut.”

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